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The Cursed Pirate Girl is on a quest in search of her father. It's a journey filled with adventure above and below the mythical waters of the Omerta Seas. A nautical fairytale of strange creatures, whimsical characters, swashbuckling danger, and the most bizarre pirates you could hope for. It's certain to amaze and captivate adults and children alike! Available for the firThe Cursed Pirate Girl is on a quest in search of her father. It's a journey filled with adventure above and below the mythical waters of the Omerta Seas. A nautical fairytale of strange creatures, whimsical characters, swashbuckling danger, and the most bizarre pirates you could hope for. It's certain to amaze and captivate adults and children alike! Available for the first time ever in a softcover trade paperback!...

Title : Cursed Pirate Girl Volume 1
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ISBN : 9781608868339
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 128 Pages
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Cursed Pirate Girl Volume 1 Reviews

  • David Katzman
    2019-05-22 15:40

    Cursed Pirate Girl is stunning. There is no artist today in comic books who can draw like Jeremy Bastian. When the first issue of this collection came out years ago, it immediately caught my eye. The detailed black & white line drawings are irresistible. The main character and the story line are at once unique and familiar. Cursed Pirate Girl has an aura about it, that of always having been trapped inside our heads, and Bastian has managed to conjure it like Michelangelo freed his sculptures from marble. I would roughly describe it as a more elaborate, weirder Alice in Wonderland on the high seas.The plot: Cursed Pirate Girl is stranded on an island after having been abandoned by her father, but she does not remember him or know why he left her there. She befriends the daughter of the pompous, aristocratic governor the island and institutes a rebellious streak in the daughter that results in a humiliating interaction (for the governor) with a visiting dignitary. The governor sends an old pirate to kill the Cursed Pirate Girl, but instead, she escapes with her faithful parrot sidekick and heads off in search of her father whom she asserts is one of the greatest pirate captains sailing the Omerta Seas—mystical oceans teeming with bizarre creatures. Apparently, she has some mystical powers herself thanks to being the daughter of a true pirate captain, including the ability to breathe underwater and fearlessness. Adventure ensues.Thematically, the story is straightforward. There is a sense of Robin Hood. A sense of the underdog as the hero, the rich and powerful as the victimizers. Pirates aren't necessarily good, but they are the counterbalance to the arrogance of the merchants and aristocrats. Pirates are not strictly idealized, although the heroine certainly is. Cursed Pirate Girl encounters sleazy, ugly, vicious pirates and noble ones as well. I also note a comfort with the strange. Strangeness as normal.Cursed Pirate Girl is just so damn fun, so damn creative, and so damn beautiful that I urge you to pick it up. The hardback collected edition is wonderful to hold. The quality of the paper is impeccable with tactile deckled edges. There's even a few extra snippets of story and a four-page fold-out "Wanted Poster" of the Cursed Pirate Girl. When I met Jeremy at two different comic book conventions, I snapped up some limited edition prints he was offering. He's a laid back and very pleasant person. I suspect he's going to be a sought after fine artist for the rest of his life, but I hope he'll have time to continue this comic.If you have any interest in graphic storytelling, if you have any interest in illustrative art, if you have any interest in black & white ink drawings, if you have any interest in adventure stories, if you have any interest in young female protagonists of heroic stature, if you have any interest in oddity and the surreal, if you like Alice in Wonderland, if you have any interest in any of these, then I urge you to get this book! You will not be disappointed.

  • Dov Zeller
    2019-06-07 15:49

    The art in this book is stunning and I love the Pirate Girl's fearlessness and swagger. I wanted to really be drawn into the story, but reading it, I felt pulled in a few directions. The detail and richness of the art can distract from the narrative movement and there's no rhythm of down-time and character building. It's just event after event after event, without pacing; no building of momentum in a kind of wave-like, tidal, motion.This book is in some ways light and funny, with physical comedy and great characters, and it also has its depths -- a great, belligerent but thoughtful pirate girl, looking for her father. She comes across creatures who she treats with a kind of kindness it seems they aren't used to. But with a structure both feathery and unsurprising, a story whose velocity doesn't really change at all, I am not so drawn to turn the pages and I could see them just as easily being a series of related images on a gallery wall. Gorgeous, intriguing, captivating for their artistry and individual narrative weight more than for their sequential narrative direction. Goodreads reviewers have compared the story and the art to a lot of great previous works and artists (including Lewis Carroll AIW and Hieronymus Bosch ). I can see this artist doing wonderful illustrations for Alice in Wonderland and other trippy and piratey novels. But there is a difference between illustrating a prose book and creating a sequential art novel. This often felt more like illustrations. That said, the art is wonderful, and the book itself as an artifact is really well put-together and fun. Not sure if I will read the rest of the series, but I'm glad I got this one out of the library.

