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We all find ways to run away. Some do it in seclusion, others in the arms of lovers.Since the death of his long-time partner, Caleb Maguire lives a quiet life in Australia’s Victorian high country with only his dog and horses for company. Each day is the same. There are no surprises—good or bad—until a major snowstorm hits his mountain and Caleb is called out to rescue a sWe all find ways to run away. Some do it in seclusion, others in the arms of lovers.Since the death of his long-time partner, Caleb Maguire lives a quiet life in Australia’s Victorian high country with only his dog and horses for company. Each day is the same. There are no surprises—good or bad—until a major snowstorm hits his mountain and Caleb is called out to rescue a stranded tourist. The late night snow brings with it a lost soul who forces Caleb to reassess his solitary life.Paul Turner is a barista in the trendy Melbourne suburb of Carlton. He lives life totally in the moment, but a life of no commitments is about to change for this city boy. Three days is all it takes for Paul to fall hard for Caleb, and Paul returns to the city with a promise he’ll be back after turning his life around… but only when all the roads are clear....

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Snowman Reviews

  • Heather K (dentist in my spare time)
    2019-06-09 04:53

    *1.5 stars*Painfully slow and without a believable romance, this was a complete struggle for me to finish.I'm a huge fan of snowed in stories. HUGE. When I see snow storms and two trapped men, my mind goes to delicious and dirty places. However, this story showed me that not all stories with this plot element work. My main issue with this story is that the two guys barely interact. There is the first couple of scenes where Paul gets stuck by Caleb's cabin, but those were lackluster for me. There are some forced interactions and a few trips to play with the horses, but I didn't see a deep or meaningful connection form. There was just nothing there! I didn't even enjoy the scenes where they were together. My favorite thing about snowed in stories is the sexual tension and the "is he or isn't he" gay/into me element. All of the tension was missing here and I sorely missed it. After Paul goes back to his own town, the majority of the book is spent with the two guys apart! Paul, for some reason, pines over Caleb, and Caleb spends most of his time having conversations with his dead ex-lover (I hated those internal, or at least I hope internal, conversations), and playing with his dog. I found Caleb's whole story to be mostly dull. In fact, it was the side story between Paul's friend and his abusive lover that I found to be the highlight of the book and the only thing that kept my interest. When Paul and Caleb do see each other again, there is a sort of fight about nothing and then more time spend apart. *Groans* For me, there was not enough chemistry between the MCs for me to buy them as a couple. To top it off, the slow pace, meandering plot, and ever-present element of Caleb's ex-lover, made the whole story a difficult read for me. **Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review**

  • Kade Boehme
    2019-06-16 08:47

    Bummed. I love Isabelle Rowan and I loved the characters themselves. But I had to throw in the towel after about 75%. I don't like romance books where the MCs only spend like 20% of the book actually on page together. And they literally had a wknd together and a 10 minute fight a few months later, during a 6 month period. Otherwise it was all some romantic remembrance they had that didn't convince me that A) it would ever be more than a rebound for Cal; and B) could ever stand up to the test of them actually being around each other. Did I mention it was SLOOOOOOW. I'm literally reading and skimming bc these guys are living totally separate lives, nothing is happening AT ALL to move their story forward. Won't stop me from picking up future work by the author but this one was not my thing.

