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Batina Dawson wants two things most in her life. She’s determined to become a partner at her law firm and secure her younger sister’s financial future. That’s why she talked Dusti into flying to Alaska, to mend fences with their terminally ill, rich grandfather. It seemed to be a perfect plan—until things go wrong. The plane crashes and their lives are saved by two large,Batina Dawson wants two things most in her life. She’s determined to become a partner at her law firm and secure her younger sister’s financial future. That’s why she talked Dusti into flying to Alaska, to mend fences with their terminally ill, rich grandfather. It seemed to be a perfect plan—until things go wrong. The plane crashes and their lives are saved by two large, muscled brothers. Kraven is a spiked-haired menace with a handsome face and a killer body. He also believes she’s in danger from her own grandfather, and that Vampires and Lycans once bred, making him a VampLycan. He even claims her mother was one too. He may have kidnapped Bat, but his misguided hero complex is almost sweet. She knows exactly what defense she’ll use if he becomes one of her clients. Insanity. Kraven is frustrated. Bat refuses to stop arguing with him at every opportunity. She’s stubborn, mouthy, and oh so sexy. She might be right when she accuses him of being crazy—she’s driving him nuts. But she’s in danger and he’ll stop at nothing to keep her safe. Word Count: 108,000Author Note: VLG stands for Vampires, Lycans, Gargoyles…and breeds in between. Living in Alaska’s harsh, pristine territories, these creatures live and love fiercely. These are their stories....

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Kraven Reviews

  • Sophia Triad
    2019-06-28 18:28

    The second book in the VLG (Vampires, Lycans, Gargoyles) series was definitely an improvement of the story. Basically the first part of the book was a repetition of what happened at the beginning of “Drantos” book, but from Bati’s POV. Some things that were implied in the first book about Bati and Kraven’s relationship development became clearer in the second book.Kraven is Drantos’ younger brother and they have just saved two sisters Batina and Dusti from a plane crash. Later, we find out that their power hungry grandfather Decker is also chasing them.The plot was interesting, especially in the second part of the book. There is still the VampLycan, GarLycan world but we also discover the Vamp world and Vamp Michael. He sounds yummy.I liked Batina being a fighter, although sometimes she was too much of a bitch. She has a sharp tongue and she is funny. And Kraven is such a pushy badass with a “no woman owns me” attitude until he falls in love. I loved watching the couple falling in love and learning to trust each other.There is also a small introduction of mysterious Lorn in the end when the clans have a meeting, preparing us for the next book.

  • Maya
    2019-07-18 14:49

    Why did I hear about this book and RELEASE DAY JUST NOW!!!Seriously, I feel like something's gone mighty wrong, or is it just me feeling this way?

  • Denisa
    2019-07-24 19:31

    2.5 I can't believe I finished it without breaking my kindle!Ok, I really really really didn't like the female main character! Gah, she was such a princess! I was looking forward to this book, after reading the last one, I was really curious about Bat. She seemed like a cool chick. But then I got to know her. God, I can't imagine anyone being able to deal with such a bit** of a woman! I'd throw her off a window after 5 minutes. Too bad though, the story itself was pretty nice. For about 20% it was interesting, then got awful and I'm proud of myself for managing to get to the good part again. Yes, the last 15% were really nice. But is it worth reading 70% of awful for 30% of nice? Not in my book...

