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«El año de mis noventa años quise regalarme una noche de amor con una adolescente virgen».Un viejo periodista decide festejar sus noventa años a lo grande, dándose un regalo que le hará sentir que todavía está vivo: una jovencita. En el prostíbulo de un pintoresco pueblo, ve a la jovencita de espaldas, completamente desnuda, y su vida cambia radicalmente. Ahora que la cono«El año de mis noventa años quise regalarme una noche de amor con una adolescente virgen».Un viejo periodista decide festejar sus noventa años a lo grande, dándose un regalo que le hará sentir que todavía está vivo: una jovencita. En el prostíbulo de un pintoresco pueblo, ve a la jovencita de espaldas, completamente desnuda, y su vida cambia radicalmente. Ahora que la conoce se encuentra a punto de morir, pero no por viejo, sino de amor.Así, Memoria de mis putas tristes cuenta la vida de este anciano solitario lleno de manías. Por él sabremos cómo en todas sus aventuras sexuales (que no fueron pocas) siempre dio a cambio algo de dinero, pero nunca imagino que de ese modo encontraría el verdadero amor.Esta nueva novela es una conmovedora reflexión que celebra las alegrías del enamoramiento y contempla las desventuras de la vejez, escrito en el estilo incomparable de Gabriel García Márquez....

Title : Memoria de mis putas tristes
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Memoria de mis putas tristes Reviews

  • Petra X
    2019-06-20 18:51

    To enjoy this book you have to enter the mind and world of this old, old man, living the last years of his life in poverty in the once-grand, decaying house of his youth. His career never rose above second-rate reporter, he never married and never even fell in love. His personal relationships with women were limited to the whores he paid for. A most unfulfilled life.But then, for a present for his 90th birthday, he gives himself a 14 year-old virgin, a would-be whore. Exhausted from menial labour and drugged-up with valerian by the brothel madame, she sleeps every night they spend together and for the first time in his life he falls in love. In love with the idea of his sleeping beauty.This is a poetic, sensual book that many reviewers, unable to see beyond their own ideas of fitness, have condemned as tawdry, a paean to pedophilia and just plain sick. But it isn't. It's the last flowering of a rose; touched by frost it should have died but instead is more glorious, more beautiful because it is so unseasonal, a real surprise. What it says about the nature of men's love for young beauty is age-old: look good, be quiet and demure, and let him be the dominant one, is taken to an extreme here. It worked for Snow White, it worked for the Sleeping Beauty and it works for Delgadina too.Love changes everything. Despite his 90 years, the old, old man walks with a spring in his step, his head held high and smiling to the world. He has an epiphany, 'sex is the consolation one has for not finding enough love' and writes about love in his weekly columns in the local newspaper. This brings him the fame, respect and friendship he had craved all his life. In his 91st year, at last, he has found fulfillment.Ultimately, Gabriel Garcia Marquez says through this book: Never Give Up.Read May 1, 2009Update I've been reading other reviews and it seems that people think this book is about paedophilia, some Lolita book. Nothing could be further from the truth. The whores and loveless sex without dreams or commitment didn't bring the old man happiness. Now, not having sex but just sitting beside a sleeping girl and dreaming and falling in love with the dream, has brought about a sea change. Pure love and romantic daydreams have made him happy and this happiness has seeped into every aspect of his lire, until, despite his years he walks with a spring in his step and a smile on his face and this happiness makes him a hero to all who see him. This is a brilliant book. It is the last book, the final jewel inset into the crown that is the literature of GGM. Do not hold back because of what you've heard. Do not misinterpret and see what isn't there. This book is the musings of a life without much happiness, not sex, and the girl is no more molested than was Snow White resting in her glass case with only her beauty on show.I wrote this update purely because both on GR and in my shop people "have heard" about this book and so don't think they want to read it. December 4th, 2016

  • Kelly
    2019-07-15 14:08

    This is it everyone- The most depressing book I have read. Ever. Yes. This book. Not the ones about the holocaust, brutal wars, awful diseases... this book. About an old man who has only ever slept with whores. I don't know why it got to me like it did, but I would read a few pages and feel physically sick to my stomach. It's not the subject matter (it's interesting), it's not the writing (he's Marquez)... it's just this sense of awfulness. This awful awful life he's lead, and what he has never known. What his little, vulgar life consists of.Maybe Marquez is just too on his game here. He's just too good at creating this sense of emptiness, and this wasteland of a life. That isn't really all /that/ tragic. It's just so unutterably sad, I can't describe it. I don't know what to rate it. I never finished it. And I haven't been brave enough to pick it up again since.

  • Amanda
    2019-07-01 15:11

    On a certain level, I truly enjoyed "Memories of My Melancholy Whores". I am always ready to be swept up in the simple whimsy of G.G.M's language, and the sweeping romance and dramatic emotion of his work always appeals to me. But on another very real level I found this book disturbing and sexist.The book's theme is strikingly reminiscent of "Talk to Her", a recent Almodovar film. Both deal with men who build flowery romantic/erotic relationships in their minds with a completely passive sleeping woman. In the film, the man in question is a nurse in a hospital caring for an accomplished ballerina who is in a coma. In "Melancholy Whores", the "lover" is a man who has just turned ninety and falls in love with a 14 year old prostitute who he visits every night while she sleeps deeply (possibly drugged). If you choose to put aside the creepy elements and focus on the romantic sentiment and poetic pedestal that Delgadina (the name the old man invents for his nameless "whore") is placed atop, the book is a very beautiful reflection on the need for love and the degradations of aging. If you can't put is aside, this is a story of a strange pedophilic attachment that certainly should not be romanticized. Both the Almodovar film and this book romanticize and rhapsodize about the perfectly passive woman-- a woman as little more than an object-- and construct fantasy relationships with someone who never speaks, or even opens her eyes. I once saw an issue of Hustler that had this photo of "The Ideal Woman". She had Jack Daniels coming out of one nipple, and milk out of the other. Guacamole issued from her nether regions and stuffed in her mouth was a tampon. The caption explained that since this woman menstruated from her mouth she was completely silent for about a week every month. This is, of course, disgustingly crude, but take away the frills of magical realism and I feel like "Memories of My Melancholy Whores" is not that different.There are definite high points. The protagonist's reflections on aging were sharp and funny. The epic nature of the love described in the text whips you away on a Sleeping Beauty/Beauty and the Beast fairy-tale romance that evokes true punch-in-the-stomach emotion. But in the end, this "princess" is a pre-pubescent prostitute who slaves away sewing on buttons all day to take care of her family and spends her nights fondled and admired by an aged delusional "beast", who will never take her away from reality in princely fashion. In the end, for me anyway, the ick factor breaks the spell.

  • StevenGodin
    2019-06-25 18:15

    2.5/5After getting the cringing fingernails down a chalkboard type feeling of a ninety-year-old man with a boner eradicated from my mind, I thought to myself "right, now that's out the way, this IS García Márquez we are talking about here, I am in safe hands, don't worry, this will turn out to be a decent read". Or at least that's what I'd hoped. This novella is narrated by an aging connoisseur of girls for hire. After spending a lifetime getting it on with prostitutes (514 of them to be precise, before losing count) the unnamed journalist fancies a nice young virgin for his 90th birthday. On the first of many occasions, he enters a room to discover the chosen girl of 14, naked and asleep. Over time he obsesses about her; writes columns that drive his readers into a frenzy; kisses her everywhere and reads to her as she sleeps. But never consummates the relationship sexually or sees her awake. The whole scenario of such an elderly man wanted to bed someone so young just put me off, but this wasn't the biggest of it's problems. Simply put, I found it dull and lazy. The narrator's wit and charm were not enough to counterbalance the monotony of his aimlessness, and sadly as a result, I never at any moment felt anything for anyone involved. It could have worked out better if I tried to look at things from the perspective of the protagonist, but I chose not to. I didn't want to be in his mind, his pants, or in his bed.Frustratingly though, there were flashes of Márquez's brilliance, but this was reduced to the occasional passage of writing here and there, even the striking insights into the euphoria that is the flip side to the fear of death, couldn't save it from the grave. No wonder the whores were melancholic, they were probably also fed up, I don't blame them. Was expecting so much more, this felt like Gabriel's bad day at the office, but I guess we do all have them.

  • Agir(آگِر)
    2019-06-26 13:04

    پیرمردی که می خواهد جشن نود سالگی اش را با شکوه برگزار کند تا طعم تلخ تنهایی را فراموش کنداو گوشی را بر میدارد و زنگ می زند. زن پشت تلفن، پیرمرد را بیاد می آورد و پیرمرد آنچه را میخواسته، به او میگوید همه چیز خوب پیش می رود و پیرمرد گوشی را میگذارد.قرار است برای شب تولدش، با دختری 14 ساله و باکره همخوابگی کند ولی این هوس با هوس های دیگر سال های جوانی و میانسالی اش فرق دارد و این بار عشق است که هوس را به زانو در می آوردزندگی هدیه تولد غیر منتظره ای برای پیرمرد دارد درک زیبایی زندگی ، آنهم زمانی که فرصت زیادی نماندهاین بار از روی عادت، ریشش را هر صبح اصلاح نمی کندبلکه برای دخترک استو همه کارهایش برای این زیباروستنوشته هایش در ستونی از روزنامه بوی عشق می گیرد و طرفدار پیدا میکنداین رمان منو یاد جمله هایی از وصیت نامه مارکز انداختبه همه ثابت می کردم که انسان ها به دلیل پیر شدن نیست که دیگر عاشق نمی شوندبلکه زمانی پیر می شوند که دیگر عاشق نمی شوند....مارکز گفته بود که آرزو داشت نویسنده کتاب" خانه زیبارویان خفته" باشد و شاید این کتاب را به تقلید از فضای آن نوشتهپیرمردی در برابر دختران جوانالبته کمی متفاوتتر.......امروز که نگاهی به کتاب انداختمقبل از شروع این را نوشتهزن مهمانخانه دار به اگوچی پیر هشدار داد: هیچ کار زشتی نباید بکنی.مبادا انگشت توی دهن زن خوابیده یا یک کار دیگه ای شبیه بکنییاسوناری کاواباتا،خانه مهرویان خفتهپس مارکز این کتاب را بخاطر عشقش به کتاب خانه زیبارویان خفته نوشته

