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With the knowledge of the forces of nature which the resources of the astral plane place at the command of its inhabitants the production of what are called "spirit lights" is a very easy matter...-from The Astral PlaneAn engrossing document of the public fascination with the paranormal at the turn of the 20th century, this 1895 volume explains one aspect of theosophy, theWith the knowledge of the forces of nature which the resources of the astral plane place at the command of its inhabitants the production of what are called "spirit lights" is a very easy matter...-from The Astral PlaneAn engrossing document of the public fascination with the paranormal at the turn of the 20th century, this 1895 volume explains one aspect of theosophy, the metaphysical doctrine that seeks to find the unified truth buried in all of humanity's religions. On this guided tour of one of the "various planes of the universe," you'll meet black magicians, vampires, werewolves, elemental essences, fairies, and angels. You'll encounter phenomena including churchyard ghosts, mysterious bell ringing, clairvoyance, second sight, spirit photographs, slate writing, and levitation. And you'll learn why darkness is absolutely required at a seance. Don't leave this plane of existence without it.CHARLES WEBSTER LEADBEATER (1847-1934) was one of the foremost writings on theosophical topics of the early 20th century. He is also the author of The Aura: An Enquiry into the Nature and Functions of the Luminous Mist Seen about Human and Other Bodies (1895) and Dreams: What They Are and How They Are Caused (1896)....

Title : The Astral Plane: Its Scenery, Inhabitants & Phenomena
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The Astral Plane: Its Scenery, Inhabitants & Phenomena Reviews

  • Michael
    2019-05-19 15:58

    A refreshingly candid taxonomy of astral phenomena! Right away CW makes clear the vastness of his subject and the thinness of his outlines, but there's still such a rich variety of observation in this little book.Leadbeater is obviously an extremely gifted clairvoyant, and extremely progressive and non judgmental by early 1900s standards, but occasionally his analysis comes as a little morally dogmatic or literal. It doesn't help that his dry scientific tone seems like it was wrapped around his subject in order to make it credible. Credible to whom? 100 years later it's hard to imagine the mindset of the readers he was anticipating. I was also put off by the dedication of an entire chapter to discussing the mechanics of astral phenomena as manifest in the physical world. It is mostly him listing, one by one, stuff that happens at séances and how each is produced. But again, this was probably captivating information at the time it was written, when spiritualist séances were more common, and people were chomping at the bit for materialist explanations.Anyway, this book is chockfull of practical psychic information. There is much here that will provide context for people at any degree of astral awareness. It was easy for me to trust most of his insights, and feel the click of confirmation from an inner intuition. To the point, this book offers an affirmation of life from an arcane arena that is rarely so deeply studied.

  • Nell Grey
    2019-06-14 17:41

    Very complex description of the different levels of the astral plane, based on an ancient form of Buddism, complete with names etc. My receptive frame of mind eventually gave way as the author seemed to become ever more dogmatic and superior, stressing that it was forbidden to divulge certain mysteries, that teaching should only be imparted by 'Adepts' due to the dangerous nature of this plane, and that all he was describing was naturally (as in 'nature') scientific rather than supernatural, the information gathered by explorations of members of the Theosophical Society and verified by comparison between them. It would have been more interesting and effective had he described these journeys from personal experience more than the once (or possibly twice) secondhand that he did in the book.His insistence on purity of morals for the initiate - of body, mind including every thought)- sounded in retrospect horribly hollow when I read his biography after turning the final page. Difficult as she can be, I think 'll stay with Helena Blavatsky to read about Theosophy for the time being.

  • Autumn
    2019-06-06 11:07

    i got this book at a thrift store- a very old copy that is practically falling apart. if you ever wanted to know about the "other" entities that inhabit our sphere and what happens when you die, either by forced or natural causes, i highly recommend this book.

  • A.
    2019-05-28 17:01

    This thing reads like stereo instructions.