  • ★ Belle The Bibliophile ★
    2019-07-12 12:22

    Heavy sighs. This is gonna be a long rant instead of a proper review. #SpoilersAbound I can't believe I'm rating this one only one star because I truly loved the first book and was super ecstatic about this book. The thing is, I barely even remember what happened in it! Everything that was going on inKravenwas basically overshadowed by Batina. Batina this. More Batina. And Batina that. To be honest, I kind of figured out in theDrantosthat she was going to be an annoying one -- I just had a feeling. I'm sad to say that I couldn't be any more right. Haha.Batina "Bat" Dawson is hands down the worst, UNBEARABLE, insufferable heroine I've ever read. I couldn't stand her assat all.She's loud, stubborn as hell, very condescending and extremely childish. She's a defense attorney and from her job alone, you would expect her to be calculating, rational and mature right? Sorry to say but she's anything but that. In fact, she's a complete opposite. She even makes me want to change my mind about my ambition to be an attorney one day."Just don't let her piss you off. You've been warned. She's an attorney from L.A. Add in the fact that she was raised in a human world and didn't know about us. She has a mouth on her that would make a saint turn intoa raging homicidal maniac." Not only was she a raging witch, her immaturity pissed me off so much. She called Drantos aBiker Bear, refused to stop calling theLycanby the termWerewolfand she called Drantos's and Kraven's home,Dog Bark,despite being told over and over not to. I mean, what kind of immature attitude is that? I think she had about a dozen childish animal names to label just about anyone and anything. This isn't Animal Planet, honey. Get on with it.She also adamantly refused to listen to Kraven about everything. She's in his face 99.99% in the book. I was exasperated with her and I didn't understand why Kraven didn't dump her ass halfway because she's really a handful. When Kraven tried to tell her about her heritage, she understandably, didn't believe him. I get that. Her flight crashed, they barely survived. She was suddenly dumped with this whole information that didn't even make sense. Her life, as she knew it, was over. On top of that, she was a defense attorney. Everything had to believable and logical to her.I get that.What I couldn't stand was her total condescension. I mean, even after being proofed wrong, she still didn't want to believe Kraven. She made it very very hard for him. They were on the run for crying out loud! She fought with him on everything! It didn't for hurt her to listen to him. Even after being told of what Decker was capable of, she didn't even give a single shit. Everything had to be her way, her plans, even if her plans were stupid.As for Kraven, I disliked him very much at first. His threats to spank Bat's ass was really uncalled for and he seemed like a bully to me. He's also very dominant compared to his older brother. But honestly, over time I just felt sorry for him. He didn't ask to be saddled by a mate; a mate that was intolerable and hated his very being, who fought him every single of the way. I couldn't even be mad with him when he called Bat a bitch, because she was in fact being a bitch. Even Dustin seemed to think so. "Batina Marie Dawson, enough!" Tears shone in her eyes when Bat glanced at her. "I know bitchiness is your defense mechanism when you're scared or mad but now please stop! I can't deal with it right now." Kraven's and Batina's relationship also had zero development. Their progress from "You drive me crazy!!!!" to "I fucking love you!!!" just wasn't believable to me. They were on the run about 60% in the book. They fought almost every moment and it's not like they had a lot of moment when they had a heart to heart. I agree they had sexual chemistry, but romantically wise? It just wasn't there.Overall, I am very disappointed in this book. I hope the next with Aveoth? Maybe? Will be a lot better than this. Because I love Lauren Dohner's writings and it's sad that this didn't work out for me.

  • Pam Nelson
    2019-07-19 16:26

    5 Kraven Stars - ♬.♬Audible Review HERE♬.♬I am HOOKED! I blew through this book today, I couldn't get enough I am so glad I took a chance on this series. I mean it wasn't hard really I love vampires but this is just so much more, the first book we focused on Dusti and Drantos, the siblings of Batina and Kraven. So its only fitting we get Kraven and Batina’s story next. I loved that the stories overlapped, and it all falls in the same time-line. I can’t say that I have read that to often but I really liked it. Batina oh this girl has a mouth on her.. Oh my, oh my the connection these two have its pretty great, she has the month he has the reason. I love it. I kind love when one is more broody and Kraven so is that but he never takes it to far. You can just tell from the beginning he liked Batina even if he was confused at her sometimes. I have to say some of my favorite scenes are when the 4 of them are reunited and the interaction between both the siblings just makes for a fun book. I found myself saying Noooo when the book ended I wanted more more, more thank you, thank you for book 3 that is going on tomorrow! Again Savannah Richards does one heck of a job bringing this world to life, she just has a way with each character. It’s very enjoyable. *You don't have to like my review but its 100% my opinion, and I am allowed to have it.*

