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In the dark of night, when everyone is snug in their beds, the beasts of the Hallows roam free, wreaking havoc in the shadows. Dark Hallows features 9 haunting tales of things that go bump and grind in the night. From fanged bad boys, to ghosts and demons that will make you scream, we've brought together a collection of authors who want to take you on a chilling journey inIn the dark of night, when everyone is snug in their beds, the beasts of the Hallows roam free, wreaking havoc in the shadows. Dark Hallows features 9 haunting tales of things that go bump and grind in the night. From fanged bad boys, to ghosts and demons that will make you scream, we've brought together a collection of authors who want to take you on a chilling journey into the darkness. Get swept away and fall in love (and lust) with the heroes who lurk in the dead of night.Where will you be when darkness falls?...

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  • Crystal's Quirky Reviews
    2019-06-04 09:46

    ARC for Elianne Adam's. I have to say this is an absolute must get boxed set! Every book is at least 4 and 5 star's each. An excellent way to find new author's or even more series by previous favorite authors. I highly suggest you get this set! Bump in the Night by Elianne Adam's- I previously read and reviewed this as an ARC (reviews in respective places), whether a first time read or the third time re-reading, Bump in the Night is one I'll always enjoy. As well as one of my favorite authors. A 5 star book by itself.El Lobizon Book 1: The Midnight Effect by Cassandra Curtis- A different kind of shifter. Fairly interesting. Rumpel's Prize by Marie Hall- I loved this book from this new to me author. Definitely a 5 star book!Ravenous by Annie Nicholas- I never get tired of reading about Pia the sucubus and her misadventures. Marked by Temptation by Deanna Chase- Seriously enjoyed this book. Masterson by Ellis Leigh- One of my all time favorite authors but my first vampire read by Ellis Leigh. I truly hope this was just the beginning of this wicked adventure. At least 5 stars!More than a Feeling by Cate Dean- New to me author. I enjoyed this book. I'll certainly be looking into author Cate Dean. A 4-5 star's book.Pure Folly by Madelynne Ellis- New to me author. Pure Folly really wasn't my type of preferred reading material but still a well delivered story. 4 star's.ARC in exchange for an honest review.

