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It had been one of the worst crashes in airline history, with over 300 dead and only one survivor. Now the dead were buried and the town of Eton tried to forget. But Keller, the survivor, wanted to know what unseen forces had left him still alive....

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The Survivor Reviews

  • Leo .
    2019-04-05 01:26

    Also made into a film. Read this as a teen and I think I had better read it again as I can't remember much about it.🐯👍

  • Andrew
    2019-04-17 03:30

    This is the next book I decided to go for my "vintage James Herbert re-read, ironically it is also his next book of his to be published. So as you would expect this a very visceral and if I may say blunt book not like his later publications. However do not get me wrong this is still a great book and to be honest this approach helps depict the brutal and horrific matter at hand. One of the things I have noticed that with recent films and other books being published after this (it was published in the 70s after all) have taken the edge of the the true horror of the story. After all when it was published such air disasters were rare and distant events, however films and TV shows have made high definition graphic air crashes and their aftermaths very direct and along with modern news coverage (and I guess an increase in air travel) means that the true horror of an air crash is very much in our imagination.I guess what I am saying (badly) is that for no fault of its own, a lot of the horror in this book has been diluted of masked by other events and stories. So what was shocking and horrific then, has now lost some of its impact- not because we have become so desensitised to it (an often cited criticism of horror) but more the world has come to reflect the events in the story - least the non-supernatural parts of it at least.Okay pondering about air disasters as a horror vehicle (no pun intended) aside the story rips along at a reasonable pace and you can see why it was itself optioned for a film (which I only got to see some years later and which does not really reflect the book at all, more stole the good points and ran off before the rest of the story could catch up).Anyway if you like stories of revenge and redemption then this is a great place to start and really from here you can see why James Herbert was being set as the British answer to Stephen King and I guess set the scene for the arrival of what some refer to as the "splatter punk" horror - but that is a conversation for another day.

  • Tony
    2019-04-26 03:14

    Read this many years ago when it was first published and it remains my favourite of his books.Excellent story, extremely gory and with an outstanding ending!

  • Graham
    2019-04-14 21:38

    My fourth Herbert read, after THE RATS, THE FOG and OTHERS. This is the weakest yet and despite an intriguing Australian film adaptation with Robert Powell it's a pretty uninspiring and familiar story.This slim novel begins with an impressive plane crash and loses momentum from there. A slow storyline involving the gradually returning memories of the sole survivor marks for familiar reading material, and each section is interspersed with ghost/horror sequences - seemingly random at first - of the kind we're familiar with from the likes of THE FOG. Eventually the storylines converge with various staples thrown in (demonic possession etc.) but the climax is completely routine.Admittedly, Herbert is a master of form when it comes to describing supernatural events and there are a fair few shuddersome moments en route. However, as a whole the novel just doesn't hold together making this one of his worst efforts.

  • Phil Morgan
    2019-04-21 05:36

    I first heard of James Herbert when given the novel, Ghosts of Sleath, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I have read another book by him as well but can't for the life of me remember what! This, however, is the first I've read getting back in to horrors.I don't have much to say about it to be honest. It's a rather mediocre story with plain, uninteresting characters and a guessable end. Sorta reminded me of a more Supernatural Final Destination in some aspects. I like how we got a spread of chapters focusing on townsfolk suffering paranormal activities and with our main protagonist, Keller. Structurally well written which makes up for a simple story.

  • Matt Douglas
    2019-04-26 02:34

    This is by far the weakest James Herbert book that I've read. The premise for the story is a promising one, but it's poorly executed and somewhat muddled and confusing. Deceased aircraft passengers become killers for reasons that are not entirely convincing or properly explained, and the same applies to much of the story. Weak, cardboard characters and dialogue, and a very bizarre climax to the story that left me hugely disappointed.James Herbert was a much better author than this.

