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A brilliant transplant surgeon. A rogue organ broker. A ghost child. And the legend that could destroy them all. A brutal murder convinces surgeon Mia Kendall there’s more than she imagined to the mysterious spike in heart transplant rejections. Determined to find answers before she loses another patient, Mia gets sucked into a dangerous international medical web. With timA brilliant transplant surgeon. A rogue organ broker. A ghost child. And the legend that could destroy them all. A brutal murder convinces surgeon Mia Kendall there’s more than she imagined to the mysterious spike in heart transplant rejections. Determined to find answers before she loses another patient, Mia gets sucked into a dangerous international medical web. With time running out for her youngest transplant recipient, Mia is forced to partner with a disillusioned ex-military pilot who flies brokered organs across East Africa. But searching for the truth will prove costly for the unlikely duo racing to stop a madman before he annihilates a rare and cursed bloodline. From best-selling author Lisa Harris and award-winning author Lynne Gentry comes a chilling, hypnotic medical thriller that will take you from the suburbs of Cincinnati to the jungles of Africa....

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  • Pat
    2019-04-23 23:02

    Ghost Heart by Lisa Harris & Lynne Gentry is not for the faint of heart. Lisa Harris is one of my favorite authors and she warned me that this was more gritty that what she usually writes. The characters will draw you into their plight and I loved Catherine, Jeme, their children, Mia Kendall & Race. Catherine and Jeme share their love for their children. Both mothers are willing to do whatever is possible to save their daughters' lives. Mia is a doctor in Africa, Race flies to deliver tourists to their destinations and flies for a private hospital. His main job is to pick up and deliver organs for transplant. Catherine's daughter needs a heart transplant but the waiting list is so long that her daughter can't survive the wait. She hears about a hospital in Africa that can do the transplant at a price that they can afford. Her fears for Kelsey drives her desperation to try to save her daughter. Jeme's daughter (Zaina) is Albino and is considered cursed. Jeme, her sister, husband and daughter are banned from their village. Jeme's sister is also Albino. Jeme's husband heart is rejecting his transplant. Dr. Mia went to check on him and needs emergency air transport for Mbui. Mia finds that Jeme's sister was killed by poachers that think her Albino skin and organs are more valuable. Race arrives about the time the doctor has been shot. The characters lives, hearts and struggles will touch your emotions. This book includes the struggles of families trying to deal with life and death, how it can tear their families apart. There is corruption by a pharmaceutical company, doctors and others that participate in the illegal organ program. Add kidnapping, murder, solid friendships that are formed, the strong bonds of mothers coming together to save their children and a storyline that will grab your attention in the prologue and it's a page turners. I had a hard time putting it down. This book is the second in a series but can be read as a stand alone. It deals with issues that are prevalent in our world today. I received this book as an ARC from Lisa Harris. All she asked for me to do if give an honest review. This book truly touched my heart, my emotions (yes I cried), and it truly is a page turner. It shows the strength of the characters, their flaws and their faith. There are other characters that you will love, some you will hate and others you wonder how they can call themselves human. Yes, there is romance and strong friendships that are formed between the characters. One researcher that is a nerdy hero. Also, he's a secret writer with a hero that is everything he wishes he was. He will definitely bring a smile to your face.I gave Ghost Heart a five star review because it touched me in so many ways. I only give 5 stars to books that either touch my heart, bring tears, laughter or are page turners. This book is all of that and more. One of the best books I've read in a very long time.

  • Lisa Hudson
    2019-05-01 20:21

    HEART-STOPPING SUSPENSE!! There are very few books that have taken my soul to places like I have just experienced by reading Ghost Heart. From the first sentence to the last, you will be held in suspense as you travel over two continents in search of what is causing a significant number of heart transplant recipients to die while another faction survives. It's the true story of terror, prejudice, suspicion, false belief, failures, death, human organ trafficking, all wrapped up into the lives of innocent families and how it affects them. What can brilliant Dr. Mia Kendall do to bring about change in Tanzania? Will Race Daniels prove to be someone sighs can trust? In the end, this is a story that will have you experiencing all manner of emotions and coming to grips with your own thoughts about how you perceive people who are different from you.