  • Barb ~rede-2-read~
    2019-05-20 06:51

    Note: This book was provided to me by the publisher through Hearts on Fire Reviewsin exchange for an impartial review. This was an amazing story. Was it a typical M/M romance? No, at least, it wasn’t in my opinion. However, it was all about love—both the deep, abiding, passionate love of one man for another, and the love of a friend, a friend who knows you in the moments when your soul is exposed. Paul Turner is on a weekend vacation so that he can have hot, decadent sex and mind-blowing experiences. But, in a fit of anger, he storms out of the resort he’s staying at with his friends, and his car loses traction on the slick mountain roads, landing him in a ditch on the side of the mountain in the midst of a raging blizzard. He’s rescued by Caleb Maguire, a quiet and reclusive man who lives in the Victorian high country in the home he shared with his partner until Mike’s death a year ago. Caleb prefers the solitude but when asked to go out to rescue the stranger, he and his dog Molly set off on foot to rescue the fool whom he dubs, “Snowman”. Once rescued, Paul is stuck with Caleb until it’s clear for him to return to his friends and to his life as a waiter in a suburb of Melbourne. Paul is a carefree guy, living in the moment, out for a quickie in a back room or a one-night stand, whichever the mood of the moment calls for. He and his roommate, Stewart, are happy to live that way, but when Paul returns from his weekend with “the mountain man”, he starts to subtly change. It seems he fell a little in love with Caleb on that mountain—Caleb who was so quiet, so sturdy, so supportive. And Caleb gave him more than physical support and comfort when he rescued Paul— he gave him hope that he could be more and have more in life than the simple social whirl he currently chooses to live in. Caleb doesn’t want to let go of his memories of Mike and isn’t willing to jump into a relationship with a young man who will likely leave when a new whim strikes him. So, although Paul texts him every day, Caleb doesn’t respond. When Stewart finally sees the impact that the weekend had on Paul, he encourages him to go back up there or to call Caleb and set up a date. He does, but before he has a chance to leave, a disaster occurs in Stewart’s life, and Paul is needed to help support his best friend. I really loved the exploration of all of the emotional issues in this story. Caleb’s grieving for Mike, his inability to let go of the past, his isolation, and finally the emotional depths of despair he reaches when fire threatens his home and his life. All were expertly portrayed, and I just wanted to reach out and give that man comfort. At the same time, Paul’s friendship with Stewart, the love they shared for each other as best friends and the support they gave each other through tough emotional times were all expertly expressed as well What I wanted more of was face to face time with the MCs. Although they had some contact by phone or text, it was mostly one-sided on Paul’s part. Caleb stayed isolated and ignored every olive branch offered by Paul. It’s hard to believe that Paul was able to remain on track with his new goals and stay positive toward his relationship with Caleb, considering where Paul was emotionally at the beginning of the story and how emotionally remote Caleb kept himself. But it was a story that evoked emotion, and I totally enjoyed every moment of reading it. In fact, I found it difficult to put it down and stayed awake late to finish. I’d recommend it to those who like a very emotional story with lots of angst, grief and recovery from the death of a partner, and an ending that provides hope for a brighter future.

  • Shaz
    2019-06-04 02:53

    OMG... where to start? I suppose with a huge "I loved it" first and foremost. Not that I'm surprised, Isabelle Rowan is a very consistent 5 star author for me.This story is one of those that evokes so many emotions. It's about letting people in, grieving for what has been lost and moving beyond that, even though it's extremely difficult. It's also about looking at yourself, at your life and what you have made of it so far. And about grasping what is handed to you and making changes where necessary.This made me smile, shed a few tears, and melt into a gooey happy puddle throughout. As in all of this author's stories, the happy ending is there; just not easily obtained. But then again, the sweetest rewards are those you fight for.Caleb and Paul will live with me for a while. And next time I'm in Mansfield (yes, I know this town very well lol) I'm sure I'm going to be looking around, wishing I could run into them down the street.

