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After her favorite aunt is found dead and an alarming box is mysteriously left on the doorstep of her aunt's house now legally hers, Lavinia Esposito wants explanations. But, having cleared the package of explosives, the local cops are dumbounded by the precious stones which came without an explanation, just an address, her Aunt Livvy's. Frustrated by the cops' refusal toAfter her favorite aunt is found dead and an alarming box is mysteriously left on the doorstep of her aunt's house now legally hers, Lavinia Esposito wants explanations. But, having cleared the package of explosives, the local cops are dumbounded by the precious stones which came without an explanation, just an address, her Aunt Livvy's. Frustrated by the cops' refusal to share their theories, criminal justice instructor Lavinia Esposito, a.k.a. Vinnie, takes investigation matters into her own hands. Vinnie is soon dragged into situations beyond her control, finding herself in hot water with the law, the crooks, and her Italian father. Willing to put her life at risk to find out what really happened to her beloved Aunt Livvy, and why jewels would be addressed to her aunt, Vinnie plunges ahead with her usual tenacity, bravery, and keen wits to solve and survive this mystery....

Title : For Love of Livvy
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For Love of Livvy Reviews

  • Jim
    2019-06-04 01:26

    I tried. I mean I really tried to make it all the way through. Maybe I'm not cut out to read romance or partial-romance genre fiction. For me, a successful novel is one that is character driven. Plot driven may work to a point, but without well-defined characters the plot will eventually lose steam. It's easy to draw comparisons between Vinnie, the thirty something female protagonist in this book, and Stephanie Plum: both italian, both involved with criminal justice, both visit home for dinner, both have two male interests to jostle. The difference is that Vinnie is tough to nail down; one minute talking about teaching a criminal justice class, the next flouncing through her Aunt's house like a thirteen year old any time one the interchangable muscle men appear. Even her adjective-laden dialogue sways between a stereotypical tough Italian and an adolescent groupie. What For Love of Livvy really needs, though, is compression. There is just too much detail of actions and items that have no bearing on character or story development. I think there are the makings of a good read here, but trying to see it through the verbal clutter is exhausting.

  • Victoria
    2019-06-01 03:37

    Hmmm. I read this several weeks ago and I can't even remember how it ended. I do remember that it irked me throughout the book that the police detective kept getting touchy-feely, groping, kissy with the main character while investigating the case and in uniform and on duty. Really?

  • Ruth Hill
    2019-06-01 22:42

    When it comes to well-written mysteries, I am always a fan. Add a little romance and some light-hearted humor, and I am hooked. Indeed the first book in this mystery series meets the criteria to become a fan favorite. Vinnie is a strong woman, but she seems to be somewhat flighty at times, much to the chagrin and delight of those around her--especially the two men in her life. The charm of the story more than makes up for any portions of the story that come across as being less engaging. By in large, the action is moderately paced, but it mostly kept my attention until the end.I will be honest--I could have done without the profanity and the sex (I am grateful for no erotic scenes), but the book's rating is not suffering because of these two things. I am appreciative of the fact that the author did not add gratuitous violence to this book. The intrigue is definitely present, but there is nothing that will cause the reader to shiver or shrink back in fear. Honestly, I found Vinnie rather obnoxious when it came to her love life. I grew weary of her attraction to both men in her life. I would have preferred her being more decisive, and I couldn't understand her penchant for one-night stands. I am glad she could defend herself, but I would have preferred if she were a little more assertive in some areas of her life. But that is just my opinion.Although I was not sold on every portion of the story, it was well worth my time and investment, and I look forward to reading more from this author and series. If you like mysteries, I would recommend that you give this one a try. I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. I was not financially compensated, and all opinions are 100 percent mine.

  • Amy
    2019-06-12 21:19

    Okay, so this struck me as a very poor attempt at reproducing Stephanie Plum. This book is difficult to follow and the relationships are completely unrealistic. Oh, and I just about pulled my hair out every time I read abiut the "Julia smile", " the two dummies" and " the creep". I will not be continueing on with this series.

