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A majestic wolf prowls the halls of power, protecting his pack of shape-shifters from those who would harm them.But a wolf is not meant to hunt alone. Nick Carter hides his wildness under expensive suits, but nothing can lessen the impact of what he is - alpha wolf. He leads his region's Sentinels, a duty he takes seriously. He is cautious, ready for anything - except Jet.A majestic wolf prowls the halls of power, protecting his pack of shape-shifters from those who would harm them.But a wolf is not meant to hunt alone. Nick Carter hides his wildness under expensive suits, but nothing can lessen the impact of what he is - alpha wolf. He leads his region's Sentinels, a duty he takes seriously. He is cautious, ready for anything - except Jet. The first time he sees the black-haired, golden-eyed beauty he recognizes a shape-shifter like himself - but like no Sentinel he has seen before. Jet has been trained by the Sentinels' dark counterparts for one mission: to take down Nick Carter. If she succeeds, her pack will be freed. If she fails. But the moment she meets the man with pale green eyes, she recognizes a kindred spirit, a male to match the wild nature of her soul. Together, they could be amazing.But if they do not betray each other, the people they are supposed to protect will die....

Title : Wolf Hunt
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ISBN : 9780373618279
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Wolf Hunt Reviews

  • Angela
    2019-04-25 23:27

    Aw yeah, now we're talkin'. Doranna Durgin's Sentinels series, in Books 1 and 2, was only mildly entertaining me--but with Book 3, I jumped up to actively enjoying it. This time around, we have the story featuring one of the characters only passingly mentioned in the first two books, Nick Carter, who leads the Sentinels of his part of the country. He's a wolf-shifter--and the Atrum Core want to take him down. They do it by sending in Jet, over whom they have a strong and urgent hold, and giving her orders to immobilize Nick with an amulet that will poison him.It's not much of a spoiler at all to say that Jet, unlike every other shifter character we've met so far, is not human--she is in fact a wolf forced into sentient human shape by Atrum Core magic. This comes out very quickly early on in the story, and it's a trope Durgin's done before with great effect in her fantasy trilogy about Dun Lady's Jess. I found her refreshingly blunt and straightforward, lacking a lot of baggage that someone who's been human from day one would have; in short, I totally bought her as a wolf forced into bipedal, thinking shape. Moreover, I also very much liked her chemistry with Nick, and how she immediately realizes that the Core have pulled a fast one on her, by trying to convince her that the amulet wouldn't "harm" Nick.Most of the story is therefore about the two of them having to deal with the aftermath of her initial, failed assault, and how they can turn this to their advantage to take down the Core. At the same time, there's a nifty little subplot involving traitors in the Sentinels' midst, one who's having deep second thoughts about what she's being asked to do, and one with no repentance whatsoever! I liked the repentant one, and seriously would expect her to be the next in line to have a story starring her, if Durgin does more.All in all this was good fun, and I do hope there will indeed be more on the way. Four stars.

  • Diane
    2019-04-26 20:32

    This one's my favorite of the series so farDoranna Durgin did it before with Dun Lady's Jess, but Jet is better. It's an interesting concept: an animal utterly changed into a human being, not just into human form, yet retaining certain instincts of her original being. Jet is clear-hearted, loyal, and utterly determined, once she realizes that neither Gausto's justifications for capturing Nick, nor his promises to free her pack, can be believed.The bond between Jet and Nick may be near-instant in its onset, even with their rocky start, but I like the way it's developedfulfilling both of them. Nick needed someone to make him a person, an individual, as well as a driven leader. (And Ms. Durgin incidentally shows another piece of her own loves, with his beagles.)Gausto's experiments and cruel control make me very glad to able to say that he does indeed meet a FINAL defeat this time, one he brings on himself. I actually read the mole Marlee's own novella (which follows) out of sequence, so I had an unusual perspective, watching exactly what she did and didn't do and when, and the way she gradually realized just how manipulated and deceived she'd been for years, believing herself just "keeping the balance". BTW, this isn't a spoiler: the very prologue is of her tampering. I have to say, though, seeing her being less-tentative in the end, among the wary but not completely furious "key players", that picture looks rosier than the way you'll find she's being treated by many in "Night of the Tiger" however understandable the angry blame may may be.

    2019-05-05 22:33

    Interesting heroine - bad guys captured a real wolf and figured out how to force it to take human appearance. She was supposed to be their secret weapon - not reasoning enough to figure out that she was being used - and was supposed to bring in the H. It rather backfired. She saw the H as her mate.Actually, there was no rather to it. Since she saw him as her mate, and she was more intelligent than they gave her credit, she figured out what was going on. See - the problem is, she never recognized the leader of the bad guys as alpha. Ooops. Soooo... this particular shifter was even more animal than usual, because she WAS a wolf. The H figured out pretty quickly what she was, and it never occurred to her to hide the how. Needless to say, he was v. ticked off at the bad guys for doing that to her.

  • LuAnn Charbonneau
    2019-05-20 23:43

    Now you have my interest. The first two books were okay in my opinion and kind of dragged you along with the story line. In this book, Doranna Durgin nailed it. Lots of fast paced action and the Herron a BIG surprise. Enjoyed it immensely! Hope the other books in this series are just as good.

  • Rhonda Mason
    2019-04-21 21:24

    Just couldn't get into it enough to finish it. I loved Jet, but I wanted more from Nick. He's alluded to in the other Sentinel books as being really powerful, but I just wasn't hooked into him in the book. I got about half-way through and put it down.

  • Tiffany Clare
    2019-05-09 00:41

    This book is a 4.5 for me... Goodreads, why don't you have half star ratings? It makes a HUGE difference. Doranna Durgin is new to me, can't wait for the next installment of her Sentinals to come in my nocturne mail.

  • Polly
    2019-04-22 19:46

    Great addition to the series. I really enjoyed getting to know Nick as more than the "leader"This book was so fast and well written. Our villain was just as hateful as in the previous books.Our Heroine was a surprise, very original!!! Loved this book!!!

  • Aparna
    2019-05-15 01:22

    total TP

  • Andrea
    2019-05-06 23:49

    I loved it and it will stay on my bookshelf to read again in the future!

  • Tasneem
    2019-05-05 01:27

    This was a fast-paced, action-packed read. The characters and the plot were interesting and it was good entertainment for an afternoon.

  • Caroline
    2019-05-06 23:45

    Not bad, light and fluffy.

  • Amanda Oscar
    2019-05-11 20:42

    Nick Carter is the man! so nice to see a wolf in civilian man's clothing :) to see someone find freedom in another is amazing, i'll always re-read this when i can!

  • Lynn Calvin
    2019-04-27 01:35

    Amazon preorder