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Ranulf Wardieu was furious to discover his jailer was a raven-haired maiden garbed in men's clothing and skilled in combat. But when her hand and will wavered as she held him as sword point, he saw the woman's heart within the fierce fighter. And he vowed then that he would storm her defenses with sweet caresses, besiege her with kisses that set her aflame, and make his caRanulf Wardieu was furious to discover his jailer was a raven-haired maiden garbed in men's clothing and skilled in combat. But when her hand and will wavered as she held him as sword point, he saw the woman's heart within the fierce fighter. And he vowed then that he would storm her defenses with sweet caresses, besiege her with kisses that set her aflame, and make his captivating enemy his. After four years of planning revenge on the warrior who'd stolen her future, Lizanne Balmaine had the blackguard at her mercy. Yet something about the onyx-eyed man she'd abducted and taken to her family estate was different--something that made her hesitate at her moment of triumph. Now she was his prisoner...and even more than her handsome captor she feared her own treacherous desires....

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Warrior Bride Reviews

  • Irene Sim
    2019-06-20 00:06

    CLARIFICATION OF 19/11/2017.Let me make clear that I have nothing against "clean" romances. I've read a few by Jody Hedlund and Julie Klassen and I loved them. It's just that these kind of stories rely on a different kind of structure to deliver the feelings to the reader and in this book's case, when the author started to write going one way and then edited it to another, it messed things up.More like 3,5 stars.I've read the second book of the series a few years back and I was really impressed. This one wasn't so great for me so I suspect that it's due to either or both of the following facts.1) Back then, I was pretty new to the gender, I had just started reading in English and I was easily impressed, and/or2) I'm pretty sure that I read the original version of the story (the pre-edited to clean romance) and things were more spicy hence more interesting.So long story short, Lady Lizanne holds a grunge against Baron Ranulf due to a previous encounter. She has every right to want the gentleman's demise if indeed he has wronged her so in the past, but has he?What I liked best in the story was both the characters of Ranulf and Lizanne. She is a strong, witty heroine, quick on her feet and mind, who defies her gender's restrictions. Ranulf is the epitome of a gentleman, regal, sure of his status, just towards equals and servants, he is determined to solve their dispute once and for all. Of course things aren't as simple as they seem to be, a few villains are involved, a persistent King, a well kept secret of the past, some escape attempts and many sharing-the-same-tent nights, lead our couple to a different path than the one they intended to take.What I didn't like was that some of the plot threads seemed unrealistic and very far-fetched, like the thoughtlessness and facility one invaded other's castle. Small things like that, that rubbed me wrong. I don't know if I'll read the rest of the books in the series. I wish I could find a digital copy of the original titles but they're only on paper and out of print. Also the characters in the next story are new so there's no previous interest in them.

  • Kathy * Bookworm Nation
    2019-06-02 22:52

    I really enjoyed this one, probably one of my favorite medieval stories to date. I am so glad the author decided to republish this as a clean read so that I could read it and enjoy it. The story starts with Lady Lizanne and her brother being attacked on her way to visit her betrothed. The story picks up four years later when she finds herself confronted with the man who had attacked them, in order to seek revenge she tricks him and is able to capture him and bring him to her home. I really liked Lizanne, she was full of spirit and she sure gave Ranulf a run for his money. Baron Ranulf Wardieu starts as her captive and being the typical medieval man decides to seek revenge by taking her captive. These people really needed some good communication classes, so many problems could have been resolved with a simple conversation, its sad that violence was their first reaction. Anyway, I digress. I really enjoyed this story and I was glad how things unfolded. Lizanne has a lot to deal with and I'm glad she held her own for so long and didn't easily fall for Ranulf. I thought their relationship was believable and while there was an instant attraction, it really built into a strong trusting friendship. They were great together. I kept wondering how everything would work out and it was fun to see how things came about. I thought it was well written and moved along nicely, I had a hard time putting it down and kept reading to find out what would happen next. I came to love the characters, the side characters were great as well. I am so glad there is a second book, I look forward to returning to this fun world created by Ms. Leigh. Overall, a fun medieval read and one I would recommend. ContentRomance: Clean, PG. Any marital intimacy is behind closed doors.Violence: Mild-Moderate, PG13. Some fighting, a couple attempted rapes, not overly detailed and stopped. Source: Borrowed from Tara (thanks, I loved it!).Nominated for a 2014 Swoony Award, if you've read it and loved it as much as I did, come vote!