  • Glenn Sumi
    2019-07-07 14:12

    A Latin-American "Lolita" Lite or: Don't Let The Title Scare You (This Isn't A Dirty Old Man Book)It’s been years since I've read anything by Gabriel García Márquez, and so this little book, while not as grand, sweeping or substantial as the works that earned him the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1982, came as a lovely, gentle surprise.Reading it felt like catching up with a grizzled old friend who can tell a mean story. García Márquez’s seductive writing has a perfumed air of nostalgia and romance about it. Once sniffed, it's impossible to tear yourself away.Take the book’s remarkable opening line:“The year I turned ninety, I wanted to give myself the gift of a night of wild love with an adolescent virgin.” The unnamed narrator isn’t as lecherous as he sounds. He’s “ugly, shy, and anachronistic,” a journalist who used to rewrite wire copy and now supplements his income by teaching Spanish lessons and penning a newspaper column. He never married (although he was once engaged), and doesn’t have any children. And, until now, he’s never been in love.Yes, this is a story about a man who’s gone nearly a century without finding love. And now, old, wrinkled, his joints (and other things) creaky, he falls. With passion. And frustration. And jealousy. But absolutely no regrets.The object of his love isn’t all that important in the book. She’s kept intentionally vague, often seen sleeping (she works at a factory sewing on buttons), her tired back usually turned to the narrator. We're not even told her real name, although the narrator calls her “Delgadina,” after the lyrics of a favourite song.The fact is, the burst of energy the man gets from his (rather chaste) relationship with Delgadina suddenly gives his life meaning and purpose. His columns, many of them now about love, become famous in town; radio hosts read them to thousands of listeners. He gets the nickname “the maestro of love.” People recognize him on the streets. García Márquez's powers of description are as strong as ever. The pacing is impeccable. Several characters – from the brothel madame, Rosa Cabarcas, to the narrator's hard-working, tireless maid – snap to life in a few sharp sentences and lines of dialogue. As a 90th birthday present, the old man is given an old cat, who pads his way through a few scenes without becoming too obvious a symbol. In one heartbreaking episode the narrator hooks up with an old sexual partner and instead of getting physical, they talk honestly about their lives and their age, which feels even more intimate than sex.There's not one wasted word. García Márquez has distilled his art to its very essence. One caveat: If you're too young, you may not get as much out of this. You need to have chalked up some regrets. It's one of those "the unexamined life is not worth living" books.Prepare to think about your own history of love. To be nostalgic for a time and place you never even knew. To laugh and weep over the surprises, joys and melancholic moments of a long, fully inhabited life.

  • ميقات الراجحي
    2019-07-14 18:07

    كنت أقول دومًا أن ثمة أعمال يحصل بينها وبين أعمال أخرى تلاقي / تقارب من الأفكار لا أتحدث عن السطو والسرقة - رغم وجود هذا الشيء - بل أتحدث عن تناغم بين كتابين بطريقة خفية، أو بواسطة إلهام من كتاب سابق يناقش الكتاب الذي بين يديك مثلًًا، وعندما كتبياسوناري كواباتا / Yasunari Kawabata روايته / : والتي وصلتنا بترجمتها (الجميلات النائمات / ) وهى رواية غريبة الموضوع وأعتقد الغرابة تكمن عندي من إختلاف الثقافات ليس أكثر. أقول عند تأليفها "تمنى ماركيز لو أنه كتبها". لهذا لا أعلم أجد فكرة الجميلة النائمة على سرير من حرير ويبقى بجانبها ذلك الرجل الطاعن في السن يرقبها طوال الوقت وفي أكثر من تجربة أجدها مقاربة كبيرة بين العمل الأول وعمل ماركيز (ذكريات عاهراتي الحزينة). أعجبني العمل الأول الياباني لياسوناري أكثر من عمل ماركيز. رغم ابداع ماركيز كعادته في تولية التفاصيل الصغيرة شأن دون الإغراق في الوصف. ماركيز يرتبط بعاهراته أو بمن عرفهم في إطار علاقاته في ذاخل ذاكرته لهذه يسهل عليه دومًا إعادة تذكرهم في وحدته التي يخبرنا عنها كثيرًا، ويحاول إعطاء قيمة الحياة والتقديس للمرأة في هذا العمل..بينما جميلات ياسوناري مكانتهم عنده أعمق وأجل وهو لا يفكر حتى في إخراجهم من محيطهم المكاني؛ بل حتى المساس بهن شيء منافي للذوق كما تخبرنا بذلك سيدة الخان "إيجوشي" التي ستجد لها مصطلج في الثقافة العربية يحمل اسم (قوادة) وهو ذا دلالة منافية للمشروع. حالتي الرفض في العربية والغربية هو عدم المساس. وقفت كثيرًا وأنا اتأمل الرفض وحرقة الرغبة في اللمس. كلا العملين يخيفان أي قارئ وقارئة من العمر، وكلاهما جميل وفاتن.

  • Ahmad Sharabiani
    2019-06-24 18:20

    Memoria de mis putas tristes = Memories of My Melancholy Whores, Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez Memories of My Melancholy Whores (Spanish: Memoria de mis putas tristes) is a novella by Gabriel García Márquez. The book was originally published in Spanish in 2004, with an English translation by Edith Grossman published in October 2005.An old journalist, who has just celebrated his 90th birthday, seeks sex with a young prostitute, who is selling her virginity to help her family. Instead of sex, he discovers love for the first time in his life.عنوانها: خاطره دلبرکان غمگین من ؛ خاطرات روسپيان سودازده‌ من ؛ نویسنده: گابریل گارسیا مارکز؛ تارخ نخستین خوانش: سال 2007 میلادیعنوان: خاطره دلبرکان غمگین من ؛ نویسنده: گابریل گارسیا مارکز؛ مترجم: کاوه میرعبّاسی ؛ تهران، نیلوفر، 1386؛ در 124 ص؛ شابک: 9644482522؛ موضوع: داستانهای نویسندگان کلمبیائی - قرن 20 معنوان: خاطرات روسپيان سودازده‌ من ؛ نویسنده: گابریل گارسیا مارکز؛ مترجم: اميرحسين فطانت؛ محمد امامی؛ تهران، آهنگ دیگر؛ 1383؛ در 128 ص؛ شابک: 9648433127؛ روزنامه نگاری که همه عمر را بی زن و فرزند و در تنهایی گذرانده، در نود سالگی بار دیگر عشق را تجربه میکند و دلدادگی پیرانه سر زندگیش را دگرگون میکند، تلخ ترین عذابها را تاب میآورد تا به عشق ناب و پاک برسد. انتخاب جملات از پشت جلد کتاب. ا. شربیانی

  • Ninoska Goris
    2019-07-19 19:09

    Español - EnglishEste señor sin nombre nunca se ha enamorado, pero sí ha tenido mucho sexo casual, casi siempre con prostitutas. Mantiene una larga relación de negocios con la dueña del prostíbulo que frecuenta. Es por esto que en la víspera de sus noventa años la llama y le solicita algo inusual: quiere celebrar su cumpleaños con una jovencita que sea virgen. Nunca se ha casado ni ha hecho grandes cambios en su vida: vive en la casa de su familia donde se crió y tiene su trabajo de publicar una columna en el periódico dominical desde hace décadas. Debido a la escasez de dinero su vida es cada vez más precaria. Ha vendido casi todo lo vendible de su otrora buena bonanza familiar y termina sus días siendo realmente pobre. Cuando conoce a su joven virgen ella está dormida y así es siempre porque la drogan un poco para que le sea más fácil perder la virginidad. En algún momento ella entre sueños le responde algo y él se da cuenta que la prefiere dormida. El se enamora de la joven que él llama Delgadina, pero de la que nunca conoce su nombre. Y este amor platónico lo hace hacer cosas que nunca ha hecho o se ha resistido hacer, cómo cambiar los temas que trata en sus publicaciones y en unos meses que se dejan de ver, desesperado la busca en bicicleta en todos los sitios donde cree poder encontrarla.Sinceramente creo esta novela solo fue publicada porque la escribió Gabriel García Márquez.✨✨✨This man without name has never fallen in love, but he has had a lot of casual sex, almost always with prostitutes. He maintains a long business relationship with the owner of the brothel he frequents. That is why on the eve of his ninety years he calls her and asks for something unusual: he wants to celebrate his birthday with a young virgin.He has never married or made any big changes in his life: he lives in his family's home where he grew up and has his job as a writer of a column in the Sunday newspaper for decades. Due to the shortage of money his life is becoming more precarious. He has sold almost everything marketable of his once good family bonanza and ends his days being really poor.When he meets his young virgin she is asleep and is always like that because the brothel's owner drug her a little to make it easier for her to lose her virginity. At some point she between dreams responds something and he realizes that he prefers her sleeping. He falls in love with the girl he calls Delgadina, but he never knows her name. And this platonic love makes him do things that he has never done or has resisted doing, like change the themes in his publications and in a few months that he is not seeing her, desperate he would ride a bike and look for her in all the places where he thinks he can find her. I sincerely believe this novella was only published because it was written by Gabriel García Márquez.

