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Without the right heart note, the essence of love could vanish into thin air. The McClendon Holiday Series, Book 3Now that Patrice McClendon is at the helm of her mother’s aromatherapy company, she has ideas to propel Good Scents to the next level. Starting with developing a signature scent for Valentine’s Day.She’s sure she’s found a perfumer with the training and artistWithout the right heart note, the essence of love could vanish into thin air.The McClendon Holiday Series, Book 3Now that Patrice McClendon is at the helm of her mother’s aromatherapy company, she has ideas to propel Good Scents to the next level. Starting with developing a signature scent for Valentine’s Day.She’s sure she’s found a perfumer with the training and artistry to assure the smell of success will be sweet. There’s just one problem. The best in the business is a temperamental perfectionist.Jacques Germain is intrigued with the opportunity to work with a small-market company like Good Scents, but from his first tumultuous meeting with Patrice, her aggressive business sense overpowers the subtler notes of their underlying attraction.Worse, once they’re in the lab, their chemistry proves volatile. To find the missing ingredient in Patrice’s make-it-or-break-it blend—and in their relationship—they’ll have to figure out how to work side by side instead of head to head. And trust that their deepest vulnerabilities could be their greatest strength.Warning: Contains a driven businesswoman so close to success she can smell it, and a high-end “nose” who knows all too well how quickly the sweetest love can turn bitter....

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  • Elaine
    2019-06-04 08:51

    This story has the sweet smell of success throughout it! Sorry, that’s something of a pun on the storyline in which Patrice McClendon sets out to create a signature scent to celebrate Valentine’s Day. She travels to a business fair, where she meets Jacques Germain. He’s a highly successful perfumer who has recently resigned from his leading role in a renowned perfume manufacturer after being wrongly accused of stealing. The attraction between the two is instant but Patrice is wary and he’s still reeling from the accusations. Can they work together to create a beautiful aroma as well as romance as Valentine’s Day approaches?This is a lovely romance which features many of the McClendon clan who have been included in earlier stories in this series. However, each story is written to be a standalone, so you don’t need to have read any of them to still enjoy this one. The characters and plot are well developed, taking the reader into the angst and turmoil which surrounds this romance. There will be troubles along the way before everything will be coming up roses for this couple!I requested and received a copy of this novel, via NetGalley. This is my honest review after choosing to read it.

  • Isha Coleman
    2019-06-02 06:48

    Count on Sean D. Young for some family fun and holiday magic with her irresistible McClendon series. The surprises never end and the love is always overflowing. Patrice gets her chance to shine with Be My Valentine. She's been looking for love in all the wrong places, but the sweet smell of success may lie just around the corner. Jacques could prove to be her saving grace in more ways than one. Mixing business with pleasure was not part of the equation, but following their hearts could have everything coming up roses for these soulmates. Simple and sweet can be as sexy as tawdrily torrid.

  • Zetti
    2019-06-11 06:09

    Be My Valentine by Sean D. YoungPatrice and Jacques find themselves on different paths than they thought they would be on and that path leads to them both wanting one goal, to make fragrances.Jacques is in the middle of a ‘drama’ in regards to his old job and Patrice wants to move her boutique forward by introducing a new fragrance in time for Valentine’s Day which apparently is not an easy feat to achieve in 6 weeks.I really liked Patrice, she seems to have this friendly and approachable personality in this book and she is a strong woman as well. She finds herself trusting and falling for Jacques. Jacques makes plans to help Patrice but he isn’t totally forthcoming regarding those plans.This story was enjoyable but it felt a bit clichéd in regards to the plotline but having said that I did enjoy it but I wouldn’t re read it.

