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The small town of Bridgeford is in crisis. Downtown is deserted, businesses are closing, and the idea of civic pride seems old-fashioned to residents rushing through the streets to get somewhere else. Bridgeford seems to have lost its heart.But there is one thing that just might unite the community--music. The local choir, a group generally either ignored or mocked by mostThe small town of Bridgeford is in crisis. Downtown is deserted, businesses are closing, and the idea of civic pride seems old-fashioned to residents rushing through the streets to get somewhere else. Bridgeford seems to have lost its heart.But there is one thing that just might unite the community--music. The local choir, a group generally either ignored or mocked by most of Bridgeford's inhabitants, is preparing for an important contest, and to win it they need new members, and a whole new sound. Enlisting (some may say drafting) singers, who include a mother suffering from empty-nest syndrome, a middle-aged man who has just lost his job and his family, and a nineteen-year-old waitress who dreams of reality-TV stardom, the choir regulars must find--and make--harmony with neighbors they've been happy not to know for years. Can they all learn to work together, save the choir, and maybe even save their town in the process?All Together Now is a poignant and charming novel about community, family, falling in love--and the big rewards of making a small change....

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All Together Now Reviews

  • Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede
    2019-06-10 09:17

    All Together Now was not as easygoing to read as I had hoped for. Not that I didn't enjoy the book. I did like parts of the book. However, I also found the book a bit dry to read. Just not as funny and engrossing as I had hoped it to be. For instance, I had a pretty hard time getting into the book and enjoying all the different characters plight and quirkiness. But, somewhere along the way I started to enjoy the book more and more and some characters situations did come to intrigue and amuse me. For instance, I wasn't that interested in Bennett, but when he started the choir and started to change he suddenly becomes more interesting, the same thing happened with Tracey. What was her big secret and how come Bennett thought he recognized her from somewhere? And, then we have Annie, who to be honest could be a bit annoying in the beginning, but the more one got to know her the more one could see that this busybody also had her problems. And, the last part of the book was quite good, secrets were revealed, injustice was discovered and taken care of and the choir really started to become an important part in Bridgeford.So, the book actually did turn out quite good, despite a slow start for me with some problem with the story and its characters. I even laughed out loud at one part towards the end of the book and I came to like the quirky characters in the choir.2.5 starsThanks to the publisher for providing me with a copy of the book and for letting me taking part in the blog tour!

  • Dale Harcombe
    2019-06-01 12:05

    Three and a half stars.Anyone who has ever been part of a choir or a community group should be able to relate to this book. I enjoyed reading about the small English town and the Bridgeford Community choir. I liked the different characters that drew in new members and sought to work together to help the choir win the country championship. Of course as in any group, there are always those who have a different agenda, who think they are better than the others and who have only one aim - to promote themselves. I particularly liked the way we see Bennett change as the story goes along and how Tracey’s secrets are revealed, showing people are not always what we first think they may be. I found it an entertaining read. I liked that the end didn’t quite go the way it easily could have. It wasn’t a perfect book. Some things seemed a bit unnecessary or out of place, but overall it was a good read with some characters people could care about and a lot of songs that echoed in my head as I went though. Pretty much a light hearted fun read about friendship, romance, and working together. If only it could have all been achieved without resorting to the F word in capital letters at times.

  • Erica
    2019-06-05 12:32

    Truth: I straight-up read this because of the author's last name. A Brit whose last name is Hornby? Any relation to Nick? Why, as a matter of fact, yes. Yes, this is his sister.Sadly, I was not delighted by this story. Instead, I was bored.It's actually poorly written, which surprised me. I stereotype English authors as being adept with the language. I know several people from England and thereabouts and they're all quite well-written and spoken and they're not even novelists. Ergo, I expected much in the way of grammar and sentence structure and was horribly disappointed.Then there was the storyline. It wasn't what I'd hoped for. I anticipated the off-center cast but none of them were really all that quirky, despite how hard they tried. There's the punkrock mom of a burnout late-teenage son. She hates people. There's the neighborhood gossip who is in everyone's business, taking care of everything in an overbearing yet precious manner. There's her best frenemy who is bitter and mouthy. There are two snarky old ladies as well as the charmingly perfect girl bound to her wheelchair and her dad who pushes her along everywhere so she doesn't miss out on life and they're all in the community choir together though not all of them necessarily want to be and there's a woman dying in a hospital, which no one acknowledges, and there's an incoming chorale group determined to stage a coup and win championships and a cafe that's not going to stay in business and a divorce and...stuff. So much clutter, none of it very interesting.Instead the characters are flat and uninteresting. It’s like "Glee" for the trite, silly British neighborhood.Meh.

