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In fall, scarecrows stand in the fields. See how these symbols of fall make it a fun season....

Title : Scarecrows
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ISBN : 9781429600279
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 24 Pages
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Scarecrows Reviews

  • Erin
    2019-07-06 15:05

    Simple nonfiction book about scarecrows. Good for preschool or toddler storytimes.

  • Andrea Hussey
    2019-07-04 13:23

    I expected this to be so much better than it was. It was so short and didn't have enough meat to it. There were at most two short, simple sentences on the left page, with a picture on the right. Mostly it was only one sentence though. For a kids' book, this is even really lacking. There were only 9 pages of text in the story, with 9 pictures. I don't know why someone thought this required an index and a glossary and page numbers, because it was so short! I'd been thinking children's books needed page numbers but not a book like this.The first page was not very promising. "It's fall. The weather is getting cooler. Scarecrows stand in the cornfields." Bad writing. The second scarecrow wasn't even a scarecrow. It had a body and gloves for hands, but no face. It was a hat hanging off of a stick. There wasn't even a face! It was odd how the author wrote scarecrows are stuffed with yellow straw. Made even weirder in the glossary when the author wrote straw is usually yellow. Then did it have to be said that they're stuffed with yellow straw? It would have better to just say they're stuffed with straw and leave it at that. I didn't like the scarecrow girl on the swing, mostly because she had short, fat legs with straw hanging out and it looked really weird. After saying that scarecrows stand in gardens to scare birds away, it didn't really make sense to put one on a swing.The page zoomed in on a pair of yellow rubber boots and a pair of jeans with a duck and moon drawn wasn't good. I like traditional scarecrows and clothing, not an outfit like this. And it didn't make sense to say that scarecrows wear boots on their straw feet, after having just shown a picture of a scarecrow with no shoes at all, much less boots. I didn't think the page titled "Fun with Scarecrows" stating that people use them as fun fall decorations, or the page about people dressing them in funny ways should have been included at all. It branched away from scarecrows and turned into decorations and I didn't like that. The page with the boy wearing the scarecrow costume was cute I guess. At least people like scarecrows enough to wear costumes, and I think a scarecrow costume would be so cute! The page titled "Other Signs of Fall" was so dumb. "Scarecrows are a sign of fall." We already established that through the whole book! "What are other signs that it's fall?" There is no answer, and I think it should have had another page showing things to do with fall to show kids the other things to do with fall, so they know they got it right. I did like the page showing a close-up of a pumpkin with the green stem as a nose, and wispy straw hair under a straw hat. I liked that it showed that scarecrows wear hats. I guess the glossary was a nice addition, so kids could fully understand the words used. I didn't like the read more section with two other fall books, or the internet sites, and the index at the back of the book. It's like an informational book for older students doing book reports, but this is for such a young group of readers that they're too young for book reports and so don't need all of these extra things in the book. It was modeled after books for older people is what I'm saying. I love scarecrows and I couldn't wait to see all of the different styles and outfits, but it wasn't like that at all.

  • Miss Kelly
    2019-06-30 14:09

    Good book that I used for story time for the theme; scarecrows