  • Judy Lewis
    2019-05-20 15:04

    COMPLETELY CAPTIVATING !!!Title: Dark HallowsAuthors: Multiple AuthorsDesignation: Collection of Nine Short StoriesReading Platform: Kindle EditionMy Rating: FIVE CAPTIVATING STARS*****Dark Hallows is a diverse and captivating collection of haunting tales from nine very talented writers. Okay, it's no secret that I'm an Ellis Leigh and Elianne Adams fan and in all honesty, I purchased this anthology to read their contributions to the set but I must say, I also enjoyed several of the other stories as well. Let's face it, where else can you buy this many stories for a buck so even if I only enjoy a few of the stories, I figure it's always a win-win for me. But I have to be honest, there were quite a few of the other stories I also enjoyed and even discovered several new authors to add to my favorites list like Deanna Chase and Annie Nicholas, like WOW - where in the world have they been and how the heck have I missed them until now??? So far, I've read four of the stories and loved them all. They are well crafted, well written and well edited with intriguing stories and engaging characters that will capture your heart and your imagination.1) Bump in the Night by Elianne Adams: 5 Stars*****Series: Deadly Whispers, Book OneThis was totally different than anything I've read from Adams. It was so not what I expected but so much more than I imagined. It's listed as the first book in her Deadly Whispers Series and I certainly hope this is true because I would love to read more about this couple and the world Adams has created for them. I fell in love with this couple and their storyline. The narrative was written in the third person with his and her points of view from our female and male protagonists, Libbie McMaster and Jay Connors. Libbie is not only a witch but also a daemon although not a pure blood.(And I had to look that one up and found out a daemon is the equivalent of a demi-god or benevolent demon/fallen angel and very powerful. Wow! Who knew?) And yes, Libbie works for the good guys and her boss, Jordan, is an angel. Our handsome hero, Jay, is a good old fashioned werewolf who can shift into not only his wolf but also the werewolf war form - you know, the really big scary wolf-like creature that walks upright. Yeah, that's the one. They're introduced and set up by Libbie's best friend, April, and meet for the first time at a bar called The Witch's Brew. Libbie has placed herself into a self imposed time out because she failed to rescue an innocent and it has haunted her ever since - until she meets Jay on her first night out with her friend in nine months. Their attraction and chemistry is red hot! I loved it! This is a standalone story that moves at a brisk but comfortable pace and does have a happy ending.4) Ravenous by Annie Nicholas: Five Stars*****Series: Lake City Stories, Book OneThis is the first book in Nicholas' Lake City Stories Series and is not a new story. Although I would consider this to be a "somewhat" standalone, it is the beginning of a continuing series and this book does end in only a happy-for-now with the promise of much more to come for our female protagonist, young fledgling succubus, Pia Marie Blyton. I was totally mesmerized by this story and its characters which also includes all manner of supernatural creatures along with a charismatic ancient vampire named Zur-Sin. The story is well crafted, well written and well edited. The narrative is written in the first person as told by Pia. This is one sexy read! I loved it! I'm so glad I found you Annie Nicholas!6) Marked by Temptation by Deanna Chase: Five Stars*****Series: Coven Pointe Series, Book OneJackpot! Where have you been hiding Deanna Chase??? Wow! Another new author to add to my favorites list! I loved this story! It's imaginative, seductive, well crafted, well written and well edited. The dialogue is smart, sexy and flows effortlessly. The narrative is written in the first person with alternating his and her points of view from the two protagonists of the story and believe me when I say, they are absolutely yummy! Beautiful Matisse Ballintine is a sex witch and must have sex in order to replenish her power. She's one of the good guys and in addition to being a college student, she also works for her sister who is head of the Angel Council. Yep, she's a busy girl and always on the lookout for her next victim..umm...willing sex partner. Or she was until she met handsome bounty hunter Vaughn Paxton who also comes from a magical family. Oh my! Sparks fly! Quite literally! The attraction and chemistry between these two is red hot! Does Vaughn have any magical abilities? Well, that's the million dollar question, isn't it? I'll never tell! I will certainly be reading more from Deanna Chase!This book is a spin-off of Chase's Bourbon Street/Jade Calhoun Series.7) Masterson by Ellis Leigh: Five Stars*****Yowza! What a character! Masterson is a very old vampire who was sired by the Master. Get it? He's the Master's son so he's Masterson. And he is one sexy, dominant vampire! Swoon....This story really surprised me and it was a very pleasant surprise. I'm a diehard Ellis Leigh fan but this was so different than anything I've ever read by Ellis but I LOVED it! This story is well crafted, well written and well edited. The narrative is written in the first person as told by none other than Masterson and each chapter is a day of the week with the entire story unfolding in seven days. The dialogue is smart and effortless. It's bloody brilliant and Masterson is a work of art. He's one scary, creepy dude and I couldn't get enough of him. This story is rich, dark and intense so be forewarned, it's not for the weak of heart. But never fear, it seems that even devilishly devious vampires can fall for the right person, especially if it's the one for whom he's been searching for hundreds of years. And wouldn't you just know it, she just happens to be a necromancer and a medical examiner, and she secretly knows what he is and does lead him on a merry chase. Yep, Masterson has it bad for Dr Vale Theroux or 'Plum' as he likes to call her. Oh my! This is one sinfully seductive read and I loved every minute of it! Another fabulous read Ellis Leigh!Okay, that's all I've read so far but I'm about to start on Ghost-Ordered Bride by Sadie Haller and More Than A Feeling by Cate Dean, two more first time authors for me.

  • Karen
    2019-06-15 15:10

    I have to admit, I purchased this anthology for just one book - Masterson. Bump in the Night is another story I really enjoyed. Other books were a bonus. *Bump in the Night, by Elianne Adams. This is a great standalone with an HEA featuring Libbie, a half daemon/witch, and Jay, a werewolf with magic, as they fight against goblins and demons, even traveling into the Shadow World for love. * El Lobizon, Book One : The Midnight Effect. A standalone with an HEA in a continuing storyline.* Rumple's Prize, by Marie Hall. From the Kingdom world, featuring Rumpelstiltskin. * Ravenous, the Lake City serial, part one, by Annie Nichols. An opener featuring a guilt ridden teenaged incubus. * Marked by Temptation, Coven Pointe #1, by Deanna Chase. An opener featuring a sex witch. *Masterson, by Ellis Leigh. I read an excerpt from this story in Dark and Stormy Alpha Nights, a dark and scorching hot dance floor scene, and I was hooked. So I was very excited to find the story in this anthology. Masterson, the sired son of the ancient vampire Master, is very old school, powerful and he takes what he wants. He has been looking for a special type of woman for 600 years, since the death of his donor Peaches at the hands of his sire. Each day is the same for him, looking for a human whose blood is untainted, who will submit without the use of his thrall, one that he will keep rather than kill. Then he visits a coffee shop outside his usual haunts and scents a woman who smells like plums with an undertone of death, a beautiful woman who flirts with him and isn't afraid of him. One he can't resist. This woman isn't just a human, though, and what she is will stun him.* More Than a Feeling, The Claire Wiche Chronicles, by Cate Dean.