  • Dana Michael
    2019-04-23 20:16

    I love a good edge of your seat suspense. I love a good romance too. Combine them both and you get this amazing story. I was hooked from the beginning. The story is set mostly in Africa and has several well developed characters at play. Be warned! You will be shocked! This story is fictional but it is based on true facts. You will be mad. You will be sad. You will be crying happy tears at the end because that ending was one I will never forget. It was oh so good and tied all the pieces together in a beautiful package. Isn't that what every reader wants? All the feels? Y'all all I can say is this author duo came up with a great book and I certainly hope they will continue blessing us readers with more stories. Plus, I kinda have a thing for Race and would love to see him again. What a charmer!!*I was given a copy of this book and was under no obligation to leave a review.

  • Beckie Burnham
    2019-05-15 18:16

    Wow! Ghost Heart promised edge of the seat suspense and delivered! But this medical suspense has more than close calls and desperate escapes, it has heart and soul and passion. Authors Harris and Gentry are passionate about the underlying subject matter — the persecution and genocide of albinos in Africa. What makes this novel especially chilling is the reality it exposes. If you are looking for a page-turning suspense that will have you thinking long after the cover is closed, then Ghost Heart is for you.Ghost Heart has a lot going for it — exotic setting, twisting, turning storylines, and complex characterization. Tanzania, with its dense, damp heat, poverty, and beauty, became real to me within this book’s pages. The seemingly separate storylines of a suburban family and a heart specialist in Africa are masterfully woven together into a credible story. But the characters are the best part. The main characters, Mia and Race, are in Africa to make a difference in the world, but also to do a kind of penance for their past mistakes. They are the focus of much of the action, but the authors have added secondary characters that readers will identify with. Catherine and Jeme are mothers fiercely dedicated to keeping their daughters alive. Nerdy medical researcher, Harry, dreams of heroics, never suspecting he will get the chance at being a true hero. All of these characters, with the edition of others, bring depth to the story.The plight of people with albinism seems unreal to our American sensibilities. Prejudice and superstition combine for real life and death consequences. Ghost Heart opened my eyes to a world I knew nothing about. Medical ethics are also explored. In a world where enough money can buy a desired outcome, the value of human life takes on a whole new meaning. Characters struggle with believing in a God who seems remote or uninterested in their lives, but find the One who has true love and compassion. Ghost Heart got this reader thinking, making it a perfect choice for a book club.I really loved this book and give it a highly recommended rating!Highly Recommended.Great for Book Clubs.Audience: adults.(Thanks to the authors for a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are mine alone.)

  • Ian
    2019-05-11 20:13

    This is a novel that grabs you by the throat on the very first page and doesn’t let go until the very end. There are so many excellent aspects to this novel: its fast pace, the realistic story line based on truth, the complexity of the black market organ donor market, heart transplants (don’t worry no gory details) and a cast of characters that are believable and well crafted.There are two parallel story lines, the one based in Africa starring Dr Mia Kendall who is desperate to discover the truth behind her patients failing heart transplants. She commandeers a willing assistant, Race Daniels, who is drawn to her passion, beauty and drive. But can she trust him? Is he caught up the cover-up in some way? The more time she spends with Race in solving the puzzle the more she is attracted to him.Meanwhile one of Mia’s transplant patients heart is failing. His teenage wife, Jeme, is desperate to keep her daughter, Zaina, safe from the poachers. She’s an albino whose body parts are highly desirable. The second story starts in Cincinnati where we meet Catherine (Cat) and Brad Taylor whose young daughter’s heart is failing. This is causing significant stress on their marriage. Catherine is a desperate mom who will do anything to save her daughter. Even if it means flying to Africa so Kelsey can have a heart transplant where it’s significantly cheaper than in the US.The authors crafted Mia and Catherine as strong passionate women and even though I didn’t necessarily agree with all their choices I admired them tremendously. Jeme is another and I loved her gutsiness in protecting Zaina.There are some excellent bad guys. Men who on the surface are esteemed by society while deluding themselves they are benefiting the world with their groundbreaking endeavours. Their arrogance and thirst for power result in some catastrophic decisions that Mia and Race gradually unravel.It all builds to a fabulous climax with some heartbreaking and joyous moments. And there is romance that simmers in the background.This is an outstanding collaboration by Lisa Harris and Lynne Gentry. I loved it and I hope there are a few more novels bubbling away in their collective thoughts.The novel also comes with an insightful Q&A between the two authors where they provide some background to how the story came about plus their writing process between Africa and Texas.I received a complimentary copy from the authors with no obligation to write a favourable review.

