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One day ago my life was pretty perfect. But a lot can change in a day.In one day, I went from being Ashlynn Wynterland, one of the most popular girls in school to being the girl who spends lunchtime hiding out in Mr. Chester’s classroom and watching Maxon Harter and his science obsessed friends mess around with experiments. All because Queeny Harlington thinks I made out wOne day ago my life was pretty perfect. But a lot can change in a day.In one day, I went from being Ashlynn Wynterland, one of the most popular girls in school to being the girl who spends lunchtime hiding out in Mr. Chester’s classroom and watching Maxon Harter and his science obsessed friends mess around with experiments. All because Queeny Harlington thinks I made out with her crush.Queeny Harlington is the queen of Fareland high. And up until a day ago, she was my best friend. Now she’s my worst enemy who’s threatening to tell the entire school all of my secrets.Being the friendless, social outcast has its downsides. So, when Maxon Harter invites me to hang out with him and his mad scientist friends, I accept his offer, even though they all seem to despise me. Which is fine. Sort of…The truth is I’ve always thought Maxon was cute in a weirdly unordinary way. And the more I get to know him, the more I find myself crushing on him badly. Which makes me wonder if I’ve always been a weirdly unordinary kind of girl, but was too afraid to admit it.But when Queeny decides to tell everyone my darkest secret of all, I doubt Maxon and my new friends will accept me anymore. I need to stop her, and the only way to do that may be to figure out who made up the rumor that I kissed her crush....

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  • Tandie
    2019-06-08 21:12

    Free with Kindle Unlimited. This was my first book by JS and I really picked a winner! There were some minor grammatical errors, which could easily be cleaned up. Stuff like plural being conjugated like singular and vice versa, which was an annoying repeat error throughout. Super cute YA story about the fall of a popular girl and her experience finding real friendship. There might be a hot 'n' nerdy boy next door that Ashlynn (dubbed Asslynn by the mean kids) has had a secret crush on since 5th grade. Their bedroom windows are facing and she's guilty of spying. It's just watching Max build experimental gadgets, so she hopes that makes her less of a creep.Ash did some mean stuff when she was one of the Queen Bee's minions and she's trying to right some wrongs and become a better person. Her family was awesome. There's her newly acquired friend, Clove, (also Max's BFF), who was by far the funniest character. Fun quickie read.

  • L
    2019-06-14 22:15

    **3.75 Stars**Let's be real, without Clove (and Ash's brother, Lucky), this would have been a 3 star book. I think this is the first time I've had a book crush on a secondary character.

  • Christine (Shh Moms Reading)
    2019-06-06 22:38

    A fun YA book by Jessica Sorensen!4.5 stars

  • Yv
    2019-06-23 01:42

    Ondanks dat dit boek (denk ik) voor wat jonger publiek is weggelegd, vond ik het toch leuk om 'm gelezen te hebben. Het was een beetje een mix van Cruel Intentions en Mean Girls, en laat Cruel Intentions nou één van mijn favoriete films zijn :-)."Keep your friends close and your enemies closer."Voor de buitenwereld is Ash de populaire meid met een hecht vriendenclubje en het leukste vriendje van school Voor Ash is het meer onzekerheid, want ondanks dat ze niet gelukkig is, doet ze nare dingen om maar bij het groepje te kunnen blijven. Op een dag gaat er een sappige roddel over Ash door school heen en dit betekent het einde tussen de vrienschap van Ash en Queeny, waardoor Ash van "prinses" ineens naar "loser" gedropped wordt...De schrijfstijl is gemakkelijk en laat je meevloeien met het verhaal. Er mist alleen wel enige diepte en het einde had van mij veel, véél bitchy-er gemogen. Echt véél meer! Nu vond ik het een beetje duf en eigenlijk niet af. Het schijnt dat haar twee boeken The Liar & The Deal hetzelfde verhaal bevatten als The Opposite van Ordinary, alleen dan met een ander einde. Misschien dat ik het einde daar nog eens van lees. Al met al was dit zeker niet vervelend weglezen, alleen heb ik dus het idee dat het niet af is en daardoor 2,5*.

