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A beautiful assassin and a dark warlord find love in this engaging futuristic romance from the author of "Not Quite Paradise"....

Title : Heart's Prey
Author :
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ISBN : 9780505522771
Format Type : Mass Market Paperback
Number of Pages : 313 Pages
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Heart's Prey Reviews

  • Paranormal Romance
    2019-06-12 23:00

    Her people have a prophecy that predicts the arrival of the serpent, the one who will destroy their world and way of life. The heroine has been chosen to stop him. All her life she's been groomed to kill the evil that threatens her people and she's willing to die to accomplish her mission. She picks the perfect location for the deed. She possesses the passion and resourcefulness to do it. But somehow she fails. And in the process, she is captured by the enemy and informed that because she took arms against him, his customs now state that she is his possession. The hero can't truly explain why he decided to save the little savage from his security guards who want her death eagerly. Maybe it's her beauty or maybe it's the need inside of him for excitement and this girl is certainly exciting. He's never had anyone try to kill him before and never a female assassin. No, he's rather too pretty to inspire anything but desire in the female sex-if he does say so himself. But life for him has been predictable and easy. His life has been that of luxury with only political games to entertain him and this savage woman who so obviously hates his guts is like a new toy a child can't wait to try out. He does so love to antagonize her and watch those sparking green eyes light aflame with anger. The heroine, who is used to an easy and peaceful life with no luxury but plenty of happiness is disgusted by the lavish culture the hero surrounds himself with. Yes, his home is rather beautiful and she finds a place for meditation in the garden but the man himself is everything she hates. No respect for animals, no true purpose but gain and money. And she his possession?! Never! She can't wait to grab the closest weapon and stab it into his arrogant heart. Why does he torment her so? What could he possible want from these games he plays? Treating her like a guest rather than his slave and making her feel strange cravings for him she absolutely denies. Pressured by his friends and family, the hero himself has little notion as to just why he's so obsessed with this woman but something about her has his absolutely captivated. It's couldn't be love? No, it's impossible. But he feels searing hot jealousy whenever she shows attention to another male and he thinks about her constantly, stealing as much time to be with her as he can. But when he pushes her to accept his desires, she flees. But not before showing herself as a mystical shape shifter. He is astonished but not even this could prevent him from risking his own life to save her from the dangers of his planet. It's then that the heroine accepts the fact that this man is no longer what she thought he was. No, she's grown to love him in return and accepts his hand in marriage for the good of her people. But the world they live in is full of betrayal and plots and soon the heroine is snatched up to be used as a pawn against the hero and he must risk everything to see her returned.I do agree with the reviews below that show a confusion as to why this futuristic book has the vibe of a historical romance but I rather liked it. It was like Firefly, a mixture of old and new. Plus, I loved the enemies turned lovers plotline and the love/hate dynamic between the lead characters. Though it seems to me the heroine's feelings were unfairly tipped towards hatred for most of the book and in fact, I was never convinced she ever really LOVED the hero, certainly not as much as he loved her. She was an amusing character with her curses and disgust over everything the hero did or said but she was not stupid. She was however a bit naïve when it came to others and their motivations and it lead to problems later on. I loved how much she hated the hero and how she fought him on every single thing. The hero was a great character as well. Infuriating with his possessiveness and arrogance and I could just imagine the desire to punch him in the face every time he laughed at her or cracked an amused smirk. He was a selfish character, at least where the heroine was concerned. To others he was clever and an admirable leader but he did treat the heroine like a toy who become angry when it didn't work the way he wanted it to. Yet he was willing to die to save her and later to risk war to get her home so he wasn't all bad. He just didn't know how to love and how to act around a woman he wanted more than for a one night stand. I was entertained and I felt it held up to the test of time considering it was written it 1998.

  • Cameron
    2019-06-06 03:03

    One of those sci-fi romances that is only minorly science fiction, but makes you feel like you're reading a historical that just happens to have a space ship in it and you have been told that it's set on another planet.