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Meet the Cornish cats who love fishing!Fluffy, Whiskers and the rest of the gang see fish all around but they're never allowed to eat any of them. One day the hungry crew decide to take matters into their own paws. In no time, they're out at sea catching more fish than they could have dreamed of. But then they find that the sea is not always a safe place to be ......

Title : The Cornish Cats Who Went To Sea
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ISBN : 9781903285923
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 25 Pages
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The Cornish Cats Who Went To Sea Reviews

  • Gerry
    2019-07-21 15:52

    Fluffy is the leader of a group of five cats who live close to a thriving fish market on the harbour of a small fishing village.The cats often watch the fishing boats leaving in the early morning and returning late at night laden with fresh fish. They love fish and they are envious of the fishermen. But the fishermen always chase them away and this makes Fluffy determined to go to sea and do some fishing for himself and his friends. Whiskers, Ginger Tiger, Mittens and Sam are in agreement so plans are put in place.Ginger Tiger has a cousin with an old boat that he does not use so they set about restoring it. Fluffy and Sam gather together some necessary equipment while the other three cats work on the boat. Everything comes together and the decision is made to sail at daybreak the following day.Off they go at dawn, sailing out to sea in the morning and fishing in the afternoon. The first day they only catch a small number of sprats and are disappointed. As night falls, Whiskers cheers them up by making some soup with the sprats and after they eat, they sit up well into the night having fun by playing cards.Enthusiastic the following morning they soon spot a shoal of fish and cast their nets. A spectacularly large catch follows but on the way home a storm strikes and they are obliged to signal 'Mayday' to the coastguard. The coastguard, initially annoyed at the cats not having checked the weather forecast before they set out, sets them right and they are able to steer a safe course home.As they arrive at the harbour, word of their deeds had spread throughout the village and to greet them there were many other cats on the harbour side cheering and waving handkerchiefs. Fluffy and friends then unload their catch and sell their fish to delighted customers and everyone lived, and dined, happily ever after!Michelle Cartlidge's charming illustrations augment the text delightfully.