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A gorgeously romantic, funny and heartbreaking read for anyone who's ever run away from home - and found their way back...Liza Haven couldn't wait to escape the small village where she grew up with her perfect identical twin sister, Lee. Her life in LA as a stunt woman is reckless, fast and free - and that's just the way she likes it. But when a near-fatal mistake drives hA gorgeously romantic, funny and heartbreaking read for anyone who's ever run away from home - and found their way back...Liza Haven couldn't wait to escape the small village where she grew up with her perfect identical twin sister, Lee. Her life in LA as a stunt woman is reckless, fast and free - and that's just the way she likes it. But when a near-fatal mistake drives her home, she finds Lee gone and everyone in the village mistaking her for her twin sister. Liza has to deal with her ailing mother, the family ice cream business, and Lee's dangerously attractive boyfriend. Liza's always been the bad twin, but as she struggles to keep up the masquerade and puzzle out where her sister has gone, she realises it's not so simple. She's spent her whole life getting away with it - is it finally time to face up to who she really is and where she really belongs?...

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Getting Away with It Reviews

  • Sozie
    2019-07-06 11:23

    This review contains 2 parts the first one is about the novella ( The Black Sheep ) & the other one is about the full length novel ( Getting Away With It) :(The Black Sheep ) :5 starsThis novella introduced Liza & Lee to us , identical twins with 100% different personalities , the devil & the angel .. or in this case virgin Mary & the black sheepFunny introduction to L&L , definitely will read the full book - if i find it - What I didn't like is that both the full novel & the extra chapter are merged together here , if I haven't read the reviews i wont have any idea why a +500 page novel turned to be only 26 pages one :/ so I switched the editions and tadaaaa one edition title is : the black sheep & the other is getting away with it !!! That was really very confusing .( Getting Away With It) :3 starsWhile I enjoyed reading the novella - and it was the reason i want to read the whole book - idk what happened but the full length novel just let me down !The idea of the book was so beautiful.. Lee & Liza have super great personalities and people of stonegaured were the perfect neighbors anyone hope to get ..So what was the problem?The novel was so long , about 500 pages but the author kept it slow $ dry most of the time, it was like watching 2 hours movie in slow motion!Why she kept the good stuff for the last chapters and never give us an end for it ? Like Lee and Tim ? Liza & her relationship with her mother ? Who knew that Liza pretended to be Lee ? ( and other things )Idk why the author gave us all those characters ( the sister, her lover , the dozen and so friends & neighbors) and kept them in the front raw of event if she wont tell us what will happen after .. how everything will end with them at least with them & the twin -right-?+500 pages people and the author failed to give us a proper ending and thats was just really sad .If you read the novella and you are determined to read the novel .. prepare yourself for a big fat let down .

  • Watermelon Daisy
    2019-06-27 16:27

    Although I'm barely a teenager, this is one of my favourite stories of all time.Everything about it screams original, from the way Liza and Lee switch places and to how they manage to overcome their challenges in their own way. Something I really loved, is how this story didn't include ANY stereotypical characters. There was Lee, which if you read the book, also has a dark side which is nowhere NEAR what she's known for.Then there's Liza, who pretends she doesn't care about anything, but deep in her narration you can see her emotions and reactions for certain types of things.There are so many original things, I'm going to name some of them:They own an ice cream shop.Their mother is suffering from dementia and forgets a lot of things, but somehow, never mixes the twins up.Then there's Will, the love interest. But instead of being stereotypically rich and handsome, he has another side which you'll find during the story.I think his name was Rock. The one who believes in aliens. Overall, I loved this. Has a place on my favouites. Remy xx

  • Sophie Narey (Bookreview- aholic)
    2019-06-29 15:31

    Published: 21/07/2011Author: Julie CohenRecommended for: fans of short storiesEdition: KindleI found this incredibly short story ( 19 pages) on the Kindle Store for free and so I thought that I would give it a go. I thought that this was a very good short read, perfect if you have a couple of minutes to spare. It is the kind of book that leaves you with a nice warm fuzzy feeling when you have finished it. The author is clearly very talented as she manages to combine the theme of being twins, Alzheimer's and the great time of sibling rivalry. I would definately recommend this book to readers who dont have a lot of time to read and would just like a little book to read while they have a little spare time.

