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When Nancy and her friends ride deep into the Sawniegunk Forest in search of a flying saucer, they find themselves in the middle of more than one mystery. Wildcats, runaway horses, deadly snakes, and a disappearing Indian keep the sleuths tangled in danger and suspense....

Title : The Flying Saucer Mystery
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ISBN : 9780448436890
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 176 Pages
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The Flying Saucer Mystery Reviews

  • Darinda
    2019-06-02 07:11

    Nancy Drew and her friends (Bess, George, Ned, Dave, and Burt) go camping in a forest where a UFO has been spotted. The friends are looking to solve the mystery by locating the flying sauce, learning something about it, and finding out where it came from.This Nancy Drew book was a bit different than the others I've read. Not a favorite of mine, but still an entertaining story.

  • Heidi
    2019-06-20 04:03

    It was nostaligic for me, reading this book with Torin, not that I remember this particular Nancy Drew mystery, but I read them ALL! (I much preferred the ones where she was in a spooky old house, pressing on walls to find a secret passageway.) Oh well, one thing about this book...we read my old copy straight from Lisbon Community School, with checkout signatures of Stacee Munson, Jill Reiling, and Heather Caspers! What a hoot. :-)

  • Mskychick
    2019-05-25 05:49

    Placeholder for reread of Warsworn by Elizabeth Vaughan

  • Linda
    2019-05-26 02:15

    Sub-par for the ND franchise. Maybe the author(s) were breathing the same hallucinogenic fumes that Ned and Nancy inhaled at Dismal Swamp. Whatever they were trying to achieve, it fizzled like a wet firecracker.

  • Kristine Harper
    2019-06-04 01:10

    ...What did I just read?

  • Natasha Yadav
    2019-06-14 01:12

    The first Nancy Drew novel I read, and dearest one to me.

  • Jocelyn
    2019-06-20 08:49

    The Flying Saucer Mystery is about Nancy Drew, Bess Marvin (best friend), George Fayne (best friend), Ned Nickerson (boyfriend), Dave Evans (Bess's boyfriend),and Burt Evaanston (George's boyfriend). Nancy and her friends are going on a camping trip to solve a mystery about a flying saucer.Nancy and Ned have to go pick up cooking utensils from an area by a creek when they encounter a Wildcat. Nancy and Ned meet a man that calls himself Old Joe. Old Joe tells Nancy about a mystery of his own. Old Joe's father apparently buried a sum of money to keep safe from the "enemy". Nancy is now searching for two things, a fortune and a flying saucer. One day Nancy and Ned decide to go view the flying saucer after seeing it land. The fumes that are in the swamp knock out Nancy and Ned causing them to think different thoughts both good and bad. Nancy and Ned try to bring back a soil sample but the soil is acidic and burns through the bag injuring Nancy's horse. Nancy and Ned are tested for Radioactivity and both come out negative. In the end after fighting a forest fire Nancy and her friends are able to conceive Old Joe's estate and discover his brother is the Indian who has helped them many times. Nancy also learns that the flying saucer is a part of the United State's Military unit. This book is very easy to read in one day and is easy to picture in your mind. It is kind of a "getaway" read for me so I can just relax. -Jocelyn Kuntz

  • Sarah Crawford
    2019-06-05 01:49

    Bess, George and Nancy have gone on a camping trip, joined by Ned, Burt and Dave. They are going to investigate a place where UFO sightings have been fairly frequent. While there they meet an old naturalist, Old Joe, who lives in a cottage in the woods and has a wildcat as a friend.He also remembers his father who had apparently left some sort of treasure in the woods for him, but he's never been able to find it, so this gives Nancy another mystery to solve; where is the treasure? Nancy and her friends also run into a Native American who also seems to live in the forest. He speaks no English but he's able to help them get out of a bad situation.There's also a place called Dismal Swamp which smells horrible, sort of reminding me of the swamp in the movie Labyrinth.They do encounter the UFO and are not exactly sure what happens, other than they seem to go elsewhere and become something else. The UFO itself has a mystery that doesn't really get as much attention as it should.It's a rather different type of mystery for Nancy Drew, but it's a good one.

  • Dharia Scarab
    2019-06-16 02:08

    My love of reading started when i was young, and it gives me immense pleasure to provide books to Spread the Word Nevada, an organization that passes them on to children in the community. They are a terrific organization supporting an important cause. If your local I encourage you to check them out. For those living further a field, look in your own community, their may already be a similar program in place. And if not, you can always help start one., I go out on the weekends andshop thrift store and bulk book lots to rescue books and donate them. Sometimes I'll find a book I remember reading when I was young and will read it again before passing it on.I don't rate these books using my normal scale, instead I give most of them three stars. This isn't a Criticism of the book, simply my way of rating them as good for children.

  • Aurora
    2019-05-25 09:13

    This one was . . . interesting, to say the least. Nancy wasn't her usual, clear-headed self when she keeps talking about how the saucer is from outer space instead of ever considering other options. I did like how she mentions the Dana Girls, a series Carolyn Keene was working on at the same time. Besides that, this really didn't seem like a regular Nancy Drew book. Now I must read other Nancy Drew books so that I can get this atrocity of a failure (or is it the other way around, this failure of an atrocity? Nope, definitely atrocity first) out of my head. :)Thanks for listening to my short little rant, ya'll!! ;D

  • Victoria
    2019-05-26 08:13

    *2.5 stars* The Flying Saucer Mystery was such an easy read, but I had a couple problems with this book (it probably has something to do with it being a children's book and being written in 1980, but still). The mystery in this book was lacking, as well as that one person who always tries to get in Nancy's way. Also, the way the characters acted some of the time was very strange, rude, and uncalled for. Plus this mystery in particular was very weird and had too much going on (and there was not a satisfying ending).