  • Lauren loves llamas
    2019-06-10 12:54

    Trigger warnings: (view spoiler)[Domestic violence (hide spoiler)]I've read one of Ms. Young's McClendon series before (A Husband By New Year's), and what I really loved about that book was that both the hero and heroine were hard-working, honest, strong, and generally good people.  While each book includes the sisters from the previous novels, they work perfectly fine as standalone.  I adored gentlemanly Patrick from the previous book, and their relationship was so sweet and heart-meltingly lovely to read, so I was very much hoping for more of the same in this book.  Unfortunately, while there were many of the same elements I loved, there were also some issues I didn't like.I liked Patrice.  I loved her interactions with her sisters and parents, and I loved how supportive they all are of each other, though they're also not afraid to speak their mind when they think that trying to formulate and market a new fragrance in a few short months is overly ambitious, even for Patrice!  Patrice took over the aromatherapy business from her mom, Myra, and I loved how she kept the family involved - sharing the perfume idea with them, involving Renee in the marketing design, and soliciting feedback from Myra.  Patrice is focused on making the business the best it can be, and on putting her own stamp on it.  She truly cares about her employees and helping them each achieve their potentials.  She's really a truly lovely person, and I wish she was my boss!The blurb mentions that Patrice isn't a "hearts and flowers" kind of girl, but what it doesn't mention is that she strongly dislikes Valentine's Day.  Despite that, she realizes the good business sense of developing a scent for the business in time for Valentine's Day, even if she thinks the holiday is worthless."'Before we start eating, I’d like to make a toast,' he said.'Okay,' Patrice agreed, holding up her glass.He looked her in the eye. 'To us. May our new fragrance be as sweet as this wine and as hot as I am for you.'"My main issue with the book, and what brought this down to a three-star read, is Jacques.  I just could not like Jacques because of the secret he kept from Patrice, and he didn't even seem to realize what he was doing.  The fact that he'd resigned from his last job and was actively under investigation for corporate espionage was a HUGE deal to me, even though I knew he was innocent.  That coming out could seriously jeopardize Patrice's company, especially as he was working with her to develop a new fragrance.  When he does finally tell her, after the culprit is found and he's officially cleared, she seems to think it was no big deal.  Also, she's surprised that he was one of the main perfumers at such a high profile place.  Girl, you're in business with this dude, and you didn't even do a background check!  At least Google the darn man you're trying to work with!  Also, without telling Patrice, Jacques agrees to go back to working for his old company as a contractor, on the condition that they handle distribution for the scent he's developing for her boutique.  All without consulting her.  This is the company that, upon discovering that a perfume formula had been stolen from Jacques' lab, wanted to put him on administrative leave (which, in my mind, made sense, but was portrayed in the book as them scapegoating him), and which Jacques resigned from in anger and disgust.  I didn't really understand his about-face with them.Besides the lying, I also had an issue with his reaction to one of the side plots.  When he heads over to Patrice's place for an intimate night in, he finds that she has emergency company (trying to be spoiler-free, so I'm trying to be vague).  He's understandably disappointed, but rather than helping Patrice with the unexpected houseguests, he basically stews for fifteen minutes and then leaves.  Later on, she cancels a dinner with him due to the same friend, and he basically says a bunch of things he later regrets.  And while he does come to regret trying to force her to prioritize him over pretty much everything else in her life, I found his lack of compassion really disappointing.“Strength, independence, beauty, and her uncanny ability to speak her mind were some of the many qualities that he loved about her. He noticed that when he was with her, he didn’t think about his problems. Her belief in him as a perfumer to help take her business to the next level was humbling. He’d never had anyone depend on him and show their sincere appreciation before.”I think, at the heart of it, Jacques is a good guy.  At his last job, he trained the employees in his department to "do their jobs with integrity, respect and never ever look for a short cut because they didn’t exist.”  He clearly cares deeply for his sister, and appreciates how close Patrice is to her family.  He also isn't intimidated by her, and in fact finds her drive for success and getting-things-done personality highly attractive.  It's obvious that he cares for her deeply and is falling in love with her.  He's very much a gentleman, and he's got some serious moves, as well!Overall, while there was a lot of the things I'd loved about the previous book in this one as well, I was unable to get past Jacques' behavior.  I know this is a highly personal quirk, so I would easily expect this to be four stars for a reader who didn't have the same issues as me!  I'll definitely be trying more of Ms. Young's books in the future, especially the two earlier books in the series I haven't read yet.I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

  • Red
    2019-06-12 11:11

    The story was ok but the writing a bit dry and overly descriptive. Patrice was a likable character and Jacques was ok too until he started acting spoiled, selfish and self-centered which made him less appealing.

  • JoAnne
    2019-06-01 07:12

    Read my review on by clicking on the link below:

