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Contiene Criminal Deluxe Edition 1 HC USAUn extraordinario volumen de lujo con la obra maestra de Ed Brubaker y Sean Phillips, ganadora de los premios Eisner y Harvey. Incluye las tres primeras sagas de Criminal: "Cobarde", "Sin ley" y "Los muertos y los moribundos". Conoce a un hombre capaz de planificar y ejecutar cualquier golpe, siempre que no entrañe peligro; a alguieContiene Criminal Deluxe Edition 1 HC USAUn extraordinario volumen de lujo con la obra maestra de Ed Brubaker y Sean Phillips, ganadora de los premios Eisner y Harvey. Incluye las tres primeras sagas de Criminal: "Cobarde", "Sin ley" y "Los muertos y los moribundos". Conoce a un hombre capaz de planificar y ejecutar cualquier golpe, siempre que no entrañe peligro; a alguien que abandonó su carrera criminal en las calles de la ciudad para abrazar una nueva vida; a una afortunada femme fatale; a un boxeador sin suerte y a un asesino que vuelve a casa después de haber estado en Vietnam.Guión: Ed BrubakerDibujo: Sean Phillips...

Title : Criminal Integral 1
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Format Type : Hardcover
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Criminal Integral 1 Reviews

  • Cheese
    2019-05-30 03:20

    Seriously, you can stop what your doing and read this book. This is Brubaker and Phillip's best - EASILY! If you love crime, if you love crime noire, if you love Brubaker or if you love comics, you gotta read this.This book is absolute quality. The story, the artwork, the extras, the binding, the printing all excellent. You cannot go wrong buying this book.So this book tells different stories about different characters that all intertwine into the same group history of characters. So when i say history, I mean family history and even city history. It tells the story of the Lawless brothers, and I was thinking, "they keep mentioning their father and his reputation, i'd love to read that", and then boom, vol. 3 you get to read it. It's a very well thought out story, so intricate, and if you read the commentary after the story from Brubaker, he tells how he researched a lot into the crime noir genre and real life stories.It's an exciting story as well. It's very adult, with violence, nudity and cursing i.e. shit, fuck, bollocks, hitler's cock & cunt. :D - Nah it's not that bad, but it is definitely written for mature readers.I would say though, without a doubt the best thing about this book is the artwork. Phillips has always drawn pretty damn good and he's currently banging it out again with the Fade out, but this is where it's at. Sublime.Looooooooooooooooooved it.I will look forward to reading the final book, volume 2.

  • Tfitoby
    2019-05-20 05:05

    Noir perfection in graphic form. Brubaker's understanding of the workings of the genre is phenomenal and the artwork of Phillips just tips it over the edge. There's a lot of talk about Sin City but that collection pales in comparison to what Brubaker and Phillips have created without the need for a hyperstylised world. This stuff is as real and as bleak as noir gets and I'm in love. Each edition an entirely new story arc yet remaining the in the same milieau as previous stories and one hundred percent authentic, constantly adding new understanding to what came before whilst promising many more tales of horror to come from the flawed denizens of The Undertow bar.

  • Donovan
    2019-06-17 06:57

    Damn. I don't often do five stars. And stories don't normally bludgeon me over the head. But it's both in this case because it's Brubaker and Phillips. I first read Fatale Deluxe Volume 1 by these fellas, now Criminal Deluxe Volume 1. And they can sure as shit write and illustrate a story that captivates you, with or without supernatural elements (see Fatale). I love how Criminal tells stories in a round about way. That by the end you have even more perspective on characters whose stories were already told. Coward is by far my favorite volume. Followed by Lawless, then The Dead and the Dying. Leo Patterson is a brilliantly written character with probably more brains and heart than any other person here, particularly because he isn't recognized as a badass but rather a coward, as the volume title suggests. And perhaps that makes him the most empathetic character, if not realistic. Sean Phillips spoils us with his illustrations, layouts, lettering and inking. Illustrators can transcend average work when given control over the visual process, and this is totally the case. It's rough and dramatic, dark and muddy. And Val Staples dark and subdued colors also do the trick. Again, I don't really get into noir. But the drama and artwork in Criminal is as good as it gets.

