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Bikers, the ultimate alpha males. But what of women who ride? These sexy independent road warriors shirk the conventions of lady-like behavior and live life by their own terms – wild and free. BIKER CHICKS is full of sexy stories about women who ride, whether they be lone wolves or part of a gang. Some of the best authors in MC romance along with some new names and faces tBikers, the ultimate alpha males. But what of women who ride? These sexy independent road warriors shirk the conventions of lady-like behavior and live life by their own terms – wild and free. BIKER CHICKS is full of sexy stories about women who ride, whether they be lone wolves or part of a gang. Some of the best authors in MC romance along with some new names and faces to the genre tell us how these strong women find the sexual satisfaction and romance we all long for, for one of the best causes. All proceeds of this anthology go to Bikers Against Child Abuse, so come take a ride with us. Authors in this Anthology include... Barbi Barnard Jeffrey Cook & Katherine Perkins MariaLisa DeMora A.J. Downey Amo Jones Colbie Kay Ryan Kells Emma Lee Davida Lynn Bibi Rizer K. ReneeJennifer Rose...

Title : biker chicks an anthology of hot mc romance
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biker chicks an anthology of hot mc romance Reviews

  • Carmen
    2019-06-17 13:06

    STORY ONE: Biker Chick Campout by MariaLisa deMoraThis is a story about the women of various biker clubs spending a “girls weekend” together in the woods.Our MC, Mela (short for Carmela) is the daughter of a Big Bad and closely guarded and protected. Actually, she was never supposed to leave the compound (where she's been locked up for two months) in order to see her friends, but she snuck out.The women aren't completely man-free, though, because they need protection – so a “prospect” named Hurley is accompanying them, relegated to the van. When Mela stumbles across him sleeping naked, one thing leads to another, blah blah blah let's break this down.THE GOOD:The sex is pretty good. Not the most amazing I've ever read, but completely satisfactory and pretty well-written. Not only is Hurley good in bed (going down on her, making sure to play with her clit during intercourse), but he's careful to use a condom. Also, in what to me was the best part, they have snuggles afterward and she gets to use his arm as a pillow. Using men's arms as pillows is extra-fun. Snuggles!It's sweet that Mela is someone who most men are afraid to date due to her club connections, but Hurley is brave and sticks by her, even though he knows he's taking a big risk.Mela is a sweet and kind person.THE BAD:The writing is weird sometimes, but only during dialogue. A lot of times I was reading what the characters were saying, and I was like “what the fuck?” Mela is the main offender, with lines like: “Right there is your chapter president's woman, but more than that, she is his life, taken from him once before.”Or “Everything happened so long ago, it seems nearly a dream sometimes. A nightmare, but so long ago the edges are all worn and it can no longer hurt me.”Also, when Hurley asks her a simple question, she answers him in a jumble of incomprehensible rambling. “He saved me,” she said quietly.”They sat there in silence for a minute, his thumb stroking slowly back and forth across her knuckles, then he asked, “From what?”Shifting sideways, she tugged, gently pulling her hand from his grasp. “From the time I was small, my father and uncle disagreed on many things about me. Over the years, their argument escalated until I wound up in a dangerous place, surrounded by dangerous men. Men who were there for business, of which I was a part. Slate, who I still call Uncle Andy, rode to the rescue of a frightened and impressionable young Mexican girl, forced too quickly into adulthood. That is how I know these women” - she folded her hands in her lap - “because while my association with the Rebels may have started with Slate, it continues through my friendship with his woman and with Mason. He and my father have worked together often in the past few years, and I hold a Rebel challenge coin, giving me free passage into or through any territories your club claims.”Okay, that doesn't really explain anything. I'm assuming she was raped, given her violent and uncontrollable reaction to Hurley touching her when they first meet, but that's sheer speculation on my part.Also, deMora obviously has a huge and complicated backstory and cast of characters here (not sure if this is from her series?) but for people who haven't read her other books, there's tons of namedropping and backstories that you are going to be in the dark about.Hurley (the male lead) reacts angrily and publicly about a very private scenario where Mela reacts badly to his touch. I'm 90% sure this was about her getting raped or gangraped in the past but who knows. Anyway, he has to make a big fucking deal about it because his delicate male ego is hurt.Shaking her head, Mela opened her mouth, but was interrupted by that same shiver-causing male voice. “She got an eyeful, then ice princessed on me, Jess. I suspect my package didn't meet inspection.” Turning, she saw Hurley had walked up behind them, brat in one hand, and a beer in the other. “But maybe it was the label instead. Guess the lowly prospect never had a chance, huh, princess?”I can't even deal with men who are this entitled and this fragile. She has to do a lot of kissing up and ego-stroking to calm him down. Who on earth would want to sleep with him after that?RATING: 2 out of 5.STORY TWO: Halfway There by Jennifer RoseI hated this story, about a snarly woman who insists everyone call her “bitch,” who