  • J.M. Jeffries Jeffries
    2019-06-05 00:44

    First off, on the plus side, this book has a killer cover which attracted me first. Secondly the dialogue sparkles. It's both smart and funny in places. The writing is surprisingly skilled. The problem: the silly, stupid heroine and a story that makes no sense.Remember the old horror movies where the heroine hears a mysterious sound from the second floor and goes up to investigate rather then fleeing despite the many attempts already made on her life. We know going up those stairs is going to make the stupid heroine dead, very quickly. That is how I felt about For Love of Livvy.In the first chapter, the author goes to great lengths to make sure we understand that Lavinia Esposito is very smart. She teaches criminal investigative techniques at a university. Her aunt died under mysterious circumstances and she inherited her aunt's house. We are also treated to a number of characters telling Vinnie not to investigate the death (she should have listened). Of course by the third time, you know she's going to do exactly that. Enter hunk #1 who wants to rent the apartment upstairs from her. She agrees knowing nothing about this man. Does no background check to make sure he can pay his rent. In fact, doesn't even know what he does for a living. And we're supposed to believe she's naturally suspicious because the author has told us a couple times now. Vinnie dismisses another character's question about this because hunk #1 was referred to her by a local police officer. And no, she doesn't even check with the local police officer to verify her new tenant's story, at least not at the point when I quit reading. Especially after her home had been broken into, not once, but twice. And she still hasn't checked her tenant's background or even asked for references. This suspicious lady, who we are supposed to believe teaches investigative techniques, can't even follow her own class outlines. Add into this mix, the unprofessional behavior of a state trooper (hunk #2) investigating aunt's allegedly mysterious death and add some other elements that don't make sense and you have one big mess of a story.Once I lost patience with the stupid heroine's stupid actions #2,3, and 4, I quit reading. And yes, she did hear a mysterious sound (in this case the scent of a cheap man's cologne) and instead of calling the cops, she grabs a baseball bat to handle the issue herself. This is the point where I skipped to the end to find out what the aunt was involved in, but even that didn't work for me on a number of levels that made absolutely no sense.This writer has tons of personality and good writing skills, what she needs is to put together a story that holds together. Maybe other titles are better, I doubt I'll find out. What did I like? I thought the dialogue sparkled. It was funny in places that made me smile. I liked Vinnie's parents. The author caught the flavor of the relationship that exists between parents and children and came very close to making it believable. I liked Vinnie's best friend, Lola. What I didn't like was Vinnie. I didn't believe she was smart, a university professor, or a person capable of investigating a crime no matter how many times other characters warn her not to get involved or tell her how smart she is.

  • Evelyn Wilson
    2019-05-28 01:19

    I had to get used to how J.M. Griffin began this book inasmuch as I felt there might have been a prior book but no, this is the 1st of the Series. It was a good mystery but I think you will realize who the culprits are pretty quickly.

  • Ted Tayler
    2019-05-29 00:22

    "Entertaining"This doesn't have the depth of character, or unique plot that would propel it into the stratosphere, but it's an enjoyable read all the same. It's cozy, and a mystery; exactly what it says on the tin. So dive in and enjoy it for what it is; a few hours of escapism.

  • Vgloftin
    2019-05-26 00:27

    This writer really needs an editor, for both grammar/word choice and help with realistic, believable dialogue. Both weaknesses are a big distraction from what I think may be a decent plot. Hoping the rest of the series is stronger. I like light romance, but only if it's truly readable and clever. Writer would greatly benefit from a strong editor as partner.

  • Katie
    2019-06-19 23:41

    It was so-so. Of course, I knew who did it and all that before I got to the end, but it was an interesting read anyway. Except for "Mr. Winky". "Mr. Winky"? Seriously? Not sure if I'll try any others in this series. If the author continues to use "Mr. Winky" in her stories, that's a great reason to avoid it.

  • Jean
    2019-06-13 20:22

    This is a new author and a new series for me - I liked the story and the characters. I also liked the author's language.

  • Karen
    2019-05-21 04:25

    Not my favorite type of mystery, too much romance.

  • Elizabeth
    2019-06-15 04:27

    3.5This was a fun mystery, not complex but an easy and entertaining read...

  • Donna Huber
    2019-05-21 03:17

    I think this was a case of "It's me, not you" - I've read too similar books this summer. I would give another book in the series a try as the main character Vinnie grew on me.

  • Julie Gansler
    2019-06-06 00:45

    Impetuous heroine and great storylineGreat read. Fast moving and well developed characters made this a book I couldn't put down. Vinny is quite the impetuous heroine and the men in her life have a difficult task trying to control her.

  • Linda
    2019-05-21 01:16

    For Love of LivvyA very entertaining read. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book and look forward to reading your next book. 👍👍👍👍 !recommend it.