  • Bec - Book Magic: Under a spell with every page
    2019-05-30 12:08

    If there's one thing Patrice McClendon is determined to do it's produce a signature scent for Valentine's Day. However, she needs to find the right person to help to be able to achieve her dream and luckily she's found the perfect person in successful perfumer Jacques Germain. Will Patrice take a chance on Jacques, which means mixing business with pleasure; or will she walk away from her chance at happy ever after?When I started reading this book, I was thinking to myself that finally I'm reading Patrice's story because if anyone deserves happy ever after it's this McClendon sister, and I've got to say that this book was just as captivating as the previous stories due to the way this story started with what's happening with the hero and how it gives him the chance he never thought possible. How could his boss think that he'd do anything so wrong? However, it was from the moment the hero and heroine met that had me smiling because Patrice is just what Jacques needs to get his life back on track after it seems everything is falling apart enough for him to need a change of scenery. Both the main characters are delightful and I loved how determined the hero was to win the heroine's heart, as she doesn't believe in love or have any love for Valentine's Day. Why does she feel the way she does? Moreover, the heroine is driven, smart and I liked how enthusiastic she is in getting the right scent for Valentine's Day, which is proven by how hard she works. I also liked how determined she was to help a friend in need, even when it causes trouble for her relationship with Jacques. Will the hero be able to accept her need to help a friend? While the hero, he's had it tough lately with the accusations that could cause him trouble for his career. Yet, I liked that he handled everything he goes through and comes out on top. No way was he going to go down for something he didn't do. I also liked how determined he was to prove his innocence and how determined he was to help the heroine, which is proven by what he sets in motion to get the perfect scent and make certain it's marketed right.Overall, this author has delivered another really good read for this series where the main characters are wonderful together because of their strong chemistry; the romance was on the sweet side; and the ending had me liking how things worked out for these two, as there were times when they could have walked away from each other. Yet, it was the decision they made towards the end that had me hoping that they'll be successful with what they've decided to do; and had me enjoying the way everything worked out when it came to Patrice's dream. Do they manage to get the scent ready for Valentine's Day? I would recommend Be My Valentine by Sean D. Young, if you enjoy the opposites attract trope, boss-employee romances, or books by authors Jennifer Shirk, Jody Holford, Sonya Weiss and Rochelle Alers.

  • Elizabeth Neal
    2019-05-28 14:06

    Patrice may not buy into Valentine's Day and all it represents, but her family's business does, which means she needs her idea for a signature scent for said holiday to be a success. When she meets Jacques, she realizes he may be the one to change her opinion.Jacques, a perfumer, is looking forward to the challenge of creating a scent for his client, however, the client herself presents a different kind. Well, trying to resist their chemistry does.Though Jacques and Patrice strive to maintain their professionalism while working together, it doesn't last long as their intense chemistry refuses to be denied.Can Jacques convince Patrice that love is real? Will Patrice open her eyes and heart to all Jacques offers? Will the scent be a success? Is a HEA possible?One-click now and follow along as two people learn the true meaning of love.**I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.**

  • Lorice
    2019-05-27 14:01

    Highly recommended!I enjoyed Patrice and Jacques story. Patrice is a head strong black woman and no one can penetrate her mind. When she stick to something there's no way of changing her decision. She is very loyal especially when it came down to Nikki. She never gave up on her even almost destroying her own relationship with Jacques. In other words, she has spunk and drive when it comes to helping people. It was times when she stood Jacques up I wanted to slap some real sense in her. But all in all, it was worth read.

  • Krystal
    2019-06-17 10:09

    Sean D Young delivered holiday romance for another daughter in the McClendon family, as Patrice and Jacques navigated challenges but eventually found their way together!

  • Reading in Black & White
    2019-06-01 07:02

    Be My Valentine shows that a chance meeting can turn into the absolute best thing to happen in one's life. Patrice and Jacques are both strong-willed but realize that they have a connection that can not be denied. This is a romance novel so of course there are the obvious cliches, but Young did develop a storyline that involved a secondary character which added depth. Overall, this was an enjoyable read and I will post a more in depth review during release week.

  • Elisabeth Lane
    2019-05-20 08:52

    DNFed for astonishingly poor editing. I understand sending out ARCs prior to final proofing, but it's clear that this one hadn't even been through rudimentary line edits. I'd never recommend it so I couldn't see the point in finishing it.

  • Ava Smith-forrest
    2019-05-25 12:15

    Boy meets girlBoy knows his Valentine for life at first sight. An instant attraction between Patrice and J survived relationship struggles, new business strategy and struggles for both. Good read Sean I'm waiting on CeCe's story.

  • S. LaRue
    2019-06-13 12:02

    Holiday LoveAnother good

  • Melinda
    2019-06-07 11:14

    This is going to be such a fantastic valentine present for you or to give yourself. Plus you get it early too which is just more fantastic. It is just a wonderful story to read and I really did enjoy every minute of reading this book. The author has done such a excellent job with this storyline and characters that they should be dead proud of this book. I would wholeheartedly recommend this book and for everyone to give this authors books a try as I really did enjoy reading this book.