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The ultimate showdown between Hal Jordan--the greatest Green Lantern of all--and his arch-enemy, Sinestro, continues in this new volume. Face-to-face with the Guardian of Sinestro's army of fear, Hal Jordan must find the willpower to battle his greatest foes.Collecting: Green Lantern 24-25 & Green Lantern Corps 16-19...

Title : Green Lantern, Volume 5: The Sinestro Corps War, Volume 2
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ISBN : 9781401218003
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 192 Pages
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Green Lantern, Volume 5: The Sinestro Corps War, Volume 2 Reviews

  • Alejandro
    2019-05-01 10:07

    The Sinestro Corps War rages on!This harcover TPB edition contains “Green Lantern” #24-25 and “Green Lantern Corps” #16-19. Featuring the second volume of the “Sinestro Corps War” event.Creative Team:Writers: Geoff Johns, Dave Gibbons & Peter J. TomasiIllustrators: Ivan Reis, Ethan Van Sciver & Patrick GleasonARMED & DANGEROUSGreen Lanterns are cops, space cops to be more exactly, but……their power rings, the most powerful weapons in the universe……weren’t able to kill…In the eyes of Sinestro, the Green Lanterns were empty threats.Any cop in the world is armed with a gun (even on UK where only certain selected car units carry weapons under key), and those guns kill, certainly they have to be used as a last resort, but at the end, for better or worse, cops are respected due they carry lethal weapons……and now, due the stress done by the Sinestro Corps, the Guardians of the Universe changed the Book of Oa, and now the power rings were able to use lethal force against Sinestro Corps agents.Sinestro won.Not matter the outcome of this Sinestro Corps War, finally the Green Lanterns are being lead to the position in the universe that Sinestro always wanted, space cops carrying lethal weapons.True, the power rings were defined to employ that lethal force against only Sinestro Corps members, but……once blood is tested by the Green Lanterns……once the first exception in added to their rings…’s only a matter of time, when they’ll be able to apply lethal punishment against other kind of criminals……Sinestro knows this, it’s not about “if” but “when” and he knows that it’ll be soon, quite soon.The alien life forms in the universe will be afraid of their space protectors due their new lethal-level on their power rings. The Green Lanterns won’t be living emblems of willpower but of fear.Fear will overcome the Willpower.Even if Sinestro loses his war, the real goal will be reached.Order will come to the universe.It’s all that Sinestro wants.BRAVE NEW SPECTRUMGanthet and Sayd have been expelled from the Guardians of the Universe.Their sin? Their crime?Feelings. Emotions.They feel and that was seen as a mistake by the rest of the Guardians of the Universe.Now, Ganthet and Sayd have exposed to the Green Lanterns of Space Sector 2814, where Earth is part of, a shocking revelation from the Book of Oa.The Green color, the color of willpower, was the color which glowed in the first. Chosen by the Guardians of the Universe since it was the color at the center of the spectrum, the more balanced……but there are other colors!Certainly Sinestro has been using the Yellow color of fear for decades, and now even he just organized his own Corps based on that color.And don’t forget the Warrior Women of Zamarons, old enemies of the Green Lanterns, whom have they used Star Sapphire as their herald. They had chosen the Violet color of Love. And while you may naively think as something good……remember that many wars have been battled in the name of love. Many crimes have been commited in the name of love.However, there still to be seen four more colors! That the now renegade Guardians informed about to the Green Lanterns from Earth.The universe of Green Lantern never was so colorful as it will be in its incoming future.Never so colorful.Never so divided.Never so dangerous.Never so entertained!It’s a brand new era for Green Lantern comic books, and as I commented in the review of the previous volume, since its massive restructuring in the Silver Age of DC Comics, Green Lantern will expand its own inner universe of characters as no one could ever dream.And there is even two other more colors, beyond the four ones soon to appear!

  • Anne
    2019-05-03 07:49

    Definitely worth reading!