  • Chrissy
    2019-06-13 21:11

    According to the author, this was originally called "Warrior Bride," and she revised it making it "clean," and gave it the new title. I really appreciate her efforts. This was a good story. I loved the feisty heroine. I admired her spunk and determination and I was glad for the happily ever after for our couple. I would say this is for adult or older readers. There are a few attempted rapes (doesn't happen, thankfully), and there is talk of mistresses, ravishing, and some innuendoes, etc., but overall I felt it was clean. So if you like romance/adventure, this would be a good one, I think!

  • April
    2019-05-31 00:51

    Lady At Arms is a rewritten, clean read version of Leigh's 1994 Bantam Books publication Warrior Bride. I have not read the original but I do think that Leigh must have really poured herself into the clean read redo and she did it fantastically! I devoured this story... it was wonderful from page 1 and held true till the end! The characters are very well written and sure to garner your affection. And the romance, both sweet and steamy (in a clean way), added to the tensions created in the story will captivate and delight you.I excitedly look forward to the clean read redo for this book's sequel! If you have not read Leigh's Age of Faith Series you should, it is excellent! She has several other wonderful books out there as well.

  • MLOW
    2019-06-09 18:47

    Lady at Arms clean rewrite of Warrior Bride. I had eagerly awaited this book's release and it did not disappoint! Loved the character interactions, loved the hero, and the action leaves you breathless from beginning to end. Tamara Leigh has quickly become one of my favorite authors and this - along with her Age of Faith series - are part of my All-Time Favorites collection. I'm eagerly awaiting book 2, but am grateful this one gave such a satisfying ending! :)

  • Sarah Grass
    2019-06-22 01:02

    Nice clean mideval read. Yay. Kind of hard to find ones that aren't so steamy. Might give her other books a try sometime.

  • Tito
    2019-06-01 23:45

    I've only really started getting into Tamara Leigh books, and this one did not disappoint. I loved the main character Lizanne, and thought she was a strong heroine and was brave and courageous while being sweet. Usually I find female protagonists who are supposed to be "strong" very annoying because they just come off as rude and pretentious. But Lizanne was a well rounded character and wasn't just written as a "tough" protagonist. Moreover, I thought her and Ranulf were amazing together, and I loved the dynamics of their relationship. It was a lot of fun seeing them slowly get to trust each other and with a side of mystery, the book kept me thoroughly hooked.My only complaint would be the fact that figuring out who tried to hurt Lizanne in the past was dragged out a little bit too much for me, and content wise, there were a few mature topics but nothing was dealt with improperly. Otherwise it was a solid read. 4 stars.

  • Gwendolyn Gage
    2019-06-24 18:46

    I wanted to like this book, and I picked it up two different times. I didn't like the main characters, especially Lizianne. I can appreciate an independent, strong woman in a time period when such was uncommon, and I try to make allowance for stories that are more "clean" than Christian Romance, but Lizianne's actions were too much. I dropped it at 30%.

  • Heidi
    2019-06-05 17:51

    Medieval Clean Romance 4.5 Stars Lady at Arms was an adventure from beginning to end. I didn't know until after I had read it, that the author had originally published it under a different title...then rewrote it as a "clean" read. I'm so very glad she did so that I could read it! I thoroughly enjoyed it! The story begins with Lady Lizanne and her brother being attacked by horrible villains. We find ourselves then jumping ahead years later and meeting Ranulf Wardieu...and again Lizanne. We begin to learn how the attack has shaped and changed Lizanne's life, and unfortunately Ranulf pays for it. :) Lizanne is such a feisty character, you just have to love her...and Ranulf is the perfect hero though it takes much longer for Lizanne to figure that out then it will you. :)The story completely drew me in and I had the hardest time putting it down. On the downside, there was some innuendo throughout, and two "attempted" rapes. Not descriptive thankfully. Even though the rape does not occur, I would still consider this an adult read because of it and because of the suggestive remarks. The villains are definitely just that...they are evil...because of them, again, I wouldn't recommend it as a YA read.I'm excited to read more of this authors re-writes, and I appreciate the effort she went to to make them clean.

  • Pamela(AllHoney)
    2019-05-31 17:50

    The first book in the Bride series by Tamara Leigh. Lizanne and her brother are attacked when she was on her way to her wedding. They survive and four years later, Lizanne sees the man that nearly raped her so she kidnaps him and is ready to exact her revenge. Only she can't carry through her plan. Ranulf doesn't understand why this woman seeks to slay him but he will obtain his own vengeance.I read this way back in the 90s and I've reread it several times through the years. I loved it then and I love it now. It is what I'd refer to as a soft bodice ripper. It has certain elements of a bodice ripper but nothing too extreme.