  • booksandcarbs
    2019-06-04 13:10

    I think most readers will give All Together Now three or maybe four stars. Maybe they'll think it's cheesy or kind of lame or too dang sunshine-y at the end. Maybe they will be right about that. All I know is that this book made me happy. It has so many of the story elements I love: strangers become friends, community bands together, woman learns her own strength, fresh start in life/career, good guys/girls "win," music is a bridge, and more. Plus, I just can't resist a British setting. I imagine All Together Now has been (or will be) optioned for film. I can already picture my mom and sisters and I laughing, crying, and singing along. Can't wait. Rolling your eyes? That's fine. Haters gonna hate.

  • Anna
    2019-05-30 15:15

    Thanks to NetGalley and Little, Brown for the ARC of this book.I picked up this book because I am a fan of the author's brother, Nick Hornby, and her husband, Robert Harris, so I had high hopes of the quality of the writing. Unfortunately I was disappointed. The book follows a series of lonely misfits in a small town who come together in the community choir and improve their lives, happiness and family relationships through the power of joining in and communal support.With a plotline treading such familiar and predictable ground, the book either needed to be exceptionally funny or have particularly compelling characters in order to be successful. Unfortunately it has neither qualities.I didn't really like or care about any of the characters. I thought the characterisation was poor and I couldn't really get inside the heads of the characters; they were all a bit flat and one note.The plot was also written by numbers with no twists or surprises and could be any number of other books I've read or films I've seen. In fact, the basic premise of an unlikely group of people drawn together by circumstance and becoming an extended supportive family is almost exactly the same as Nick Hornby's book 'A Long Way Down', but his writing is much more accomplished and compelling and his observations about human relationships more piercing. I really wanted to like this book, but it was just incredibly average and bland.

  • Bo'ness Library Bookgroup
    2019-05-29 13:12

    While this book is not "Great Literature" it is well-written, well structured and by no means Chick Lit. A very enjoyable and absorbing read. Anyone who has ever joined a Club or Society will be familiar with the differences that occur when people with a common interest but different social background and life experiences come together.

  • Maureen
    2019-05-20 11:13

    A view weeks ago I was approached to read ‘All Together Now’ by Gill Hornby, for the blog tour. I haven’t read any books by Gill Hornby before, and this book sounded different than the books I normally read. Since getting out of your comfort zone is definitely a good thing at times, I decided to participate in the tour. Well, ‘All Together Now’ definitely was a different read for me. I’ve been reading a lot of contemporary romance novels lately, and ‘All Together Now’ is definitely not that. It took me a long time to really get into ‘All Together Now’. I don’t really know why. For one, I had some trouble with keeping up with all the characters of which we get to read the point of views. I don’t mind reading different point of views, but when there are more than two point of views, and from the very beginning on, I always have trouble keeping everyone apart. The other problem at the beginning of this book was definitely the whole choir part. All the talk about a choir just wasn’t very interesting to me and it took a while to really get my attention.Half way through the book I began to like this story more. The characters started to interest me, and I enjoyed the way of writing more and more. There definitely were a view very funny parts in this read. And what made it even more funny was how different all these characters were. Most characters only had one thing in common and that was the choir. What I really liked about this book was the little town it took place in. Although it was forced at times, everybody seemed to want to help out and there was a huge sense of community. I loved that. Especially since I’ve never known that little town vibe myself. I love to read about these little towns. And not to forget, I really love the cover of ‘All Together Now’ by Abacus. That cover can really cheer you up. So, this read wasn’t perfect. But in the end I definitely liked it.

