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'Love comes out of nowhere for most of us, when we least expect it . . . this young man has flown into your heart and made a nest.'Amidst the carnage of Gallipoli, British nurse Claire Nightingale meets Australian Light Horseman Jamie Wren. Despite all odds, they fall deeply in love. Their flame burns bright and carries them through their darkest hours, even when war tears'Love comes out of nowhere for most of us, when we least expect it . . . this young man has flown into your heart and made a nest.'Amidst the carnage of Gallipoli, British nurse Claire Nightingale meets Australian Light Horseman Jamie Wren. Despite all odds, they fall deeply in love. Their flame burns bright and carries them through their darkest hours, even when war tears them apart.Jamie's chance meeting with Turkish soldier Açar Shahin on the blood-stained battlefield forges an unforgettable bond between the men. It also leaves a precious clue to Jamie's whereabouts for Claire to follow.Come peacetime, Claire's desperate search to find Jamie takes her all the way to Istanbul, and deep into the heart of Açar's family, where she attracts the unexpected attention of a charismatic and brooding scholar.In the name of forgiveness, cultures come together, enemies embrace and forbidden passions ignite – but by the breathtaking conclusion, who will be left standing to capture Nurse Nightingale's heart?A heart-soaring novel of heartbreak and heroism, love and longing by a powerhouse Australian storyteller....

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Nightingale Reviews

  • Nikoleta
    2019-07-20 19:38

    Άκρως ρομαντικό βιβλίο. Κι αν βρήκα την πλοκή αρκετά φορές αφελούτσικη, παρόλα αυτά μου άρεσε. Η Κλέρ έδωσε μία υπόσχεση… θα κάνει ένα μακρύ ταξίδι για να επιστρέψει ένα προσευχητάρι που έχει αλλάξει πολλά χέρια μέχρι να φτάσει στον πραγματικό του κάτοχο. Όταν εκπληρωθεί αυτή αποστολή, το μόνο που της μένει είναι να μάθει αν ο αγαπημένος της Τζέιμι είναι ζωντανός…Ανέλπιστα ωραίο βιβλίο.

  • Brenda
    2019-07-13 15:35

    May 1915 and Nurse Claire Nightingale was deeply involved in the heartbreaking work in the theatre on the British hospital ship Gascon in the waters off Gallipoli. She was aware that although it seemed longer, she had been on the Gascon for only a month, as they moved through the waters off Turkey, Greece and Egypt helping and taking badly wounded soldiers back to hospitals better equipped than their ship. But the tragedy was that there were more terribly injured than they had room for – the less critically wounded had to stay behind along with the dead. The day Australian Light Horseman Jamie Wren, wounded himself, struggled desperately down the slope while dodging sniper bullets and carrying his best mate Spud across his shoulders, would be a day that would change Jamie’s life, and also the life of Nurse Claire Nightingale. For Claire just happened to be on the beach that day, triaging patients before ferrying them back to the ship; when she saw the handsome young soldier with his burden trying to make it to the medical tent, she rushed across to help – the ensuing events and the impact on them both was astounding.With the horrors of war all around him, Jamie found the few hours of armistice while the dead were removed by both sides a comforting time – and for Jamie the meeting of young Turkish soldier Açar Shahin as they shared a cigarette and a few words was deeply profound. In the carnage of war he felt a brotherly bond with Açar despite that they were enemies – but what would their futures be?As the years moved on through the complexities and bloodshed of war, Claire and Jamie lost complete contact with one another. So when peace was finally declared, Claire wasn’t sure where to start looking for Jamie. Was he dead? Surely she would feel it in her heart if he was gone, wouldn’t she? What an absolutely brilliant historical fiction novel by the amazing Fiona McIntosh! I was totally absorbed in this compelling story, unable to put it down, needing to find out what was going to happen. The characters felt so incredibly real to me – the descriptions of war torn Gallipoli and the horrors surrounding the soldiers have been so well researched, it was like I was reading a non-fiction book. I have no hesitation in recommending this novel highly.With thanks to TRR, NetGalley and Penguin Australia for my copy to read and review.