  •  B.E.Love
    2019-06-27 15:31

    I liked this book, and I loved the story and world that Laurann Dohner created as well as being excited yo see who's stroy is next and what will happen next. I have mixed feelings or I did when I read this book(at first) about Kraven and Bat. Kraven was pushy(at times) and Bat was as well, and then I would love them as their defense started to be torn down, and then they would irritated me. But they do grow and grow up in a sense, and I ended up loving them. I will say I would have really loved a epilogue in this book. Yes we get a hea (and I completely believe it) but I really wish we had more. I do think the reason we didn't was because this isn't the last we will hear from them like book one and there is so much still to tell not only from Bat and Kraven but from his entire world Mrs. Dohner created.Book two starts where book one does from Kraven and Bat's point of view, some were bothered by this but I liked it yes a lot is congruent with book one but its a different story and it didn't feel repetitive or retelling of the same story, and most just like book one isn't even with the two couple together so different things are happening. After the plane crash Kraven takes Bat to get her to safety to his clan. Bat isn't like any woman and she doesn't respond to him like other woman. As infuriating as they both make each other they are more attracted to each other than anyone ever before. What is even more shocking is Kraven finding out Bat is his mate, and she thinks he is crazy. Bat grew up knowing nothing of the world her mother came from so finding out her mean dying grandfather is actually nowhere near dying and an evil Vamplycan set on selling her so he can rule, she is reeling. To keep her and his brother, and mate safe Kraven takes bat back to California to find out the truth from the one man who has known her almost her entire life. The doctor who treated her and Dusti, what they find out sheds so much light on not only their lives but her mothers and fathers. But Bat and Dusti's grandfather isn't ready to give up and is still out loose ready to get what he wants. Now the clans have a lot to decide and prepare for, because it is obvious there is much more to come.I can't wait for the next two, I am so excited for these stories, we are given enough to make me very impatient. Even when Bat and Kraven frustrated me I still loved this story and was hooked waiting to see what would happen next. This world that she created is so amazing and I got drawn in so easily. And even though I had moments of frustration in this book with the main characters I loved this book and the characters. I also (on a side note) love how Bat handled Kraven and Drantos's mother she irritated me in book one how she treated Dusti and how she came off, and Bat is having none of that. I also loved Bat and Dusti's relationship their love for each other is so sweet. I really hope the wait for book three isn't long, I am so excited to see how every thing progresses and in the end turns out.

  • Stacie
    2019-06-24 19:28

    2 1/2 "Bat drove me effing CRAZY" stars :(I almost gave up on this one. Bat was so annoying it was ridiculous. But it is so hard for me not to finish a book. I liked Kraven and I wanted him to be happy. Why that had to be with Bat I don't know. But she was his mate, he was a good guy, so I wanted to know how it all worked out. Bat got a little better at about the 75% mark. She stopped acting like a completely moronic selfish bitch. And at that point I actually liked the book a little bit. And the ending was good. Probably mostly because it was finally over. JK... it was actually good.I'm not sure if I will read more of this series but it has so much potential. The male characters are very fascinating. I would love to read Aveoth's story- as long as his mate is not a complete moron like Bat was I think it would be great. Lorn sounds interesting too. Let's not forget Red... I'm sure I'll probably try at least one more story in this series. Again, The guys are cool. But it pains me to say I don't recommend this one. Bat will drive you crazy with her idiocy. Be warned! It's such a shame too, because I normally love Laurann Dohner.Happy reading :/

  • Chappy
    2019-07-21 16:48

    More like 3.5 starsI'm still getting a feel for this series. Kraven seems like an OK guy but it took me while to warm up to Batina "Bat". She was quite annoying at times.There was some overlap with the first book, so we get to relive the plane crash.Some introductions of other VampLycans like Lorn and we finally meet a GarLycan.

  • Lani ⚔⚔the Destroyer ⚔⚔
    2019-07-13 14:44

    I'm a big fan of LD, I've read everything she has written and generally loved it or really enjoyed it, but I am not sure this series is quite for me. I just found the hero to be a bully and the heroine was just plain bitchy. Neither were really endearing me to like them. I'm interested in reading about the secondary characters so I'll probably give the series one more shot before deciding to give it a pass.

  • Mei
    2019-07-16 14:27

    It was similar to the first book.The first part was a repetition of what happened at the beginning of the first book, but the POVs were Kraven and Bat's. Then, after the attack, as explained in the first book, their ways parted and their story turly begun.It was an interesting one and we discover further information about VLG's world and how it works.Unfortunately, I, as many of my friends here, found Bat very annoying in her stubborness and contrariness.Still, I'm curios to read another in the series!