  • Ania
    2019-06-16 16:59

    It was an interesting read for someone like me who is interested in the out-of-body travel, but so much went over my head due to the fact that I didn't know many of the theosophical terms. I've never came in contact with anything on this topic before. Having taken this up as my first volume on theosophy was thus a mistake. I didn't know it at the time, but it is in fact a fifth book in a series written by Annie Wood Besant and C.W. Leadbeater. I have since arranged the books into a series here on goodreads so that others can read these in order.I might pick up this book again. Perhaps some things will get clearer then.

  • Sathya Jayapaul
    2019-05-28 12:56

    My first book on Theosophy, and found it a rather complex read. Nevertheless its a very thorough account of what to expect if one were to attempt an out of the body experience into the coarse astral plane. I recommend reading 'The Laws of the Spirit World' by Khorshid Bhavnagri first before hitting this one.

  • Patrick\
    2019-05-28 13:54

    Watch out! Santa is there, too - or should I say, many different Santas, and dozens who are Jesus, too. Not a fun place to hang around in, on any level. We make our own astral beds and must lie in them. Bob and Ray, where are you?

  • Mike-Angello Davis
    2019-06-09 17:42

    Very insightful reading.My only issue with this book is that no knowledge was forthcoming on gaining access to the Astral World. The author stayed true to the title.

  • Russell Eric Dobda
    2019-06-16 14:01

    This was the first book I read by the Theosophists, and an early influence during my spiritual awakening. The Astral Plane is an interesting place.

  • Little Miss Esoteric
    2019-05-21 15:40

    Dnf therefore no rating. I don't think the author really knows what he's talking about, and so he steeps it in vagaries.

  • Jerome Schlicker
    2019-06-01 15:55

    CoolOne of the reasons I got this book is to compare what I saw on the Astros plane first hand ✋

  • Elizabeth
    2019-06-18 10:51

    This book is so short and sweet I initially encountered it by the toilet during a party at a friend's house, and wound up taking it into a corner with the host's cat and reading the whole thing through, because that's what I do at parties.The Astral Plane is, simply, an account of things unseen, and despite having been written in 1933, I found a lot of it to be brow-raisingly congruent to what modern science believes to be true. Like, the fact we can only perceive about .001% of what actually goes on around us, etc. Not bad for a beginner's guide.

  • Marcos Pinto
    2019-06-07 10:57

    Reading this book is like going through an imaginary voyage to a land you're not sure you believe exists. Written back in 1894, when it was not common to disclose this kind of information to the general public, it's still useful and a must read.There are some minor formatting problems and what seem to be keywords scattered through the text, but these won't prevent the reader from having a good reading experience.

  • Little Miss Esoteric
    2019-06-16 17:02

    Free kindle edition: free books by the same author:

  • Ed Dingo
    2019-06-06 15:03

    Deep stuffToo flippin' deep for me, plus boring. I'm sorry to burst anyone's bubble, but pass on this one. Dry, dull, boring. And I got it because of interest in the subject matter too. Oh well...

  • Benjamin Barnes
    2019-06-14 10:58

    Interest in philosophical perspective on astral projection!It was rather dull in some points. didn't much care for all the Sanskrit words but it was generally a good book. although I didn't realize it was Theosophy.

  • Leah
    2019-06-17 12:02

    There is more than the physical world.

  • Josh
    2019-05-28 18:58

    This was deeply intriguing. Learned plenty.

  • Ravdeep Singh
    2019-05-19 11:54

    One of the Theosophical manuals. One of the 'mandatory course books' in the curriculum of metaphysics

  • Melissa Clair
    2019-06-14 14:04

    Very detailedThis book is a glimpse into the astral realm. If astral travel interests you then this book is something you will enjoy.

  • Morgayne
    2019-06-11 15:05

    Good foundation work for the astral. Been on my reference shelf for about 15 years.

  • Shyam Shendur
    2019-06-03 11:39

    Excellent book on Astral plane and deep insights of all its details

  • Jehad
    2019-06-10 16:41

    Very informative, recommended for analytical minds.