  • Lisa Johnson
    2019-04-29 20:10

    Title: Ghost Heart (A Medical Thriller)Author: Lisa Harris & Lynne GentryPages: 350 Year: 2017Publisher: Create Space IndependentMy rating 5 out of 5 stars.What a heart (no pun intended) gripping story has been written by these two gifted authors! Just wait until you read in the back of the book what spurred this novel to be written! If a little bit of graphic descriptions of body parts and blood bother you, please try not to let that keep you from reading this tale with a very surprising ending.The story is staged both here in the United States and Africa, telling about organ donation and procurement. Along with that storyline is another about pharmaceutical testing of medicines and ultimately about greed with its consequences. Remember, this is fiction even though as I read the book I could envision all that was described as taking place. Here is a very good way of giving us insight into what parents of children or adults go through when needing an organ replacement. I felt for the doctor fighting for her patient’s survival in a small village in Africa while another doctor was after money, prestige and playing upon the superstition of the villagers. Dr. Mia Kendall would befriend the villagers and help to save lives no matter the cost to her personally. Race was the pilot who would transport the organs to the hospitals and as Dr. Kendell shared her suspicions, he risks a lot to help. Could there be a blossoming romance between the pilot and doctor?Here is a thriller that will cause your heart to race and have you staying up until all hours reading as you reach the very action-packed ending! The novel is one of the best and one of my favorites for this year thus far! Though truth be told I have many favorites being a voracious reader, lol!

  • Gail Hollingsworth
    2019-05-07 23:27

    This was truly an edge of your seat medical thriller! From the suburbs of America to the deepest darkest Africa, you never knew what was going to happen next. Mia, a pediatric heart surgeon, left the US to work in Africa. She has performed many heart transplants but her patients are rejecting hearts almost as quickly as they have new hearts. She goes over her procedures in her mind and feels like she's done everything by the book, and is completely baffled. She joins forces with a young pilot who transports donated organs to the two area hospitals. It was interesting to learn that negro albinos are thought to be cursed and yet their body parts are thought to be good luck when used by the witch doctors. They are called ghosts because of their white skin. They are being hunted down and murdered because of the high value of their bodies. Back in the states a research Doctor is being pushed to finish his research on a new anti-rejection drug. He finds that two of his vials containing the experimental drug is missing from his lab. He is still six months away from having a breakthrough that will be approved by the FDA.A young mother is pleading for help with her five year old daughter who is on her deathbed needing a new heart. Money is tight and she's contemplating traveling to Africa where she can get her a transplant at a lower cost. All against her husband's wishes.How will all of these factors tie in together? I was totally shocked at what happened toward the end! Good job Lisa and Lynne!!I was given an ebook copy of this book but was not required to write a review, positive or otherwise.

  • Erin Laramore
    2019-04-22 16:09

    This was an amazing book that brought to light some atrocities happening in the world today. I will forewarn you - this one had a lot of moving parts. I don't often enjoy books where I'm introduced to 20 different characters at the beginning so that I can't keep them straight. While this one doesn't have quite that many, there does seem a lot of character introductions at the beginning that seemingly don't have a lot of connection - an African woman, a mother in Cincinnati, a lab tech in Baltimore, an American doctor in Africa and an American pilot. Please be patient, though - all of their stories do come together - some in very surprising ways! And it is very much worth sticking through. I did feel I got enough back story before jumping to the next person that I didn't remain confused for very long either. This book is suspenseful, has a touch of romance, plot twists and a lot of surprises at the end. At the same time, it brings to light the plight of albinos in Africa - who are considered cursed by their own people, but whose flesh and blood are considered lucky charms by witch doctors and voodoo priests. It also brings to light the illegal harvesting of organs in third world countries and the ultimate price that is paid for greed. While this is a work of fiction, there is much that is based in fact here. There were so many times this book brought me to tears. It had me rooting for the good guys while at the same time wondering if I really knew who all of the good guys were. This book made me question where my own morality would take me if I was desperate to save my own child and how I would respond in any of the characters' shoes. Because of all of that, I definitely highly recommend this one! Great read!