  • Kate's Corner
    2019-07-11 18:22

    Gonna pass on this one.

  • ❤️☘D♡K☘❤️
    2019-07-15 17:41

    3 1/2 not-as-addicting-as-new-species stars!Yup! I said it.. it has the potential.. I liked both Kraven and Batina, but still they don't beat any of the New Species books.. I'm still waiting for that zing to come to life ;)Still can't wait for Aveoth's book!

  • Victoria
    2019-06-23 14:21

    3.5 Stars

  • Book Snob Sue
    2019-06-23 11:27

    This book is non-stop action from the start. Two sisters are flying to Alaska to see their estranged, "dying" grandfather. When the plane starts to crash, two brothers come and protect them. This is Batina aka Bat & Kraven's book.Bat is a well known defense attorney in California, she is very strong & will be brutally honest, which I appreciate. Kraven is an alpha VampLycan, so it is always a battle of the wills with these 2, especially Bat, but their chemistry is off the charts. When the brothers first tell the sisters about what they are the sisters naturally think they are "cray cray"....that just cracks me up because the brothers know they think their's so damn funny. Bat is constantly thinking of them as "potential" clients....lmao.In this series we have a smorgasbord of paranormals, VampLycans, GarLycans (my favs), Lycans & Vampires. This book & series is incredibly fast paced & has a lot going on. The girls grandfather wants to give Bat to the GarLycan clan leader in return for his help in starting a Civil war between the VampLycan clans, so that he can rule all the clans...yeah, no, just no. Bat & Craven are constantly on the run & they get answers on the girls growing up since both of their parents are deceased. This book gives us more information on the girls background, of which they are just now finding out.A lot of questions are answered for the sisters in this book.I am a huge Laurann Dohner fan, have read & loved all her series and this one is no exception.

  • The BookChick
    2019-07-02 17:21

    I was eager to get my hands on book 2 in Dohner's VLG series and immediately downloaded it when it became available. Kraven dovetails with sections of Drantos and I highly recommend that readers start with that story to thoroughly understand the overall plot and world building. Kraven and Bat's relationship to start is antagonist and combative. The verbal barbs that they exchange come fast and furious. Bat is no shrinking violet and she is definitely "in your face" with Kraven often. As it also happens, a strong and palpable attraction crackles between them. Kraven and Bat are separated from Kraven's brother -- Drantos -- and her sister -- Dusti -- to separate and reduce the numbers in the enemy force hunting them. Kraven and Bat give into the physical attraction between them, and Kraven quickly comes to understand that Bat is his mate. Not only does Bat not know about mates, she thinks Kraven is crazy for thinking he's a VampLycan. Needless to say, the outspoken attorney is scared speechless when she discovers the truth of Kraven's assertion. In addition to his truth, she also begins to piece together bits of information about her mother and her estranged grandfather. There is a lot of information and detail thrown at the reader in this one. If you blink too fast you just might miss something.Although Kraven was a solidly written story and chockful of intrigue, it lacked the high octane punch that I experienced while reading Drantos. That said, I'm very much enjoying the series and cannot wait to read Aveoth's story.

  • DemetraP
    2019-07-02 18:20

    I had a hard time finishing this book. The heroine really annoyed me. She was always insulting the hero and threatening to rip his nuts off, etc. The hero stood up for himself and told her he would spank her if she kept insulting him.So then she kept saying these annoying things because she was thinking spanking sounded fun. Sigh.Most of the book focused on hiding from Decker, spending time in Los Angeles hiding from Decker, and then finding out about her mother's past. The romance really suffered. I didn't feel any romance. He thought she was hot, she thought he was hot, and they were mates. No long talks and getting to know each other. No thoughts about how great a woman she is and how lucky he is to find her. Nothing like that.My favorite part of the book was the gargoyle king, Aveoth, showing up and telling everyone Decker was his so he could kill him. I can't wait for Aveoth's book.But it's sad that my favorite part of the book was a few pages featuring a secondary character. Valiant, book 3 of the New Species series, is still my favorite Laurann Dohner book.

