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Beowulf With Related Readings Reviews

  • - ̗̀ ash̖́-
    2019-05-21 04:08

    this translation was extremely easy to read. it's interesting seeing from the perspective of beowulf after reading grendel. honestly, this entire poem however kinda made me frustrated— because there was way too much overconfidence, pride, and greed. (view spoiler)[ literally as beowulf died, he said he was glad he lived for a life only wishing and striving for treasure and nothing else. lmao okay (hide spoiler)]

  • Jessica
    2019-06-16 23:54

    Before Reading BeowulfI have to read this for my AP Lit summer homework and I really don't want to read it. It's just not something I can enjoy. Ugh!After Reading Beowulf Yep. I am not being dramatic, I promise.I expected to hate this book, and I was right. It was a totally MISERABLE read. I could not wait to be finished with it. I dreaded starting this book and if it wasn't required reading for my AP Lit class, I would have DNF'd it right away."No female, no matter how fierce, could have come with a man's strength, fought with the power and courage men fight with..." (Lines 1282-1284)First, I get that it's old. Really, really old. So old there's no known author, but I was so frustrated with the way women were treated and spoken of. I get that that's how things were, but that doesn't mean I can't be upset by it. And I was. And, in all honestly, Grendel's mother was pretty fierce and despite her being the bad guy, I liked her more than Beowulf."And how great a sin for a women, whether fair or black, to create fear and destruction, for a women, who should walk in the ways of peace..." (Lines 1940-1944)Of course, I totally hated Beowulf.  All he wanted was fame, and I just wasn't down with that. And come on, did they really have to go on and on and on about how heroic he is? I got it the first time, thanks.I may not have appreciated the book the way others do, and I don't care. I just do not like this book. I don't care what historic value it has or how important it is to literature. Not something I would ever enjoy.Unfortunately, I have to study and prepare to be tested in on it next month. Yikes. (This is probably the angstiest and most ranty book review I've ever written.)

  • Dan Crist
    2019-06-16 04:54

    "Beowulf" is an epic centered around a Swedish warrior named Beowulf. He believes he is the greatest of the Swedish warriors and promises the people of Denmark that he will rid them of all evil for no reward. Beowulf believes the only evil to be Grendel. After he defeats Grendel, Hrothgar informs Beowulf that there is another demon; Grendel's mother. As he promised, he goes to destroy Grendel's mother, but this time, there is a reward. Many years pass and Beowulf becomes the king of Sweden. His greed has grown so much, that he goes out in search of a dragon that guards treasure. The dragon has done nothing to Beowulf, but he decides to kill it and take its treasure. This does not go too well for him. I thought this was a good story. I enjoyed reading it.Beowulf is the epic hero. He begins this story with intrinsic motivations. As the epic continues, his motives are a combination of both intrinsic and extrinsic. By the end his motives change to extrinsic. This leads to his downfall. This story is set in the 6th century Scandinavia. The first battle takes place in Denmark at Herot. The second battle takes place in Denmark in the monster's lair. The final battle is set in the dragon's lair in Sweden.One theme in this story is greed. Beowulf becomes greedy as he is offered extrinsic rewards. We see that greed can bring on a persons downfall. Beowulf is an example of that. He became so greedy that he picked a fight with the dragon that lead to his death.I thought this story was interesting. I enjoyed reading "Beowulf" and would recommend this book to anyone I know.

  • Dakota
    2019-06-14 03:59

    This story is an epic poem about a swedish soldier named Beowulf. He has journeyed to Denmark because he heard that the king and his people have been terrorized for twelve winters. After talking with king Hrothgar he later then waits and fools the creature named Grendel by faking that he is sleeping. When the beast goes to grab Beowulf he then springs up and grabs the creature and they fight and after fighting a while Beowulf rips off Gruendels arm and the beast goes running back to his swampy lair. Later on Beowulf seeks out Grendel’s mother to try and take care of all the evil in the kingdom. After he is victorious with all the monsters he travels back to Sweden and later becomes the king and defeats a dragon to steal the treasure but then passes away. In this story the main character is Beowulf. He is a swedish soldier that is the strongest man anywhere. He sets out on a journey to get rid of the evil in Denmark. He starts out the poem being very humble but throughout the story he becomes greedy for treasure and boastful and gets himself killed because of it. Another character in this poem is the first creature Beowulf fights his name is Grendel and he is an enormous beast that has been terrorizing Denmark for 12 winters. He is later killed by Beowulf by having his arm ripped of and later beheaded. This epic poem takes place in 6th century. Most of the poem takes place in Denmark where 2 of the three battles happen. Other locations that are in Denmark that the hero Beowulf travels to is the underwater cave of Grendel’s mother and he also traveled to the great mead hall and Danish castle called Herot. After conquering all the evil Beowulf then travels back to Sweden and becomes a king after 50 years he goes to the dragons lair to as well to try and steal the treasure.In this story of Beowulf the author is trying to show how being humble and not greedy can help you in life. They also show the bad side where if you're to greedy it can be your downfall and have something bad happen to you such as like jail or death. In the story it also tries to show you the positive side of being loyal such as when Beowulf is dying and all the Geats run away, but then Wiglaf stays and helps him and pretty much saves Beowulf at that point. Then, because Wiglaf was loyal, he was received gifts from Beowulf. I would recommend this epic poem to anyone that enjoys supernatural stories. The reason I liked this story so much was just because I enjoy stories where there are monsters like the one in this story and I enjoyed all the supernatural elements. I also like how they show the transformation that fame and fortune can have on someone and can completely change someone's life like it did in this story.

