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This most complete parent guide covers not only detailed and precise medical information about leukemia and the various treatment options, but also day-to-day practical advice on how to cope with procedures, hospitalization, family and friends, school, social and financial issues, communication, feelings, and, if therapy is not successful, the difficult issues of death andThis most complete parent guide covers not only detailed and precise medical information about leukemia and the various treatment options, but also day-to-day practical advice on how to cope with procedures, hospitalization, family and friends, school, social and financial issues, communication, feelings, and, if therapy is not successful, the difficult issues of death and bereavement. Woven among the medical details and the practical advice are the voices of more than 150 parents and children who have lived with leukemia and its treatments. As many parents have already found, advice from "veteran" parents can be a lifeline. Obtaining a basic understanding of topics such as medical terminology, common side effects of chemotherapy, and how to interpret blood counts can help improve quality of life for the whole family. Learning how to develop a partnership with your child's physician can vastly increase a family's peace of mind. Hearing parents describe their own emotional ups and downs, how they coped, and how they molded their family life around hospitalizations is a tremendous comfort. Just knowing that there are other kids on chemotherapy who refuse to eat anything but tacos or who have frequent rages makes one feel less alone. Parents who read this book will encounter medical facts simply explained, advice to ease their daily life, and tools to be a strong advocate for their child. This fourth edition contains significant updates to the information on treatments (including tailoring treatments to children's individual genetic profiles), chemotherapy drugs, stem cell transplants, coping with side effects, and resources. It also contains a personal treatment summary and long-term follow-up guide for your child to keep as a permanent record....

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Childhood Leukemia Reviews

  • Abby
    2019-04-27 09:09

    My 3 year old neighbor has leukemia (ALL), and I love her a lot. She's doing good (for a leukiemia patient), and I really liked this book. I couldn't put it down. It covered everything from diagnosis, to treatment options, to school and classroom issues, to finances, to chemo side effects, to transplants to end of treatment or death and bereavement and on and on. It covered everything. It explains the disease and side effects of treatment in understandable terms, and combines it with information from families who had children with cancer.This is a great book for any parent, family member, school teacher, friend, neighbor, whoever, to understand leukemia and what the child and family may be going through. I know 100% more about the disease than I did two weeks ago. I feel like an expert oncologist (k, not really, but closer than I've ever been before.)In addition to this book, I also want to suggest several great links:1. This is the National Marrow Donation Program website. You can sign up to have your bone marrow type tested and listed in their worldwide donor registry, so that you may be able to donate marrow to someone who can't find a match within their family. It costs $50 and they mail you a package where you swab your cheeks and they type you and put you in the registry. You may never get called, or a doctor from the other side of the country may call you twenty years from now asking for you to donate. It's not a terrible process to donate. You're a little sore for a couple days, and in return you may very well have just saved someone's life. I wouldn't suggest getting registered if I hadn't just done it myself and looked into it thoroughly.2. This is John Huntsman's cancer institute charity. He is such an amazing man. My husband actually met him in Kuwait and got a picture with him (so we are like buds). He says he will cure cancer, and he is a bazillionaire who plans to die penniless in his effort. In the 1960's, leukemia was a death sentence, and they listed it as an incurable disease. Thanks to medical research (like his), kids like my neighbor have a 90% chance of survival. I think it's a wonderful place to donate. 3. Thirdly, did you know that you can donate the stem cells from your newborn's umbilical cord to a public donor bank, which patients from all over the world can use? Normally they just dump the umbilical cord and its blood as medical waste. I am waiting to hear back from a company I just contacted about donating my baby's placenta-cord blood stuff. (Or whatever it's officially called.) As far as I can tell, you have to pay if you want to bank it privately for just your future family's use, but you can donate it for free and they'll come to your hospital and pick it up from your doctor. This company's website is: - You have to sign up to donate it BEFORE you are 34 weeks pregnant (I am almost 32 now, so I have to hurry!), but if it's possible I can't imagine a reason in the world why anyone would not sign up. Kind of like organ donation. I can't figure out why anyone cares about losing their vital organs once they're already dead. Why throw out the cord blood from your baby if it can save the life of a sick kid somewhere? Not every patient can find a suitable donor in their family, and many have to go searching into public donor banks to look for a match.My final word - I think the kids and families that suffer with cancer are forced to be unbelievably brave. I would be terrified by the treatments that these little kids have to go through, and I am old. I also can't imagine being the parent of a child with cancer. They need our support in every way possible.PS. I also cried a lot during a couple of the last chapters.

  • Julia
    2019-05-03 10:24

    My daughter was diagnosed with leukemia in June of 2007. This book was given to me in the hospital, shortly after her diagnosis. It took a few months for the initial shock of diagnosis to wear off, before I felt able to read and process the information in this book. But once I started reading it, the book became a great reference for me. The section on the different medications, their uses and side effects was especially helpful and I referred to it many times.I enjoyed reading what other parents and children had to say about this disease. Their thoughts were interspersed throughout the book and I always found them informative. As I began looking for other books on the subject, I realized that this is the best and most complete reference book out there for childhood leukemia. Nancy Keene has done a great job in gathering together information and presenting it in a readable and understandable way. Four years later, my daughter is still in treatment, and I still refer to this book. I have recently purchased Ms. Keene's book Childhood Cancer Survivors: A Practical Guide to Your Future to help us navigate the years ahead.

  • Madeline
    2019-04-27 07:03

    I didn't really read the WHOLE thing...I read parts that I was interested in. I was doing research at my own leisure and found some very interesting things about leukemia. My mom actually read this book. She said it was a lifesaver and now I understand why. This book is sooo helpful and very useful to parents who have a child with leukemia. It tells you a very detailed description about what leukemia is, what the possible treatment options are, common side effects, and so much more. But it also goes into the emotional part too. It has a whole chapter on siblings and how they might react and feel. It has advice on what to tell your child with leukemia and how they might react and what questions they might ask and how to respond to them. It has a chapter on finance. It has advice on how to act around your child with leukemia. It has a chapter on relatives. It even has a chapter on the funeral if your child dies. It has everything. I had leukemia, so I can say that this book is very accurate. And I would REALLY REALLY REALLY recommend this book to ANY parent who has a child with ANY type of leukemia. THIS BOOK IS GREAT.

  • Royce
    2019-05-14 07:20

    I picked this book up because I have a friend whose son was diagnosed with leukemia. I wanted more insight on what she was going through, so that I could be better equipped to be a strong part of her support system. This book really came through. The author includes excerpts from personal stories of several different families with the understanding that each child's diagnoses is different. Medical and technical terms are broken down and thoroughly explained. Resources for support groups and more medical information are threaded throughout the book where appropriate. It is written with honestly and sensitivity. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has someone close to them that is fighting the battle against childhood leukemia.

  • Victoria
    2019-05-13 10:09

    This was the best resource for me after my daughter was diagnosed with leukemia. I wish I could buy extra copies to have at the oncology office so they could give them to parents when their children are diagnosed. Parents of kids with leukemia can apply for a free copy from the ACCO, but it is worth every penny if you buy your own.

  • Demetra
    2019-05-21 12:26

    This has been one of my best resources during my daughter's treatment for ALL. Lot's of medical information combined with actual family experiences.

  • Barb Cullen
    2019-05-21 06:21

    Well written and reams of information. A must for families dealing with this difficult issue.

  • Launi
    2019-05-19 08:11

    A must have for anyone "needing it"