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Have you ever picked your nose? Have you ever picked your nose and EATEN IT? Have you ever picked your nose, eaten it, and, by doing so, opened a portal to a world run by PIRATES?Mabel Jones has.Kidnapped, Mabel is forced to serve aboard The Feroshus Maggot with the strangest crew you’ll ever meet. And the captain—an odious wolf named Idryss Ebenezer Split—won’t let her goHave you ever picked your nose? Have you ever picked your nose and EATEN IT? Have you ever picked your nose, eaten it, and, by doing so, opened a portal to a world run by PIRATES?Mabel Jones has.Kidnapped, Mabel is forced to serve aboard The Feroshus Maggot with the strangest crew you’ll ever meet. And the captain—an odious wolf named Idryss Ebenezer Split—won’t let her go until she helps the pirates uncover the treasure they seek. Mabel’s voyage takes her across the Greasy Pole of Certain Death, into the belly of a whale, and underground to a decrepit crypt. And she does it all…in pajamas!Read on if you dare. You are promised a most unlikely adventure....

Title : The Unlikely Adventures of Mabel Jones
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The Unlikely Adventures of Mabel Jones Reviews

  • Robin Stevens
    2019-06-08 02:46

    Delightfully nasty, bonkers piratical fun. I laughed out loud on the tube!

  • Luna
    2019-06-03 02:56

    This book is perfect for all ages. It works as a book to read to young kids, it works as book for children to read (because they’ll think its brilliant) and it works for grown-ups because it’s so much fun. That’s FUN with CAPITALS.Mabel Jones has done performed the deed and thus ended up being kidnapped by the crew of The Feroshus Maggot. Her only chance of getting home is helping the captain, it’s also the only way she won’t get thrown overboard.Will Mabbit tells us Mabel’s adventure is a wonderful way, I loved the way he engaged with the reader. This is partly why I think this book would be so great to read out loud. The other is because just imagine the voices for the pirates you could do!So yes, The Unlikely Adventures of Mabel Jones my first major book endorsement for 2016.

  • FlowerMae
    2019-05-21 02:52

    i loved the adventure! i don't usually read pirate books, but this one is good! i loved all the different characters.i would happily read it again!

  • Siddharth Chakravarthy
    2019-05-27 23:44

    THE Best adventure book I've read so far !

  • Lisa
    2019-06-03 02:56

    Mabel Jones is kidnapped by Pirates when they witness her performing The Deed (picking her nose and eating it) but she is saved from walking the Greasy Pole of Certain Death when they realize that she can read and spell. Now, she must help them find the men who have the pieces of X so that she can open the porthole and return home. This is a delightful book! Mabel is strong and resourceful, the writing is brilliant and the adventure is exciting. The text layout is a lot of fun, lots of design and font changes. This would be a great addition to either an elementary or middle school library. Cross posted to CHECK IT OUT!

  • Suzanna E. Leonard
    2019-05-31 23:02

    Leuk leesboek vol avontuur. Een piratenverhaal met een meisje in pyjama in de hoofdrol. Veel actie en humor. Grappige tekstopmaak. Het leesniveau van de kinderen moet wel redelijk zijn (minstens derde leerjaar).

  • Jennifer
    2019-05-25 23:58

    I thought this book was dreadful. It begins with young Mabel getting kidnapped out of her room one night by a pirate after she picks her nose and eats her own booger. This is "the deed" that binds you to the pirate captain for life. She is taken to the pirate ship, The Feroshus Maggot captained by a one eyed wolf with a false leg and a loaded pistol in his underwear.The crew is made up of different animals. They are horrified to learn that Mabel is a girl because "girls can't be pirates." But she can read so they don't kill her. If she helps them find the treasure they'll let her go home. There's lots of pirate fights. At one point she falls into an old coffin and gets licked by a dead sheep. Spoiler alert if you read on.She finally realizes she is really in the future where there are no humans, only talking animals. The treasure is really a time machine that can wake the evil dead. The captain wants to be leader of the wicked dead (which includes politicians).There's a mutiny and the captain dies and Mabel escapes thru the time porthole and back home to her bedroom.I have a hard time recommending this book for children. There's lots of talk about farting, rum drinking, dirty underpants, severed hands, drinking competitions of brewed cat pee, and milk being "filth that squirts from the teat of a cow". The worst is when a pirate wants to shave his buttock cheek to get a tattoo of Mabel's face so he can think of her when he scratches his bum. There is also a drinking priest that smuggles goods in the crypt of his church. There are so many better books out there for kids, skip this one!