  • Kristen
    2019-06-12 21:08

    While I enjoyed this story, it wasn't a page turner for me, or in other words I didn't have to pry my eyes open to keep reading at night. But, I did enjoy it and like my other goodreads friends have mentioned, appreciate Ms. Leigh cleaning it up for those of us who are looking for clean romances.Moral Note: There are a few attempted rapes, talk of mistresses, ravishings, desirig women, and some innuendoes, etc., Violence - mild, and no language that I recall.

  • Gretchen
    2019-06-24 23:09

    So I accidentally read the second book in this series first but, I super excited to get the backstory for it. I thought this book was really cute. I really loved the main characters, Ranulf and Lizzanne. I can't wait to finish this series.Highly recommended!!

  • Marguerite Gray
    2019-06-05 01:57

    Always exciting to go back to the Middle Ages with a novel by Tamara Leigh. Feuding, injuries, kidnapping, secrets--all add up to a thrilling love story.

  • Breanne Gustin
    2019-06-24 21:59

    I thoroughly enjoyed the clean rewrite of this book, Lady At Arms. I loved the main characters! I love that their relationship deepens gradually instead of being a gush fest from the moment they see each other. The plot moved at a good pace and kept things interesting and believable. There are many funny parts through this book as well, thanks to our determined and stubborn leading pair. I read this book in one sitting because I just couldn't put it down, and then I wanted to read it again. I appreciate the author writing a clean version of this book. I will definitely recommend this book to others, and I sincerely hope the author plans to release clean versions of the rest of this series.

  • Melissa
    2019-05-31 22:58

    This book reminded me of the Unveiling by the same author. There were too many similarities between the characters it was a good thing the stories were so different and that kept me from getting irritated. But this was a fun story! I had a great time reading about Lizzane. Her books are just swoon-worthy fun and a great escape. The story is told well, the bad guys are really bad and the Hero's are just perfect. These books a adult reads and although there is no bedroom scenes there is talk of it after marriage and this one had an almost rape scene that was tastefully done.

  • Brittany
    2019-06-02 20:08

    I listened to this story on audio book and really enjoyed it. It was an exciting novel that was a "clean" version of another one of the author's books (which I have not read). I would recommend it to adult readers as there are still adult situations dealt with in the story, but no gratuitous scenes. The narrator for the audio book was really great, too! I'm already listening to book two in the series because I enjoyed book one.

  • Cheryal
    2019-06-02 00:01

    Loved, loved, loved this book. It takes place in 1155. It is a clean read. She is one tough female and he is one tough hunk of masculinity. The banter keeps me amused. The setting is different than I'm used to reading so I really liked the change. It is going on my favorites.

  • Heather
    2019-06-22 22:11

    I've been wanting to read this author for a long time, and I'm glad I finally did. The setting was fabulous in all its Medieval glory. The plot a bit fantastical, but definitely entertaining. A lot of melodrama, which I didn't mind since it sort of went with the times...

  • Kimberly
    2019-06-24 00:59

    Read it in a day!!

  • Kristina Brownell
    2019-05-27 20:43

    Solid 3.5 stars. Fun, engaging, and predictable. I liked it...especially since it was a stay-in-the-house-and -be -sick -and- read kinda day.

  • Tara
    2019-06-07 00:06

    I really enjoyed this is a clean rewrite by the author. Great romance, with some adventure thrown in. Will definitely be checking out more by this author!

  • Carol
    2019-06-12 17:47

    Lady At Arms is a wonderful, clean medieval story. The strong characters, rescues, battles and clean romance made for the perfect story.

  • Chantele Sedgwick
    2019-05-27 01:42

    Really enjoyed this one!

  • Sara Turnquist
    2019-06-12 23:56

    This book was really well done. As with all of Tamara Leigh's novels, I was transported in time, dropped into the Middle Ages, and taken on this enthralling adventure with characters that I felt for, believed in, and wanted to read more about. You can't go wrong with this book.

  • Raquel
    2019-06-23 00:07

    This was a good book. The author's Age of Faith series is Great. But I found this one more like: ok plot and great characters. I liked the way the story progressed and resolved. But there were some eye-rolling moments for me. Overall, very enjoyable story. I might even read it again someday.

