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For his birthday, Calvin’s mother gives him two tickets to see Lomax the Magnificent (magician and hypnotist extraordinaire!). Even though Mama hints that his little sister, Trudy, would love to go, Calvin doesn’t hesitate to invite his friend Rodney instead.The boys return home greatly impressed by the magician’s performance. When Calvin’s mother goes out, she leaves himFor his birthday, Calvin’s mother gives him two tickets to see Lomax the Magnificent (magician and hypnotist extraordinaire!). Even though Mama hints that his little sister, Trudy, would love to go, Calvin doesn’t hesitate to invite his friend Rodney instead.The boys return home greatly impressed by the magician’s performance. When Calvin’s mother goes out, she leaves him in charge of Trudy. It’s a job Calvin dislikes because his sister does not want to be left out of anything. So Calvin and Rodney include her—by making her the first subject for their own hypnotizing machine.Much to the boys’ surprise, the machine works. But unfortunately they cannot undo what they have done. Trudy is stuck in her trance, convinced she is a dog—panting, drooling, and barking at squirrels. The only problem is, Calvin can’t remember Lomax’s magic word—Probuditi!—so Trudy won’t snap out of it!The boys are worried and decide to take Trudy to the one man they know can solve their problem—but will Lomax help them? Mama is on her way home . . . Who will have the last laugh?...

Title : Probuditi!
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ISBN : 9780618755028
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 32 Pages
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Probuditi! Reviews

  • CatherineMustread
    2019-03-17 14:54

    From the book's press release: " . . . . in Van Allsburg's hands, even the solid ground of a small town is magical. "Probuditi," pronounced pro-boo-dih-TEE, is a Serbo-Croation word that means 'awaken.'" Loved the surprise twist at the end. And can't seem to get the word out of my mind.

  • Cat
    2019-03-06 13:52

    Too funny! Loved this story!

  • Courtney Barter
    2019-03-15 09:40

    Probuditi! features Calvin on his birthday. He visits a hypnotist with his friend and decide they can be hypnotists. They hypnotize Calvin's little sister. But soon, their mother will be home! What do they do!? Fun book with yet again, AMAZING illustrations by Chris Van Allsburg. Illustrator Project Book #2

  • Megumi Shavers
    2019-03-16 09:40

    This book is labeled as science fiction and is for children in the age group of P. This book did not win any awards, but this author is has won awards. He is most known for Jumanji and The Polar Express. This book is about two young boys who see a magician and hypnotist extraordinaire for one of the boy's birthday. After they leave the show they think it would be funny if they could hypnotize one of the boy's sister. However, after they do it, they realize that they cannot turn the sister back to normal. So they try different methods to try and change the sister back to normal before their mother finds out. The first thing that caught my attention was the artwork. The pictures remind me of s story that took place in the 60's. The pictures alone could tell the story without the text. Thats how well the pictures were illustrated in this book. Unlike most books this book was illustrated in sepia and not color. I found this story a little humorous at the end. It kind of leaves a mystery of whether the sister was really hypnotized or not. The plot was easy to spot and could be a lesson for children. I think boys and girls will like it. Boys will like it because it shows the curiosity that most boys have after they see something they want to try. Girls will like it because the sister actually threw them off with her last statement in the book , “ Know what else I like, that ice cream I had this afternoon. Chocolate chip's my favorite.”

  • Riven
    2019-02-19 17:50

    ‘Probuditi!’ by ‘Jumanji’ and ‘The Polar Express’ author Chris Van Allsburg is the story of a boy who goes to see a magician and uses the mind control techniques he witnesses to hypnotise his sister. A race against time subsequently follows as the boy and his friend try to find the magician so they can get the magic word to snap his sister out of her trance before his mother gets home.The story, set in 1940’s America, does view the period with rose or I should say brown tinted spectacles however the interesting and warm chocolate coloured art does convey a sense of the era and the heat of a long hot American summers day.The book is gripping, all be it with a fairly predictable ending, and documents the relationship between siblings that the majority of children will be able to relate to. I feel the book could also provide a good starter point for cross curricular study in areas such as Geography and History.This is a good value book which should fit nicely into Key Stage 1 learning whether it be used as part of lessons, guided reading or simply as a book that the more advance readers can enjoy on their own.

