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A new queen rises…When Stevie vanquished her family’s greatest threat, she thought they’d be safe. Unaware of the evil surrounding her, she trains with her coven and prepares to inherit her mother’s role as queen and protector of the amulet.Chaplain Benjamin Parris, descendant of the notorious reverend behind the Salem Witch Trails, plots to resume his family’s mission andA new queen rises…When Stevie vanquished her family’s greatest threat, she thought they’d be safe. Unaware of the evil surrounding her, she trains with her coven and prepares to inherit her mother’s role as queen and protector of the amulet.Chaplain Benjamin Parris, descendant of the notorious reverend behind the Salem Witch Trails, plots to resume his family’s mission and rid the world of witches. He joins forces with Susan Moore, who’s sought revenge against the coven for years, and together, they formulate a plan to destroy Stevie’s family.Left weakened after the theft of their protective amulet, the coven confronts the unthinkable as a modern day witch hunt unfolds around them. And this time, Stevie might not be able to save the people she loves....

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The Hunted (The Crystal Coast Series 2) Reviews

  • Dianne
    2019-05-30 09:53

    No one knew the kindly Chaplain who came to town would become the coven’s most deadly adversary to date. While Stevie prepares to assume the mantle of Queen, evil has come to her small town and the witches who have lived under the radar for so long are now in danger of being outed and destroyed in a vile repeat of the horrors of the Salem Witch Trials. Benjamin Parris has long chased after those who practice witchcraft. A descendant of the clergyman who headed the Salem Witch Trials, Benjamin’s hatred runs deep and he has stolen the coven amulet that gives them their powers. Will he use their gifts against them? Will the coven be brought to its knees?Grief will tear through the very heart of the coven and Stevie is ill-prepared to take her place as Queen when the innocent magic of a young child awakens just when it is needed the most.Chrissy Lessey’s THE HUNTED is a tale of loss, love and learning how the power of good versus evil can be devastating, but will bring out the best in those who are the most innocent and free of darkness. A wonderful tale that embraces the magic of the author’s storytelling and combines high tension, dark enemies and the quest to survive in a world that has become as dangerous as a riled viper in a pit. A well told tale that relies on its characters and their inherent good as opposed to gore and guts.I received this copy from Chrissy Lessey in exchange for my honest review.Series: The Crystal Coast Series - Book 2Publisher: Tenacious Books Publishing (July 25, 2017)Publication Date: July 25, 2017Genre: Paranormal Print Length: 286 pagesAvailable from: Amazon |  Barnes & NobleFor Reviews & More:

  • Jeff Messick
    2019-06-14 11:58

    I loved this book, part two in the series. Once again, the author takes acritical look at autism and the affect it has on everyone around it. However, this portion of the story, though critical, does not overshadow the main plot itself.Old enemies make the worst friends, but keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Simple theft sets up tumultuous consequences in the beautiful seaside town of Beaufort. The Coven has to deal with a threat unlike anything they've encountered before and something they've never trained for. How do you, even as a team, fight an enemy with so much more raw power, what you control is a candle flame compared to a bonfire?The main character's new love is going tragically wrong and she desperately needs to fix that too. Her son's Dad is in the picture too and its even more confusing for her.All these separate lines, with even more, but I won't spoil it for you, come together in a culmination of sorcery and trickery that spells doom or triumph for the Coven, depending on your outlook. Hope spring eternal and death waits patiently.The second book of this series is nearly comparable to the first in the powerful storyline. The writing style and readability is on the same level as the first, just plain awesome.Fantastic book two for this author, I recommend it highly.

