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Every CHERUB agent comes from somewhere. Dante Scott still has nightmares about the death of his family, brutally murdered by a biker gang. Dante is given the chance to become a member of CHERUB, a trained professional with one essential advantage: adults never suspect that children are spying on them....

Title : Brigands M.C.
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ISBN : 9780340989036
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Brigands M.C. Reviews

  • Harel Feliciano
    2019-05-23 14:14

    1. I decided to read this book because I've been told it's the best book in the Cherub series.2. James is my favourite character in this book. You see a whole new side of him, the rebellious, delinquent side. He rides motorcycles and is a total badass in this book. Even though his role is to be a part of a motorcycle gang, he's still a trusted and reliable Cherub agent which really shows how much he's matured. 3. "She tried squatting in the hedge at the bottom of the road to take a piss and she fell into the drainage channel" was a quote I really liked because it shows some of the teenage humour incorporated within the book.4. The book made me think about how messed up a life would be if I were in a motorcycle gang. It made me feel both jealous and relieved to be in school and out of trouble.

  • Rita
    2019-05-24 13:10

    Acho que são as primeiras 5 estrelas que dou este ano! Esqueçam, adorei imenso , não estava à espera que um livro assim me deixasse tão entusiasmada e curiosa com o que poderia acontecer a seguir! Só tenho coisas boas a dizer sobre ele! Por isso e por outras razões vou fazer um vídeo especial no canal! Curiosos? Brevemente num canal perto de ti :P

  • Bryce Ramos-Dyer
    2019-05-20 17:52

    i choose to read this book because it had a cool photo on the front which made me want to read the back of the book after reading this it got me hooked and i kept reading it to the fits into "your own choice" on the bingo favorite character was James because he got to ride motorbikes and was good at fighting and bet up all the bad guys i didn't have any favorite quote from the book .the book made me think how cool it would be to have and ride my own motor bike.i found it sad how at the start the fuhrer killed all of dante scots family in front oh his eyes .and how he nerly got killed with his baby sister out in the feild behind his house by the fuhrer to .

  • Georgie
    2019-06-14 13:58

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Robert Mutchamore is the best, I have read 3 Cherub books in 24 hours, they r sooooooooooo good! :)

  • Kurt
    2019-06-10 17:04

    The category that this book fits into on the bingo board is a book with a male potagonist. THis book was recommended by my best friend.I decided to read it as I had read many of the other books that followed on to this one. Another reason why I started reading the Cherub series is bescause my best friend had read many of the books at the time, so he let me borrow one of them. As I read the blurp I found it quite interesting so I decided to read the first few pages and straight away I became fixated with reading Cherub books ever since.What I liked about the book was that the amount of action, dram and romance that made it in it's own way a fantasy. This book also drew you into it making you think, boy I can imagine myself right now being apart of all the vibe.What I didn't like about the book was that they had too many characters for you to remember making it hard to figure out where the came from.this sometimes this would make me get annoyed and I would have to go back through the book to find out about who they were.I would recommend this book to my sister as she enjoys reading books that fit into the category of action and drama.

  • Gill
    2019-05-28 14:58

    The penultimate book in the CHERUB series starts with a flashback as we see how Dante Scott became a young spy, joining the top-secret CHERUB organisation at the same time as Lauren Adams. The action then moves to the present day when Dante - along with Lauren and James - is sent on a mission that has the deepest personal meaning to him. But will he use it to seek revenge and put them all in jeopardy?I love these books. Muchamore has created a totally believable world and realistic characters that you just have to root for, despite their personal flaws.

  • Tasha
    2019-06-07 15:17

    Another great book in the CHERUB series!James Adams and his sister Lauren team up with new character Dante Scott to try to take down the leader of a motorbike gang, the Brigands. Dante's history with the gang makes him all the more determined for the mission to suceed.

  • Jess Lowis
    2019-06-05 13:20

    cherub is the best series ever

  • Shakhi
    2019-06-09 10:52

    I loved it!Probably the best in the WHOLE series :D

  • Eoin Mac Pháidín
    2019-06-06 15:19


  • Therese C
    2019-06-07 15:02

    3.5 stars. Not the best book in the CHERUB series, but I still liked it! A bit bloody in the beginning but exciting to follow the backstory of a new character.