  • Chris, the Dalek King
    2019-05-22 01:43

    Paul Turner is a barista with a love of partying and making the most of each night (and each night’s hook-up). Caleb Maguire is…not. When Paul accidentally runs himself off the road in the middle of a snowstorm, Caleb is called in to go rescue him. And despite the fact that he is still mourning his partner, and that Paul is just about everything that Mike was not, Caleb finds himself drawn to the animated man from off the mountain. But they only have three days together before Paul must head back down off the mountain and back into real life. Which is fine…it’s not like you can fall in love in three days. Right?I have been in an exceptionally Aussie mood lately so when I saw I could get my hands on this book I was thrilled. I loved A Note in the Margin, the first book I ever read by this author, and from the blurb this one sounded just as interesting. And pretty much the same things I loved about Margin, I loved about Snowman.The relationships in both books are not easy. Here you have Caleb who is still mourning Mike, his partner in all senses of the word, and has isolated himself up on the mountain with just his dog and a few horses to keep him company. The house where he lives is one that he bought with Mike, made a home with Mike, and ended up losing Mike as well. There are so many memories in that house that you could tell that Caleb would never really be free of them. Not without something major happening in his life.Paul is like the opposite of Caleb. He is younger, less settled. He works as a barista, but that is hardly his life’s ambition. It isn’t until he gets trapped on the mountain with Caleb that he sees there is a better way to live his life. That he sees there are other paths he could take…if he wants. But no matter what it is going to take work. If he wants to be a better person--not for Caleb, or his best friend, Stewart-–but for himself, Paul is going to need to learn how to walk away from his past, and walk towards something of worth.Unfortunately, that also means he is not going to be able to stay up on Caleb’s mountain. He has to go back to his life in order to fix it. And this means for a large portion of the book, the two characters are barely even in contact. This might bother some people, but for me it just worked. And worked well. Not only does Paul need to figure out who and what he is outside of the mountain and Caleb, but Caleb needs to actually mourn Mike. These two need to walk their own paths, and yeah, it would have been nice if they could have walked them together, but it was not all that feasible. They live in different worlds, and if those worlds were ever to intersect they had a bit of walking to do to get there.But even while they are apart you can tell that they have not forgotten each other. Through pain and hardship and some damn stupid decisions, they grow closer to each other and to themselves. This book takes time to grow the characters and the relationship, and that is something that I really like. I’m not one to believe in the quick love, I want something that can burn steadily over time, instead of being just a flash in the pan.I can see where this book can cause problems with other readers. The length of time they spend together is probably only a third of the book. The sex is definitely more fade-to-black than it is thirty-page-sex-romp. The characters do very stupid things for very depressing reasons. But to me, all this and more is why I love this book. The characters are so real, with real life struggles and questionable decisions, that I can’t help but fall in love with them. Not that I fought that falling very hard. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would have no problem recommending it.4.5 starsThis book was provided free in exchange for a fair and honest review for Love Bytes. Go there to check out other reviews, author interviews, and all those awesome giveaways. Click below.

  • ♣ Irish Smurfétté ♣
    2019-06-08 05:29

    Full Reviewage on Prism Book Alliance®In the first few chapters, “telling” was winning out over “showing” in terms of setting the scene for these characters and their stories. This is especially true regarding Caleb and Paul, the two main characters. Things improved in this area any time some of the supporting characters, especially Paul’s best friend Stewart, were on the scene.Here’s a simple breakdown of how this book presented itself:The prose is often beautiful. Descriptions of physical place come alive with emotion anyone would recognize and feel a connection towards. This is where the bulk of my rating comes from. This and Stewart.The characters are a mix of interesting, likeable, and overly mysterious.The dialogue is ok.The plotting messy and meandering.Given the structure employed to tell this story, it was rather difficult in getting to know Caleb, our man on the mountain. Interestingly, it was the opposite in getting to know Paul. I think that’s mostly due to his interaction with his friends and… those who are not so good at being friends. There were moments of similar experience with Caleb whenever he interacted with the animals on his ranch, but they weren’t enough to get me there. It took a good portion of the book to get a handle on him.I understood Paul’s frustration.The story’s structure really did seem to work against in getting that very story told. This didn’t change throughout most of the book. It’s unfortunate because, as I said, the prose is beautiful, giving me a robust understanding of the where and the why about the characters living in and their interactions with their surroundings.Paul is trying to figure out what’s next in his young life. Caleb is trying to figure out how to break through the other side of grief. Stewart, Paul’s best friend, is supportive, funny, and everything else a best friend should be. When he and Paul are together, not only did I learn more about Paul but, Stewart shines through as possibly the most well written character in the bunch.There are some emotional moments, especially regarding the idea of family being the one we make. Both Caleb and Paul have and do experience this, finding themselves among people who care a lot about them and want the best for them, individually and together. There wasn’t enough of this, though, to get me fully invested in them and the story.I wouldn’t call this a romance but more of two different stories, about making progress in life, that intersect here and there, paving the way for a possible life together for Paul and Caleb.