  • Lynda
    2019-06-22 15:54

    "The year I turned ninety, I wanted to give myself the gift of a night of wild love with an adolescent virgin. I'm ugly, shy and anachronistic. But by dint of not wanting to be those things I have pretended to be just the opposite. Until today, when I have resolved to tell of my own free will just what I'm like, if only to ease my conscience. The beginning of a new life at an age when most mortals have already died."There is no subject in our society that is associated with more myths and misinformation than that of sexual intimacy and the elderly. This subject is often considered taboo and is relegated to derogatory humour. Some examples of the myths include:- impotence is a natural consequence of ageing.- sexual activity can be dangerous for the elderly.- the sex drive or libido diminishes with advancing years for both men and women.Sometimes, in the end, it is impossible not to become what others believe you are."Sex at 90 is like trying to shoot pool with a rope"-- George BurnsThe media usually portrays the elderly as nonsexual beings who have traded in physical prowess for greater mental clarity and wisdom. Recent research shows that as we get older, our senses of taste, smell, and sight diminish, and our capacity for strenuous activities and exertion decline. Naturally, our sexual sensations and the ability to perform sexually will modestly decline. But decline is not the end, right?"Human sexual response may be slowed by the aging process, but it is certainly not terminated." Whew! Am I glad to hear that!Memories of My Melancholy Whores is a tale about romance in old age, enticingly sensual yet often tragic and sad. It is about an unnamed second-rate reporter who on the eve of his 90th birthday decides to give himself "a night of mad love with a virgin adolescent". As much as that statement may hit some in the face, and potentially raise questions about why you decided to read this book, one is soon drawn in to the lonely and disconnected life of this old man.On his 90th birthday, the old man awakes, as always, at 5am in the morning:"My symptoms at dawn were perfect for not feeling happy: my bones had been aching since the small hours, my asshole burned, and thunder threatened a storm after three months of drought."He settles down to write the day's column for the local newspaper and decides that the subject should indeed be his 90th birthday. He starts to think about his life and what it means to be old. "The truth is that the first changes are so slow they pass almost unnoticed, and you go on seeing yourself as you always were, from the inside, but others observe you from the outside."Old AgeThe old man has never fallen in love. He was close to marrying once, but it was a loveless union that he could not commit to. He had never gone to bed with a woman he didn't pay and the few who weren't in the profession, he persuaded to take money. At 20 he began to keep a record of his liaisons, listing name, age, place, and a brief notation on the circumstances and style of lovemaking. By the time he was 50 there were 514 women with whom he had been with, at least once."I stopped making the list when my body no longer allowed me to have so many and I could keep track of them without paper."He had the tool of a galley slave and he slept in the red-light district two or three times a week. His claim to fame is that he'd been with such a variety of companions that he was twice crowned client of the year! *rolling my eyes*While thinking back over his life, he is overcome by irresistible excitement and he calls Rosa Camarcas, the madam of the local whorehouse. She informs him that she knows precisely his desires and requests that he visit the whorehouse later that evening.Freshly washed, dressed and pressed, he visits the whorehouse and is presented with a 14 year old adolescent. She is a seamstress who desperately needs additional funds to support her impoverished family. She is so anxious by events that Rosa has to give the girl a mixture of bromide and valerian to drink, so that by the time the old man sees her, she is asleep in the enormous bed for hire."I sat down to contemplate her from the edge of the bed, my five senses under a spell. A warm current travelled up my veins, and my slow, retired animal woke from its long sleep."But strangely, nothing happens."This was something new for me. I was ignorant of the arts of seduction and had always chosen my brides for a night at random, more for their price than their charms, and we made love without love, half-dressed most of the time and always in the dark so we could imagine ourselves as better than we were. That night I discovered the improbable pleasure of contemplating the body of a sleeping woman without the urgencies of desire or the obstacles of modesty."For a period of time the old man and the young girl meet. He calls her Delgadina, a girl in a song, and he brings her small gifts. Each time they meet they sleep side by side, with him mostly looking at and smelling her. Occasionally he kisses and caresses her tired young body as she snoozes. She doesn't speak with him; their intimacy is silent, tranquil.The old man soon falls madly in love, that first time, intense, giddy kind of love. He simply becomes another man and his eyes and soul are opened to the invincible power of unrequited love. It drives him crazy and he pours his feelings out in his local column. Soon his readers are living this life with him, many conversant with the feeling of being completely, hopelessly, desperately in love with someone, all the while knowing that their feelings will never reach them. It's like drowning but you just won't fucking die.He begins to realise that all of his previous years with prostitutes have been wasted years."Sex is the consolation you have when you can't have love."This is a sparsely written yet beautiful novel, told touchingly from a first person perspective, by a man who has lived his life in isolation and lacks human affection. When he finally finds a connection at 90, which most of us are lucky to experience in youth, the reader is left with no choice but to acknowledge the possibility that truth and beauty may be found in the strangest of places and times.The power of love is limitless and does not fit neatly into a box. It transforms people regardless of the conditions under which it comes into existence.One thing this book did make me think about was where I'd be, who I'd be with, and the type of person I would be at 90. I love life and live it to the full and I want to stick around on this earth for as long as I possibly can. I want to be just like Betty White...out there, living life, brain intact, and a wit as quick as ever.Betty White clipsThe secret to successful aging is never retiring from life, always having a mission or a reason for living. And hey, if I can still enjoy the sexual pleasures of life at that age, then bring it on! :-). Be sure to enjoy each day GR friends by staying active doing what you love to do. And, you may just live long enough to find out that many things will naturally take care of themselves.4*/5

  • Salma
    2019-07-04 17:56

    قرأتها قبل سنواتو لم يخطر لي أن أضيفها لقائمة كتبيربما لأني لم أكن أعتبرها شيئا على الإطلاق حتى أذكرهحتى فتحت بالصدفة صفحة الرواية و ذهلت من الحديث عنها، بل من أني قد كنت قرأتها فعلا و كل هذه الأمور الساحرة و الجميلة التي يتحدثون عنها لم أشعر بها... أذكر كل ما شعرت منها هو أنها أذتني...0القالب الذي وضعت فيه مؤذ... الفكرة مؤذية... رؤيا المؤلف للحياة بحد ذاتها جعلتني أكره الحياة و أود لو أخرج من جلدي و لو صدقت هذه الرؤيا لأصبت بالنقمة على البشرية...0لم أعد أذكر التفاصيل تماما، و لكنها عن رجل تسعيني أمضى حياة أنانية و دنجوانية خاوية... ثم عن محاولاته التعلق بالحياة في عيد ميلاده التسعين... عبر تلك الفكرة المريضة بأن يقضي ليلة مع عذارء مراهقة... ثم لينتهي بتأملها نائمة طوال الوقت و تداعيات أفكاره عن الحياة و الحب... تداعيات مسن لم تجعلني أشعر بشيء تجاهه سوى بالكراهية...0أذكر أن الرواية جعلتني أشعر بالسوء، و بذلك الشعور الذي يأبى إلا أن يتكرر في كل مرة...أشعر بأني أكون محلقة و خفيفة ثم تأتي أمثالها فترميني بحجر و تسقطني على أم رأسي معيدة إياي إلى الأرض و مثقلة إياي بحيث أني لا أعود أستطيع المشي قدما و لا حتى التنفس و هي ترزح فوق صدري، لو أني بقيت عالقة طويلا فيها، لو أني آمنت بها، لو أني عشت داخلها... و أحسبني سرعان ما سأموت لو أني كنت أنظر للحياة هكذا...0هذه النظرة للحب، للجسد، للعلاقات البشرية، لطريقة تفكير الرجال و النساء ببعضهم، للتقدم في السن، للجمال، هي ما يؤذي... يقال أنها الواقع، و أن هذه الحياة... و أن هذا الجمال و الحب و كأن هذه مسلمة! لكن ليس صحيحا، من قال أن هذا الواقع... هذا الواقع حسب رؤيا فلان من الناس و ليس حسب ما يراه غيره أو حتى حسب الوجود الخارجي... هذا ما يجري في دماغه هو... و هو ليس إلا فردا في الحياة، و ليس المشكل لها... لحسن الحظ...0ربما أكون غريبة الأطوار قليلا... و لكني أستطيع رؤية أن ليس هذا هو الواقع و لا هذه هي الحياة فقط... و هناك أفق أخرى... و هناك أبعاد أخرى... و هناك تداعيات أفكار أخرى... و هناك حب آخر... و هناك قيم أرقى... و هناك طريقة رؤية للحياة أخرى بكل معانيها هي أحلى و أسمى... و هناك قصص أخرى تستحق أن تروى من ما يسمونه الواقع... إنما هذا الواقع بحسب ماركيز... و هو واقع كريه و منفر...0و يا له من بون شاسع... بين رؤيا هرمان هسه عن التقدم في السن و بين ماركيز... كالفرق بين التحليق في السماء بخفة و بين الخوض في مستنقع...0لم أكن أرغب بالحديث عن الرواية، فأنا لست أذكر تفاصيل بقدر ما أذكر مشاعر سيئة و سلبية... و لكن بت أجد من الأفضل أن يضع من له رأي مختلف حول عمل شبه مجمع عليه رأيه، حتى لا يحس بالوحشة شخص آخر يقرأ العمل و لا يشعر بكل هذه الأمور التي يتحدث عنها الآخرون... فيبدأ بالشك في نفسه...0

  • Hilda
    2019-07-07 15:04

    I really didn't like this story. The writing as always was wonderful - the descriptions, the language, the character development - all excellent. The story however was extremely disturbing and sad. Chapter 1 in particular, when the narrator describes how upon turning 90 he decided he wanted to have sex with a young virgin was appalling. Then the local madam finds a 14 year old, poor, illiterate girl for him. He goes to see her and finds her asleep because she had been so afraid she had to be sedated. Although he doesn't have sex with her because she's asleep, he describes her naked body in detail - describing her pre-pubescent breasts, etc. It was disgusting and disturbing.This book wasn't written in a time when this was even discreetly acceptable, it was written in 2004 when it is considered by most societies, certainly Garcia-Marquez's society as taboo. He did it to shock and titillate - well all it did was disgust me. He's a brilliant writer, he doesn't need these gimmicks.