  • FNM
    2019-06-12 15:07

    Originally posted @ had originally read the first book in the series after downloading it from NetGalley and fell in love with it immediately (you can read my review here), so when I got the chance to read the second I was more than a little excited. ‘The Hunted’ starts of immediately after the events of the first book, leaving Stevie in a place where she is dealing with her new powers, the knowledge that she is one day meant to be Queen of her coven and making sure her five year old, non-verbal magical son doesn’t accidentally turn is classmates into a frog. The story itself is a bit shorter then first, so the plot moves quickly, with more then a few twists and turns. There was not as much character development as the first but it was great to see the whole coven again, some who have a few surprises of their own.One of the aspects I have loved with the series is that the author has the ability to explore the past and incorporate it within a modern world. She is able to do this through flash-backs as well as bringing aspects of the past into the 21st Century, e.g. the Salem Witch Trials. I wouldn’t class this as Historical Fiction or anything but it was good to read. As for the ending, after an initial ‘twist’ that I didn’t really see coming, the ending I was pretty sure of. However although it wasn’t really a surprise it was well done and full of drama leaving me wanting more! I think I would of liked to see a little bit more to the story as it did feel quite short, however at 286 pages perhaps that was just me. Either way one I would recommend.Thank you to the author for providing me with a free copy in exchange for an honest review.Rating: 4.5/5Would I read again: YesWould I Recommend: YesWould I read another book from this author: Yes

  • Ashley Aponte
    2019-06-12 12:43

    This book was fantastic. I enjoyed the second book in this series just as much as the first. The story was well written, and the author did a great job keeping the pace of this story throughout. We see conflict, confusion, fear, death, and ultimately hope. We get to see more of the different abilities each character has, and we see more of the effect the truth of magic and witches have on Stevie and Charlie. The story was easy to read, and the way the author wrote the characters makes it easy to love them. I'm excited to read the next part of the Crystal Cove series, and my expectations are definitely high. #TheUnratedBookshelf

  • Tracy Beth
    2019-06-12 11:54


  • Carrie Naisbitt conley
    2019-05-24 10:55

    It was okI'm not fond of books that break the characters down in chapters. It was ok but not an easy book to follow

  • Tabs
    2019-05-28 14:55

    The second book of this series and it did not fail to keep the story going. Fabulous series

  • Leenna Naidoo
    2019-06-15 15:39

    I was provided with an Advance Reader Copy for review purposes. In brief:I was really glad I took the time to read The Coven before The Hunted. While The Hunted is being sold as a stand alone, I believe it lacks some of the magic of The Coven--and that I would have found it far less interesting if I hadn't known the back-story. As with so many books in a trilogy or series, this second book is much shorter and continues the story of Stevie and The Coven's sworn enemy, Susan. I would recommend it to readers of The Coven, and to those committing themselves to this series—which I think has a lot more to offer, especially with Chrissy Lessey's wonderful descriptions and characters.The Whole story:Picking up almost directly from The Coven, The Hunted explores quite literally how a modern day witch-hunt could start. Interweaving the church, personal prejudices and revenge in a concoction of history repeating itself in the most heart-breaking way. Added to this alarming development, the peaceful witches have a terrible decision to make, when their queen's amulet is stolen. All my favourite characters from The Coven were there, fearing for their wonderful homes in Beaufort. The Story:I was expecting quite a bit more from The Hunted. I thought the premise of a modern day witch-hunt was great, as was the theft of the amulet. So why did I find it falling short? For me, the best thing about The Coven was: how firmly rooted in 'real' life it was, despite the magic; and the character growth, not just in Stevie, but also in Charlie—and to a lesser extent the supporting cast. The Hunted is all about the plot with very little character development, I thought, through most of it, save one—the least expected character developed in an unexpected way. So I stand by my reckoning as in my review of The Coven, that some of the character development chapters from it would have been better placed in The Hunted, especially with regard to Randy and Ruth. In many ways, I got the feeling that I was being rushed through to a story Lessey really wanted to tell, but for whatever reasons was hurrying us along.There are really nice scenes too. My favourites included Ruth and her dogs, as well as Charlie's compassion for Vanessa. I would have enjoyed it all a lot more if there were more moments like those in this story.I'm still hooked on the Crystal Coast Series, and sincerely wish that Book Three sees the characters and situations developed more in line with Book One. So I'll be looking out for Book Three and will be requesting the prequel to learn more about Charlotte and Lucia.What could have been better:I think the plot could have been better executed at times. Dylan's behaviour was so out of character, how could no-one have noticed? Parris's character also seems underdeveloped. The sudden change of heart seemed a little unbelievable to me. The ending also seemed too abrupt. It's not quite a cliff-hanger, neither does it quite satisfy at the end. It read more like a chapter ending to me.Fun facts:There's a great transformation scene in the middle when Parris meets his match. So what did I learn from this whole experience?As a writer, I learned that when writing a series, I should never put plot above characterisation. I learned that with a little insight and compassion, even the most hated and feared can redeem themselves. I learned that there's a lot more to Beaufort and The Coven that I'd like to learn. Recommend to:Lovers of Practical Magic, The Craft and Hart of Dixie