  • Sandra
    2019-06-17 08:32

    Not a romance in the traditional sense, this book worked for me nonetheless, even though the two MCs are not together on page but for the beginning and the ending. Caleb Maguire, who lives in the mountains of Victoria, AU, has not long ago lost his long-time partner/lover and is still working through his grief. His days are spent looking after his horses, his dog, and his home. He doesn't have a lot of interactions with the locals and basically keeps to himself. Until he's called out to help a stranded motorist during a snowstorm.Paul Turner, the snowman from the title, is younger than Caleb, and a city boy. Still, after defrosting in Caleb's house, in front of the fire on a makeshift bed, with hot mountain man wrapped around him to help with the defrosting, Paul starts to see the countryside with different eyes.Both men are struck by each other, though neither is in a position to do anything about these feelings. When the snow lets up, Paul goes home. As I said, this is not a typical romance, but there are romantic elements. The book is really more about change, about moving through grief, about taking control of your life, and most of all about family. The family you're born with, and the family you make.But at its core, this book is about love. The passionate, abiding love for your partner, the thrill of new love, the love of family, and love for yourself. There are tense and scary moments within, there are emotional breakdowns, there are supportive friends (your chosen family), and there are tears. The writing is beautiful, descriptive, and engaging. I was there with Paul, waiting for news from the frontlines, and I was there with Caleb, trying to save the one thing that he has left from his lover. I cried, waited, and rejoiced with them.It's low on steam, which in the overall plot made sense, and therefore didn't bother me either. What is clear though is that once Paul and Caleb both work through their issues, they are ready, more than ready, to make a go of it.Recommended!** I received a free copy of this book from its publisher. A positive review was not promised in return. **

  • Joyfully Jay
    2019-05-22 04:51

    A Joyfully Jay review. 5 starsSnowman is an incredibly beautiful story that captures you from the first page. Rowan creates characters that radiate beyond the page and slowly we are enmeshed in their lives, privy to their innermost thoughts, and lost in their sorrow and their joy. The slow tango that defined how Paul and Caleb would pursue each other slowly unfolded. While there was instant spark, this was not insta love, rather, it was a series of letting go and recreating oneself and moving forward when it was so so much easier to remain locked in the past. To watch both Paul and Caleb fight to gain a foothold in the world that threatened to swallow them both was nothing short of brilliant. Then to get a glimpse at the possibility that they could fall in love and be together was moving beyond words.With a lovely cast of side characters who grounded the story even more fully in reality, Snowman was the total package. The novel boasts a well-written story, interesting side plots and people, a slow building love that threatened to end before it began ,and the most intensely poetic glimpse at how a man can mourn the loss of the one he loves. This was a novel of deep, deep emotions and such sweet and tender love.Read Sammy’s review in its entirety here.

  • MorganSkye
    2019-05-18 05:42

    Ugh! How do you make a romance with two people who are NEVER together ?!?!?Caleb lost his lover several years ago and has since sequestered himself in their cabin in Australia’s mountains all by himself (except for the animals). He doesn’t want to meet anyone new and seems to be happy with his life, even though he misses his lover desperately.Paul is a party-boy who sleeps with a new guy every night. When he and his pals go to the mountains for a party he ends up lost in a snowstorm and is rescued by the reclusive Caleb. There is an instant attraction, but Caleb staves Paul off up until the last day. When Paul leaves, Caleb’s life advice sticks with Paul – forcing him to re-evaluate himself and his goals.Caleb is more determined than ever to remain alone and miserable. Paul texts Caleb over and over and over, but Caleb won’t let Paul in to his life. When there is another emergency, Caleb and Paul are thrown together briefly, but Caleb again rebuffs Paul – and Paul almost concedes the fight.Paul ends up meeting the sister of the dead lover and befriends her, she pushes Paul into continuing her pursuit and ultimately coming back to the mountain to try to knock some sense into Caleb.Caleb resists up until the very end, when he finally capitulates.**Though the above seems to give the story away – it’s obvious the two MCs end up together because this is a HEA romance and so we know eventually it has to work out, the question is how? Well… I’m not sure how.My problem with this book is that I never felt like Caleb got over his lover and so I didn’t feel that he and Paul really stood a good chance.I also HATED that 99% of the book the two MCs are apart and not even talking to one another.Paul’s infatuation with Caleb felt more like him being stubborn and feeling challenged because Caleb kept telling him “no” and less like any authentic emotional bond. How could they really bond after 3 days together (where Caleb is anything but open) and months (literally) of one-sided texting.I just didn’t buy into the romance. I almost wanted the potential sad ending that Caleb was headed toward to happen just so the miserable guy could finally find some peace!The narration was fine – Brad Walton used some nice emotional inflections but didn’t “wow” me either. (I'm not sure he's Australian or not...)All in all – though I was compelled to finish the story, in the end I wasn’t really pleased with the final result.2 of 5 stars for the audiobook