  • Angie
    2019-06-08 22:01

    Mabel Jones did The Deed and now she has to pay the price. What did she do? She picked her nose and ATE it and was then sucked into a portal to a world of pirates. She has to help Captain Idryss Ebenezer Split of The Feroshus Maggot find the five pieces of the X that will lead to a treasure. This involves a drinking contest involving the disgusting milk, a bit of grave robbing in an underground crypt, being swallowed by a whale and many other adventures. And Mabel does it all while wearing her pajamas.This book was way more entertaining than I thought it would be. Of course they had me with the jacket description, but still. It was a very fun read. I loved the pirates and Mabel's spunk. I really enjoyed the illustrations and the text differences throughout the book. And the narrator was fantastic. I don't usually like third party narration like this, but it was really well done. If you need a pirate adventure set in the future with animals as the main characters this book is for you.

  • Ms. St. Jean
    2019-06-19 21:42

    (Goodreads blurb)Have you ever picked your nose? Have you ever picked your nose and EATEN IT? Have you ever picked your nose, eaten it, and, by doing so, opened a portal to a world run by PIRATES?Mabel Jones has.Kidnapped, Mabel is forced to serve aboard The Feroshus Maggot with the strangest crew you’ll ever meet. And the captain—an odious wolf named Idryss Ebenezer Split—won’t let her go until she helps the pirates uncover the treasure they seek. Mabel’s voyage takes her across the Greasy Pole of Certain Death, into the belly of a whale, and underground to a decrepit crypt. And she does it all…in pajamas!

  • April
    2019-05-26 22:51

    Wow!! Listened to this book with the family on the way to Mt Rushmore. It was perfect for us. Toby Jones read it and he gets 10 stars!!! It was cute enough that my kids loved it and interesting enough that my husband even listened for a while... (he says I should give it 3 stars.) I loved the part about the milk! Thanks for writing and narrating the perfect book to brake up my 10 hours each way car ride!!

  • Courtney
    2019-06-13 02:11

    I would never have picked up this title if it hadn't been to help my sister-in-law write questions for her Battle of the Books team. I have no intention of reading any other titles in the series. But for what it is -a goofy pirate adventure story - it's quite well executed, and I would imagine that it's a huge hit with a certain segment of 8-11 year-old readers.

  • Emma
    2019-06-02 20:43

    this book was so fun and exiting. i loved reading it with my family. we laughed and smiled at all the funny jokes and sayings. who would imagine the unlikely adventures of Mabel Jones? who would imagine pirates were afraid of milk? surely Will Mabbitt would.

  • Abbie
    2019-05-22 21:11

    Read this aloud to my 8,9 and 13 year olds. There are a lot of big words that needed explaining. And we had to review who some of the characters were at times. But it was a fun story. A little dark in spots.

  • Therese
    2019-06-13 22:02

    Mabel Jones was a really fun book. It reminded me of The Hero's Guide to Saving Your Kingdom which I loved. The narration is extremely entertaining and the illustrations are fun. This book is filled with detailed descriptions that make it very easy to imagine all the gross events of the book. The characters are also all very engaging. Mabel Jones is confident and funny. The Pirates are all quirky animals. Since I'm a senior in high school I found it to not be as engaging as I probably would have found it a few years ago. I did not expect the ending of this book, though, so that along with all the clever dark humor made it worth the read.

  • Sarah Sammis
    2019-05-31 23:42

    It has the most twee opening but just past the halfway point it starts to settle down. It ends with some epic world building that should have been there from the get-go. Child as psychopomp.

  • Priscilla
    2019-06-20 01:01

    I liked that we read it as a family and it is super funny. I like the book very much. I listened to it on a trip in the car. The voice that read it was Dobbys and he did really good.

  • Sharayah Preman
    2019-06-16 22:59

    Read this with my daughter every night before bed. She liked it up until the ending. It seemed like the author was running out of ideas and just tried to end it quickly

  • Tina Bretsch bing
    2019-05-30 03:50

    Fantastic, fun original!This was a laugh out loud funny story. I got everyone in my family to read it. Best read ever.

  • Kristi Mulligan
    2019-06-11 04:56

    A witty read for young people. Delightful.

