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This is the second instalment in the Dollhouse series, and boy, have things changed at the Dollhouse. Another girl moves in. A girl who is most certainly not fit to work at the Dollhouse, or, at least not on her back upstairs.While Duchess’s relationship with the boys from the Mercy MC grows stronger every day her relationship with Cap is somewhat strained. They both findThis is the second instalment in the Dollhouse series, and boy, have things changed at the Dollhouse. Another girl moves in. A girl who is most certainly not fit to work at the Dollhouse, or, at least not on her back upstairs.While Duchess’s relationship with the boys from the Mercy MC grows stronger every day her relationship with Cap is somewhat strained. They both find that they want different things out of life and Duchess struggles to come to terms with it.The bonds she shares with Franky and Stanley are put to the test and when it’s all said and done things will never be the same between them.Love. Loyalty. Friendship. Trust. Family. It’s all put to the test.Ties will forever be severed and lives will be lost.WARNING: This series is intended for a mature audience. It contains violence, murder, prostitution, foul language, suicide and sexual content. This is the second book in a series and they are meant to be read in order....

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lost faith Reviews

  • Victoria
    2019-03-16 13:59

    A bad storm is brewing in The Dollhouse in this latest addition to the series. No Mercy ended with Duchess having a premonition that matters were only going to become worse and, unfortunately for her, she was right. Not one to be fooled by short-lived moments of peace, she knew something just didn't feel it and her deepest fears were confirmed. Duchess is used to having to deal with threats from the outside world, but what will she do when she starts to suspect a traitor under her very own roof?DuchessNeedless to say, life in The Dollhouse becomes conflicted and volatile. Duchess is faced with difficult decisions and it seems that the only people she can trust are in the No Mercy MC instead of the people she lives with and thought she knew. Many questions are answered in this gritty and heartbreaking novel and we see a deeper look into the thoughts and memories of Duchess and Franky. We also see a change in the relationship of Captain and Duchess. Their relationship is put through the ultimate test and Duchess begins to question if perhaps they are better off apart.CaptainLost Faith was a fast-paced book that had me at the edge of my seat! There were moments when I wanted to throw my kindle out of anger due to the words and actions of certain characters. Mary Martel did an excellent job of placing me in the head of Duchess because I felt as though I was the one experiencing such a tumultuous and difficult period of time.To a particular person who shall remain nameless in order to keep this review spoiler-free:(Ahem) Yes I am a tad bit emotionally involved and obsessed lol.Without giving much away, I loved seeing a vulnerable side to Duchess without her losing any of her badass demeanor. If you thought the last book was crazy, you haven't seen anything yet. Buckle up bitches! It's going to be one hell of a ride!

  • Karen Peacock
    2019-03-11 13:46

    This was a phenomenal follow up story to the Dollhouse Series with Lost Faith. I feel as though Mary grabbed a hold of my hands at the beginning of the story and plucked me right in the "Dollhouse" and made me one of her whore, watching from the sidelines as the wonderful story unfolded in front of my eyes. Picking up right where book one ended, we are thrusted right back into Duchess' world of chaos. Duchess is becoming suspicious of some people in her life and her house. She feels a little vulnerable in light of Cap's absence, but he is managing different ways to take care of her and piss her off at the same time. Mary created wonderful characters that you can relate to on so many levels and they are truly believable. I love the hardness of each of them, but in this story there are some truly tender moments, which make you feel all those emotions right along with them.A warm body curled around my own, lips brushed against the skin on the back of my neck and arms covered in black and white ink imprisoned me. "Go back to sleep, baby." He gruffly whispered in my ear. "Cap?" I groggily asked. "yeah, baby." "Missed you," I shared.I love these moments from them, it shows that they have a heart under that rough exterior.The story is so captivating, I could not put it down. I cannot wait to see where this story is going. Mary is definitely an author to watch as I truly believe she is going places.

  • Anny hernandez
    2019-03-12 10:48

    Wow holy smoke, I just finished reading this book, and I have to say that I'm so in love with this series, and the characters, I love it how the doll house gets better and better with each book, Love how bad assess are the girls, and what can I say the bikers are just as hot, I did not wanted to finished reading this book, I wanted more, now I'm ready to read the following book in the series.