  • Robert
    2019-06-27 15:06

    The review I wrote for amazon.A curious and lovely bookIn the US, we understand sexy but we struggle with the erotic. We read the body like we read the newspaper, by habit; with a glance. Our real failure in love is our failure to take our time. It's not in our nature to wait, to sample, to savor. We rush into love as if we were late to an appointment. Gabriel Garcia Marquez in his MEMORIES OF MY MELANCHOLY WHORES doesn't rush. The book is a seduction and moves at that quiet lazy confident pace. The protagonist turns 90 and, mindful of his mortality, wants what he's never had: "A night of wild love with an adolescent virgin." Of course, desire is a dream and dreams are an attempt to remember. And, what do we want to remember, everything, everyone we've ever loved. Memory, though, is an admission of loss. Desire is our strategy to reclaim what was lost. Of course, memory is a trickster...and that's part of the joy of this book, as the "Professor," defies death less through contact with flesh, than though memory and desire. In this book as in life, it is the approach, it is anticipation, that sets us on fire.

  • Ian
    2019-06-21 18:54

    ImmortifiedI’ve wondered for a long time how to talk to you about this. How to explain myself, if such a thing is necessary or possible. Should I even bother? Would you understand? Will you be able to see things from my point of view? Could you find it in your heart to forgive me?Ironically, perhaps, if you believe in God, the Holy Spirit, then you might be more likely to understand me and therefore to forgive.My desire is not so much that you understand what I have done. It’s more important that you understand who or what I am. Therein lies the path to forgiveness. It depends on understanding me, my nature, not what I do.Perhaps, you have already reached the point where you don’t want to understand or listen to me? Anyway, I will begin my explanation now.I have had to live with myself for 91 years. During almost every day that I can remember, I have asked myself the same questions: who am I? What am I? Perhaps you have asked yourself the same things?Every day, I have looked at my body, I have scrutinized my mind, and I have thought that this is not the real me. I am something different.The best way to explain this is to say, in the simplest way possible, that I am my soul. I am not my body, I am not my mind, I am my soul. I am separate from them.Before this body and this mind, I resided in other bodies and minds. I have no way of telling how many or for how long. These things are not revealed to our souls. However, I feel confident that there have been many. Speaking to my friends and comparing pasts, I have resolved that I, my soul, am at least 5,394 years old. Sometimes I wonder why I am not older.I’ve transitioned 15 times that I know of. It fascinates me whether the body or the mind will succumb first, but usually the time between deaths is not long. It doesn't really matter. The important thing is to be close to another carrier, so that I can embark on the next stage of my journey.With all due modesty, I’ve inhabited some pretty special humans, some merely from the point of view of their minds, some from the point of view of their bodies.Still, it’s difficult for a soul to relate to a mind or a body.Bodies, in particular, seem to be driven by DNA. They want to fuck all the time. When they’re not fucking, they’re thinking about fucking. Well, in that case, their minds are thinking about fucking. At least, that’s a pretty fair description of the males I’ve inhabited. The females aren’t as bad, but, to be honest, they’re not that much better. Certainly they’re not as virtuous as they would have you believe.I’m 90, almost 91 now, in body years. Ironically, Delgadina is only fourteen. I say ironically, because in soul years, she is older than me, not by much, she’s 5,678 years old. She’s had almost four extra earth experiences than I have. Nineteen versus fifteen mightn’t sound like much, but you’d be surprised.The strange thing is that our soul age counts for nothing on earth. No matter how religious somebody might be, they still judge us by our body age, not the age of our mind or our soul.Even though Delgadina is technically an adult at age fourteen, people still think of her as a child. Little do they know, her mind is superior to mine. Just because she speaks less than I do, doesn’t mean that she is dumber. In our most recent life before this one, she topped our college in her last year. Sometimes, for her own benefit, I wish she would speak out more in this life, so people appreciated her mind, not just her body. Perhaps, that will come with time. I'm already teaching her to read, write and paint.We almost didn’t meet in this life. In the last, we had actually been married, but only in our seventies. She had enjoyed a long marriage. I had remained faithful, well, as best I could after 622 lovers. So many of them had been whores, but they were still women, all of them. Delgadina was determined to find out what it had been like to be one of my whores. She knew me well enough, after four earth relationships, to know that the best way to get my undivided attention was to manifest herself as a fourteen year old girl.I didn’t recognise her at first. She was promised to me. Well, her virginity was. Several times, we went through a ritual whereby I was supposed to deflower her. Each time, I slept next to her, and did nothing but caress her or kiss each centimeter of her body. It was as if my 90 year old body wasn’t up to the task, whatever the capacity of my mind, let alone my soul. I even began to question myself, which was a first for me.People judge me as if I have done something wrong. Sometimes I wonder if they imagine that I have done only what they would like to have done, or in Delgadina’s position, might have wanted me to do to them.I wonder whether these people know what it means to be a soul. To be condemned to live forever (although is it really such a condemnation?). To wander from body to body in search of another soul. To, at last, find a soul to whom you can relate, let alone, in my case, one who coincidentally I have loved before.These are things that mean something to you in eternity. True love. Not whether one of you is 90 or 14. These are just numbers. Notches. Hands that move in a circular fashion around the watch face of time. They mean nothing to someone, to two lovers, like us, whose soul lives have already lasted almost six millennia and show no signs of giving up.When I think of Delgadina, I don’t think of her legs, her breasts, her lips, even her mind, these things that somehow I have touched or kissed. Instead, I think of her soul. Meanwhile, she smiles when she thinks of how much more experience of life she has had than me. If only I could die now and start another life ahead of her. But, vain man that I am, I have resolved that, in this life at least, I want to see out a century. It comforts me that, when I lie awake in bed, sometimes I can derive some pleasure from observing her naked, legs apart, breasts spread across her chest, dreaming of me, her 90 year old stallion.Playboy Seeks Sex ToyThe more I read Marquez' post-Nobel Prize works, the more I'm convinced that his modus operandi is to invent characters and situations that will outrage many, if not most, readers.Here, a sexually-active nonagenarian is offered a fledgling 14 year old virgin whore to celebrate his birthday.Whether or not he deflowers the girl, whether or not he might only have watched the girl sleeping, he would be condemned by the reader. Society objects not just to the act, but to both the desire and the intention.The problem is that Marquez employs beautiful language in his enterprise.In fact, I've always suspected that, as I suspect of Nabokov, he writes a straightforward tale of love and sex, then, only then, twists or perverts it, by adding an element of the forbidden, the taboo, the immoral, the illegal.Without the perversion, it would be a work of beauty. What happens when he tweaks the ages of the participants? Would a story of love and sex involving a 40 year old male and a 30 year old female be acceptable? Well, what happens when the age of the male is dialled up to 90 and the girl down to 14?Something in our minds registers, this should not be happening, something is wrong.Marquez might not explicitly ask, why is it wrong. He might not be expressly challenging morality. It exists, whether we like it or not.However, I think he is asking us whether, as a work of art, it is any less beautiful because it is transgressive.Part of what he is doing is questioning the aesthetic nature of transgression.The novel is inspired by Kawabata's "House of the Sleeping Beauties", which I haven't read yet.In the epigraph from that book, old Eguchi is warned by the madam not to do anything in bad taste. The specific caveat is not to "put his finger into the mouth of the sleeping girl".Different things are forbidden at different times and in different cultures.The act of writing the novel doesn't mean that Marquez advocates child abuse in real life. He just wants to ask these questions and explore these issues within the realm of art. Again, like Nabokov, he wants to treat art and literature as a playground. He wants to explore not just desire and intention, but the imagination as well.By doing so, he asks of the reader that we suspend moral judgment and engage pure aesthetic judgment. Not all of us will want to, not all of us will be able to.In this way, he doesn't just confront us with his subject matter, he confronts us with our own temperaments. He utilises the response of the reader as part of his creative enterprise. His works are all the greater, because they involve and implicate us.VERSE:Angels Surround the Bed of DelgadinaLet us share a bed.You can sleep if you need to.I'm content to watch.BreathlessI kissed your body.I inhaled your wild fragrance.It made me breathless.Dear GirlI'll write words for you."We are alone in the world."I'll teach you to read.The Abominable No-ManIt does more damageFor authors to write in chainsThan to write freely.SOUNDTRACK:Memories of My Melancholy Whores (Title Sequence) Cave & The Bad Seeds - "Breathless"

