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Good Night, Good Night is a relaxing bedtime story for young children. With beautiful illustrations and rhyming text, your child will be ready for sleep and know that they are loved when you read this bedtime book with them....

Title : good night good night a going to sleep picture book a rhyming bedtime story early beginner readers children s book picture book kids book collection funny humor ebook education
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ISBN : 24091661
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good night good night a going to sleep picture book a rhyming bedtime story early beginner readers children s book picture book kids book collection funny humor ebook education Reviews

  • Uvi Poznansky
    2019-07-22 17:42

    Not only will your child relax at bedtime, hearing the sound of your voice reading Good Night, Good Night, but you will too.Combining her art and her poetry, Helen H. Wu creates a unified vision of a magical forrest where the characters, who are so much alike us, live. Mother monkey holds her little child, who doesn't want to go to sleep, and she whispers to him, ever so softly:Hush my little monkeyYour tummy needs some rubbingHush my little monkeyClose your eyes and sleep till morningHer voice is so soothing, yet the little one does his best to delay the moment of going to sleep, to cling to his mama a bit longer.The little monkey yawnsI’m ready to sleep to dawnFor first, mama dearThere’s something you need to hearIn the lovely illustrations you’ll find the blue night sky, where stars are atwinkle, the leaves swaying with a rustle, and the moon, rising radiantly above the branches.Five stars.

  • Erin Geil
    2019-07-09 18:51

    Reviewed for Readers' FavoriteGood Night, Good Night: A Going to Sleep Picture Book by author and illustrator Helen H. Wu is a short children’s book that speaks of the nightly trials and joys that come with having a child, from the perspective of a mother and son who are monkeys. A few other animals make appearances throughout to entice young readers. The pages exhibit short rhyming dialogue, as well as pastel colorings, in addition to darker colorations depicted in the illustrations.Helen H. Wu’s Good Night, Good Night: A Going to Sleep Picture Book really spoke to me. The rhyming is perfectly worded, without being too in your face as some rhymes can be. The words are also simple enough that it will be a perfect book to use to help your child when they begin to learn to read. It has a perfect balance of interaction with the mother monkey, as well as the other creatures that come into play throughout as the story progresses. What I couldn't get over were the illustrations; they really catch your eye and bring you into the story in a way that I haven't experienced much in my lifetime. They gelled so well with the story. This reminded me a good bit of my favorite story as a child, Good Night Moon. Helen H. Wu’s story took me back to my childhood, and you can’t ask more than that from a child’s book. I would definitely snap this book up as quickly as you can; it’s a story that your little one is going to request night after night.

  • Angieleigh
    2019-07-13 16:27

    Adorable!!This sweet, mostly rhyming book should be the staple of many children's libraries. My nephew has asked for this to be our nightly last book to be read.

  • Grace
    2019-07-22 16:34

    Wonderful read! I loved the story and the pictures made the story come to life, especially the monkey. My 8 year old loved this!

  • Lynn Demsky
    2019-06-27 11:55

    If you like monkey's you'll like this book - maybe an introduction to children about pretend monkey's - colorful but not written that well.

  • Andre Satchell
    2019-07-21 14:54

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  • Penny Minding Mom
    2019-06-23 14:54

    "Mom, I need a drink of water...Mom, I need to find puppy..." It seems that my kids always have an excuse to get out of bed! The story of Little Monkey and his Mother reminds me very much of my own struggles with my kids at bedtime."Good Night, Good Night" by Helen H Wu is bedtime story that is perfect for Mom to share with her little ones. We follow along with Little Monkey as he finds a series of reasons why he can't fall asleep. When his tummy starts to grumble, or his diaper feels wet, Mommy Monkey does everything she can to help get Little Monkey off to dreamland. Will he eventually fall asleep?"Good Night, Good Night" is full of adorable illustrations that my kids love. The colours are soft and help set the mood for bedtime.The one criticism I have of the story is the punctuation. I would have changed some of it slightly, but it doesn't take away from the reading of the book. The rhythm of the story will help lull your child to sleep. I love the repetition of the words "Hush my little baby". I can't help but read those words a little softer each time I read them.You can feel the love between Little Monkey and his Mom, and it makes you want to hug your little one a little matter how much they can frustrate you at bedtime!I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