  • Kimberlee
    2019-07-24 13:36

    3.5 Phenomenal VampLycan StarsThis is a new series by Laurann Dohner and I'm a big fan of her work. This series has started somewhat slow for me, and yet I really am beginning to like it. It is a very unusual group of characters but that is what Laurann Dohner is known for. This is a bout four clans of VampLycans (Half Vampire/Half Lycan) and they do not like to be called werewolves. An out of control clan leader is causing a path of destruction and has involved the Garlycans, Vampires, Lycans and the Vamplycans. It is a paranormal mess at best. I'm really looking forward to the evolution of this series.In this series Kraven second son to clan leader Velder has met his match for a mate with Batina, she is a criminal defense attorney from L.A. and she has the attitude to go with it. Now it is up to Kraven to show here that mates can be a very good thing.

  • Megan
    2019-07-22 16:31

    mmm no. Batina (Bat) was a stuck up bitch. I feel like there is a line when it comes to strong heroines. A line that separates the bitches from the strong and Bat was a BITCH . Let's jump past the beginning because I wouldn't believe it if someone told me they were a vamp/lycan. I would not have been as bitchy as Bat was but I would not have believed him either. So yeah let's jump past that. Bat and Kraven are running for their lives. They are on their way to LA to see the doctor that took care of Bat and her sister. And on this long ass road trip Bat refused to eat fast food. She had to be taken to a nice restaurant. Bitch please. People want you dead!!!!! She also "shopped" at the gas stations, instead of running in there grabbing chips and running out she freaking shopped around! She refused to listen to Kraven when he wanted to leave her apartment because it wasn't safe. She refused to even consider living in Alaska with Kraven even though it was obvious the city was painful to him. She also hated the way Kraven dressed and did his hair. It wasn't good enough to meet her boss. She was just a freaking bitch.And honestly Kraven was kind of terrible too. At first he was. He was better than Bat. He at least wanted to try and make her happy where Bat just wanted to make Bat happy.Besides me hating Bat with all of my freaking soul, I hated that this book overlapped the first book. I hate, HATE when books do that. Because I already kind of know what happens. I am just seeing it from a different perspective. Yes some things are obviously different but ultimately the stories are the same.So this was a huge freaking no for me. I hated everything and I mean everything about it.

  • Cheesecake
    2019-07-23 18:25

    Bat and Kraven the asshat.Kraven and Bat are like oil and water from the get go. After reading the first book, I thought it would be Bat getting on my nerves. Strangely though, it was Kraven whom I wanted to brain with a shovel... for like half the story! Then he finally starts to pull his head out of his arse and look at things from Bat's perspective. Bat was kinda narrow minded too, but I could cut her some slack as everything from the moment she met Kraven was a trial/test. -Paranormal creatures are real-her grandfather is evil-her so called mate doesn't respect her and talks down to her-her so called mate lies by omission to her constantlyNeither MC seems to appreciate the other for more than sex and eventually enjoying their arguing. There's no thoughts about what a good lawyer she is, or how kind she is to send her doorman chicken soup when he was sick. The only time he thinks nice thoughts, it was about Dusty. Why does he love Bat??? I have no clue why either of them loves the other. It seemed more like a codependent relationship.I did like the way LD brings Kraven around from being a belligerent bully, to a more considerate mate with a sense of humour even, after stepping into Bat's world for a few days. But I never did feel that the characters loved each other for any other reason than that they were mates... Meh.If I hadn't enjoyed the 3rd book, I would probably not continue the series.I did enjoy the last 20% for the most part, where she meets the parents and shows off her work skills.

  • Ri ley
    2019-07-18 16:31

    gave up after reading after like half of the book.hated the hero √hated the heroine √Batina was childish and started bitching when it was completely unnecessary.Probably all the talk back she gave to kraven was supposed to give off sassy and independent vibe but it just made her look uptight and she started bitching at him about saving her life but let him get away with hurtful and condescending words wich he had plenty for her. Actually she did call him "asshole" that counts for somthing I guess... As for Kraven I hated him even more than Bat.even though Bat was bitchy she wasn't that horrible. He made it seem like It was huge sacrifice for him that he ended up with her. BOO HOO poor guy he kidnaps a girl tells her she's not completely human and she doesn't believe him! (shocked gasp) like he didn't show her any proof but what is it so hard to believe here? your dying grandpa isn't dying, he's luring you to use you and start the war I mean does he have to shift in front of you to prove his point? it takes seconds but why should he? just stop doubting his sanity or he will spank you. the thing is that I'm usually used to books were mates are adored and loved, nobody is allowed to talk shit about them but here? the hero is the one making her look bad in front of everyone like yes she's weak and disrespectful bitch, he knows that but he will keep her. Aww ^_^ thanks for your tolerance ❤