  • Richard
    2019-05-30 03:53

    A great read for any crime fiction fan interested in possibly reading comics! This deluxe edition collects the first three loosely-interlinking stories of the Criminal series following on-the-fringe survivors in crime-ridden Center City stuck in situations that go from bad to worse in fine noir fashion. While each story gets progressively better, they're all great. I reviewed each tale here:Vol. 1: Coward ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Vol. 2: Lawless ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Vol. 3: The Dead and the Dying ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Kinda crazy that one of today's best crime writers is working in the comic book world!

  • Blindzider
    2019-06-06 01:11

    Of all the crime/noir books by Brubaker that I've read, this is the best so far. It didn't take me long to be fully vested in the characters and wanting to see what happens to them. It never ceases to amaze me how Brubaker is able to craft these realistically flawed people and have me eagerly reading on to see what happens next.There are some similarities here to Sin City: A single town, where the whole place may not be corrupt but there's at least a side of the city where criminals abound. Between Phillips art and Staples' coloring, you end up with a dark/greyish look with minimal washed out colors producing a dirty, sad area that people can't seem to get out of even if they aren't completely bad. Morality clashes with life here. Brubaker creates real people who are generally "good" but external events "force" them into actions and situations that go against their better judgement. This flawed humanity is where Brubaker excels and that's where you find the most fascinating reads.There is some overlap between stories. Generally story arcs focus on one character, but as you continue reading you see them reoccur, sometimes in the background, and sometimes background characters become the focus (again similar to Sin City). There's also some continuity between arcs, but not enough to make you feel like you missed something.I'm really curious about Vol 2, to see if all characters come together in a story or if he maintains the same modus operandi. This is really fantastic stuff, enough that I can't believe someone hasn't picked this up as a live action miniseries.

  • Nick
    2019-06-18 08:17

    I had made an initial pass through Ed Brubaker's Criminal when the first story, Coward, first appeared in 2006. I remember really liking it but didn't stick with it on my pull list for one reason or another. Over the years, I kept hearing how great the series was, with each new story featuring different characters but staying within the universe that Brubaker and Sean Phillips had created. When the Deluxe Edition was released in 2009, I circled it a few times for a buy, but never pulled the trigger. Now, 4 years later with the second Deluxe Edition just released, having received the first for a Christmas present, I dove headfirst into the seedy underbelly of this noir tale. The wait was worth it. The world of Criminal is one that many readers will be familiar with. Not the specific characters or stories themselves, but the feeling, atmosphere and downright filth that occupies the classic "bad people doing bad things" formula. You feel a bit of remorse at the beginning of this story (I consider it one despite the 3 different tales that are combined into this volume), but as the pages flew by, I quickly realized that these aren't good people doing bad things, but flawed individuals who never stood a chance. The final story, The Dead and the Dying, really encompasses this, stepping back in time to show the first generation of criminals whose offspring have picked up right where they left off. It's haunting and tragic, but it's also incredibly entertaining - a gritty standalone that doesn't have to deal with crossovers and tie-ins. Brubaker is free to stretch his legs and tell his story, his way, and we're the benefactors. I'll have to cut down on the lag time between volumes 1 and 2.

  • Aaron
    2019-06-03 06:23

    This is crime noir at its best, which is to be expected with a team like Brubaker and Phillips. The art is as brutal and stark as the writing, which keeps you guessing the whole way through. Even when you think you've figured something out it doesn't do you any good in the long run, because Brubaker turns the story back on itself or twists it in a whole new direction. This is classic noir with a modern spin, and the world Brubaker's created here is rich and full of characters drifting in and out of each other's lives in a way that lets you really FEEL the criminal underground of Center City. I don't think I've read any crime comics in a long time that come close to touching this one.But, I guess that's where I take off a star. For as rough and bleak and intense as this book is, it's still Crime Noir, a genre that has been done over and over again since the first Hardboiled magazines were published in the 1920s. This is GREAT crime noir, but I never felt like I was reading something that redefined the genre, or took it to new heights. It's hard to fault something for that, I guess, but it did leave me wanting a little something else.