  • Claudia
    2019-02-26 13:28

    In Van Allsburg's hands, all stories become magical. This one is a strange little one, but very satisfying. It's Calvin's birthday...and besides all his favorite foods for dinner, he recieves tickets to a magic show. He does NOT take his sister, as their mom hints. He takes his best friend Rodney. They watch the famous hypnotist, Lomax the Magnificent and have a great time.At home, they are to watch Calvin's little sister, Trudy. But they decide they, too, are magnificent and will hypnotize Trudy. They have a great time with their new 'puppy' Trudy, until the spell refuses to wear off...even the magic word, "probuditi" will not work!And mom is coming home! And Trudy is a puppy! They're desperate...and desperate kids are Van Allsburg's favorite kind of kids.Gentle illustrations for this story set in the past...I loved the fact that Calvin is African American and Rodney is white, but there is no mention in the words...just two boys who play together, tease together, and get caught in troubles of their own making together.

  • Chrissy Muller
    2019-03-13 15:33

    This book had such a surprising ending! I would have never guessed how things would finish up! This aspect made me like the book so much! One thing I didn't like, however, was how some of the pages would begin mid-conversation. That took a bit of time to actually figure out what's going on. Although I liked the illustrations, I did not think that some of them really tied in that well with what was going on in the story at that point. This book seemed to be set some time in the past, possibly the 60's, but it never stated where the setting was! That was also something I did not like very much. The gist of this story was a little girl getting revenge on her brother for pulling a prank on her, and this would appeal to many children because I'm sure most of them have siblings that they pick on, or that pick on them! That being so, this story would appeal to many of my future students.

  • Mayra Martinez
    2019-03-05 15:39

    This book is about a boy that on his birthday he gets tickets to a show of a magician and hypnotist. Two friends go to the show and are amazed with the show. They decided to build a machine and test it on his sister. They were surprised it worked but they couldn’t get her back to normal. The hypnotist used a word, but they couldn’t remember. They tried many things until they decided to wet her and make noise. His mom found out and got in trouble. At the end the sister went to give him something to eat and asked what the machine was, he told her that he was hypnotized. When one is hypnotized one doesn’t know what happened but then the girl says something that happened when she was supposedly hypnotized. So the girl tricked her brother.

  • Patrick
    2019-02-23 13:43

    I love Chris Van Allsburg and we checked out a handful of books from the library last week. This one was new to me. I don't know what the deal is with me and covers lately, but I didn't like this one either. The title gives you no clue about the content of the story and the picture really doesn't either. The chicken-dancin', garter-showin' lady is kind of funny, but I would have chosen the picture of the magician on the left side of that same page or one of the sister doing dog-like things. Anyway, the story is OK. Kind of funny. There's a kid named Rodney in it. Not the mysticalish, mysterious, classic Van Allsburg stuff I love.

  • Nancy Mosqueda
    2019-03-21 13:45

    Chris Allsburg's "Produditi!" is a fun story detailing the adventures of a boy, his friend, and sister after having hypnotized her. On his birthday, after having been given tickets for a magic show by his mother, the boy decides to hypnotize his annoying sister into believing she is a dog. Throughout the day, he attempts to bring her back to be herr annoying self and so he takes her to the magician, who is gone. In the process, she devours their ice-cream. In the end, he finds out that she truely was not hypnotized and that all the trouble he got into trying to bring her back was for nothing because the whole time, she had played him.

  • Samantha Penrose
    2019-02-25 16:41

    Cute story.I withheld a star because hypnotized Trudy is creepy to look at...

