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Boots, spurs, and guns. . .oh, my! But this isn’t the Wild West. Will Rose give up her life and career in New York to meet the terms of her father’s will—even if it means trying to impress the irascible Bane Jacobs? Can Dina forget the trauma of her past to help a bull rider survive the trauma of the present? And as Tassie brings light into a dysfunctional family, will lovBoots, spurs, and guns. . .oh, my! But this isn’t the Wild West. Will Rose give up her life and career in New York to meet the terms of her father’s will—even if it means trying to impress the irascible Bane Jacobs? Can Dina forget the trauma of her past to help a bull rider survive the trauma of the present? And as Tassie brings light into a dysfunctional family, will love blossom and grow between the nanny and the detective? Three contemporary novels of romance and faith in one volume....

Title : Rodeo Hearts
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ISBN : 9781602607972
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Rodeo Hearts Reviews

  • Kristy
    2019-05-01 11:10

    For some reason I was in the mood to read about some cowboys! This book is 3 stories in one book, and I am FINALLY done reading it. (Thats not a good sign is it?) I should have been clued in on the kind of stories these were when I read the titles. The Bride Wore Boots, The Groom Wore Spurs and The Preacher Wore a Gun. I'll just make a few comments on each story.The Bride Wore BootsFirst of all, I never knew what Rose was thinking. She started out furious at him, but in a matter of minutes she was smiling and being cordial. I had no idea what was going on in her head. I realize that this was supposed to be full of suspense, but I found it annoying. Was I supposed to be falling in love with Bane or not?! I hated going back and forth question him and then loving him again. The Groom Wore SpursOf the three stories this was my favorite. I might even rate this one 3 stars. The thing that bugged me the most about it was that Will had to give up something he loved, in order for Dina to marry him. I realize she hated bull riding, blah blah blah, but I really thought she was being a brat about it. I especially hated the part where he mentioned getting married, and she said something like "The answer all depends on if you asking me." Then he actually does "officially" ask her and what does she do? She gives him an ultimatum! I felt like she was leading him on by asking him if he was really asking her. She made him actually ask her, just so she could tell him no. Ugh, that annoyed me. Especially since I fell in love with Will's character. The Preacher Wore a GunI couldn't wait to be done with this story. I thought the writing was corny and that they fell in love to quickly. Well, maybe not to quickly, but without warning. There was never a hint of feelings for one another other than mild flirtation until Mitch said he loved her! What the heck? Then within like a day, he asked Tassie to marry him!! One part that I REALLY hated was when Mitch's oldest daughter slapped Tassie, and then pushed her and spit in her face! Something should have been done about that. But what made me the most mad, was when Mitch said he KNEW she had done it!! If he knew she had done that he should have been up those stairs so fast that little brat wouldn't have had time to slam her door yet again. I couldn't believe Mitch let her get away with that kind of behavior.No favorite quotes. I thought a lot of the dialog was corny. At the end of this book, I was reading as fast as I could between, eye rolls, just so I could be done!Oh yeah, and I did not get my cowboy fix. Maybe the reason I liked the second one so well, is because Will was a bull rider! You can't get much more cowboy than that.

  • Marci
    2019-04-29 11:07

    Inspirational and good romance with good characters.

