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Best friends since childhood, Danny Somers and Curtis Wyatt were inseparable until Danny broke their promise to attend college together, creating a rift between the two that time refused to mend. Ten years later, their adult lives have veered apart, putting thousands of miles between them. Curtis has forged ahead with a life in their hometown, but when he loses his job andBest friends since childhood, Danny Somers and Curtis Wyatt were inseparable until Danny broke their promise to attend college together, creating a rift between the two that time refused to mend. Ten years later, their adult lives have veered apart, putting thousands of miles between them. Curtis has forged ahead with a life in their hometown, but when he loses his job and breaks up with his girlfriend, he’s left with nowhere else to turn. Exhausted and travel weary, Curtis arrives at Danny’s secluded Vancouver Island home to find that his former friend is now… gay. And gorgeous. When a short visit turns into weeks, the two men begin to find common ground once more. But even as Curtis is forced to revisit the decisions in their shared past that drove them apart years earlier, he’s confronted by a powerful attraction he can neither understand nor resist....

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the water will catch you Reviews

  • Nick Pageant
    2019-05-22 12:39

    Let's start with the cover. This is one of my favorite m/m covers ever. Just gorgeous.Now, the writing - Chase Potter has obviously put a great deal of work into this book and it shows. The prose is wonderful, which I expect from Chase. What's exciting and different here is the obvious growth that Chase has gone through as a writer. He was good before, now he's great.Chase let me beta read this and, for the first time doing a beta read, I had to read it twice because I enjoyed it too much the first time to view it critically.I hope everyone will give this a read. It's sexy, sweet, and gorgeous. Good stuff!

  • Brian
    2019-06-02 13:32

    The Water Will Catch You is, in short, a superb piece of writing. I had the opportunity to give this book an early read, and similar to another goodreads reviewer, I had a difficult time giving it a meticulous look because I kept finding myself caught up in the plot. If that's not a sign of excellent storytelling, I don't know what is.Chase Potter's third novel takes us north of the border into Canada, where he tells us the story of Curtis and Danny. The guys became best friends after a near-tragedy in middle school, and they built their young lives and plans together over the next several years. They were going to graduate together, go to college together, and do all the things that a lot of friends say they're going to do. But something happened toward the end of high school that derailed those plans, something that created an immense rift.When Curtis finds himself in crisis years later, he reaches out to Danny, who now lives across the country and has built a new life for himself. They are reunited, and the whirlwind of events and emotions that follows sweeps the reader along at a fast clip.Aside from the story of the two main characters, what really struck me about this book were Potter's vivid descriptions of the locations in which the novel is set. I felt like I was on the Pacific coast of Canada, hiking through the forest with Danny and Curtis. At times, it was as if I was inside Danny's house, seeing everything he was seeing. The rich imagery Potter treats us to was truly a delight to experience.Pick this one up! It'll be well worth your time.

