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Joann Sfar retrouve en bande dessinée la poésie, l'émotion et toute la force symbolique du célèbre conte. Fidèle au livre de son enfance, il l'est aussi à lui-même et raconte l'histoire avec la grâce et la générosité qui le caractérisent....

Title : Le Petit Prince
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ISBN : 9782070603398
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 110 Pages
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Le Petit Prince Reviews

  • Mariah
    2019-05-19 14:02

    This was cute. The beginning was a little confusing and I only knew what was going on because I had read the original book.I love reading classic novels, then reading their graphic novel :) I started that tradition and that is what happened in this situation. I actually preferred the classic or the graphic in this case.

  • Thomas
    2019-05-31 15:00

    Βαθμολογία: ★★★★★Ακόμη μια εξαιρετική μεταφορά ενός λογοτεχνικού έργου σε κόμικς που αγάπησα περισσότερο κι από το πρωτότυπο. Το σχέδιο και οι αποχρώσεις είναι τόσο όμορφα που δε θέλεις να γυρίσεις σελίδα. Από την πηγή έχουν κοπεί κάποιες λεπτομέρειες, αλλά η ουσία του έργου είναι όλη εδώ. Διαβάστε το!

  • Ram Alsrougi
    2019-06-05 11:56

    This made me tear up a little.

  • Ciye Cho
    2019-06-15 11:04

    [Notes: mild spoilers regarding the original... and Sfar's interpretations of the characters]"The Little Prince" is one of my favorite books, so I was thrilled to discover a graphic novel adaptation. Joann Sfar's version of Saint-Exupery's timeless work is both familiar yet curiously different.Right from the first page, Sfar is unafraid to mix things up. In the original book, Saint-Exupery begins by explaining his childhood drawings of snakes; Sfar, however, starts his graphic novel with a conversation between Saint-Exupery and a yellow boa. This is one example of the creative liberties that Sfar has taken in order to construct his adaptation. I personally found his reinvention to be really interesting, but I imagine some die-hard Little Prince fans might be a little weirded out by the changes (for example, there's a scene where the Rose is seen using a telephone. Who exactly is she calling?). However, I believe that much of the reworking had more to do with the medium of the graphic novel--than anything else. Summarized bits from the original (such as "On the third day, the Little Prince told me..." etc) had to be expanded upon.The illustrations are gorgeous. Sfar's line-work imparts a real sense of motion. The scenes in the tallgrass are hypnotizing, and you can almost feel the swaying of the grasses. There were some unusual re-envisionings of characters though: the King has a snout, much like a star-nosed mole (real animal. Google it!) and the Businessman looks like an alien inside a giant space ship. But beyond that, I loved the fact that Sfar gave the Rose more of a human appearance. I think the reason why these illustrations work so well is the fact that they have the same child-like whimsy as Saint-Exupery's original drawings. They're so different in style... and yet so similar in essence.All in all, I was pleased to finally read this graphic novel. It's not what I expected, but I think it captures the Little Prince's incredible mix of naivety and wisdom. So if you haven't read the original book, read that first, and then check out the graphic novel.4/5 starsP.S: Isn't it weird seeing Antoine de Saint-Exupery as a graphic novel character?P.P.S: "The Little Prince" graphic novel was produced with the blessing of Saint-Exupery's family.

  • Willy Xiao
    2019-06-08 15:42

    I cried a little.

  • David Shelton
    2019-05-31 12:42

    I completely love this book!I read the original book Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in French in my high-school French class, and fell in love with the author's charming self-illustrations, and its philosophy and what it has to say about relationships. Having said that, this graphic novel, which I found in my local library while searching for something else, at first troubled me--I thought it would mess with the charm or messages of the original--but I was pulled inside by the cover illustration by Joann Sfar: while completely different from monsieur de Saint-Exupéry's style, he completely captures the feel of the characters...And don't worry, every word of the original is in here, with no alterations! (I read, and bought, the English version; it was originally drawn/adapted by Mr. Sfar in French.)Here is what I love about this edition [caution, spoiler alert!](view spoiler)[I was brought near to tears by the ending of the original book--it is a very wrenching thing to see the little Prince's end--but in graphic novel form, the scenes of the little Prince walking up over the dune and then that flash of yellow at his ankle...oh was all I could do not to sob aloud in the library, and tears flowed freely... (hide spoiler)]That is the power of this graphic novel.

  • David Schaafsma
    2019-06-15 15:53

    I liked the original, and think this version actual undermines the quality of the original in certain ways, but the art is good, from a fine artist, and it helps me recall the original…. would send a young person to the original, not this comic version, though, as with Hope Larson's Wrinkle in Time. They are entitled to their own versions, just as filmmakers are of versions of books and short stories, but with classic tales, hmm, I see a pattern forming here in my taste and opinion about these comics of classics… but no, Gareth Hinds' version of Beowulf is great, there are others that work. Not so much added here for me, though.

  • Bruna Yukari
    2019-05-31 12:45

    It is beautiful, it is perfect, but if you say that "you become responsible, for ever, for what you have tamed." I'll punch you in the eye.

  • MiaBakhthiar
    2019-06-03 11:56

    I believe it did not do the book justice, and it was a bit difficult to follow, but the illustrations were fascinating!

  • Aditya
    2019-05-28 14:56

    The witty dialogues about human idiosyncrasies make me think that this book is meant for adults. But then, children are oftentimes wiser; the Little Prince would agree. This graphic novel version has also been nicely drawn.The original text is on my to-read list now!