  • Heather Duff
    2019-05-20 14:31

    A lot of the books I read are dark with scary zombies and the world about to end but you know when the apocalypse gets too much I do like to look for a good book that will take me to a happier place.All Together Now is the perfect prescription to cure my dystopian book overdose!It is the charming tale of the small town of Bridgeford and its community choir. Now choral ensembles are everywhere this day and programmes like Glee and of course Pitch Perfect give a fun teen view to it all but the Bridgeford community choir is quite the mixed bag.The choir has people of all ages but its membership has waned and when the choir leader is involved in a car crash, well the remaining members start to fret.The town of Bridgeford isn't exactly full of perfectly pitched singers but with some gentle persuasion the choir manages to acquire some new members and begins to find new life.Of course it isn't just about the singing, the members are all from different backgrounds - they include Tracey who is a single mum who really isn't keen to be involved, Bennett who is recently divorced with an outstanding voice and Annie, who is keeping the choir together, just!They are a mixed bag and as the choir gets in to its stride we learn more and more about the people who bring the songs to life, as well as discovering their love of song and I know this sounds cheesy but they all discover themselves too, they learn what they are all capable off.It really is a charming read, full of humour and the characters are all wholly likeable plus there are lots of lovely nods to lots of songs that you will find yourself singing whilst you read!Thank you to Abacus for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.

  • Beth Jones
    2019-06-12 14:16

    Book blogThis book wasn't amazing, outstanding or even close to extra-ordinary. But that's okay. That's more than okay - because it's totally what this lovely little book is about.This book is happy, uplifting and full of joy. And even though it may not be the most popular book in the world, it is definitely important. And I'm so glad I read it.The plot...was solid. It had a good beginning, middle and end. It was strong, confident and definite.The characters...were simple but sweet. Perfect for the book.The charming. The first but most appropriate word that comes to mind. It is, again, not amazing. But it works - and that's the most important thing!Something I the community vibe. Honestly, if you grew up in a small village/town in the UK, this book is one for you. This entire book is based around community and how important it is, and I really agree with that.Something I didn't like...was at the start, the character changes. I'm not against different POV, but they're just not clearly defined. I honestly like to have a name for each person against their chapters. But this book just didn't make it obvious enough for me.My rating is...☽ ☽ ☽3.5 out of 5 MoonsSorry for the slightly rushed review, everyone! I have an exam tomorrow and I need to get some studying in later after seeing Emma, so wish me luck!-BethMay your shelves forever overflow with books! ☽

  • Kim
    2019-05-29 15:03

    This is set in a small village called St Ambrose which is in decline. Some of the locals join together to form The Bridgeford Community choir and hope to make their lives more complete by joining in. They want to win the championship- can they pull together? When Constance, their singing coach dies in an accident will they be able to succeed without her?This combines a sense of community, family life, love and finding yourself. What secrets are they all hiding? Can they help each other overcome their problems?This is the first book I’ve read by Gill Hornby, who is the sister of the author Nick Hornby. Her debut book was called The Hive.Many thanks to the publisher and Net Galley for the chance to read this book

  • Tracey
    2019-06-20 15:16

    As soon as i read the first page I knew this was my kind of book. It tells the story of a local choir and the stories of its members. This book was so uplifting it actually made me want to live in this town and join in. A great read that I will tell the world to read

  • Anna
    2019-06-01 14:16

    The first half of this dragged for me, and I almost abandoned it... but it picks up a bit later. I liked the sparks of dry humor, but something about the writing style just came off passive. It didn't quite flow as much as I would have liked. I found myself wishing J.K. Rowling had written this instead, something along the lines of 'A Casual Vacancy'.

  • Kirsty Mcdougall
    2019-06-03 11:28

    3.5-4* a nice read about the coming together of a community. The characters are very relatable even though we do not get overly detailed insights into each. Thoughtfully written.