  • Andrew
    2019-05-22 07:06

    I read the first story arc ("Coward") a while back, and I thought it was very well-written and enjoyable, but then I forgot about the series for a while. Completing the next two arcs ("Lawless" and "The Dead and the Dying"), I see that the Criminal series is more than just well-written. The stories in these arcs stretch from the 1950's to the modern day, following generations of lowlifes, and telling their family histories from multiple perspectives. Brubaker makes the most of the varied viewpoints to flesh out characters and events over time, taking his time to reveal motivations and back stories. This broad, un-rushed approach gives the whole series a sense of scope and weight that none of the individual stories have on their own. of The majority of the plots focus on the decisions characters make as they try to escape their pasts, but in almost every instance, the protagonists find themselves either dead or trapped in situations far worse than where they started. The fatalism and unrelenting ugliness gets a little wearying over time, but it fits with the noir genre and the gritty atmosphere established by the artwork.

  • Sean Kottke
    2019-06-10 08:16

    Fantastic noir epic, and really the best format to read it in order to catch the intricacies of relationships that tie all of the stories together (so helpful to be able to flip back a page or two or a hundred in a single volume for a quick refresher on who's who). Plus bonus content and back matter from the single issues not included in the trade paperbacks. This is world-based storytelling at its finest - both in the sense of quality and grittiness.

  • Paul
    2019-05-22 03:53

    An amazing book!The American Comic had finally grown up. Gone are the men in tights and anatomically impossible women. No more funny quips as the heroes and villains punch each other out with leaving nary a bruise. A punch to the nose hurts and bleeds... and bullets kill.Brubaker takes us into a world that, even though few of us are ever likely to experience, does, none-the-less exist.I loved how the stories intertwine troughout multiple generations and a small character in one story suddenly becomes the entire focus of another.The art perfectly matches the noir story telling. In an imperfect world, (and really, which world is truly perfect?), we get imperfect characters. No heroes, no precise line between who are the good guys and who are the bad guys, in fact, is there really such a thing? Just predators... and the rest of us.I would never invite any of the characters depicted in this book into my home, nor would I actually want to be part of "their" world... but I'm glad I got the chance to get a glimpse into it thanks to Brubaker.

  • Maria Kramer
    2019-06-12 02:18

    Brubaker is a modern master of noir. Each volume focuses on a different member of the criminal underworld - thieves, enforcers, and gun molls - and how their lives fall apart. I loved the simple, direct, compelling plots; the gritty atmosphere; and how the plots all subtly interlocked. This is a book I stayed up way too late reading, and I look forward to reading volumes 3-6.If I had to complain about something, it would be that the women fall into the stereotypical "gun moll" pattern. They certainly have agency and are capable criminals in their own right - but their purpose in the story revolves around how they affect the men.Similar titles:Parker100 Bullets

  • Germancho
    2019-05-20 03:15

    While artistically and technically very good, it lacks humanity, and the stories are not entirely compelling, except for the last one "Female of the Species" which I found perfect in execution.

  • Ryan Moore
    2019-05-26 01:21

    Great crime noir collection. I like the way Ed Brubaker can keep the stories going and intertwining all the characters book by book.