  • Autumn
    2019-06-22 12:30

    We received this book to give an honest review. I actually read this book to A before bedtime and she enjoyed it. Baby monkey is not ready for bed and we journey with him as he encounters different animals as they ask him why he can not sleep. Every time A would see an animal she had to reply with "baby" not sure why but hey she was interested in the book so that is all that matters. I find this book to be just adorable with trying to get this monkey to bed to the pictures that are illustrated in a great way.I think us parents go through this with our little ones when it is bed time, from they are thirsty to their tummy hurts. A great night time read.I think I will be trying to read this book to K and see what he says. The book does say from ages 0-3 but I think you can up the age a little bit.

  • Stacie
    2019-07-15 18:37

    Good Night, Good Night is a gentle bedtime story that lulls little ones with it's rhyming text and soothing illustrations.It's time for bed, but little monkey still has a few things he needs to take care of before settling in. Mama monkey is patient as she guides him to a restful slumber making certain he knows how much she loves him.I thought Good Night, Good Night was such a sweet story. Just like many little monkeys, this cute little guy isn't quite ready to sleep yet, but patience and love from Mama are just what he needs. The lovely illustrations are created using calming blues and greens and help set the mood of this darling bedtime tale.I recommend picking up a copy.

  • Nancy Silk
    2019-06-22 14:51

    "A Very Short Bedtime Story for The Very Young"This story is a beautifully illustrated young children's book with rhyming, simple dialog. It's almost like a prayer to wish a young child to sleep peacefully. The rhyming should help the child relax and become sleepy (as all parents wish at bedtime). It depicts a mama monkey and her sweet baby who has needs just like a human baby.The need for a sound sleep with pleasant dreams. It emphasizes the love of the baby by the mama. You can never overstate the love you have for your child. It's very short (18 pages), but see if your child can go to sleep by the end of this story. Maybe read it twice! Very cute, I loved it!

  • Julie Grasso
    2019-07-09 16:47

    A very sweet bedtime story. We journey with little Monkey on the path to bedtime. He encounters a snake, a jackal, a porcupine, and a grey hound and as each animal questions him why he cannot sleep, little monkey has a clever answer for each of them. Eventually, Mama dear lulls him to sleep with her sweet words. This was a lovely story, with simple rhyme that will engage 3-6 year old's. It reminded me a little of Mem Fox's Time For Bed. For 3.5 year old enjoyed the story very much.

  • Q
    2019-07-12 11:31

    2.5 stars for effortI thought the pictures were simple and cute. I didn't care much for the story. The mama keeps saying hush my little baby to the baby monkey even when the baby says it has something to tell the mama. Then the monkey is in the mama's lap and the with other animals who ask what's wrong then the mama solves it. It's hungry, wet, ect. Educating children about animals and trying to have a bedtime story can work but I don't think it was pulled off here.

  • Shannon Rae
    2019-07-23 10:51

    Wonderful bed time story. Honestly, I loved reading this to my little ones. Its catchy, easy to read, and it rhymes. The characters are lovable. Who doesn't love a book about a mommy and her baby?!

  • Cascada Jade Stephenson
    2019-06-25 10:35

    Nicely done. Cute pictures. Calming. Can't wait to reward this to my little girl, she loves monkeys! Cute pictures, nicely written, and a sleepy story.

  • Tonya
    2019-07-01 14:31

    I read this to my six months old granddaughterI love this book. The colors are perfectly calming to her. Even though she only look at the pictures, I can tell she enjoys it.

  • Katie Mezzapelle
    2019-06-26 10:33

    Short story, cute illustrations. 5 stars for it's simplicity and inclusion of various animals that I'll start to teach my child. Will down load others that are similar

  • T. Duncan
    2019-07-20 18:53

    CuteThis book was really cute, simply illustrated and enjoyable. I look forward to getting her other books for my little ones.