  • Nicola Marsh
    2019-07-16 12:16

    Another wonderfully warm novel from Julie Cohen.It made me smile and sniffle and ultimately left me feeling warm and fuzzy.She skilfully tackles themes of twins, sibling rivalry, Alzheimer's and blends them into small town life.Really enjoyed it.

  • RLA
    2019-06-27 15:22

    I have read a few of Julie Cohen's Mills & Boon books in the past, but not any of her more mainstream stuff. I was recommended to read her latest 'The Summer of Living Dangerously' and I saw this one at the same time so I thought I would give it a go.Let me tell you... This will definitely not be my last of hers, I loved it!I was really intrigued by how the author would make the whole 'twin-switch' idea work, it had potential to be very cliché ridden, but it wasn't at all. Instead this was a slick, fun, and emotional read.What I particularly liked about this book is that the heroine isn't very loveable, or in fact likeable, especially at the beginning. She is ballsy, prickly and brittle, but also vulnerable and she has rare moments of showing that she does care.Julie Cohen doesn't hold anything back; her characters behave badly, the fishbowl-ness that is village life is captured perfectly, and the difficulties of caring for a relative are also explored all in glorious and honest detail that is woven into a compelling story.A wonderful read from start to finish.Originally posted at http://everyday-is-the-same.blogspot....

  • Leah
    2019-07-04 12:19

    Liza Haven couldn’t wait to escape the small village where she grew up with her perfect identical twin sister, Lee. Her life in LA as a stunt woman is reckless, fast and free – and that’s just the way she likes it. But when a near-fatal mistake drives her home, she finds Lee gone and everyone in the village mistaking her for her twin sister. Liza has to deal with her ailing mother, the family ice cream business, and Lee’s dangerously attractive boyfriend. Liza’s always been the bad twin, but as she struggles to keep up the masquerade and puzzle out where her sister has gone, she realises it’s not so simple. She’s spent her whole life getting away with it – is it finally time to face up to who she really is and where she really belongs?I’ve been a huge fan of Julie Cohen’s Little Black Dress novels since I first read Honeytrap early in 2009. I thought it was a fantastic read so when I heard Julie was writing her first novel for Headline Review I was thrilled. As soon as I heard the plot for the book I was even more excited to read the book as it sounded unique and nothing I’ve ever read before. So when a hardback copy, with the beautiful Autumnal cover, arrived I was got stuck into it straight away, staying up until midnight to finish the book!Getting Away With It is a huge chunk of a book, coming in at just over 500 pages and with such a large book there’s always a worry it might be overly long but I didn’t have such a worry with Getting Away With It. I got stuck into the book almost immediately and I could barely put it down. The book is completely engaging and the book begins by Liza, a stunt woman, having her big accident that will eventually lead to her heading back home to Stonegate after many years away. I found the opening very intriguing, and I found it very interesting how it came about that Liza ended up impersonating her twin sister Lee. Liza has always been known as the ‘bad’ twin whereas sister Lee is the ‘good’ twin, so to see the switch between the two of them was fascinating as Liza suddenly finds herself being the good twin and ends up enjoying it whereas Lee, always known for being the dependable twin suddenly does a 180 and does some Liza-like things.I thoroughly enjoyed Liza’s twin switch and how she suddenly began acting like Lee because it was easier than being thought of as the bad twin. I’ve never read anything like it, and I found it astounding how nobody, bar the twins’ mother, knew Liza was actually Liza and not Lee. Liza managed to fool everybody, even Lee’s boyfriend Will. The book not only focuses on Liza’s attempts to be Lee, but we also every once in a while learn what the real Lee is up to as she has her mini breakdown. I thought those chapters added a lot to the book and it was nice to learn a bit more about the real Lee. The book also deals with the terrible disease Alzheimers, which Lee and Liza’s mum suffers from. It was very touching how Cohen portrayed the disease and it was interesting to see her in her more lucid moments but it was also heartbreaking when she had her more difficult moments. But what was most interesting was the way Liza dealt with her mum’s disease. At times she was a bit cruel, but she eventually ‘got’ what having Alzheimers meant.I really liked Liza. What she does by impersonating Lee is undoubtedly wrong, but I could completely see why she carried on the charade. Because she’s always been perceived as the bad twin, it’s understandable that suddenly being perceived as the good twin would be quite a change and would be something anyone would want to continue to be. I also loved the fact she was a stunt-woman, it’s such a strange job but I loved her fearlessness. Up until her accident, anyway. The fact is, Liza wasn’t a bad person, not really, and I liked her so much. I also really liked Lee. I could completely understand how being perfect and looking after her mum, the ice-cream business and everything made her crack and run away. Her life was so organised that she had no time to do anything fun. I didn’t really know what to make of the twins’ mum. Obviously her disease has changed the real her, but she had her lucid moments and above everything she seemed to come across as a very formidable woman. The only other main character is Will, Lee’s boyfriend who Liza finds herself attracted to. He sounded fantastic and I loved him.The majority of the book is set in the town of Stoneguard and although the town sounded a bit suffocating it also sounded as if the people of the town would do anything for one of their own and I liked the community feel. And as Liza spends more time there, she, too, learns that Stoneguard might not be as terrible as she remembers it. Yes Ma Gamble was a nosy parker, but the majority of those who live in the town were really great. I particularly loved those who worked at Ice Cream Haven, the ice-cream company the Haven family built up. My biggest worry for the book would be how it all ended – how can a person impersonating another person really come out of it OK? – but I was impressed with the ending. It wasn’t rushed and it didn’t seem convenient, and I liked that. I loved how the book was about finding yourself but more importantly finding your way home. Cohen has hit a total winner with her novel and I can’t wait to see what comes next!