  • Natasha
    2019-06-06 17:11

    I wanted to read this bundle, because one of my favorite authors was featured - Elianne Adams! Her story Bump In The Night was the featured writing in this bundle. This was a fast-paced short story that I devoured. Libbie is an instantly likable character with an awesome best friend (April). I was rapidly pulled into this story because these two characters reminded me of the relationship I have with my best friend – Adams depicted friendship and loyalty so well between these two. Through April, Libbie and Jay meet and it is fabulous! Jay probably sets a record for how fast I fell in love with a fictional male character. He’s such a sweetie! I love him and Libbie together. Their interactions are comical and I wanted more of them. A lot of action is packed into this book – lots of paranormal events, goblins, ghosts, demons, angels, werewolves, witches and more. I only wish I knew more about Libbie and Jay’s pasts. I felt like we learned a lot about their present situation, but I feel there is so much more there to be explored between the two and how they reached this point – what makes them, them. I’m not sure if this series will focus on these two characters primarily, or if we’ll get to see more from the supporting characters – but I’m officially requesting BOTH from this author! I want more of Libby and Jay as well as April – and ok maybe Jordan! All-in-all it was a fantastic quick read that you’ll love and will get you hooked into everything this author releases.

  • Theresa
    2019-05-22 16:45

    Dark Hallows - MASTERSON You want a great bunch of authors all for a low price? Here's your book, just in time for Halloween! The different stories all have different heat levels, from 1 to 4. Of course, my favorite is MASTERSON by Ellis Leigh, she's my go to gal, any thing she writes, I'm gonna go get it! It's her first vampire story and I loved it. I loved how she changed up her writing; Masterson is not quite a good guy, after all he is a vampire. He's set his eyes on a woman he calls "Plum" and he's doing his best to act human. The parts where he's trying to be normal are pretty funny yet when he decides to mark her building its gross (but still kinda funny). Oh yeah and the heat level is 4 because he wants more from Plum then her blood! Plus, each chapter is a day, so everything takes place from one Saturday to the following Saturday night (well, of course, excluding the epilogue). Ah, perfection, yep the story was perfect. Anthologies are a great way to find new authors. For instance, I've never read anything by Cate Dean until now. Her story was about two witches helping a ghost who wants to help his fiancé. She relives her murder every night. The story had a heat level of 1 and it was great! See what I mean, something for everyone and at an extremely low price. I highly recommend this book to all paranormal romance lovers, you just can't go wrong by getting it!

  • Terry
    2019-06-12 16:48

    This book was missy something. That's the only reason I gave it 4 stars and it almost killed me because I hate not giving 5's. I've been introduce to some new authors that I will definitely start reading. This book is actually a great steal for $.99 because I would have paid more. Now, before I leave I must mention that although I'm not that much into Vamps, well, I wasn't that much into vamps but Masterson made want to be PLUM a.k.a. Dr. Vale medical examiner now, ain't that funny. Oh! And she's a necromancer. Well shut my mouth she was exactly what the Dr ordered for my vamp.Their little courting was too cute. He assumed he was being suave and debanir but by her being a necromancer she already knew what he was and didn't tell him. I've only ever liked the Twilight series and lets not forget Milly's "Sassy Mates series " when Erica become friends with one now, that vamp was awesome. After reading about the eye candy Materson I am definitely going to read more stories that involve hot vamps. I was introduced to necromancer in Ellis Leigh Feral breed collection with Jameson. hey, now that I think about it maybe all necromancer have a thing for men whose name in "son" hahah! I made a joke. Please get this collection it was never a dull moment. try it. I was given a copy as a ARC reader for my honest review.

  • Linda
    2019-05-31 13:53

    I love these sets for introducing me to some great authors as well as getting new stories from some I already know and love.This set has nine full stories to delight you. Each story is very well written and takes on the paranormal in a different way. I am still reading some but want to highlight two of my favorites that make this a great purchase.I really enjoyed Bump in the Night by Elianne Adams. A female part demon is coerced to go out to a bar by her friend and is fixed up with a wolf shifter. She is overwhelmed with ghosts and wasn't looking for love, but it finds her. They battle together to save others. Ravenous by Annie Nicholas is another winner. Pia needs sex to live but wants love too. It is a really interesting take on the succubus and incubus world.Check out this set for some fun stories about the paranormal and discover some new authors to keep reading. I received a copy in return for a honest review.