  • Verna Loves Books
    2019-06-06 18:35

    The Opposite of Ordinary by Jessica Sorensen was such an enjoyable read. I was instantly pulled into the story and could not put it down once I started it. I'm always fascinated by Jessica's stories and this was no exception. The Opposite of Ordinary will push all your boundaries because it makes you feel like you're in high school again. It is so easy to relate to. But it is also such a sweet, heart-pounding, romantic, yet cute story that leaves you with a smile.This book will forever stay with me. I loved it that much. Ashlynn is such a pleasant character. I felt so bad for her when the book began. I was so happy to watch her grow into the person she was meant to be and that through each page, she stood up for herself and those she began to care for. Then you meet Maxon. Oh be still my heart, he owned it. The boy is honest, caring, and shows Ashlynn that no matter what, she has someone on her side. I loved, loved, loved his character. His and Ashlynn's love blossoming will leave you with butterflies in your stomach. It's such a gem of a book.I give The Opposite of Ordinary by Jessica Sorensen FIVE out of FIVE BREATH OF FRESH AIR STARS!

  • Rahmi
    2019-06-14 18:24

    Tipikal, tai karakter Maxon nya tu bikin melting xD

  • Boundless Book Reviews
    2019-06-10 18:35

    The Opposite of Ordinary, is really about a girl trying to find herself again. After getting dis-friended by the Queen (you know what) in high school. I actually really liked Ashlynn. I loved seeing her growth through out this story. The chemistry between her and Maxon was very real to me. Sorenson, has written a ton of books. I’ve only had the pleasure of reading only a few. But each time, she brings these characters to life. She has a way of pulling at your heartstrings. I did tear up reading this story, especially when Ashlynn had to deal with the consequences of her actions.The characters were very likable through out this story, especially Clove. I would love to see a story, with just him. He was an interesting character. There are also the unlikable characters. But in the end, the unlikable ones really did get what they deserved. Overall, I give this story Five Boundless Stars. It had great characters, character development, and it pulled at my heartstrings. http://www.boundlessbookreviews.com

  • Alexa Curtis
    2019-06-24 19:41

    3.5 Stars

  • Rebekka
    2019-06-18 20:22

    This was honestly want of those books that you just can't stop reading. These characters just stick with you. I really liked the honesty of the main character. Not that she's honest all the time, but she tries to fix what she's done and that takes some major guts and bravery at different times in the story. I'll definitely check out the rest of the series!

  • Elsie Caba
    2019-05-27 17:15

    I liked this book but the level of drama was too much. I don't know if its the fact that I'm from another country but if the schools in the US are like what we see here or in movies and other books I'm happy I'm not there. Another thing I don't like too much is the drama at the end. This book could've ended with Ash and Maxon HEA but no, more drama was added and now we have to wait til book two to figure it out and this is very recurrent on this author. I enjoy her books but series are not always best.

  • RH Tucker
    2019-06-04 17:23

    Really enjoyed this book. I thought Queeny was a little over the top, but I never dealt with a "mean girl" in HS, and she seems to be the ultimate mean girl. Clove was hilarious. Looking forward to more books in this series.

  • Jayme D Buck
    2019-06-08 01:32

    Not my favorite from JSI didn't "love" the characters as much in this book & found some of the story choppy. Not my favorite

  • Kathryn Packingham
    2019-06-11 18:33

    Such a great story! I love the nerd with the socialite romance!! It was a beyond sweet and hilarious adventure! The imagery sucks you right into the story too!

  • Lissa Rice
    2019-06-26 17:29

    **5 Boundless Stars** Full Review and rating will be up on Boundless Book Reviews

  • Celine
    2019-06-07 00:14

    Gushing alert...<3 <3I know this might be a cliche YA for most, but I totally loved it. Aside from the fact that I like most of Jessica Sorensen's books, her YA stories like Confessions of Kleptomaniac & Rules of a Rebel & a Shy Girl really made me happy. I thought Confessions would be my ultimate fave, but this book came up! Given with the fabulous cover it has, The Opposite of Ordinary was something truly amazing inside and out. Yes, it deals with fairly petty things consider its setting is in high school, but it felt real for them. Ashlynn might as well have fallen flat on her face literally. Her social status from being one of the popular girls took a deep dive to being the laughingstock. It's all because of a rumor that made her so-called best friend queen bee hate her. It was only until then that she realized she lacked the backbone all her life in school.The only people who don't seem to mind talking to her are the other outcasts. I say other because not all of them seem to be on the same side. The irony is these people are also the very ones who were her victims when she was an honorary slave of Queeny.It's only been a few hours that turned into days when Ashlynn realized they're not so bad; if anything, they're much better than her old crowd. Plus, being friends with her Science nerd neighbor Maxon Harter doesn't hurt. Oh Maxon, how can people think he's a loser with that brain and face. If the charm from his intelligence and appeal from his looks aren't enough, he also has that amazing name to boot. And he's definitely immune to Queeny's jibes.It may seem too staged for others about Ashlynn & Maxon's connection, but I adored them both. It was so cute how the 2 of them met, and things were going so well when it resumed. And here I gotta acknowledge Clove for his cleverness. He's awesome when it comes to matchmaking and proving his points.Maxon & Ashlynn, wow. I know this is a stand-alone, but I'd love to read more about them when Heartbreaker Society releases.