  • Tyler Schoening
    2019-02-19 11:30

    Probuditi! is another charming, magical book by Chris Van Allsburg. It is the story of a little boys birthday gone awry. After receiving two tickets to a magic show Calvin and Rodney attempt to pull one of the tricks on his sister. The hypnotism backfires as they realize they forgot the magic word to change her back and they wander the city trying to find the magician for help. Unsuccessfully they return home and decide to shock her back. Soaking her and frieghtening her just as the mom appears she snaps out of it and runs crying to her arms. Calvin is sent to bed without his birthday dinner only to be told she had not been hypnotized the whole time.The story carries good meaning, along with being funny and entertaining. The escapades of the boys as they deal with the hypnotized sister are goofy and she is comedic. And the art is compelling incredibly large and drawn with great detail. It is very much a tale of treating others how you wish to be treated. As Calvin is not very kind to his sister (as most older brothers are) pranking her, not inviting her to things, and generally displaying annoyance for her. Finally, she gets the last laugh faking her hypnotism eating the boys ice cream, spoiling her brothers birthday dinner, but ultimately spending his birthday with him. It has a lot to show young students about caring for others and the consequence that can occur when you don't take others feelings into account.

  • Marsha
    2019-03-17 13:48

    With his grainy yet expressive pictures and compact story, Mr. Van Allsburg crafts a witty, short story of a naughty boy’s prank that backfires. Calvin should treat his little sister Trudy better. But, from the very first page, he gives her grief even though it’s his birthday and his Mama has warned him once about good behavior. But it’s Trudy who has the last laugh. Anyone who has ever been made the butt of a mean-spirited practical joke by a sibling will appreciate Trudy’s revenge on her older brother. Mr. Van Allsburg has once again captured what makes a family tick…and sometimes explode.

  • Kelly
    2019-03-07 10:39

    Another amazingly illustrated book by Van Allsburg. A boy goes to see a hypnotist on his birthday, then decides it would be fun to hypnotize his little sister. It was a fun, fun book and I loved the ending.

  • June
    2019-03-19 10:42

    Unfortunately, I don't think the cover is very appealing to children. At least the camp group today did not select it.However, I personally enjoy this story with a twist ending where a younger sister gets the better of her older brother.

  • Hααℓєу♡ Ƒιѕнєя
    2019-03-04 10:52

    I really liked this story. It was fun and the illustrations were nice.

  • Francesca
    2019-03-20 12:47


  • Tim Armstrong
    2019-03-04 14:25

    Another twist on the ideas first put forward in Jumanji. Typically, yet again, another excellent Van Allsburg. And as always beautifully illustrated.

  • Michael
    2019-03-05 10:49

    If you turn your little sister into a dog, she will eat your ice cream.

  • DaNae
    2019-03-12 12:35

    Funny and subtle. Long for a storytime read aloud.

  • Shannon Alexander
    2019-02-21 11:34

    This book is about a young boy who receives 2 tickets to a magic show for his birthday. His mom hints that he should take his sister with him, because he kind of owes it to her considering how much he pranks and messes with her. The boy takes his best friend instead. At the magic show, the boys witness the magician hypnotizing a woman into acting like a chicken, and then snapping her out of the hypnotic state by saying "Probuditi!" The boys are very impressed with this magic and decide to rig their own hypnosis machine at home using an erector set. The use their new device on the boy's little sister, of course. They hypnotize her into acting like a dog, which she starts doing immediately, panting and all. They play with her as if she was an actual dog for awhile, until their elderly neighbor complains about all of the noise. The boys decide they want to turn the little girl back into herself, but they realize that they can't remember the magic word that will set her back. They start to panic and decide that they need to go see the magician so he can turn her back into herself. They place the little girl in a wagon and set out to find the magician. They stop to get an ice cream cone and the little girl takes big bites out of it just like a dog would do. They do find the magician, but he's in a car that quickly drives away and they never get a chance to talk to him. The boys return home and decide that the best thing to do is to scare the little girl back into herself, much like one does when they are trying to get rid of someone's hiccups. They dump cold water on her, just as the boy's mother returns to see the whole thing. The girl does go back to being herself, but the boy is in big trouble and is sent to his room without his birthday dinner. Later that night, the little girl talks to her brother about the events that happen. At first it seems like she didn't remember any of it because she was under a trance, but it is revealed that she was the one tricking him the whole time because she mentions the ice cream she took big bites out of. I thought this book was pretty cute, especially if you have siblings and can relate to all the pranking that goes on. I don't know if a child would think this book is very interesting though. It's kind of long and all of the imagery is sepia…I'd suggest this book be read to 3rd graders and up.