  • Natalie
    2019-06-11 00:38

    Although I thought it started off a little slow, I did end up enjoying the story.

  • Kristine Brezenski
    2019-05-31 03:25

    Fun light read!Witty, descriptive, and predictable! An overall fun read. A love story with a mystery that will make just about anyone smile.

  • Amy Cox
    2019-06-20 20:23

    Good read. Interesting Characters and original mystery story line. Would like to see how the characters progress. Will read the next book. Kind of wordy in places.

  • Vivian (Vivi) McCormack
    2019-06-08 20:20

    You will do anything for familyI found myself loving cozy mysteries, and paranormals, especially this one . I loved Lavinia. This author really was witty,and gave her story an ending ,but not a ending of our lovely main character, to my pleasure there are more stories of lavania.. Thank you , J.M. Griffin

  • Travel Cocktails
    2019-05-21 02:37

    This book is giving me a massive headache from rolling my eyes. I love mystery stories. But this? It's a mystery why I purchased a bundle of three books. I liked the writing on the preview. But why didn't I look further?No offense with the writing. Griffin writes good. But the start of this book; well.. it's confusing.The story doesn't make sense and I don't like the heroine. She's stupid. Even though she teaches criminal investigative techniques at a university. A fact that the writer keeps saying. Oh, she's so smart! bla bla bla.She's more like a stupid blonde who hears a weird sound and opens the door. Yeah, those kinds of heroines who dies early.Her aunt died under mysterious circumstances and of course she wants to investigate it. She inherited the house from her aunt. Even though there are many characters who tells her not to do it. You just know that she ain't gonna listen.So there is a hunk (big suprise) who wants to rent the apartment upstairs from her. And what does she do? She friggin' agrees. Does no background check to make sure he kan pay his rent. Doesn't know what he does for a living. He was referred to her by a local police officer and she doesn't bother to check of it's true. I mean seriously? She is supposed to be smart. Yeah, right.So there was a break in and she still hasn't checked the background and the references of the hunky tenant. Vinnie teaches criminal investigative techniques and she doesn't follow her own class outlines? Massive eye roll. Talk about unbelievable.Add the unprofessional behavior (and quite annoying by the way) of a state trooper (second hunk), more stupid actions of the heroine, the death of her aunty en you get a shitty story.The story doesn't make sense, annoying state trooper, stupid actions of the heroine even though she's supposed to be VERY smart but at least... the writer has good writing skills.

  • Cheryl Landmark
    2019-06-01 03:16

    I love cozy mysteries, but this one just did not do it for me.The biggest drawback was the overworked, tiresome love triangle involving two impossibly gorgeous, hunky guys who had the main character swooning and going weak in the knees like a love-struck teenager every time they looked at her. Just for once, could we not have ONE main male character who is not movie-star handsome with tight buns and smoldering bedroom eyes? Just an average guy with a great personality and maybe even a wart on his nose? Please, please?Another issue with this book was the main character herself, Vinnie. For a supposedly intelligent woman teaching criminal justice courses to law enforcement officers, she certainly did a lot of stupid, cringe-worthy things during her investigation into her aunt’s death and the mysterious gems that kept popping up everywhere. I guess it was a matter of “Don’t do as I do, do as I say”. I admired her determination to prove her beloved aunt’s innocence, but she went about her sleuthing in a thoughtless, dangerous way that often put her at unnecessary risk. And, her constant clumsiness made her seem a little silly and irritating.Although they were supposedly irresistibly hunky, I found Marcus and Aaron to be extremely patronizing and caveman-like. They exuded a strong aura of “Me big, strong man. Must protect weak, helpless woman.” Marcus acted in a very unprofessional manner for a state trooper. He seemed more intent on groping, kissing and bedding Vinnie than he did on solving the case.The book suffered from a lot of repetition as well. There were far too many references to smirking, the “Julia Roberts” smile, the two dummies, creeps, eating, drinking coffee, and worst of all, “Mr. Winky”! Ugh!I don’t believe I will be continuing on with this series. The main character and her two love interests just annoy me too much.