  • Cheese
    2019-05-18 10:59

    Sinestro is your modern day Adolf Hitler alien from space. He brings the whole series together and gives it meaning. Without him this series would be a lot less enjoyable. And crikey who doesn't love be a fight between Two sentient planets, plus a superman prime suped up with a sunlight suit taking on the whole justice league and let's not forget...THE ANTI MONITOR! He devours universes and he just casually lands in New York! Awesome.

  • Diz
    2019-05-02 06:46

    This continues the epic cosmic craziness of the Sinestro Corps War. It's pretty much action all the way through with lots of double page spreads of what seems like hundreds of aliens fighting each other. It's fun to pick out the Earth heroes in these scenes--almost like a DC version "Where's Waldo". My favorite part is the epilogue after all of the action is complete. Several surviving lanterns are show returning to regular life after the war. The best is seeing Kilowog sitting down to dinner with his wife and two kids. I enjoyed that single page more than all of the pages spent on action during the war. It's these kinds of small character moments that make comics worth reading.

  • 'kris Pung
    2019-04-28 09:03

    A fitting conclusion but not as strong as the first volume which had plenty of tension. This one amounts to just one cosmic fight scene with a pretty typical GL formula. “I hate you, your evil and you kill people ” (constructs something cool with ring and starts bludgeoning with it)“I hate you more because I’m evil” (constructs something equally as a cool and starts stabbing with it)(Rinse/Lather/Repeat)And that’s pretty much the whole book in a nutshell, I hope I didn’t spoil it for anyone.

  • John Yelverton
    2019-05-16 05:56

    This book series just keeps getting better and better with each new addition.

  • Martin
    2019-05-02 12:12

    Conclusion of the story begun in Green Lantern, Vol. 4: The Sinestro Corps War, Vol. 1Epic story with BIG stakes and great villains. Parallax is getting annoying and overplayed, but then there's Cyborg Superman, Superboy Prime, and Sinestro & his Sinestro Corps to contend with. And oh! - how could I forget the Anti-Monitor! The Green Lanterns really have their work cut out for them. Who will live? Who will die? This is the storyline that Geoff Johns' run has been building up to, and it does not disappoint!

  • Dan
    2019-04-23 06:47

    I really liked this storyline, but I felt that volume 2 was just not as good as the first volume. It ended kinda wonky and was really slow at first. Reading the Tales of the Sinestro Corps before this helped to understand the major players better. Must read Crisis storylines too before you try to read this.