  • Steph
    2019-06-18 14:45

    When you love a story, it's a joy to visit it through other mediums. So the ever-popular The Little Prince is an obvious choice for a graphic adaptation. I really enjoyed Sfar's version, but I'm repulsed by his choice to personify the little prince's vain flower as a thin, busty woman with a telephone in hand. Isn't it bad enough for the flower to be gendered at all? Does it really need to have all these 'feminine traits'?? That kind of threw off my experience; but otherwise I think this is a decent adaptation. Evocative art, beautiful colors. It packs almost the same emotional punch as the original. Almost.And, if you're interested in different tellings of this story, I highly recommend Starbot. It's a short freeware game (takes less than an hour to play), it's inspired by The Little Prince, and it has amazing music and art and emo vibes.

  • Kathrina
    2019-06-16 17:00

    I guess my heart is made of wood these days -- almost everyone seems to love this book, but I think the evidence is misleading. You'll probably only read this if you're already a fan of that precious little prince. We've been asked to read this for our Resources for Young Adults class, and I cannot envision a young adult that would be drawn to this. This is for grown-up fans of the original, perhaps folks that first read it in French. I'm willing to be challenged on that claim, but for now...This book needs a patient and thoughtful reader; it's not sparkly or visceral. It also needs a reader with a healthy tolerance for precocious narrators and grand moralizing. There are some bits I like -- how we value what we tame, how what is "serious" depends on our perspective, but overall, the voice is too affected for my taste.

  • Annie Petkova
    2019-06-09 16:55

    A stunning masterpiece of how when you listen to the child within you will find the answers to all your existential questions.

  • Ely (Tea & Titles)
    2019-06-17 16:58

    I don't know what it was, but this just didn't hold the same magic for me as the original.

  • Alexis Barth
    2019-05-20 13:55

    I loved both this version and the other version of "The Little Prince." There is some differences on how both authors portray the artwork. Not a big deal. Both get the point across. This version kinda of goes more in depth compared to the other in my opinion. So if you get confused, this version may answer your questions. This version is also a bit humorous compared to the other. In the end it's a beautiful version! Well done!

  • Brittannia
    2019-06-01 10:50

    Un travail dificile. Heureux que c'est fini.Je aime le renard et la fleur.

  • Danika
    2019-05-18 18:01

    (I read the English version)

  • Eliz
    2019-06-02 14:40

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  • Akmal A.
    2019-05-29 13:38

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  • Bellbomb Bellbomb
    2019-06-02 14:42

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  • Damon
    2019-05-18 14:04

    It is actually painful for me to rate this book so low. I absolutely love both Sfar and the original of The Little Prince. It's just... sad that the combination of the two fell short of how great I was imaging this would be. Using an oddly-edited version of the text, the story reads in a weirdly choppy way, at points almost seeming like pages are missing (I looked back and checked the page numbers more than once), and Sfar's illustration work is fine, but it doesn't seem to capture the... delicacy of the story and the characters. The final result seems like something that wouldn't really grab readers new to either the work or the artist, and that's a shame.

  • Sarah
    2019-05-26 17:51

    It has been years since I read the original, and I know this one varies from it but am not clear on how much at this point. Honestly, it's hard for me talk about this in comparison to the original because even though I love it, I don't have a clear memory of it. That said, this is just as poignant and moving as I remember the original to be. There are so many beautiful lines, and truths, in this book. As a graphic novel, it is well laid out and easy to read, and the illustrations, I think, add to the story.

  • Amal Masle
    2019-06-18 17:45

    ahh that was refreshing. I absolutely love the original novel so I had to check out the graphic novel adaption. The illustrations! I was pretty iffy with the style initially but later then I come to appreciate how Joanne Sfar completely captured the characters, the scenery, the FEEEEELS and how it didn't alter the charms of the original book. I loveoloveloveleol the little prince and I am beyond excited for the film adaptation.

  • Lars Guthrie
    2019-05-21 14:50

    Joann Sfar has been in the news recently because of his new movie about Serge Gainsbourg. The film sounds intriguing, and I hope it sends more people to Sfar's prodigious and excellent comic book catalog. To his credit, Sfar insists on calling them comic books, dismissing the highbrow 'graphic novel' as a term for adults who might be embarrassed in the bookstore. Sfar writes superb comic books for adults and children, and his adaptation of 'The Little Prince' is no exception.

  • Deboleena
    2019-06-15 17:02

    The simplicity of the book is its most arresting feature. The so called 'Children's books'have always impressed me with their charm and the ease with which they sought out complex human life tangles. The book is a brisk read, champions the less is more speech style and often makes you smile with its worldly wisdom. A book that you can re-read and comprehend something new altogether.

  • Tamiris Rodrigues Lara
    2019-05-20 14:47

    A ingenuidade cheia do sabedoria do pequeno príncipe encanta! Não tenho como não lembrar das crianças que conheço, meus primos e priminhas e em como eles são verdadeiros, sempre nos surpreendem. Eu adorava desenhar quando criança e não sei em que momento minha jibóia virou um chapéu,rs...

  • Blanka
    2019-06-18 15:51

    Zahoďte všechny knihy pseudo duchovních učitelů a přečtěte si Malého prince.

  • Rozelle Hansen
    2019-06-07 09:55

    J’ai adoré ce livre! Mais bien sûr c’est français- est je suis amoureuse de toutes choses françaises!

  • Farah
    2019-05-30 16:53

    I was expecting a lot from this book since it was my first time reading it. It was okay. I wasn't amazed by it.

  • Daren Doucet
    2019-05-28 10:00

    A classic, beautiful story that always endures in our hearts, that comes around only once in a blue moon.