meets a handsome man who gives her her first male-given orgasm. She snarls at him and orders him around, he snarls at her and orders her around. They both sound like highly unpleasant people, but I guess I'm supposed to be happy he found her since she was slated to be sold into sexual/slavery/marriage to her uncle's BFF, a biker in her uncle's club.A joyless, dirty (that's not a compliment), angry romp. 1 out of five stars.STORY THREE: The Spark by AJ DowneyTo my immense surprise, I loved this. As you know, I despised Downey's Shattered & Scarred, but after reading another book of hers I've realized I really like her sweet and cute heart. Books like Hunter's Choice were much better for me, but even so, reading more biker romance fiction made me realize that actually Downey was as good as it was going to get in this genre. That's on me, I'm not naturally drawn to bikers. At all.But I loved this sweet and surprising story about a female biker who goes by the name of Dreamer picking up an injured male biker on the side of the road. She takes him to a motel, there's only one room... you know where this is going. OR DO YOU!?!?! Dum dum DUM!Actually, this was very sweet and pushed all the right buttons for me. Dreamer was sweet, chubby, and easily distracted – super cute, in other words. Kyle is also sweet and he's good with her. I adore when people rescue other people who are stranded at the side of the road, total weakness of mine. Downey's writing isn't hurting, either.A warm, intimate touch, the weight of his hand there sending champagne bubbles fizzing through my veins, causing my skin to tingle and goosebumps to raise on my flesh.I think it's funny that she makes Dreamer an editor for indie authors. Authors can't help slipping stuff like this into their books, you can either think it's annoying or laugh at it – EVERYONE does it, even Stephen King.He kissed me, building it slowly, taking his time with it, his hand that had been tucked beneath his head, finding the side of my neck, caressing it lightly which shot rockets off in my central nervous system and fox fire racing along my nerve endings.I love that he goes down on her, pinning her to the bed with a forearm, I love that there's kissing, I love that he asks permission to fuck her... these are all good things.But the real treat here is Downey's ending, a shockingly pink explosion that turns the whole story upside-down. Very well done, I didn't even catch on to what she was doing until it was too late. Excellent. 4 romance stars.STORY FOUR: Yes or No by Emma LeeThis story is fucked-up, but it has such strong energy and cute writing that it probably will win over most people.It's about a young woman named Angelfish who is a mechanic, and finds a hot guy next to his broken down BMW on the road. He's super-preppy.On top of that, I really wanted to discover if those muscles could do anything besides lift weights or whatever other crap he did at the gym. My last boyfriend did rock climbing, and he had the most amazing fingers.But the man's surprise and disappointment in Angelfish being a woman (instantly assuming she can't help him with a car,His surprise and disappointment took away about half of his cute factor.She starts fucking with him, like taking the keys out his jeans pocket without permission or warning, smacking his ass, and talking about how she'll reward him if he obeys orders.I guess I'm supposed to find this cute, and Lee does write it with a great energy, however, this is sexual harassment and I can't be happy with it.As Angelfish and Prescott talk and get to know each other, she finds out he's completely railroaded by his “rich bitch” fiancée and mother. And future-mother-in-law. I mean to the point where everything, from his job to his clothes are picked out for him. Angelfish feels sorry for him, and offers him some no strings fucking.Now, up to this point, even though I think Angelfish should NOT be sexually harassing him and I feel like this story was fucked up, I was going along with it. Lee has a winning writing style.However, after Angelfish slaps this guy for shits and giggles, I couldn't really forgive her after that. I'm not into striking people unless you're in a threatening situation. ”Jeez, that's criminal. You can't marry the only girl you've ever banged. That's like only ever eating baby food for your whole life.”He huffed a hollow laugh. “Like I have any choice.”I slapped him. Despite his status as a customer, I had no intention of standing there and letting this hot guy who had everything but a backbone whine about his lot in life.Well, you lost me there. I don't believe in hitting people for fun. There's tons of ways you could “not stand by and let him waste his life” or whatever that doesn't involve physically abusing him. I mean, WTF, Angelfish?I guess I'm supposed to believe that hitting him is a good thing, because it gets his back up a little bit and Angelfish is pleased to see he still has some spine.I also take issue with the first-person-you-slept-with thing, I know plenty of people who married their high-school sweethearts and had very long and happy marriages filled with love.The rest of this story, actually the whole story has this cute-but-fucked-up vibe that is really enjoyable. She nicknames him Scotty. She takes him to bed. She refers to him as “her new toy.” He wrestles with the idea that he's going to cheat on his fiancée. Which he does. Adding to the fucked-up level of the story. You know, this “his rich bitch girlfriend deserves it for being frigid and bossy” schtick, which I 100% do NOT agree with, but Lee pulls it off well, especially when Angelfish feels some sympathy for Bridget.I wished he hadn't said that, because knowing the Ice Queen hated kissing made me feel sorry