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Humor. According to the Preface: "Facts in a nude state are not liable criminally, any more than bright and beautiful children commit a felony by being born thus; but it is the solemn duty of those having these children in charge to put appropriate, healthful, and even attractive apparel upon them at the earliest possible moment."...

Title : bill nye s comic history of england 1906
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bill nye s comic history of england 1906 Reviews

  • P.J. Sullivan
    2019-03-18 12:07

    The text is amusing and clever. Harold did not merely die at the battle of Hastings, he "abandoned the fight in order to investigate the surprises of a future state." On William the Conquerer: "William's death was one of the most attractive features of his reign." On the common people: "The common people were cheerily permitted the use of what atmosphere they needed for breathing purposes, on their solemn promise to return it, and at the close of life... they might contribute to the fertility of the royal vegetable garden." On serfdom: "A serf was required to be at hand night or day when the baron needed someone to kick." The illustrations are masterpieces of comic art; I bought this book for the pictures. The facts and dates are valid and the chronology and major characters are real, but don't take this book too seriously. There are so many characters it is hard to tell them apart. A royal blur of Edwards, Henrys, Williams, etc., over 1,500 years of British history, from Julius Caesar to Henry VIII. Not recommended for serious scholars, but can be fun if you are in the mood.

  • Fr. Kyle
    2019-03-15 12:54

    Hlarious bit historical comedy no doubt a literary precursor to Mel Brook's History of the World Part I. Worth the read and worth the Librivox listen.

  • Ray Campbell
    2019-03-08 12:40

    This is a very superficial and silly survey of the history of England from the Roman occupation to the reign of Elizabeth, the last monarch of England before it became the United Kingdom under her nephew James I. While I didn't find it laugh out loud funny, it is full of absurd references, ironic metaphors and word play. While I found this an enjoyable diversion, I have both an undergraduate and master's degree in the study of History and have read expansively on English history. I one is familiar with the real history, Nye's spin will be very amusing. Otherwise, it is written to sound like a real history and might just be confusing.So, fun read for English history buffs. Civilians might need to trudge through some serious history before delighting in this work of inside jokes and witticisms.

  • Joe
    2019-03-16 12:44

    Not the real Bill Nye

  • Sarah Crawford
    2019-03-19 13:57

    This 1896 history of Britain, told tongue-in-cheek. 'These early Britons were suitable only as ancestors. Aside from that, they had no good points.' That's typical of the writing. As you read more of the first section you'll probably burst out laughing, it's written so comically. 'The Irish...used to invade Constantine's territory, getting him up at all hours of the night and demanding that he should free Ireland.''Many a Saxon would have filled a drunkard's grave, but wabbled so in his gait that he walked past it and missed it.'Writing about the Saxons in the late 800's: 'Thus, by 878, the wretched Saxons were at their wit's end...Some fled to Wales and perished miserably trying to pronounce the names of their new post-office addresses. The book continues in this vein up through the early part of the reign of Henry VIII. The author died before being able to finish it.

  • Andrew Ives
    2019-02-23 12:50

    The historical, educational content of this book is first class, albeit told in rather brief highlights, mainly concerning monarchs and major battles. The comedic element however is rather wearisome, alternating between weak and mildly snide. The real problem for me, reading the Kindle version, was that all of the many illustrations were missing, and halfway through Henry VIII, the book suddenly ended, despite mention of Guy Fawkes later in the omitted illustrations. Maybe a complete paper version would be worth another half a star or so, but for me it was a 3/5.

  • Samantha
    2019-02-26 07:09

    Besides several obvious historical errors, the purported humor is mainly absent, and the history if England ends during the early reign of Henry VIII due to Bill Nye's death while working on this project.

  • Justin Rose
    2019-03-24 09:05

    Exactly what you would expect from Nye. Laughed aloud several times. Admittedly, there is little humor without first indulging yourself in the historical and literary paradigm in which this is written.

  • Morgan
    2019-03-06 11:47

    This short work gives, I think, a realistic perspective on human history. It is also very sarcastically funny. ***Note: Not written by Bill Nye The Science Guy.

  • Timothy Ferguson
    2019-03-23 05:47

    Well, I liked it, but you really need to know history to get the jokes. I listened to the Librivox edition.

  • Jenn
    2019-03-01 11:03

    I found it mediocre, I am not sure if it's because it states it's funny before hand but I found this satire fell flat.

  • Crisman Richards
    2019-03-02 06:46

    My new Bible.

  • Suzanne Oliver
    2019-03-02 13:00

    Wish my history classes had been more like this.

  • Tarquilla
    2019-03-12 11:01

    Personally I found it was not very funny and not very accurate either. Others may enjoy it but I'm afraid I gave up after a while in exasperation.

  • JoAnn
    2019-03-02 14:04

    Fun and informative. The tongue in cheek editorials makes this delightful. Too bad he died before finishing it.

  • David
    2019-03-21 10:46

    Loads of puns, and lots of tongue in cheek comments about English History. It was fun!