  • Michael
    2019-07-08 19:33

    Amidst the carnage of Gallipoli, with gun fire, bombs detonating and thousands of dying and dead soldiers Jamie Wren carries his stricken friend Spud to shore. When he looks up he sees something remarkable, among the devastation he spots an Angel in the form of a sole nurse helping the wounded. Claire Nightingale had convinced her Matron to allow her to go ashore and it will be this brief meeting between Jamie and Claire that will change there lives forever.The two unable to think about anything other then there encounter wish nothing more than to be together and it will be Jamie who takes matters into his own hands. When he manages to get onto the ship it is Claire that saves his life. Before they are separated Jamie will tell the story of encounter during an armistice with a young Turkish soldier called Açar Shahin. The two men instantly bond and Açar convinced he will not survive the war asks his new friend to deliver a letter to his father. Jamie is a man of honor but with his injuries will struggle to fulfil his promise.When the war is over it is left to Claire with Açar's letter and prayer book to do what she feels is her mission, to go to Istanbul and return them while hoping that Jamie has survived and they will be reunited on April 1st. Claire's visit to the East will bring up unexpected emotion in both her and Açar's father Rifki. The meetings between the two will see desires that have been buried in Rifki reemerge as he learns to love again. While Claire in her own mind knows Jamie is alive despite all the news that points to the opposite she vows to keep her promise to Jamie, but is he alive and if so in what state?Nightingale was a truly unforgettable read and is a reminder to all that even in the most bleakest environments love and friendship can shine through. Author Fiona Mcintosh does a superb job of capturing the sheer insanity of war. I could picture myself seeing the terror unfold and also being touched by the friendship between supposed enemies. The main characters Claire and Jamie's love is the bind that holds the story together. One so strong that despite the best efforts of war, horrific injuies and the lack of genuine information keeps there hopes of being together strong. Overall Nightingale is highly recommended for anyone who likes romance with a sprinkling of historical fiction.

  • Nat
    2019-07-10 18:17

    I'm a sucker for historical fiction and now a good romance - bring the two together and its fireworks!! Or in this case - gunfire and explosions. Try as I might to deny myself being a romantic - I found myself captivated by Claire and Jamie's story and championing them on throughout the book.What a beautiful story to read - ' Admist the carnage of Gallipoli, British nurse Claire Nightingale meets Australian Light Horseman Jamie Wren. Despite all odds, they fall deeply in love...And so do I!!!Nightingale is my first experience of Fiona McIntosh, yet I have a couple of her books in my collection. I truly enjoyed her writing and look forward to reading more by her, let the collecting begin. A short but sweet review of a delightful read!!!