  • The Novel Approach Reviews
    2019-06-03 04:57

    4.5 Stars ~ Review: Isabelle Rowan is an amazing writer. This story is fabulous. I love the lonely suffer-in-silence man, and Caleb embodies that. All he wants is love and healing. He misses his partner and is simply broken inside. A chance meeting after saving a city stranger gives him a glimmer of hope…Paul is a party boy and the last thing he thinks he needs is a fuddy-duddy like Caleb, until he realized that Caleb is exactly what he needs. But he doesn’t want to admit it…or is scared of it.The love story that grows between these two characters is amazing. I loved it from the beginning until the end. I think when a long distance relationship is done well in a book, it can really develop the characters and their relationship well. I also like that the love Paul brings to Caleb doesn’t fix his broken—Caleb has to do that. Paul was so uncertain if he could love it where Caleb was, but when Caleb goes missing in the fires, I think it made Paul relized how much he loved him.Narration: Snowman is the case of a narrator making the story worse. Brad Walton has a very sexy, accented voice; however, that is where the good things stop. Narrators are supposed to narrate. Walton simply reads the book out loud, and there is no inflection in his voice.Reviewed by Amy for The Novel Approach Reviews

  • Alisa
    2019-06-01 02:29

    This was an interesting story for me. Parts of it were so beautiful. Parts of it were slow and boring. It started off good with Caleb rescuing Paul from an accident and them spending a few days together until Paul can go home. The majority of the rest of the story is them apart. I liked both of them but I didn't feel any chemistry between them and I really had a hard time believing they cared about each other so much after three days and sporadic texts. There was also a boring side story of Paul's roommate which took up a lot his story time. The book is really about the two of them separately dealing with personal issues. Even at the end we barely see them together. What was the draw to me was the story of Caleb and his dead partner. Caleb often thinks back to the moments they had together and the moments leading up to Mike's death from cancer. Those were some beautifully touching and heart breaking scenes. My eyes filled with tears more than once. Caleb's grief is so strong you could feel it. I did this on audio and the narrator was average. His voice was nice and he did the different characters well but it all seemed slow. This was one where I truly could not tell if it was the story, the narration or a bit of both that was the problem.

  • Sarah
    2019-05-27 02:56

    I loved this. A reclusive mountain man rescues a city twink in a snowstorm. Rowan’s characters are beautiful and complex. Her themes are universal: grief and loss, growing up and moving on. I loved the Australia she painted, from the urban energy of Melbourne’s gay scene to Caleb’s beautiful, harsh mountains. Caleb’s stoic, stubborn independence doesn’t make him an easy man to love. The age difference between the two men is a barrier - but their life experiences prove more divisive. I loved the way the brutal Australian elements kept pulling them together, despite Caleb’s protests. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review for Inked Rainbow Reviews.

  • Shelby P
    2019-05-21 03:45

    I usually like books by Isabelle Rowan but this one was too boring. It didn't help that the MCs don't really spend much time together during the book. I at least expected some phone calls or texting throughout their relationship. But they didn't really have a relationship. I lost interest around 42% and looked at some reviews. I wasn't encouraged and couldn't get back into the book. I skimmed and then at the end I don't even think the guys are together. WTF???I can see why some people DNF this.

