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snipsnap!SNIPSNAP!SNIPSNAP!What's that?And what will the children do once they find out?...

Title : Snip Snap! What's That?
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ISBN : 9780060777548
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 32 Pages
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Snip Snap! What's That? Reviews

  • Gwen the Librarian
    2019-07-24 14:36

    This is one of my favorite books to read aloud. There is drama, suspense, and a tremendous conclusion. The kids will get involved with you when you ask, "And were the children scard?" the kids will yell, "You bet they were!" I read this in an interview and it did the trick, so it should work for your group too! A mite scary for under 3 or scaredy-cats.

  • Ina
    2019-07-12 18:38

    This book is a great read aloud! My story time audience got up and gathered around the book to find out what happens when three children are stalked by a big mean alligator who comes "creeping...creeping...creeping up the stairs." The kids gathered around the book in order to point out all the wonderful details to be found in the illustrations. The colors are bright and the text is filled with wonderful sounds and the repeated phrase, "Were the children scared? You bet they were!" It didn't take long for the kids to pick up on that and they giggled as they joined in. The alligator comes closer and closer and and scarier and scarier until the children decide they have had enough of that scary old alligator. In the end, as a tribute to the urban legend, the alligator is seen slinking home - and the last illustration shows just the tip of his tail disappearing into a man-hole with the cover pushed aside. "Snip snap! The end."

  • Sarah Murray
    2019-07-07 14:58

    I absolutely loved this book. The author included many sound effects, which children always have fun doing. Not only did this book have great sound effects, it used many adjectives to describe the alligator as well as the children. The adjectives described how the alligator was moving, what it looked like, as well as how terrifying it was to the children. As a child, i would love to hear my mom read a story to me and do all the sound effects. It would make me excited about reading that story and to hear about the alligator.Another great part of this story was the choice of color and illustration method. The colors help the children pay more attention to the story. The pictures also had a great way for the children to point out where the alligator was. The illustrator would draw bits and pieces of the alligator, not the full thing. This book would also be good to include the kids and ask questions like, how would they feel if an alligator was in their home etc.

  • Bhargavi Balachandran
    2019-06-25 12:48

    I really wish the children had befriended the alligator. The illustrations were cute and rhyming was clever. It was pretty funny, too. The only 'but' for me was the ending.

  • Taylor Railey
    2019-07-21 12:40

    This is a fabulous book to read aloud. I work in an after school care program with kindergarteners and they really enjoyed listening to this story. I was able to change my voice tone to follow the story life. The suspense really engaged the children and the were able to catch on with the repeated "you bet they were" line. The story was about an alligator who creeped up to a group of children to scare them but at the story they were able to get courage and actually scare the alligator instead. The illustrations were very colorful and visually appealing. I loved how the text was different through out the story depending on what was going on. Sometimes it was all capitalized and sometimes is was big and scattered through the page. It added to the illustrations and suspense.

  • Jackie
    2019-06-24 15:57

    Repetition makes this alligator tale (no pun intended) predictable and hilarious. The children hear a ‘snip snap’ all through the house and ask, ‘what’s that?’ time and time again until the alligator gets closer and closer. Were they scared? You bet they were! They try to hide, they try to get out of its way, when they decide to take the upper hand and tell the alligator to get out. Now, it is the alligator’s turn to be scared…was it? You bet it was! A great story for predicting, while a child can relate to imaginary things that are can sometimes be scary without being real.

  • Emma
    2019-06-23 18:35

    Yet another book received from my library that I assume is missing pages, possibly the entire first part of the story. I started with an alligator crawling up the stairs. I'm not sure how he got there or what the children are doing home alone. Very strange, needless to say. What I did read sounded like a lot of fun.

  • Michelle
    2019-07-18 16:44

    One of my children's first "scary" bedtime stories, and part of my top five favorite children's stories of all time. A classic in our home.

  • Camilla Brooks
    2019-06-29 11:55

    This is a wonderful book to read aloud to kids! The use of alliteration, rhymes, attention to detail and gorgeous illustrations add amazing detail and beauty to the story. Vibrant colors fill the pages and is easy to see from far away, making it a wonderful read aloud book. The book prompts questions to the reader and is done in a humorous way that every kid would love. The use of different fonts and word shapes draw attention to the exciting and/or interesting aspects of the story and really work to make the whole story complete.

  • Erin
    2019-07-16 17:05

    Three children are frightened by the scary alligator with long teeth and claws of an alligator that has crept up their stairs...until they decide that they are tired of being afraid and take a stand against the alligator. This is a super cute book. We read this book for storytime and the kids loved it.