  • Courtney
    2019-06-13 18:34

    Jessica Sorensen is the queen of YA romances and this is just another example of why she rocks at writing these stories.The Opposite of Ordinary is very sweet and heartwarming read. The overall point of the story is very endearing and speaks about issues in high schools all over the world - fitting in and being accepted for who you are. Ashlynn is someone struggling to find her place. She's very much a follower and has a hard time sticking up for herself. And that's how she finds herself being the ridicule of rumors and jokes once again.Maxon was there for Ashlynn when she got her first glimpse of being picked on back in they're early middle school years. And ever since, Maxon has had a crush on her but never acted or said anything.Unbeknownst to Maxon, Ashlynn reciprocated those feelings but she too kept quite - but for different reasons. She was part of the popular crowd now and Maxon was still the geeky nerd. Until she found herself being an outcast. And that's only part of this amazing book!I love Maxon - he's got to be the sweetest and most endearing character ever. He doesn't hold grudges and doesn't allow what others say or think about it, affect who he is. If anything, it only makes him stronger in himself.I love how Jessica played out everything in this story. These characters were very realistic and you find yourself wanting to get to know them all even more. I do hope to see a few other books in the future about a few of these secondary characters. I love how Jessica always incorporates some sort of moral lesson in her YA standalone novels. She may not try, but they are there. I highly recommend her books to anyone.

  • Alison Beechner
    2019-06-18 00:17

    If you liked Mean Girls...So I liked the story for the most part, but it definitely had a lot of juvenile elements to it (but hey it is a book about teenagers - I juts prefer my teenagers to be "unordinarily" mature). Maxon really is beyond sweet and perfect and I love the way the story promotes the nice guy instead of the school heart throb. I loved all the parts about their developing relationship and Ash's self discovery. With the recent release of Riverdale on The CW, I totally pictured Cole Sprouse's Jughead look for Maxon. (The uncool loner guy vs the jock, yet I think Jughead's character is way hotter). What I didn't care much for was the whole Heartbreakers Society storyline. I was really worried that Ash would fall in with them and join some crazy scheme instead of solving things the mature way. The Heartbreakers scheme just seems like the same stuff Queeny pulls. (And btw, what is up with their ridiculous names? The Queen B happens to be named Queeny and the pot smoker is named Clove? And her brother is Lucky?) I was so glad that Ash did the right thing and fixed things instead of trying to really sabotage Queeny and causing more trouble. Finally, I didn't like the cryptic ending message that was just taking things too far. So all in all, it wasn't bad, but I guess it only really appeals to actual teenagers and the Gossip Girl crowd.

