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It's time to eat but that doesn't mean that Marcus Monkey's ready to eat. In this delightfully illustrated and written book Helen brings back our monkey family we are growing to love. This time Helen artfully depicted the meal time struggles of so many families....

Title : it s time to eat a children s picture book for early beginner readers children s book picture book bedtime story kids book collection education funny humor ebook
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it s time to eat a children s picture book for early beginner readers children s book picture book bedtime story kids book collection education funny humor ebook Reviews

  • Uvi Poznansky
    2019-06-29 10:30

    Lovingly illustrated, It’s Time to Eat is the second of Helen H. Wu delightful stories about a monkey family and the relationship between mother monkey and her child, a relationship that reflects moments in your own home. Monkey child is loving but on the other hand, eager to show his own mind. “I’m not hungry; I want to play!” He escapes his lunch, and heads over to his animal friends, each one of whom refuses to play with him because they are busy eating their own food. “Look at this big juicy acorn I found right under this tree. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into it, says the squirrel. “What a treat for luck. Here, tie a bite.” I truly enjoyed this book, starting with the cover. The closeness between mother and child, and the fact that the O in the title contains a clock, and the letters in the word ‘Eat’ contain a slice of watermelon, a kiwi fruit, and an orange, associating the words with their meaning.Not only word association but counting numbers of objects is strengthened here: “One guava, Two Bananas, Three Cherris, Four grapes, Five pecans, Six raisins.”Five stars.

  • Laura
    2019-07-12 17:54

    Helen H. Wu has written and illustrated this adorable book for very young children and, of course, their parents. I have read some of Helen’s previous books and done several reviews of books for her. She has illustrated books for other writers as well as written and illustrated some of her own. They are all beautifully illustrated. The stories are always precious.I was delighted that she requested a review of this latest book. This one is geared for small children and comes with a free coloring book, as well.So many parents have a struggle with their children at mealtime. This book addresses this issue and is a great book to read to your child.Mommy monkey puts a delicious, healthy meal in front of her toddler, Marcus monkey. He has a delicious array of fruit and nuts, a perfect meal for a little monkey boy. Marcus does not want to eat; he wants to play. He squirms out of his high chair and runs out the door to find a playmate. He asks Pauley Pony to play, but Pauley says his mommy made him a nice lunch of green grass, and he wants to eat his lunch. Pauley invites Marcus to eat lunch with him, but Marcus does not like the grass at all; the grass is horrible! Marcus then visits Sammy Squirrel, Peter Panda, Mother Hen and some bees. All the animals are having lunch with the appropriate food for each.Marcus is now hungry and wants to eat the lunch his mommy made for him. He rushes home and is glad his plate of fruit and nuts is still on the table. How delicious his lunch is! He eats everything on his plate!Marcus learns a lesson. He knows his mommy chooses the best food for him; she knows just the right kind of food for a little monkey. Marcus Monkey is now very grateful that his mommy loves him and gives him delicious food. He hugs her and says he will never complain about his food again.

  • Gisela (Gigi) Sedlmayer
    2019-07-08 13:50

    A copy was provided by the author in exchange for a honest review.It was mealtime for Marcus monkey but he had set his mind to play. Even his food looked good on his plate his mummy had provided for him, he ran out. First he met Pauley the pony, but he was too busy eating his grass. He invites Marcus to eat with him. Marcus took some, but his food was not right for him. So he ran on until he bumped into Sammy the squirrel. He also was busy to bite into his acorn and invited Marcus to eat with him. But the acorn was too hard for him. So he ran on und bumped into Mother Hen with her chicks. They were eating worms. But Marcus didn't like worms, so he went on. He met the Bees as they busy extracted some nectar from the flowers. But Marcus started to sneeze and remember he is allergic against pollen.And then his tummy started to rumble and he remembers his food plate at home his mummy provided for him. He runs home and, sat on his chair and gulped down everything.He is very grateful for his mummy that she is providing him the right food. It's not too grassy, not too tough, not too rough, not too slimy and not too scary. It was just right as he loves it. As he is very thankful of his loving mum.Helen Wu did it again.That is the second book I read of her books and I truly enjoyed the book with wonderful illustrations and even learning to count and a fantastic cover.