  • Carmen Baldwin
    2019-03-18 09:08

    Duchess lives on !What a gritty interesting book! Duchess and Captain and biker brothers And of course her girls are still living on in this book full of betrayal and surprise and pain. Loved this book can't wait for the next book, great story!

  • Denise Van plew
    2019-03-10 13:15

    I tell you when I read this author I just suck it up like a my favorite drink through a straw. Every chance I got in between work and grandbaby picked this gem up. I could hardly wait to see more of the shenanigans that would unfold in the Dollhouse. I say that lovingly because I have fallen in love with some of the characters. In this one more of the layers of their personalities are revealed in between the events that unfold. Duchess is the one draws your attention the most. She has a armour of steel thanks to life,but a heart that is big as the sun with only a select few that have the key. One by choice and one by a surprise of fate. In here she will also realize that she will finally have something that she thought was elusive for her but I will say that the Captain too received the gold at the end of the rainbow when he met her. When their paths crossed they became one in a sense that in all the crap that life can throw there are those that will be given that rare thing called love. Oh I found I could also be blood thirsty too-when the "friend" reveals the truth and the skin of the viper is shed I found myself saying yes when he did not believe she would be true to her word and self. Finally Frankie, oh that girl while pleasing everyone but herself she almost lost herself, but her present called life interjected giving her a new direction to go for. Those are just some of the characters because this author has one very much chuck full of life filled with the people who live there in this world that is no easy street but really was there ever one promised any where? I would say in this one some have found what was stolen from them-faith. She shows people are going to live to fullest in what they have been given while the rules change for them as they find what was lost or stolen. This is one upcoming author that can blow my sails any day. received a copy for a honest review.

  • Twinsie Talk Angie J
    2019-03-25 10:09

    Check out this review and others : Lost Faith, Dollhouse Book 2 by Mary MartelI gave this a 4.5 but rounded up.I received this book for an honest review.I loves loves loves me some MC books. When Mary contact the blog to read the first book in the series, I jumped. I mean a Madam falls for the MC next door. It sounds like a crazy after school special  But I fell in absolute LOVE with these characters and the story. When I finished book 1, I sat my butt down and read book 2 tonight. Guess what my plan is for tomorrow?? Yup read more from this series!!Ok in this book we really get to know more about Duch and What happened to her growing up. We also are getting a glimpse at some issues between her and her bestie Stanley. Duch only trusts 2 people …Stanley and Franky. Franky is living her “dream” life or so we think with her client turned love. Stanley and Duch have a big blow up and the MC guys are there to help Duch through it. I can tell you that I was stunned at what we learned about Duch and Stanley. But what I did love was King. He has become a protector of Duch and will do anything to keep her safe.Franky’s HEA is kinnnnda disrupted by a secret she spills. This secret will cause Duch’s friendship with Batey to be tested. I love Batey and cant wait to see where this story line goes in the next book. I am also kiinda liking what is happening with Franky as well.Cap….my prez is just as delicious as he was in book 1. He proclaims his love for Duch annnnd of course our girl FREAKS OUT!! I mean no one can love her right?? She is a crazy, psychopath who will do anything to keep her family safe and happy…even kill for them. I do love when Duch finally comes outta her head about Cap and what she does to show him she is really all in with this relationship!!! *dreamy sigh*

  • Sue
    2019-02-27 12:11

    I really liked the hard-hitting first book of this series and with Lost Faith, the author does not disappoint us in keeping up with the hard edged banter and violent behaviors of Duchess and her supportive crew of bikers. Franky's relationship with Reyes hits a big snag and after some major drama and revelations, she comes back to the Dollhouse once again...but with another man claiming her, that shocks everyone.Duchess is fighting her own battles with emotions as her Captain wants more than just fun time...he wants permanence and as independent and untrusting as she is, it becomes a time to make a choice and some serious changes. Meanwhile, a couple of people close to Duchess that she trusted with her life have proven themselves to be untrustworthy and shady at best. A really shocking secret comes out and with flashbacks to a major game-changing event that happened 10 years ago giving us clarity, things start to make sense and Duchess is forced (with a little help from her bikers) to deal with some traitors amongst her ranks. New characters come and go in this sequel and with the appearance of a relative near the end and a huge twist which opens the doors for more messed up drama in the next book... Lost Faith left me excited and craving more!I have been deliberately vague in this review because the majority of this book is dealing with relationships, secrets, lies and outcomes that would absolutely ruin it for other readers if I gave too much away. Just know that if you liked the first book and are not afraid of strong, take-no-bull women who speak their minds...with some steamy romance thrown will love this follow-up to No Mercy.I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.***** 4.5 ***** "finding love and learning to trust in a world full of liars" stars

