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Ethel had her happily ever after. It may have ended too soon, but it was more than some people got. After Gravel gets hurt, it's Ethel to the rescue, nursing him back to health, and unearthing feelings she had tried to hide for so long. Gravel doesn't want to settle down. He's lived his life his way for the past forty years, why mess with something that isn't broke? ExceptEthel had her happily ever after. It may have ended too soon, but it was more than some people got. After Gravel gets hurt, it's Ethel to the rescue, nursing him back to health, and unearthing feelings she had tried to hide for so long. Gravel doesn't want to settle down. He's lived his life his way for the past forty years, why mess with something that isn't broke? Except Ethel manages to sneak her way in, making Gravel second guess his plan, wondering if maybe there has been something missing all along....

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gravel s road Reviews

  • Flavs is Mrs David Gandy♥~♥’
    2019-04-24 22:55

    I received an ARC in exchange for a honest review.I absolutely loved Ethel and Gravel their story was so cute. And Holy Smokes Gravel still got 'it'... :-)Ethel was sassy and knew exactly what she wanted. And Gravel was exactly what a biker should be, Gravel being stubborn. And together they worked perfectly.Winter Travis's series just get's better and better every time. And Troy's story is going to be AWESOME!!! Can't wait!Thanks Winter for the ARC and for the opportunity to read this awesome story.

  • Debbie
    2019-05-19 15:41

    5 HUGE Stars. Winter just keeps getting better. I love the interaction between Cyn & Meg they are so funny. The age of the h & H in this one is close to my age & so pleased that we are not portrayed as too old or over the hill.

  • Vera Quinn
    2019-04-27 21:42

    I want more!!!!What happens when you've had your happily ever after and it ends too soon? Ethel had that but she still has life left in her. Her son grown and the President of the Devil's Knights MC. He has found Meg to share his life with. There is only one other man she has been attracted to besides her husband. Once they had been friends but now he just shuts her out.Gravel has lived his life his way for too long. He likes his back to the wind, a bike between his legs and a different woman underneath him when he wants. But there has been one woman on his mind lately. Ethel and Gravel are brought together in her small house while he is recovering from being shot. They can't escape the growing attraction. She is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. Gravel has awaken something inside Ethel that has been buried a long time.I think Gravel and Ethel have become one of my all time favorite couples. They have come to a point in their lifes that there are no games to play but they have to make that decision to take a chance. This is not your typical romance of flighty decisions and then coming back together to make it work. It is a deep romance that comes with maturity. I loved it. Great job Winter Travers. You did it again!

  • Sivutha
    2019-05-12 19:57

    5 Reunion Stars Ethel has been in love Grave for the past fifteen years. After Grave have been shot, Ethel was voluntary taking care for him till he can be on his own. I love this series and I can wait to read about Troy :).“My road lead me right to you,” he said, leaning in, his lips claiming mine.”

  • Verda
    2019-05-02 21:53

    I was a very lucky girl to receive the ARC for this book. It was a book I didn't want to put down. It was a great read and leaves you wanting the next one to be out already!!! Winter Travers is an amazing author and I was NOT disappointed

  • Jenn Allen
    2019-04-21 23:44

    I just love Gravel and Ethel! Gravel is tough, grumpy but he is so full of heart. I love the connection and the feelings they have. So sweet, so wonderful to read about a love between older characters. A must read!

  • Lynne Garlick
    2019-05-02 00:01

    Fantastic series!!This series is keeping me on the edge of my seat! I love that each book is about different member of the club but also that new characters are being introduced within each book too. Not one of the characters feel like secondary characters, they all play an integral part of the stories.It's Gravel and Ethel's turn this time and its a beauty. My heart!! Here are two people who have spent their time trying to avoid each other....but the heart wants what the hearts. Find out what happens when they decide to stop fighting......all the feels!! And I FLOVE Ethel!!

  • Candy Box
    2019-04-22 22:49

    Gravel and Ethel OMG! I never knew how romantic an older couples love could be. Ethel is the perfect thing for Gravel. But the events with someone unexpected showed up and made things a less perfect. This series has me by the gonads for sure and Winter is an amazing author for writing this amazing series.Folks yall will not be disappointed in this series!Voluntarily read and reviewed this book for my honest opinion.