    2019-07-01 15:45

    Rosaroter MiniLiza führt ein atemberaubendes Leben als Stuntfrau. Alles läuft bestens, in LA ist sie gefragt. Bis zu ihrem 30. Geburtstag, an dem sie einen schweren Unfall hat. Was gibt es nach der langen Reha also Besseres zu tun als nach England in die Heimat zu fliegen und zu schauen, ob nicht dort ein Job zu finden ist und die Zwillingsschwester Lee zu besuchen, die schon lange meint, Liza solle sich daheim mal wieder blicken lassen. Besonders viel liegt Lee daran, dass Liza zu einer von ihrer Schwester organisierten Alzheimer-Wohltätigkeitsparty (die Mutter der beiden ist leidet an der Krankheit) kommt. Dort ist es allerdings Lee, die nicht auftaucht und Liza schlüpft in die Rolle der Abtrünnigen und muss feststellen, dass deren Leben lange nicht so perfekt ist wie gedacht. Welch ein Lesevergnügen, eigentlich etwas Leichtes für Zwischendurch, dachte ich, als ich das Buch zu Hand nahm. Damit lag ich nicht ganz falsch, doch hat das Buch trotz der Leichtigkeit einiges an Tiefgang. Die beiden unterschiedlichen Zwillinge, jede auf ihre Art auf der Flucht vor dem alten Leben, dass so nicht mehr weitergeht. Beide wollen aus ihrem Leben ausbrechen und geraten zunächst mal ins Stolpern bevor sie auf ihren Weg finden. Auch die Beziehung zur der vormals herrischen Mutter ist alles andere als einfach. Schließlich hat diese immer den Ton angegeben und nun ist sie zwar hilfsbedürftig, hat aber dabei nichts von ihrer Sturheit verloren. Gerade für Liza, die glaubt, sie sei die ungeliebte Tochter, ist dieser Teil des Rollenwechsels sehr schwer. Obwohl ihre Mutter diejenige ist, die sich nicht hinters Licht führen lässt und Liza sofort erkennt. Und dann noch Will, den Liza für den Freund ihrer Schwester hält. Natürlich stellt sich da die Frage, wie verhält man sich. Zum einen fängt man nichts mit dem Freund der Schwester an, zum anderen wie führt man ihn hinters Licht, um ihn im Glauben zu lassen, man sei sie. So gibt es ernsthafte, lustige und tragische Verwicklungen, die mich beim Lesen an das Buch gefesselt haben. Ein südenglisches (glaube ich) Sommermärchen zum mitlachen, leiden, die Daumen halten, mitfiebern. Alles was das Leserherz begehrt, um ein schönes Leseerlebnis zu bekommen, wird hier geboten, ohne platt oder hohl zu sein. Gerade die richtige Mischung aus Leichtigkeit und Ernsthaftigkeit und ohne Schwermut. Ein Roman, der gute Laune hinterlässt, nachdem man das Buch zugeklappt hat.