  • Bitchie
    2019-05-27 14:40

    I'm a bit torn on what I think about this one. On the one hand, the writing was simply beautiful, and this felt like one of the truest gay for you (or out for you) type stories that I've ever read. On the other hand, there were several times that various characters did things that really pissed me off, and DIDN'T feel right to me. I also felt like the thing that Danny's parents tried to do came way out of left field.I'm still thinking, and just about everything I want to say, everything I had issues with, is going to be a bit spoilery, so I guess I'll just say that I was left wanting more.The story is told in alternating POVs, with minor flashbacks to the guys growing up. I think I'd have liked more of these flashbacks, especially from Curtis' POV. I'd like to know more about why he was (view spoiler)[so resistant to the gay thing, was it family pressure, or just the general pressure from society? (hide spoiler)] Also, I'd like to know how Curtis became the man he is today- working a deadend job, living with a woman he apprently doesn't even like much, and basically just coasting through life. And then Danny's reaction (view spoiler)[ when he found out that Curtis always knew how he felt and said nothing just felt over the top to me. I would think he'd realize that every man has to come to grips with his sexuality in his own time, and not been so angry at Curtis for not being so quick to jump into something as Danny would have been. (hide spoiler)]We learn much more about Danny- why he felt he had to leave town, and Curtis. How he ended up living across the country, and doing what he does for a living. But I don't think we ever really learn why he left school without finishing, other than that he didn't like who he was becoming. I'd like to have seen what led to that decision, and also why his parents tried to do what they did to Curtis. There was no explanation at all there, and I felt it was needed.I didn't care for neighbor Lauren at all. I don't care that Curtis is (supposedly) straight, she knows how Danny, her friend, feels about Curtis, so that should have made him off limits to her. I mean, sure, if things had just grown naturally between them into something, that's one thing, but she flat out pursued him, and that just made me dislike her a lot. Maybe that's unfair of me, but that's how I felt. It's the friend code, you don't go after someone your friend is in love with, no matter how slim their chances are of actually getting with that person.Still, all this aside, I thought this was a great story. I think this author has a ton of potential, and I'll definitely be looking into other books by him.

  • Sheri
    2019-05-22 18:35

    Have you ever read something that you really wanted to enjoy but felt like the book was fighting you? Well, that was me and this book.I really wanted to love this story, but it kept pushing me away.I believe it stems from the gay-for-you aspect. It just didn’t work for me. It was more than awkward and uncomfortable…. it leaned towards angry and harsh. Every time I felt as though the prize was within reach, it was wrenched away.Danny and Curtis become best friends in the sixth grade. I was fond of the alternating point of view between the boys and I really loved the flashbacks. It kicks off when the boys are eleven and we are gifted a glimpse of each year as the boys grow older. The past represents happier times and it balanced the troubled present both Danny and Curtis are trudging through. They were the best of friends during their childhood and loved one another deeply. Danny comes to conclusion that he can’t hide how deep his feelings truly run for Curtis and escapes before he slips and confesses his desires.He bails on Curtis, their plans…and their future.As luck would have it, Curtis finds himself sitting at rock bottom and the first person he turns to rescue him is Danny. A decade has passed, but he’s desperate and has no other options. Danny doesn’t like in Thunder Bay anymore (which I kinda assumed Curtis would know) but he doesn’t let that stop him. He drives across the country to seek comfort and shelter from the boy who knew all his secrets. Unfortunately, Curtis didn’t know all of Danny’s.And this, this is one of the pushes I felt. Seriously? Ten years later and he thinks they can pick right back up where they left off, when they didn’t only separate but were severed? Danny cut himself out of Curtis’s life. Danny abandoned their big plans. Danny…left him. The kick in the nuts is that Curtis pretends that he has no idea why.Danny has built a new life for himself. Not only figuratively speaking, but literally. He inherits a family home on Vancouver Island and starts the painstaking process of renovated the neglected place in the country. A talented carpenter, he creates a gorgeous home and I loved all of the ‘wood’ talk. I felt the love he poured into his work and especially adored the desk he crafted.So, it all sounds fine and well, but…like I said, I was constantly driven away. Water holds substantial significance here and if I might compare, I would say every time the tide drew me closer to the shore, I was rushed out to sea further than before. It was a push and shove romance and usually I can appreciate and enjoy the ups and downs as long as it ends on a high note. In case you were wondering, it does indeed end on a high note.Though every time I was given a great moment, it was ruined. I blame Curtis or more precisely, his mouth. Something great finally happens and damn him if he doesn’t ruin it. Even when he declares something momentous, he shatters the moment with tainted words. Why? If only he would have just let me have the brief second to soar, I would have endured the crash and burns with more tolerance. As it was, I was angry and frustrated with him. I willed him to stop talking and let Danny take over…but that was only wishful thinking.I wanted to like Danny’s neighbor Lauren but couldn’t. I longed to care for Danny’s parents but couldn’t. And I had absolutely no desire to give two shits about Curtis’ father. It would have lovely to have a least one secondary character to be fond of.The premise was there….it could have been strong…but ultimately, the story fought me all the way till the end. I can only hope that you don’t suffer the same discouraging journey.Big shout out for the cover though, it’s perfect.*2.5 let-me-love-youstars*

  • Katrina Passick Lumsden
    2019-06-08 16:41

    I wanted to love this book. But I couldn't. It was standoffish. It was almost like it didn't want me to like it. I couldn't understand the harshness of the relationship. The... Cruelty. It was more frustrating and depressing to me than heartwarming.