  • Γιώτα Παπαδημακοπούλου
    2019-06-29 18:40

    Οι εκδόσεις Ωκεανίδα έχουν παράδοση να εκδίδουν μυθιστορήματα με ιστορικό-πολεμικό υπόβαθρο, τα οποία μας ταξιδεύουν και μας θυμίζουν την λογοτεχνία όπως ήταν κάποτε. Ρομαντική αλλά όχι μελό, τρυφερή αλλά αφηγούμενη παράλληλα και σκληρές αλήθειες, μεστή και ουσιαστική, ικανή να χαραχτεί στη μνήμη μας. Ένα ακόμη τέτοιο μυθιστόρημα έρχονται, λοιπόν, να προσθέσουν στη συλλογή των μικρών διαμαντιών τους, το "Έρωτας ως την άκρη του κόσμου", που ακολουθώντας το ρεύμα των τελευταίων ετών, αφηγείται μία ακόμα ιστορία του Α' Παγκοσμίου Πολέμου, εξυμνώντας την ειρήνη, την αγάπη, τον έρωτα, την πίστη στην ίδια τη ζωή που, καμιά φορά, υπερνικά και ξεπερνά το θάνατο.Εν μέσω της μάχης της Καλλίπολης, η Κλερ, αγγλίδα νοσοκόμα, γνωρίζει τον Αυστραλό αξιωματικό του ιππικού, Τζέιμι Ρεν. Αν και οι συνθήκες είναι κάθε άλλο παρά ιδανικές, ανάμεσά τους γεννιέται ένας μεγάλος έρωτας και μια αγάπη που θα τους κρατάει συντροφιά της γκρίζες ώρες του πολέμου, αλλά και που θα τους δίνει δύναμη όταν όλα μοιάζουν να καταρρέουν γύρω τους. Ο Τζέιμι βρίσκεται στις πρώτες γραμμές, να αγωνίζεται σε μία μάχη που δεν επέλεξε εκείνος να ξεκινήσει, χωρίς να χάνει όμως την ελπίδα του. Και η Κλερ, έχοντας μείνει πίσω να τον περιμένει, ζει για τη μέρα εκείνη που όλα θα έχουν τελειώσει και θα μπορούν να είναι και πάλι μαζί. Η μοίρα, όμως, έχει άλλα σχέδια για εκείνους. Ωστόσο, εκεί που η αγάπη μπορεί να ανθίζει ακόμα και στις πιο αντίξοες συνθήκες, γεννιέται και η ελπίδα και αυτή, δεν σβήνει τόσο εύκολα.Η πένα της Αυστραλέζας συγγραφέως καθηλώνει και συγκινεί από τις πρώτες κιόλας γραμμές του μυθιστορήματός της. Οι περιγραφές της άκρως ζωντανές και ρεαλιστικές, μας μεταφέρουν στο πεδίο του πολέμου και αναβιώνουν την σκληρότητα που αυτός έφερε μαζί του, την αλήθεια μιας εποχής που τα σημάδια της ποτέ δεν θα σβηστούν, όχι μόνο από τα κιτάπια της Ιστορίας, αλλά από το μυαλό και τις συνειδήσεις των ανθρώπων. Είναι συγκλονιστικός ο τρόπος με τον οποίο μας μεταφέρει τις εικόνες από τις πρώτες γραμμές του πεδίου της μάχης, που σχεδόν νιώθεις πως μπορείς να μυρίσεις τον καπνό, την πυρίτιδα, το αίμα, την απελπισία αλλά και την βαθιά κρυμμένη ελπίδα στις καρδιές των στρατιωτών. Σαφέστατα, όλοι μας έχουμε εικόνες τις εποχής εκείνης, αλλά το να περιγράψεις με τόση ρεαλιστικότητα κάτι που δεν έχει ζήσει, κάνοντάς το να φαντάζει αληθινό στα μάτια του αναγνώστη, είναι επίτευγμα.Ακόμα ένα πολύ θετικό της ιστορίας αυτής είναι οι άρτια δομημένοι και εξαιρετικά καλά σκιαγραφημένοι χαρακτήρες της ιστορίας αυτής. Άνθρωποι απλοί, καθημερινοί, άνθρωποι που θα μπορούσαν να είμαστε εμείς, που μπλέχτηκαν στα δίχτυα ενός πολέμου που καταστρέφει ανθρώπους και ζωές χωρίς κανείς να το έχει ζητήσει. Παράλληλα, εξαιρετικός είναι και ο τρόπος με τον οποίο αποτυπώνονται στο χαρτί οι σχέσεις και οι δεσμοί που αναπτύσσονται μεταξύ των εμπλεκομένων στην ιστορία αυτή, κυρίως σε ό,τι έχει να κάνει με τους στρατιώτες, που η σκληρή πραγματικότητά τους τούς ωθεί στο να δημιουργήσουν αληθινές σχέσεις μεταξύ τους. Σχέσεις καρδιάς, αγάπης, ανάγκης να προστατέψουν τον διπλανό τους. Σχέσεις αλληλοϋποστήριξης και αλληλοσπαραγμού για όλα όσα έχασαν και όλα όσα πρέπει να προστατέψουν για να μην μετρήσουν και άλλες απώλειες.Ταξιδεύοντάς μας στον τόπο και στον χρόνο, συστήνοντάς μας παράλληλα και την Κωνσταντινούπολη -με τα ήθη και τα έθιμα- μιας άλλης εποχής, η Fiona McIntosh καταφέρνει να μας προσφέρει ένα βαθιά αντιπολεμικό μυθιστόρημα, που εξυμνεί την ειρήνη αλλά και την ανθρωπιά, που τρέφει την ελπίδα που μονάχα αυτή μπορεί να οδηγήσει στη λύτρωση, την πίστη που φωτίζει τις πιο σκοτεινές και απελπισμένες μας ώρες. Μα πάνω απ' όλα, μας προσφέρει μια βαθιά τρυφερή, ειλικρινή ιστορία που εξυμνεί όχι τόσο τον έρωτα, αλλά την αγάπη. Την ουσιαστική εκείνη αγάπη που δεν γνωρίζει συμβάσεις και που δεν χωράει σε καλούπια, που μας αλλάζει, που μας κάνει καλύτερους και που αποτελεί το στήριγμά μας όταν όλα μοιάζουν να οδεύουν προς το τέλος τους ενώ στην πραγματικότητα, μπορεί να είναι μια νέα αρχή.