  • Sharron Brown
    2019-05-31 04:51

    Funny, great female character, interesting time travel spin & amazing illustrations throughout. Lots of fun!

  • Gal
    2019-06-05 22:09


  • Hannah
    2019-05-24 21:42

    When Mabel Jones unknowingly commits ‘The Deed’, she is promptly bundled into a specially designed child-sized sack by a silent loris named Omynus Hussh and whisked off to a world run by pirates. She finds herself on a pirate ship called The Feroshus Maggot which is crewed by animals and captained by the nefarious Idryss Ebenezer Split. The Captain will not let Mabel return to the ‘hooman world’ until she helps them find all the scattered pieces of a key which will unlock the most amazing treasure ever known to beast or hooman. But it’s a race against time as they must find all the pieces before the burning comet disappears from the sky, sealing the portal for another hundred years, and the pieces are scattered far and wide… Mabel’s unlikely adventures take her across the Greasy Pole of Certain Death and the Haunted Seventh Sea, into the belly of a whale, battling ghosts, and challenging a bear to a milk-drinking contest – and she does all this in her pyjamas! First in a new series by debut author Will Mabbitt, THE UNLIKELY ADVENTURES OF MABEL JONES is a hilarious middle-grade fantasy adventure with PIRATES and it’s tremendous fun!! (I mean, come on – who doesn’t love PIRATES?!) This book is a joy to read. I honestly had such a great time reading it; I don’t think I stopped grinning the whole time (which got me some rather funny looks when I was reading it on the Tube)!I adored Mabel. She is a fantastic female character with real gumption and she constantly surprised and impressed both me and the crew of The Feroshus Maggot who, despite their initial horror and disgust upon discovering that Mabel is a GIRL (*horrified gasp*), grow to consider her a truly excellent pirate. She’s brave, smart, and kind, and takes to being a pirate with gusto. One of the things that I loved most about Mabel, though, is that underneath her daredevil attitude, she’s still just a kid that really wants to find a way home.The eclectic array of excellent supporting characters is another reason to love this book. There’s: Captain Idryss Ebenezer Split, an evil wolf with a false leg carved from a human thighbone; the vindictive silent loris, Omynus Hussh, who is “quiet as a peanut and sneaky as a woodlouse in a jar of raisins”; the mysterious and suspicious Jarvis the Psychopomp; the “wild, wicked, and wilfully evil” bear, Bartok the Brute; the strong and silent orang-utan, Mr Clunes; and many more! Seeing Mabel and the crew gradually become fond of each other, as well as the development of a surprising and heart-warming friendship between Mabel and Omynus, was lovely and I really grew to love all of Mabbitt’s characters.Mabbitt’s writing is brilliant. It’s wonderfully witty and exciting, and the wordplay made me laugh out loud a LOT! One of my favourite things about it was the hilariously intrusive narrator who has such a brilliant voice and whose matter-of-fact and often mournful way of addressing the reader is reminiscent of Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. The playful variations in font, word size, and placement enhanced Mabbitt’s already funny writing and the overall effect is very fun and clever. Mabbitt is able to keep the plot constantly moving which keeps readers engaged and wanting more right until the end (and beyond).Ross Collins’ illustrations are a joy – gorgeous pencil drawings which really bring to life all of the characters and the narrative. His characterisation is amazing and bursting with a lively energy that makes Mabbitt’s characters leap from the page and their placement on the pages is really fantastic.Overall, THE UNLIKELY ADVENTURES OF MABEL JONES is a joyously entertaining read that I will recommend to everybody I know and I can’t wait for a sequel! AND DID I MENTION THERE ARE PIRATES?!?!