  • Edward Arrington
    2019-05-09 00:24

    Quite a compelling story! Although fiction, the book is based on real atrocities about which most people probably know nothing. Many of us have read about albino animals but we hear very little about humans born with albinism. To think that there are places in the world where they are hunted for unimaginable purposes is hard to fathom. The authors have done an excellent job of writing a story that shines a light on this topic to help inform us. Very few would ever pick up a scholarly treatise on this subject but hopefully many will read this story and get a glimpse of the reality that human albinos face in some countries. As with any kind of discrimination or prejudice, learning the truth is a beginning. With a good balance of suspense, tension, action, romance, and faith, the story unfolds to help start us on the path of learning that we are all the same inside but many still have a long ways to go to acknowledge that and to start treating everyone with respect and dignity. I received an electronic copy of this book from the author. This is my honest review. All opinions are strictly my own.

  • Karen
    2019-05-01 00:28

    This started very slow as it developed characters and settings. But it turned out to be one of the best books I have read in a very long time. Real-life problems for people in Africa highlighted by the selfish need of Americans. What an amazing and heart-gripping story. *I am on the launch team for this book and received a complimentary copy*

  • Iola
    2019-05-14 22:16

    I have a love-hate relationship with medical thrillers. I love it because I love the suspense aspects. I hate it because it highlights the inequalities in medical profession both within countries like America, and globally. A million dollars for a heart transplant? The mind boggles.Yes, there is some blood and gore (gore = anything that can’t be fixed with an Elastoplast. There are some good reasons why I didn’t go into a medical profession). The worst of it is actually in the Prologue, so if you read the sample and are afraid it’s going to get worse, don’t worry. It doesn’t.Kelsey Taylor is five years old, and needs a heart transplant stop urgently. Her mother, Catherine, is prepared to do anything to save her daughter. Even going to Africa to for a heart transplant. The only way she save her daughter is to ask her father for help—which could destroy her relationship with her husband.Mia Kendall is a heart surgeon in the public hospital in Tanzania. She finds her heart transplant patients are dying. But the transplant patients from the nearby private hospital not. She’s suspicious. What is happening? Is there a problem with her surgical methods? Her post-operative care? Or is there a problem with the transplant organs?Jeme is a Tanzanian wife and mother. Her husband has recently had a heart transplant, but he’s sick again. And she’s trying to protect her daughter—an albino, at risk of being kidnapped and murdered by hunters for her white skin and blue eyes. Unfortunately, this part of the story is based on fact. Albinos are considered cursed, yet at that same time, their body parts are considered good luck charms.Ghost Heart focuses on the people who are trying to save lives. Catherine and Jeme, trying to save the lives of their daughters from two very different threats. Mia, trying to save her patients, and to make up for one mistake long ago. Organ transplant pilot Race Daniels, trying to save lives to make up for the two he couldn’t save.It also highlights the tragedy of our modern medical system, and the way it favours the haves over the have-nots. Those who have insurance or money or who live in a country with a good public health system vs. those who don’t. The tragedy of transplants—the fact one person has to die in order for another to receive a new heart. The tragedy of greed—that where money is involved, someone will find a way to get rich at the expense of others.The novel is suspense from start to finish, with several unexpected twists. Don’t do what I did and start it when you should be going to bed! Recommended for all medical suspense lovers.Thanks to the authors for providing a free ebook for review.