  • Rowan Greene
    2019-05-31 00:18

    Full disclosure: I'm not a teenager so take my review with a grain of salt. Having said that, I do read a lot of YA and thoroughly enjoy authors like Niven and Nelson. So let's dive right in...We have to start with the names. Srsly? One odd name in a book can be annoying but this book is chock full of them (and not just first names): Ashlynn, Clove, Lucky, Maxon, Kinslee, Huntley, Queeny (yes, you read that one right--the villain aka Queen Bee is called Queeny. I guess her parents didn't like her either). Come on! You can have odd names if you establish a valid reason (ala Nelson in her novel set in a hippie 60's town) but even then you should do so judiciously and for good reason like plot necessity or character development. Moving along, the voice in this book was entirely too juvenile for me. Perhaps I prefer my YA's to be more self aware or to at least not utter the frequently inane comments produced by this MC. (I still cringe at the remark she made just before eating the Snickers bar. And if she said "tummy" one more time...) The tone and voice felt more MG than YA for me and I never quite got past that (or the ridiculous names). As for the MC, I never connected with her enough to care about her fate. I found Ashlynn to be incredibly one-dimensional and shallow, about as uninteresting as a paper doll. Her MG-ish voice and antics made it challenging to take her predicament seriously; I never really felt like she was actually being bullied or in any emotional pain. I never took her seriously as a character. In short, she's dumped by her former BFF and we're *told* that she changes overnight, or rather, the real Ashlynn that she had to suppress while under Queeny's thumb magically emerges like a butterfly from a chrysalis minus all the stages that usually requires. There's no growth, there's no real struggle with her transformation. (view spoiler)[ Instead, she's immediately accepted by a small group of peers she has shunned and ridiculed. She doesn't have to earn their sympathy, trust or friendship. Give me a struggle; show me some growth and realizations. How about some reflection? Instead, we get a load of "that wasn't me doing all that mean stuff"--Queeny made me do it--and "this is the real me" nonsense. The minor struggles we do get, ie., Clarissa's lack of acceptance & Kinslee's animosity, are weakly developed and thus provide little towards Ash's character development.(hide spoiler)] (Clarissa was a far more interesting character as was Gabby for that matter.) (view spoiler)[The author uses the "bad influence" card without fleshing it out enough to make it believable. Ashlynn, while admitting she felt bad about the things she had done, blames her actions on Queeny throughout the novel. It's worth noting that Ash is Queeny's bitch for over SIX YEARS after a "pantsing incident" when she was 10 or so that resulted in her humiliation and the other kids calling her Asslyn. She's "rescued" by Queeny and becomes a devotee. (Side note: she was first rescued by Maxon--who extended an offer of friendship--and yet she didn't latch onto him but rather chose the dark side. Very telling early on with regards to her character/integrity.) If she was such a good person, she would have eventually recognized Queeny as an evil, shallow twit before she's dumped and forced to cope on her own. She would have turned to Maxon who also reached out when she was humiliated. But no. Only when she has no choice we're supposed to believe she's suddenly interested in redemption and making amends. We're supposed to believe that for SIX YEARS she was forced to do things against her will but was too weak to speak up. Only when she's kicked to the curb--for a really lame reason, btw--does she expect everyone to believe her SIX YEAR stint with Queeny wasn't a reflection of her true self. This new, reinvented goofy-go-lucky girl is the real Ashlynn. Yeah, right.(hide spoiler)]The dialogue was problematic for me throughout this novel. At times awkward and often borderline ridiculous, it never quite felt authentic. (view spoiler)[ Queeny's texts and threats fell completely flat for instance (as did her actions). There was no real menace behind her words or her actions and thus the stakes weren't high enough for Ashlynn. I never felt that she was in any jeopardy (quite the opposite in that she wins by freeing herself of Queeny's influence). This school has the nicest and most incompetent bullies I've encountered in real life and literature. This is yet another reason why it feels more MG than YA--the author's tiptoeing around very serious issues like bullying, etc.(hide spoiler)]I gave this book two stars for the added family drama and challenges. (view spoiler)[ I liked her mother and the fact she was the sole provider. I liked that they lived in a trailer park and lost their SFH due to her father's serious injury and inability to work. (But even this wasn't fleshed out enough! We don't get Ash reflecting on what she's lost or how her life has changed. We get some concern for her father but we never get a hint at what its' like going from a spacious 2-story SFH to a cramped and crowded trailer. Queeny ironically never uses this in her pathetic torture texts or rumors. Perhaps most frustrating of all, Ashlynn's dramatic life change could have served as the perfect impetus for change but the author failed to capitalize on these events. Dealing with her father's traumatic injury, loss of her home, etc., would have shaken even the most stable adult much less a teenager. To top it off, this change led to her living next door to "that guy"--Maxon. Huge! Yet the author didn't incorporate any of this. Total shame.)(hide spoiler)]The premise of this book boils down to--girl dumped by BFF because it's rumored she kissed the guy the BFF wants to hook up with. Girl hopes she can ID source of rumor, disprove it, and mend fences with evil BFF. There's not much you can do with this to make it interesting or believable, IMO, as it lacks substance and depth, as do the characters for that matter.