  • Norm Davis
    2019-05-28 21:43

    Lady at Arms by Tamara Leigh 9/2/15- 1/6/16 2 stars. Sorry Tamara. I know how hard writing is, but I am sticking to the "hover over the star rating system" this year. "This was ok” 2 stars, and didn't quite reach “I liked it”, 3 stars. In fairness, after 75% of the novel I DID start liking it despite itself. Just not enough to kick it up a star in ratings.It is an unrequited love stirred with some factors that also keep the star crossed lovers from ripping each other's clothes off. Factors like they think they hate the other, but they don't understand who or what or why they are hating... There's a spoiler later. Don't ruin it for yourself, ok?For readers, don't let the length of time reading (126 days) discourage you. It was in rotation with several novels and half a dozen others (Martian, a series of John Scalzi books, etc.) jumped the queue. It might be read in a day or two of concentrated reading. A couple special notes before going onward; first this is the “Clean Read” of _Warrior Bride_. Second, I wish I had read the _Warrior Bride_. Don't know what “Clean Read” did to the novel but I'm guessing it strips out anything interesting. The whispersync reading is done by Mary Sarah Agliotta who I thought did a wonderful job of it. I listened more than reading, but have both editions with that Kindle technology.I cannot recall why I thought I should read this book so urgently. I think it was 100% Tamara. What makes me think so is she comes across so excited and asks the reader to do things for her. "Review my book, ok?" And I think most of us like to help, if we're asked, and think we can help someone. I get that from Tamara. Now I wish I would get Diana Galbadon writing from her! Can't have everything.Anyway, sorry for the two stars, Tamara. It was ok. I'm probably not your target audience. It will stay on Goodreads (my "online book home"), but I'll not make the rounds (Amazon, B&N, Library Thing, Shelfari, Feedbooks, etc.) with the 2 star review as I sometimes do with other books. For those waiting patently...(view spoiler)[Lizanne, protagonist, sexy medieval beauty , kidnaps Ranulf, handsome, wealthy, friendly, powerful, trusted knight of the King, Lizanne's hate obsession, thinking he's the culprit that nearly raped her years earlier and who damaged her beloved brother's leg, an additional extraordinary hero (with a limp). The story is largely the achingly cliché internal dialog with Lizanne's swooning/self loathing self. It is sprinkled with “Clean Read” love scenes with the love/hate interests. Expect castles, dungeons, horses - including breed or type names, knights... both good and undeserving of knighthood.... I did actually like some of it once I struggled through the “where fore art thou Romeo” stuff. There is actually a kind of interesting story you discover near the end of the book. Unfortunately it IS encased in that ruinous “language” nonsense. (hide spoiler)] Let me explain that language "thing."This... O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? Deny thy father and refuse thy name; Or if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love; And I'll no longer be a Capulet... is classic, and written in the common tongue of the day for such things. Why write like that today? To get Shakespearian atmosphere or over-dramatic effect? Sorry. Just did not work with me. I often felt I was reading what I imagine hearing in a hormonal 9-11 year old girl's head after she'd been dragged away from her current puppy love boyfriend and exposed to a Shakespearian play filling her hormonal driven language into the King James version of English language.I happen to know Tamara is well loved and is successful at writing. While this one wasn't my cup of tea. It was ok. And if it is ok for me, way out of my normal genre, it may be great for someone else. I've just noticed I have a "Book 2"Good Luck Ms. Leigh, sincerely.

  • Paula Bothwell
    2019-06-24 00:09

    What a Fantastic book! Lizanne is an awesome and unflappable heroine. She is driven in her quest for revenge for her brother and herself. Never would she guess that the one she had sworn to hate would be the one who would steal her heart. Or would he? Lots of surprises and intrigue. Clean and swoony romance. I'm going to buy a hard copy, too!