  • Toni Ana Carter
    2019-04-23 10:06

    I'm gonna just write a few words about each story. What I liked and what I thought could be better! 😌WARNING: There are sentences that may be spoilers. Please read at your own risk. 😀The Bride Wore Boots:Bane is quite the gentleman and he has so many talents. The dialogue that goes on between Bane and Rose is so cute and I like that he's always messing with her flower name.I think that Rose's father Charlie, was way too hard on her when it came to his will's stipulations... I think he should've been a little easier on her... but I don't know how. I just think it was crazy that she basically had to throw away her job in New York that she's worked so hard to obtain, to go live on the ranch for a year. I felt really sad for her.Bane should've just told Rose sooner about his personal life. That would've saved so much time and trouble. I mean, they were gonna spend A WHOLE YEAR together... Wouldn't it make sense to at least tell Rose a little about yourself?I feel like Bane in the end was acting a little dramatic the way he signed over all he owned to show Rose that he loved her. She already knows you love her, dude. Just give her some time. I'm pretty sure that she wouldn't need time and space to figure out if she wanted to marry you if you were just open and honest about things instead of shady and obscure.All of the things that happened to Rose (I guess I'll call them pranks), were so annoying. Every other page she getting scared by snakes, thrown off of horses or there were barns burning down. I just found it a little annoying and repetitive if I'm honest.The Groom Wore Spurs:I enjoyed this story because of all the adorable things that happened between Will and Dina. From the way she prayed for and took care of him at the hospital, to the way he called her "bootiful" while he was under sleeping medicine. Very cute.Something I didn't like about this story, is in the end when Dina is being a brat about Will wanting to continue to ride bulls. That's his job and he enjoys doing it. It's how he has earned money all these years. That's something he's done for a while and just because you don't like it, doesn't mean he has to stop. Although I thought she was a little overboard on that one, I'm glad they were able to compromise in the end. Will stops the bull riding and Dina lets him raise bulls for rodeo stock. (I still think she was being whiny about it though) ☺️Oh, there's one more thing... and you might agree with me on this one. In this story the author chose to write the word "grin" and "grinned" a whole lot. It really bothered me. "Will grinned at her." "She grinned up at him." One thing's for sure: These people do a lot of grinning. In complete seriousness, I found it to be very annoying. There are many other words that mean almost same thing. Such as, smile, smirk, beam, simper, and others. I don't care enough to waste my time counting all the times the author wrote "grin" or "grinned", but I do know that there where many. I found it very annoying to be honest. The Preacher Wore a Gun:This one was my least favorite story out of all three, and to be completely honest, there wasn't much I liked about it. Mitch has some huge problems with his children and he just puts it off on whoever is babysitting them. The babysitter here is named Tassie and how she fell in love with Mitch, I have no idea. He just said "I love you" one day and then, I don't know, she fell for him?Anyways, back to his brat children. Mitch has three kids and they all do horrible things. They yell, scream, slam doors, call people ugly names, and two of the kids even vandalized the kitchen. So, the dad needs a babysitter, Tassie just happens to be available around that time, Mitch hires her, the kids act horrible towards her but she stupidly decides to stay and help because she feels like it's her problem, and then somewhere near the end, Mitch just decides he "loves" Tassie and they get married. Woah. BIG surprise.My theory is, he doesn't really love Tassie, he just wanted a full-time babysitter that can work 24/7... Haha I'm just kidding but that's funny.So yeah, overall I didn't really like this one and it's kinda weird because you don't get to witness their love develop over some time it just magically happens in an instant.So if I'm being honest, I'm only rating this whole book two stars because I liked the first two stories. Wasn't it weird how the the first story took place in Kansas even though the book advertised as them all as being in Nebraska? Also how the last story wasn't in a western setting.Thanks for reading my review! If you enjoyed it, click the like button! ☺️

  • ஐ Briansgirl (Book Sale Queen)ஐ
    2019-05-15 14:25

    Contains 3 stories: The Bride Wore Boots, The Groom Wore Spurs and The Preacher Wore a Gun. Genre: Christian RomanceFor the moment, my biggest disappointment is that this is "Romancing America: Nebraska" book. Yet, the first story, The Bride Wore Boots takes place in Northwestern Kansas outside Rock City. That is NOT Nebraska!!! I peeked and the second and third stories do take place in Nebraska. However, I expected all 3 to be in Nebraska considering the title so I feel a bit ripped off. (I live in Nebraska and wanted to read books that took place in my home state. It's what I paid for when I purchased the book and one story doesn't deliver as advertised.)"The Bride Wore Boots" is a nice western christian romance. Although there are christian principles throughout the book in various places here or there, they don't dominate or overpower the story. In other words, not so much as to take over the story or push a reader away. 4*"The Groom Wore Spurs" is at least a rodeo story, considering the name of the anthology is "Rodeo Hearts". So far, this one has more christian religious principles written into it. Alot more. In fact, so much so that it's starting to get on my nerves slightly. How many times can you hear "You're my angel sent from God" before it gets old? However, the story of the trauma nurse helping the hurt rodeo cowboy is interesting, although a little unbelievable in that she's basically giving up her life temporarily to help a complete stranger. If the story didn't take place in Nebraska, I don't know if I'd like it as much. Since I live in Nebraska, it's been interesting reading a romance set here. I liked it but too much religion in it for me to be comfortable with it. No offense, but I don't need God to be mentioned on every other page of the story. 3*

  • Tamara Tilley
    2019-04-25 08:08

    RODEO HEARTS by Joyce Livingston is a three-in-one collection. From a woman who must returned to her childhood home to gain her inheritance, to a detective needing a nanny for his unruly kids, each story was loosely based on a fish out of water scenario. Stories one and two appealed to me because I am a cowgirl at heart and a sucker for anything with its setting being the west or on a ranch. But, I was surprised that the third story had nothing to do with the western theme the cover or title of the book betrayed. It definitely seemed out of place. I did feel at times these love stories galloped along at too fast of a pace. Of course, with each story only approximately 150 pages in length, I guess I understand the need to have the plot move quicker than your average novel. By the third story, I found the dialogue to be a bit stilted and melodramatic. The pet names the main characters volleyed back and forth got to be a bit too much for me. The repetitive my darling, my beloved, my love, my precious one, were overkill. And I had a hard time marrying the theatrical terms of endearment with that of a dedicated police detective. RODEO HEARTS made for quick reads. And since I was traveling when I read them, the lengths were a nice change from the 300+ page novels I usually read.

  • Amalthea
    2019-05-12 13:32

    Cute. I especially liked the last story about Tassie and Mitch. As someone who wants to work in social welfare it was good to see how Tassie continued to love the children even when they were difficult to love.

  • IrenesBookReviews
    2019-05-05 15:13

    These take place in modern day. Although they were easy to read and flowed well they weren't the best I have read.

  • Katharina
    2019-05-07 09:13

    3 in 1 collection. First 2 stories where pretty good but the 3rd was horrible compared to the other western setting...not sure what the author was thinking. Loved it though. :)