  • Veronica ⭐️
    2019-07-04 18:36

    I knew this was going to be a compelling read even before I opened the cover. These are the books I love, the books I grew up reading, stories of men, some still boys, fighting for their country. A story about real people! It was a slow read for me as every time I started to read tears would well. I had to put it aside often, it was very emotional and I found it hard to detach from the story, which is a good thing.The descriptions of the conditions at Gallipoli were heartbreakingly real. We can only imagine what it was like for these soldiers. The banter between the Aussie troopers was very good, the nicknames and jokes turned these characters into real people.My only complaint and it’s a tiny one is that I would have liked to read more about Australia and would have liked Claire to visit Jamie’s family and feel welcomed and a part of their world. The description of Turkey and it’s people and customs was captivating but felt a bit contrived.The ending was a little too perfect and all I could think of was what happened to Joy, to person who had cared for Eugenie for so long?Well researched, I would recommend this novel it’s an enjoyable romance and a compelling WW1 read. A very good combination of both romance and the horrors of war!With thanks to First Reads and the author for my copy to read and review.

  • Dale Harcombe
    2019-07-17 19:17

    Four and a half starsI have enjoyed two other Fiona Mc Intosh books and so was thrilled to score an uncorrected proof of Nightingale from The Reading Room and Penguin Books. This book did not disappoint. I am not a huge reader of books about war and this novel starts in 1915 with Claire Nightingale who volunteered to nurse soldiers in the war. Because it is so well written you feel you are actually there in Gallipoli, in Cairo and other places with Claire and Jamie Wren and his comrades of the 9th regiment of the Australian Light Horse in Turkey. This novel not only shows the horror of war but also the human side and the mateship that existed between Jamie, his friends Spud and others in the regiment. There is a bit of language and use of the f word in some of the scenes in the trenches but they soon disappear. The picture of the truce called to bury the dead from each side and the relationship that strikes up between the harmonica playing Jamie and the kaval playing musician Acar, presents a heartbreaking picture of a gift exchanged and a promise made. While this story is set in war time it is also a love story in every sense of the word. I can practically guarantee there will be tears at times as this story unfolds, at least there was for me several times.The one thing that troubled me a little was the instant friendship that sprang up between Claire ad the older woman Eugenie, but never having been through a war experience I’m prepared to concede that possibly friendships do spring that quickly especially when the younger Claire was without family.The other minor quibble was the number of times Clair’s golden or buttery coloured hair was referred to yet the cover shows her with brown hair. Maybe illustrators need to actually read the manuscript? That said neither of these points detract we from what is a well-researched piece of historical fiction that thoroughly engages the reader from page 1 onwards. It is a story of heroism, friendship, forgiveness, oss and love with characters so real you feel you could recognise them if they walked down the street. I was fully invested in their lives. Highly recommended reading.

  • Kerrie Paterson
    2019-07-02 13:19

    I really enjoyed this book, made even more poignant reading it so close to ANZAC Day. There has obviously been much research done for this book, and I learnt quite a lot while still being swept up in the story. As the story went on, I was worried the ending wouldn't turn out as I hoped, but my faith was restored :)