  • Captainfalcon
    2019-06-11 12:09

    Robert Muchamore brings back another great book, Brigands M.C., this is the eleventh book in the series, and it only gets more exciting. Though the whole series has 12 books the suspense keeps raising to such a degree that it makes me want to continue reading from this author. This book brings in news protagonists, new antagonists, and a brand new setting. The book has the same amazing details as the previous books, describing everything in such vivid imagery. This book is set in Britain where a vicious Motorcycle Club has been terrorizing people for years, started up by power, money and drugs. The Cherub’s are trained for missions like these, controlling crowds, gangs, and drug lords. As they travel to different areas in Europe, they are all set for adventures. The detail put into the words make me see exactly where they are and what they are doing.New characters are brought into the book, such as Dante Scott. Dante has been in the Cherubs protection since the early age of 7. He was then trained and taught at the Cherub Campus until finally he is 17 years old. Dante was brought in due to the fact that the Brigands Motor Cycle Club murdered his family right in front of his eyes. The leader of the Brigands M.C. is seen as a bald man, with such description of his actual personality you begin to imagine what his voice sounds like, along with the actions. The theme begins with vengeance. Dante wants to do all he can for vengeance, but he goes too far out of line to get what he wants. He wants to show what it feels like, so he goes on to far and almost gets kicked out of the Cherub Campus. I believe this is the theme or lesson, which is to not seek vengeance. It could cost you too much, especially those that love you, and those you love.All in all, I recommend this book to anyone who has either read a previous Cherub book, or like the Alex Rider series. It shows lessons and it just gives your mind a way to explore and imagine. It is a great, fun, and easy read. It will also leave you to want more and more of this book.

  • Ricky
    2019-06-09 14:50

    CHERUB's penultimate adventure goes for And Now For Something (Not) Completely Different. It's a lot more grounded than the sort of teenage Bond-esque fare the series is known for, and it even incorporates a little bit of Kill Bill (and, even more so, The Professional) into its storyline, with the primary conflict being Dante's family getting killed off by the Brigands, and then, years later, his joining CHERUB and getting his revenge on a mission designed to infiltrate the same biker gang. And, let's face it, Dante's story is every bit as compelling as those of the Adams sibs, if not more so. If any character deserves his own spinoff series, he does.Also a real refreshment - the decreased presence of cherubs who aren't James or Lauren. With fewer relationship issues involved (I was getting pretty sick of the Cheating Cherubs trend I'd been noticing), the story did a considerably better job of holding my interest.It's just really sad that there's only one more adventure left for James...but that's okay, because I'm reasonably certain this one will remain my favorite anyway.

  • Gautam
    2019-06-17 11:59

    Have any of you read the Alex Rider series? If you have, or like action/adventure books, CHERUB by Robert Muchamore is the perfect series for you! The series (which has 15 books so far) is full of interesting characters, twisting plots, and dangerous adventures. Here with me, I have Brigands M.C., the 11th book.Brigands, as well as the entire series, is primarily focused on fictional child spies. In this book, you will meet Dante Scott, and CHERUB agent who seeks revenge for the massacre of his family. You will be gripped by the perilous adventures as he learns more and more about the murder. But there is more to the book than that. James Adams, the series' main character, has to go undercover in a biker gang to help Dante find the mass murderer - and possibly assassinate him. I really loved this book, because I enjoyed the Alex Rider series, and the CHERUB series is AMAZING! Remember, this is the 11th book, but I encourage all of you that haven't started reading the CHERUB series to start it ASAP! Any questions?