  • Wing Kee
    2019-04-27 04:05

    Yep this is how you do an event and also end it!I've said it so many times that I don't like event book so let's go straight into the review. This is the second book of the huge Sinestro Corp event. Luckily it was not a publisher wide event like Final Crisis but rather a line wise event for all GL related books. The first half of the series was great, wit it's super space operay bombastic fast paced explosion heavy issues. Bad was an understatement of the situation the Green Lantern Corps found themselves in, so I was wondering how they would wrap this up and whether it would be satisfying or would it be a cop out which many event books are, they push the characters to the breaking point and magically everything is resolved in the end and the fallout is minimal. It's somewhere in the middle, but still very good.World: The art is great, with Van Sciver and Gleason taking the bulk of the issues, both are wonderful in what they do, Van Sciver is really good at portraying motion and light and power while Gleason is really good at making the battles seem dirty and harsh and painful. Green Lantern during this Johns run really had quality art to go with it's writing. In terms of world building, sure there is a bit of it here and there with the step by step reveal of the Blackest Night prophecy. Johns clearly has a long term plan for the series that extends beyond this event here and you can tell that by the way he is building his world, it's amazing. I will say that with the huge world that he was built and all the different star systems (even on Earth), I'm a bit miffed that the final attack points of the Sinestro Corps are all continential America based. Yes I know this is an American comic book, but an event like this deserves a bigger and wider scope, I sometimes just don't like this with comic books. Overall the world building is amazing and the locales and places are great.Story: Same as the first half of the arc, it's fast, it's loud and it's space operay. It reads like an action movie and thus the second half is all non stop action and bombast. The amount of characters and locales ensures that the battle is endless and the tension gets greater and greater. I know this is an event book so I expected the huge cast of characters all doing a lot of stuff every issue, but wow this was really breakneck. The pacing of the stories was good because we got to alternate between all the lanterns and their different missions. As I said, this was a fun read. So what irked me? Well the ending was fine, but like all event books at the brink everything gets pulled back and real consequence is not really felt. This is not just a problem with Green Lantern but the superhero comic book genre as a whole. So much is put into these characters that if anything were to happen to them to change their status quo is not allowed, and even if it was it is only temporary. No one of substance really dies and therefore you feel the invisible safety net of the world wrapped around the main characters. Also, bringing out the big baddies of Prime and the Anti-Moniter and having it end the way it did was very anti-climatic, that's the problem with super baddies, if they are so amazing why is it at the end after so many issues of fighting and winning they lose to the most unsatisfactory way. They also don't die and are locked back into the DC vault to be used again in a future date, as I said no consequences. Still it was a fun read but in the end it fell into the trap that all superhero comic books fall into, the status quo.Characters: There is surprisingly a lot of characters development going on with this throughout the series, even with all the loud explosions and fights. We get dialog and snippets of development from Hal, Kyle and a whole slew of characters. We also get a huge chunk of Guardians development as Johns sets up the Blackest Night. Additionally with the huge cast of characters I was very surprised at how many Lanterns I knew and came to know for their personality, this is a testament of the writing and the art creating a fully formed world with interesting characters for the readers to care about. Oh and one last thing, they were even able to sneak an full issue of development for people who had not idea Sodam Yat was, his entrance into the GLU was a bit "who?" when it started but this issue gave him some context, it was a bit wonky the way this very important character was introduced at first, but this arc quickly gave us glimpses of who he is.This was a really fun read and what I love about the GL books, but much like all superhero comicbooks, there is a lack of consequence and gravity to the story. Still massive fun and wonderfully written, this is one of the best event books I've read in a while.Onward to the next book!

  • Feather Mista
    2019-05-07 10:58

    Pongo la misma reseña para ambos tomos y el especial de los "Sinestro Tales" porque los leí en revistas separadas y ni sé dónde arranca cada uno, pero en conjunto van narrando todos más o menos lo mismo. Se trata de un "Evento" comiquero con muchos pochoclos de colores, una historia con una premisa interesante no muy bien llevada y altibajos constantes. Los dibujo se mantienen en un nivel bastante bueno pero no así los guiones, que oscilan entre partes entretenidas y estremecedoras y otras ridículas y aburridas como ellas solas. La verdad que no es el tipo de comic de superhéroes que a mí me gusta pero tampoco me pareció malo, y al haberlo leído sin muchas expectativas, no me decepcionó, y eso que ni Johns ni Gibbons (como guionista) son santos de mi devoción. Cuando tenga tiempo me pondré a leer la más ultrapochoclera y colorinche "Blackest Night", que preveo que tendrá altibajos similares a esta saga, que no es más que un gran preludio.

  • Lissibith
    2019-05-18 05:07

    A good conclusion to the title conflict, and an introduction to something DC has really run with since. Anything that features Guy Gardner, especially a well-written Guy Gardner, will always get a bump up from me, bot overall I thought the book balanced action - lots and lots of action - with the right amount of character development, humor and mythology. Also, a team book where the people actually work as a team? Be still my beating heart :)

  • StoryTellerShannon
    2019-05-15 07:48

    Longer review possibly coming.ARTWORK: A minus; STORY/PLOTTING: B plus; CHARACTERS/DIALOGUE: B to B plus; JSA MYTHOLOGY: A minus; ACTION SCENES: A minus to A; OVERALL GRADE: A minus; WHEN READ: end of October 2013.