  • Elgon Williams
    2019-06-10 16:39

    Review of Chrissy Lessey’s The Hunted Book Two of The Crystal Coast SeriesThe Hunted focuses on the interactions of the characters Chrissy Lessey created in The Secret Keepers and The Coven. The inherent conflict between the good witches of the coven in the small, picturesque coastal town of Beaufort, NC and the evil ones who are descendants of Blackbeard the pirate is extended in a thoroughly engaging way.First, Lessey reveals more of the backstory, allowing the reader to know about 17th Century events that precipitated the coven’s hasty departure from their homes in Salem, Massachusetts. As you will remember, under the leadership of their new queen Lucia, the founding members of the coven establish their own colony. Lucia’s daughter, Charlotte and two other young witches are sacrificed to deflect the interest of Blackbeard the pirate in their island home. The young witches are taken aboard Blackbeard’s ship and, in due course, transported to the North Carolina Coast.Susan Moore and her daughter Vanessa are direct descendants of the notorious pirate. Queen Lucia’s lineage carries to the present as Queen Patricia, her daughter and heir, Stevie, and the five-year-old Charlie, Stevie’s son, who struggles with both autism and his emerging magical powers. Patricia possesses the fabled amethyst amulet that, in the past, Queen Diana entrusted to her daughter Lucia on the fateful night that Puritan Reverend Samuel Parris precipitated the witch hunts. Diana sacrificed herself so that her coven could escape.The Hunted picks up shortly after the conclusion of The Coven as Stevie, Dylan and Charlie attempt to make a future together. But Stevie has yet to tell her ex-husband, Sam, about her new relationship. We also learn more about what happened to Vanessa Moore in the aftermath of the explosion of the boat she was on. And finally we visit with Susan Moore, Vanessa’s mother, who the local coven has stripped of her powers and had her committed to an insane asylum.Susan befriends Chaplain Benjamin Parris, the proud direct descendant of Samuel, intending to use his interest in eradicating witches from the world to focus on the coven. Lessey sets the key players in place for the fiery confrontation ahead.Despite Vanessa’s failure in The Coven to secure the amethyst amulet for her mother, Susan still covets it for its ability to enhance its bearer’s powers. If she can secure the amulet her bound powers will be restored and she will become the most powerful witch in the world. She plans to use her newly restored and enhanced powers to seize control of the coven and force those who banded together against her to bow down to her as their queen. In Chaplain Parris, Susan finds a willing, if at first unwitting, assistant.The Hunted is very well-written, fast-paced and engaging. Lessey advances the storyline masterfully, more than fulfilling the promise of The Coven. The characters feel as real as their North Carolina hometown. You expect to be able to go there and meet these fictional people who are members of The Historical Society. At the conclusion there is little doubt where the tale is heading for the third installment. As I love, love, love this storyline I look forward to reading it. Chrissy Lessey is an author whose time has come to shine amongst the stars Where is Hollywood? This is such an original twist as a plot idea. I'm certain it would translate to film.