  • Ahmad Sharabiani
    2019-07-03 17:19

    Memoria de mis putas tristes = Memories of My Melancholy Whores, Gabriel García MárquezMemories of My Melancholy Whores (Spanish: Memoria de mis putas tristes) is a novella by Gabriel García Márquez. The book was originally published in Spanish in 2004, with an English translation by Edith Grossman published in October 2005. An old journalist, who has just celebrated his 90th birthday, seeks sex with a young prostitute, who is selling her virginity to help her family. Instead of sex, he discovers love for the first time in his life.خاطرات روسپيان سودازده‌ من ؛ مترجم: اميرحسين فطانتعنوانها: خاطره دلبرکان غمگین من؛ خاطرات روسپيان سودازده‌ من؛ نویسنده: گابریل گارسیا مارکز؛ تارخ نخستین خوانش: سال 2007 میلادیعنوان: خاطره دلبرکان غمگین من؛ نویسنده: گابریل گارسیا مارکز؛ مترجم: کاوه میرعبّاسی ؛ تهران، نیلوفر، 1386؛ در 124 ص؛ شابک: 9644482522؛ موضوع: داستانهای نویسندگان کلمبیائی - قرن 20 معنوان: خاطرات روسپيان سودازده‌ من؛ نویسنده: گابریل گارسیا مارکز؛ مترجم: اميرحسين فطانت؛ محمد امامی؛ تهران، آهنگ دیگر؛ 1383؛ در 128 ص؛ شابک: 9648433127؛ روزنامه نگاری که همه ی عمر را بی زن و فرزند و در تنهایی بگذرانده، در نود سالگی بار دیگر عشق را تجربه میکند و دلدادگی پیرانه سر زندگیش را دگرگون میکند، تلخ ترین عذابها را تاب میآورد تا به عشق ناب و پاک برسد. گزینش جملات از پشت جلد کتاب. ا. شربیانی

  • Luís C.
    2019-07-16 20:10

    A narrator whose name is unknown is waking up on the eve of his 90th birthday. In his youth, he has assiduously frequented the brothels of his town - to the point of being several times crowned "customer of the year" by several of them - but on the eve of his birthday he surrenders himself. That it had been almost twenty years since he had ceased this practice. Yet, Rosa Cabarcas, a well-known brothel keeper, has often revived him...Today, our man feels close to finding the rooms of Rosa. But he imposes on Rosa a condition: the girl she will provide to him must be a virgin.Gabriel Garcia Marquez is one of my favorite authors. His magnificent pen enables him to transform the most scandalous subjects into true poetry; Thus, in this Memory of my sad whores, the simple description of a dilapidated brothel becomes a true poem, for the author has the good idea to tell us about the surrounding environment: the nearby forest, the Wind blowing gently in the little hair that his hero retains on his skull, the moist heat of this South American city that the narrator knows so well,...The main themes dealt with by Garcia Marquez in this short novel are old age and - as strange as it may seem given the title - love. The narrator wakes up one fine morning at the dawn of his 90th birthday and still does not know how he reached that day. He still feels young; It is the others and certain objects (notably the mirrors) that return to him the image of an elderly man. According to him, the physical changes that one notices in oneself are so minute that old age falls on us without warning. And, while mentally, we're still 20 years old. Physically, we look centuries old. This type of reflection accompanies us throughout the narrative, for our narrator writes chronicles for a local newspaper and decides in the first pages of the narrative that his weekly column will be devoted to his birthday.The second recurring theme is, as I have mentioned above, love. For against all expectations, our hero falls in love with the girl Rosa Cabarcas has found for him. He does not even know the name of this little girl (because she is only 14 years old) poor, but decides to call her Delgadina.Little by little, his passion for Delgadina begins to invade him entirely: he no longer thinks of her but thinks of seeing her close to him in his house, when he works or when he reads. Our hero is twenty or thirty years younger, going as far as bicycling through the streets of his city under the astonished eyes of passers-by (the bicycle is actually destined for Delgadina, but our man does not resist the urge to test her). His Sunday chronicles for the newspaper became real letters of love to the girl and began to inspire many readers, who did not hesitate to manifest themselves in the newspaper.The strangest thing in history is that despite - or perhaps because of - this devouring passion, the relationship between Delgadina and our narrator remains almost totally platonic: a few caresses and a few kisses from him are the only physical contacts exchanged between this couple but not like the others.It is strange to read such an account, mixing the lives of an old man of 90 years and a young virgin who could be his great-granddaughter. But Gabriel Garcia Marquez is the specialist in strange narratives, on the verge of the marvelous and, once again, his talent as a storyteller has managed to fascinate me for this atypical narrative, which I read in just a few hours. Mixing humor and melancholy with great talent, Memory of my sad whores addresses universal themes (although her approach differs from the usual stories about it). Aging and love are not the fate of each one of us?

  • Χαρά Ζ.
    2019-07-13 14:11

    _Memories of My Melancholy Whores_Márquez, my dear, you are, without a doubt, the love of my life.

  • Foad
    2019-07-11 14:20

    دیدگاه صمیمی و روشن و در عین حال، شدیداً شاعرانه ی گابریل گارسیا مارکز، همیشه من رو به تحسین و شگفتی وا میداره. بین نویسنده های وطنی، رایج شده که هر کس بخواد دیدی روشنفکرانه و عمیق به زندگی داشته باشه، حتماً باید این دید تاریک و تلخ باشه. مارکز نشون میده که میشه بدون تلخ اندیشی و بدون دپرس کردن خواننده، دیدی عمیق - و زیبا - به زندگی داشت. تا جایی که حتا وقتی از وحشت از مرگ سخن میگه، شما رو با شیرین ترین و رنگارنگ ترین رؤیاها رو به رو میکنه.رمان رو میتونید از اینجا دانلود کنید:

  • Ema
    2019-07-18 19:59

    I began reading this book in English, but something didn't feel right. The musicality of Márquez' writing was not there. I couldn't believe the old man changed his style over the years. I looked for the Romanian translation and felt relieved: everything sounded the way it should with Márquez. The poetry was still there. That was the first time I looked admiringly to my native language - it has its positive attributes after all, mainly the kinship with Latin. Now I may only imagine how the original sounds like, another reason to feel sorry for knowing Spanish only at a basic-medium level.I could venture to say that this novel appeals mostly to men, while women might find it vulgar and deprecating at times. As for the reason why, it is obvious from the opening lines: The year I turned ninety, I wanted to give myself the gift of a night of wild love with an adolescent virgin. It is not exactly appealing to picture an old man deflowering an innocent girl (who happens to be fourteen). Why not a mature virgin? Apparently, this is a hard, if not impossible, task: The only Virgos left in the world are people like you who were born in August. Being a woman, I tried not to be overcome with disgust for the main character and I did manage to eventually enjoy the novel, because of its attributes that cannot be denied: beautiful prose, humor and a captivating story. The nameless protagonist is ugly, shy, and anachronistic. But by dint of not wanting to be those things, he has pretended to be just the opposite. Until turning 90, he has hardly felt the burden of growing old, as the notion of youth seemed always flexible to him: I began wondering when I had become aware of being old, and I believe it was only a short time of being old, and I believe it was only a short time before that day (It sounds better in Romanian, trust me!). It seems a little far-fetched to me, but not impossible: The truth is that the first changes are slow, they pass almost unnoticed, and you go on seeing yourself as you always were, from the inside, but others observe you from the outside.He hasn't been married a single day in his life, although he came very close (as he says, whores left him no time to be married). Being a bachelor, his sex life has been anything but boring: I have never gone to bed with a woman I didn't pay, and the few who weren't in the profession I persuaded, by argument or by force, to take money even if they threw it in the trash. Despite of his wild sex life, he never crossed the boundaries of decency, but morality, too, is a question of time, she would say with a malevolent smile, you’ll see. When he turned 90, that time had come, because that was the beginning of a new life at an age when most mortals have already died.I've never made a review with so many quotes, but Márquez speaks way better than I could ever do.Some parts of the novel were inspired by Yasunari Kawabata's House of the Sleeping Beauties and I was quite glad that I've read the Japanese story first, as the idea behind it was quite original and haunting. You should read this, if you haven't already done it.I went into the room, my heart in confusion, and saw the girl sleeping in the enormous bed for hire, as naked and helpless as the day she was born. She lay on her side, facing the door, illuminated from the ceiling by an intense light that spared no detail. I sat down to contemplate her from the edge of the bed, my five senses under a spell. [...] I was ignorant of the arts of seduction and had always chosen my brides for a night at random, more for their price than their charms, and we had made love without love, half-dressed most of the time and always in the dark, so we could imagine ourselves as better than we were. That night I discovered the improbable pleasure of contemplating the body of a sleeping woman without the urgencies of desire or the obstacles of modesty.I was glad that this experience was not spoiled by vulgarity, but instead developed into a beautiful story. The protagonist finds himself at the foot of a new chapter in his life, at an age when most men are long dead, but for him it is, ironically, the first chance to discover love, yearning and generosity. In the end, a true fact about the publishing of Memories of My Melancholy Whores: a week before the official launch, a preliminary edition was stolen, despite the high security, and in only 16 hours the pirated books were sold on the streets of Bogota, which forced the publishers to hurry the official launch - an unprecedented case of "literary mafia".

  • Duane
    2019-07-02 17:19

    The book summary and blurb will turn many people away from this book. And yes, it is about a 90 year old man obsessed with a 14 year old prostitute. But that doesn't do justice to what this book is about, and it doesn't do justice to the brilliant writing of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. He didn't win the Nobel Prize for Literature for nothing. Really it's a story of love, and it's a story of a time and place that most of us can't truly imagine. The writing alone makes the effort worthwhile.

  • Andrei Tamaş
    2019-07-07 12:06

    Am descoperit ca nu sunt disciplinat din virtute, ci ca reactie impotriva neglijentei mele; ca par generos pentru a-mi masca micimea de suflet; ca exagerez cu prudenta din neincredere; ca sunt tolerant doar ca sa nu ma las prada acceselor de furie pe care abia mi le stapanesc; ca sunt punctual doar ca sa nu se afle cat de putin ma intereseaza timpul altora. Am descoperit, in sfarsit, ca dragostea nu e o stare a spiritului, ci un semn al zodiacului...

