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'Confused about the EU referendum? In the dark about which way to vote? Daniel Hannan's invaluable vade mecum will illuminate the whole question, showing why voting to leave is a leap back into the light' Boris Johnson. 'Powerful, intelligent, hard-hitting, well-written ... absolutely required reading for every Briton who is considering voting on 23 June' Andrew Roberts. M'Confused about the EU referendum? In the dark about which way to vote? Daniel Hannan's invaluable vade mecum will illuminate the whole question, showing why voting to leave is a leap back into the light' Boris Johnson. 'Powerful, intelligent, hard-hitting, well-written ... absolutely required reading for every Briton who is considering voting on 23 June' Andrew Roberts. MEP and award-winning political writer Daniel Hannan argues for a British exit ahead of the coming referendum. Hannan demonstrates that the EU is past its sell-by date, rendered obsolete by technological advances, shrinking economically and less relevant to our economic needs than ever. Worse than that, he shows that the EU can't reform, can't be democratic and can't be divorced from its goal of ever-closer political union. Staying in does not mean staying the same and a vote to leave - far from being the risky choice - is actually the safe one. Finally, Hannan argues that Britain doesn't have to stay in the EU to remain at the heart of Europe and considers the global role a confident nation freed from EU strictures could play. 'Before voting in this historic referendum you should read this brilliant book. If you've decided to vote Leave this will enthuse you, if you're not yet sure, it will convince you' Michael Gove. 'A 'must read' for anyone who is surprised that so many of us now want to leave the EU' Lord Owen. 'I defy anyone who is undecided on the EU to read this book and not be a convinced Leaver. The case against EU membership is not Left-wing or Right-wing: it's democratic. Daniel Hannan shows how bright the UK's future will be once we leave behind the corporatist racket in Brussels' Kate Hoey. 'The perfect book for someone who wants to hear a calm, clear set of reasons for leaving the EU' Baroness Jones. 'When it comes to the EU Dan Hannan has forgotten more than most people ever knew. He knows it from the inside, deep inside. He knows the venality, the incompetence, the bloated budgets and salaries, the many failures cynically covered up. He knows the staggering sums dragged from the pockets of the British taxpayer and the miserable return we get from them. The Brussels-worshipping brigade would be very wise not even to try to contest the points he makes in this book. For the rest of us it's an eye-opener' Frederick Forsyth. 'The case against the EU should be made in positive, optimistic and internationalist terms. Daniel Hannan has done us a favour by making the democratic and economic case for independence. If you're undecided, this book might surprise you.' Helena Morrissey. ...

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Why Vote Leave Reviews

  • Mike
    2019-06-06 04:14

    I read this book after Britain had voted to leave the EU, which makes it all the more interesting in light of what they chose to do. I can only agree with Hannan that they've made the right decision. He brings out argument after argument for this being the best option, and shows time and again how it will be more beneficial for Britain in the long run; in fact, even in the short run (once they get up and running with the decision!)It's of great concern that Britain's joining with the EU was based on lies, and worse, that the lies have only increased over the years, especially from the EU side. I've just recommended this book to relatives in the UK who voted Remain. It's even more vital a read now.

  • Herschel
    2019-06-12 03:03

    For anyone who has been exposed to Daniel Hannan’s arguments for Brexit, there will be not much here that is new. This, in book form, is his rallying cry against the EU: “every continent in the world is growing except Europe and Antarctica”. He decries the fact that Britain is forced to prioritise its ties with the EU over those of the Commonwealth and looks to the “Anglosphere” for Britain’s trading future. He bemoans the cost and bureaucracy of Brussels. He laments the corrosive effect on democracy of the secret decision-making at the heart of the project, the ignored referendums and the lobbyist-infested corridors of power.But Hannan has rightly identified that for his Eurosceptic side to win the argument - and the referendum in June - it will not be enough to simply denounce the EU. There must be a realistic alternative vision and one that is obviously better than the alternative. On the precise details of this he is sketchy but optimistic - and he presents some compelling evidence. Britain would keep more of its own money, membership of the WTO means punitive trade barriers could not spring up where none were before and our fate would gently diverge from that of the rest of the EU - rather than an abrupt divorce. He is strongest when arguing that the status quo is not an option on June 23rd - rather it is a choice between being sucked further into the structures of a highly integrationist EU or the shock of something separate and ill-defined.