  • Laura
    2019-07-02 12:37

    ‘Getting Away With It’ is a funny, warm read with an addictive plot, likeable and relatable characters. Liza Haven returns to her hometown. She’s not been there since she ran following some shocking news from her mother and an argument with her sister Lee. Liza arrives and Lee is nowhere to be found. When Lee does eventually get in touch and asks Liza to look after things for a while, Liza reluctantly agrees. However, Liza starts to like being mistaken as her twin, ‘the good twin.’ She takes the opportunity to step into her sister’s shoes for a while but it doesn’t take long for her little lie to spiral out of control. I don’t want to give too much away as I don’t want to ruin it for any potential readers. I loved this story. I’d be lying if I didn’t sometimes wish I could step into someone else’s life for a while; to see what it’s like. It’s my nosy nature. Therefore, that element of the plot appealed to me. Although mostly told from Liza’s point of view, you get to see life from Lee’s side too. The plot gives you enough information to retain your sympathy for the characters, regardless of behaviour. A sensitive issue was handled well and with realism. The action begins immediately, the plot develops well and the ending, for me, definitely has the ‘awww’ factor. I recommend ‘Getting Away With It.’ I couldn’t stop reading. It’s wonderful escapism.

  • Rosie Review
    2019-07-02 15:21

    Taken from my blog: www.rosiereview.wordpress.comSo the gist of this book is there are two twins, one a “good” (Lee) then other “bad” (Liz). Lee disappears and Liz returns home to take her place running the family ice cream business. Liz takes her place because in their home village she’s not liked at all and feels it’s easier to pretend to be the good twin. I thought that it would be confusing as the twins have quite similar names but the story when following Liz is in first person where when following Lee it’s in third person. There’s also the standard complication of a love interest for Liz who happens to be Lee’s boyfriend! It’s a good read, something to save for a rainy day.Follow me on Twitter: @RosieReview

  • Samantha
    2019-07-21 18:17

    There are not enough stories like this, one off books where the story is perfect from start to finish, where all the loose ends are tied up so there is no need for a sequal and a story so entertaining it leaves the reader wanting more but at the same time the reader knows the story is best left where it ended. I loved it completely no critisisms not this could have been done better or I would have changed this here because it was fantastic. I loved Liza I loved Lee and I fancy Will what could be better than that!!!

  • Chloe
    2019-07-04 18:46

    3.5 stars. A story about twins, sibling rivalry, mothers, small towns, escaping responsibilities and facing up to the inevitable. All with a scoop or two of ice-cream (perhaps the most fun part!) mixed with a dash of aliens and speeding cars. Yes, a little eclectic! Basically, Liza's twin disappears for a while, so Liza steps (literally) into her shoes. Along the way, she discovers what she has missed out on while pursuing her 'glamorous' career.A little bit too predictable in parts, but an easy warm-fuzzy read.

  • Bella
    2019-06-25 17:25

    Getting Away With It features a great storyline about sisters Lee and Liza who are both getting away with it in their own ways. It focuses on the two sisters having to discover their true selves by being quite the opposite of what they are used to be doing. I loved the dynamic of the small town and how it just made me laugh at some parts. The romantic love line is quite predictable though, but still enjoyable.

  • Pollypoptart
    2019-07-09 14:29

    This was a weird book. I wasn't quite sure what to make of it, as I read, and yet it was one of those stories I just couldn't put down. All in all, I really enjoyed it. Julie Cohen is a great author, and I think this is probably the best book I have read by her so far. I look forward to what comes next.

  • Karen
    2019-06-30 12:41

    A short story introducing the twins Liza and Lee Haven who appear in "Getting Away With It". Having read the book already, this mini story is a nice easy read.

  • Nell
    2019-07-14 10:20

    Another enjoyable story from Julie Cohen. Ideal for a long holiday read.

  • Liz Fielding
    2019-06-26 11:23

    I really enjoyed this book. The emotional journey of the heroine is impressively described and the cast of characters is a joy.

  • Talli Roland
    2019-07-02 18:34

    I devoured this in a few days. A fantastic read, full of emotion. Loved it!

  • Lidia Spoto
    2019-07-23 16:19

    Took me a while to get into this book but once I did I couldn't put it down. I loved both main characters Liza and Lee Haven and all the supporting characters. A definite read! I can't wait to read more by Julie Cohen.

  • Kate Sutton
    2019-07-20 16:17

    The ice cream business and the crop circles were interesting and a really enjoyable part of the book - nice romance? very predictable... mostly unbelievable but thats this kind of fiction.