  • Berfin Kanat
    2019-07-05 14:52

    Çok güzeldi, çok güzeldi, çok güzeldi.Marquez okumayı özlemişim. O kadar uzun zaman oldu ki yazarın tarzını unutmuşum. Aklım Yüzyıllık Yalnızlık'ın karmaşasında kalmış olacak ki bol betimleme beklerken sade bir kitapla karşılaştım. Derin anlamlara sahip yalın cümleleriyle huzur veren bir kitapla. Hayalet hissi veren kitapları seviyorum. Benim Hüzünlü Orospularım'da onlardan biri. Tuhaf bir belirsizlik havası var kitabın, her şey hem gerçek hem de değil. Satır araları okuyucunun hayal gücüyle istediği gibi doldurması için boş bırakılmış. 90 yaşındaki bir adamın hayatından kesitleri okumanın bu kadar keyifli olacağını düşünmemiştim. Marquez sevenler kitabı mutlaka okumalı. Ayrıca yazara başlamak için iyi bir tercih olacağını düşünüyorum.

  • Kwesi 章英狮
    2019-07-13 11:56

    Life is so complicated to understand at the same time the working mind of every people, how they think, they act or develop in their entire life. When I was walking nearby a bar, I saw an old man wearing his new clothes bought from the department store while guided by his nurse and stick, and entered a bar. I cannot imagine such scene in my mind esepcially the sexual interaction between an old man and a very young lady.In this novella, Gabriel García Márquez, put you into deepest imagination while reading a very interesting and lonely letter of a 90-year-old man searching for a girl. An old bachelor man is searching for a young virgin on his 90th birthday to enjoy his old body mind. Until he met a 14-year-old girl, searching for money to help her family, through Rosa Cabarcas, the owner of the illicit house.Poor cat trying to read the book but he end up beaten in the middle of the second chapter as he saw the virgin maiden lying naked and arms in cross. Meow.It was well-written and in a way reader will not bore to death reading a very short narrative of a very old man searching for love in his death bed. This story is quite common but cannot be shared as part of the societies acceptance. Although, it was banned in Iran after a group of conservatives said it was implementing prostitution. I think Gabriel García Márquez, only showed that love cannot be determine by age, love is ageless because age doesn't mean you are old or how old you feel. Recommended to those people who likes to read romance written by male authors.The book was also written in poetic prose, the sentences are clearly beautiful. But the idea of an old man with a body that aches and wrinkly skin is having an intercourse with a young girl is unacceptable in my mind, even though I liked this book. I just can't stop my vivid imagination of the scene to stop. Maybe if I'm older and still a bachelor, it is up to me to decide whether the man really done the right thing or not. I'm sure I won't forget this book forever.P.S. I don't like to be an old bachelor.Picture tell lies, so beware and be careful of what you see and it may depicts your true intention. This picture is quite amazing, such a masterpiece for an old man. I think I need a spectacle this time. OhSaraOhOh!Review posted on Old-Fashioned Reader.Rating: Memories of My Melancholy Whores by Gabriel García Márquez, 4 SweetsChallenges:Book #193 for 2011Book #110 for Off the Shelf!

  • Ahmed Ibrahim
    2019-06-25 12:21

    " ليست السن هى ما بلغه أحدنا من العمر ، بل ما يشعر به " " الجنس هو العزاء الذى يلجأ إليه المرأ عندما لا يحصل على الحب " ها هو الساحر يخرج لنا من جرابه رواية رائعة - كعادته - وتحمل معانى انسانية كثيرة . بعد أن عرف الكثير والكثير من النساء الذى لم يعرف معهم معنى الحب .. عند بلوغه التسعين يكتشف المعنى الحقيقى له .. وأن الرابطة الجسدية لا تغنى أبدا عن الرابطة السحرية المسماة بالحب .رواية انسانية توصف الرجل التسعينى ومشاعره بمهارة بالغة .ماركيز صاحب أفضل اسلوب سردى من وجهة نظرى .. فهو ساحر بلا ادنى شك .رواية لا أنصح أحد بقرائتها .. إلا عشاق ماركيز .