  • Sharon
    2019-05-16 17:13

    It's no surprise that Ghost Heart is a gripping, edge-of-your-seat thriller. I've come to expect that from Lisa Harris. This is the first time I've read a book by Lynne Gentry. The writing was seamless; I could not tell it was co-authored. Mia Kendall is an American cardiologist and transplant surgeon who is working at a government-run hospital in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Recently, her patients have been rejecting their hearts, and she suspects it may be due to shady organ procurement. When she learns that Tanzania's albino population is in danger from human hunters who sell albino body parts to witch doctors for use in magic charms and potions, she begins to wonder if the human hunters also steal albino organs to sell in the underground market. She enlists the help of a pilot whose job it is to pick up organ donations and deliver them to hospitals in East Africa. Can she trust a man who might be involved in illegal organ selling?Lynne Gentry and Lisa Harris decided to write this book several years ago when they learned about the plight of the albinos in Tanzania. Tanzania has a large population of albinos who, due to a genetic mutation, are born without pigment in their skin. Called "ghost people," the albinos are considered a curse upon their villages, causing crops to fail, etc. Strangely, the body parts of these people, when used by witch doctors, are supposed to grant great wealth and success. Albinos, young and old, are attacked with machetes still today; although, the Tanzanian government is attempting to stop this terrible practice. Harris and Gentry's book also involves the heart-wrenching stories of two desperate mothers from two continents, Jeme from Tanzania and Catherine from the United States. Jeme is the wife of a heart transplant patient who is rejecting his new heart, and she is also the mother of baby Zaina, a "ghost child." Contrasted with Jeme's plight is Catherine who is the mother of pre-school age Kelsey, a little American girl who is dying while she waits for a heart transplant. If you like Christian suspense, do not pass on this one. It's a story that needed to be told. Lisa Harris provided an advance reader copy of Ghost Heart to me in exchange for an honest review. I'm glad I read this powerful story. If you are interested in the topic, besides reading Ghost Heart, you can search albinos in Tanzania online to find several news articles about their plight.

  • Carol
    2019-05-03 16:13

    Ghostheart is intense, compassionate, gainful, haunting, touching, fascinating, humble, and tear jerking. It deals with life and death, hunting of humans, kidnapping of humans, murder of certain people, a certain type of company everyone uses is corrupted, This is about two women who have someone who needs a heart transplant and they will get that by any means possible. If your loved one was dying - would you not do the same? hmmmmmmmmmm? In all this in Africa they believe a twisted thing about a certain color of someone's skin and they do something when they see that -- and you will be so very surprised to know what color it is - it is sick and twisted - you just have to read this book because it happens to some of the characters - also this book touches your heart so very much - you find yourself crying - whether you realize you are doing it or not - The author make you so connected to the characters in this novel - yes I did say novel what else could you call it? - anywho - the authors have you attached to the characters that when things happen you feel it too - I want to take a second to thank Ms. Harris and Ms. Gentry for having the courage to write such a book - to pour yourselves into this book because you can tell you did and for writing such a wonderful yet suspenseful, mysterious story - it is so awesome - thank you so much for all those hours of enjoyment. GOD Bless you and yours. and all of you out there - get this book it is so worth the read.............I received a complimentary copy of this book from the authors; all the opinions expressed in this review are all my own.

  • Donna Thompson
    2019-05-05 00:06

    I don't even know where to start with how much I loved this book. I knew going into it, that Lisa Harris was going to give me a suspenseful, thrilling and moving story right from the start. I was unfamiliar with Lynne Gentry's work, but if this book is any indication, I'll be checking out her other offerings as well. I guess the place to start would be with the title, Ghost Heart. Because this book does have heart. At the core, is the love of a mother for her child, who will do anything and everything possible to alleviate suffering or to provide protection. Each chapter, with its date and time stamp, propels you through the action and gives you a sense of time running out. You are literally pulled through this story, or maybe I should say, wrenched through this story, because it is full of action, but it is also a harrowing experience. This book was very meaningful and sheds light on something that is happening in the world that I knew absolutely nothing about, but that should definitely be brought to the forefront of the public's attention. It is literally heartbreaking. You would do well to read this book, take it to heart, and do what you can to help bring a bit of love and healing to this hurting world. Read Ghost Heart - you won't be sorry you did.**I received an ARC copy of this book from the authors in exchange for an honest review**

  • Debora Wilder
    2019-04-27 17:24

    An incredible medical thriller!Though Mia Kendall and Race Daniels are the two main characters in this wonderful story there are a number of very important people throughout the book. They are all amazingly well developed and written. I was caught up in the heartbreaking circumstances that both Jeme and Catherine were trapped in. I desperately wanted everything to work out for both of them as well as their families.The danger and mystery that Mia and the others faced was so remarkably well crafted that I was captivated by the story. I got sucked into this book and at times I was completely unaware of what was going on around me.I received a free copy of this book from the author. I have chosen to write this review to express my personal opinion.Disclaimer: *Disclosure of Material Connection: I received a copy of this book for free in the hope that I would mention/review it on my blog. I was not required to give a positive review, only my honest opinion - which I've done. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.*