  • Ruth
    2019-06-13 02:20

    Having just read this book I am now convinced that the EU totally corrupt. The list of reasons for leaving is endless!

  • Douglas
    2019-06-09 02:05

    Excellent, well written case for leaving the EU. It is a great shame that Boris's Leave campaign has made such poor use of Hannan's expertise and sound arguments.

  • Angela
    2019-06-14 02:16

    Such a clear explanation of what is right and what is wrong with the European Union. In my view if everyone had read this book there would be much more clarity about the issues and much less division in the country. If you haven't read it, it's clear, easy and illuminating.

  • Tsetso Bikov
    2019-05-21 00:10

    Eye-openingAfter having read this book, it makes so much more sense why the UK is better-off outside the EU. A must-read for everyone who is still on the Remain side.

  • Lewis MacLennan
    2019-06-03 03:58

    A monumental and rememberable decision will take place on the 23rd June 2016 by the British public. Our very future is to be decided democratically by either voting 'remain' or 'leave'. The EU referendum debate is currently plagued by mis-information and very misleading statistics, admittedly from both sides. Hence, why Daniel Hannan's 'Why Vote Leave' is crucial for the leave campaign to be successful in providing truthful information and statistics about the European Union.In this 220 page book, Hannan sets out why we should leave the European Union, and provides a greater, alternative future, where Britain is out of the EU and trading with the rest of the world, freely. The introduction alone, made my blood boil because of the financial recklessly, the EU is heading toward. Take these direct quotes from the introduction of the book for example:"... But if you were prepared to fly EasyJet, you could trouser the better part of £800 pounds a week - tax-free, because it counted as expenses rather than income." "The next desk belonged to the 'general expenses' official. He explained that we were entitled to nearly £3,500 a month as bloc grant... As I say, sir, it's an unconditional grant. You don't have to submit receipts. You just nominate which bank account it goes into."And finally"After him was the staff advisor. It turned out that we would get more than 12,000 euros a month to hire people. Which is, if you think about it, more than enough to take on a secretary, a researcher and a press officer, and still have a large dollop left over for your wife."While household bills are becoming ever increasingly pressuring on low-budget families, MEPs across Europe are allowed to spend willy-nilly on pretty much everything, since they are not susceptible to take responsibility for their own actions. If, hypothetically speaking, Europe was democratic, none of this financial reckless would happen because the MEPs responsible would be fired in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, however, the European Union is a bureaucratic wasteland, wholly designed for the elitists to enrich themselves in public money and get away with it because the majority of Europeans don't even know many, if any commissioners that are the head of the European Union. Daniel Hannan even mentions this on page 47, citing a 12,000 person study across Europe, asking the question, who could identify the leader of the European Union. The answer, not shockingly and unsurprisingly, only 8.2% can identify Juncker. By voting 'Leave', we are giving power back to the national Government, whether that be David Cameron or someone else, whom are accountable to the British Public, and can easily kick out if they yield awful results for society, thanks to democracy. But with the EU, you have no power whatsoever, to veto ideas that could perhaps disadvantage your country significantly.Daniel Hannan writes eloquently, succinctly and with such sophistication, providing endless pervasive arguments backed up by facts and evidence without tactical fear-mongering, the 'Remain' side has injected themselves with. The best thing about book, however, is giving confidence back to the British public that we can survive and prosper on our own without the help of the sinking European Union holding us down. We don't need the European Union, a protectionist regime dictating to us that we can't set up our own trade deals with growing countries such as China, India, and many more countries. Instead, we unfortunately have to deal with a broken Greece and perhaps even Italy, if it continues to fall to the ground. I recommend anyone to read this book, especially if you're undecided. But be warned 'remainers', once you read this fantastic book from the MEP, you're convert to 'Leave' like I did and I don't even regret it. In fact I thank Daniel Hannan for writing this book. It shows all the awful and negative disadvantages, the European Union is providing us. #VoteLeave