  • Ahmed
    2019-07-12 16:17

    كتب الأستاذ العقاد مقالا في مناسبة عبوره سن الخمسين بأمان، ووتبعه بآخر عندما تجاوز الستين، وتبعه آخر عند السبعين بعد أن قطع سلالم الستين العشرة ومر على الرقم السبعيني بعنفوان الشيخوخة، وأوقفه الموت قبل أن يتيح له كتابه مقاله لتهنئة نفسه بعبوره عامه الثمانين، فكان العقاد إذن رجلًا سبعينًا، رحمه الله تعالى.وحافظ إبراهيم قال في رأس الستين: إني وقفتُ على الستيّن أسألها .. أسوّفتْ؟!، أم أعدّت حر أكفاني؟! يقول هلى مُدّ في عمره ليشهد العقد السابع أم لا، ولم تسّوف ومات حافظ على رأس الستين، غقر الله تعالى له.وعزيز أباظة قال:المرؤ ينسى الموتَ، ثم يهزّه موتٌ، فيذكرُ، ثم ينسى جاهدًا! ومن الممكن تجربة تحريف هذا البيت قليلا، فالمرؤ في شيخوخته يتذكر التقدم في السن فجأة وأنه أصبح قريبا من النهاية مرة فقط على رأس كل عشر سنوات، سيصاب بقمة الذعر عندما يصل للخمسين!، ثم يهدأ وتأتي له النوبة مرة أخرى عند بلوغه الستين، فالسبعين والثمانين، كأنه يتذكر المأساة كلما طرق سمعه رقم جديد في خانة العشرات، هذه عادة فطن لها رجال التسويق لذلك تراهم يكتبون أمام السلعة بأنها مثلا تقدر بـ99.99 جنيهًا، بدلا من كتابة المائة مرة واحدة،والفرق الذي يحدثه هذا القرش كبير جدًا.وشوقي قال:يلفظها حنظلةً .. كان بفيهِ سُكرةْ يقصد الحياة التي كانت بفمه حتى لحظات الأحتضار الأخيرة قبل أن يلفظها ، التي كانت في حلاوتها وشدة تمسكه بها كقطعة السكر الشهية. وفي هذه الرواية القصيرة الفاتنة نجدنا وجهًا لوجهٍ أمام هذا الرجل التسعيني وهو يقول في السطر الأول من الرواية التي جاءت كلها على لسانه فهو الراوي الأوحد منذ الفصل الأول إلى الأخير: بمناسبة بلوغي التسعين، أردت أن أهاديني بليلة حب مجنونة، مع مراهقة عذراء ..فمنذ هذه الجملة الأولى تحددت ملامح الرجل ببراعة، قال (أهاديني) ليهيأ لنا ماركيز أول خيوط القصة وهي النرجسية، نحن أمام رجل نرجسي أناني، أوشك لعى بلوغ التسعين عامًا، وهو هنا عام مؤثر للغاية عليه، فلابد له من اجتيازه هذا العام العصيب بأمان ليعبر بذلك (جسر) التسعين الذي يذكره بالموت، فها هو معلق بين التسعين والواحد والتسعين، ليتناسى بعد ذلك رهبة العمر واقتراب الموت .. ويتصل بصديقة قديمة تدير بيتًا سريًا للبغايا، ويدور الحديث وتقول فيما تقول:سألتني بقلق: - ما الذي تريد – بالضبط – أن تثبته لنفسك؟ قلت:- لا شيء! ثم تابعتُ بألم لا يخلو من الإحساس بالمهانة، كمن أمسكوه فجأة من اليد التي توجعه: - أعرف جيدًا كيف أفرّق بين ما أقدر عليه، وما لا أقدر عليه! فأجابت بنبرة لا تعكس أي نوع من المشاعر: - الحكماء يعلمون كل شيء، ولكن ليس كل كل شيء!!، فالعذارى ما عاد لهن وجود في هذا العالم، باستثاء اسم البرج الذي تنتمون إليه أنتم يا مواليد أواخر أغسطس!، لماذا على الأقل لم تكلفني بالأمر قبل الآن بوقت أطول؟ قلت: - لأن الإلهام لا يعلن سلفًا عن موعد حضوره. جاء الرد قاطعًا، وعلى هذه الدرجة من الحنكة التي تميزت بها دائمًا عن سائر الرجال: - لكن إلهامك هذا قد يجد نفسه مضطرًا لأن ينتظر!وطلبت مني أن أمهلها ولو يومين، لتتشمم أحوال السوق؛ أبديتُ اعتراضي بحزم موضحًا إنه عندما يتعلق الأمر بصفقةٍ كهذه، وبالنسبة لرجل في مثل عمري، فإن كل ساعةٍ تساوي عامًا بأكمله! قالت دون أن تتردد لحظة واحدة: - لا أمل إذن في أن تتحقق هذه الرغبة، ومع ذلك .. لا يهم .. لعل الأمر هكذا يصبح أكثر إثارة من ذي قبل، اللعنة!، خلال ساعة، سأتصل بك! حوار متدفق، وهل لاحظتم هذه الأجابات الغامضة التي كان يقولها، فهو يريد لنفسه في عيد ميلاده أن يحصل على هدية مميزة يهادي بها نفسه فقط، فعندما تتصل به صديقته بعد صفحات عدة من الفلاش باك والذكريات القديمة نجد الحوار كالآتي: - محظوظ أنت كالمعاتيه!، عثرت لك على الزغلولة، أفضل من تلك التي تبحث عنها، لولا أن هناك مشكلة، عمرها لا يتجاوز الأربعة عشر عامًاالرد صدر مني تلقائيًا دون أن أستوعب بالضبط ما ترمي إليه: - لا مانع عندي في أن أغيّر لها القماطات! قالت هي: - الأمر لا يتعلق بك أنت، مَن – يا تُرى – سيدفع لي ثمن السنوات الثلاث التي سأمضيها في السجن! هنا تظهر إشارة أخرى خاطفة على مدى نرجسيته وسيتلوها العديد من الإشارات الصغيرة التي تدل على مدى عنايته بنفسه وشدة أناقته وملابسه المتفرده وذوقه النيّق في اختيار متعلقاته وأشياءه، وإشارات عديدة على شكّه الدائم فيمن حوله، وإستخفافه بالناس في كثير من المواقف المرسومة ببراعة، ليمهد لنا ماركيز كيف يتم تحوله تدريجيًا دون توقع منذ أن تقع عينيه على هذه الفتاة القاصرة التي دخلت عالمه وهي عذراء كما طلب وانتهت الرواية وهي لم ينتقص منها شيئًا ولكن بعدما أضافت له الكثير دون أن يحدث ولو مرة واحدة أن رأته رؤية عين أو تحدثه أو تعرف حتى ما اسمه، وهو كذلك لم يعرف اسمها قط ولم يتحدث معها حديثًا مشتركًا منذ أن رآها إلى أن أثّرت فيه كل هذا التأثير لدرجة أن يرفض أي فتاة عذراء غيرها، فقط هي، كيف هذا؟!، هذا هو سحر ماركيز! ثم من خلال مشاهد عدة نرى أنه كان حفيًا للغاية بمكتبته وكتبه وكيف أن رفض بيعها للبلدية مقابل مبلغ لا يستهان به، ثم من أجلها أصبح يفكر جديًا في بيع هذه الكتب، وكذلك مع قطعة حلى والدته التي يعتبرها شيئًا مقدسًا، وكيف بسبب هذه الفتاة بشكل غير مباشر يتوجه إلى محل الصاغة وهو على نية بيعها. كل هذه تأثيرات تتجمع لتقول لنا ماذا أراد ماريكز قوله، وهو أنه بعد حياة مضطربة عاشر فيها مَن عاشر ووعد بالزواج مَن وعد ولكنه تهرب بكل بلادة من هذا الارتباط في نفس يوم الزفاف، ولم يحضر ببساطة وترك عروسه تنتظر! ولم يحس بعد ذلك بشيءٍ كبير تغيّر، تغيرت قليلا نظرات الناس إليه، ولكن (ماذا إذن!!)، بعد هذه الحياة المديدة أحس بهذا الشعور الذي خالجه بسبب هذه الفتاة القاصرة، الشعور الذي لم يدر ما هو بالتحديد، وما هذا الذي يجعله – دون أن يشعر - يتخلص من نرجسيته ويحطم قيود الأنانية البغيضة التي تضيق الخناق على نفسه ليصبح يفكر في الآخرين بهذه المراعاة ويتسامح مع الجميع في حياته وفي عمله الذي لم يكن أكثر بهجة بالنسبة إليه إلا في هذه الأيام الأخيرة، ففي النهاية تذوب هذه الانانية بعد أن تكون وصلت لأقصى حالاتها من الشك والغضب لأجل نفسه ولأسباب هو فقط من ضخّمها وأعطاها ما لا تستحق، تذوب أنانيته فجأة ليصبح العالم من حوله صافيًا نقيًا في الصفحات القليلة الاخيرة من الرواية، فنراه يضع وصيته كلها من أجل الفتاة، واقرأ معي باستمتاع هذه العبارات الحالمة الأخير من الرواية على لسان الراوي:وعلى أهبة الاستعداد لأي ظرف محتمل، أستلقيتُ ليليتها على ظهري في انتظار ان يجيء الألم النهائي مع اللحظة الاولى من عامي الحادي والتسعين، ترامى إلى سمعي قرع نواقيس يبدو أنها نائية، كما استنشقت الأريج الذي ينبعث من روح (ديلجادينا) الراقدة على جنبها، أصغيتُ إلى صرخةٍ تردد صداها هناك في الأفق، متزامنة مع نجيب شخص ربما كان قد مات في نفس هذه الغرفة منذ قرن، حينذاك قمت بإطفاء النور، مستعينا بآخر ما تبقى لي من قوة، حرصت على أن تتشابك أصابعنا، كما لو أنني أريد أن آخذ بيدها، وبدموعي الإثنتي عشرة الأخيرة، رحت أعد دقات الساعة الإثنتي عشرة، معلنة منتصف الليل.ما أن صاحت الديكة في الصباح المبكر، حتى دوت معها على الفور في مسامعي أجراس السماء المصحوبة بالألعاب النارية، احتفالا بعبوري جسر التسعين سالمًا.كانت أول كلماتي موجهة إلى (روسا كابركاس): - سأشتري منكِ البيت كله والمتجر والبستان. فقالت: - لماذا لا نتراهن كعجوزين أما الشهر العقاري؟ الذي يموت أولا يتنازل إلى الآخر عن كل ما يملك! - لا، فأنا – عندما أموت – لابد أن يئول كل شيءٍ إليها هي بالذات. أجابت روسا كابركاس: لا فرق، سأتعدها أنا بالرعاية ما بقيت على قيد الحياة، ثم بعد ذلك يذهب إليها كل شيء، ترث هي ممتلكاتنا نحن الأثنين، لم يعد لدي في هذا العالم أحد سواها، وفي هذه الأثناء نستطيع أن نعنى بترميم الغرفة، نزودها بحمام جديد غير الذي بها الآن، بالإضافة إلى جهاز تكييف ملائم، كذلك فإن من الأنسب أن تعيد إليها كتبك وموسيقاك! - هل تعتقدين أنها ستوافق؟ قالت روسا كابركاس، وهي تكاد تموت من الضحك: - آه منك أنت يا حكيمي الشقي!، أفهم أنك عجوز، ولكن أبله، فلا أظن!، تلك البنت تهيم بك حبًا! لحظة خروجي إلى الشارع المغمور بالضوء، خُيّل إليّ أنني أتعرف على نفسي للمرة الأولى، أخذت أتطلع إلى القرن الاول من حياتي، وهو يلوح من هناك في الأفق البعيد .. .. الخسموت مع روعة هذه الكلمات وما سبقها وما تلاها، هل عرف الحب أخيرًا، أو ما هو هذا الشعور الذي جعل قول الشعراء عن الحب ينطبق عليه، ألا يقولون دائمًا أن الحب هو روح واحدة متحدة احتواها جسدان، أي هناك مشاطرة بينهما وشتان هذا الذي كان عليه من الأنانية والتوحد ليصل إلى هذا الكرم النهائي، كل شيءٍ إليها، إلى مَن؟! .. إلى تلك التي لم تتحدث سوى بهمهمات ودون أن نراها مفتّحة العينين أبدًا ودائمًا نائمة على الدوام!، يا ماركيز شكرًا على هذا السحر الحلال الذي رسمت به هذا التحول الباهر في شخصية بطل روايتك.. وأعجبت أيضًا بهذا الضمير الأدبي لديك يا ماركيز!، فأنت حينما تذكر بين ثنايا الرواية مقولة ما، تنسبها إلى قائلها دائمًا، ولم تنسبها لنفسك على لسان البطل، حتى وإن أدى هذا إلى تحويل النص إلى ما قد يكون فقرة من مقالة صحفية، ولكن نسب كل عبارة إلى قائلها من أخلاق الأساتذة، مثلما فعلت عندما ذكرت هذه العبارة (لا يوجد عجوز ينسى أين يخبأ ثروته!) وذكرت قائلها، أوَ تعرف .. قرأت بعد روايتك هذه بيومين قصة قصيرة في مجلة (الجسرة الثقافية) – وهي مجلة سيئة لا أنصحك بها! – والقصة اسمها (دفترها الأزرق) قالت كاتبتها هذه الجملة بين ثنايا السرد (وهل من وجود لمسنّ نسيَ أين خبّأ دفتر يوميّاته؟!)، هتفت: ماركيـــز!!، انظر لهذه السارقة المتلاعبة!!! --------الترجمة جيدة -كما رأيتم في الاقتباسات التي تعمدت نقلها بأعلى - ولكن المترجم سيء!، عبارة ربما امتزجت بشيءٍ من العبثية، ولكنها أصدق ما ينطبق على جهد المترجم في هذه الرواية، بداية بحرف الدال الذي يرمز إلى الدكتوراه، فهو يبرر هذا العدد من المصطلحات الأدبية والنفسية التي أقحمها في المقدمة أو في الهوامش!، وكأن عدم تبسيطها والاستعاضة عنها بما قد يُفهم دون الإستعانة بالمعاجم والكتب المتخصصة لندرك في النهاية ما يريده من وراء هذا المصطلح، وكأن هذا كله من لوازم الدكتوراه في الآداب!وأحسست بتعاليه على القارئ، فمثلا كلمة الغلاف الخلفي التي هي أول ما تقرأه غالبًا، هل تتصور أنه كتبها حقًا بهذا الشكل، وأقتبس حرفيًا:"أتمنى ألا أخيب أمل أحد، إذ أوضح منذ اللحظة الأولى أن هذا العمل لا يتناول عالم العاهرات الفضائحي، بنوادره المسلية أو بأسرار ما يجري في فراشهن مع نماذج غريبة من الرجال، ولا هو يعطي دورسًا خصوصية بالمجان في الأوضاع الجنسية الأكثر إثارة أو إمتاعًا"يا رجل!، إن كاتبًا عملاقا كماركيز لا يستحق هذا!؛ ويعود المترجم ليكتب مقدمته قبل الرواية، وهي مقدمة أستولت على ما يقارب الخمسة وعشرين صفحة في اللا شيء ولكن لابد له من اعتباط الفرصة مادام يكتب مقدمة لأحدى روايات ماركيز الروائي العالمي!!، واستهلها بالآتي: "بالرصد الهادئ المتأني لما يحدث، أو بالأحرى لما لا يحدث، على الساحة الأدبية عمومًا، فأن قناعتي الشخصية، ولا أسعى لفرضها على أحد، هي أن كاتبًا بقامة جابرييل جارثيا ماركيث، بكل ما ينطوي عليه مجمل إنتاجه من طروحات مختلفة لفن الرواية، هو آخر ما يتناسب مع أنماط القراءة السائدة عندنا .."آخر ما يتناسب!!، هذا الذي قاله وليس بسبب عدم مراعاة الرواية لتقاليد وعادات الشرق مثلا!!، إذن لهان الأمر، وإنما بكل صراحة لأنها أكثر عمقًا ونضجًا بما لا يتناسب مع عقلياتنا الساذجة التي استطرد المترجم في السطور التالية في بيان أنها لا تنجذب إلا نحو الرويات البوليسية التي كما قال نصًا (تعتمد على التشويق أو المغامرات أو تخاطب الغدد الدمعية من خلال المليودراما الفاقع ..)، فنحن شعبٌ متخلف لا نحاول حتى (محاولة جادة في الاقتراب من أسوار النص الخارجية) كما قال الدكتور، الذي هدد القارئ أيضًا بأن هذه الرواية وأمثالها (لا تصلح معها القراءة على سبيل قتل الوقت أثناء السفر، أو من باب استجداء النعاس على أباجورة السرير) كما ذكر، ولا يخبره أحد منكم أنني قرأتها – باستمتاع لكي أغيظه - في المترو، وياله من جرم! ووقعت عيني الآن عفوا على جزء من مقدمة المترجم، لم أخترها وإن كانت المقدمة المطولة كلها على هذا المنوال أو أشد تعقيدًا، يقول المترجم فيها: "الواقعية السحرية إذن – في رأي كاتب هذه السطور – هي بشكل ما تلك القدرة الفذة عند البعض على استبصار ما في الواقع من مساحات سحرية، وهو ما يقود بالقطع إلى فهمه بطريقة أقل مدرسانية أو انسحاقُا تحت عجلات ثقافة التلقين بالإكراه، حديثة كانت أو موغلة في القدم، لنتأمله بكل ما ينطوي عليه من مظاهر القوة أو الضعف في الكائن البشري بعيدًا عن الميل البدائي إلى صكه داخل أفران النصوص الجامدة أو سفلتته نهائيًا لكي يصبح صالحا للاستخداك ضمن الآلات الدعائية المتناحرة."ولكم التعليق:)