  • Drew Graham
    2019-07-02 16:01

    When an alligator finds its way from the sewer to an apartment building it understandably frightens the three children who live there. Can they overcome their fear and send it packing?I didn't expect much from this book for some reason but it was really fun. It's a book about overcoming your fears cleverly disguised behind the unique premise of an alligator stalking a trio of siblings in a big city apartment building. Yep.

  • Nathan
    2019-06-27 19:38

    read to me by my 1st grader.

  • Rachel
    2019-07-09 17:42

    Story time September 2017--the favorite from Alligator story time! They got very into this one.

  • Casandria
    2019-07-07 18:58

    Great quick story time book that will get kids interacting!AlligatorsFeelings

  • Alicia Thompson
    2019-06-23 11:57

    By the second read of this one, my two year old said "you bet they were" with such gusto, it's totally a keeper.

  • Tyler
    2019-07-12 15:47

    Definitely wouldn't read this for Children's storytime! It's really good, but too scary.

  • Cal_Daily
    2019-07-23 13:01


  • Cosette
    2019-07-17 18:47

    Awesome! Loved the repetition! Great suspense and fabulous closing! Maybe the best book I've read this year. (It made my listener giggle)

  • Jordan Traen
    2019-07-06 15:49

    Snip Snap What's That was a beautifully illustrated storybook about a scary creeping alligator. This book has repetitive nature that is great for earlier reading learners. The words are displayed in an illustration type style where they actually become part of the pictures. Some words are in all capital letter and some are swirly and fall right off the page. The illustrations help move the plot of the story along and makes the book fun to read for all age types.

  • Kathryn Oyler
    2019-06-26 13:43

    Snip Snap! What’s That? Would be a great book to read aloud in a Kindergarten to 2nd grade classroom. The book had great illustrations with a variety of colors that would immediately catch the children’s attention. The detail in the illustrations helps tell the story as well. Different parts of the alligator are shown on each page, so the reader can catch on to the idea that the children are being followed. At the end of the story when the alligator jumps out and scares the children, the illustrator uses two full pages with just the face of the alligator up close. It’s somewhat suspenseful and keeps the reader wondering what is causing the “snip-snap” sound that is consistent throughout the story. It’s also a great way to get the children involved when reading the story by having them repeat “Snip snap! What’s that?”. The story is about an alligator that creepily follows a group of children. They try to escape the alligator, but cannot seem to avoid it. Eventually, the children find the courage to yell at the alligator to go away, and it suddenly becomes frightened and falls down the stairs.

  • Delicia
    2019-07-12 17:48

    Genre: fiction, picture bookTopic: alligators, Theme: overcoming fear, defeating monstersIllustrations: The illustrations are bright and colorful. They are highly supportive of the text. Several pages have no text, just illustrations.Reading Level: strong earlyUse: read aloud, guided reading, independent readingLiterary Elements: onomatopoeia, rhyming, word familiesThoughts:Snip Snap is the story of three children chased by an alligator. The alligator comes into their house and upstairs. The children are terrified and hide from the alligator. At the end of the story, the children gain courage and scare the alligator away.Snip Snap is an excellent book for a strong early reader. The words are mostly high frequency words with one or two syllables. The more difficult vocabulary words on the page all belong to the same word family: gnashing, crashing, flashing, for example. The text does move around on the page and it is colored text on colored backgrounds. The illustrations are highly supportive of the text.

  • Liz Hammet
    2019-06-25 17:38

    Snip Snap! What's That would be an excellent story to read-aloud to students. This book would probably be more appropriate for Kindergarten through second grade classrooms. The story is about an alligator that sneaks into a residential complex. The alligator creeps it's way into a residential unit and terrifies young children. The children keep trying to sneak away from it, but they cannot escape. Finally, the children scream at the alligator telling it to leave, and it becomes frightened of the children and leaves quickly. The illustrations help to tell the story as well. The alligator is largely drawn and the children look tiny in comparison to the alligator, which adds to the scariness of the alligator. The inside covers of the story also set the story, which would be necessary to discuss with students to help them be prepared for the plot. This story would also be a good tool for getting students to read along, because there is a lot of repetitiveness.