  • Anne
    2019-04-17 21:18

    An exciting and riveting page turner. How has Keller survived this plane crash, where 300 perished. The graphic descriptions of the scene following the accident and the aftermath in the town where this took place have the reader on the edge of their seat, not recommended for anyone planning to fly very soon! The narrative flow, the descriptions, the characters are all larger than life. The mystery is maintained throughout, the background to the accident, the pilot Rogan, Keller, co-pilot, the only one who can cast a light on what happened on the night of this fateful trip. There are elements of the supernatural, the introduction of a clairvoyant, Hobbs, who seeks Keller out, and the details of the horror following the accident, where various local people suffer,This is well worth a read, but rather nightmare inducing for the susceptible. Keeps the reader guessing to the end, as various strands are brought together. Very sad, as well as traumatic, in places, but an excellent read. Recommended for an exciting read.

  • David Sodergren - paperbacksandpugs
    2019-04-13 01:37

    It's James Herbert but not as I know him - all the ingredients are here for a classic slice of pulpy hokum, but ol' James neglects the horror in a big way. There's a ludicrous mystery that reminds me of the original Friday the 13th in how it cheats the audience, and not a lot of exciting incident. It feels like Herbert trying to go mainstream, pulling back from the sex and violence of his earlier books, but giving us nothing to replace them.

  • *givemeallthetacos*
    2019-04-25 03:32

    Very short (fast readers could finish this in hours) but Very chilling. This was the first Herbert book i ever read and was a fantastic introduction to the man.The use of religion adds to the power of the evil force that is lurking and Herberts use of language makes for some suitably cold and atmospheric scenes and settings, some of which have stayed with me long since i read this years ago.overall, great creepy short story.

  • Colin Skinner
    2019-03-31 23:12

    I first read this book 37 years ago. I had never been much of a reader but from the first chapter of this book I was completely gripped. I carried this book with me and at every opportunity I took it out and read another chapter. I had never before been so captivated and it was this book that lead me to reading more books in this genre and by this author. Brilliant read.

  • Alexander Draganov
    2019-03-27 04:37

    A five star chiller from the master of the genre James Herbert. After a plane crash, the angry ghosts of the passagers haunt the nearby town. The only survivor of the crash might be the only one, who can put then to rest. Scary, creepy and in the end, surprisingly touching.You can read more detailed review in Bulgarian here:

  • David Kelly
    2019-04-03 23:35

    A well written story about the sole survivor of a plane crash that is genuinely creepy and chilling. Definitely one to read with the lights onI read this book several years ago and still remember the hairs standing up on the back of my neck in several places. Herbert can make even the commonplace seem strange, mysterious and downright scary.

  • Helen
    2019-04-22 04:12

    The sole survivor of a huge plane crash finds those who perished want him to deal with their unfinished business and get to the root cause of the disaster.Quite action-packed with some good gory descriptions and demonic entities, but a little thin on character development. Still an enjoyable quick read.

  • Andrew
    2019-04-11 22:32

    In the process of revisiting the author's novels, I last read this book-this very copy, thirty three years ago (!) and having a vague recollection of the ending did not spoil it for me. Good, early Herbert.

  • Cancerman
    2019-04-16 23:36

    Telesni horor ti je specijalnost Dzejmse, mani se duhova.

  • SimonGrant
    2019-04-23 21:15

    Classic horror come ghost story with a great twist at the end. Read it, herbert at his best

  • Red Heaven
    2019-04-20 02:18

    This was disappointing compared to some of his other works, and with the storyline about the Nazi sympathizer and possible black magic, I felt this was a companion piece to The Spear, which I remember being dreadful.The story starts off well but then kinda falls apart. The horror set pieces are OK, but as usual, the author's prose style is somewhat "choking" to read, for want of a better word. There's just something about the nouns and adjectives he uses that make reading him a bit of a slog. This isn't so bad when the story is interesting, but here it really becomes a struggle, even in a short book.