  • Jedhua
    2019-04-25 11:01

    ABSOLUTE RATING: {2.5+/5 stars}STANDARDIZED RATING: <3/5 stars>

  • Phoenix
    2019-04-26 06:11

    those corps reveals tho *squee*

  • Edward Davies
    2019-05-01 10:44

    The conclusion of the Sinestro Corps War had it's moments, but again a lot of the story was standalone and didn't flow as well as it could have.

  • Emily
    2019-04-23 06:13

    Wow. Okay, trying not to swear too much because my Mom has decided to make her presence known on Goodreads. Luckily, she doesn't much like comics and therefore I doubt she'll read this.Holy. Shit. I am honestly exhausted. I experienced many overwhelming emotions and my brain stopped working several times. I got these from the library today and read them back to back for like 2 and a half hours; dinner be dammed. By the end of this, I had so much adrenaline in my body I legitimately wanted to attempt to lift a car just to see if I could. I'm still trying to regain a normal heart rate, and it's been 20 minutes because every time it starts to go back to normal I start flipping through to read the best parts over and over and seriously IS GEOFF JONES TRYING TO MURDER HIS FAN BASE WITH HEART ATTACKS?!? Alright, I'm trying to form a rational review. There was just so much emotion behind the whole thing, cover to cover. It's actually kind of ironic, considering. Anyways, the plot was fantastic and relentless in it's pace. The art was fantastic - I don't think I've been so repulsed by the images of the aftermath of a fight since Batman and Robin, Vol. 1: Born to Kill. The kill count was ridiculous by the way, although I'm coming to understand this is typical in the world of Green Lantern. Coming from a serious Batman binge (like that's unusual), this was certainly quite a shock, let me tell you. I'm still not sure how I feel about (view spoiler)[how they're allowed to kill(hide spoiler)] but I think I'm just going to have to see how they handle it in the future before I make any snap judgments. Also, GODDAMNIT I have another ship *sigh* I must find some way to contain myself. Kyle & Guy. I'm sorry. Anyone who's going to hate me please don't, my poor brain can't help it's own compulsion to ship. The last few pages broke me, I mean COME ON, THEY DID THAT ON PURPOSE JUST TO EGG ON THE FANFICTION WRITERS!!! *humph*I'm not quite sure what else to say other than READ. THIS. NOW. Well, actually read the one before this, and THEN come read this one, but I think that was clear... *ahem*

  • Daniel
    2019-05-08 07:00

    Teil 2 ist ein böse und brutale Fortsetzung des Sinestro Corps War. Nachdem jetzt auch die Green Lanterns töten dürfen, endet die Geschichte in einer All-Out Schlacht auf der Erde. Wir bekommen alte Bekannte wie Parallax, Cyborg Superman, Superman Prime und den Anti-Monitor zu sehen, und die neuen Corps werden angeteast. Ein sehr gutes Trade.Andererseits stört mich so ein bisschen die Einführung der ganzen anderen Corps aus dem emotionalen Spektrum. Dass das kommt muss sowieso jedem klar sein, der mal die Cover gesehen hat. Aber mein Problem damit ist (u.a.) folgendes:Der grüne Ring repräsentiert die Willenskraft. Macht Sinn. Diese Kraft repräsentiert etwas, das ich aus mir heraus schaffe.Der gelde Ring repräsentiert Angst. Aber nicht meine Angst, sondern die Angst, die ich bei anderen erzeuge. Müsste dann nicht der jeweilige Angreifer sofort jegliche Fähigkeit verlieren ab dem Moment, in dem ich meine Angst überwinde? Und genau das tun die Green Lantern ja, sie haben die Fähigkeit Angst zu überwinden. Oder verstehe ich das Konzept falsch?Der rosa/lila Ring repräsentiert die Liebe, und wurde von den Star Sapphire erschaffen. Nicht nur, das ich schon nichts mit den Star Sapphires anfangen konnte, jetzt gibt es ein ganzes Corps davon? Plus, die Star Sapphire verbreiten ja garkeine Liebe. Bzw. Ach. Das ist großer Bullshit.Der rote Ring repräsentiert den Hass. Den eigenen Hass wohlbemerkt, das aus mir selbst entsteht. Das ist wieder konsistent mit dem grünen Ring, und hört sich Badass an.Der orangene Ring repräsentiert die Gier, die aus mir selbst entsteht. Ist Gier wirklich eine Emotion? Eigentlich ist Gier doch nur eine Konsequenz die aus anderen Emotionen entsteht. Naja, klingt ein bisschen wie die Ferengi Allianz.Der blaue Ring repräsentiert die Hoffnung. Klingt ein bisschen wie Ma-Ti aus Captain Planet. Das Konzept überzeugt mich relativ wenig. Wenn es da einen gäbe, okay, aber ein ganzes Corps? Reichen nicht Ganthet und Sayd aus, um diese zu verbreiten? Hoffnung soll ja in erster Linie inspirieren.Irgendwie hat man hier die Mythologie mal einfach so erweitert, ist dann aber in sich selbst nicht konsequent, bzw bietet wenig Potential.

