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A milestone of storytelling set in the world of The Sword of Truth, Debt of Bones is the story of young Abby's struggle to win the aid of the wizard Zedd Zorander, the most important man alive. Abby is trapped, not only between both sides of the war, but in a mortal conflict between two powerful men. For Zedd, who commands power most men can only imagine, granting Abby's rA milestone of storytelling set in the world of The Sword of Truth, Debt of Bones is the story of young Abby's struggle to win the aid of the wizard Zedd Zorander, the most important man alive. Abby is trapped, not only between both sides of the war, but in a mortal conflict between two powerful men. For Zedd, who commands power most men can only imagine, granting Abby's request would mean forsaking his sacred duty. With the storm of the final battle about to break, both Abby and Zedd are caught in a desperate fight to save the life of a child....but neither can escape the shadow of an ancient betrayal. With time running out, their only choice may be a debt of bones. The world-for Zedd, for Abby,for everyone-will never again be the same....

Title : Debt of Bones
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Debt of Bones Reviews

  • Choko
    2019-06-16 16:50

    *** 3.35 ***"...“Enemies,' the wizard said, 'are the price of honor.”...This is my first time reading any of the Sword of Truth series and I am intrigued. I already liked the First Wizard Zedd Zorander, while I am a bit annoyed by Abby. However, the Mother Confessor is fascinating, so is the world of magic and war between good and evil that is raging between the D'Harans lead by Lord Rahl and the rest of the world. It also gives us some idea about the origins and way of operation of the Mord-Sith, who have a fetish for kinky red leather outfits, long braids and some pain inflicting:) A good look at the young Zedd and why he was the most powerful wizard in the world and yet, his closest people called him The Trickster..."...“«"The trickster", the Mother Confessor said. "I told you that was our name for him"»”...I can't wait to delve into the series for real and discover everything it holds...

  • Stephen
    2019-05-28 11:47

    2.5 stars. Decent story set in the "Sword of Truth" universe and focusing on Wizard Zedd and the creation of the boundaries. Interesting background for fans of the series but I would not start here if you have not read the first couple books of the series.

  • Mark
    2019-06-15 13:58

    Publisher's weekly wrote "Teeming with violence, treachery and intrigue."No it wasn't. Mammoth numbers of people died but in that weird way in which magic serves to anaesthetize readers against the brutality of mass murder by 'doing it with big lights and otherworldy flashings'. Treachery, well i would hardly say the story teemed with it. The heroine showed herself to be a bit of a trait'rous bitch and led the Head Wizard into a trap but then thought better of it and helped him but then ballsed up her little job of keeping someone safe who was then killed but no wait, as if by magic the dead one wasn't really cos it was all a trick by the hero so he could slaughter oodles of people with his big lights and rushing waves of death. Everyone who was good was saved, not a single one of the good characters was killed and, to be honest, it read rather like a story written by a child, one who had a good skill for descriptive passages certainly but not overly gifted in the plot writing gene. I felt Goodkind was trying too hard to create the idea of levels of magic and sorcery and I was unconvinced. The First Wizard was shown to be amazingly clever and wise by the fact that he could carry out lots of conversations at the same time.....this is not clever, its rude. Being able to multi-task is one thing, encouraging people to talk across each other, butt in to others' conversations and flit from one chat to another is quite another. It is the actions of a social butterfly and I do not care how much magic you have at your fingertips or how many books you, in your capacity as the chief magic-bloke, have the right to read which nobody else can, it is still rude and arrogant so stop doing it.No, not for me. A bit of something and a large extent. nothing.The illustrations were simple and mistlike by a man called Keith Parkinson which I liked but the story was a big disappointment.

  • Jessica
    2019-06-10 15:54

    I was never into fantasy novels. But this whole entire series captured me. I think it's mainly because of the awesome love story. My ex introduced me to Terry Goodkind and he never mentioned the love story! I thought it was like another Harry Potter series so I wasn't interested at first. But I started reading the first book and I just couldn't put it down! Richard and Kahlan have an amazing love. And I wish I had something similar to what they have. I definitely lost myself in these books. I left reality and didn't want to come back. That's how much of an impact Terry Goodkind's books had on me. I recommend these to ANYBODY!

