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April’s family move to a new city and April's anxious about the new school and worried about making new friends. She wants someone to be her best friend forever. This is the story of how April makes new friends....

Title : april makes new friends children s book bedtime story kids book collection education early beginning readers funny humor ebook rhyming book picture book
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ISBN : 25800983
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april makes new friends children s book bedtime story kids book collection education early beginning readers funny humor ebook rhyming book picture book Reviews

  • Laura
    2019-07-03 10:53

    Although I liked Helen H. Wu's book, “April and Avery”, the cover of this new book is more appealing. It will catch your eye with its sweet picture of the little girl, April, and her puppy, Avery.The illustrations throughout are lovely, as I have found in all of Helen’s illustrated books. She has used some of the same illustrations in this new book, eliminated some, enlarged others and added some adorable new ones. I really like the new illustrations and the enlarged ones as well.Helen has written and illustrated both “April and Avery” and “April Makes New Friends”. She has written and illustrated some other wonderful children’s books, as well. Additionally, she has done the illustrations for other authors.The story line of “April Makes New Friends” is very similar (with some differences) to that of “April and Avery”. In the earlier book, Wishy Bear is magical. He will grant any wish. April wishes for a new friend. Avery barks and defends April from a huge green monster who is trying to take Wishy Bear. The confrontation with the scary monster is eliminated in the new book. There is only the mention that there is no monster in the closet to scare her. Avery is sleeping beside her, so she feels safe.April’s family has moved to a new town. She is anxious about making new friends. Her favorite toy, Wishy bear, is missing. She realizes that she must have dropped Wishy Bear. A little Labrador dog tries to kiss her and then takes her shoe and runs off. At first she is angry. She runs after the dog to retrieve her shoe. They run and run, and April starts to have fun. Suddenly, Avery stops under a tree. April finds Wishy Bear there beside a bench. April realizes that she was having fun playing with the little dog. She is grateful for his help in finding Wishy Bear. She names him “Avery”. April has found a new friend!“April and Avery” was written in prose. “April Makes New Friends” is written with rhyme. The rhyme is the only weakness I see in this book. Some (but not all) of the rhymes are somewhat awkward and forced. I prefer the prose of “April and Avery”.The story is sweet and endearing. Children will love this book. They will especially love the illustrations and the plot of the story. A parent can explain and change some of the wording in places to make the story more understandable.A Dream Castle poster is free with the purchase of this book.

  • Uvi Poznansky
    2019-07-01 11:34

    This is an endearing story about a girl worrying about having to adjust to a new beginning as her family moves to a new place.New school to go, new friends to make,A smile she’ll have to fake.April shares her wishes and fears with her stuffed animal, Wishy Bear.“I wish for a forever friendOn I can hang out on end.Accidentally, she drops Wishy bear, and must now look for him all over the neighborhood, and in the process she gets to know every new place around it, making it her new home in the fullest sense of the word. Granny Luna’s Bakery, Uncle Mike’s grocery store… A Labrador dog start following her around, tagging at her shoelaces to follow him. And when she does, he shows the way to find her Wishy bear. And so, in the end, her wish does come through, with a new friendship with the dog and with the neighborhood people.The illustrations are simply a pleasure to look at. The are done is pastel colors, depicting green meadows around town, and a lego-like cluster of houses. Simply a joy to take in.Five stars.

  • Nancy Silk
    2019-07-13 17:27

    "Moving To A New Home Can Be Tough"This is another meaningful, fun story created and illustrated by Helen Wu. There is always love and joy in her stories. In this story, April's family is moving to another town ... far, far away. Needless to say, April is not happy about being a new student in school and not knowing any of the neighborhood kids. She hugs her favorite Wishy Bear really tight as they travel by car to their new home. That night she tells Wishy she wants a forever friend, one who will always be there during her life. As she carries Wishy around the new neighborhood the next day, she's anxious, and also worried. It's getting late during her stroll when she realizes that she's dropped Wishy on the ground ... somewhere. She can't find him. But very soon she comes across a future lifetime friend who will help her find Wishy! This is a great story, I loved it! It's an easy-to-read rhyming story kids will love.

  • Mae Segeti
    2019-07-18 15:26

    Cute story about friendshipThis is an important subject for children. How do you make friends after moving to a new town? I believe this book will help some children who struggle with this issue. It may even be a good lesson for your children that teaches them to be more accepting of the newcomer in their school. The rhymes could be better, but over all my niece and I still enjoyed this book very much. The illustrations are outstanding.

  • Amy Shannon
    2019-07-04 12:53

    Lovely children's story about FriendshipThis is a wonderfully written children's story about making new friends. April had to move and her only friend is her stuffed bear, Wishy bear. Children will enjoy the story and learn about making friends and that friends come in many forms.

  • Sandra Stiles
    2019-07-22 14:28

    April and her family are moving to a ew city. This makes her sad, because it means she'll have to go to a new school and make new friends. She makes a wish while holding her Wishy Bear. Will her wish come true? Great story about freindship and taking chances. I received a copy to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

  • Helen Wu
    2019-07-11 12:45