for her. Maybe when I got their address, I'd send over Combo [her built brother] to collect Prescott's things and take care of Bridget. Combo enjoyed tackling problems of all sorts, especially ones he could get into without his pants on.This made me laugh. “Sibling seduction teams” are something I'm very familiar with, I grew up with two kids, close friends of mine: one grew up into the most gorgeous, sexy, man-eating woman you've ever seen, and her brother grew up into this ripped, gorgeous, brooding, six-pack abs mujeriego. What do you call it in English? Woman-eater? Together they destroyed the population of people aged 15-40 in the 50-mile-radius of their house. It was total devastation, take no prisoners. :D I could easily see them divide and conquer this sad couple, so Lee was making me laugh here. My friend would ABSOLUTELY take advantage of some sad, stranded man she found alone on the road, seduce him, fuck his brains out, and it's not insane to imagine her siccing her brother on the unsuspecting fiancée he'd left behind, to slowly seduce her and masterfully fuck her brains out. LOL Good times.ANYWAY. Where was I? Oh, yeah. She generously offers to tie him down to the bed so that “he doesn't have to make any decisions” but in an absolutely not-shocking-at all twist, SHE'S the one who ends up tied up. Because rarely rarely rarely have I seen a biker romance where men weren't dominating in bed. So, even though he's NEVER done this before, he expertly ties her up and fucks her. Um, not realistic, but I'm going to give it a pass since this is a romance book.Tl;dr – Cute if manic and fucked-up story. If Lee hadn't had Angelfish smack Scotty around (outside the bedroom), I would have been onboard, in spite of how messed-up this entire plot was. Lee is masterful at cute and energetic writing. However, I draw the line at abuse. But this is very well-written, and if you can ignore a slap, I think you'll enjoy this (guiltily or not). 3 out of 5 stars (it would have gotten higher from me with no slapping the man around.)STORY FIVE: Riding with Fire by Amo JonesThis is a rather boring and underwhelming story about a woman who breaks up with her biker boyfriend (improbably named Semington Parker). He goes apeshit and burns down her father's house, killing him. When the fire chief helps her (Meagan) investigate the arson, they start falling in love.Some parts of the story are cute. For one thing, Jones divides her short story into chapters. I find that adorable. I also like Meagan buying a huge white Harley after her dad's death in a sort of fuck-you gesture to her ex-boyfriend. She easily could never want to see a bike again, instead she goes in the opposite direction. Lastly, her friend's pug is named Billy Bob, and I think that's funny.Jones's writing is a little whacked, though.After I left, he went bat-shit crazy and burnt our home down where my father laid.Um...His eyes penetrate into me.That sounds painful. “No,” both my mom and I say together. “Please, do carry on.”Weird phrasing.Then there's a paragraph that I couldn't make heads or tails of.Jason waved me over to him, and when I got there, I pulled out a seat next to him as we all shared stories of our childhood. Staying clear of the precious memories of my father, but still sharing a few. They all found the fact that I'm a chick who rides 'hot' She rides hot men? What does that have to do with her father? After re-reading it about fifty times, I was eventually able to make a pretty good guess that Jones means, "All the men think the fact that I'm a female motorcycle rider is hot. Men! Men, am I right, ladies? What are you going to do. They're so silly." Or something to that effect. It's pretty hard to parse that out from what she's written, though.  And then we get to the sex. o.OOpening my mouth wider for him, my tongue begs his to assault mine. And when it does, the soft slickness of his tongue engulfs itself around mine, at first a slow torturous pace, before our kiss turns hungry and needy.This is weird and almost incomprehensible.Pulling back, he looks into my eyes. “I don't want to do this here, not with you.” I run my tongue across his bottom lip, earning me a deep growl escaping his plump lips.Um, no. No, no, no. This is not a good paragraph....I run my hungry eyes down his impressive form, every muscle tightening with every movement.Clunky and unnecessary.Then we have the “angry cock” problem. I hate penises being described as angry. I can understand WHY they are sometimes described as “angry” - they are sometimes shades of red and purple, engorged with blood, and people already like to think of penises as weapons (not me, though). However, it annoys me. It takes me right out of a sex scene. Who wants to have sex with an angry penis? Not me.He removes his boxers, his angry cock springing free from underneath.Later,It's angry, thick and pulsing to be ridden.Um... this is just not appealing to me. Personal pet peeve here, I'm sure others are fine with it.There are other weird parts to the sex scenes, sentences like That was enough to ride the blowjob train. had me scratching my head in confusion. Not to mention,With the slapping of our sweaty skin and the raw sound of our lovemaking, my orgasm zooms into me like a shooting star of flames, sending off a surge of pulses that wrack through my body.Ummmm... Okay.As a surprise ending, there's a little bit of anti-biker sentiment here:He's all man and I love it. He doesn't need a damn patch to make him feel like a man. He saves lives, that's more man than any biker I know.Which is okay by me, but rather baffling in the context of this anthology. But perfectly acceptable.1 out of 5 stars. REVIEW CONTINUES IN THE COMMENTS SECTION BELOW!!!!!! CONTINUED IN COMMENT #3