  • Amber
    2019-06-14 14:01

    Terry Goodkind is a superb author, and in my opinion, his "Sword of Truth" series is the best I have ever read. So good, in fact, that I have read the entire series three times in a row, back to back, non-stop. This series is *not* for children. The series covers many aspects of the dark side of humanity, in great detail, as the heroes try to overcome the evils in the world. Goodkind is not afraid to show his readers just what evil *really* is, that is, most often, people who perform acts of evil feel justified in their minds as to why they are doing so, if for illogical reasons, and will that those that oppose them are the evil ones. Goodkind shows his readers that the only way to overcome evil in ourselves and in the world is through use of Reason. The series is *not* light reading, but if one is not afraid to confront the reality of evil (even within ourselves), and how to really defeat evil, the one will find this series extremely rewarding.

  • Steven
    2019-06-01 16:42

    Meh. It was a reread but I had forgotten most. It was kinda blah. I liked that book one leaves the boundaries a quasi-mystery. Didn't need an explanation!But not terrible because who doesn't love Zedd?

  • Ashley
    2019-05-29 15:46

    Well, this was kind of clumsy, but I actually liked it? I'll be honest, I've had such poor experiences with the last couple of Sword of Truth books, I expected more of the same here, and went looking for it. But this ended up being pretty harmless, and by the end, it actually had me engaged. Well, as engaged in this series as I have ever been, which by the way, engagement peaked in book one. So: haven't enjoyed anything in this series this much since then. This is a novella Goodkind wrote in between books four and five, and it was originally published in one of the Legends anthologies. It's a prequel, following a young woman named Abby and the time she met the First Wizard, Zeddicus Z'ul Zorander. The story takes place years--at least several decades--before the first Sword of Truth book, when Zedd was still a young(ish) man, and his daughter is very young. Abby travels to meet Zedd to seek his help, as D'Harans have invaded her village and taken her father, husband, and young daughter hostage. Abby is the POV character, but this is really the story of how the boundaries went up, and the war with Panis Rahl was ended.Surprisingly, there is a clear focus and intent in this story. It's not just a novel-length polemic, as the main books are becoming, nor is it so chock full of platitudes and strange aphorisms that you just want to roll your eyes (like the earlier books). Maybe Goodkind is just better when he's being forced to whittle things down. (Note: His dialogue and phrasing are still overdramatic as hell, and it's way overwritten, although at least none of the characters here have been hit with his customary Stupid Stick. Also, none of the heroes are acting like dicks, which is also a thing he's taken to doing in the later books.)This actually would make a good YA fantasy novel, even if it is a little dark. But I could have handled it for sure as a younger person. Unfortunately, Goodkind is not writing for a YA audience, so that may tell you a little bit about his writing prowess. This is also waaaaaaaay less gross and fucked up than his books usually are (bag of nipples, anyone?). It was practically normal.I feel like I've got to note here that my positive three-star review of this may have a lot to do with the fact that I had zero expectations for it going in. It didn't have a high bar to clear. Or really any bar at all.Anyway, to sum it all up: I surprisingly enjoyed this, but I'm sure when I pick up book six in the main series later this year, he'll back in grand form with perviness, jerkiness, and stupidity on obvious display.

  • Perry Gough
    2019-05-24 12:57

    Was Ok read it on the train home and didn't really add much to the series but again the shock factor of what Goodkind will do is unique.But overall the story is pretty basic.

  • Nicholas
    2019-05-18 10:03

    A nice addition to the Sword of Truth series that gives the reader a little window onto one of the more important events of the main series' back-story: the creation of the boundaries that divided Westland, D'Hara and the Midlands from each other. The story is short and sharp, especially when you compare it to Goodkind's other door-stopper novels, but despite that it offers a great deal. The level of detail added to Zedd's character is impressive, and we get to see in greater depth things that were only alluded to in the main series, such as a populated Wizard's Keep that was as much a centre of power in Aydindril as the Confessor's Palace was shown to be in the second and third installments of the main series, the respect and fear that Confessors engendered in the people of the Midlands before their near-extinction just prior to the start of the main series and a few other minor things. There are, however, a few negative aspects of the story. For one thing it is tightly focussed, so some of the characters are not as well fleshed out as Goodkind usually makes his characters. A major culprit in this regard is the lead heroine, Abby, about whose background we get precious little beyond the essentials needed to drive the plot of this story. Also major background events, like the war with D'Hara, while alluded to, are not well explored in the course of the story which does detract somewhat from the urgency of Zedd and the Mother Confessor in particular who seem to be driven primarily by their need to end the war quickly. Overall, however this book is worth picking up, especially since it is short and won't take long to read. However for newcomers to the world of the Sword of Truth, I recommend starting with the main series as you will find answers there to many of the aspects of this book that are left hanging.