  • Rodolfo Santullo
    2019-06-12 00:20

    Un generoso regalo me permitió hacerme con esta serie al completo. En Criminal el tandem Brubaker+Phillips -una de las parejas artísticas más aceitadas de la actualidad en el mundo de la historieta- nos plantean conocer a partir de una serie de miniseries (valga el juego de palabras) el submundo criminal de una ciudad. Con personajes que son protagonistas en algunas y secundarios en otras (o simplemente no vuelven a aparecer más que para ser apenas mencionados) Brubaker nos va presentando una sola y larga historia: el imperio criminal de los Hyde, una verdadera dinastía que se continúa durante varias generaciones en el poder. Y sin embargo, los Hyde no son nunca los protagonistas, sino que son casi siempre los jefes o incluso los antagonistas de los distintos personajes que van protagonizando esta saga e incluso a veces no tienen peso, pero son sí siempre la constante, la referencia permanente. En total son 6 los volúmenes que la componen -dos libracos en el integral que tengo yo- y aunque hay algunas historias que podrían considerarse "de relleno" (me da la impresión que Brubaker pensó en un principio que haría más historias y por eso en la primera mitad no se puso tan "selectivo") la gran mayoría son de una contundencia envidiable. Destacan, logicamente, las más extensas: "Coward" (que creo que es la mejor de todas, con la ejecución de un asalto y sus consecuencias narrada como ya quisieran hacerlo guionistas de todo tipo de lenguaje de todas partes del mundo), "Lawless" (que cierra algunas puntas de la primera historia pero al mismo tiempo nos presenta al que será EL personaje de la serie: el ex soldado Tracy Lawless), "Bad Night" (donde se revela la identidad del autor de la tira que venía apareciendo dentro de la historieta, el policial "Frank Kafka"), "The Sinners" (con el regreso de Tracy Lawless, lo más parecido a un protagonista que tendrá toda esta serie) y "El último de los inocentes" (de un brillante malalechismo). El apartado gráfico de Phillips no tiene la menor mella. Es un narrador estupendo, que construye con dinamismo todas sus secuencias, no abusa de las referencias fotográficas y hasta cuando la situación lo requiere (que dibuje al estilo "Archie" por ejemplo) experimenta y sale más que bien librado. En suma, una serie imprescindible para todos los amantes del policial (en especial el crook story) y la buena historieta.

  • Vasilis Giannopoulos
    2019-05-27 08:15

    Just amazing. If you like noir stories, movies, novels or whatever, don't hesitate not even for a moment to pick this up. Of course not all the stories end up as I would have liked but the storytelling of these guys is just amazing.

  • Paul
    2019-05-30 02:16

    Fantastic series that every fan of crime noir should read. But don't just read Brubaker's fluid, tough-guy dialogue, slow down to appreciate Phillips' gritty artwork. All of it makes for an enjoyable and unforgettable experience.

  • Michal Vámoš
    2019-06-07 06:08

    Hned toho chci víc.

  • Albert
    2019-05-23 07:57

    Just amazing... so g/damn amazing... I've reread these books so many times, but still enjoying them.

  • Kurt
    2019-05-21 04:17


  • Cristina
    2019-06-04 07:15

    Com fotos em colaboração entre Ed Brubaker e Sean Philips iniciou-se em 2000 com Scene of the crime. Depois desta parceria, haveriam de voltar a juntar-se para Sleeper e então Criminal. A estas seguem-se ainda Incognito, Fatale e Fade Out. Esta parceria de sucesso tem criado histórias violentas, reconhecidas pela sua qualidade. Vencedor do prémio Eisner em 2007, Criminal reúne as histórias interligadas de várias personagens que acabam por ser, voluntária ou involuntariamente, puxadas para uma realidade de violência e crime.A cada história percepcionamos o escalar da violência como algo inevitável, algo que é percepcionado como negativo, mas que se torna um ciclo ao qual as personagens se revelam incapazes de escapar. Nalguns casos a atracção é percepcionada. As personagens mostram consciência dos percursos que estão a percorrer, percursos com final letal que enfrentam de cabeça erguida.Personagem a personagem vamos percebendo o que as rodeia e o que as colocou na via da criminalidade, do submundo, o que as levou a cair na violência, seja como alvos, seja como perpetuadores – ma infância carregada de violência da qual fogem ou da qual sentem um estranho fascínio, uma dura desilusão amorosa, ou a única profissão que conhecem. Caso a caso percebemos que a violência da qual estão rodeados é algo que se encontra embrenhado em cada um e que é algo do qual não podem escapar.O mundo do crime revela-se uma armadilha fascinante. Crescendo como ladrões e criminosos, habituados a jogar com multidões ou a exercer a violência como forma de se afirmarem, estes homens revelam-se incapazes de adoptar outros hábitos e escorregam para os mesmos padrões. Pouco mais sabem fazer do que aproveitar as oportunidades que captam em seu redor, enveredando, por vezes, por caminhos mais lucrativos que são, também, exponencialmente mais perigosos.Este volume integra a história de várias personagens, interligadas nos seus percursos rumo à violência, enquadrando a vida de cada uma – a violência não surge desagregada e dissociada, mas no seguimento de uma série de acontecimentos que tornam a situação inevitável. De destacar que, na primeira história é mostrada, paralelamente, uma pequena banda desenhada que as personagens lerão num jornal, com pistas para algo mais.