  • Chloey Jones
    2019-03-19 13:40

    A delightfully entertaining story of a young boy who receives tickets to his favorite magician for his birthday. Thrilled he took his best friend to the show and they came back trying to repeat some of the tricks they observed. Annoyed by his pestering little sister they decided to bring her into his room to see if their hypnotizer worked and when told to be a dog she instantly began acting as one. The boys were blown away their contraption worked until they realized they couldn't bring his sister back to normal. Panicked the boys rushed their new pet downtown to try and get the magician to switch her back but it was to late. Their last resort was not approved by mother and banned the birthday boy to his room. Later that evening when the sister was told to deliver the birthday boy his peanut butter sandwich he began to brag about her being a dog when she cleverly informed him she was faking the hole time. Van Allsburg has a remarkable illustration style. In most of his books the illustrations are complete black and white. I believe this allows the reader to fill in the spaces with their own color and propel them into the olden days as watching an old time movie. He also is able to capture the perfect emotion and display the exact expressions one would imagine for each scenario. Often his illustrations make one chuckle as the expressions are so intense and accurate that you can't help but think of all the times that expression had be plastered across one's face.The story overall was very clever and relatable to children with siblings. Siblings always fight and bicker back and forth and are constantly teasing each other. When her brother put a fake bug in her bed the girl decided being the dog would be great pay back as he ended up with no beloved birthday dinner or cake. The plot of the story rushes one back to when they were a child and the pranks and tricks each other pulled on siblings and how far we went to ensure our bother or sister got pulled from a family activity or their birthday dinner. Another well executed and thought out story by Mr. Van Allsburg.

  • Natalee Huguez
    2019-02-19 13:39

    Probuditi! is a story about Calving and his experience with his friend Rodney. For Calvin's birthday they go to see Lomax the Magnificent. During the show, Lomax hypnotizes a woman to act like a chicken, and this gives the boys a wild idea. While Mama is out of the house, Calvin and Rodney decide to hypnotize Calvin's little sister, Trudy. The hypnotizing works and Trudy acts like a dog for the entire day. But when they forget the magic word to pull Trudy out of her trance, and Mama is on her way home, their only solution is to find Lomax himself. Mama is on her way home, and the boys end up dumping water all over Trudy. Surprisingly, it works, but Calvin's birthday is spent in his bedroom for the rest of the day. One great part about this book was the twist in the plot. The boys snap Trudy out of it before Mama gets home, but when Calvin confesses to his actions, Mama did not find it all too funny. At the very end of the story, after Calving is stuck in his bedroom and misses out on his birthday dinner and cake. Trudy comes in to tell him how yummy it all was, and then we find out that Trudy was faking it the entire time. This is very entertaining for the reader because it is really unexpected and tricky of Trudy. She beat her older brother at his own game and I think a lot of children can relate to this. If they haven't had an experience similar to this with pranks and their friends or siblings, this might put some ideas in their head for the next time there is no supervision. The illustrations in the book could tell the story if the text was cut out. There is not color, which may not be very alluring for children, but once they see all of the detail it will not matter. Each page is perfectly detailed and shows exactly what is going on in the story. The emotions of the characters are what really stood out to me. Although the reader is not always told which character is feeling what, the illustrations provided a great reference and it really helped develop the characters who did not have much description about them. The illustrations and text work really well together to provide an entertaining story about magic, trickery, and sibling rivalry.

  • Jasmine Yanich
    2019-03-08 15:33

    This book tells the story of two boys, Calvin and Rodney, who go see a hypnotist on Calvin's birthday and decide that they want to try hypnosis themselves. They make a contraption very similar to the one that the hypnotist had, and end up hypnotizing Calvin's little sister, Trudy. They tell her she is a dog and she ends up acting like a dog. They soon realize that they do not remember the word that is supposed to be said to get rid of the hypnosis. They get Trudy in a wagon and take her to the theater to try and find the hypnotist but he is gone. Once they get back, they just try to surprise Trudy by banging on trash can lids and pouring water on her. She screams and wakes up just as Calvin's mom is coming home and sees it all. Calvin could not decide if he should tell his mom that he hypnotized Trudy, but he did not even have time to think before his mother grabbed him and took him into the house. He had to spend the rest of his birthday in his room without getting to have his favorite meal. When Trudy brings him a peanut butter sandwich for dinner Calvin tells her about how she was hypnotized and that she does not remember anything because of the hypnosis. Trudy tells him that his birthday meal was very good, as was the ice cream that they had earlier on their trip to try and snap Trudy out of her hypnosis. I think this book would be good to have in the classroom for kids to be able to read. It is very interesting, and magicians/hypnotists are oftentimes an interest of young children. I think students might like to read it, and I think it proves a good point. While hypnotists are very cool, I think that this book shows that it is not a good idea to try everything they see at a show like that.