  • Tara
    2019-06-14 16:42

    The entire first half of this book - until page 72, to be exact - focused on how helpless and desperate Abby is. Ok, we get it. Her town is in trouble, and her family will be killed if she doesn't bring Zedd to personally rescue her town. Woe is me, I have a special bone that will make the First Wizard himself bend to your will. Really?Then this crazy old lady is stalking her, who oddly enough, is one of the main evil characters. At page 72, they finally get to Coney Crossing. Finally, some action! Zedd gets ambushed. Abby turns out to have been used to bait Zedd to Coney Crossing. But it's ok because he knows Abby well enough to trust that her heart is true - yeah right. Abby searches through the enemy camp for her daughter in the guise of a Mord Sith, there's a (weak) battle, and Zedd throws up the boundary. PLUS, both Zedd's daughter and Abby's family are perfectly fine. Ta-da!Zedd knew what was going to happen all along and had all the plans perfectly laid out. Golly gee, how convenient is that!This entire story would have been better presented as a "flash back" in one of the full length books. Absent some of the more irritating parts like when the Mother Confessor spent 16 pages sitting on the stairs and comforting Abby. I mean, come on... And to top it all off... We didn't even get to see Panis Rahl destroyed, or Darken Rahl injured. And what about the second boundary between the Midlands and Westland?As much as I love the SoT series, this was a huge letdown, and a waste of an hour and a half.

  • Artemas
    2019-05-26 14:51

    I tend to find it diffucult to rate short stories and novellas because it's hard to write something intriguing in the limited amount of space. I usually feel like I rated a short story/novella too high or too low, but this one was a solid 4 star for me. I wouldn't recommend this for someone who has not read most (if not all) of the Sword of Truth series, but it was fairly entertaining if you all ready have a solid foundation for the setting. This book presented the reader with an interesting quick background for some important events for the series.

  • Graham
    2019-06-16 11:41

    Zonder de boekenreeks te hebben gelezen, wel de serie te hebben gezien, vond ik het een leuk boekje! Jammer dat de vertaling niet erg goed is! Dat doet veel afbreuk :(

  • Oliver
    2019-05-24 14:48

    I was initially drawn to "Debt of Bones" by Terry Goodkind because I was thinking about re-reading the "Sword of Truth" series, and if there is a prequel, you should probably read it first.This is going under my "Fantasy Book" bingo square.Debt of Bones is a fantasy book about a world set a long time ago, a time of wizards and soldiers and sorceresses, with a main Midland, and a country a little off it called D'Hara. Some of you may know it from a TV show called "Legend of the Seeker" I believe. War is raging between the Midlands and D'Hara, and leading the Midland's army is first wizard Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander. When a woman named Abby comes to him claiming he owes her a debt of bones true, he must comply and try to save her daughter and husband from the D'Haran leader Panis Rahl. Little do they know that the sworn enemies Zedd and Panis soon turn out to be the granfathers of Richard Rahl, the main character of the main book series. I really liked Terry Goodkind's descriptive language and the fact that the book has a mainly happy ending.However, Terry Goodkind did confuse me in the way he was trying to describe such indescribable things, and some of the violence was very graphic. Also, this book is about an eighth of one of his normal books, them being 700+ pages.I would recommend this book to any fantasy lover, and even if no one reads it I still thoroughly enjoyed this book. Next, Wizard's First Rule!

  • Jayme
    2019-06-15 15:51

    I gave up on this series awhile ago because it's really not all that good. Entertaining enough to get you out of a book slump...but still...not good. Lately I've been addicted to Legend of the Seeker on Netflix, mostly because I think it's made by the same guy who did Xena. It's soooooo similar to that series so it plays on my nostalgia. Anyway, it made me wonder if I gave up on the books too soon. Not ready to commit myself to another 800 page epic I noticed there was a prequel novella. Perfect. And just like the rest of the series it was entertaining, but nothing to get excited about.It's a short story following a young Zedd and explaining how the barrier seperating the different lands went up. My only complaint is the narrator is kind of wimpy and annpoying. I didn't really care if things worked out for her or not.Now hopefully I have this out of my system and can go read something better now.