  • Attack Salmon
    2019-06-09 00:22

    My first read by Jessica Sorensen. And oh I just realized is the same as one of her books titled The Opposite of Ordinary but with an alternate ending. I will be sure to check that out.This one is your typical high school drama with the evil Queen Bee, the girl who get torture by the Queen Bee and some crush drama. Ok the story is not exactly original but I am a sucker for books like that and its been so long since I read one like this. The story is well executed and polished. Pretty good that it keeps you wanting to read more. And I thoroughly enjoy it!! Beware.... this one ends on a cliffhanger.

  • Mo
    2019-06-11 18:42

    ReviewI liked Max. He's so sweet. I adored Clove. He is smart, funny, thoughtful and warm. Ash grew on me. I did like her taste in music. Her life choices ehhhh not so much. It's a decent coming of age story. Ash should have confessed sooner, but she made amends. Queeny is someone foreign to my high school experience and I am exceedingly thankful. The Heartbreaker Society is a twisted concept. Clarissa should definitely be careful. This is a stand-alone book. Oh l, it's also free on Kindle Unlimited. Happy reading!

  • Uvi
    2019-06-24 18:25

    Just "ok"This was a cute, quick read. Not a lot of substance to the plot and I'm not sure this should have been a series, but I guess it is. I liked the heroine/hero chemistry but like I said this book isn't deep, just a bubble gum read for when you are looking for something light.

  • Natasha
    2019-06-03 21:26

    THIS WAS A GREAT READ!Rarely do i truly enjoy being in thd protagonists head. But Ash was great! Lovef her humor and her weird side. Maxon (in my head it was always maxton... dunno why) was a sweetheart and his friends soo lovable! I was kept guessing with the twists and mystery. Really hope their is a second book.

  • Madeleine Knutsson
    2019-06-24 17:33

    Skimmed to see the difference from The Opposite of Ordinary and the new ending.

  • Nikki Thompson
    2019-06-08 18:13

    Sweet 3.5 starsA bit predictable, but good characters. Not as unique as I hoped. mean girl plus gossip girl. Clove and Max were adorable.

  • Gracie
    2019-06-20 23:27

    This is cute! High school feels.

  • Tracy Trixy
    2019-05-31 19:16

    Brilliant book! Five stars :) I read in one day, it was a late night, but who needs sleep! As usual a clever story about a mean girl, her supposed best friend and nerds... well written and the characters are well rounded... quick question tho, any chance of a book for Clove?! Loved Ash and her release from the queen bee, trying to make up for what was done, and getting to spend time with her crush ;) and Maxon is a sweetheart! I really loved the interactions between these too, and also at a couple of points in the book, I thought a triangle might develop...... I've said it before and I'll say it again, brilliant author with a wide range of brilliantly written books, keep up the good work Jessica Sorensen!

  • Jenny
    2019-05-27 01:40

    Fun, easy YA read. Ash walks into school and her ex-"best friend" has turned the entire school, including her boyfriend against her with some lies (and some truths) that she has spread. Ash's next door neighbor is science geek Maxon. When Clive arrives to take Max to school he offers Ash a ride also. Ash finds she can have real friendships and is more herself now than she had been for 6 years but she is afraid of her new friends being attacked by Queeny. She also needs to share something terrible she did to Max last year.Book ends asking if Ash really knows how her dad fell off the roof, he's been suffering since he fell off the house and has had multiple surgeries on his leg.

  • Axelle
    2019-06-11 18:31

    Avant hier, je n’avais jamais entendu parler de ce livre. Pourtant, c’est une romance bien sympa, parfois un peu niaise et prévisible, mais exactement ce dont j’avais besoin en ce moment ! Les deux personnages sont mignons et drôles. Ce n’est pas le livre du siècle, mais il fait passer un bon moment de détente.

  • Ashleighjayne
    2019-05-27 22:23

    I really enjoyed the opposite of ordinary, I found this book on kindle unlimited and with having read a couple of Jessica Sorenson’s books in the past I decided give to it try, all I can say is Jessica Sorenson doesn’t disappoint with her books.full review -----> https://ashleighjaynesreads.wordpress...

  • Heather
    2019-06-09 00:15

    Clove and Lucky totally made this book. Definitely need more about them. The main character (and yeah, I just had to look up her name since I've already forgotten it) Ashlynn was just kinda blah.