  • Stephanie Beasley
    2019-05-19 18:56

    Gravels Road Book3I just love Ethel. She like everyone's mom. Taking care of everyone. Gravel is the one to take care of her. I love that his daughter come back into their live. Can't wait to see what happens between Troy & Marley in the next book. I'm so loving these stories. I recommend this series & the Author.

  • Bernadette Roberts
    2019-05-01 17:35

    Pretty goodMature love wins I agree with other readers that it gets a little old reading about 20 somethings all the time. Only downside was I wished 1 chapter would have been centered on how they met and flirted with each other only to realize that Ethel was married and love was not meant to be at this time

  • Whynter Raven
    2019-05-16 20:58

    This is by fare my favorite. See you can still find love in your late fifties. Gravel and Ethel's story was the best. I loved it that all the characters had a part in this book, Meg and Cyn was sooooo funny in this book. I love those girls. I'm really kick myself for waiting so long to read this series.

  • Charlotte Isaac
    2019-05-13 15:34

    This was a interesting story, as we got to know Ethel and Gravel more.I loved Gravel, he can be grumpy. And he hates being idle. He also has a sweet side. He loves the freedom of the club.I loved Ethel, she is caring, sweet and funny. She enjoys to cook, and loves feeding people. I really enjoyed this story.

  • Nakeyia
    2019-04-20 17:59

    Loved it Ethel has been my favorite from the beginning and her book did not disappoint

  • Cathy
    2019-04-30 15:53

    Really liked this book and its older characters. Gravel is awesome. Just wish the book hadn't been so short. I wanted more of Gravel and Ethel.

  • Nstefa
    2019-04-26 18:46

    4.5 stars!!! This whole series is amazing!!! i love the sass and the banter....truly great series and an amazing author!!!

  • Jennifer Oloughlin
    2019-05-17 23:36

    I always love the whole Devil's Knights crew. Meg and Cyn are hilarious. Ethel and Gravel are sweet. That ending leading into Troy's book was awesome. I can't wait!*bought with cash money

  • Rose
    2019-05-01 19:36

    This was another enjoyable story in the Devil's Knights series. I really liked that it was about a couple my age and showed that age is only a number. I really like this series, my only issue is there are quite a few mistakes in the books. But the stories are good and there are lots of laughs!!!

  • Nikki Horn
    2019-05-15 18:50

    Love this seriesI love Winter Traver's Devil's Knights series! I am obsessed about owning each book on all my reading devices. One of the best MC series out there.

  • Faye Errington
    2019-05-01 19:54

    This was the first book in the series I have read and it can be read as a standalone.As soon as I finished this novella I had to buy books 1 and 2, I have totally fallen in love with this series..I loved all the characters in this book, Meg and Cyn are awesome, really funny.Ethel is the lead female she is sassy, caring and a all round sweet heart.Gravel is the male lead he is a grumpy old grouch, but loves fiercely and protects the people he loves.It was a nice change to read a book about a slightly older couple, rather than the usual age range of 20/40 we read about a lot.The couple have had strong feelings for each other for many years, but something has always kept them apart, until now. Its finally their time to be together, and oh my they are meant to be soul mates.There is hot sex, sweet talking and a lot of laugh your ass of funny moments (meg and cyn) I need say no more.The story had me gripped from start to finish. I read it in one sitting..i couldn't put it down.I can tell this is going to be one of my favourite MC series..I cant wait for the next book to release, It is Marley's (Gravel daughter) story, I can tell its going to be epic..Overall its a really great read, Winter Travers is a awesome author..5* must read, you will not be disappointed xoxox faye