  • Amanda
    2019-07-19 15:40

    This seems like such a frivolous novel to begin with - the very girly front cover, the identity swap of the twin sisters at the centre of the novel, the stuntwoman job of Liza - that I felt as though it would be a throwaway book; one of those you read and then instantly forget. Getting Away With It is far from this - in fact, I think it will prove to be pretty unforgettable.Cohen does incredibly well because at the start of the novel I really didn't take to Liza at all - she was selfish, prickly, arrogant and generally horrendous to everyone she comes into contact with. Lee, on the other hand, is sweet and vulnerable and anxious to please - I found her to be a little bit like a doormat in the way she allowed people to treat her. Both sisters were clearly trapped in places that they didn't want to be, and the absolute joy of this novel is watching them develop and change and open their wings. Liza's journey is by far the most satisfying - her growth as a character really is brilliant - but it was also lovely seeing Lee start to take charge of her life.Getting Away With It also contains some incredibly touching moments. Liza and Lee's mother has Alzheimer's, and her change in personality and her confusion and impatience with her disease caused me to choke up a few times. This ensures that the novel never feels frivolous.Add to this the fact that Cohen has done her work concerning twins - she emphasises a number of times that, no matter the connection between twins, they are always two whole and unique people rather than two halves of the same whole. I absolutely love this, since I imagine that often twins must become very tired of being compared to each other and being treated in the same manner.The only part of the novel that made me feel a little uncomfortable was the Will situation. Will is the aristocratic boyfriend of Lee at the start of the novel, and I felt a little bit odd that he and Liza strike sparks, especially considering he has already slept with Lee. Having said that, Cohen does write a very, very good sex scene!Getting Away With It is begging to be made into a movie - it's written beautifully, and I can easily imagine a film about Liza and Lee. I've even entertained myself wondering who could possibly play the twins!I absolutely loved Getting Away With It. It was a long luxurious novel with plentiful character development and truly lovely writing. In the future I will be reading any of Cohen's output. She is that rare creature - someone who can write a novel that becomes more than just a particular genre; who writes a book that should be tried by anyone. Don't be put off by the girly colour; this is not just a chick lit novel, it is a damn good yarn. Highly recommended.

  • Lucie Wheeler
    2019-06-28 16:20

    This is the first book I have read by Julie Cohen and I must say, I was not disappointed. It is one of the longest books I have read, however, I didn't find that it dragged or became stagnant in places. The pace was well kept throughout the novel and easy to pick up again after each reading.The story is about Liza and Lee Haven. Twins who conformed to the typical good twin, bad twin format. Lee Haven has stayed her whole life in their hometown in Stoneguard, Wiltshire, looking after their mother who is deteriorating with Alzeimers and taking full control of the family ice cream business, Ice Cream Heaven. Whilst 'bad' twin Liza has flown the nest to LA to have her career as a stunt woman. After a near-fatal accident, Liza finds herself going home to recuperate, but not telling her family why she is returning as she does not want the 'I told you so's'.When Liza returns, she finds that Lee has disappeared without trace and her mother's illness is a lot worse than Lee was admitting to her. Lee gets in contact with Liza and asks her to hold the fort whilst she is away and Liza takes it quite literally and ends up living the next three weeks as 'good' twin Lee. She fools Lee's friends and work colleagues and even her on/off boyfriend Will. But Liza then begins to realise how much she wants the life here in Stoneguard that her sister has and begins to question her own identity.The story ends really nicely, although I wont say how; you will have to read it to find out!Julie unravel's the characters wonderfully and really enables you to identify with Liza. The way she describes the daily struggle both with someone who suffers with Alzheimer's and the struggle of the surrounding friends and family members was both sensitive and extremely well done.I look forward to reading more from this author.

  • Kathryn Laceby
    2019-07-01 18:37

    Originally reviewed at Novel EscapesI think perhaps I wasn't quite in the right mood for this novel. I found it rather long and was at times tempted to drop it. I kept going because I was convinced that others, who had enjoyed it, couldn't possibly be wrong! In the end, I did appreciate some aspects of Getting Away With It.I liked the story of their mother and her plotting her own way to succumb to dementia. It was well written into the plot and seemed to show a natural and realistic progression. I also liked that Liza organized for some old friends to visit her mother which gave some humanity to Liza's personality.Apart from those moments with her mother though, I found both Lee and Liza a bit one-dimensional. I had a very hard time believing that either of them would do the things they did in the novel. There was perhaps too much back story given about Liza and not enough about Lee so our opinions of each were skewed. Liza is presented as so selfish that it seems utterly unlikely she would do anything like hold the fort for her sister. Lee by contrast is given very little history but the bit we are given doesn't match the person we are presented with-to dessert her life completely is out of character for the bit we know. I wished that we had had more information about them growing up which could have created warmth between the girls.I did enjoy the business of the specialty ice cream and I liked that Liza found herself in working there again. Despite the predictability of the romance I also quite liked this aspect of the novel because Will was lovely and he grounded Liza's personality a bit. The novel was a bit heavy in the beginning and yet I found it wrapped up too quickly in the end. It unfortunately left me feeling indifferent, which is definitely a shame.All opinions are our own.