  • Shelleyrae at Book'd Out
    2019-07-04 16:18

    As Australian Light Horseman Jamie Wren collapses under the weight of his badly injured mate slung over his shoulders onto the sands of Gallipoli, he imagines it is an angel he sees on the beach amongst the carnage of war. Claire Nightingale, briefly permitted on shore to assist with triaging patients, is stunned by the sight of the muddy and bloody man who, ignoring sniper fire and his own wounds, carried his friend down the treacherous escarpment in search of medical help. For the young South Australian farmer and lonely British nurse it is love at first sight, and though their time together is brief, they make promises they have every intention of keeping, if only they can survive the war.From the trenches of Gallipoli to the bustling cities of Cairo, Istanbul and London, Fiona McIntosh takes us on a journey of love, faith, heartbreak and hope in her latest romantic historical fiction novel, Nightingale. The opening chapters with their harrowing descriptions of life, and death, in Gallipoli are affecting, highlighting the everyday heroism and tragedy of the ANZAC assault. McIntosh captures the chaos of war, and the shocking circumstances in which soldiers, half starved, ill and injured, were forced to fight what was essentially a no-win battle, and reminds us of the brave work done by the nurses and doctors who volunteered to witness the carnage to save and care for the wounded."...she watched in silent horror as men, some of whose boots had barely left their print on damp Turkish sand fell, fatally injured. The mules were crazed with terror and the screams of injured animals joined the cacophony of explosions, gunfire... and the groaning, dying men..."An integral part of storyline involves Jamie speaking with a young Turkish soldier, Açar Shahin, during the truce declared to clear No Man's Land of the dead. During their brief meeting Shahin extracts a promise from Jamie to deliver a letter to his father when the war is over, convinced he won't survive the trenches. This is a touching reminder that the 'enemy' were men just like 'our boys', and this is further underscored when Claire, honouring Jamie's promise, meets Açar's father."The momentousness of this hard-to-imagine truce after such cruel and vicious fighting began to tingle through his body as though forcing him to mark it. It would never come again, he was sure, and only the men experiencing this intimacy with the enemy would ever know this extraordinary sense of sharing and camaraderie."Jamie and Claire meet under horrific circumstances, when love is the furthermost thing from their minds, yet their instant bond is believable given the situation. Their separation is heartbreaking and when it seems likely these two lovers will never find each other again I felt a little breathless."And so he hadn't been ready in this moment of hell- in this place of cruelty and blood, of sorrow and hurt - for an angel to materialise and touch him..."The writing is of McIntosh's usual high standard, though occasionally a little florid. The historical details and various settings feel authentic with vivid description evoking time and place. I was quickly invested in the emotion of this engaging novel, even though historical romance is not my favoured genre.A captivating story of love and war from one of Australia's best loved storytellers, Nightingale is wonderful read.

  • Sharon
    2019-07-08 19:22

    Review to follow.

  • Kathy
    2019-06-27 17:43

    I am becoming a big fan of Fiona McIntosh – what an amazing talent. This book is another fantastic read that I recommend highly to those especially who love war reads. Beginning in 1915 Claire Nightingale is a nurse at Gallipoli and Cairo. And Jamie is in the 9th regiment of the Australian Light Horse. Fiona McIntosh has an incredible ability to make you feel like you are there – the writing is intense at times and beautiful at others. Loved the characters and with such brilliant writing you cannot help but fall in love with everything about the book. A true love story set in WWI…….

  • Kathryn
    2019-07-20 13:36

    I enjoyed reading this - it reminded me of the ABC’s ANZAC Girls series, which I’ve watched twice.I felt at times that this was a little over-sweet - I found myself rolling my eyes at a couple of points, but overall, it was a thoroughly enjoyable read - 4.5★. I had tears in my eyes at one point, so that’s worth an extra half a star!

  • Andrea
    2019-07-23 18:34

    It's my first Fiona McIntosh historical fiction, but it definitely won't be my last. Possibly a new favourite author in the making? This was the perfect read for my ANZAC 100 year anniversary month of contemplation. On page 1, we are straight into the thick of it, with the landing at Anzac Cove. In fact the entire first half of the book is strongly grounded in what seems to be the quite well-researched action of Turkey, Egypt and to a lesser extent Greece, as Claire Nightingale's hospital ship continuously sails a triangle between the three, patching up those they can then taking the wounded of Gallipoli to the tent hospital on a Greek island, or - for the worst cases - on to Egypt for more sophisticated care. It is on the beach at Gallipoli, in the relative safety of the shadow of the cliffs, that she meets Jamie Wren, a handsome Australian Light Horseman.It's a quest, it's a romance, it's a satisfying, epic read.

  • Juliet Sampson
    2019-07-11 15:23

    Won through the Goodreads giveaway.I am not usually a big fan of historical fiction however I found it an interesting story and very topical at the moment with it being the centenary of the Anzacs.