  • Aaron
    2019-05-05 05:08

    Picking up where the last volume ended, readers will find the Green Lantern Corps on the losing side of a war that will likely change the way the galaxy deals with justice. The Sinestro Corps, a group that has similar powers to the Green Lantern Corps with a focus on fear rather than order, has set about to destroy the corps in order to take over. Sinestro, once considered the best of the Green Lanterns before he was booted out because of his over-emphasis on fear and violence is out for revenge on a grand scale.Current and former lanterns jump up to try and prevent Sinestro from getting what he wants, but the cause is quickly looking like it might be lost. Well-known characters in the Green Lantern Corps team up and fight to the death in order to prevent the worst from happening. The question is whether they will have what it takes to stand up to the Sinestro Corps, whose members are willing to do everything to slaughter the enemy and get what they want. The result will be something that changes what the Green Lanterns stand for and sets up events for the Blackest Night series that was to affect the whole DC Universe in the coming months.I thought this was a really great ending to the story started in the previous volume. This is another instance in which I am not sure why the publisher didn't just place the whole story in a single book because it could have been handled that way. That doesn't detract from the quality of the story, but it did mess with my patience. I really liked my introduction to some of the Green Lantern Corps members I wasn't familiar with. I am not as up on this aspect of the DC Universe as the more Earth-based tales, and I thought some of the newer recruits were interesting and complex, which made the story much better. Overall, the two books together really made me have a greater interest in the Green Lanterns as a whole, which I usually saw as being too powerful and a bit boring.

  • orton41290
    2019-04-27 03:58

    This review assumes you have read Volume 1 of The Sinestro Corps War, is you haven't and don't want any spoilers for Volume 1, stop reading! Why would you read about part 2 without reading part 1?So, Volume 1 of The Sinestro Corps War has set up a pretty good (if basic) story and revealed that the biggest battle between The Sinestro Corps and the Green Lantern Corps will take place on Earth. Luckily for DC Comic fans, this allows Geoff Johns to bring in some other characters (Hawkman, Superman, various members of Superman's extended family, etc.). After reading Volume 1, you know how this is going to be. We get a lot of action and surprises as things spiral out of control. Volume 2 does a great job of continuing the momentum and building the story, while winding things down to bring The Sinestro Corps War to an "end". Does everything make sense? Of course not, when does a comic book ever totally make sense? But it does a goo job of tying up the necessary loose ends while starting the road to Blackest Night. I've heard the saying that no one ever really dies in comics, but every time that it seems as though we've actually lost someone, they either reappear or the facts become fuzzy. It isn't a big deal because we have so many new recruits from Recharge and new Yellow Lanterns introduced in The Sinestro Corps War that I couldn't keep them all apart anyway. Volume 2 is another great entry, but the ending felt a little too muddled for five stars, it's close though. Also, they continually give you that quick little "refresher" every issue of who Kyle Rayner is, or who Hal Jordan is, or "Why are we fighting again? Wait, who is Sinestro?" It gets annoying, but I kind of understand the purpose as single issues. Although, if you are picking up the fourth issue in The Sinestro Corps War, you better already know who Hal Jordan is and what The Sinestro Corps War is about, otherwise you should pick up some earlier issues.