  • Amir
    2019-06-27 16:00

    این کتاب آخرین داستان بلند گابریل گارسیا مارکز هست... کتاب در سال 2004 نوشته شده و ترجمه فارسی اسم کتاب میشه خاطرات روسپی های سودا زده من... کتاب در ایران با اسم خاطره دلبران سودازده من چاپ شد و بعد از اینکه چاپ شد وزارت ارشاد ممنوع اعلامش کرد و شروع کرد به جمع کردنش و با مسئولانی هم که مجوز چاپ داده بودن به شدت برخورد کرد و به نقل از خود وزارت ارشاد اخراجشون کرد... .توضیح مختصری در مورد کتاب بگم براتون... سبک نوشتاری کتاب کاملا همون سبک آشنای مارکز هست... (گابریل گارسیا مارکز جزو نویسندگان مورد علاقه من هست)... نسبت به کارهای قدیمی ترش تفاوتی که خیلی مشهود بود این بود که سبک رئالیسم جادویی مارکز خیلی بیشتر به سمت رئالیسم پیش رفته... داستان کلی در مورد تفاوت بین عشق و ارتباط جنسی هست... دیدگاهی که مارکز در مورد مسائل جنسی داره دیدگاه متفاوتی نسبت به نویسندگان اروپایی و آمریکای شمالی هست و در دو تا کتاب دیگه ای که من ازش خوندم (صد سال تنهایی و پاییز پدرسالار) همین دیدگاه تکرار شده... داستان عبارات و کلمه هایی داره که متناسب با عرف نیستن... برای من جای تعجب داره که چطور این کتاب حتی با سانسور قسمتهایی ازش چاپ شده... در کل من کتاب رو کار خیلی قوی نمی دونم ولی کار نسبتا خوبی هست... کتابهای متنوعی از نویسنده های مختلف در مورد تحلیل اجتماعی و روانشناختی روسپی ها خوندم و به نظر من در این مقوله این کتاب، کتاب نسبتا خوبی هست.

  • Carlos De Eguiluz
    2019-07-07 12:52

    En esta novela, Márquez narra la conmovedora, pero increíblemente extraña historia de un periodista, que al cumplir su novena década de vida, decide celebrarse con una noche de placer con una virgen jovencita. Sin planearlo, el hombre terminará por enamorarse por primera vez en toda su vida, pero, como ya dije antes, de una adolecente, de una menor de edad.Mi opinión:Leí lolita de Vladimir Nabokov, y a pesar de que la historia me pareció brillante, eso no significó que estuviera de acuerdo con la idea de la premisa que se me presentaba. Lo mismo ocurrió esta vez. Creo que la historia es bastante buena, y a pesar de que nos enseña esa última faceta de Gabo, en la que se muestra más romántico que en sus novelas anteriores, sigue siendo increíble el viaje de su lectura. La disfruté.

  • Harry Collier IV
    2019-06-23 20:16

    If anyone else had written this book it would have been a masterpiece. Unfortunately, it was written by the man who wrote 100 Years of Solitude and therefore is looked upon as a lesser work. There is no denying that Gabriel Garcia Marquez was one of the most influential storytellers of the 20th century. His contribution in taking magical realism out of the small towns of Latin America and bringing it to the world will be talked about for hundreds of years to come. No list of great 20th century novels would be complete without one of his books attached.Back in 2006 when I first picked up this book I had the highest of expectations that this would be an unforgettable literary experience. I was 28 or 29. I was working at a boutique gelato stand on the Las Vegas Strip and remember running between the Luxor and the Mandalay Bay to a small bookshop called The Reading Room during my 15 minute break to buy this book the day it came out. I could not wait to get off work and the moment I clocked out I cracked it open and began to read as I walked to the bus stop. 20 minutes later on the bus I began to realize when the magically real things were going to happen. When I closed the back cover, after nothing out of the ordinary did, I thought "Well, they can't all be winners."For some reason, this book has stayed in my library (probably because it is small and tus easily portable). I moved halfway around the world from Las Vegas to Moscow and this book moved with me.The other day, now on the wrongside of 40, I picked it up again for a reread. What a difference age makes.This book is a treasure to anyone wondering where the bygone days of youth have fled and how to get them back or even if they could.Other reviewers have mentioned the pedophilia aspect of this book but it just isn't there. Sure it is about a 90 year old man who decides to sleep with a 14 year old virgin but he never does. He was never going to. She is just a symbol and what better symbol for the idea of youth and innocence?Everytime he begins to feel old in the book he returns to his quest for this girl. She has her life ahead of her and the possibilites of who she is and what she can be are fascinating to him. She is the promise of a future of possibilities that he has squandered away. He wants her to remain fluid and so refuses to even speak to her. He doesn't want to know her name or anything else about her. He wants her to remain as he imagines her and all the things that she could be.I loved this book this time around. I understood where Garcia Marquez was coming from and I was more than happy to accompany him while he mused on what it means to grow old.

  • Zahra Dashti
    2019-06-27 13:51

    همیشه فکر می کردم شور و شوق و شیدایی عاشق شدن ، مال دوران جوانی است و عشق میان سالی و پیری ، توام با آرامش و خونسردیه.... و برام جالب بود که این کتاب نشون داد اشتباه فکر می کردمبه زیبایی اون حالات پر آشوپ افسون گر و اون غم نابودگر شیرین که آدمی با همه وجود می طلبدش رو تصویر کرده. انتظار چنین کتابی رو با توجه به آثار قبلی نویسنده نداشتم ،در واقع نوشتن و ترسیم چنین فضای و حالاتی رو !

  • K.D. Absolutely
    2019-06-29 17:11

    A 90-year old man falls in love for the first time. He has been single all his life and pays whore to have sex with him. He is a writer and his boss does not want him to stop writing because people would like to know how it feels to be a ninety-year old man.It is a novella (short novel) that you can finish in 2 hours. However, it took me 6 days to finish it because I read it along with somebody in our book club here in Goodreads. She is a lot younger than me and she also liked this book. It was kind of a surprise because the first-person narrator of the story is the 90-year old man and a young girl reader would normally not be interested to know the point of view of a very old man. When I proposed that we read this, I did not have any doubt that I would like this. I liked all the earlier books that I read by Gabriel Garcia Marquez: One Hundred Years of Solitude (5 stars); No One Writes to the Colonel and Other Stories (4 stars); Love in the Time of Cholera (4 stars) and The Autumn of the Patriarch (4 stars). I did not like this as much as I really enjoyed the last one because I thought that it was quite hard for a 90-y/o man to ride a bicycle. My father-in-law is 93-y/o and if I remember it right, 3 years ago he could still go all by himself to Marikina by riding the jeepney. He cannot do that now, although he can still walk and go out but only if there is a driver to bring him around.On the subject of whether a man as old as this can fall in love for the first time and the girl is a minor, I think it is possible. As the poem Desiderata says: "Don't be cynical about love." So what if the man cannot function sexually anymore. Love is not all about sex. If it makes him happy to just touch, kiss and embrace his girlfriend or wife, let's leave him at what makes him happy. So, I liked this book. It is well-written (as usual). My 5th book by GGM and he is still to disappoint. One thing I notice is that his main characters are mostly old people. So what. We will all grow old someday and Garcia Marquez' books can serve as reference materials to us all.I am praying for your speedy recovery, Senor Marquez!