  • Ulysses Dietz
    2019-06-08 12:42

    At last, a young gay writer who understands bisexuality. As I started this book, I was increasingly anxious that Chase Potter was going to pull a “gay for you” on me. But he came through. I am grateful.Here's my full review for Prism Book Alliance:

  • Raj
    2019-05-30 18:22

    This is one of those unassuming books that if you blink you would miss it to your regret.It's a moth that looks bland until it flutters towards the flame & than you pick out the breathtaking beauty of it's detailed iridescent wings.It has a man with the translucent blue eyes of the Pacific ocean living on the edge of an ancient island forest in British Columbia.Danny a carpenter of immense talent merely exists amidst nature's splendor awaiting the touch of his best friend Curtis who has been running from the truth for 20 years,feelings that he has buried deep beneath a mountain of denial.The novel breathes with the beauty of it's surroundings & you can almost feel the texture of the wood that Danny crafts into high end furniture.It thankfully avoids the cliche of hot gay men littering every page,be they meddlesome best friends or former hookups & puts emphasis solely on the two men reaching out to each other.This novel has got to be one the best friends to lovers book I have read in ages.

  • Michael Thompson
    2019-05-25 16:36

    Once again Chase Potter has written a beautiful story!!! This is his third novel and if you haven't read any of his books you definitely need give his books a read. I've read a lot of the best friends to lovers troupe books and so many times they all begin to sound the same. Not this one! Chase's descriptive writing style with draw you in and have you wanting more.This novel has less angst then his previous books, which made it a quick and enjoyable read. And oh yea.....the cover is just HOT!!!I will read ANYTHING Chase Potter writes!!!! He's just that good!

  • Marcus
    2019-05-20 11:23

    something was odd with the story, the constant switching between the MC confused me at times and made me believe I had skipped passages. when I figured out what didn't fit, karma crashed the story to pieces.this may sound negatively, but it's meant the other way around. The reading experience was quite enjoyable.

  • Shelby P
    2019-06-16 12:37

    When I saw this one a friend's feed and read the blurb I was very interested in reading the story. I was expecting a way better story than what I got. I liked that this was based in Canada and I really need to visit that country. It was weird when one of the characters "traveled across the continent". Why not just "traveled across the country?"The present tense took a bit getting used to. I liked how the scenery was described. I wouldn't mind visiting Danny's house and town. The pacing of the story could have been better and the back and forth did not help.Afterwhile I started not to like Curtis and I didn't like Lauren. (view spoiler)[Curtis and Danny were lifelong best friends so I don't understand why Danny's parents would offer Curtis money to stay away from him when he got injured. It's not like they were in his adult life much. I didn't understand what made Curtis' life so miserable with his dad. Was it because his dad never believed in him? I started skimming so I don't know if he was abused outside of that cigarette butt on his hand incident. I also didn't understand why Danny had such a hard time in college. One incident where he took drugs and had sex can make college that bad? It wasn't like he was raped. (hide spoiler)]This story was just okay and the bit to get the guys together was a bit too contrived for my liking.

  • Sylvia
    2019-05-21 16:38

    I enjoyed reading this story but..I still have a lot of questions and no anwsersWhy did Danny leave college??Did Curtis even go to college?Why did he stay in his home town?What was wrong with Curtis dad??Why did Danny's parents wanted Curtis to leave??I also didn't like Lauren she was a lousy friend!