  • Chanpreet
    2019-07-04 18:42

    This book is true heavyweight coming in at 600 pages. I must admit I was daunted by the prospect of reading it, but once I got started, I was hooked and that was it for me. Elizabeth "Liza" Haven is the bad twin and Emily "Lee" the good one. Liza is a stunt double while Lee has given up a career as an antique restorer to take over the family's ice cream business. Liza comes home after many years of avoiding Stoneguard at her sister's request, only to find Lee missing and everyone thinking Liza is Lee. So not knowing exactly what's happened to Lee, Liza steps into her shoes. It's a new experience for Liza not being the hated and reviled one and once she gets started, its hard to stop. Liza starts realizing things aren't always the way they seem.I really liked how Julie Cohen did a great job with her characters. There was no bad/good girl. What seemed like black and white at the beginning of the book, actually turned out to be grey. The characters were multifaceted and very real. It was very easy to relate to them. I also loved how the book was not just about one twin, but but was about both and their choices. I admired the way Ms.Cohen discussed Alzheimer's. It is an insidious and devastating disease and not often do you see it in novels. It is a delicate matter but she treats it extremely well. I've read Julie Cohen's Little Black Dress books, and while I've loved and enjoyed them, I really loved this book. This one is a keeper and I'm looking forward to reading more from her!

  • Lauren
    2019-07-21 17:25

    ‘Getting Away With It’ is a great example of Chick-lit at its finest. It is well written, heartfelt and humorous – all in a perfect blend. By the end of chapter one, I was thinking, “This is in the same high league as Jill Mansell and Sophie Kinsella! It’ll get 5 stars for sure!!” Alas, although the entirety of the book was really enjoyable, I have docked a star for four main reasons: Crop Circles, Speeding, Anabelle, and …Rock… So, firstly, I’m not a big fan of people making crop circles. This stems from a news segment I saw, a while back, where a cute grey-bearded farmer (imagine Santa, but even cuter) was getting upset about his ruined crop; the trampling down of the harvest had lost him a lot of money! Now Crop Circles just make me angry. Grrr.Secondly, speeding down country lanes (or speeding at all) is not good, especially when it results in nearly hitting a tractor. As a tractor-driving-country-bumpkin myself, (not literally – although we do have a sit-on lawnmower) I get so infuriated by dangerous 'city drivers' on scenic routes. Speeding is how accidents happen… I was really disappointed that there was no mention of Annabelle’s reaction to Liza’s deception; Was she upset? Was she angry? It felt a bit open-ended, especially as the character had been so well crafted and developed throughout. Finally, (and this is a real mystery) what happened to Rock? Was he actually abducted by ‘aliens’ or was he unconscious in a ditch somewhere? Someone seriously needs to be looking for that poor man before he goes by way of the dodo…

  • Lisa Bentley
    2019-07-22 17:46

    The Black Sheep by Julie Cohen is a prequel to her 2011 release Getting Away With It. Both are stories that focus on Liza and Lee; identical twin girls who are the absolute opposite of each other. Lee is a good wholesome girl who has a natural inclination to want to please people. She is pleasant and respectful. Liza is none of these things. She is petulant, moans when things do not go her way and very mischievous. Think a female version of Macauly Culkin’s character Kevin McCallister in Home Alone.When Liza is cast in the lowly role as sheep in the local village’s production of the Nativity, she tries to figure out a way to get herself noticed. She does so with shocking consequences.I think this tale shows the innocence of school children. They react in ways that they know is not acceptable but don’t necessarily feel that there will be consequences. They have a ‘that’s not fair’ attitude when they think that they have been done wrong. Liza exemplifies this perfectly. She feels inferior to her sister and sets out to gain some of the attention that is doused on Lee. Unfortunately she goes about it the wrong way.The Black Sheep by Julie Cohen is a quick and simple read that unfortunately is no longer available on Amazon. So really, unless you already have this short story, this review is completely redundant.It was a good quick read though.Follow Julie Cohen (@julie_cohen) on Twitter.