  • Mary
    2019-06-30 16:41

    An alligator finds its way into the house where three children live. It is determined to eat them, but no matter how scared the children get, they are able to scare the alligator even more and he runs away! It is a great book for narrative skills, sounds, repetition, and print motivation.This is a mildly scary story about an alligator that finds its way into a house of children and is trying to eat them. The children become more and more anxious as the alligator gets closer and closer. When the alligator is finally upon them, the children become brave and tell it to get out! The alligator becomes scared at this point, and runs out of the house and all of the way home.There is a lot of opportunity to talk with children about the story and what might happen next. The pictures are large and colorful and great for groups of children.

  • Kayla Williamson
    2019-07-13 12:56

    I really enjoyed this book because of all the sound effects that it had.l all children like sound effects I am who doesn't! It seems to make the book that much more interesting! It's also a way to keep the children entertained while reading to them! When you read the sound effects, have them say the sound effects as well! Another good thing about this book is the all the adjectives used in this book! It helps the kids know where the alligator is going, how he is moving, and how scared the children really were when they saw the alligator.The colors are so bright and vibrant. I love the illustration. The colors are amazing, and the way he made it to where it doesn't take away from the story is awesome! I also enjoyed how he did not draw the alligator completely and how you could always see where the alligator was throughout the entire story.

  • Courtney Turpen
    2019-07-17 14:59

    Wow! What a great book! This book was fun, short, and with good illustrations. The story line had a great rhyming sequence and pattern. It is suspenseful and unpredictable. It would be a great discussion for kids to have while reading this book. It starts out as an alligator creeping up the stairs and around the whole house to eat the three little children. Throughout the story they run and hide as much as possible. Until the end when they have finally had enough and tell the alligator to leave them alone. I personally enjoyed the illustrations in this book. They were colorful and busy. I felt it followed the story line and help me easily picture what was happening in my head. Kids could watch the story unfold right before their eyes. Even though some of the pictures were busy it would keep attentiveness while reading the book. I would recommend this book and rated it a four.

  • Madison Johnson
    2019-07-15 14:40

    This is a great picture book to read aloud to kindergarten to 2nd grade students. This book has great illustrations with lots of different colors that would keep the childrens attention. I think that the illustartions go along with the story very well the detail in the pictures help tell the story even further. It has great descriptive words, which could be a great beginning to a lesson on descriptive words.This book is about three children trapped in an apartment with an alligator, and the children were terrified. The alligator eats the front door, the drapes and then the sofa. The children get enough courage to yell at the aligator to get out, and it does. This is a great story that will keep the children on the edge of there seat.

  • Linsey Ward
    2019-06-24 12:49

    As an alligator comes creeping up the steps, a group of three children tried to hide. The alligator slithered,creaked its mouth open, and came closer and closer. "Where the children scared? You bet they were!" Finally they worked up the courage to yell, "Alligator, you get out!" The alligator stumbled down the stairs in fear. I love the onamonapias used in this book tangled throughout the illustrations. The fearful expressions on the children's faces are drawn simply by the changes of one or two lines. Nick Maland illustrated the story very well and caught the readers eye on every page.This would be a great book for a lesson on courage or incorporating it into anti-bullying programs.

  • Connie
    2019-07-21 15:01

    This is a great, suspenseful book about three children trapped in an apartment with an alligator. And were the children scared?YOU BET THEY WERE!Of course, there's a happy ending, when they finally stand up to the alligator and chase him away before he can eat them.This is great fun to read, with the frequent breaks to yell "YOU BET THEY WERE!" at the top of your lungs, and the opportunities to ham it up with those sound-words. I suppose it might be a little scary for some children, as there is the constant threat of death by alligator, but....

  • Michelle Marcano
    2019-07-23 14:37

    Love this book! It is a great book for young readers because of it's great illustrations.The story is bout three children chased by an alligator. The alligator comes into their house and upstairs. The children are terrified and hide from the alligator. At the end of the story, the children gain courage and scare the alligator away. Love this book to teach onomatopoeia and high frequency words. I also love this book to teach children how to make predictions about what will happen next in the story.

  • Kristen
    2019-07-17 15:55

    Just enough suspense is built here for little ones as an alligator comes "creeping... creeping... creeping up the stairs" toward three little kids. And were the kids in the story scared? "You bet they were!" As the alligator approaches with some great descriptive verbs (slithered, swoooooshed, gnashing) the kids run in terror, until, having had enough of "all this scary alligator stuff", they shout, "Alligator, you get out!" And now it's the alligator who is scared and runs away. Great for the Craft & Structure Common Core State Standard and for a writing lesson on descriptive verbs.