  • Ava
    2019-07-17 16:37

    Let me clarified it's not a real 4 but a 3 and something, because I just wanted to make a difference between the first and the second book. There were bad bad things about this one and great too. Negative points : - So this one annoyed me so much added it with boredom. Why? ahhh the story started where it begun on the first. So I got stuck, STUCK! the story didn't move. If this couple wasn't greatly involved in the first book I wouldn't be that annoyed at all. I met the characters and knew how there were and also knew about the story. And I'm pretty sure I won't feel like that with the upcoming characters. Sure I do welcome flash backs but there were not flash backs. - I think that would be the last negative point, it felt rush so the style and editing were there. it wasn't like the 1st, with the first it was lengthy with boredom. Still the editing wasn't that much problem. Positive:- I love the characters. Batina wasn't like I though, she was a fighter and a bitch but she was more than Dustina. Sure Dustina was kind and all but Bat was understanding. She was just wow. - I like the plot in the story, but it came just a bit late. I was kinda frustrated for about 30++ %! the plot was awesome, I don't mean the crash but way afffffftttttteeeerrr with some brunette guy, new things about blood and rock guy!!! in the end I really really liked it.

  • Eileen
    2019-07-11 15:47

    DNF at 75%. I went into this book with a healthy respect for what I would find. I've read Laurann Dohner's other series (New Species, Zorn Warriors, about half the Cyborg Seductions), so I knew that the writing would be competent but in no way literary; I was not disappointed on this count. Most of the Dohner's books suck me in and keep me up reading all night until the last page based on her FABULOUS understanding of "Me Tarzan, Me Protect Jane" plot. I didn't feel that hot, seductive, driving desire in this book or I would have finished it. Not finishing it says quite a bit about its inability to keep my attention as I powered through the first third of the book which is a repeat of the scenes from book #1 of the series (often word for word repetition but with a different point of view character), in spite of the repetitiveness.

  • Farah Akeileh
    2019-07-16 18:22

    This is the worst LD book I have ever read (and I've read them all). To be a modern independent woman doesn't mean to be a condescending bitch. Batina is a lawyer. Big woohoo. She uses it to try to elevate herself above other people and treat them like shit. You have something to say? It doesn't matter. She'll never consider it. Batina was also shallow. While she's on the run she wants good restaurants, clean bathrooms, it doesn't matter who was chasing them. I'm going to be frank. I had to skim tons of this book otherwise my blood pressure would have spiked so high...

  • Amanda Sheila
    2019-07-05 17:43

    Yaaaassss! I love how Bat and Kraven complete their chemistry with their love-hate banters! It's been a while since the last time I read this kind of chemistry from Laurann Dohner's writing. I guess it's because I'm still in the middle of Cyborg series; where the Heroes are stoic and lacking in chemistry. Can't wait to read more from this series!

  • Paraphrodite
    2019-07-23 12:22

    I have to admit I liked Dusti more than Bat. Bat was a bit too aggressive and high maintenance for me. The first part of the book was virtually a repeat of the first book, just from a Bat's POV rather than Dusti's. But it did get interesting when Kraven and Bat went away. It was a pretty good read overall.

  • Lauren
    2019-06-30 14:23

    I was eagerly awaiting this book and it was a pretty big disappointment. I understand the snarky dialogue between the H/h in order to build sexual tension, but reading this book felt like being trapped out to dinner with that one couple who are always fighting.

  • Megan Fall
    2019-06-26 17:20

    I love pretty much every book this author has written. Her stories are amazing! Unfortunately, I hated Bat. Her bitchiness ruined the rest of the story for me. Sorry!