  • Chris
    2019-05-23 01:48

    Ludicrous, ridiculous, and preposterous!I mean, what can you say about a book whose second character introduced is named Omynus Hussh? Yes, that is an ominous indication of things to come indeed!Things like a world populated by talking, intelligent, bipedal animals, the vast majority of them villainous scoundrels of the most unsavory sort. Where pirates kidnap children (like Mabel Jones) who eat their boogers. Where the captain of the sailing vessel Peapod is Ishmael H. Toucan, searching for the white whale that swallowed his brother Abel. Where one of the preferred drinks is Wasp Rot, brewed from the pee of a thousand stray cats and laced with crushed wasp, and where one of the vilest drinks is milk.Related by a narrator who makes frequent asides to readers, addresses them directly, takes mid-action-sequence breaks to eat pickled onions, and who, thinking our heroine dead, shares his intentions to have her name and image tattooed on his buttocks so that "poor Mabel Jones will be remembered whenever I need to scratch my bum in public."And that's just the faintest hint of the utter nonsense displayed on every single page.Which doesn't even mention the constant, melodramatic use of bolding, enlarged font, illustrations, and graphic design elements for added effect.Or the fact that, despite the highly effective, absurdist humor, the book manages to pull off actual suspense, character growth, and sentiment.This is silliness that is rollicking, clever, and fun.And added praise for the outstanding, over-the-top audiobook narration of Toby Jones, who begins his reading with the clarification that he is of no relation to the title character.Most highly recommended.A brief sample of the storytelling:At this point a savage battle ensued between the monkey guards and the pirates. I'm afraid this is no stuff for a little 'un. Too much blood and gore can stunt your growth, so let's skip to the end of the fight.What's that?You want to hear the details?You think you have the nerve to witness it? In all its grisly and gruesome glory?Well, all right then. Just for a little bit . . . See Mr. Clunes, the orangutan! Surrounded by monkey soldiers, each one armed to the teeth. No cutlass for Mr. Clunes, just fists like hams. A swinging blow connects with the jaw of one of the monkey guards and sends him flying. Then another! And another!He's swatting them away like flies!See Milton Melton-Mowbray! Who would have thought such a well spoken and kindly swine could handle a sword with such deadly grace and style. Those fencing lessons at St. Hamlet's School for Rare-Breed Pigs have not gone to waste. Another monkey is pinned to the wall with a thrust of his epee."Have at thee, sir!" cries the nicely mannered porker.To Pelf now. No fancy training for him. Just the school of hard knocks and a degree without honors from the university of life. Pipe still in his mouth, he delivers his blows with cutlass, hoof, and horn. Not the finer stuff like Milton Melton-Mowbray, nor raw brute strength like Mr. Clunes. Just good old-fashioned brawling, honed to perfection by a lifetime of piracy. There's nothing wrong with a HEAD-BUTT! Especially when you have horns!Finally, what creature is this?It's a snarling ball of fur and teeth.It's a furious whirlwind of claws and drool.It's the most ferocious of all the pirates--CAPTAIN IDRYSS EBENEZER SPLIT! On all fours, he leaps from monkey to monkey, his claws scratching and tearing. In the tight and crowded melee, he is invincible, and all his foes will feel his rage.

  • Diane
    2019-05-22 02:56

    It was all a mistake really. If the pirates hadn't seen Mabel picking her nose, they wouldn't have taken her to become a member of their crew. Now Mabel is stuck in their world ... unless she can find all the missing pieces of X. If she can, then a portal will open up and she'll be able to get back home. But the pieces are hidden and it will take some riddle-solving to figure out where.

  • Darren Hartwell
    2019-06-20 00:47

    This review first appeared on The Book Zone (For Boys)This book carries an incredibly important message that all readers, young or old, should heed or face the appalling consequences: if you are in the habit of picking your nose, it would be wise to pick and flick or pick and wipe, but never, ever pick and eat. Unfortunately for young Mabel Jones, she elected to eat the fruits of her nose-picking labours, and as such commits "The Deed". And if you are observed doing "The Deed" by the piratical crew of the Feroshus Maggot then like Mabel, you will find yourself press-ganged, and spirited away to a strange world by the super-silent-stealthy (and we're talking ninja assassin style super-silent-stealthy here) and wonderfully appropriately named loris, Omynus Hussh.So begins a laugh-out-loud, swashbuckling fantasy adventure, with boisterous and irascible animal pirates, and a gutsy, fiery heroine, albeit a pyjama clad one (but it's ok, as she gets to wear a belt and carry a cutlass, rather than have a leg amputated in order to look more pirate-like). It's also really rather silly, not quite in a Mr Gum way silly, but certainly not far off at times. In fact, if Spike Milligan was alive and well and writing for 21st Century children then there's a damn good chance that this is the kind of brilliant, pants-wettingly funny story he would be producing.The Unlikely Adventures of Mabel Jones is writer Will Mabbitt's debut book for children, and if it is anything to go by then Mabbitt is certainly one to watch. His writing voice is as infectious as it is off-the-wall bonkers, making the book perfect read-out-loud-to-children material (especially if you can 'do the voices'). There is also just the right level of yuk and gross-out for 8-11 year olds, so have the masking tape and staple gun ready for when their sides start splitting with laughter.You only need half a brain to realise these days that books like this for this age group are made even better with high quality illustrations to add to the comedy, and those good people at Penguin Children's Books obviously have the requisite 50%+. As well as the brilliant writing of Will Mabbitt, The Unlikely Adventures of Mabel Jones features the wonderfully awesome illustrations of Ross Collins, which bring Mabbitt's colourful characters to life in a style that is somewhere between Tazzyman's crazy energy and Riddell's rich detail. Mention should also go to Mandy Norman for her dynamic, attention-grabbing text design.The Unlikely Adventures of Mabel Jones is due to be released on 4th June. I believe there is a second adventure planned for Mabel, although I do not know when this will be published, I really hope that we will see more adventures beyond this sequel. I believe there is also an audio book version of The Unlikely Adventures of Mabel Jones in the offing, narrated by the hugely talented Toby Jones (the voice of Dobby in the Harry Potter films, but also an incredibly talented British comedic actor). I've included a trailer below as a taster - this could be one book that needs to be bought in paper-form and in audio form.

