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An award-winning author/illustrator team bring to life a folk tale, based on an account by a black Virginian that was first written down in 1871, though it was told orally generations earlier. Full color....

Title : The Hired Hand
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ISBN : 9780142404508
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The Hired Hand Reviews

  • Laura Perry
    2019-06-30 21:17

    It's a story of a lazy son who wont do any work, but is willing to boss people around and belittle them. His father has a worker, who knows how to make people young. While the worker helps a farmer the son watches. When the father has to go on a trip, the son causes the worker to quit. The son is so greedy that when the farmer returns with his wife. The son claims to be able to help her, but he is careless and she dies. I like this story, the son is taught a lesson in how to treat people. I like the ending, it would seem a bit morbid if someone where to actually die.

  • Lila Brantley
    2019-06-30 14:23

    I chose to read African American folktales opposed to African folktales because it is more tangible. Although these stories originated elsewhere, they were modified by people thrust into an unknown land and forced to publicly abandon their own culture (although retained in private) and adapt to America’s ways. I can’t speak for young black readers, but for me, this is more personal because it isn’t happening in a faraway land, but right here, usually in the southern states. I also read Virginia Hamilton’s The People Could Fly (which was absolutely amazing, with story origins included), but I decided to document this one because it is a little different than the freedom folktales. The story is set in a time of slavery, but the location is a place where slavery was abolished. Blacks were able to own property and businesses. The illustrator explains this at the end of the book, and how he drew inspiration from that area in creating beautifully detailed images that capture the story. The story is one that was adapted from another tale, and is about a hired hand that is treated poorly by the owner’s young son. The hired hand has a special gift that is misused by the son. In the author’s note, it is explained that the story originated elsewhere, and several versions exist in many parts of the world. The author and illustrator’s notes are informative and shed light on some parts of history that are often overlooked, like the slavery-free town.

  • Katie
    2019-06-22 13:16

    1. Summary: Remember the sorcerer's apprentice? He had problems with his boss's spells, but at least he never killed anybody. In this African-American folk tale with roots in many cultures, author Robert D. San Souci takes a similar legend and dumps it in the lap of a lazy, selfish boy. Sam won't help out at the mill, and his father handles everything until the day the hired hand arrives. The new employee is a model worker, but he's got other skills, too. Magic ones. Sam tries a few of the newcomer's tricks, and nearly ends up in prison. He ends up wiser instead. 2. Reading Level: Late Fluent. Could be enjoyed by kids ages 5-93. Genre: African American Folktale4. Specific curricular uses: Independent reading. This book could be assigned to children during lessons regarding African-American Folktale. Also, children might find this book useful when discussing issues of race or issues of right & wrong. 5. Specific literary elements the book demonstrates: The use of dialogue allows the narrator to include many characters and move the story along. Dialogus gives the piece depth and insight to many perspectives. 6. Interactions & counteractions of the text & image: The images on each page are significant to the text on that page. The illustrations are beautifully and intricately drawn to add to the importance of them. Jerry Pinkney's illustrations add lyric beauty, emotional heft, and a sense of "once upon a time" to this well-told tale.

  • Dianna Adams-skafi
    2019-07-20 13:08

    in this folktale novel it revolved around a very miscievious young man that did all in his power to bother their knew help in hand who only wanted to learn about and cut wood. he would verbally abuse and misuse him by making him do all the dirty work. Throughout the days and weeks the helper did good deed unto the people in the community by making a farmer younger and youthful. in the makings he asked the boy and his father to go far away because it was a secret about how he did it. they young boy of course didnt listen and watched with amazement and memory in which he later tried to apply those same remedies on the farmers wife in which ended all wrong but with death. later on he was judged and exiled to prision in which in the process of his sent ence the help in hand appeared with the lady alive but yet just wanted the boy toblearn a lesson in which is never be mean to people because you just mightbone day need them and be kind to all and never misuse people for their work.

  • Sidney Chumbler
    2019-06-20 21:06

    This book is a folk tale that I have never heard before. It is about an old hired hand, his son, and a new hired hand. The new hired hand is a healer and can turn people younger again and heal them of their sickness. He does this by doing multiple steps of a healing process including turning a person into wood, and even putting them into healing water. The old hired hand son sees when the new hired hand tells him not to and he tries to heal someone and accidently kills them. He almost gets put in jail when the new hired hand saves him. He learned his lesson to listen and not to brag about anything. This book is okay, but not my favorite. The story line is strange and I really did not connect to it. I thought that turning a person into wood to heal them is strange and I don't know if I would want to be turned into wood for a few minutes to stay alive.

  • April Gates
    2019-06-19 20:12

    This book is beautifully illustrated with pictures of the interaction between both young and old Sam and the helper. It has great life pictures of African Americans working on the farm and the depiction between the old and they young is great as well. This is a great story on how important it is to be helpful and kind to your family members and how children should help their parents when it is necessary. The complete that change that young Sam makes is very heartwarming because we get to finally see that the realizes that he has been unkind and unhelpful to his father as well as the helper. Awards: 1997 California Book Award Silver Medal for JuvenilesGrades: Kinder-3rd GradeGenre: Folklore

  • Cheryl
    2019-06-19 12:53

    Excellent telling of the hard working father and the lazy son. Loved the illustrations. Great author's and artist's notes in the back. Learned something new: One third of the people living in Waterford, Virginia in the 1700s were free black craftspeople. Read more on this topic. Wonder how many more of those types of communities existed in the South.

  • The Reading Countess
    2019-07-16 18:18

    This African American folk tale has the traditional cautionary story embedded with an unusal twist-sure to amuse the kiddies.