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Lill is just like any other normal girl--except she can foretell the future This "Zodiac P.I." transforms herself into the magic Detective Splca and looks to the stars to guide her way. Before long, she is joined by her childhood friend, Hiromi, who dreams of becoming a detective as skilled as Spica. Soon, no astral investigation is too arduous for this dynamic duo...

Title : Zodiac P.I., Vol. 2
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ISBN : 9781591823841
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 184 Pages
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Zodiac P.I., Vol. 2 Reviews

  • Sesana
    2019-07-09 12:41

    The mystery solutions are still pretty implausible, and I suspect that the first one is flat-out impossible. But she's solving mysteries with the power of the zodiac. I wasn't exactly expecting Holmes here. But it is a fun read, as long as I can keep up that willing suspension of disbelief, I really like the art, and I'm interested to see where this new rival storyline is going.

  • Yoru
    2019-07-20 20:16

    As with volume one, I can't give this a full five stars due to translation errors in the formatting. (The things you notice about something published through Tokyopop years later!)Otherwise however, volume 2 lives up to the standard set by the first volume pretty well. I did remember the way the cases in this particular volume were solved as opposed to when I re-read the first volume but it didn't make the read any less enjoyable. Again, a nice combination of fluffy slice-of-life, humor, zodiac fun, and a splash of mystery. I'm eager to get my hands on the remaining two volumes and finish the series up! (Shout-out to all fellow Libras; the spirit of the sign Libra shows up in this book, and she's a fairly accurate representation of Libras on a general whole!)

  • Starbubbles
    2019-06-27 14:12

    the dry ice issue. great theory about having a block of dry ice craved like the golden bust. but i have some issues. 1)you can't really carve dry ice. your tools aren't designed for that temperature. plus, to get smooth surfaces with ice carving, you melt the ice a little with your hand. you touch dry ice, you will probably end up with frostbite. 2) okay, so assuming you are able to carve dry ice, when the case was opened, it blinded the cop. how? i've seen dry ice up close and personal. it's cloudy. plus, it's not like you can paint it gold or anything. the paint would freeze before making it to the surface.3) when the case was opened, there was no fog. believe me, you open a case with dry ice, you get blasted with cold air, and there's fog. even if it doesn't overfill to spill outside of the case, there's still fog in the case. so yeah, those were my issues. feel slightly childish, but it was a fun case. it would have been more plausable if the case had a false bottom that activated with the turning of the key, and it fell below the table into another case that was padded to muffle the sound of it falling. you know, be totally coperfield about it. haha.

  • Cornelia
    2019-07-21 16:35

    22 When Lili assumes her secret identity of Spica, mysteries don 19t stand a chance because she 19s ready to solve them as a P.I. using her Star Ring and other secrets of the zodiac. I didn 19t really enjoy this book. Perhaps it 19s because it is the second volume, but I don 19t think so. It felt scattered and as though it lacked depth. The illustrations are busy and give a frenetic feeling to the fast paced-book. The plot lacked basis. Manga fans and readers who like short vignettes and action-packed series will likely enjoy this book. It gives good 1Ceyes on text 1D time.

  • Victoria
    2019-07-09 19:30

    Is a great book to read

  • Louise
    2019-06-26 18:25

    As the crimes get more serious so does the plot line. Though each mystery may be simple I find them all still very endearing and interesting.

  • Soobie can't sleep at night
    2019-07-16 19:41

    I started reading it because a dear friend said that I may like it. She was right. The story is quite OK and I really like the protagonist, because she's a quite strong female lead.

  • Brianna
    2019-07-20 17:29

    This is my third time reading this managa and i have to say that i still love the story line and the drawing in there. i will probably re-reading this series over and over again.

  • Shinyfox
    2019-07-17 12:32

    A good concept for a book but it wasn't executed well enough to keep my attention.

  • Chelsea
    2019-06-26 20:41

    This volume was a lot of fun and I am really enjoying the series so far.