  • Marty
    2019-05-25 17:28

    I'm not much for writing reviews. If I could write, I would. However, I simply want everyone to know this book is one you should read. The story just made me feel good. It is a cozy story, one to curl up under a blanket and ENJOY!

  • Joyfully Jay
    2019-06-03 11:41

    A Joyfully Jay review. 3.5 starsThe premise of friends-to-lovers is one of my favorites and will draw my attention each and every time. The Water Will Catch You is also the story of childhood friends who think they know everything about each other, but are dealing with fear, denial, and an extreme lack of communication.There was a lot that I liked about this book and there were areas that equally didn’t work as well for me. To start, the writing is at times beautifully and lovingly written and those are words I do not use often. It is also soft and descriptive and the writing illuminates the remote area where Danny lives, as well as draws out the craftsmanship of his career as a custom furniture builder.The story opens present day and the men have not been in contact for ten years. When Curtis arrives at Danny’s home, he expects that their friendship will pick right back up. While Curtis does ask Danny questions about what happened years ago, Danny will not chance telling Curtis that he was in love with him and this hangs over them for a good portion of the book. While there are a few flashbacks to highlight their youth, the story lacked the intensity of both emotion and connection for me between both friendship and any signs of longing. I did like Danny’s character better than Curtis, but both read as fairly bland to me.Read Michelle's review in its entirety here.

  • Sunne
    2019-06-11 11:23

    So Chase Potter finally wrote a lovestory - and he didn't make it easy for his characters. First - this author has talent. He's not producing stereotyped, cheesy and exchangeable books, he's writing the good stuff, the books that make you think, feel, sometimes squirm (in a good and a bad way). He has a way with words I wish some other authors would have, too. He also is very talented in creating atmosphere and conveying emotions.The story itself seams to be easy - the blurb explains it quite well. The characters themselves on the other hand are not simple. They have depth and conflicted emotions. They don't fall easily into each other arms, they struggle, with themselves and all that comes finding out that you love someone you didn't expect to love. This is a character driven, very well written lovestory. This is the third book written by Chase Potter, that I've read, and recommend it, as his other two books "Remember Me" and "The Race For The Second".

  • Vallie
    2019-06-01 14:37

    3.5 starsI struggled with this book. There were times that I had to stop reading because I was super annoyed and bored and other times when the writing was so beautiful that I couldn’t put my I-pad down. The story is about two childhood friends reuniting in adulthood after many years apart. Childhood friends turned lovers is one of my absolute favourite themes and on that front the book did not disappoint. We get several flashbacks throughout and we get to see the boys grow up together and experience some truly gorgeous moments. It was always platonic for Curtis but for Danny it became increasingly difficult to hide his feelings from his friend, hence the 10 year separation after high school was over. The story is told in present tense, which admittedly is not my preference, and in alternating POV. Curtis has found himself homeless and jobless and decides to contact Danny after a decade of no communication. Danny is willing to put Curtis up and help him get back on his feet. During this part, I think the author did an amazing job. Danny and Curtis were awkward with each other. It was very realistic and the author showcased that beautifully. They were both treading carefully around each other, with Danny being hit with all those emotions for Curtis and Curtis being hit with a case of gay-for-you out of left field. When Curtis finally let go and allowed himself to act on his attraction toward his friend, things got weird. Curtis was the biggest jerk ever, honestly giving me whiplash with his mood swings. It was a classic case of blaming the other person due to his own insecurities and regrets. He actually lashed out at Danny several times and hurt him deeply. And Danny, who wasn’t a saint himself, one the one hand acted like he understood the score and that Curtis didn’t know what he was doing, but then demanded explanations and had a ton of expectations from Curtis. The miscommunication and the constant withdrawing after the several fights they had kept pulling me from the story and I found myself wondering why the hell they were even trying to be together. The chemistry just felt off. The feeling of isolation didn’t help matters. The descriptions were good but felt a bit over the top at times. Danny works with wood and there were pages’ worth of descriptions about certain types of wood and how to work with it to make furniture etc. I was interested in the beginning but eventually got bored with that. There were no side characters throughout, except for Lauren who was a straight up bitch. She knew that Danny had feelings for Curtis and she still hit on him and tried to hook up. What the hell? And of course, Danny’s parents were the stereotypical non-accepting, in denial, let me pay you off to go away type. What’s more, that plot line did not get resolved. They just sort of... went away. Huh?The steam wasn’t a particularly big hit with me either, unfortunately. I like it when there is plenty of dialogue in sex scenes –it doesn’t have to be dirty talk, it just makes it more real to me. The smex here was too descriptive, which again, pulled me from the story and created the impression of a narrator telling me what happened. No likey.In the midst of all my complaints, though, there was some evocative writing that hit me right in the chest. The author clearly has a way with words because damn, I almost got teary eyed, and I never cry with books. That gorgeous cover got its chance to shine in the book with some beautiful, symbolic moments in the water. By the end of the book, I did believe in Curtis’ and Danny’s love for one another. I just wish the plot hadn’t made me doubt so much with all the back and forth. Also, no more hiking!!! Please! Those nature scenes were pretty but I seriously started putting the book down whenever a hiking scene came up, and trust me, they were plenty!Aside from the things that annoyed me personally, the book was well written and I think fans of friends-to-lovers should definitely give it a shot. ARC of The Water Will Catch You provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. This review has been cross-posted at Gay Book Reviews.