  • Ashley D--
    2019-06-03 17:55

    Usually I have a hard time with books in a series that go on and on with a new character before including the main character. This book goes nearly 100 pages without James, detailing the backstory of Dante, a CHERUB agent who's been away on a mission for the last three years. I got really into Dante's story, and the mission is full of twists and turns that, in classic CHERUB fashion, may or may not pay off in the end. Normally I would think it was cheap to add a character with a 100-page sob story in the beginning, then have a convenient mission come up when he gets back that just may resolve something in his past, but this series is a little too fast-paced for me to worry about that kind of plausibility. A new favourite in the series!Read my review of the series at

  • Ian
    2019-05-19 15:09

    Brigands M.C. is a book about a boy losing his family. His dad is the second in command in a biker gang, but has a disagreement with the man in charge, and he snaps and kills all of his family but Dante, the second youngest child, and his sister, the youngest. Dante then is taken in by a branch of British Secret Services that trains kids, known as Cherub. Dante gets to go on a mission with Cherub that takes him back to the town where his family was murdered, in an attempt to take him down. I think the author does a very good job of showing and not telling throughout the whole book. The author, Robert Muchamore, describes every seen in a perfect amount of detail, not telling too much, but not telling too little. I Think this is a very good book, and i would recommend it to anyone who wants to read a story filled with action and suspense.

  • Oscar
    2019-06-02 16:54

    Brigands M.C. the book: is the eleventh novel in the CHERUB series by Robert Muchamore. Brigands MC starts its tale in the time of 2003 were the large outlaw gang named the Brigands attack the house of Dante Scots home because his father would not accept the new plan layed out by the Brigands and the Brigands never accepted No for an answer and they had no need of him or his family so the leader of the brigands named the Führer starts the execution of his family.3 horrible years after this incident Dante Scott is the one of the last two remaing member of the Scott family. He is an agent in the CHERUB campus allow with many others and among them is his sister. he is sent on a mission that will bring back memories of his past that he never wanted to see again, his mission if he decides to do it is to infiltrate the brigands with 2 other agents name James Adams and Lauren Adams.

  • Josh well
    2019-05-23 14:13

    The Brigands MC is wrote by Robert Muchamore and is in the cherub serious of books. Brigands M.C is all about a motor bike club that is getting out of hand it is dealing drugs and weapons all his over the UK. This is why cherub is getting involved but will this mission be over when one of the agents involved family were killed by the Brigands M.C.My favourite character is Dante because he is brave and very clever. I think is this because his family was killed by the Brigands M.C.My favourite part was when a bomb went off inside a warehouse and then all of a sudden a fight started I found this exciting and adventures. I also had a another favourite part this was when James was at a motorbike festal and there was a war against another gang this was good and nail biting.Out of ten I would give it a eight because it is a very well put together story plot.

  • Rebecca
    2019-05-21 11:58

    I really enjoyed this particular book in the Cherub series.It introduced a new charachter Dante Scott and the book focused on him rather than James and Lauren Adams who up till now have been the main charachters in the series.The background to Dante's story was excellent and I thought it was very clever how they brought in his connections to the other Cherubs in the series that we have got to know including how he did his basic training at the same time as Lauren.What I also thought was a interesting turn was that unlike a lot of the stories at the end of the book there was no resolution to the mission as is the case in the other books and it left it open to be continued.This was up there as one of my favourite books of the series.

  • Nels Paulson
    2019-05-28 13:03

    Excellent series. Take the time frame that Harry Potter books write in (he ages from 12-18 over the series) and instead of a world of Fantasy make it a world of Spy craft. This Basically is children being James Bond or Jason Borne and based on each book everything seems fairly realistic. The one thing I appreciated over the entirety of the series is the fact that the characters actually grow and deal with puberty. It adds a layer that makes the series more teen appropriate than the Harry potter series, but seeing that the average read time was 8 hours or so/ 400 page book it is an easy and fun ride.James his sister and another cherub are after a biker gang smuggling weapons. Back story reveals more about his sister joining cherub as well as the death of the other agents family.