  • Daniel and Samantha
    2019-05-27 00:20

    Hannan, as MEP since 1999, is well-placed to critique and provides an impassioned and persuasive piece for Brexit. However, despite generously filled with quality references, statistics and personal experiences, note warily that it reaches for anecdotal descriptions and sweeping accusations a little often. Along with Hannan's background, it is sufficient to foment doubts on veracity and interpretation at times. Regardless, it provides arguments backed up by numbers and research of quality above and beyond that which dominated the airwaves leading up to Brexit - and Britain would have been better for it, had there been more of these leading up to the referendum. For example, he criticises EU regulations and bans on health products and supplements as example of big pharma profiteering, with his view being "most of these products are harmless placebos", in a somewhat condescending and alarmingly dismissive manner for a matter of scientific and health considerations. This aura surfaces through the book - which is filled with various pro-Brexit (such as port regulations destroying the british industry) examples but spanning little more than several paragraphs, and the language peppered with stigmatising generalisations such as "cronyism" by "Eurocrats". However, the text excels on trends and economic numbers that support the position that EU is more heavily dependent on the UK than it cares to admit; the UK has strengths that may succeed beyond the regulatory overreach and limitations of a bloc that tries to be more than a trade bloc (whose overreach already affect sovereign parliamentary powers, but many are still unaware of); and that British economic success outside of the EU is sufficiently probable to tip the scales on favour of Brexit. This rises above the noise of immigration and racism that has simplistically tarred the debate, often unfairly in favour of Remain and against the perceived lesser educated, and more aged support base of Brexit. The importance of economics, policy, procedures and parliamentary powers are concisely parsed for the masses to decide, and not avoided and couched in simplistic catchphrases without citation. And this is where Vote Leave succeeds. Readers should ultimately note that Hannan is a dyed in wool Conservative, columnist and former speech writer the likes of William Hague - that makes him a propagandist, and a very eloquent one, in the neutral sense of the word. He is also a senior member of the Vote Leave campaign, so his text is aimed to persuade, not to provide an impartial paper on the subject. As he excellently puts to a pro-Remain Labour MP Emma Reynolds (whom he demolishes on a BBC news debate readily available on the web), he can see arguments for Remain, but it is not his job to tell what they are. That is what you will find in Vote Leave.

  • Irene
    2019-05-27 05:57

    In this book, Daniel Hannah has a very long and tedious rant about how even the existence of the EU is a bad idea, and what he thinks are the good reasons the UK always wanted to stay out of it, and now wants to leave.He seemed to have completely missed the irony that the same UK tried for various times to join said EU, until it finally succeeded. He fails to explore the reasons why.Given Hannah's political career, I was hoping for a more factual and well supported exposure of the facts behind the Leave party's argument.I was disappointed! Or perhaps naive.I found the writing style whiney and the presentation of data skewed, if not outright wrong in places.

  • John Frankham
    2019-06-19 05:10

    A superb book from the long-standing MEP, happy to vote himself out of a job. Written before the vote, but now with a post-vote addition. It posed the question: if we were not a member of the EU, would we want to join? And showed that for the political and economic future and health of the U.K., the answer was, unequivocally NO. So, be brave, and positive, and ignore the doom-mongers. Calm, analytical and convincing.

  • Daniel
    2019-05-22 06:08

    The perfect length, accessible to any reader, yet with charming prose. The book argues clearly and concisely the case to vote leave. I found it easy to pick up and read on, and could have finished within the day had I so desired. While obviously written with bias, the facts within are accurate and cited. A recommended read for any person intending to vote in the referendum; the least we can do for our country is be informed voters.

  • Don
    2019-05-24 04:12

    Brilliant book which shows clearly why we must leave the EU as soon as possible. He makes his point very honestly and believably. He is also encouraging us to take away his well paid job. Definitely the way to go in my opinion.

  • Grant Mackin
    2019-06-04 07:21

    An articulate and in-depth case put forward for Brexit. Highly informative and enlightening facts about the true nature and objectives of the European Union. Bland and dry in some parts with too many facts and figures. However, an insightful and enjoyable read overall.

  • Nick Burridge
    2019-05-26 04:12

    Be careful what you wish for......

  • Richard Trimble
    2019-06-10 05:07

    Highly polemic account of the EU from someone who has worked inside it for years. Many of the arguments are strong but don't expect a list of pros and cons, this is all about the diatribe.