  • Jerry
    2019-05-20 06:50

    I received this to review for Rainbow awards. I love the authors work in general and this was no exception.9 Plot Development10 Setting Development9 Characters Development10 Writing Style38 total This is packed with emotion. It is also kind of a slow pace, character development piece. I cried from happiness and hope several times. It really caught me up in the drama at the end.

  • Anke
    2019-06-04 08:56

    Perhaps 2.5 starsI liked it a lot until I realized that Paul and Caleb are always apart and although theyPaul kept contact nothing really happened relationship-wise. Then I started skimming and had to realize that the ending was rather disappointing as well. My highlight throughout was Stewart:)

  • Deb Flynn
    2019-06-14 07:41

    I had high hopes for this book because the cover is so good. I was wrong. The MC's never satisfy me. AT ALL! I like Isabelle Rowan but this is not the book for me.

  • Amanda
    2019-06-02 00:40

    I actually liked this one. I read it more as a fairy tale type than a real life story, and then it seems a little more believable.

  • Andrea Goodell
    2019-05-19 07:48

    My first book, audio book by this author. Also my first by this narrator, Brad Walton. And I have to say the combination was really good.Breaking the story down, You’ve this guy that lost his love, best friend almost a year ago. And ever since his holed up in the farm they bought together, with just the horses, his thoughts and a dog.In comes a young, sexy gay, city boy that gets himself stuck up the side of a mountain for no reason other than he was being a punk.They spent three days together snowed in, and during that three days, Paul grows up and Caleb maybe starts healing.Okay, so the bad parts, it was a little too long. I get that Caleb had to heal, grieve and we needed to give him time but I did find that it was dragging in parts.However, I loved that Paul never gave up, kept sending text messages, calling just to tell him how his day was, what his plans are.The second story of Paul and his friends in the city was a good touch, again showed us, life kept moving on.Walking us through the fire and saving the animals, helping the firemen, all added a real feel of being there with everyone.Even the end, with Paul and Caleb coming to terms on the HEA.The narration was spot on, the smokey, older voice fit my picture of the mountain man perfectly.Story 4Narrator 5Overall 4I was given a copy in exchange for an honest review by Chrystal Many reviewers

  • Marge
    2019-06-15 08:39

    Isabelle Rowan is an autobuy for me, and perhaps that's a good thing because I might not have read the book if I'd seen some of the reviews. I simply loved this lyrical and beautiful story with some great characters, including the secondary characters who are a very important part.It is true that the main characters spend less than a third of the book together, which normally makes me uninterested. But though they were apart, they were still so much in each others' thoughts and hearts that it seemed as if they were together. The author let us see Paul trying to become a better person, both for himself and to be more of what he thought Caleb would want. Caleb's story made me cry several times for the longing and his loss. But through it all, it was Paul who got him to tentatively think about moving on. Yes, this story was very much about the love Caleb had lost, but it was so beautiful and moving that I didn't resent any of the time that Mike was in Caleb's thoughts.The end of the book worked well and (view spoiler)[continued with the theme that the guys were working toward being with each other (hide spoiler)]. I thought it made a fitting ending for this book, but I certainly would like to see a sequel with more of them living and being together.

  • Monika
    2019-06-02 04:54

    In lieu of writing reviews – I’m taking an extended break – I decided to leave this list showing the reasons for the stars I’ve given to the stories I’ve read. 5 Stars – Given to stories that had me falling in love with the characters, had me so engaged in the plot I couldn’t put the book down and stories that either made me cry buckets and/or laugh until I cried. 4 Stars– Given to stories that I REALLY enjoyed reading but had me wishing for just a bit more. 3 Stars – Given to stories that I thought were worth the read but they didn’t knock my socks off.2 Stars – Given to stories that didn’t work for me. I couldn’t connect to the MCs or feel any sort of connection between them. I couldn’t follow the plot or there wasn’t a plot. Every so often one of these stories just needs work to fix what went wrong but mostly 2 star reads are stories that leave me wondering why I kept reading until the end.1 Star - I RARELY give out 1 Star so when I do it means the story was a complete train wreck. I know what I may love another reader may wonder what the hell I was thinking and vise versa but I’m okay with that!