  • Kaitlyn Corbin
    2019-03-12 15:36

    In this book a young boy named Calvin goes to see a magician with his friend Rodney. They see a hypnotism being done and decide to try it out on Calvin’s little sister Trudy. They have Trudy act like a dog but soon become worried when they cannot snap her out of the trance. They travel around the town trying to find the magician to help but he leaves before they can reach them. Instead, the boys dump water on her trying to wake her up which ends up working. However, Calvin’s mother comes home just when this happens and sends him to his room without his favorite dinner. Trudy comes up and gives him a sandwich instead. Calvin tells her about the hypnotism and how she doesn’t remember because if she did she wasn’t really hypnotized. Trudy tells him how great his dinner was especially the ice cream she had earlier… the ice cream she ate while hypnotized which reveals that she was never really hypnotized all along. Chris Van Allsburg continued to write an amusing book with his unique illustrations and coloring. When used in the classroom, teachers are able to reflect with their students on the importance of not playing tricks on others because you could miss out on something good. If Calvin didn't mess with his sister then he wouldn't have had to go to his room on his birthday without his favorite dinner. However, I fee like this book was a little too much because I really empathized with Calvin. He was just being a normal brother and shouldn't have been punished to such extent on his birthday.. and why was his mother not with him on his birthday anyways!? This is what led me to giving the book three stars because I still did enjoy it.

  • Jennifer Wardrip
    2019-02-28 15:32

    Reviewed by Me for Kids @ TeensReadToo.comFrom the Coldecott Medal-winning author of such beloved storybooks as JUMANJI and THE POLAR EXPRESS comes another whimsical story in the form of PROBUDITI! With beautiful illustrations and a premise that any child will love, this is another storybook that's sure to please. When Calvin receives two tickets to see Lomax the Magnificent, a famous magician and hypnotist, for his birthday, he knows just who he'll take with him--and it's not Trudy, his little sister. With his best friend, Rodney, Calvin watches Lomax perform some amazing magic, most memorable of which was hypnotizing a woman in the audience and having her believe she was a chicken. When the boys return home, they decide they'll make a contraption to hypnotize someone--and who better to experiment on than Trudy? But when Trudy really starts acting like she's a dog and the boys can't snap her out of it, Calvin starts to worry. And when things don't go as planned and he misses out on his special birthday dinner, the giggles he got from seeing his sister bark and walk around on all fours turns into anger. Especially when he finds out that hypnotism might not have been behind Trudy's dog act, after all. My kids loved this story. My son thought that hypnotizing his little sister sounded like a great idea; my daughter felt that her big brother missing out on his birthday cake was great payback. Mr. Van Allsburg has written and illustrated another wonderful storybook that kids of all ages are sure to enjoy. Kudos!

  • Tiffany
    2019-03-10 09:53

    A little boy named Calvin watches a magician hypnotize a woman on stage and then he and his friend Rodney decide to hypnotize Rodney's sister, Trudy. They hypnotize her into acting like a dog and doing tricks. At the end of the story, Trudy lets Calvin know through a subtle clue that she was actually playing a joke on them and she wasn't hypnotized at all!Probuditi is one of my favorite picture books! I love this book for many reasons. I really enjoy seeing how the class reacts to the story. Throughout most of the book, the boys in the class are usually loving the magic part and how the boys are playing a trick on Trudy. However, I love turning to that last page and seeing the smiles on the girls' faces when they realize that Trudy outsmarted the boys. The boys' faces are priceless. They often groan and offer up how they would "really know how to hypnotize" their little sister/cousin.There is a lot of rich vocabulary that can be explored in this book. (hypnotist, hypnotize, matinee, etc) The illustrations are very detailed and help the reader with the most important parts of the story. I really like that the text is in the same place and in the same type of box on each page. It allows the reader to focus on the beautiful illustrations. I lifted up the dust jacket and saw that on the cover of the book is the "spiral" hypnotizing wheel that is used in the story. That coupled with the illustration on the dust jacket should give the reader a pretty good prediction about what may be happening in the story.