  • Scott
    2019-06-29 17:42

    After abandoning two books in a row - one with only 50 pages left to read! - I needed a palate cleanser. I figured stepping outside my comfort zone and reading something that I would not normally pick up was a good idea - after all, my judgment had led me to two clunkers in a row so I didn't quite trust it.I settled on this book by Julie Cohen because I knew I was going to be sharing a panel with her at the Windsor Fringe Festival and thought it would be nice to read the books of my co-panellists beforehand, partly out of curiosity, partly so I could start pitching informed questions at my co-panellists if the moderation turned out to be dire (happily it wasn't :-)Anyway, this book was a joy. It takes a familiar trope - identical twins swops places, hi-jinx ensue! - and uses it to explore the nature of responsibility - to yourself, your family, and the people in the community in which you live. It's funny, insightful, surprising and peopled with rounded characters who you really start to understand and care for. It has a romantic element that's engaging and enjoyable, but in many ways it's the least essential part of a story that impressed me with a depth that I, dimwittedly enough, was not expecting.A salutary reminder of the value of reading outside my narrow, lazy inclinations more often.Highly recommended.

  • Susan
    2019-07-20 16:30

    A very enjoyable read. The identical twin switch idea is not exactly original - but this was different in that Liza (the rebel, care free twin) took on the role of absent twin Lee, the good, dutiful, conscientious, organized, hardworking sister, who in a moment of flight, runs away from her responsibilities with the family business and her mother, once at the helm and now suffering from dementia. I wasn't sure if I was going to enjoy the story which began with Liza as a stunt rider on a film set abroad, who in a moment of carelessness and complacency crashed a sports car and ruined her chances of further work. She returns to England to find her sister gone from the home - and she is left to pick up the pieces, only to realize that she discovers in herself a talent for management, and enjoys being regarded as the "good" twin. I did wonder how she could carry off the impersonation so convincingly but wearing Lee's clothes, she was taken at face value. Good characterization and description of small town life and twists to the plot make this an intelligent chic lit novel. Another author for me to look out for.

  • Judith
    2019-07-05 18:39

    I recieved this book from the author through Goodreads First Reads. Thank you so much!!Das Buch hat mir gefallen, aber mehr auch nicht. Es war eine nette Geschichte, die aber auch in mehreren hundert Seiten weniger hätte erzählt werden können. Erst zum Ende hin ist überhaupt etwas Interessantes passiert.Der Stil war ok, hat mich aber an manchen Stellen wahnsinnig gestört, was aber auch an der Übersetzung gelegen haben könnte. Gestört haben mich außerdem die Kapitel aus Lees Perspektive.Nicht verstanden habe ich, warum die Geschichte über die Aliens erzählt wurde. (view spoiler)[ Und warum konnte nicht geklärt werden, wo Rock am Ende hin verschwunden ist. Er wird doch wohl nicht von Aliens abgeholt worden sein?! ;) (hide spoiler)]Alles in allem ein nettes Buch.

  • Shannen
    2019-07-12 14:19

    Liza Haven couldn’t wait to escape the small village where she grew up with her perfect identical twin sister, Lee. Her life in LA as a stunt woman is reckless, fast and free – and that’s just the way she likes it. But when a near-fatal mistake drives her home, she finds Lee gone and everyone in the village mistaking her for her twin sister. Liza has to deal with her ailing mother, the family ice cream business, and Lee’s dangerously attractive boyfriend. Liza’s always been the bad twin, but as she struggles to keep up the masquerade and puzzle out where her sister has gone, she realises it’s not so simple. She’s spent her whole life getting away with it – is it finally time to face up to who she really is and where she really belongs?

  • Hasna
    2019-07-16 16:18

    awesome... I really love this book.. though I don't think I will feel this way when I'm starting it, honestly. When I'm reading about Liza at the beginning of this book, I didn't like her..turn out that she's growing along the book. and Julie Cohen did this to all of her character. Lee, Mum, Will, even Ma Gamble, I learn that they have so much more than the first impression I had.. this character growing is something I love about a story.. so you can think that appearance can be deceptive.. we can't judge people if we don't know them that much.. When I finished this book, I feel I'm going to miss Liza so much..