  • Beth Ann
    2019-05-24 14:39

    I was given a digital copy of The Hunted: Book Two" by Chrissy Lessey for an honest review. I am not a reader who loves stories about vampires, witches or the supernatural and when I realized this book was the second in a series specifically about witches I knew I might have a struggle reading it. There is nothing wrong with those genres but they are just not what I like to read.I was not sure if I would be able to get the full story since this is actually the third book in the series but author Chrissy Lessey gave just enough background and detail to help me understand the story line. Her ability to fill in the historical background of the Salem witch hunts added a bit of authenticity to the story and helped flesh it out for me. With that being said I found "The Hunted: Book Two" to be a well written and easy to follow story about a coven of witches in Beaufort, NC. As the story unfolds the characters living in plain sight within the community mask their magic and their affiliation with the coven well and blend into the community without causing any stir. Their group meets under the guise of The Beaufort Historical Society and it is not too far into the book that the reader realizes that something big is about to happen.The book has enough twists and turns and the story line kept my interest. I did have a bit of trouble keeping all the characters straight in my head for some reason but I suspect that I would have had more of an idea of who they all were had I read the previous books. Regardless of my shortcomings in that area I did enjoy the book and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys this genre especially. It is great to read a book that is well written and the author's obvious connection to the autism community and her advocacy efforts are written into the story in the form of Charlie, a young boy who is on the spectrum. Any way that accurate information can be presented on subjects like this get a thumbs up from me as well. Including Charlie in the story makes it even more real in a sense.Anyone looking for a good series to read needs to check out these books by Chirssy Lessey. I am pretty sure you will enjoy her writing especially if you like stories about witches and magical powers.

  • Nicole
    2019-06-17 14:05

    Book two in the Crystal Coast Series, The Hunted picks up where the Coven left off, giving us another glimpse of history and carrying us into the present with Stevie and the Beaufort Coven. There is something for everyone - romance, action, history and a unit of people that are so easy to care about. Lessey writes a fast paced story filled with well rounded characters. You really feel Stevie's struggles with each new hurtle she approaches. Lessey does a great job with growing and changing her characters. The Hunted is a good continuation of The Coven. The story seems to be going in an obvious direction but a few surprises popped up in this book, things I did NOT see coming. I really enjoy the girl power of the books, even though Stevie is sort of stuck in a love triangle with her ex husband and current love. She is finding herself and taking on a lot all at the same time. We see her vulnerability but also her strength. I think instead of giving us this perfect character that kicks ass all the time, Lessey writes a real person that is relatable. With the beautiful scenic Beaufort as a back drop, The Hunted is an all round grand read that easily pulls you in from start to finish. Five stars for sure!

  • Stephanie
    2019-05-19 12:41

    The Hunted is the second book of the Crystal Coast Series by Chrissy Lessey. This follow-up lives up to its predecessor, The Coven. As the story progresses, we are shown just how dark and challenging the life of a witch can be. Although the coven must follow rules of doing no harm, not all witches are willing to take and follow the orders given to them by their Queen. It is in this novel that we see the true power of each member of the coven as they face their most dangerous enemy, a fellow witch set on having her revenge. The novel is filled with heart pounding and heart breaking moments as we see some characters make the ultimate sacrifice and others step up and do what needs to be done to keep the coven whole and protected.The Hunted is a fantastic continuation of this series. The amazing cliff hanger of an ending will leave the reader sitting on the edge of his or her seat awaiting the next installment.

  • Rachel Sharp
    2019-05-30 10:04

    It was nice to have a witch book to read in time for Halloween. :)That said, these aren't spooky stories. The Crystal Coast books are closer to the tradition of witches as powers within their community, rather than otherwordly beings. The social and ethical components are just as important as the magic. Characters here deal with the realities of family life in a way that feels true.The only thing I would like to see evolve in future books is the tendency of some dialog to be a bit cliche. In real life, people will absolutely use the most common phrase that comes to mind, but having it written that way, while accurate, is not always my favorite to read.Overall, a solid contemporary fantasy.

  • Lloyd Andrew Green
    2019-06-16 16:50

    Stevie and her gifted son have returned in this sequel to Chrissy Lessey’s “The Coven.” The powerful witch’s amulet has been stolen and is now in the hands of someone who seeks to destroy the peaceful community. Is there enough time for young Stevie to learn how powerful she really is?The Hunted: Book Two to the Crystal Coast Series is a well-written, fast-paced story of modern day witches filled with revenge, unexpected friendships, and exciting surprises around every turn.

  • John Thomason
    2019-06-08 09:38

    Another good readWonderful storyline that blends the saga of this coven to the next in the series. Well written and easily read it brings the charm to the reader.