  • Patti
    2019-05-17 16:45

    I was given an ARC of Gravel's Road for an honest goes...Winter writes fantastic books, this is her 3rd book and I have read all 3 of them. So far this is the best book she has written and I can not wait for her to release many more. I love that this book is a love story of an older couple and not the normal 20 something's... its great to see how the older members of the MC live and love. The furniture store scene is freaking hilarious, Meg is always in some kind of trouble and of course where every Meg is getting into trouble so is Cyn. In this book Gravel's daughter is introduced and it is a cliffhanger of sorts, but so worth the read and the wait for the next book in the series is not to far away from being released. I normally don't like cliffhangers but Winter doesn't make us wait to long, so I can deal with it since she writes great books! This is a quick read and you will love every minute of it. She includes the people from the first 2 books so you can see what's going on with them and she introduces new ones along the way to keep you wanting to read more and to keep you patiently waiting for more great reads. Thanks for the fantastic read Winter and I look forward to more stories about this group! Ethel and Gravel make the perfect couple!!! thanks again for a 5 star read!!!

  • Jennifer Mitsada
    2019-04-20 15:51

    This is the third book in the Devils Knights series and you MUST, have to, need to, read the first 2 books before reading this. So we met Gravel and Ethel in book one but didn't get a hint of something between them until Cyn and Rigid's story in book 2. Both are older; in their 50's. Now, I don't know about anyone else, but I was picturing Ethel as a little blue haired old lady in book one, and with this story my whole perspective of her changed. And I am soo freaking stoked about it, I love how Winter Travers brought her to life, she was no longer the lil old lady, but the mature woman, who just wants her man. Funny was Ethel's love of music rivals my own, LOL. I had Pandora on and Fleetwood Mac came on at one point, just as Ethel was also listening to the same. This wasn't as drama filled as the last 2 books, this was more of a build up story to book 4, but it was still amazing. I busted out laughing at Meg and Cyn several times. Sighed about how sweet Gravel was being towards Ethel, but at the same time trying to still be a gruff hardass to everyone else. LOL This was truly the best way to spend a few hours. Just an easy romance with HOT sexy time scenes. I give this 5 stars.

  • Nicky
    2019-04-27 23:38

    Gravel and Ethyl's story. They are good for each other and it's nice to know that even older couples can find love and make a new life for themselves.

  • Kimberly
    2019-04-22 16:37

    A Wonderful Transition Story!Love doesn't happen just to people under 30. Desire isn't age related. But the incentive to open yourself up again later in life, risking a comfortable and familiar existence can be undeniable. Gravel is 57 the oldest member of the chapter and he's wanted Ethel since he laid eyes on her 15 years ago. She was happily married to one of his brothers though. One failed marriage and a daughter he has little contact from are reason enough for him to stick to blowjobs and sex from the club girls. He hasn't slowed down in that department one bit!Ethel is Lo's mother. His reaction time her and Gravel hooking up is anything but ok. When his dad died, Gravel became a father figure but he's a horndog with the ladies at the clubhouse and Lo doesn't think he should be hooking up with his mom. Ethel sets her grown son straight right quick. Out of the blue, Gravel's estranged daughter, Marley, shows up from California. She is running from trouble back there that is disclosed in this book. That and other things which happen tat the end lead into the next book, Troy's story. Troy is Meg and Cyn's BFF.

  • Donna Parrott
    2019-05-17 16:32

    Yes, thank you Winter Travers. I have wanted Gambler and Ethel to be together since the beginning. Older people need love and companionship to. Gravel is a cranky old man who is set in his ways. He has always loved Ethel but never thought they would work. When Gravel gets hurt the only option is to let Ethel take care of him. This would be easier is he didn't have to be up close and personal with the woman who got away. Ethel is a sassy loving woman. She also does a little matchmaking on the side. Ethel is Kings mom and a surigot mother to the other Devil Knights. After losing her father years ago, she never thought she would ever love again. She has Always had a soft spot where Gravel is concerned, but he was to set in his ways and she wouldn't be second to the club woman no matter her age. When she decides to take care of the stubborn, she sees a different side of him and her feeling come out stronger then ever. Has to much time past or are they to set in their ways now to try and make it work?