  • Debra
    2019-05-27 22:25

    Criminal justice instructor Lavinia (Vinnie) Esposito is still mourning the loss of her beloved Aunt Livvy, who died suddenly in her car on a winter night six months earlier. Livvy bequeathed the colonial home to Vinnie, who’s preparing to rent the upstairs apartment. The arrival of an unmarked package containing gemstones piques her curiosity. When her apartment is then tossed, a handsome stranger seems overly eager to rent the suite, and threatening phone calls begin, Vinnie’s curiosity turns to fear. Was Livvy mixed up in criminal activity? The appearance of sexy State Trooper Marcus Richmond adds another complication to Vinnie’s life.For Love of Livvy is the first in the Esposito series, and it’s a nice mix of humor, whodunit, and romance. Vinnie’s curiosity and stubbornness land her in plenty of trouble, but she has a couple of interesting friends to help her out. Vinnie’s Italian parents, although somewhat stereotypical, are a welcome addition to the mix.The problem with dominant character traits like curiosity and stubbornness, in this case, is that they can be overdone. Livvy has a truly annoying habit of heading into potential danger, despite being warned off by the authorities. Her reasons for justifying this rash behavior simply doesn’t work. It made her final excursion into danger so farfetched that credibility became stretched and her actions annoying. In mysteries, there can be plenty of opportunity for risk and danger without the protagonist charging into it, fully aware of her own dumb actions.

  • Annette
    2019-05-29 00:41

    Lavinia lives in her late aunt's home, drives her late aunt's car and starts getting her late aunt's threats.Vinnie teaches about crime at a college and believes she is capable of handling anything that comes along. And my main frustration with this book is the fact that Vinnie seems to be unable to understand the idea that death threats may mean danger.Jewels appear as a delivery, in an old trunk and there seems to be no reason for them to be in her aunt's home. There is someone who wants those jewels and they are willing to do just about anything to get them.As the plot progresses we meet a terrific state trooper and a hunky man who is a tenant. They appear to be love interest possibilities.Even though everyone worries about the threats Vinnie receives she puts herself in danger on a regular basis. That does not make sense to me. This woman is supposed to be intelligent.This is the first in a series. J M Griffin is a talented author who develops a good plot and creates interesting characters. But, I would have appreciated the story more if it were a little more realistic regarding Vinnie's attitudes. Being assertive is not the same as being silly. Being strong is not the same as being stupid. Those are qualities that are not appealing to me. But, I will find the next book in the series, and hope that those characteristics do not appear again.

  • Books Mom
    2019-06-15 22:42

    Having inherited her Aunt Livvy’s house and a gift shop, Vinny was determined to find out exactly what or who caused her aunt’s death. She was trying to get the house cleaned and organized when she found a package that someone had left on her doorstep. The story gets better each page. Who left the package? What was in it? Why did the police keep the package after she notified them of the strange delivery? She was determined to find out. Although she was told to stay out of it, she couldn’t. Even the handsome detective who was on the case couldn’t keep her from getting involved. I really enjoyed the back and forth between the two of them. And as the story progressed, I thought I had it all figured out. I was only partly right. There were a lot of twists and turns, and a lot of fun as she tried to keep out of the way of the police and tried to solve all the mysteries by herself. Although there were not too many things that were difficult to figure out, I really enjoyed following each and every step of the investigation. The romance was fun too, as there was an additional man who happened into the picture. I really like the heroine, her family and her friends. I smiled all through this book, even when I was a little afraid of the situation it was still humorous.This is a interesting and very enjoyable read. Not too complicated, but fun. If you are looking for a lighthearted mystery/romance, this book is for you.

  • Quentin Feduchin
    2019-05-25 20:34

    Firstly, I admire anyone who can write a book and get it published. However that doesn't make it perfect.This book fairly obviously tries to follow in the steps of the Stephany Plum series written by Janet Evanovich, and it's a fairly valiant effort. The problem is that that type of comedic writing is bloody difficult to pull off, and in trying to do so J.M.Griffin has developed a rather annoying and inconsistent character.Just as in the Steph Plum books, Livvy has two gorgeous guys around her; but at the same time Livvy herself is not meant to be anybody's fool considering she actually trains young cops in various anti-crim techniques.Having said that, Griffin makes her exceedingly, irritatingly accident prone and silly, and frankly unprofessional. God help the police force that relies on her training! On top of that she has the doting mum who cooks up a storm whenever she's around, and the food-loving friend, and Livvy herself eats and eats, and her new cop squeeze eats and eats, and the hunk upstairs eats and eats; well, you get the idea.If you like a book that tries to be a bit silly, that doesn't really have a story line, and in which the main character is relatively silly and unassertive, this is it.Seriously, don't be put off, it will soak up some hours and won't keep you awake; definite pluses.

