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Title : Witch Hunter, Volume 1
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ISBN : 9782355920066
Format Type : Broché
Number of Pages : 407 Pages
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Witch Hunter, Volume 1 Reviews

  • Sara
    2019-05-22 18:54

    Ok, first thing here I have to say me reading this manga just proves how much of a sheep I am. I would never have picked it up, if someone else hadn't decided to do so before me.Anyway I read the first chapter, Self-deceived Witch, as a taster and oh god it tasted good.This manga already seems to be bursting with the things I love most, powerful enemies and monsters- the witches and their supporters-cool ass looking heroes and their monsters- Magic Bullet Marksman Tasha Gospel and that awesome pumpkin supporter- and all of it wrapped in a good plot that already seems to have so much promise...I have now finished the entire first volume and it gets five stars, just because it is so rare to find a first volume that is this good. Anyway are hero Tasha, is informed the Red Witch (who is really his little sister) is in mountainville. He ends up battling her with two other WH's Shing and Taras. They actually win the fight and are very close to convincing Aria to come back with them. But a evil witch in charge that we only know as 'Lady' just now. She sends a very strong witch Verate, to stop them. Verate has such a cheat of a supporter called the Abyss, which is basically shadows. Despite Tasha pulling out all the stops with the incredibly powerful Desert Eagle gun, and breaking his own arm, Verate is still winning and so Aria defends her big brother by just leaving with Verate.On a side note, making the super strong gun a Desert Eagle, well done Jung-man Cho, you have style. Of course I actually know nothing about guns and that entire statement is based of my older brothers preachy rant about them from Fallout. This manga seems really awesome and I can't wait to read more. One problem there hasn't been a female on the good-side. But then again it's not like there has been a male on the bad-side.

  • Michelle (In Libris Veritas)
    2019-06-09 16:42

    This was a ton of fun to read, definitely going to continue this one! Full review to come.

  • Marie
    2019-06-17 14:01

    Premier manhwa "garçon" publié par Ki-oon, Witch Hunter est une lecture très sympa. Un magicien qui a des flingues comme arme magique, ça le fait ^^, et un "familier" très drôle ^^.

  • Ashton
    2019-05-20 17:41

    My favorite manga by far. I didn't get too far into the series, but I really, really enjoyed what I did read.

  • Roberta
    2019-06-04 14:52

    The witches want to conquer the world. To face them, an organization of Witch Hunters is established.Tasha is one of the strongest witch hunters, but to fight witches is not his only goal, he needs also to save his sister: she has the power of a witch and her magic is driving her mad.This manhwa has a story full of actions, twists and mysteries. The characters are funny and engrossing and the dialogues are full of humour.The graphics is good and it will improve in the following volumes.I own the Italian edition and the translation is o.k. even if it is not brilliant.

  • Jenna
    2019-06-10 11:49

    Finished volumes one and two. It was amusing and the drawing style was very cute and simple. It reminds me of a blend of Soul Eater world building and D.GrayMan casting, at least in regard to protagonists. Not sure if I'll read more of this later on or no, but I did enjoy e bits that I did read. Humor was strong and combined well with the chibi expressions (not sure what the Korean name for chibi is).

  • Silence...
    2019-05-25 18:03

    One of my favorite action manhwas beside Id and a few others. The art style is quite good later on and the story just keeps getting better. The only criticism I could give to the series is just how short recent chapters have been and the amount it rips off other series but fortunately it only rips off their best ideas and what your left with is a conglomeration of awesome.

  • Hannah Mitchell
    2019-06-09 13:03

    Very good read.

  • Vitor Frazão
    2019-06-06 17:36

    Até agora não é nenhuma "pedra no charco" a nível de argumento, mas tem bons momentos cómicos e lutas razoáveis. Certamente merece gastar mais algum tempo com a série.

  • Joy Sturmey
    2019-06-18 15:44


  • Kama
    2019-06-09 17:52

    Nice manhua, with potential. Witches inside, tho I might not be happy with the witch hunters winning over them. :(

  • Agata (Aninreh)
    2019-05-28 11:33

    Just not my kind of a story.

  • Zoe Kennedy
    2019-05-23 18:48

    It's interesting, I didn't feel much for it until the second volume

  • Buddah Tao
    2019-05-22 12:45

    Must have more