  • Dexter
    2019-06-17 04:06

    I was very surprised at the ease with which I read this great epic poem. I expected it to be very hard to get through and keep focused on, but it's actually a very straightforward story. Lots of action, and lots and lots of random little stories thrown in.This is the only version of Beowulf I've read, but from the snippets I've seen of other versions, this would probably be my favorite.Second time reading:I read a different translation this time around, and wasn't quite as impressed. Still, it's a great epic poem of adventure. Yes, Beowulf is kind of too-perfect and yes, if you spend long enough in a world lit class discussing it, you might start wanting to punch a lot of people and jump on the Grendel bandwagon, but still. Good stuff.Third time reading:I do love Beowulf very much. It's got some very lovely lines no matter what translation you find yourself reading, and it's hard not to enjoy the great epic adventures of good ole Beowulf. The problem is that there are so many random interludes that might've been a nice addition back in the day, but these days are just a pain for college students who have to plug through every single anecdote. They get old fast.Still. It's pretty epic.

  • Matthew Huff
    2019-05-27 00:06

    Always a pleasure. I actually might prefer this translation to Heaney's.

  • Eden
    2019-05-28 07:04

    Much epic battling, philosophical speech giving and mead drinking. So altogether a delightful read. Also, I wish people talked like they do in this book in real life. For example, instead of saying "I tripped", someone would be like "I lost my footing, just as my grandfather, son of the greatest of warriors to grace this land, once stumbled in the midst of combat, his wondrous golden armor shining in the sun, and was greeted by the cold hands of death, yet still shrouded in glory." It would make conversations so much more interesting, you know?

  • Madeleine
    2019-06-01 02:47

    Given that this book was written around 500 AD, I didn't really expect much out of it. You know, just the typical story of the typical hero adhering to the word of God and the church while also fighting stuff.But nope, what actually happened was an enjoyable story and a better understanding of the world back then, (although there were plot holes and questionable morals by today's standards)

  • Amy
    2019-05-30 05:50

    A short poetic read but one about triumph, bravery, and never giving up. Also a story of who will stand with you in the face of fear. An important lesson for us all.

  • jen
    2019-05-31 01:53

    beowulf sure loved talking about how great he wasthis translation was really accessible and easy to understand, so that's a plus, but i think maybe epics are just not for me

  • Gwyneth
    2019-05-31 04:48

    Burton Raffel's translation is really great. It is written clearly and can be easily understood.

  • Cari
    2019-05-24 07:06

    I have always had a bit of trouble reading anything not written in standard prose format so I wasn't expecting to have much luck with this book. After a couple false starts, I decided to read it out loud to my cat and that definitely worked! I found a rhythm that I didn't even know existed and it was like tripping into Narnia via a closet: this whole new magical world was suddenly laid out in front of me!I love the alliteration used in the poem and also I found that Beowulf's dialogue (the character, not all of the poem's dialogue) was very different in rhythm and tone than the rest of the poem. I always think of the songs as being melodic like The Beatles or something similar but this story has taught me that it is a rhythm closer to rap than a pop song. I am hoping to try out this new found knowledge on the Eddas and the Kalevala and whatever else I can get my hands on. I am so thankful to this story, and specifically this version translated by Burton Raffel for opening the door to a whole new land of stories for me to consume.Besides learning that the story has a whole different rhythm than what I am used to in things that I read, I also have learned that, when spoken aloud, it is very simple and easy to follow. Simple enough that I think it will be my go to read aloud book for children who need bed time stories read to them. it definitely has all the elements of a good adventure story and is reminiscent of the Hobbit (or the Hobbit is reminiscent of Beowulf, I should say) but I think the way that the story is told may actually be less boring that the Hobbit (and I like the Hobbit!)

  • Max
    2019-05-26 02:01

    I believe that Burton Raffel’s translation of this text is the most accurate for the modern day readers. It is far more understandable, straightforward, and easier to comprehend than that of Heaney and Donaldson. Both Heaney and Donaldson’s translations are a bit more old fashioned. Heaney’s translation even contains a little bit of the old english hint in it. Due to the fact that Raffel’s translation is the easiest to comprehend, his version creates the best overall tone for this section (and the rest of the text) and portrays the evil and smug reality of Grendel to the readers the best. “Then he stepped to another still body, clutched at Beowulf with his claws, grasped at a strong-hearted wakeful sleeper--and was instantly seized himself, claws bent back as Beowulf leaned up on one arm” lines (745-749). Raffel simply states the situation as it is without making it complex or rambling on, while still using sensory details and painting a picture in our minds of the situation. It is easy to understand what is occurring but still maintains the vibrant picture of the text.