  • Sanaa
    2019-05-22 09:29

    [3.5 Stars] This was pretty cool! I think the artwork is really what stands out because it manages to be beautiful, detailed, and grotesque all at the same time. The story is a bit off the wall and pretth whimsical, but I actually really liked that. I do really wish that the artwork had a bit more contrast. Everything was so detailed that it was sometimes difficult to figure out what your eyes were supposed to rest on. All that said and done, I do think this could have used just a little more of "something" you know? May be more depth to the characters and story? Regardless, I'll be interested to see how this story plays out.

  • Kaitlin
    2019-06-11 11:29

    So I just read this in one sitting and I came away with a feelings about Pirates-Victorians-Alice-in-Wonderland-Underwater-Adventures-&-Beautiful-Art; essentially this book has a lot going on...I picked this up after reading the Mouse Guard where Jeremy Bastian did some guest artist work becuase I immediately loved his style of drawing and line-work and it reminded me a lot of the style I love to draw in. Therefore, I could really appreciate the LEVEL of detail within this story. This book, every page of this book, is meticulously detailed to the extreme. It's all in black and white and the style is both mystical and never-ending, constantly drawing you deeper into the madness and fun that is the Cursed Pirate Girl's story. I found myself pouring over pages for minutes at a time and still definitely not spotting every little thing. This will 100% be a book that deserves multiple re-reads just to spot everything that's packed inside. I would definitely recommend this if you like old, over-exaggerated comic strips, Pirates or Alice in Wonderland becuase I do think that there's clearly inspiration pulled from that. This is a wacky all-ages story with so much happening it's exciting to investigate and be pulled into the fun. You won't want the story to end, and I definitely am excited for the next volume (whenever it's coming). 4* overall!

  • Tony DiTerlizzi
    2019-05-26 15:33

    Jeremy Bastian may not be a name you are familiar with in terms of comic lore, but mark my words: he soon will be. The Hieronymous Bosch-like ink-work alone in this sequential masterpiece makes this artist green with envy, nevermind the Alice-in-Wonderland-meets-Treasure-Island story. Curse you, Jeremy Bastian!

  • All Things Urban Fantasy
    2019-06-01 09:46

    Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyIt’s rare to find a book that feels darkly grown up and enchantingly child-like at the same time. CURSED PIRATE GIRL is spooky, touching and intricate, luring you into a topsy-turvy world with detailed images that pull you in.The art ranges from the charming to the disgusting, with a distinct Alice in Wonderland sense of the grotesque, especially in the humanoid characters. They have large heads and out of proportion features, much like the humanoids in Sir John Tenniel’s original illustrations.As the Cursed Pirate Girl dives deeper into the magical seas, she meets duelling knights in swordfish armour, giant sea-puppies and all manner of pirates. She loses an eye, gains a talking parrot, and searches for the one thing she really wants: her father.The story can be ridiculous, but remembers to veer back to the serious a few times, including one time that made me gasp out loud. There are moments of nonsense but the book does a good job keeping readers on track.CURSED PIRATE GIRL is amazing, and if you haven’t read it before, pick up the latest copy (beige cover, instead of blue) which includes an amazingly funny artists’ gallery at the back, where a man tasked with getting a portrait of the pirate girl gets descriptions of her from various sources, leading to the different artists takes. My favourite is Mike Mignola’s.

  • Paul
    2019-05-28 11:30

    So much fun and the art is an explosion of details on the pages. You could pour over the illustrations for an afternoon. Read it with my 9 yr old daughter. Great fun. Did I say it was fun? It is.