  • Elizabetta
    2019-05-31 17:30

    3.5 starsI love this cover. It perfectly captures the spirit of this story.This is another offering in the ‘from high school BFFs to bromance’ trope, and I bounced all over with my feels while reading it, mostly in reaction to the guys' actions.It’s a very slow-moving character study— I love character studies. But, at first, there’s really not a lot given for me to fall in love with either Danny or Curtis. Theirs is the classic childhood BFF gone off-track because of a misunderstanding when they graduate high school. Sound familiar? Well, for Danny, it’s because he realizes at eighteen that he’s fallen hopelessly in love with Curtis and has to leave his best friend behind because of it. It’s hopeless because Curtis is super-straight, you see— into girls, always has been— and he supposedly isn’t even aware that his friend is even gay. Hmm.The story starts ten years later with Curtis’s girlfriend having just kicked him out. He just can’t seem to summon any passion for her— to keep her, or even win her back. He’s also just lost his job. So he finally remembers his BFF and, despited their estrangement, drives half a continent to wind up on Danny’s doorstep, in the boondocks of Victoria Island.If that doesn’t tell you something about this ‘very straight Curtis,’ nothing will. Most of the story is the reader waiting for him to figure it out. The mystery is how it will happen. For me, this aspect didn't quite add up. It's not so much that it took Curtis so long to figure things out— that's very believable. It's that I couldn’t quite buy how, in this day and age, someone as ‘sensitively aware’ as Curtis could be so clueless about someone he supposedly knows as well as himself. And he had to know the number that it does on his friend. (view spoiler)[And when we, and Danny, find out that Curtis wasn’t so clueless after all…well, it’s very hard to forgive the lout. (hide spoiler)] This aspect didn't quite work for me.All the flashbacks we get to Danny and Curtis’s childhood friendship show us critical scenes, but at first, they don’t really color between the lines just why these two are so special to each other. As the story develops, though, we get glimpses of Curtis’s oppressive relationship with his father and how Danny helps him deal with that. It’s as this becomes more obvious that we get something of what makes their bond so special. It takes a while to figure these two out, but at their essence they are two regular guys who make regular mistakes, fumble through life, and are pretty knuckle-headed in how they deal with each other. This depiction makes them ring true.What I really liked in the story was it’s third character— the setting. The Victoria Island countryside is nicely depicted. I’ve visited there and know how beautiful it is. Curtis and Danny are very connected to the setting and somewhat isolated by it, too. Their reunion unfolds in a kind of cocoon of wilderness and water that surrounds them. At the same time, they aren’t so much concerned with where they find themselves as with how they’ll find themselves, and that makes an interesting story. It’s a familiar story, but nicely written—and I enjoyed it for that too. This is my first read of this author’s, and I’ll be looking for more.