  • Kara
    2019-05-28 08:43

    So I want to start of this review by saying I did really like the authors pretense of this story I just honestly could not get into this book at all..Caleb saves Paul from freezing to death in his car up in the mountains. There is a attraction between these two men but they do not live close to each other.I can say I loved Caleb's character but I was not a huge fan of Paul's character at all.... I am not really sure why but he just did not seem right for Caleb at all and there were things about him that just did not sit right with me. I do not want to give away any spoilers so I will just leave it at there were a few other things in this book I personally was not really a big fan of. Mainly I can say it was these two men as a couple because honestly I just did not see them fitting together at all.So I will leave this review with... I am sad to say this book was just not for me. I received this book free in exchange for an honest review from Inked Rainbow Reads.

  • Rachael Orman
    2019-06-15 08:49

    4 StarsThe story itself I'll give 5 Stars, but the narrator gets 3 Stars so altogether a 4 Star Rating. The story was a great chance meeting that ends up being so much more between two men who need some help remembering what is important in life. I really related to each of our main characters and what they were going through. While I'll admit that at times the story seemed to drag a bit, but in the end I really liked the way the story played out with everything. The narrator I have to say wasn't my favorite. while his voice wasn't bad, there was a buzzing sound in the background or maybe something vibrating that was extremely distracting and annoying. So sadly it really took away from the story for me. I received a free copy of this book to read for Inked Rainbow Reads in exchange for an honest review.

  • Suze
    2019-06-13 03:41

    I liked this read. Have enjoyed others of Isabelle Rowan's books too.I liked the slow pace. The initial meet of Paul and Cal in the snow storm starts the book on high octane but then it quietens down, only to ramp up with Cal's accident then quietens down and then gets fired up again with the summer storms.As well as these seasonal issues, both Paul and Cal do some serious soul searching. Paul's is more about growing up and realising you can't bum around all your life. Cal's predicament is a bit more serious as he is still in a fairly depressive state after Mike's death and it all comes to a burning head in the summer.Mike's sister Sarah and Stewie are great secondary characters.

  • Inked Reads
    2019-05-29 01:35

    FiveStarsI loved this. A reclusive mountain man rescues a city twink in a snowstorm. Rowan’s characters are beautiful and complex. Her themes are universal: grief and loss, growing up and moving on. I loved the Australia she painted, from the urban energy of Melbourne’s gay scene to Caleb’s beautiful, harsh mountains.Caleb’s stoic, stubborn independence doesn’t make him an easy man to love. The age difference between the two men is a barrier - but their life experiences prove more divisive. I loved the way the brutal Australian elements kept pulling them together, despite Caleb’s protests.I was given this in return for an honest review by Inked Rainbow Reads.~Sarah

  • Amanda
    2019-06-10 02:31

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOO Glad I didn't read the reviews because I would have missed out on this gem of a story. Slow build up to a wonderful story of finding love where you least expect it. I'm hoping for a sequel *fingers crossed*

  • Kobie
    2019-05-22 07:50

    I think this deserves more than 3.4 stars it has, but the ending seemed quick and like a non event (which disappointed me! ) I liked iy, but it is nontraditional, in that the sex scenes are skant and skinny.

  • Hrtnsoul28
    2019-06-09 07:56

    I had to force myself to get through this book. It was so slow at times, the main characters spent more time apart thinking of each other than they did actually being together. The plot was a good idea just no excitement.

  • Shelly
    2019-05-30 01:50

    I thought this book started out great. It kept me interested and then the middle seemed to stagnate. I found myself skipping over stuff to get to a good part again. The near end picked back up again. I was slightly disappointed by the very end of the book. I was hoping for a little more.

  • Elisa Rolle
    2019-05-29 01:57

    Snowman by Isabelle Rowan: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwid... 2015 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention (5* from at least 1 judge)

  • Em
    2019-05-26 05:28

    2.75 stars