  • Phyllis Whitaker
    2019-04-25 23:02

    I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review. All I can say is this book will bother you if you have just a drop of compassion in your soul for those that society tends to reject. This book is definitely not for the faint of heart, nor for those that are wanting a read that you can close the book and forget it. This book haunts you long after the last page is read. It is a story of greed and a quest for power. It is a story that deals with prejudice and ignorance. It is also a love story of a mothers love that transcends this world. It is a story of great selfishness and great sacrifice. It made me angry that we as human beings, made in the image of God, could do the horrible things to each other that this book covers. It also made me cry that even in the midst of misery and darkness, there is a light that shines forth in love. If you only read one book this year, read this book. After I finished this book, I decided to try harder to see people as Jesus sees them. To love more, to care more, to have more compassion for those that society overlooks. We can change the world one person at a time.

  • Anne Rightler
    2019-04-19 17:08

    Ghost Heart by Lisa Harris and Lynne Gentry is an intense medical thriller. The story kept this reader on the edge of my seat with a number of twists and turns to the plot. Some of them were like, 'Wow, I did not see that coming!' It is a gripping white-knuckle story that grabs readers from the beginning of the book and sweeps them along to an exciting end. The authors have written a gritty tale of murder, medical research controversies, organ trafficking, greed, and superstitions. The main characters are strong and well-developed individuals with emotions and values that are profoundly human. Along with a subtle thread of faith and a smidge of humor, there is a little romance between a beautiful doctor and a rugged pilot dropped into the plot. Ghost Heart is a thought-provoking story that will open readers' eyes to barbarity and prejudice in a land far away and yet not so far, after all is said and done. I received a complimentary copy of the book from the authors. I was not required to write a review and the opinions are my own.

  • Teresa
    2019-04-29 20:03

    I'll be honest, I wasn't sure I'd like this book mainly because I'm not a big fan of Medical Thrillers. I guess it's the hypochondria in me, but Medical Thrillers tend to just scare me! lol! But Ghost Heart had such good ratings I had to give it a try and I'm so glad I did! I'd say it's one of the best books I've read this year! The overall feel of the book is hopeful yet very shocking in the sense that, although fiction, things like this are going on right now in this world. It's very fast paced with twists and turns everywhere. I hated to set it aside and yet when I did, I was thinking about it....needing to see what would happen next.I can't recommend this enough. If you get the chance, get this book and read it. You won't regret it!

  • Kristin
    2019-05-10 22:20

    I like when a fiction book opens my eyes to a part of the world I haven’t seen before and leaves me thinking. That’s what “Ghost Heart” by Lisa Harris and Lynne Gentry did.“Ghost Heart” takes readers into Tanzania, where some believe albino Africans are cursed and others want their organs. There’s love that develops between a helicopter pilot who thinks he’s helping the world but isn’t sure what he’s gotten involved in and a doctor who starts piecing together reality. There’s suspense involving some doctors and researchers who are brought together by their own desires. And there’s a God who loves people regardless of color, connects people, and redeems people’s clouded decisions.The characters – at least the good guys – are likable and the plot keeps the pages turning.

  • Ria
    2019-05-07 16:21

    Incredible!Harris’s ability to take a headline most shake their heads at in passing but never truly connect with and turn it into a mind bending, heart rending foray into depths of human depravity that highlight the very heart of an Eternal Father who cannot abide sin yet loved us each enough to send Christ to conquer the world and the Spirit to bind us to Him grows with each book. Let this unshakable display of what faith can do in a broken world drive you to find new ways of restoring His children with your own!

  • Britney
    2019-04-19 23:24

    Ghost Heart is a page-turning read! Based on real life events, this medical thriller takes readers into the jungles of Africa where atrocities are being committed against albinos. The haunting story that unfolds is one that held me in its grip, stirring my emotions and provoking much thought. I loved the strengths Harris and Gentry each bring to the novel and am begging for more collaborations from this dynamic duo!I received a complimentary copy of this book. No review was required, and all thoughts expressed are my own.