  • Ashley
    2019-06-17 07:47

    This one was INSANE. AlthoughSPOILERNancy has this long dream where she and Ned are able to telepathically communicate with each other, which is ONE OF MY TOP THINGS EVER, so it does have a special place in my heart. Also, they could fly. And she gets really nervous in the dream when she thinks Ned is leaving her, and he keeps her safe.The fact that all this happened IN CANON (even if it was a dream) indicates how incredibly crazy this book is.

  • Carissa
    2019-06-12 08:52

    I found this book, a leftover from my childhood, when we were cleaning out my parents' garage. I re-read it after approximately 30 years, and found it to be borderline racist, absolutely sexist (to both genders) and most unforgivably, badly written and lame. Nostalgia ain't what it's cracked up to be, kids. -cg

  • Olivia
    2019-06-08 09:12

    This one makes me mad because by the end you have so many questions and none of them get answered because it's 'classified government information'. And Nancy is just like ". . .Okay!" Come on, Nancy wouldn't stop until she found out the answers, especially after all the weird stuff that happened to her. It's frustrating.

  • Helen
    2019-06-12 01:47

    This is probably the most bizarre of the Nancy Drew mysteries- the swamp gas that gives her strange hallucinations, the loose ends, etc. I was amused to find the name Trixie used for the third or fourth time- on a golden retriever. Usually the Trixies are young girls. All those phony Carolyn Keenes should be a bit more creative!

  • Joy Gerbode
    2019-05-22 01:10

    This was the dumbest ND book I have read. Whoever is authoring these really late books in the series does not have the right voice. She (he) doesn't have the interactions between people right. And this particular story was just dumb ... just can't say any more, it just wasn't to my liking. Hate to break up a full set, but am sure I'll never read this one again.

  • Esra
    2019-05-22 01:00

    Nacy Drew books should stay away from science related mysteries. Clearly the author didn't bother to do any research on what they were writing. Characters kept talking about 'anigravitational beams' and when it was suspected that Nancy and Ned had been irradiated the solution was to not share eating utensils with others in their group... *sigh*

  • Lyndsey Jackson
    2019-06-10 08:54

    I have read almost all of the Nancy Drew books in the series and so far I've loved them all. But this one has been my least favorite. What about the bad guys who try to stop Nancy from solving the mystery? I felt like this book was missing a lot of the things that a really good Nancy Drew book would have. I give it 2 out of 5 stars.

  • Judy
    2019-06-01 02:07

    This was a fun read and seemed to be more current than the ones that are obviously set in the 1930s - 1940s. The story was interesting and different. But there were some loose ends that were not wrapped up in the end. These unanswered questions related to one of the bigger events in the book. I guess we can all decide for ourselves the answer. Overall it was an enjoyable and quick read.

  • Ashley Kempkes
    2019-06-12 01:02

    I love Nancy Drew books, but I did not enjoy this one. Sorry Keene, please stay away from science fiction! SPOILERS-I dislike how the whole book is leading up to the aliens being real, then giving some bogus excuse as to why they're not. I really didn't like that.

  • John Yelverton
    2019-05-30 07:58

    It actually was not that enjoyable of a story. The story contained "Dallas" dream sequences, and the ending left so much to be desired, and did not even come close to answering all the questions that the book raised. I love Nancy Drew books, but this one left much to be desired.

  • Whitney the Happy Camper
    2019-06-01 03:01

    This book was pretty good, but the ending was bogus. They explained some, but very little about the flying saucer was revealed, as it was labled "classified." That's author for, "I can't think of the answers, so this is a way that I don't have to tell you without looking too bad!"

  • Shelby S.
    2019-05-29 06:52

    WARNING: MAY CONTAIN SPOILERSi hated this book. i think it is the worst nancy drew book. while trying to solve a mystery, nancy and ned fall asleep and have these really weird dreams that don't make any sense. THIS BOOK STINKS!!!!!

  • Genia
    2019-06-09 05:54

    Very unrealistic story line. Not up to par with other Nancy Drew books.

  • Jack Cheng
    2019-05-27 08:05

    Listened to my brother in law read this book aloud. Very odd, slightly supernatural mystery and hilariously bad prose. Not recommended except ironically.

  • Frederick Tan
    2019-06-12 08:02

    Good read.

  • Mariah H
    2019-06-09 01:48

    I did not think it was as good as the others.It seemed as though she did it because she was bored.

  • Shawnee
    2019-06-17 04:59

    I forgot i was reading this book. Nancy could have used a clue about horses.... duh!

  • Bethany N Wallace
    2019-06-20 04:17

    This is quite possibly the weirdest Nancy Drew book I've ever read, but it was still pretty good. It held my attention, and the storyline was fun.

  • Ryan
    2019-06-01 02:03

    Well I am in fact reading it, and it is in in fact extremely cheesy as well as being out of character for me to choose, but I am reading it in spanish.