  • Katerina
    2019-05-23 13:53

    I'm stunned! I knew it was a story about Zedd,but I never expected that Terry Goodkind would offer us such insight in the defeat of Panis Rahl! The creation of the boundary, the story of what happened to Zedd's wife and how his daughter was saved,were things I was dying to explore! And I couldn't help but notice the similarities between young Zedd and Richard! You were right Abby,that little girl you saved gave birth to a son who saved not only lives, but also souls! So I owe you my eternal gratitude,for making possible the birth of my most beloved hero!

  • Jasmine
    2019-06-17 17:55

    I know that this volume was published later on in the serie but I start reading Sword of Truth by this volume. It was totally an awesome book for my test. It had fantasy, war and some thinking quotes. Zorander was my favourite character. The very well developed plot make this book a page turner and you can't wait to read more and more to see what will happen eventually. Very shortly after I read this book I read Sabriel and the whole time I had a feeling that I had read another volume of Old kingdom somewhere. Then again I read Debt of Bones and finally figured out where does this feeling com from. Both stories share some similarities. a Wall, wall guards, a land without magic and people who can go to death boundaries and bring people back. Interesting ha? but I don't really think that one of the author was inspired by the other ones work.

  • Andrew
    2019-06-02 14:47

    Such a cool novella. From reading this book and the first 4 novels in the series I'm convinced you could read this first if you want and then start the series as it takes place quite a bit before the first book. All in all a really cool short story that just adds to the rich story of the sword of truth series.

  • Anthony
    2019-06-08 12:52

    Decent. Was a good re-visit to Goodkind's world. Had all the usual expectations from his Sword of Truth series. Could easily be read after the 1st book, might be a bit harder as a stand-alone considering the lack of world-building (but its a novella, what do you expect? Not to mention its intended audience are those reading the Sword of Truth series, so the world-building is understandably kept minimal)

  • Kathy Davie
    2019-06-13 13:10

    A prequel in the Sword of Truth fantasy adventure series that demonstrates Zedd's inherent goodness. My Take This story sets up the background for the boundaries, the boundary wardens, and how they came about. Although, Goodkind doesn't spend much time explaining the actual boundaries. You'll have to read the full-length stories for that!Goodkind also does very well in providing an easily understood example of the need to sacrifice the few for the many. Our culture generally prides itself on never leaving a man behind and, yet, there are times when it is necessary to do the opposite in cases such as this.He also provides a curious twist with a great sense of generosity! The Story It's war in Aydindril and the wizards, sorcerers, sorceresses, and confessors are worn, anxious, and busy as they attempt to thwart the latest of Panis Rahl's witchcraft and his armies. That particular morning finds Abby waiting in line for a chance to meet a wizard and present her petition for aid before her entire village is wiped out.A young wife from a tiny town, Abby is overwhelmed and doesn't understand the conditions in which Zedd works but the Mother Confessor and a sorceress take pity on her and promise to gain her another audience. One in which Abby is finally successful even as she bemoans her compelling need.Luckily for the Midlands, Abby is a terrible liar... The Characters Abby is from a town overrun by D'Haran soldiers. Every citizen taken hostage including her husband Phillip and daughter Jana. Her mother's magic may have bypassed her, but Abby still feels the need to protect.Mother Confessor is the de facto ruler of all the lands; her touch can read the mind of any one. She is also Kahlan's mother. Delora is the sorceress who first aids Abby. First Wizard Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander is the Mother Confessor's opposite number and the strongest wielder of magic there is in all the lands. Mariska is a sorceress holding Abby's daughter and husband. Anargo is Rahl's head wizard holding the army at Coney Crossing. Mord-Sith are women who are trained to give pain and absorb any magic used against them as they torture the magic-user to welcome death.First mention of boundary wardens. The Cover The cover is accurate enough with its forest green background and a window that crosses a bit above the bottom as we look in on the young Wizard Zedd examining the skull that Abby has brought to compel Zedd's aid.The title is too accurate for it is a Debt of Bones that Abby claims, but not the debt she expects.