  • Nancy Silk
    2019-07-02 11:43

    "A Delightful Story Wonderfully Illustrated"This is such a worthy book to read to young children, written and illustrated by talented Helen Wu. She's done an excellent job revealing the many antics of children at the dinner table. Little Marcus Monkey is ready to eat in his high chair. But he doesn't want to eat the healthy selection of foods placed on his plate. He would rather go outside to play! So he won't eat and then climbs out of his chair. Off he runs out the door to learn a lesson: Mama knows best! This story also helps little ones how to count. The author also provide a free coloring book which I downloaded and printed for the youngsters living next door. You will enjoy reading the story to you kids, and they will learn a new lesson when facing a wonderful plate of food in front of them.

  • Alexia
    2019-06-25 10:36

    "It's Time To Eat: A Children's Picture Book for Early/Beginner Readers" by Helen H. Wu is my first read by this author. It is a thoroughly enjoyable book for parents with children that may not want to eat the food that is in front of them. It is a journey of a child who goes out and runs into animals that are about to eat. He learns that what might be good for a bird is not good for a human. Great for parents with younger children.

  • Storywraps
    2019-07-09 10:37

    Monkey Mama swoops Marcus Monkey up into his highchair and offers him a healthy, scrumptious lunch. But sometimes what adults think is sumptuous is not so for little ones. Marcus quickly gets down out of chair and zooms out the door...he definitely has other plans in mind. His first stop is to his friend Pauley Pony. He asks her if she wants to play but Pauley is just about to begin her lunch. She offers Marcus some of her yummy straw to munch on but he declines. It looks dry and extremely unappealing to the little monkey. Marcus then runs off to meet Sammy Squirrel, maybe he will play ... no he too is having his lunch, consisting of acorns. Surely Peter Panda is available...but no...he too is focused on his lunch of bamboo. Both offer to share with him but their food is unappetizing and unfamiliar to Marcus. Oh my! Best he flee from them too. He charges off to Mother Hen's coop where she is just about to feed her brood some wiggly, squiggly, fresh out of the garden, worms. Marcus is mortified and makes a bee-line out there quickly right into a swarm of bees. Memories of sweet honey flood his mind. The bees offer him not honey, but some nectar to enjoy. All of a sudden Marcus starts to sneeze and have a reaction because his allergies. They kick in from sniffing all of the bee pollen. While wheezing and coughing he runs back to his home and to his yummy lunch. Will he be satisfied and thankful for his own food that his mother so lovingly prepared for him now? Will Mother Monkey scold him for being naughty and for running away from her? Did he learn a valuable lesson about being grateful for his own food and being obedient to his mother that day? I am sure you will agree with his decision, one that will put a big smile on his mother's face and his too, and of course a hug seals the deal. The illustrations are engaging and expressive, greatly enriching the text. This would be a wonderful read aloud for very young children and a dialogue opener for the best foods to put into your body to make you strong and healthy.

  • Autumn
    2019-07-02 17:51

    We received this book to give an honest review.I read this book to A as this is right around her age. Though I did enjoy the illustrations and how we got to see what Marcus the monkey's friends all got to eat. I didn't like the idea of him just running away from his food. Though in the synopsis it does mention how it is depicted the meal time struggles of many families so in a way I could understand that.Marcus doesn't like what his mother put in front of him so he thinks he rather go and play with his friends instead. When he meets up with different animal friends he sees they have to eat as well and it makes his food seem a little bit more better. A liked saying the different animal names and asked me to read it again. I think this is a cute book for young children to enjoy at bedtime being read to them.

  • Teresa
    2019-07-06 13:48

    This book is adorable!! it tells about what food different type animals eat. A little monkey named Marcus Monkey doesn't want to eat he wants to play. While searching for someone to play with we learn what the other animals eat for dinner. The book is written and illustrated by Helen H Wu and she done a wonderful job with both, that Marcus Monkey is just to cute!! This book is great for 2 to 6 years old I would say. And you can download a free coloring book. I did receive this book in exchange for my honest review. - See more at:

  • Susan Brougher
    2019-07-20 11:38

    Marcus wants to play instead of eating so he takes off to find his friends. Not an uncommon event for children. Instead he learns that they are eating and can't play. He makes polite excuses for not eating or not liking their lunches. He eventually returns and eats his lunch which makes his Mom happy. The illustrations are colorful and match the gentle nature of this story. Teachable moments are found in his kindness, appreciation of how good his Mom's food is, and in the counting repeated with the pictures of food on his plate. The few sentences with odd language expressions caused me to pause, otherwise I enjoyed it's sweetness.

  • Helen Wu
    2019-07-20 14:35