  • Elizabeth
    2019-05-31 10:17

    Wow just wow. This book worked for me on all levels. Friends to lovers which I love but written in a way that truly allows the reader to understand the depths of the friendship. Dual pov with dual pov flashbacks. The author allows you to really get inside both of the mc's heads and completely understand who they are and why they have done the things they have. I was captivated, this was a real page turner for me. Curtis and Danny are more than friends, more than lovers, they are just more. While Danny's story is more about longing and understanding, Curtis ' story is more about accepting who you are and self descovery. Their present is a direct reflection of their past together. Two boys whose friendship when they were younger became something more and both were scared to voice it are now two men who can no longer hide what they really mean to each. It takes them almost 20 years to reach that point but the author manages to highlight pointed events which have led them to where they are now. I also loved that the secondary characters where just that, secondary. No one else's bullshit interferes with them, this book is solely about their struggles, decisions, and figuring out how to be together after so many mistakes and lies were told. This book made me laugh and cry and then just made me happy.

  • Reed Michaels
    2019-06-13 18:24

    This is my first Chase Potter novel, and I'm having a hard time describing my response. I liked it--enough that I started another of his novels immediately--yet I'm also critical. Despite some broad imperfections in the work, his voice as a writer draws me in. Something personal, real comes through.If you've read my other reviews, you know that I'm picky about grammar, syntax, style. Potter distracted me more frequently than I'd have liked with cumbersome construction. It was only occasional though, and the fact that I can even raise finer points of technique indicate that he's a better writer than many. The story is completely predictable, down to the required medical emergency. I didn't mind though because I like stories about men who are in love with other men but don't identify as gay. I look forward to reading his most recent novel. He has promise.

  • Lindsay M.
    2019-06-15 14:39

    I couldn't put this down...loved every page. There are some books I put off reading because I have a feeling once they're over, I'll wish I had the initial reading experience again. This was exactly how I felt about this book, and I was so, so right. I've had it for months, but kept putting it off, and finally I succumbed. I'm so happy I did.I absolutely love Chase Potter's writing style, and I was immediately absorbed by his storytelling. I was rooting for Curtis and Danny from the beginning. These characters were so fleshed out, and their imperfections made them real to me. This was such a fantastic, fresh take on friends to lovers, with prose and imagery that truly create a beautiful place to dive into for a day. Highly recommend.

  • Don
    2019-05-24 13:21

    Very well written romantic story of two guys that started out as childhood friends, but were meant to be together...or were they? It could have been very cliche m/m boy loves his straight best friend....straight best friend has sex with best friend, but then immediately rejects him saying "I'm not gay"...very cliche...but his presentation of the characters and their intense feelings, going from one to another is very well presented. During various times during the book I became aggravated with them and if they were around I would have slapped them with a "snap out of it!". But sometimes that's a sign of a good book and engaging characters.

  • Valen
    2019-06-07 13:24

    Danny is kind of a snippy bitch and Curtis is super needy. However, I enjoyed it for what it was. I am tired of reading about guys sucking dick and then acting like, "Nah, I'm not into dudes, I was just drunk or confused!!!!" 'cus nope. Good read, I don't regret it, I've just have read *this* kind of story literally dozens and dozens of times.

  • Mark
    2019-06-06 18:21

    A beautiful love storyIt is hard to say too much about this book without spooling it. I recommend readers don't read too many of the reviews of this book. Gentle, moving, sexy and beautiful. This must be a book written by a man based on honest experience, unlike so much of this genre written by people fantasising about being someone else.

  • Saba
    2019-06-07 14:40

    I definitely struggled here but overall it was an enjoyable read. Definitely picked up for me in the last quarter of the novel, I enjoyed Curtis's transformation.