  • Brittney
    2019-06-09 14:50

    The Cursed Pirate Girl is a mind-twisting trip through the adventures of a young girl looking for her pirate father on the Omertà Seas. It has been compared to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, which I can see, but I enjoyed this WAY more.Starting out, you meet Apollonia, the Govenor's daughter, who witnesses a fight between three rough looking boys and young girl. After the boys get thrashed, the young girls tells Apollonia to meet her the next day & she would tell the tale of the Cursed Pirate Girl. This starts the wild and odd tale of a girl on a quest to find her father. Apollonia doesn't seem to have much of a roll beyond this, but that could change. CPG continues on her journey with the help of her parrot Pepper Dice. A wide cast of characters is met, some staying, some going, mostly head scratching. My favorite was the potato with a mustache (he's dangerous.) Each page is filled with highly detailed drawings and there are elaborate backgrounds with the quirky characters. It's takes a moment to adjust if you aren't used to it.I wasn't planning on reading this, or even liking it as much as I did. While waiting at the library I randomly grabbed this, planning to put it back before leaving. Instead, I checked it out and sat in my car later finishing it! Sadly, this is the first vol. I want to know what happens!

  • Stewart Tame
    2019-06-10 10:56

    Beautiful, beautiful book. Bastian's artwork is sumptuous, reminding me at times of John R. Neill, Windsor McCay, Tony Millionaire, Dame D'arcy, Bob Burden, S. Clay Wilson and Eric Shanower. There are incredible amounts of detail on every page. The story is like a child's fantasy of pirates. It almost reminds me of the One Piece manga in some respects. This is impressive stuff, and I eagerly await volume 2. Special kudos to the designer of this book, as it's a work of art in itself (take that, ereaders!). Intentionally crafted to look like something published in the early 1900s, this book features an embossed cover, ragged-edged pages, and a foldout poster in the back. Definitely a volume worth owning.

  • Heather
    2019-05-30 08:52

    My coworker lent this to me when she found out I love pirates. The illustrations are intensely detailed—sometime distractingly so—and the story had a sort of Alice in Wonderland on the High Seas vibe. It's fun enough, but I probably won't pick up the next collected volume. It doesn't read enough like a well-illustrated story for me. There are odd jumps in the narrative, stilted dialogue, and a general disconnect between the quality/efficacy of the words and the pictures.

  • Caitlyn
    2019-06-10 10:36

    The sheer detail on every single page of this book is stunning. I found myself holding the book weirdly close to my face just to see all the hidden elements which are just so elaborate and amazing. Plus the story is kick-ass and features two little girls.

  • Jennifer Blair
    2019-05-18 11:30

    The artwork and writing in this book are absolutely breathtaking. (And it's about a fierce pirate girl, so it was kind of a given that I would love it.)

  • Dawnblackbird
    2019-05-27 11:32

    Tout simplement magnifique ! Mon souhait serait de vivre cette aventure, à travers ce dessin minutieux et si beau...

  • KimStitch
    2019-05-18 10:46

    I loved this so much I borrowed it, read it twice, passed it to my sister and bought my own copy. In two days.

  • Pturingan
    2019-06-13 09:32

    I don't think I've ever read a comic like this before. Fantastic. Highly recommended. Immerse yourself in the gorgeous art. Buy it!

  • Christyn
    2019-05-19 14:55

    The first thing that hit me about Cursed Pirate Girl was the art. I'm no artist, nor am I familiar with artist styles but this just hit me as old-fashioned and beautiful. At first glance I thought it was a little messy/crowded but as I took a closer look the detail and artistry was just really amazing. The story is also completely engrossing. We follow the Cursed Pirate Girl, stranded on an island having no memory of her father except that he visits her in her dreams. She makes friends and enemies as she sets out on her journey to reunite with her father. Adventure, action, pirates, creatures of all shapes and sizes, mismatched, strange and fascinating. It was fun, pure escapism. I look forward to seeing more of Cursed Pirate Girl's (and Pepper Dice + Swordfish brothers) adventures, what has become of her father, and the story with the map she found. It was all great fun with beautiful illustrations.

  • James Eckman
    2019-05-20 12:33

    The black and white art is a bit like Charles Addams if he'd been on an Aubrey Beardsley kick, strange art nouveau with very weird characters. The book itself has a rough deckle edge and include a 4x wanted poster. The story is thin though, so enjoy it for the art.

  • Kienie
    2019-05-19 09:47

    The art is amazing, and though very detailed I don't find it distracting. The story is very simple, and this is only the first part, so it's hard to say where it's heading. She's very fearless, but also very young, so we'll probably see more character development later. I want to know more about Appolonia and what the hell is going on with the Governor.

  • Amy
    2019-06-02 09:37

    Oh my, the art in this graphic novel is fantastic! If you like very detailed line drawings that you can devour for hours, this might be the book for you. Oh, and there are talking parrots, fighting swordfish brothers, pirates, gun powder, and fiery girls on a quest -- do yourselves a favor, read this.