    2019-06-03 07:54

    Dieses edle Hardcover sammelt drei Erzählungen aus der mit dem Eisner Award ausgezeichneten noir-Serie Criminal.In der ersten Geschichte Coward wird der Meisterdieb Leo von korrupten Cops gezwungen einen Überfall auf einen Banktransporter durchzuführen. Die Sache geht natürlich nach hinten los und führt Leo auf einen blutigen Pfad der Rache.Die zweite Geschichte Lawless dreht sich um den Golfkriegsveteran Tracy Lawless. Auf der Suche nach dem Mörder seines Bruders infiltriert er dessen ehemalige Ganovencrew.Die dritte Geschichte The dead and the dying ist in drei Episoden geteilt. Jake der Boxer ist mit dem Sohn eines Drogenbarons befreundet bis eine femme fatal einen Keil zwischen die beiden Männer treibt.Die drei Teile sind eigenständige Erzählungen, die aber über Personen und Handlungen lose miteinander verbunden sind.FazitBrubakers erfindet mit Criminal das Rad nicht neu. Ähnliche Geschichten findet man in vielen Noirkrimis oder Mafia-Filmen. Neu ist hier eigentlich nur das Medium. Die düstere Kolorierung sorgt für authentischen noir flair. Im standard comicraster lässt Brubaker seine wortkargen Kriminellen in rauchigen Bars und schmutzigen Gassen aufeinander los.Für meinen Geschmack etwas zu klassisch. Die Geschichten hat man so oder so ähnlich schon gehört oder gesehen und auch der Zeichenstil hat mich nicht vom Hocker geschossen (wo das Cover doch so genial ist!). Obwohl man insgesamt nicht meckern kann, hätte etwas mehr Experimentierfreude bei der grafischen Umsetzung sicher nicht geschadet. Was bleibt ist ein bleihaltiges Lesevergnügen für Genrefans.Wertung 3/5 Patronenkugeln

  • Chalupa Batman
    2019-06-11 05:12

    I thought that Coward was such a great story with intriguing characters. Thought that the other 2 stories were a little weak in comparison.

  • Sophie
    2019-05-20 01:15

    I'd tiptoed around this book for quite a while, having heard great things about it but not sure whether I really should. Then I thought, what the hell, and I'm glad I did. This edition collects the first three volumes of Criminal, a series by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips. Each volume follows a different group of characters, but their stories are all set in the same world, and they connect with each other sometimes. Like the title of the series suggests, we follow the lives of criminals, but for the most part, they're more than just bad guys. I was surprised to see how quickly I came to care about them (or some of them), and the plots are really well-planned out and suspenseful. It was one of the books where I found I couldn't read fast enough, while at the same time trying to slow myself down because I wanted it to last longer. Apart from the great characters and interesting stories, I also loved the whole mood of it all (even though it was depressing) and the artwork is just perfect for this kind of story.Really, really excellent. If you like "crime noir", you should read this.

  • Francisco Silva
    2019-06-13 04:05

    La dupla Brubaker/Phillips tiene a su haber varias colaboraciones, por lo general bastante bien valoradas. En mi caso anteriormente leí los dos primeros tomos de Fatale (Fatale, Vol. 1: Death Chases Me , Fatale, Vol. 2: The Devil's Business) ambos bastante sólidos. En este caso, esta lectura contiene los primeros tres TPBs de la serie en al que el protagonismo se va trasladando de un personaje a otro dependiendo del arco argumental, así como el periodo narrado va desde lo más reciente a hechos transcurridos en el pasado de los personajes. Mafias y ladrones, de seguro el tipo de cómic ideal para los viudos de 100 Bullets: The Deluxe Edition Book I