  • HaloLove
    2019-06-17 16:15

    Got my ❤️ feeling like...

  • Gareth Cj.
    2019-05-18 11:45

    As a man who always fell for men who identified as straight and had quite a few relationships with some of them, I was truly able to connect with Danny's emotions and struggles. It's definitely not easy having feelings for someone who can never return your them. It was really hard to put this book down because you just want to know what happens next.Told from both points of view of Danny and Curtis, I really felt their struggles. Everything they expressed made sense to me especially when Curtis was questioning some things about himself.The only thing that I would have hoped for more is that we saw more of Danny's and Curtis' interactions with Danny's parents. There was also a paragraph in page 45, I think it was that was pasted twice. Towards the end, there was also a misspelled word that I can't remember for the life of me. Overall great book, though and I'll be sure to revisit this in the future.

  • J
    2019-05-19 10:42

    3.5 stars just barely rounded up to 4 stars. A second chance romance story set on Vancouver Island, British Columbia with the MC's having grown up together but then separated when one of them left for college. They had made a pact to go to the same college, but the one MC was gay and was in love with his friend so much that he just couldn't be around him anymore (the friend was straight) so he broke their agreement and left.10 years later the straight friend breaks up with his girlfriend (in Ontario, Canada) and is at loose ends as to what to do with his life. In a somewhat unbelievable scenario, he calls his old friend and then drives across country to stay with him for awhile. A lot of hurt and distrust exist between the two and it takes a lot to break down their barriers, and for one of them to reexamine his sexual preferences. All of this takes a long time and probably a little too long for me to give this book 4 stars, but I've read so many bad books lately that I'm feeling charitable.

  • Valerie Kubiak
    2019-06-13 14:40

    What an adventure...I find it amazing that I actually finished this book. I was so upset at the characters for the majority of it. I rolled my eyes in frustration many times. It felt very forced and awkward. Then, towards the last 10% of the book, I actually started to find it enjoyable. I mentally screamed, "Why wasn't the entire book like this?!"I suppose I'm glad I didn't drop it. The character development came through, though it happened just a bit too late. I feel like I needed something more to be satisfied. Maybe more romance, maybe more build-up. Something to make it all "click"...That ending just didn't really work for me, I need better closure than that.