  • John Wiswell
    2019-05-14 09:08

    This review appears for both volumes of the collected Sinestro Corps War story.How about that, they made me a Green Lantern fan. You know, the superhero with the magic ring that makes him travel around space as a bright green policeman? Geoff Jones and a wonderful art staff managed to grasp all the best parts of this superhero mythos and create some very engaging fantasy by tapping into grand themes. Green represents life and willpower; the absurd weakness to yellow is because yellow represents fear, and this storyline is about the war between an army of fear-mongers and the army of just, strong-willed people. Here we see great compromises: emotion is sacrificed for logic, morals against killing are bent for survival, and even the villains have grand motivations that far transcend the old "I'll get you, Green Lantern!" Saturday morning cartoons. One villain serves the fear mongers out of a hope to end his immortal life; another to reach his ideal home world, viewing our earth as a moral wasteland; still another has a motive I can't dare spoil, but it's bloody brilliant. The heroes likewise avoid being pure moral goody-goodies and the newer cliche of the hopeless post-modern anti-heroes, though they are still honestly upstaged by the generals of the yellow army. The battles are some of the grandest in all comics, which should satisfy that burning desire for superhero readers. The scale of the armies and the powers of their generals are genuinely impressive, in no small part because of the beautiful art. But what's really moving in this is all truly human insecurities and struggles embodied in the major characters of this war, accomplished better than most prose fantasy and science fiction novels.

  • Mike Rutschky
    2019-05-20 10:54

    A truly epic superhero space opera. The prophecy of the Seven Corps war (8 counting the Black Lanterns) and the foretelling of The Blackest Night is as great a mythology as anything the Norse or Egyptians had. Translating emotion into colors and symbols has a very primal resonance with our species that is complimented here by the spectacle of intergalactic armies going to war in space in the names of these emotions. The Sinestro Corps War proves that the larger-than-life, mythological aspect of superheroes has always been DC's strong suit.The series itself was a good read that at times was so spectacular that I genuinely got chills from reading it. Unfortunately, the book also suffers from the same pitfalls as all big events/crossovers: inconsistent art and writing. For instance, while the issues written by Geoff Johns are hard hitting and powerful, the writing in the issue that spotlighted the new Ion's battle with Superboy Prime (who's also the most annoying character ever and doesn't deserve to be as threatening as he has been to the DC Universe in the last few years) is very weak and pales in comparison to Johns' stuff. The same can be said about bouncing between the phenomenally detailed art by Ethan Van Sciver and the other artists who all seem more inclined to draw in a very cartoony style. Something that editors have seemed to forgotten is that our eyes follow the art just as much as our minds follow the story, and switching between styles in a story can be jarring.All in all this was a great event. Green Lantern is a consistently high quality book and this summer's "Blackest Night" event is going to absolutely blow our minds.

  • Matt Raymond
    2019-05-13 07:46

    What a great way to end it. As with the first half, lots of fight scenes and close calls. But now Hal and the rest of Earth's GL's are aware of Sinestro's true intention, which have to do with destroying Earth because of it's strong emotional power (among other reasons). So all those fight scenes move to Earth, bringing cameos and appearances from other DC character that try and help out before Sinestro gets his way.I loved seeing Green Lanterns killing people. It was a great satisfaction after all they went through, but there was still discussion about that being the right thing to do or if it was playing into Sinestro's plan. They save the universe, but at what cost? I also loved the issue that was solely Sadam Yat fighting (and kind of sucking) against Superman Prime. I got to go in his head a little, and that's what I look forward to in comic books. Fight scenes are great when they're done right (and they are in this!) but I still want some depth. Volume 2 did not disappoint me on that front. It's also there with other characters, and I especially liked what they ended up doing with Soranik Natu.I'm glad I finally read this, even though I'm just trying to get through most of the Green Lantern backstory so I can understand Blackest Night, but it's probably going to be my favorite once I'm done all this. Sinestro is just so evil, and having him front & center is really the main selling point.

