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Thirty-five year old First Lady Denise Tate is a woman who has it all. She is living the life most people dream of; a beautiful house in the suburbs, luxury cars, shopping sprees, and a husband, Randy, who is ready and willing to keep her laced in nothing but the best. Even though she has everything a woman could ever want, she's still not satisfied and firmly believes sheThirty-five year old First Lady Denise Tate is a woman who has it all. She is living the life most people dream of; a beautiful house in the suburbs, luxury cars, shopping sprees, and a husband, Randy, who is ready and willing to keep her laced in nothing but the best. Even though she has everything a woman could ever want, she's still not satisfied and firmly believes she can have her cake and eat it too. Randy Tate has his work cut out for him as the Senior Pastor of Oakdale Baptist Church, the largest in Youngstown Ohio, yet, he humbly embraces the challenge. Denise has more time on her hands than a clock and she uses this and her endless cash flow to her full advantage. In addition to playing the good, little, church wife, First lady also juggles three other men on the side. She executes the game with such expertise - effortlessly, until one of her lovers decides to flip the script on her. Relentlessly determined not to be found out, Denise decides not to admit a dark secret that has the power to destroy her cozy life as she knows it. Eventually, all good things come to an end and the wrath of God is delivered that will haunt her for the rest of her life. Holy Seduction's premise is this; you may play the game well, but, remember there is always someone who plays the game better than you. Lies, Drama, and deceit are front and center in this novel with a plot so sneaky and so seductive you'll swear it's a sin. Jessica A. Robinson pens an infectious and addictive tale of a woman who is living a double life. Full of twists, turns, and surprises, Holy Seduction is a groundbreaking tale of infidelity and drama in the church....

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holy seduction Reviews

  • Tiffany
    2019-05-03 18:20

    First lady Denise Tate has everything she could ever want. She lives in a wonderful house built especially for her, she has a loving and devoted husband willing to do anything for her, shes able to keep up with the latest trends with her shopping habits and much more. Those things do not seem to be enough for this first lady. They say an idle mind is the devils playground and this is clearly the case for her. With her husband Randy always at a business meeting in regards to the church , it gives this first lady extra free time to wonder about. She doesnt use her free time as most first ladies would by praying or helping out the community, this first lady has found an interest in the bedrooms of other men. Randy is so busy with work that he doesnt really notice what his wife could be up to. While Denise makes it clear shes not really looking to leave her husband because she is so use to the lifestyle which she lives, one of her side pieces doesnt seem to get the fact that its just a little fun between the two. It could possible be the way Denise handles him by brushing everything under the rug and leading him on. When he boy toy cant take it anymore and threatens her that he wont stop at anything unless they are together things take a turn. With suprises and shocking things that happen to Denise will she be able to keep her affairs a secret much longer or will her bigger secret that shes been keeping force her to reveal all. Let the Church Drama say AMEN! Yes this was a really good book. There was some editing issues I wish would have been fixed but overall it really didnt take away too much from the story. Denise is something else. She is a first lady that is doing anything but being holy she is breaking many sins and is still able to sit up with the church people and smile in their faces like nothing is happening. Its like she has her cheating down to a science and her poor husband is the one paying for it all. She has a friend she confides in but even her friend warns her that this may all blow up in your face one day but Denise is certain she good at playing the game. When the game gets flipped on her and shes really no longer in control a lot changes. Will Randy find out the fact that his first lady isnt as holy as he thinks? This is truly a game of Holy Seduction.

  • Olivia
    2019-05-03 21:28

    First Lady Denise puts new meaning into the word "holy roller", she is not one to roll on the church floors, and unfortunately her rolling is between the sheets of various lovers. Denise is a Pastor's wife who is neglected by a hubby who her gives her the good life naturally but spiritually and emotionally things are falling apart, unbeknownst to him. Instead of of communicating this to him, she takes her energies into focusing on anything that's tall, dark and handsome that catches her attention. Things seem to be flowing in her favor til she starts realizing one of her lovers Tyrone, who is obsessed with Denise is not looking for a "wham bamm, thank you ma'am" but wants a real relationship with her. Denise has no intentions of leaving her good life but soon she finds out that life is not about "having your cake and eat it too", but rather life is dictated by "what a man soweth that shall he reaps." I enjoyed reading this book because it brings a lot of realistic issues to the forefront.One thing is that those in ministry must not neglect their natural families and homes and focus solely on their spiritual families. There has to be a balance there. Many times those who people feel have the good life have the greatest struggles and battles within. Unfortunately instead of looking to God for the source of the strength, many set out to feed the vices that's calling them to destruction. The wonderful thing readers will get out of this book is about sometimes, forgiveness and redemption comes knocking at the door with a bang!

  • Angelia
    2019-05-16 20:40

    Holy Seduction seemed to be an attempt at a christian fiction novel but this book was not about all or some of the people in the church for the most part it was about one person from the church and that was the first lady....Denise Tate.....There was nothing really happening in the church nor with the people in the church....There really wasn't much mention of the church until the first lady would complain that her loving husband spent to much time there....Denise was a very selfish person who thought only of what she wanted or needed at the time....With all of that said this book was just an OKAY read and the ending left a lot to be desired!!!! Yep, the First Lady was out there giving it away every chance she got and the Hubby was always the loving husband. But as the saying goes what's done in the dark for TOO LONG will come to light and hence the story unfolds!!!! With this story ending the way that it did I can see a part two but hopefully the author will get all the typos and grammar errors taken care of.....

  • Yvette
    2019-04-28 15:30

    This book gets a rating of 4 Stars from me. When I read the books description, I knew that the storyline would be interesting. Since it was about a First Lady who did a whole lot of sexing behind her Rev. Husband's back, I expected the book to have some pretty sizzling sex scenes...NOT! It was not X-Rated in the least bit. She had a lot of sex but there was never really any detail. Then I started thinking that this book probably was not going to hold my attention. Surprisingly, it was pretty good! I read it straight through and it was interesting. I was a little disappointed by the ending and because it really JUST ENDED, I expectged more. I am hoping that there will be a sequel on the way. If there is a sequel, I will get it because I am very curious to know whats next! Overall the book was a good read, I enjoyed it.

  • African Americans on the Move Book Club
    2019-05-12 22:34

    Holy Seduction By Jessica A. RobinsonHoly Seduction stands on its own when it comes to depicting the typical first lady. Denise however was not the bible gripping, sit on the first pew kind of first lady. Talk about a women who wanted to have hers and then some. If you think you know it all from books set in the church you are mistaken. This book is so different that I had to take a second glanced at what I was reading. Jessica Robinson did a awesome job creating a first lady you will love to hate with her shallow mind, cheating demeanor, and selfish attitude. I don’t know if you all are ready for this one. I recommend it highly.Tamika NewhouseAAMBC Reviewer

  • Nancy Stewart
    2019-05-10 17:28

    Oh my God. I have read plenty of books but this one had me wanting more. I had never heard of Mrs Jessica but so glad I stumbled upon this book. I flew to the library for book 2. At the end of the book my eyes lit up and so did my babes because I kept him informed on every detail. I highly recommend Holy seduction. She is my favorite author and as I stated earlier I have read plenty books. Thank you Jessica, jeep writing.