  • Chris Bails
    2019-05-04 22:52

    Gravel is the manThis was another great book in this series. This is the story of Elthel, who is the MC presidents mom. She has always had a thing for Gravel, but he has never shown any interest. Until he gets shot and some one needs to take care of him. Ethel gets volunteered to take care of his grouchy butt.Gravel is the oldest of the club. He was King's sponsor when he first joined the MC and like a father figure. He has always had a thing for Ethel, but she was married when they first met and then when her husband passed away he felt he was never good enough. Circumstances bring them together and they realize they want to try something more. Also Gravels daughter has come to town and he wonders what kind of trouble is following her.Another great story. Great characters. Love Troy and the rest. Can't wait for his book.

  • Tracy
    2019-05-01 22:49

    This was an amazing book, a second chance at love for the 'older' characters and was perfect!!!Ethel at 58 years of age, lost her husband 10 years ago and has never found love again... Her son King, is Presidant of the Devil's Knights MC. Being around the members, one caught her eye... Gravel. They have known each other for 15 years, but she knows that she is not who he wants... Right?Gravel is the oldest patched member of the MC at 57 years. Not one to want to settle down, his happy with his life... Right?Wrong on both counts!!! This is a beautiful story that proves that no matter what the age of the person, there is always someone out there for them!!! Just when things are going well, situtations take a turn and things take a change forever!!!A perfect one sitting read with Ms Travers as always bringing the right amount of everything needed for a brilliant read!!!

  • Helen (Blissfully Bookish Besties)
    2019-05-01 21:48

    Gravel's Road is the third book in the Devil's Knight Series and is Ethel and Gravel's story. Ethel has wanted Gravel for a long time but has managed to hide this from those around her. As a natural caregiver, when Gravel is wounded and in need of a little TLC, Ethel is the obvious choice to give this to him. With Gravel now staying with her, will Ethel finally get her man?I enjoy a good MC romance and Gravel's Road did not disappoint. I loved Gravel and Ethel together, they had great chemistry and it was refreshing to have more mature lead characters. You also got to catch up with characters from the two previous books and there were some great Meg and Cyn moments! This was a great read and I cannot wait for the next book in the series.An ARC of Gravel's Road was kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

  • Wednesday Stanley
    2019-04-20 19:42

    This is the third book in the Devil's Knights Series by Author Winter Travers. I have fell in love with this series since the first book. But I have to say this book is probably the funniest book in the series. And no I don't mean that in a bad way. This book had me giggling from start to finish. I really liked both Gravel's and Ethel's characters. Though I will admit I may have forgotten that was Lo's mother's name. But after I figured it out, I realized right away who she was. Both Gravel and Ethel are strong, opinionated, independent and have both gone through their share of ups and downs. They both had a spunkiness about them.This was enjoyable sweet and fast read. The characters were all enjoyable. I'm giving this book 4 out of 5 stars!!!!!**I received an ARC of this book from the author for my honest review**

  • TheDollyMama65
    2019-05-18 15:32

    Hooray for Proving Those of Us Over 50 are Still Hawt!!Cheers and Salutations to Ms Travers for having the guts to write a sexy MC romance about a well-seasoned couple over 50. This book was a fun and yet, realistic take, on second-chance love and sensuality. For this 51 year old Rock Chick, I was relating to the who story, and particularly, the music references. Fleetwood Mac is the bombdiggity, and "Leather and Lace" was the perfect theme song for Ethel and Gravel. I have been reading The Devil's Knights Series, and have enjoyed all the stories, and cool, Badass, flavorful characters and stories. My only beef has been typos, but otherwise it is a great series....Love's it!

  • Daniela
    2019-05-01 19:56

    Absolutely loved it! Love Gravel in all his grumpiness and Ethel is a stellar lady. Perhaps I really loved this because I am closer in age to them then the other characters....who knows but it worked for me. Meg and Cyn up to their antics - the furniture store scene had me crying I was laughing so hard. I was also crying in the scene between Gravel and Ethel at the birthday party - don't want to say exactly what happened as I don't want to ruin it for anyone who hasn't read it yet. Looking forward to reading about Troy and Marley. So far I've loved every book in this series - only one more to go after Troy's story which is kind of sad....hate when I'm loving a series and there has to be an end to it. Perhaps there will be more books as there are a lot of characters so far.