  • Camille Dent (TheCamillion)
    2019-06-01 16:49

    *4.5This is my favorite fantasy universe, and I am so excited to finally revisit at after so many years of setting the series aside! While I don't think that Goodkind is a master writer, he is one of the best story-tellers that I have encountered. I love the worlds, creatures, and cultures that he creates, and this little prequel has given me the motivation to give tackling the massive Sword of Truth series another try! Even though I do think that this little book is a bit too short, I am impressed with how much development and discussion Goodkind manages to work into it, especially since he's used to writing much larger works XD

  • Jennifer Oberth
    2019-06-18 15:54

    I found Legend of the Seeker on Hulu Plus and gave it a try. The slightest hints of humor got me to keep watching (the old naked man with the chicken was too weird NOT to keep watching). Then I found out this TV series was based on books.I went to the library and found Debt of Bones (Sword of Truth, #0) by Terry Goodkind, which is a prequel to the Sword of Truth series that the TV show is based on.Unfortunately, Debt of Bones didn't impress me. It actually read a teensy bit...juvenile in one sense, despite the gore that I really didn't appreciate. I'm one of those people that keeps reading even if I don't like something. (Thank God I did, because one absolutely despicable part was explained satisfactorily.) This is a small book and a quick read and in this case, that's a wonderful thing.I like the show (which I've heard didn't follow the novels enough for some fans) but I just did not like Debt of Bones; not the writing or the gore or the story. I did like the characters in the book. Except for the main character. I found her single-minded and irritating. She did carry the story forward, though, which usually doesn't happen when the main character is so annoying.I was all set to read Wizard's First Rule (Sword of Truth, #1) but after Debt of Bones, I brought it back to the library and got some cozy mysteries instead.I will say that I've since read other reviews of Debt of Bones (far be it from me to stomp on a beloved author) and a big chunk of diehard fans of the Sword of Truth series and of Terry Goodkind didn't even like it. Some said it doesn't do the Sword of Truth series justice.Knowing that gives me hope. I'll probably get Wizard's First Rule again someday. Not anytime soon, though. There are just so many other books out there, waiting to be read!

  • FictionForesight
    2019-06-01 12:44

    Review Originally Posted At: FictionForesightReview:Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth Series was one of the first “long-series” that I ever read. So when looking for my next book to review, I decided to go back and re-read Debt of Bones. When I originally purchased it, I was very interested to learn what this prequel could add to what I already knew about how the story Wizards First Rule came to be. It’s a very short book compared to his others, with only 160 pages; and is further shortened by being Terry Goodkind's only book that provides pictures for the more intense scenes. Since this was a short book, this review will also be brief.The Good:It added some good flavor to the back story in regards to how “The New World” came to be divided. It gave the reader a greater understanding of the motives behind older characters; which led them to take actions that would change the course of history.The Bad:The story added some more detail to what the other books in the series told. However, it wasn’t all that much surprising (other than one event towards the end). Aside from this, my complaint with most of the books in this series, including this one, is that Terry Goodkind has a tendency to give a bit more detail than necessary to describe locations. Although this was not quite as apparent here as it was in his other books, the first half was still afflicted.Overall:For fans of the series looking for more depth and back story, it was an enjoyable read. Even though I’m a slow reader, this book only took me a day to finish. Although others may not like this series, it will always be one of my favorites. Upon finishing this book for my second time, I think I may have to go through and re-read the entire series. Don’t worry, if I do, I’ll be sure to keep you guys in the loop!(

  • Jim
    2019-05-23 10:04

    I read this after I read the first few books of the series & liked it better on paper where I could skim. Goodkind is a wordy writer, especially in this short story. He pounded home points some times. Overall, it was an interesting story, though.It's been a long time, but I thought (view spoiler)[his daughter was raped by Rahl which is how Richard came to be. From this story, she sounds like a little girl, too young to become pregnant. (hide spoiler)] If that's the case, this sucked. I wasn't all that thrilled with some of the elements either. They were overdone.The reader performed too much interjecting emotions that I didn't want or need, but also whispering & shouting, neither of which works well, especially when they come close together. I either can't hear or get my ears blown away depending on whether I'm using the car's stereo or earbuds. Otherwise, he had a good voice that was well suited to the material.I think I'll try listening to Wizard's First Rule, the first book of the series, but I don't know if I'll be able listen to it. I have fairly good memories of it back when it was first written & I kept getting the books as they came out in PB. I quit reading around the 4th or 5th, though.