  • Georgina Parkin
    2019-06-26 18:21

    I didn't like it for one reason. That reason was Batina. DEAR LORD DO I HATE HER. On the run from some supernatural beasties? Doesn't matter girl, you DESERVE restaurant quality food on a road trip and to sleep in your own bed! Who cares if there's a threat to your life! You need your comfort more! Honestly she drove me crazy and in no way was it good. Sometimes an annoying character works, they're reasons for cattiness and such make sense and they don't end up looking like an asshole, but everything about her screamed asshole. It didn't even seem like it was because of her parents dying or anything because she was explained as 'difficult' and wanting to be a lawyer even when they were alive. I couldn't understand the money thing either. She complains Dusti is in a poor neighbourhood etc, good security or not, she's saying her life is more important by being in something that HAS to cost a heap, and has assistants and all this jazz, like, why don't you find a smaller place with good security OR use your manipulative skills to convince her to live with you. If you're scared people will kill you what's to say they won't go after her? If she doesn't drive to work anymore why does she still own a car? It just was all like, you're extra and wanna sook about your sister being less like you.Kraven? Did I like him? Uhhhhh a little. I liked him better as a douche at the start telling Batina to shut up and stop being so rude. Then he started liking her and got on my nerves. This could all be because I didn't like her that I didn't like him, but oh well.I am not a fan of rereading books, so when a big chunk of this is book one from Kraven and Bats POV or even running directly parallel to what's happening, I was hella bored. It's a personal thing for me, but considering it WAS such a large portion it did ruin the experience for me. If Bat wasn't such a twat/princess from the road trip onwards I would have liked it heaps more after the parallel storyline but alas, she wasn't.I did like her sticking up to Kravens mother though because two books in and I still hate his parents. I'm also pining for an Aveoth book, and Lorn really interested me with Kira(think that's her name) so I'm going to ATTEMPT book three, hopefully I enjoy those characters as so far I haven't liked anyone all that much!

  • Selenity Jade (Coffee Addicts Book Reviews)
    2019-07-19 13:45

    First, let me say I loved the New Species series by this author. Because of that series, I am persistently reading her other series. I also enjoyed the first VLG book.But this one I didn't like and it was a huge struggle to read.First, the pros. It was written well and edited well enough I paid no attention to it. And Kraven was likable, despite the fact that I wished it would have taken longer for him to soften. He was so surly in book 1 that I expected more than immediate mush.The cons:1) Bat was perhaps one of the most unlikable characters I've had the displeasure of reading. She was just a plain b****. Selfish, self absorbed, too stupid to live, and had to absolutely get her way even if what she wanted was incredibly suicidal! She complained, she's spoiled, she's stubborn, and I don't think she was happy or pleasant the entire book, except during sex.2) WTH!? Poor Dusti gets treated like crap the whole book because of her supposed weaknesses and speaking disrespectfully to her betters (aka the VampLycans, especially the leaders) is a HUGE no no. But B**** Bat comes along, even weaker than Dusti and she can do no wrong with the VampLycans...3) Still not enjoying the naming... VampLycans, GarLycans... I like the concept okay, but wouldn't they want an easier and less.. annoying name to call themselves? I could see the pure vampires or lycans using it but yeah, not my favorite thing. 4) Kraven definitely needed more alpha juice. Bat is definitely the alpha one in that relationship. Now, yes, I will continue the series and pray it lives up to New Species at some point, but yeah, I'm kind of thinking this series is not for me. These are just my opinions, others might like the SuperB**** type heroine. I did not.

  • Trish R.
    2019-07-05 14:45

    I love Laurann Dohner and I've enjoyed all the series that she wrote thus far but ....BUT and I cannot believed I'm writing this, I simply cannot bring myself to like her VLG series. I've lost count the number of times I had to stop reading this book because the h just plain annoyed the living daylights out of me. I do not like her and I am so sorry that the H is stuck with her annoying me-me-me ass. I know LD was trying to make the h to come across as some kickass strong "alpha" type of heroine but she just grates me the wrong way. I finally convinced myself to finish reading this book and I found myself gritting my teeth trying not to throw my Kindle to the wall. I admit I just VLG to fill up my time while waiting "patiently" for LD to finish writing the latest book in the New Species series. I am going to start reading Lorn next and I hope to the Book Fairy that I like that story better than the first two (especially this one!)