  • Vanessa
    2019-05-24 05:07

    When last we left the Lanterns, Mogo and the Corps were under assault from the Sinestro Corps (including super-villains like Cyborg Superman, Superman Prime, Arkillo and a sentient virus) and the Guardians were bickering about an esoteric prophecy called Blackest Night. This digest collects the second half of the Sinestro War story arc and sets things up for the Blackest Night arc that follows. Lots of groundwork is laid here for future lantern stories: lethal force is enabled for Green Lantern ring-bearers and the rise of the multi-colored Lantern corps are predicted (with visual hints that the Black Lanterns are coming.) This series can get kind of mumbo jumbo and borderline silly sometimes (Children of the White Lobe, anyone?) but what do you expect? It's space opera. With brightly colored, mostly well-executed pictures! I love it. Despite its occasional flaws, it's engrossing and sometimes touching. The sacrifice of Sodom Yat. The bravery of Coast City. The overwhelming decency of Killiwog. The....crazy White Lobe baby bomb things. Given recent events in the Lantern-verse, it's interesting to revisit this and remember why Sinestro was such a complicated adversary-someone whose rigid commitment to law and order made him a villain. And also, to remember Mogo.

  • Brad
    2019-05-15 11:45

    Sending this space battle to Earth and adding in some more colorful mythology improved the epic battle of green versus yellow, willpower v. fear. There's some interesting war-time allegories, as the Green Lanterns sacrifice their morals for victory over the yellow guys. The earthly exceptionalism is vexing--space battles so often culminate on earth, and some Oans call earthlings the most diverse and emotional of all species. I appreciate that this big story was limited to just two comics, but there's a big variation in focus and quality--the Geoff Johns Green Lantern issues are better and more humane, while the Dave Gibbons GL Corps books are okay and more cosmic. Also, Superman Prime is really snotty in this book, sufficiently filling in the two-dimensional role that usually goes to Guy Gardner.

  • Adam Oster
    2019-05-23 08:55

    This book took a while for me to even care about what was going on. I even considered putting it down completely during the first few pages. Of course, although I'm quite familiar with what happens in Volume 1 of the Sinestro Corps War, it's possible that my lack of interest in the first few pages was due to the fact that I hadn't read the compiled edition.Of course, once Guy Gardner appears, all gets a lot better. And, in fact, this story grows in general once things start getting a bit more grounded by heading to earth anyways. We get to see Jordan fighting for Coast City again (interestingly enough, with Cyborg Superman not actually heading over there to cause any trouble while still being nearby), we see Kyle fighting against Parallax, and we get to see some real terror coming from those yellow-ring wielding aliens. The last few books in this segment of the stories leading up to blackest night do a fantastic job of reminding us of a great deal of Green Lantern history, without having to actually go back and tell us what it all was. We see it happening again. But this time, the lanterns seem to be winning.All in all, not an amazing read, most of the rest of blackest night is better, but it's still a worthwhile read if you're making your way through the series.

  • Caitlin
    2019-05-10 08:13

    I really enjoyed the first volume of the Sinestro Corps War but the second is even better! The second volume deepens the mystery of the Blackest Night and starts to pull in some of the other Lantern colors which will be introduced. And it has one of the best moments I've ever seen in the Green Lantern universe with Hal Jordan and the residents of the newly rebuilt Coast City. I can't say more without spoiling it but it's not often that a comic book makes me say "Awwww" out loud and that moment definitely did it. There was a bit of a silly moment towards the end that I had a hard time swallowing but otherwise an absolutely fantastic "end" to the struggle with Sinestro's threat to the Green Lanterns. It was fairly amazing how blind and ridiculous the Guardians became in their denial of the prophecy but it will be very interesting to see where the next two volumes take this. I've been a lifelong Batman fan but Geoff Johns and the others who have done such an incredible job with this series have made me fall in love with the Green Lanterns as well. Highly recommend this to any Green Lantern or superhero fan!