  • Lena Grey
    2019-06-16 15:35

    “If you aren't good at loving yourself, you will have a difficult time loving anyone, since you'll resent the time and energy you give another person that you aren't even giving to yourself.” ~ Barbara De AngelisWhen Danny Somers's grandfather died, he left his dilapidated old house to Danny. Feeling broken down himself, Danny proceeds to rebuild the house and his life. Even going far away, Danny's heart aches for Curtis, the man whom he believes he can never have. When Danny gets a desperate phone call from Curtis, needing a place to stay, it opens up an entirely new realm of possibilities, ones that neither man may be prepared to face.Danny has loved his one-time best friend, Curtis, for years, suffering in silence when all he wanted to do was take Curtis into his arms and proclaim his undying love. Regardless of any hints Danny made, Curtis never gives him any indication that he felt the same way. When it gets to be too much, Danny runs, hoping to put Curtis and the pain behind him. Repairing the house is good therapy for him; while doing so, Danny discovers that he loves woodworking and does it professionally. With the ache of loneliness still in his heart, he has no energy for friendships, much less a relationship.The last person in the world who Danny expects to call him is Curtis. Since he didn't come out until college, Curtis doesn't even know Danny is gay. Learning that Curtis lost his girlfriend, job, and place to live, Danny invites Curtis to come and stay with him for a while. When Curtis arrives, Danny is elated. He feels like they are teenagers again. Curtis wants to be there; Danny wants him there, but there's also a big elephant in the room - the unanswered questions neither want to directly address. Yet through their casual getting to know each other again, the serious ones pop their head up at unusual times, the biggest one being why Danny left Curtis behind in the first place. They dance around the issues as they try to figure themselves and each other out. So much is familiar, yet some of it is uncharted territory, but they all lead up to confessions that are painfully revealing and add even more confusion and seemingly impossible solutions.Curtis is an emotional mess. His feelings for Danny and, even more so about himself, are tied up in one big Gordian knot of self-doubt and fear. He has no idea what he wants or how to get it, but the better things are for him, the harder he works at sabotaging them. Besides being mistreated by his alcoholic father, Curtis suffers from PTSD because of a tragedy that happened when he was young. He's never gotten over either and they shadow every major decision he's made in his life, including how he feels about Danny. He twists them in his mind any way he can to make the outcome bleak. No matter how well things may be, Curtis invents excuses to prove his “results” are flawed somehow. Curtis frustrates Danny time and again with his push-me-pull-me attitude. Exhausted by the fighting within himself, Curtis tells Danny the one thing that he's sure will erase any good feelings Danny has for him. The truth is so unimaginable that Danny can't even fathom it so he turns and runs as far away from Curtis as he can get.For me the hallmark of a well-told story is that it makes me think and feel. This book definitely does that. Although the interaction of Danny and Curtis is intense, confusing, and full of angst, the message is loud and clear—if you love someone please don't hide it. Tell them! It isn't a light read, but the struggles Danny and Curtis go through are real ones, albeit made much worse than they needed to be by not listening to their hearts and doing or not doing what was 'expected.' Both men have so many regrets that I became depressed thinking about how good it could have been.The book was written with head hopping and flashbacks, both of which were clearly labeled, with the necessary background information; although there were still times when I was confused by what seemed to be contradictory or lacked sufficient information for me to understand. Chase is new to the writing scene and is off to an admirable start. I have little doubt that Chase's talent will continue to improve and we will see more excellent Chase Potter books in the future. If you like books about missed opportunities, soul searching, and putting the past behind you, then you may like this story. Thank you, Chase, for showing Danny and Curtis “the light”.NOTE: This book was provided by the author for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews.

  • Mark Hurst
    2019-05-29 18:30

    A Warm, Wonderful StoryAfter reading my first of Chase's books, I was intrigued to see how his writing might have differed by his third book. The Water Will Catch you is equally enjoyable as The Race for Second. While they were two completely different stories, Chase kept to the theme of a gay man's attraction to a straight guy. The strong theme of friendship comes through in both books, and I sense the Chase has a deep understanding of male friendships,whether gay or straight. This is a book that I read in two sittings. It held my interest and while it MAY have been a little more predictable than The Race, there was enough intrigue and surprise to hold my attention. I think this young writer has a very positive future and I'm anxious to read his other work. I highly recommend this book.

  • Maulik
    2019-06-03 15:30

    This one brought out a lot of frustration from within me about how males deal with emotion. The attitude of trying to compartmentalise a feeling until you absolutely have to deal with it, is not only cringe-inducing and disaster-prone; but also lays painfully bare how difficult it can be to get through our extremely thick skulls. In this respect, I owe the author a debt of gratitude for writing so beautifully and so accurately about male psyches and the arses we can often be.The cover brings back a series of nostalgic memories about Canada, which I have a soft spot for. There are also few books that made me feel quite so angry at the twist beyond the halfway point. The author has done a brilliant job of pivoting the narrative upon that moment, which begs the question of whether one of the two protagonists will ever think that he's made a massive mistake in choosing to be with the other. However, the story brought home the message that anything is possible where love is concerned, with the right amount of patience.The language used here is lyrical in tone and awe-inspiring to look at, which goes a long way toward inspiring authors that aspire to one day devise a tale as rich as this one. Any intimacy found within was nothing short of smoking hot, but considerate at the same time - which is sometimes lacking in MM romances. The sexiness of the story is its own recommendation, to all those that enjoy the experience of learning how two lost men found each other, and nearly threw it all away in fits of denialism-fuelled intoxication. That must seem quite familiar to many of us.