  • Melinda ~ Twinsie Talk
    2019-03-14 12:13

    I received a copy of this book for an honest review.What a great follow up to No Mercy. This one starts where No Mercy ends. Franky is trying out her new life and testing Duchess. Things are off between Stanley and Duchess. There is a new girl in the mix that just doesn’t quite fit in. Duchess is still trying to come to grips with the guys always being around keeping an eye on her.I love seeing the tender moments between Cap and Duchess. Although both are fierce and tough as nails they can be loving and tender when it is just the two of them. It is great to see them both open up to each other. Even though Franky seems to be at a loss on what she really wants out of life and drives Duchess crazy but she still has her back and will do anything for her to protect her. I am shocked when I found out Duchess and Stanley’s background but WOW the way Duchess takes care of certain situation shouldn’t have surprised me and the way the Mercy guys are always there to have her back. I love the relationship that King and Duchess end up having he is a great protector and Big Brother figures to her always there when she needs someone. Oh my and the friendship is tested between Batey and Duchess due to the secret she is forced to keep. I loved seeing Cap and Duchess struggle will falling in love. Cap came to terms with it quicker than Duchess but when Duchess finally comes around she did it in a big way.I’m so hooked on this series I am excited to see here the next book is going there will definitely bee drama and angst.

  • Laura
    2019-03-13 09:07

    Things have changed a little at the Dollhouse. Captain and Duchess are sort of together and that makes her his old lady. Being his old lady comes with perks but that doesn’t mean she may has to like it. Duchess isn’t used to people barging in her life and doing whatever they feel like. That shit does not fly with her. On top of that, there is stuff going on with her girls. Franky is having man troubles and Mandy is possibly up to no good. The one thing Duchess can’t stand is drama and there seems to be an endless supply of it lately at the Dollhouse.This is the second book in the Dollhouse series and I’m officially hooked! I love the author’s raw and gritty writing style. The characters come to life and you can’t help but fall in love with some and want to strangle others! I can’t wait to read more from Mary Martell! I give this book 5 stars

  • Jen Andrews
    2019-03-18 06:07

    Things are heating up at the Dollhouse!! This is the second book in The Dollhouse series and picked up where the first book left off. In this book, we find out about some shady characters that we didn't expect, a little bit of a love revelation for Duchess (finally!) and the connection between Duchess and the men of the motorcycle club. They treat each other like family. They fight, they protect each other and would die for each other. Franky finds herself in a crazy situation that she wasn't expecting and I can't wait to see what happens with that, and to find out who the mysterious man behind the phone calls to Reyes is. All in all, this was a good book and the next installment should be pretty crazy.

  • Chariety austgen
    2019-03-26 10:11

    Love it !!! This book kept me on my toes, I could not put it down ! What a great author, I cannot wait till she comes out with more books. Definitely on one of my favorite author list !!! Great Job Mary Martel your books rock

  • Jill
    2019-03-03 13:13

    Even though I didn't read the first book of this series, I was only a little confused. But over all I found this book to be a good read.

  • Stephanie Beasley
    2019-03-15 09:08

    Lost Faith Book 2I was on pins & needles to find out what was going to happen next. Wow.. Got my eye full.. Dang!! Such drama happening!! Can't believe what happened.. It blew me away!! Wow.. What an ending!! Man.. Trouble is brewing!! Mercy is gonna clear it all up!! Can't wait to see what happens next.

  • Debbie
    2019-03-24 08:58

    please readI would recommend this book to anyone who loves mc books - told from a strong female perspective - Lillie is a survivor