  • Dawn
    2019-06-07 20:55

    I learned about this book from a list of 'must read' books for this summer. I went to the library website to put it on hold and found that he digital copy was available (the printed form won't be out until later this summer). I am not a huge fan of digital books, but I am starting to see some great reasons to read digitally. As I found interesting parts I wanted to remember and blog about I highlighted the text and took a screen shot. It made putting this blog post together so easy! This story would be a great read aloud (some of the words might be tricky for my grade three students) and a fun follow up to The BFG. It is full of awful creatures that steal children...but in a matter of fact way that children delight in! They will love the scary bits. They will love the grossness. It is kid perfect!It is also full of lines that will make any adult snicker, and be perfectly sensible to children. I chuckled all the way through it.P. 17 Captain Idryss Ebenezer Split turned to his crew and uttered an oath so foul it could NEVER be written down. (It contained a word so rude that if an adult whispered it to themselves after bedtime, under the quilt so no one could hear, they could still be arrested and thrown in prison for a very long time.)The illustrations are hilarious! They seem like the illustrations that would be in Inkheart. Scary!!!Mabel is taken in the night by a perfectly frightful band of pirates after she does THE DEED (errr, picking her nose and eating it!) They are aghast when they realize they have kidnapped a GIRL. They didn't realize girls did THE DEED.P. 19 Any final words, girl?” snarled Captain Split.He made the word “girl” sound like how the smell of dog poo would sound if it made a noise.It's matter if fastness reminds me of many conversations I have at school with kids all the time. (Insert wings story and balls story): P. 23 This morning Mabel Jones had a feeling that she probably wouldn’t be going to school.This morning she was sitting on a barrel in the cabin of a pirate ship, surrounded by a crew of excited animal pirates. It was actually surprisingly similar to being at school except, instead of a nice principal called Mr. Dobson, there was an evil wolf called Captain Idryss Ebenezer Split.(That is pretty much the same, right?)There is all sorts of good advice too! Like: Never trust a man who washes his underpants after just one use. (p. 63)Mabel Jones is one tough girl....and she isn't even persuaded by handsome princes. She sees right through his beauty for what he really is: p. 73 She was the man who wanted her to stay with him forever in his castle. As a princess?A prisoner, more like!Spinning away from his arm, she snarled...And there is even a friendship theme that runs through.....poor Omynuss Hush really does need a friend.