  • Ashton
    2019-06-18 12:01

    Surprisingly, this is one of the few books of Goodkind that I don't have something horrible to say about. The story is interesting in this book though I would definitely wait to read it until you've read significantly in the series to be familiar with the things that are alluded to. If you read it at the beginning, I think the later books would have lost the few redeeming things that they have going for them, namely the surprises. Particularly the first book of the series. The story was interesting enough to hold my attention long enough for me to read it all at once but as it's quite short, that's not all that astounding. Also, there are no chapter breaks which encourages you to keep reading. I found that this story is better written than the others in the sense that it isn't trying too hard as I feel is the case in many of Goodkind's other books. There are few grandiose speeches that are thinly veiled examples of the author championing his beliefs through the mouth of his characters.

  • Robyn
    2019-06-11 13:53

    This book illuminated a part of the story which, while playing an integral part in the events of the series, was always sort of off to the side, with no room for it to fit gracefully into the main novels. We were given little crumbs, and while a reader familiar with Goodkind's world knows more or less what's going to happen in this book, he does a good job with filling in the details to make, what amounts to a history, a new and surprising thing. While some may complain about the length of this book, saying it is too short, I both agree and disagree. It was nice to get some of Goodkind's brand of fantasy without having to read nearly a thousand pages, and since it was so short, you got much less of the padding and speeches contained in his other works. But it was too short in that I would love to see more of this caliber of writing and the quick pacing this book contained from Mr. Goodkind more often.

  • C Joy
    2019-06-10 14:51

    Whenever I start a series, I make sure to read the very first and since this prequel is a short story, I'm impressed how focused it was and I found it difficult to rate it. So here's Abby who waited in line to see the First Wizard, Zedd and asked for his help. Even after the rejection she persisted until she got what she wanted. The whole twist caught me unawares. I liked the unpredictability of the story and it had a simple plot.There was violence and magic, exactly what I was looking for, and I'm looking forward to reading about this different world. I'm most interested in magic and the paranormal and I hope I would agree with the high ratings for the next books in the series.Given that this turned into a TV show (that I'm not gonna watch), I'm excited by the concepts, characters, and the fantasy.

  • Nicole
    2019-06-02 13:41

    A quick little reentry into the world of the Sword of Truth series, with a short story that provides background knowledge on the mechanics of the world. I haven't read the original series in some time so this short novella was a little blase for me. It was sitting on my shelf and had long been neglected so I used it for a little afternoon reading. Luckily, there's Zedd and he's a solid character who helped drive the story forward. It's never a good idea to start with the prequel for a series but I might just use this to dive back into the wonderfully crafted world that Goodkind has spent so many books on. This is a quick read and a short book, but it's a lovely companion to flesh out a little bit more lore (which is the best part of consuming fantasy genre media... all the lore!)

  • Antonio Rosato
    2019-06-16 12:56

    Questo breve libricino (appena 88 pagine) è sì solo un prequel della saga della "Spada della Verità" ma, a mio modesto parere, è fatto e scritto davvero bene. Lo scopo dell’opera (con le sue magie, i suoi tradimenti e le sue rivelazioni) è fare da apripista alla saga vera e propria e per far conoscere uno dei suoi personaggi chiave (tutti gli altri non sono ancora nati): il mago Zeddicus. Beh, che dire? Se lo scopo di Terry Goodkind era stupirmi e stimolarmi a leggere gli altri 11 volumi della "Spada della Verità"… ci è pienamente riuscito! []

  • Richard Houchin
    2019-06-03 18:04

    I've heard Terry Goodkind criticized for being too wordy and drawing things out in his plots. Well, here's what it looks like when he touches only on the bare minimum to tell a story.It's a short quick read, and earns its brevity by assuming you've already read the other books. If you haven't, it will feel abbreviated.Debt of Bones is like the deleted scenes from a movie. It's cool, interesting, and shows more of the world, but you can understand why it was cut. Or in this case, why the series didn't start with this story.

  • Kyle Lillico
    2019-06-11 16:48

    An excellent Novella for the Sword of Truth series. I loved book one, Wizards First Rule, and reading Debt of Bones brings to light old stories from some very memorable characters of the series. While this book could easily be read as a standalone, It made for a very fun experience having already read part of the series.