  • Lynette
    2019-06-08 13:17

    I have read the first 5 stories and so far they have all been unique. Loving the Alpha females for a change!!

  • Miranda Whore
    2019-05-26 10:12

    I've only had the pleasure of reading Biker Chick Campout by MariaLisa deMora from this anthology, but plan on diving into more when I get the chance.The characters that deMora brought into the story are some of my all-time favorites from her Rebel Wayfarers MC series. If you're already a fan or new to her characters you'll be able to enjoy this short. There is of course a lot of backstory that would give you major insight into these ladies experiences and personalities, but I feel deMora do a good job of writing this to be read as a stand alone. Since this is a short, I hate going into storyline ... so I'll keep this minimal ... I love the interactions between Mela and the girls, the chemistry with Hurley is instant and yet feels like a slow build. Another thing that I have to comment on is how deMora makes us see the RWMC as more than just a biker club, showing how their old ladies are important and protected, and how even the job that seems like a prospects nightmare is actually an honor to be respected. Mad love for an MC that doesn't fit into the same shape that so many other MC (books) do. Five Stars!I look forward to seeing what the other authors had to contribute to the anthology!

  • Jennifer Finn
    2019-06-01 10:16

    This review is for Wild Ride (Phoenix Heart MC #1) by K. Renee. Shaylyn is President of the Phoenix Heart MC and her brother, Hunter is President of his MC. Shay is horny and wants to get laid so she goes to a local bar and meets a smoking hot guy. She follows him back to his motel and they have awesome sex all night long. When she wakes up in the morning he's gone but left her a note telling her he'll be back later if she wants to wait. Shay doesn't wait for anyone, especially a man so she takes off thinking she will never see the hot unknown biker again.

  • Julie Jackson
    2019-06-14 11:09

    Biker chick anthology Review based on Wild Ride by K. ReneeShay and her brother Hunter are bikers and that way of life is all they know. Shay has her club and he has his. They hang out together a lot. Shay is determined to find her victim of the night for some much needed company. When she hooks up for the hottest night of her life she is totally shocked to find out that he is a member of their rival MC, the Black Hills MC. Review to be continued for Wild Ride part 2❤️❤️

  • Will2pear95
    2019-05-20 15:07

    Very good anthology. My favorite story was The Spark by A.J. Downey. That was a five star read for me.

  • Gucci Girl
    2019-05-30 15:08

    Biker ChicksI enjoyed each of the short stories in this Anthology. These authors are all amazing. I suggest you check out these stories from some of my favorite authors such as AJ Downey, Amo Jones, K. Renee, Marialisa de Mora..Just to name a few. Happy Reading!!

  • Wendy Porter
    2019-06-10 09:02

    This is a very hot MC romance anthology all about strong biker woman who can stand on their on two feet and stand up to the men. This is a must read series can't wait to start book 2 highly recommend as a must read.

  • Gucci Girl
    2019-06-08 10:04

    Biker Chicks: Volume 2 is filled with great stories by twelve great authors. Each story is different. Here is a little description for a few of the stories offered in Volume 2. Some of my favorites author's such as 1. Sapphire Knight's Sweet Surrender which features Oath Keepers MC she gives a glimpse on Prez's Son Bently aka Snake and his new love. 1. Marisa Lisa deMora gives us a story about Rebel Wayfarers Domino and Gypsy Queens Gun Totin Annie.3. Winter Travers gives us Wanting More which involves Ricki and Brick this story is hot and oh so sexy. 4. K. Renee gives us The Innocent Truth a short and sexy story about Nash aka MC Prez and Thea. These are just a few of so many more good stories in this Volume and the proceeds go to such a good cause. So if you have read anything by these ladies I suggest you pick this up and give it a try!! Happy Reading

  • Amo Jones
    2019-06-09 13:55

    Don't miss this release, guys! xx <3

  • Amy Braun
    2019-05-28 11:02

    Lovin Biker ChicksGreat book with a little tease from many different authors. The hotter the better. Getting ready for Bikers 2 - here I Come!!!!

  • CA
    2019-05-27 09:49

    I enjoyed a couple of the stories and as it is for a good cause I am glad I bought it.

  • Danielle
    2019-06-06 06:59