  • Amy Rosenkoetter
    2019-05-24 21:16

    This was a fun and flirty romantic mystery, with likeable and rather engaging characters. I couldn't go above a 3 rating, though because the characterizations were rather trite and formulaic. The supposedly adult professor of criminology acted like an impetuous, lovestruck teenager. Sometimes petulant and obstinate, there was little maturity to her actions. Her deli-owning bff was similarly juvenile. The guys in the story were patronizing and demanding.And speaking of juvenile, if I have to see one more reference to, "Mr. Winky," I'm gonna scream. Really? THAT is an adult female's clever euphemism for her boyfriend's penis? Heaven help me, I thought I'd slipped into a Jim Carrey movie. And this oh-so-experienced "woman" giggled about it like a fifth grader seeing a boy's underpants in the bathroom for the first time. Spare me.Another mark against it was the often inelegant language. Objects - even lightweight ones - were heaved, hauled, and hucked. Methinks someone had too-easy access to Mr. Roget's work product. It was jarring.The final ending of the secondary mystery felt like it was stitched on at the last minute. While I'm glad it was resolved, it could have been handled much better.

  • Lynda
    2019-05-29 22:19

    University professor Lavinia Esposito, Vinnie to her family and friends, was a magnet for the unexpected. Gemstones, break-ins, intimidating threats and a mystery surrounding her Aunt Livvy’s death kept Vinnie’s life in turmoil. Add two handsome men, well-meaning parents and the unsettling habit of being caught unaware led to an adventure in love and friendship.“For the Love of Livvy” was a humourous mystery with vivid strong-willed characters and a steady pace kept the story moving along. Detailed behaviours, movements, passion and intensity portrayed the characters realistically and the element of clumsiness was endearing. Charming small town atmosphere was believable. A feeling of comfort surfaced throughout the story with the introduction of various foods, always available and in demand. “For the Love of Livvy” was unique in its attention to detail, personal and exacting. I enjoyed reading this light mystery, chuckled at times and it connected with me. My review was based on a free ebook.

  • Elaine Fisher
    2019-05-26 22:17

    This was a cute little romantic mystery about a young woman named Lavinnia Esposito which started with her living in her Aunt Livvey's old home two months after her aunt had died. She is a teacher of criminal justice classes, so when a brown-paper-wrapped-box is delivered for her Aunt Livvey, she immediately called the town cop (who is a family friend as she lived in a small neighborhood). He suggests she call the bomb squad. A State patrolman named Marcus came out with them who looks mighty fine to "Vinnie" It turns out that the package contains not a bomb, but instead, a velvet pouch of jewels! Vinnie starts refurbishing her aunts house, getting the upstairs apartment ready for renting. Strangely, an adorable man named Aaron shows up asking to rent it before it is even ready! Before she can get the apartment ready for him, someone trashes hers. Her friend, Lola, comes to keep her company and together they spin a frolicking tale of infatuation, playing at being amateur spies, cops and robbers, and read the book to see how it ends!

  • Jo-Ann Murphy
    2019-06-03 04:42

    This was a fun little mystery. The characters were good and I would like to read about them all again.They mystery was very straightforward with few surprises, which is nice for a change. Many authors throw in a lot of red herrings and extra info to muddle the mystery. This was pretty much the way you figured from the beginning before deciding it could not be that easy.There were a few things that were rather improbable. Our main character, Vinnie is suppose to be a criminology teacher who teaches police. Therefore, I would expect her to be a little more savvy both about people and police. She rents an apartment without so much as doing a background check or checking references. She does not suspect the identity of her tenant. She does not take more steps to secure her home.But those things were easily overlooked because the story kept moving along and it was a nice light read.

  • Erica Glass
    2019-06-18 03:23

    I'm not really sure where to start. I did not like this character at all. She teaches Criminal Justice college courses...yet does all the "wrong" things during her "investigation". And how did she even get that teaching job? I don't remember reading that she used to be a cop or anything. Can anyone just teach that? And the way she was with the two men irked me. And the attitude about short people...she talks about how Lola is short, but makes up for it by being pretty. Didn't know we short people had to "make up for it". And she has nothing but compliments for her mom and aunt Miffy, but she doesn't feel the same about her short aunt Jo. Nothing but negatives for her. (Is it obvious yet that I'm a short person?)I only kept ready to see why the aunt died. That turned out to be nothing exciting. I really did not care about the jewel stuff.