  • Ines
    2019-04-16 03:35

    Prima volta che leggo qualche cosa di Herbert e devo dire che "Il superstite" si è rivelata essere una piacevole lettura, la storia è molto scorrevole e ben strutturata, nn è un romanzo lungo quindi solo il personaggio principale, ovvero Keller, viene presentato con un po di corposità.Dovrebbe essere un piccolo romanzo horror, ma purtroppo non crea nel lettore ansia e vera paura man mano che si leggono le varie azioni della storia. L' ho trovato comunque ben scritto e piacevole con qualche punta di suspence. 3,5 stelle

  • Jack Taylor
    2019-04-23 04:28

    A brilliant book which had my eyes flying over the page eagerly wanting to know what happens next! James Herbert is extremely good at inserting brilliant measures of fear, excitement, suspense and a small dose of sarcastic cynical humour into his writing. I especially enjoyed the ending as i felt it wasn't entirely expected, however in light of it small clues that i overlooked as seemingly insignificant throughout the book suddenly have a whole new meaning; encouraging the reader to sit and ponder upon finishing. All in all, a brilliant read.

  • John
    2019-03-30 23:28

    disappointing. a good set up and I'm in the mood for some old school 70s scares. and he delivers on these with some genuinely creepy moments. but what's missing is the mystery element normally found in his novels which keep the narrative driving forward. this had a very slim plot with an underwhelming ending.

  • James Amoateng
    2019-04-01 01:38

    A chilling tale of a man who was supposed to have survived a plane crash not knowing he was only preserved for the purpose of exacting revenge for the ghosts of the victims of the plane crash. This is a tale which really makes your hairs stand up and your body frozen.

  • Steven Louden
    2019-04-23 05:33

    Excellent short ghost story with some genuinely creepy moments.

  • Gosia
    2019-04-24 22:33

    Eh, chciałam czegoś więcej, ale tragedii nie ma.

  • KNShaikh
    2019-04-04 04:35

    Start of The Survivor was good but however it became too predictable as you go on except for the last twist. It is one of the books relating to plane crash which was very famous at that time. Nothing extraordinary but a good read for people who are interested in powers beyond this life.

  • James Wheat
    2019-04-25 01:39

    Awful trash

  • Richard
    2019-04-01 01:12

    Brill. Fab read as usual. If you enjoy James Herbert.

  • Holly
    2019-04-09 03:38

    Absolutely loved this book!

  • Rick Samps
    2019-04-24 23:27

    For most of it's way, a solid chiller, loaded with atmosphere. Builds promisingly. Very creepy. Then right at the end, it stumbles. The ending feels rushed, and renders one subplot close to irrelevant.

  • Tenebre
    2019-04-09 05:32

    Enjoyed the book but the ending was very disappointing.

  • Trisha
    2019-04-16 01:27

    Inhoud:Enkele minuten na de start vanaf het vliegveld Heathrow, nabij Londen, vindt er in een Boeing 747 een explosie plaats en stort het vliegtuig neer op een terrein vlak bij het plaatsje Eton.Het lijkt absoluut uitgesloten dat er overlevenden zijn.... totdat David Keller, de tweede piloot, als de mythische vogel Feniks, zonder één enkel schrammetje uit de as en de brokstukken van de Boeing verrijst.Hoe is het mogelijk dat juist hij op zo'n wonderbaarlijke wijze aan de dood ontsnapt is?De onderzoekers tasten in het duister, niemand begrijpt wat zich aan boord van het vliegtuig kan hebben afgespeeld, maar voor de bevolking van Eton wordt het al gauw duidelijk dat hun nachtmerrie nog lang niet voorbij is.Kort na de ramp maakt een sinistere macht zich van het plaatsje meester en zaait angst en verderf onder de inwoners. Dan blijkt dat het vliegtuigongeluk te wijten is aan een bomexplosie, en er dus misdaad in het spel is.Angstig houdt de bevolking de adem in terwijl David Keller in z'n eentje de strijd aanbindt met de prins der duisternis. Waardering:Omdat ik, toen ik het boek las, nog geen (echte) beoordelingen en mening gaf over boeken is het voor mij niet mogelijk om nu een juiste waardering aan het boek te geven. Ik hoop in de aankomende jaren tijd te vinden om oude boeken weer op te pakken om opnieuw te lezen, zodat ik ook deze boeken een juiste waardering kan geven.Overige boekinformatie:The SurvivorUitgeverij: Phoenix (1976)ISBN : 90.6879.006.4285 pagina’s; PaperbackVerfilming:The Survivor – 1981Regisseur: David HemmingsHoofdrollen: Robert Powell, Jenny Agutter, Joseph Cotten, e.a.