  • Patrick Hester
    2019-04-24 09:01

    I didn't care for this as much as I have the other collections. It was all over the place and didn't feel very coherent. I think it suffers from the same thing that all of these massive crossover events suffer from - too much bs. They decide to do one of these and then they have to fill up all these different books with content - it's just too much.Pulling it altogether into a single collection like this is great - if the story is tight, which this one isn't. The only purpose of this storyline was to setup the next massive crossover event - Blackest Night - which you can tell. so it ends up being 192 pages of foreshadowing for the next event rather than a strong story in its own rite. Add to that the fact that this is VOLUME 2 and you can see how over bloated this story really is.Sorry DCU - I love the Green Lantern, but this didn't do much for me at all.Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps War Vol. 2 SC (Green Lantern

  • Marquis
    2019-05-01 07:52

    The conclusion to SCW was everything I hoped it would be and more! My favorite character is Guy Gardner, who provides the perfect barometer for the temperament of the story; when he stops joking and making snide comments, that's when you know the sh** has really hit. There is a scene when he is infected with the same sentient, murderous bacteria that killed Kyle's mom and he is dying. With his seemingly last breath, he still faces the hordes of Yellow Lanterns. Bringing the intergalactic battle to earth allows D.C. the opportunity to show how heroes like Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman fare against "ring slingers" and it isn't pretty! What makes this tale so riveting is the fact that the Guardians of the Universe decide rewrite the laws of the Lantern and lift the strict "no killing" ban. This act of hypocrisy succeeds in turning the tide of the battle, but conversely justifies Sinestro's insistence that force is stronger than mercy. Inevitably, the Sinestro Corps war becomes less about good versus evil and more about what defines a hero.l

  • Victor Orozco
    2019-04-29 07:04

    EXCELLENT AGAIN!The Sinestro Corps War rages as the great heroes of Earth realize Sinestro's has targeted them. Specifically the brave residents of Coast City. With the images of Return of Superman fresh in my mind I remember the destruction of Coast City and to know that though rebuilt, the people of neighboring cities have refused to occupy it. There are still a few thousand living on it but the memories are still to painful. But it means the world to the family of Hal Jordan as he endures what he can to save his comrades in arms on the Sinestro Corps world of Qward. While the rest of the Green Lanterns fight to save sentient planet Mogo.Parallax is vicious as ever as the Corps of Sinestro and Green Lanterns send their best to fight some amazing battles. Superboy-Prime vs Sodam Yat, Kilowog vs Arkillo, and of course Sinestro vs Hal.In the end its a glorious victory, but at a great cost... Because this is only the beginning of something bigger; the Blackest Night.A

  • Nathan
    2019-05-23 05:54

    So I raved about Sinestro Corps Volume One (5 stars) so what made Volume 2 drop to 3 stars? Art. Pat Gleason's art was prominently featured in this story while Ethan Van Sciver and others did one or two issues of the story. Gleason's art is great for the Green Lantern Corps series he does with writer Peter J. Tomasi but the cosmic level of the combat was somewhat lessened by his chaotic art and it was fun but the number of discernible combatants on the panel was not nearly as well defined as in Ivan Reis' or Ethan Van Sciver's art. When a story of this size and with this number of characters is told you want things to be clear, you want the reader to spend 10 minutes on each panel looking for their favourites battling it out.The story was good and the finale was grand as most are with these large scale events but things felt a little muddled since I was going in with such high expectations brought on by the first collection I felt a little let down.