  • Vít Kotačka
    2019-05-27 02:00

    Grafický román (či spíše povídky?) Criminal je formálně dokonalý - jak graficky, tak žánrově. Je to noir, hustý a temný jako tér. A žádný provalený klišé.Přesto tomu cosi chybí. Atmosféra je sice hutná, ale chladná. Emocionálně chladná. V podstatě ani s jednou z hlavních postav jsem necítil nějaké sympatie - asi nejblíže k nim měl Leo z úvodní povídky Zbabělec.Ke kladům rozhodně patří aktuálnost - nejsou to žádná 30. léta, ale současnost. A přesto si to, v noir atmosféře, nijak nezadá s klasickým předválečným L.A.Takže, určitě to stojí za přečtení a teším se nadruhý díl. Ale kultovní master piece typuSin City, to prostě není.

  • Jeff Lanter
    2019-06-03 00:07

    This is a double dip for me and I'm upgrading from the softcover trade paperbacks to hardcover. Criminal is one of my absolute favorite series and if you're at all interested in crime and noir, you NEED to read this. The hardcover version has some really nice features like the double spread cover gallery which are so gorgeous. There are a few essays on crime movies which are also very interesting and have inspired me to check out some of the movies they discuss. I honestly wish I had the regular issues so I could read all of the essays that have appeared in Criminal. They also included artwork that complimented the essays which is just as amazing as the covers. All in all, the hardcover version of Criminal is completely worth it even if you already have softcover or digital versions of these stories. This beautiful and haunting book belongs on your shelf.

  • Korynn
    2019-05-21 01:19

    The only downside to this book is that is does not collect the articles in the back of the comics that were not written by Brubaker or Phillips. Sorry, folks, you're outta luck if you were expecting everything. Despite that, it reads wonderfully as it introduces a world of criminals, all of which are so far interrelated by a past created a generation ago as featured in the last three stories, all one-shots that explore the original "criminals" who created the modern batch of protagonists that feature in the first two stories. "Coward" is stellar with a reluctant criminal who is born to it, an ideal heist, a nefarious set-up, and a final shoot out that redeems no one. "Lawless" explores a family of men that has always made the wrong choices, and he commits the cardinal sin of crime only to end up leashed to his dad's former master.

  • Kelsey
    2019-05-23 06:59

    Honestly vacillating between giving this a 4 or a 5-star rating.I sincerely enjoyed Criminal, I especially enjoyed Leo's arc, but couldn't help but be left wanting... more. More ground-breaking. Leo has a relationship with Greta, Greta dies.Tracy has a relationship with Mallory, who had had a relationship with his younger brother. Mallory is the one who killed his brother, yet, Tracy kills everyone else and leaves her alive.Danica is the heart of the trouble between Sebastian and "Gnarly" Jake, and she dies.I know that the femme fatale, the mystery girl, the womanly enigma, what-have-you, is entirely intrinsic to the crime noir genre, but I just can't help but be left wanting more from it. I must say how I enjoyed how interconnected the three arcs were. I hope to see more about Leo, especially, in upcoming volumes. I loved his story, his rules, his inner beast.

  • Oliver Ho
    2019-06-05 07:02

    Pitch-perfect crime stories, blending plot elements and noir tropes that feel familiar, while focussing strongly on the characters. It never feels like a simple pastiche. I love the way the characters reappear in each others' stories, and by the end of the volume you get a sense of several generations in these lives, and how pivotal moments and minor decisions resonate for years afterwards. The combination of the writing, artwork and colouring are absolutely awesome. This was a re-read, and I'll definitely return to it again.

  • Leah
    2019-06-06 02:15

    Violent, soupy, unfettered noir of the highest grade. The threading of previous narratives into the current one is masterful, a sense that the crime world is connected in insubstantial, unproveable, transient ways, as much linked by choices and behaviours as by any actual physical connection.The colouring and motion in the art perfectly captures Brubaker's classic noir narration tone. You can almost hear the lonely saxophone on the soundtrack as rain hits the hot streets and blood drips from a broken nose. The loneliness in these panels is excruciating.An absolute joy to experience.