  • Katelynn Callahan
    2019-03-15 16:37

    It is Calvins birthday and for his present his mother gave him two tickets to see the extraordinary Lomax,a world famous magician and hypnotist.Calvin takes his best friend Rodney with him and the two watch in awe when Lomax hypnotizes a woman from the crowd. When Calvin goes home he decides to try and hypnotize his little sister. It seems to work and she becomes a dog. Calvin cannot remember the magic words to switch her back so he tries to find the magician from the show to tell him. After a long trip to the theater they miss Lomax and have to go back home, his little sister still as a dog. When they get home their mom arrives home shortly after. Trudy, Calvins little sister magically comes out of her hypnotism and begins crying. Calvin gets in trouble for upsetting his sister and is sent to his room without his favorite birthday dinner. Later Trudy comes into his room and brings him a sandwhich and lets Calvin know that she had tricked him and was never actually hypnotized.The images in the story are very bland. They are all done in browns and there is never any bright colors. The illustrator did a good job creating amusing pictures for children for the part of the story when Trudy is a dog. I think that the story should be read to slightly older students because the theme of the book can be mistaken by young kids. It portrays a real life scenario where the brother likes to plays tricks on his little sister but when the little sister tricks him back she doesn't get the same punishment as her brother did.

  • Hannah Wolf
    2019-02-26 10:27

    In this funny tale a boy named Calvin get tickets to see Lomax the Magnificent on his birthday. He takes his friend Rodney and they are amazed that the Lomax can hypnotize a girl to make her believe she's a chicken! When they get home Rodney makes a contraption to hypnotize Rodney's sister. They can't believe it actually works when his sister starts acting like a dog. Later they realize they can't make her snap out of it even by saying Lomax's magic word "Probuditi" so they take her to the Lomax. She finally snaps out of it when Calvin's mom gets home but in the end she mentions that she remembers how good the ice cream was which means she was never really hypnotized at all.The illustrations in this book were fantastic. They were so life like and vivid. Chris used to be an artist before he started writing and you can really see that come out in his books. His illustrations are some of the best I've seen so far and will probably be one of my favorite illustrators from now on. The text also intertwined very well with the story. It was not one sided, the illustrations and texts worked well together and did not outshine one another.Another thing I enjoyed about this book was how the text was written. It was very conversational and easy to read. It was almost like you were in the scene with them. Having the text written like that makes it easier for children to read on their own. Overall this one of my favorite children books that I have read.

  • Robert
    2019-02-21 11:34

    I'm a huge Chris Van Allsburg fan. Back in the beginning of my teaching career I created a unit using many of his books. Somewhere along the line I got away from that. I have been planning on reviving that for next year so have been researching. One thing is that I didn't keep up with Van Allsburg's newer books. I've slowly been filling in the holes. This is the last one, I think, I need for my collection. I found it on ebay for $1.00. It is in excellent shape and is a hardback book. Awesome!And awesome is indeed the word. While I had the hook figured out immediately, the master did all he could to move me off of it. This is a longer book than most of his offerings. Nevertheless, the final page confirmed what I knew. Ha!The illustrations are classic Van Allsburg! Astounding.A little boy likes to play tricks on his little sister. His mother warns him to behave on his birthday. He and a friend see a magic show and then the fun begins. A very good read. This would be a good book to use for sequencing. The word "muttered" was used quite well here (that's a word I teach in my classroom).This is a must for Van Allsburg fans.****I was most impressed that a few of my students picked up the failed attempts at solving the problem without me pointing them out. They do learn! :)****17 February 201224 February 201210 March 2014