  • Alba
    2019-06-03 08:09

    Originally posted on: Together Now is a tale about how music can bring together a community, but also how it can brighten anyone’s life. And all this thanks to a community choir. I have to admit that being on a choir has always been something I would have loved to do but given that my music sense is non-existent and that I cannot tune when I sing even if my life depended on it… it’s a dream I had to give up a long time ago. So I found the idea for this book really interesting and amusing.At the beginning though, it took me a long while to really warm with the characters. They all had their problems at home and the choir was just an extension of these problems, with no organization, no new ideas and no charm at all. But as the story progressed and new characters were added to the story and to the choir, I started enjoying the story a lot more. I really liked that music played such a big role in the story. Gill always described all the songs they were doing on the choir but also added music on the routine lives of the choir members. I knew most of the songs and the ones I didn’t I checked online. This made me feel closer to the story.But the best bit of the story is definitely the last quarter. Here the story finally takes speed and everything happens at once. With a big finale, worthy of a musical I closed the last page of this book with a huge smile on my face.All in all, All Together now is a charming story about many different people who are brought together thanks to a hobby but end up bonding beyond it. A bit slow, especially at the beginning, but worth a reading. I enthusiastically recommend it to music lovers and choir aficionados.

  • Michael
    2019-06-14 10:06

    Set in a small UK suburb with an engaging group of characters each of whom is struggling to find a sense of purpose and direction. The local community chorus, itself struggling to remain relevant, becomes the catalyst that inspires and challenges a single mother, a recently laid-off middle-aged man, a young waitress and an under-appreciated, traditional mother among others. This was an enjoyable read. The issues that many of these characters face are contemporary: redundancy, dealing with an empty-nest, bad past decisions, toxic relationships and the homogenization of small towns. Some readers may find some of the plot twists a bit sentimental but those are offset by some irreverent humor and inspiring musical moments throughout.Full disclosure: This book was an Advanced Reading Copy provided by the publisher through a giveaway promotion.

  • Kristin Strong
    2019-05-27 12:28

    I think my rating is slightly inflated because of the subject matter: A community choir that has fallen upon hard times and faces big changes. As a choral singer myself, I'm probably a little biased, but I really enjoyed reading the book. The Bridgeford Community Choir has lost its long-time leader and its direction (not musical) as well. New blood must be found to swell the choir's ranks and improve its performance before the county choir competition. A motley crew comes together to breathe new life into the seemingly moribund institution, and nearly all find themselves growing and changing in the process.This was a perfect summer read, not too weighty, but with well-drawn characters, plenty of humor, and just enough treatment of large issues like Community and Happiness and the Power of Music to Change Lives.

  • Jo-anne Atkinson
    2019-06-18 10:21

    Bridgeford is a small country town in England. Like many similar it has become a dormitory town for commuters and the town centre is fading. Small community groups exist but are dwindling, one of these is the Bridgeford Community Choir. The stories of some of the members, new and old, intertwine to give a portrait of small town life.In a similar way to her previous book, 'The Hive', Hornby focuses on the lives of a small group of people drawn together by common purpose. Her writing is unchallenging and the stories predictable but that doesn't make this a bad book. For those looking for a simple, enjoyable, entertaining read this fits the bill perfectly.

  • Gemma
    2019-05-30 07:03

    This isn't my usual choice of genre, but I ended up enjoying the book quite a bit. the author explores the themes of dealing with change and what it means to be a community in such a way that you feel empathy towards the characters, but without it feeling too sickly sweet or preachy. I would most likely read something by this author again as it was a really easy read and perfect for summer days or going on holiday

  • Blodeuedd Finland
    2019-06-09 11:13


  • Andrea
    2019-05-23 14:05

    This is a quiet novel that sneaks up and grabs your attention then keeps yup interested till the end. I enjoyed the characters who live in Bridgeford and make up the choir. I also enjoyed all the music and references to performances. It took me a few pages to get interested but after that I couldn't put it down! This would be interesting for a book club to discuss,but quite enjoyable too read no your own.

  • Jc Williams
    2019-05-20 09:26

    A gorgeous book filled with real and very vulnerable characters'....I'm an English lady living in Melbourne Australia...who misses the UK, the countryside and the English way of seeing things...this simple book about a choir allowed me to indulge things that are important to me...A feel good lovely novel...Thank you Gill.

  • Linda O'Brien
    2019-05-23 11:17

    A good read.

  • Sue Robinson
    2019-06-13 14:10

    Quite good in parts. Some parts that were unbelievable annoyed me. A bit all too good to be true.

  • Sandra Acacia
    2019-05-20 10:03

    It took quite a while to get into it but after half the book I was determine to finish it. Not too bad..