  • Coral Davies
    2019-06-07 10:53

    I love stories about pirates - you hardly get any these days so this was an absolute treat. Beautifully drawn - the artwork is simply breathtaking - a modern day fable about a cursed pirate girl who is searching for her father in a land of strange creatures and dangers.I can't wait for vol.2.

  • Sonic
    2019-06-13 12:49

    The artwork is intricate and exquisite! The story is frolicking fanciful and fun!While reading it , I felt that I may have to soon re-read itto spend more time pouring over the detailed drawings!Is this a debut? If so, it is Stellar!If not, ... it is Stellar!More, please!

  • Mélanie
    2019-05-31 12:43

    Sublime univers fantastique crée par Jeremy Bastian, à la croisée d'Alice et des contes de notre enfance. Le trait est magnifique et chaque case force l'arrêt pour observer les détails magnifiques. L'ouvrage est un vrai trésor et mérite une relecture pour observer tous ces détails crayonnés.

  • Selah Judge
    2019-06-11 07:57

    The Cursed Pirate Girl is full of rambunctious, but refined energy. Jeremy A. Bastion is an amazing artist, and highly recommended. I wrote a review Dad! :)

  • Deniz
    2019-05-25 11:45

    Beautiful artwork, but what a lack of story and storytelling skills.

  • Sarah
    2019-05-25 09:41

    Great story (I hope there's a second volume) and absolutely stunningly detailed artwork. I'd recommend this for the artwork alone.

  • Toastkat
    2019-05-17 09:47

    "Cursed Pirate Girl" is the bizarre daughter of "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "Alice in Wonderland". Chronicling the adventures of a daring young protagonist known only as the Cursed Pirate Girl, the story follows her on her adventure to find her missing father, a pirate captain of magical blood himself. I'm a casual fan of the PoC series, so I don't know a lot of pirate lore. Have the black waves of the Omerta Seas always been a thing of pirate mythology or is this original content? The artwork is breathtakingly gorgeous, but at the same time, too much. Dialogue becomes difficult to read when it's overshadowed by a two-page spread of intricately hand-drawn details and embellishments, and at times, it gets rather nonsensical in the cartoonish caricatures of the more unlikable characters. I'd recommend it to someone who's already vested in pirate literature, looking to expand their treasure trove with something unique and memorable. But for someone new to the graphic novel genre, the flow of art and text might be a bit overwhelming. There isn't a lot of blood, guts, gore, or violent language often historically attributed to pirates, but even then, I'm unsure about suggesting this for younger readers.

  • Bill
    2019-05-19 08:44

    An entertaining story -- a mix of Alice and Wonderland wonder and pirate-story logic -- enhanced by wildly elaborate illustrations. The black-and-white drawings are amazingly detailed, with many pages featuring unusually complicated layouts. Like a sailor's tattoos, it's hard to tell sometimes which parts of the page are part of a story, and which are just there for atmosphere, but if you don't think about the distinction too much, it all blends into the overall, bizarre story of revenge, exploration, and honor. My only complaint is that the pages were too small to contain some of the artwork -- I'd love to see this volume reprinted on much larger size paper.

  • BeParticular
    2019-06-14 08:51

    I'm several decades older than the target audience for this book. I literally stumbled onto it because it was sticking out from the bottom shelf into the aisle of my public library. That led me to find one of the most beautifully produced physical books I've ever seen. It has thick paper with deckled edges and is illustrated in extremely beautiful detail. The plot is minimal, but the action and illustrations kept me turning pages. No matter your age or if you have ever picked up a graphic novel before, I believe you would find much to love in this gorgeous book. Give it a try.

  • Jeniece Goellner
    2019-05-20 14:29

    Ok, the story was great. The art work was beautiful. But the pages were just too busy for me. I like detail, but this was a bit of an overload for me. Just didn't allow for a nice reading experience for me when I was too worried about missing any detail that might be important. And there were a lot a details to try and take in.

  • Jaylee
    2019-05-28 11:29

    DNF a little less than halfway through. Man, the art is so TINY AND BUSY it hurts my eyes. The font is overly fancy too, so reading it is difficult. The art is also very ugly on purpose, like the old alice in wonderland illustrations. The story of a brave pirate girl befriending a pretty rich girl is interesting but not enough to struggle through that art.