  • Deanna Stevens
    2019-04-30 16:00

    Although this  story is fictional it is based on true facts. This story will give you details on the black market organ donor market, heart transplants and the lives it affects. Taking place in Africa it's a story that grabs you and opens your eyes to some the gruesome facts of how organs can be obtained.  If you like medical thrillers full of suspense... this one is one that will keep you turning pages when you really don't want to know what's coming next

  • Linda Klager
    2019-05-08 17:15

    An excellent written book. I learned more about Africa and the prejudices and superstition toward Albino people. There was much drama, adventure, intrigue, and danger and a little bit of romance in the plot. I highly recommend this book.

  • Wilani Wahl
    2019-05-16 16:18

    Powerful message and suspense all tied into one fantastic package. At times this wonderful book caused my heart to stop. It has such a powerful message of God's love and concern for everyone no matter the color of their skin. It is a story that needs to be told.

  • Melissa
    2019-05-19 17:06

    Ghost Heart is the newest medical thriller from Lisa Harris and Lynne Gentry. I was hooked from the beginning and didn't want to put it down! I have been a fan of Lisa Harris for several years and she warned us advanced readers that this would be harder to read than some of her other stories. She was right. There were some difficult scenes to read, but it forced me the reader to open my eyes to the the atrocities others in the world have to face on a daily basis. This novel was very informative about how albino people are treated in Africa and the issue of black market organ donation.This novel is fast-paced and suspenseful. As stated in the synopsis, this book takes you on journey all the way from Cincinatti to the jungles of Africa. It's a race against time to figure out why there are so many transplant patients rejecting their new hearts. Readers will fall in love with the complex characters that include Mia the American transplant surgeon in Africa, Race the ex-military pilot, Jeme the African mother of a ghost child, and Catherine the mother desperate to do anything to save her daughter who needs a new heart. There are so many themes present in the novel that it is difficult to include them all. There is determination, reconciliation, forgiveness, moving past your past, the power of a mother's love, and many more.If you are in the mood for a real page turner, this is the book for you. You will not be disappointed. The novel is full of suspense with just the right amount of romance. Just the way I like it! I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

  • Yvonne TeKolste
    2019-05-10 18:05

    WOW!! Excellent book -- fast paced suspense -- will have you on the edge of your seat.

  • Wendy Mast
    2019-05-08 22:20

    I wasn't quite sure what to expect after I started. The book was full of twists, great read!

  • Marj Ward
    2019-05-15 20:30

    The BEST book I have ever read. Excellent story (happy and sad) telling of the prejudice and atrocities suffered by people with albinism. A book I won't soon forget.

  • Sarah Ruut
    2019-04-28 20:16

    A shocking, heartbreaking page-turner.Ghost Heart brings attention to the genetic disorder of albinism and the atrocities that albinos face in some places in the world. What makes this story hard to read is simply knowing that it is based on a realistic scenario.You won’t want to set the story down once you’ve begun. You’ll be drawn into the tangled international web, racing through the pages to–hopefully–see each character you’ve come to care about survive the crises they face.Well-paced and frighteningly believable, Ghost Heart is a story that will not simply entertain you for a few hours but will leave you to consider the ramifications of the scenarios both locally and abroad. Be prepared for this suspense to touch your heart.(This review was first published on my blog -- I received a complimentary copy of this novel. The thoughts expressed here are entirely my own.)

  • Sharon Paavola
    2019-04-29 18:13

    Ghost Heart introduced me to a tragedy in the real world that goes beyond human organ trafficking. Mia Kendall, a heart transplant surgeon working in Africa faces obstacles and new realities that are hard to grasp after discovering a horrendous murder of an albino in a small village. She’s not one to sit back and do her job. She needs answers to her questions. A rogue, ex-military pilot might be able to assist her but can she trust him? A distraught family in America struggles to keep their young daughter alive but their only hope is a heart transplant. What ends will they seek to obtain their solution? What would any of us do to save our child’s life?Connections between the multiple characters do become clear as this fast paced story unfolds. I highly recommend reading Ghost Heart. The authors have written more than a spellbinding novel. They are opening the door and exposing the real-life, tragic legend about albinos and how their lives are at stake. (Thanks to the authors for a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are mine alone.)