  • Wendy
    2019-05-24 00:10

    "The Unlikely Adventures of Mabel Jones" which I won through Goodreads/First Reads is a delightfully hearty adventure that begins when Mabel commits "The Deed" and is bundled in a sack by a silent loris and whisked through a portal to serve as a pirate on the "the Feroshus Maggot". When it's discovered that Omynus Hussh kidnapped the wrong gender (because girls can't be pirates), Captain Idryss Ebenezer Split, a nefarious wolf doesn't send Mabel back to the "hooman" world, but enlists her in finding clues to the pieces of a key scattered far and wide that will unlock a mysterious treasure. There's only one catch. If the treasure's not unlocked before the burning comet disappears from the sky, the portal Mabel was carried through will be sealed for a hundred years.On a rollicking voyage that middle schoolers will love, the fun never stops as a pajama clad Mabel battles ghosts and even challenges a bear to a milk-drinking contest. The story is presented in a madcap style with variations in word placement and font size as well as loaded with zany illustrations by Ross Collins that bring the characters to life. This is a merry romp filled with witty banter that keeps you laughing from the first page to the last.Among the unforgettable misfit crew is the sneaky, vindictive silent loris, Omynus Hussh; the mysterious and suspicious Jarvis the Psychopomp; the “wild, wicked, and wilfully evil” bear Bartok the Brute; the strong and silent orang-utan Mr Clunes. All report to Captain Idryss Ebenezer Split, the evil wolf with a false leg carved from a human thighbone. But it's the smart, feisty and brave heroine Mabel Jones who you love. Fearless and determined to find her way home, she even captures the heart of the pirates who were horrified that she was a girl because everyone knows "they can't be pirates"."The Unlikely Adventures of Mabel Jones" is an exciting and highly entertaining tale that I recommend as a must- read for any child with the heart of a pirate .

  • Vicky
    2019-05-26 00:43

    My Thoughts:If you (or a loved one) likes Lemony Snicket, Roald Dahl, or Captain Underpants, this one’s for you! There’s very little serious about this book, but it’s a lot of fun in the way that kids of the target age group like it best. Silly situations, caricatures of characters, adventure, peril, perilous adventure, a treasure to find—it’s all here.Mabel Jones is plucky and resourceful as she helps the crew of the Feroshus Maggot find their treasure—which, incidentally, will open a portal for her to return home. (That’s probably the most serious element of this story, that Mabel really would like to go home.)Along the way, Mabel makes friends and continues to think her way out of danger.The ARC I received still had art to come, but the illustrations it did contain were fun line drawings. Likewise, there are some fun typographic tricks to keep young readers engaged.I loved the names for the various characters—Omynus Hush being my favorite. The captain is just a stereotypical meanie, but other characters have more endearing qualities.Possible Objectionable Material:Nose picking. Cartoonish violence. Lack of parental presence. If you are offended by Dahl or Pilkey, don’t go here.Who Might Like This Book:Kids from six to 106. You need a sense of humor and fun. If you think Captain Underpants should be removed from libraries, this is NOT a book for you. Lexile Measure: 750Thank you, NetGalley, for the ARC.

  • Jenny
    2019-06-15 02:10

    This book had a great dust jacket blurb (Have you ever picked your nose? Have you ever picked your nose and EATEN IT? Have you ever picked your nose, eaten it, and, by doing so, opened a portal to a world run by PIRATES? Mabel Jones has...), but the book was: "meh, it's okay." At least for me (the mom). The kids liked it alright. There's a rather intrusive narrator giving commentary throughout, and more than once I was tempted to abbreviate the interruptions rather than read them. The book is filled with goofy fonts with certain words HUGE or tiny or italicized or blocky, ... and there are illustrations every few pages. The humor turns a bit macabre-- more macabre than I enjoy reading to my 5 year old (dismembered hand, zombie army, dead sheep in a crypt, etc). My 7 and 9 year old liked it the story well enough and there were some funny scenes and a few nice jokes, but I won't be reading the next in the series.Oh, and -- unfortunately -- I haven't noticed a decrease in "THE DEED" (picking of noses) since reading the book; I guess the idea of being kidnapped by animal pirates isn't enough to cure a nose picking habit. Too bad.

  • Barbara
    2019-05-21 02:55

    In this odd but entertaining entry from the United Kingdom, Mabel Jones picks her nose, and thinking no one is watching, eats the booger at the end of her finger. Her actions are gross enough, but they have dismaying consequences as Mable is subsequently kidnapped by pirates and made to endure all sorts of mistreatment as part of the pirate crew aboard the Feroshus Maggot. The pirate's leader is the cruel and obsessed Idryss Ebenezer Split, a wolf, who is determined to put together all the parts of the letter X that have been scattered about the land. If Mable can succeed in helping him do just that, she has a slim chance of returning home. If not, the ship will be her home. The story has wonderful characters, some of whom develop hearts and behave in compassionate ways, and incorporates various font sizes and styles and authorial intrusions that add to readers' enjoyment of the book. Few readers will forget the sneakiness of Omynus Hussh, the slow loris who despises Mabel at the book's beginning but befriends her by the time it concludes. Perfect for those who love pirate stories, it's nice to have a book featuring a rowdy female pirate who isn't squeamish at all.