  • Melissa
    2019-06-02 15:51

    An Awesome Collection of Things that Go Bump in the NightI love a good paranormal story and here there are nine, count them 9 terrific paranormal stories. I enjoyed each and every one of them, there just isn't a bad one in the bunch. I was also delighted to find a few new authors to add to my collection. Yes I collect authors, I just love them :) You get some hot alphas, sexy bad boys, heat and romance and things that will make you shiver in both delight and fear. My favorite story though has to be bump in the night. It is a short, fast paced thrilling story with mystery, intrigue ans romance. I absolutely love the oh so sexy Jay and the chemistry between him and Libbie, it truly is scorching. I definitely recommend this collection to all lovers of the paranormal. I was given a complimentary copy of this book for an honest review.

  • Lisa Bateman
    2019-06-11 10:07

    This review is from: Dark Hallows: 9 Haunted Tales Of Things That Go Bump And Grind In The Night (Kindle Edition)**I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review**Oh my, where to start? You know how when you see anthologies come out you kind of think, should I get it or not? Because they can be hit or miss. Sometimes they will seem hurriedly thrown together. But don't worry, this one has it all. I loved it. I can't think of a bad story in the bunch. And you can't beat the price! These talented authors worked so hard on this. I really appreciate all the hard work they go through to give me a way of escape from the real world. The heroes and heroines are all strong in this. It was really a delight and one I will be revisiting over the years.

  • LauraRedmon
    2019-06-01 16:08

    I got this ARC in exchange for review. Darkness fell and I stayed for the wildest ride of my life!Here are some words that make me think of Dark Hallows after reading it...Dark, sensual, chilling, goose bumps, fangy, witchy, yummy Rumpel, siren, succubus and sexy incubus, and HOT HOT HOT and MORE!You do not want to miss out on these 9 hauntingly sexy tales! So many steamy scenes and many many, new book boyfriends!One Click Dark Hallows so you can bumb and grind in the night too!

  • Elaine Kirby
    2019-06-08 17:04

    Ok To Pretty Good.1st of all someone needs to fix chapter 2 in the last story of this book as the 1st page of that story is only 1/2 readable & then when you swipe (as I was reading this on kindle) the next page is chapter 3.Out of these 9 stories only 3 of the stories were very good the other stories went from ok to boring to I hate reading historical romance & just skipped them.But, I will leave piece of advice that most to none had any amount of sex scene or even any romance in them.

  • Christine Croke
    2019-05-29 16:54

    Really enjoyed the nine, yup thats right, nine stories. Great way to get into the Halloween season. These stories don't disappoint. Shifters and ghosts among other paranormals are in this box set and the scenes are sexy, steamy, romantic, and some are even suspenseful. I didn't want them to end.I was given this e-book by the publisher for the purpose of an honest review. My conclusions are my own. I was not compensated in any way.

  • Tanja
    2019-06-06 18:13

    even if you know only one or two of the names in this bundle it's well worth grabbing. each story will get you in the mood for the up and coming Halloween and broody males, sassy woman. drama, heartache, humor! each story provides something you will like or even love! (even devious fairy godmothers! )it's simply a must have if you love anything paranormalfree copy given in exchange for an honest review.

  • Tammy
    2019-05-24 15:48

    A perfect read to get you into that Halloween spirit. This bundle contains 9 steamy paranormal reads, there is a little something for everyone, sexy vampires, ghosts and demons just to name a few fill the pages. The stories are fast paced with lots of suspense and drama and plenty of steam. Great Read!

  • Tracey Parker
    2019-05-28 13:13

    This set has a great variety withvthe stories and heat levels. I loved reading them all, even though two stories I had read before. I didn't mind rereading the wonderful stories. I really enjoyed this set.

  • Katie
    2019-06-05 10:57

    This books has several great short stories in it! They're spooky and very steamy! I bought this to read Ellis Leigh's "Masterson". That story completely on point, and I loved the tension between him and Plum. It's definitely worth the read!

  • Aura Steel
    2019-06-13 18:11

    Masterson by Ellis Leigh

  • Ciru
    2019-06-01 11:06

    Enjoyed reading Bump in the Night by Elianne Adams and Ravenous by Annie Nicholas.

  • Judith
    2019-05-20 15:03

    Dark HallowsThe stories in this book set our intriguing. A little strange. They are also extremely hot! Each one is extremely different from the first one. Definitely worth reading