  • Sarah
    2019-05-26 19:09

    Okay...This book, was a good book. It was. There was nothing wrong with it, except the Heroine and I did not get along.We read about the story of Ranulf and Lizanne.In the beginning we're given a glimpse of the lady's past, poor lamb. She's attacked by a random party and very nearly violated and her brother essential fares worse than her. Let us zoom into the "now" of the story. This chick is wild, untamed, stubborn, doesn't think before she acts, and I guess we can throw in childish. Now, the author WANTS us to see our Heroine this way. That is the purpose, this young lady has a lot of growing up to do, and we are supposed to bear witness to this. So Lizanne, remembers the man that nearly violates her at a neighboring castle, and decides to take it upon herself to avenge what this man did to her family and future. And she does : with no plan, with no thought, with no help. So now, she's captured this man that has done her some terrible wrong, and yet she doesn't have a black heart, she cannot kill him in cold blood. Good girl, although stupid girl.Ranulf is not a man to be played with. He is also not a rapist, murderer or thieving scoundrel. What he is is someone with connections, honor and dignity. This man is legit, and he's also got patience. And this crazy lady just comes along and threatens him with death and just sets him free? YEA, EFF THAT. He's going to get answers, and until he gets them he will be taking the Lady Lizanne with him. So now he's unfortunately tied himself to this childish shrew, who has 18 different personalities. He just can't figure her out, but she's beautiful, and he gets that she's scared, he's an understanding type. BUT, what the frig. Then just tell the friggin man what he stands accused of so he can get to the bottom of it and clear this shit up.BUT no.Why?Because she doesn't want to release the demon in him, thus far he has acted the perfect gentleman. Carefully she allows her trust to grow in him and the story unfold from these circumstance, well you might be missing a very vital piece, but you need to read it to find out.So why I gave it two stars :We watch this crazy woman, who cannot control her emotions turn into .... a lady.EXCEPT THAT I JUST CANNOT GET DOWN WITH IT.She embarrasses her brother.Manipulates the men protecting her.Goads her capture.Shames herself.Deliberately pisses off people that she knows will do her harm.She's an idiot and I am not down with Lizanne Balmaine, no matter how she "develops" throughout the story. Sorry.

  • Kelly
    2019-06-24 18:01

    In the book Lady at Arms by Tamara Leigh we find Lizanne a woman very tough on the outside. Who has promised herself that she will never be hurt by a man again, but soon comes face to face with the man who made her this way. She takes her chance to take revenge on the man and we find him being taken prisoner by her. She should feel very good about herself but instead finds herself wondering why he is so different. Did he really change and can she right the wrongs in her families past? Ranulf was not looking to get married again. Then a mission turns his fascination to a young woman but soon turns to fury when she takes him as her prisoner. He is accused of something he didn’t do. He finds this women good at fighting not only with her sword but with her words as well. When he beats her at her own game and the roles are reversed he is set on figuring out what wrong he did to her in her past. Through this game though he sees her heart and he must answer a question he never expected, one his heart never wanted to answer.I would recommend this book for adults only as there are some attempted rapes, unsuccessful but non the less should probably only be read by adults. Of course in this day maybe teens are more prepared to read this.Lady at Arms was once Warrior Bride. As I understand it Lady at Arms is a cleaned up version. I don’t know what made Tamara re-write this series but I appreciate it. I am one that prefers a clean romance versus anything else.I enjoyed the main character in this book, she is spunky. Something we are seeing more and more of in the movies and television series. I like seeing a woman who can speak for herself. Even though I enjoyed this book (and would recommend it) and had many things I enjoyed the med-evil setting, the suspense, the action, the romance, it wasn’t a page turner. I didn’t stay up late reading this. To be honest some nights I feel asleep reading it. For a lazy day where you just want to sit and enjoy a book, well this book is for that special occasion so go sit by the fire, or under a blanket and enjoy this fun read.I rate this book a 3 out of 4 stars.

  • Danica Page (One Page at a Time)
    2019-05-29 00:47

    My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. Disclaimers: I received a copy of this novel from the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion. I was not obligated to write a good review nor did I receive any compensation for writing this review.Why did I decide to turn the pages? It's free. And it looked amazing. My Overall Thoughts/Impressions: This book exceeded my expectations. I absolutely adored it. It was a clean book. It wasn't Christian fiction but it was clean. I loved the characters and the plot. The characters were multifaceted and intriguing. The plot was addicting and contagious. I couldn't stop reading. It was suspenseful and engaging. The novel was a clean read but that didn't mean there wasn't a whole lot of tension. This is one novel that kept me reading from the very first page until I turned the last one.Fans of historical fiction should love this one. I can't begin to explain what my favorite part of the book was. It was a tie between the characters and the plot. A fantastic read. The Characters: I have always had a thing about women who were also kick-butt warriors. That might have started with Tamara Pierce when I was much younger, but it never faded. I loved being able to read another one sort of similar to that as an adult. Lizanne was a great character.Then there was Ranulf. He was such an intriguing, great character as well. Major Strengths: Everything. Major Weaknesses: The fact that it ended. So why 4 stars? It was incredible. I loved everything about this one. A fantastic read. Warnings/Side-notes: Although it's clean, I'd still say 17+ due to some sensitive matters discussed in the novel. The Wrap-up: A fantastic novel. I can't wait to read the next one. Love,Danica Page