  • Hilary Hicklin
    2019-06-08 11:13

    A book that tries to be warm and witty and fails on both counts. Little to recommend it.

  • Mary
    2019-05-30 08:14

    Really bad

  • Sarah Davis
    2019-06-01 09:07

    Loved it. Well written and entertaining.

  • Mariah
    2019-06-09 15:22

    Cute story about a community choir in England and its members. Light, easy read, but slow at times.

  • Laura Whitley
    2019-06-19 12:12

    I started this book quite cynical, the characters were very over the top and the storyline felt a bit off. But it really grew on me and I ended up really enjoying the storyline.

  • Kobby Gyampoh
    2019-05-31 10:33

    My Synopsis. Imagine This: You live in a small town and have single-handedly raised your child. You are now in your forties and happy to live with your son who won't move out already—something you are pleased with.Your new identity in this new town is to stay away from all sense of community, stay at home all day when you have no work and do rock and roll marathons with your son yelling at the top of your lungs. One evening, after your son has finally decided to go get a job—which wouldn't last, you know him—you are singing to a soulful rhythm till you hear the doorbell ring.A novelty. No one has ever rang your doorbell. It's a man from the community choir, calling on you to come join. Reluctantly, you attend. And here are three things you note about Bridgeford Community Choir:1. The only singing done is hardly harmonious. More of a group of people butchering songs from Sound of Music.2. No one in the town cares about the choir.3. No one in the choir cares about the choir.You do not care too, really. Till you perform a soulful Abba and everyone's straining to hear more. Soon, all these choir members with their personal dilemmas are crowding into your doorway, convincing your son to leave you for Africa and "training" for a championship they've set their eyes on ever since.A championship you know they won't win. But everyone needs a little Hope these days. The community needs it. The choir needs it. Apparently, you need it too...And singing your lungs out, hearts out, your secrets out, your drama out, your past out, might just be the only way to reignite this Hope for the future.  Tracey Beckford—who isn't Tracey Beckford at all—'s life summed up for your delight.My REVIEW. I loved, loved this book! So you know in my review I'd be butchering all your fave songs in your ear to go get this book!The storyline is fantastic! You have never read a book about a community choir this amazing, this inspiring! So Woman with hidden secrets as well as an amazing talent decides to take the community choir under her wing and whip it into something that's close enough to be a choir, at least! Meanwhile, property developers are about ruining their small town and together, with one voice—which no one in the community seems to have at all—they must prevent this.──★ Secondly, you'd love the main characters! It's not every author who can pull a multiple character read of both genders and still gain my attention. (Well, some try!) This book's main characters are true, real and engaging! Meet Tracey Leckford, in her forties battling with losing her only son. There's also Annie already approaching sixties too involved with her community to put away the emptiness she feels when her daughters and now her husband have moved on to another life. There's Bennett, jobless, divorced man, who's family gets off making jokes at his expense, who also lacks the enthusiasm for life. A star!──★★Other characters are also great! My favorites, Lynn and Pat, the two oldies who are always giving of snarky asides to each other about members in the choir. There's Judith, who goes on and on about her boyfriend who everyone believes is imaginary. There's Lewis, whose democratic values lie out of deciding which song the choir should sing—so no democracy then. There's Jazzy, she fancies herself as a soloist but cannot concentrate on her singing because of her junky mother who keeps coming and leaving. Trust me, lots of well-developed minor characters you can't get enough of! A star!──★★★This book is a laugh-out-loud read! You see this term being used all over on books but no, none are not even (close). But this book would make you laugh till strangers cast weird looks your way and wonder if they are safe around you. (Give reading at public places a go!)──★★★★My rating is a five out of five stars!──★★★★★I recommend this book to anyone who loves something kicking, and exciting and inspirational to conclude all your summer reading! Anyone who wants a title with likable and relatable and real characters should go grab this! If you have a voice that sucks (—not very much like mine), there's no stopping you from singing at the top of your lungs even if everyone around you wants to jump in front of a moving car than have to deal with your slow torture, because, this book teaches no matter what voice you have, you shouldn't put off singing (a little). Hope is the thing with singing.