  • Jensen H.
    2019-05-28 03:08

    I made it to section 16 of Beowulf and I feel as if this text has many themes going throughout. We saw in the beginning of the text the theme of legacy and power. "Then Beo was king in that Danish castle, Shild's son ruling as long as his father and as loved, a famous lord of men." (Lines 53-55) Then going on in the text I noticed more themes of heroism and unity. With Beowulf fighting Grendel and winning, everyone in Herot came together to celebrate the evil monster dying. Everyone looked up to Beowulf as such a legend. "Bewoulf, a prince o the Geats, had killed Grendel, ended the grief, the sorrow, the suffering forced on Hrothgar's helpless people by a bloodthirsty fiend." (Lines 829-833) I predict in the next couple of sections there will be more themes to come. So far I feel like the text is very detailed and exciting which keeps the reader reading, especially in the battle scenes. Raffel knows how to create pictures with his words. I can't wait to see what happens between next in the text.

  • Dean W
    2019-05-30 02:57

    Report as of 10/31/12:So far I have made it to section 16 in the text. By this point I have read Beowulf's successful battle against Grendel. I am reading Burton Raffel's translation of the text and even though it isn't written in pros I find Raffel's translation the easiest to read and understand. In class we read a few different translations from authors like Donaldson and Heaney but both have very different ways of translating the text that I find much more difficult to understand. I have liked the reading so far but I have a lot more to read yet so I will have more reports soon.

  • Bailey Davidson
    2019-06-11 04:47

    I've never really been a huge fan of poetry, so the phrasing made it difficult for me to understand and truly enjoy this. However, I do feel like this is one book that I'll probably pick up again in a few years or so and like far more the second time around. For those of you who are fans of poetry and epics, I highly recommend this, but if you have the same or a greater aversion to the sort than me, this probably isn't the way to go for pleasurable reading.

  • David
    2019-05-19 01:01

    Is it okay to rate a classic such as Beowulf 3 stars? Yes, I feel bad about doing it though. This is one of the first pieces of literature ever created yes, but, I feel like there was plot missing. Maybe it was lost in the translation of this edition, which is very easy to understand. There are many themes in this book.

  • Lilly
    2019-05-31 07:47

    I really like beowulf for some reason. I'm not entirely sure why; it's a completely unrealistic book with an unrealistically perfect epic hero, but i still thought the book overall and the story was fairly enjoyable. Of course, it's not my favorite book in the world, but i would definitely read it again.

  • Debi G.
    2019-06-03 03:51

    I escaped having to read this through high school, college, grad school, and 10 years of teaching, but my time arrived. I'm sure I taught it poorly since I didn't care much for the story (except maybe the fight scenes). Next year, I'll summon more enthusiasm for the Anglo Saxon epic.

  • Kayla
    2019-05-24 23:51

    Beowulf is definitely a strange book. The story is almost so old it is difficult to relate to the characters. The best part of reading it would have to be examining the translation from Old English to Modern English and how they were able to make the lines rhyme.

  • Richie Mae Andrei Zuniga
    2019-06-06 00:46

    Technically beowulf was written beautifully! The poem style was for me appealing the story was good it high lighted beowulf's story his adventures and battles he won. I did not give it 5 stars because there are a lot of characters that will confuse you!

  • Meredith
    2019-05-24 03:54

    This was a read for university studies. It was interesting. The good chapters were amazing but the boring chapters were excruciating. Kind of preferred the movie surprisingly, Grendel's mother had more of a role than she does in this.

  • Luke Dombroski
    2019-05-26 01:59

    A great tale, of course, and Burton Raffel is a fine translator. I do, however, prefer the Seamus Haney translation. Still a great tale- as usual with Signet Classics, you get a great book at a great price.

  • Kate
    2019-06-09 04:00

    4/5starsSolid read for a school book; wasn't expecting to like it as much as I did considering I'm not one for poems or epics. But this story was incredibly interesting and I could see so many parallels newer novelists and stories took from it!

  • Jorge Alva
    2019-05-23 03:05

    So old and yet so fun. This long poem has everything:chivalry, faith in Our Lord, Evil Encarnated, swords, shields, longboats, all things viking, Swedes, Danes, Geats, Francs, a fucking dragon! This is pure nordic epicness, tender, old, beautiful and very amusing.

  • Richard
    2019-06-09 08:06

    Gripping, very readable translation by Burton Raffel.

  • Bob G
    2019-06-03 05:38

    Very easy to read, entertaining epic poem. Not sure why I didn't read this in school. I recommend this to readers of almost all ages.

  • Seth
    2019-05-20 03:54

    I won't remember this as a favorite of mine, but it wasn't really that bad of a read. I actually enjoyed most of the book, contrary to popular beleif.

  • Robin Winter
    2019-06-11 01:42

    Swept up quickly by this translation, read it aloud to my daughter and her friends. I return to it again and again for the compelling imagery and humanity of this epic.

  • Sean
    2019-05-28 23:40

    A seriously action packed epic, the only down was that it is very short. An epic tale for anyone who loves Nordic tales and folklore or even just a little action