  • Abdul Hussein
    2019-06-06 17:14

    By far the best book i have read i have read this month or somwhere in the top's about a boy named Dante Scott whos whole family is killed by his fathers former friend over an argument.Dante escapes.He is then recruited by a British spy agency but the spies are...children.The reason they use children as suppose to adults is because no one will suspect a child is spying on them.Soon after he is recruited and trained he is sent on a mission to go undercover and infiltrate Brigands M.C the same gang his dad was part of and the same gang that killed his family.Dante Scott jumps at the chance to finally avenge his lost family members.I found Cherub-Brigands M.C by Robert Muchamore exciting,funand action-packed it will keep you inticed from cover to cover.By Abdul Hussein

  • Francis
    2019-05-25 18:19

    Very well written like the rest of the series. Describing the story of a teenage spy and his adventures in infiltrating a biker gang is very entertaining and captivating. With exciting key events like the questioning of his true identity, trying to escape the scene before the police arrive and collecting evidence and busting gang operations like drug rings and prostitution buildings was really action packed and entertaining. Robert MuchamoreBrigands M.C.

  • Aniket Parikh
    2019-06-11 10:57

    This book goes on my bingo as a book with a male main character.this book is about a boy who's family is in a motor bike gang. this illegal motor bike gang is a very dangerous group. The boy(Dante) is the son of a member in the gang. Dante is always getting in to fights in school and is getting in trouble. One day the leader of the group goes to Dante's house and kills his all of his family except Dante and his little sister. These two run away. read the book to find out more.I like the part when the leader of the group goes to Dante's house and the detail in that scene is just exquisite.i would recommend this book to teenagers who like Alex Rider books or even just action packed books.

  • Joshb
    2019-06-02 17:16

    Brigands M.C written by Robert Muchamore is the 11th book in a 12 book series called cherub. I enjoyed this book,but it was different to others in the series. In this book the story wasn't all based around the 2 normal main characters James and Lauren Addams,this book was based around a boy named Dante Scott whos name might sound unfamiliar but you have seen him earlier in the series. This book is mostly based around Dantes background in a motorcycle gang which his dad was involved in before his life was destroyed and he became a cherub agent. All though I enjoyed this book i did not enjoy it as much as the other books in the series.

  • Lisa
    2019-06-14 09:51

    When I first started this book all I wanted was to get to CHERUB campus, then when it did and started off with Lauren and Dante first time at CHERUB I thought it was going to be the whole book back in time so was going to stop reading it but decided just to continue reading it anyway and was so happy when it got back to the "now" I loved this book, I love all the CHERUB books. I sort of wanted Lauren and Dante to get together after the mission, but she seems to go back to Rat, which kinda sucks, I hope Dante gets someone else on campus, maybe Bethany(?) when she ends it with Andy, if she does. I really love James he's such a good character and I cannot wait for the next book:)

  • Jack Cramer
    2019-05-23 14:16

    Like all Cherub books in the past, this one is as exciting as ever. Still a cover-to-cover read and with the progression of James Adam's life in question this book was hard to put down. The only real let down to this novel was that of the ending. Being one myself, that buys books of the cherub series on release, for Robert Muchamore to leave the ending I was quite saddened. Ultimately the book progresses into the 12th and last book, but this unlike his books in the past made to have a second part. Having to wait a year for the second half of the story left me to lose interest in the series altogether.3.5/5

  • Levi Taylor
    2019-06-16 17:03

    In cherub Brigands MC we have a new recruit. Dante Scott's father had high authority in the gang Brigands MC until he and the rest of his family were murdered. Dante and his baby sister were the only to escape.After Dante is recruited and has completed basic training he is sent on a mission with James and Lauren Adams to infiltrate Brigands MC on an illegal weapons deal.I thought this was a good book because I like Robert Muchamore as an author. He rights what boys want to read. This book was recommended to me by my friends mother and i would reccomend it to anyone who enjoys reading.

  • Calvin Foun
    2019-05-29 09:58

    I love the Cherub series because of the very deep plot and funny and interesting characters. I like how in this book that it told about the structure and rivalries of biker gangs. It also like all of the actions scenes that give great detail of the all out brawls like the gang war at the biker event.

  • Lucas W
    2019-05-28 17:19

    Brigands M.C. is an quick book by Robert Muchamore that will keep you hooked. The plot is very interesting, with many twists, turns, and a sad ending. If you are looking for a fun but suspenseful book, This one is for you.

  • Tyler P
    2019-06-17 09:55

    This realistic fiction book is a great book for young adults and the story hooks you from the beginning. I recommend this book and for any future detectives this book is good for you. It's 406 pages so it's just right and not too long or short.