  • Greg
    2019-07-22 19:42

    The star of this book is obviously destined to be Nurse Nightingale, who is bound to steal your heart as well as a few extras that belong to those brave soldiers risking their lives for King and country on the far side of the world. The book opens at Gallipoli, telling us more than a few home truths about what that particular hell on earth was really like. By the end of chapter two, Ms McIntosh's story telling abilities will be so convincing that you will find yourself swallowing hot sand with a plethora of half drowned flies mixed up with your mate’s home made apricot jam, all the time dodging lunatic bullets from those crazy turks. Brave Nurse Nightingale volunteers and (surprisingly) receives permission from her Matron to direct the nursing effort quite literally down at the beach as opposed to the less effective but relative safety of the hospital ship. After some beautifully poignant reminiscences of home life and fond farewells, the reader is more attached to the soldiers than they realise and it will come as no surprise if you find your pulse racing as quickly as the book's main characters running against the irresistible forces of destiny just to stay alive. The book's first major heart stopping event occurs just over the half way mark of part one and the bond between the two main characters is consequently shown to be strong enough to halt even the strength of Superman. The famed truce at Gallipoli is also beautifully portrayed by Ms McIntosh when, in an engaging conversation, Jamie Wren is introduced to Acar Shahin and they become lifelong friends - for what that is worth - without realising it. The writing reads beautifully, with several passages thrown in that bear remembering well. For example, taken from page 85 of the google play version: “if love was meant to empower, why did she feel so suddenly and helplessly bound?” And from page 88: “this young man has flown into your heart and made a nest.” Obviously this is a simple play on the names of the two main characters but it just goes to show how clever our Fee-Fee really is. Gallipoli would not be Gallipoli without the pointless sacrifices made by both sides, and this is also presented to the reader’s consciousness on page 99. I won’t quote it here but let you discover the wonder of this part of the book yourself. Love is a strange thing. Without it, life and everything that goes with it is pointless. With it, this journey we are born into without option becomes a terrifying ride for two into the great, infinite unknown, each and every step of the way taken with heavy trepidation bordering on hysterical fear, wary of missing out on a heartbeat of experiences with your partner, and subconsciously aware of what would be lost if they were taken away. Ms McIntosh has taken the liberty of using the written word to remind us of this. The book is such a joy to read, and is so convincing in its portrayal of two hearts forged infinitely into one that when danger presents its hated face the reader immediately becomes too scared to turn the e-page, and correspondingly too scared not to. So what happens to our star-crossed lovers? I will let you learn that for yourself. But brace yourself for this reading experience. Love stories this good are written for a reason. The justification for the existence of NIGHTINGALE may not be immediately obvious to FOF’s (Fans of Fiona) but like all quality literature, the truth is in the details. Go and find it. You will be richer for the investment.BFN Greggorio!

  • Rachael McDiarmid
    2019-07-05 17:24

    I love Fiona McIntosh. So she's always going to rank highly with me. I love her stories of romance, bravery, separation, strength. I love how she writes her leading characters. I could go on and on but this review appears on my Facebook feed and I don't want to appear like a fan-girl. But if you had me down for a standing order for every Fiona McIntosh book I'd be very VERY happy about it. LOL. She's a romantic and she writes beautifully. This story is set in WorldWar I at the time of Gallipoli. Over the course of the book we travel to multiple settings - Egypt, Turkey, UK etc.- and I must say her descriptions of Istanbul post war delighted me (I've never been and always wanted to go) and that section of the book was very different from the first section set during the war. I liked the change of pace. The parts of the book that related to our brave Anzacs and the heroic medical staff - and the nurses in particular - were hard to read in parts, the relationship between our two leads came out of this time, and we had to suspend about what was happening to them at times, and how intensely romantic it was, but you have to believe in a Fiona McIntosh story. Love is strong, friendships are real, and our characters are nearly always written in a way you can't help but fall in love with them. When they face a battle, you face it. When something goes awry, you feel it. When something works out the way it was intended you either clap your hands or sigh. That's the type of story teller Fiona is. Did I mention I love her? Lol.

  • Carolyn
    2019-06-26 19:32

    Nightingale by Fiona McIntosh - This is a brilliantly written novel filled with compassion, love and romance set amidst the carnage of Gallipoli weaving its way through Turkey, Greece & Egypt where we meet Nurse Nightingale (Claire Nightingale) who ultimately falls in love with Jamie Wren.It's also about Australia, war and comradeship. Music melodies weave their magic throughout the story along with a touch of fantasy towards the end but I wont tell you too much as you must read this outstanding new novel Nightingale for yourself as it should be a surprise.This complex, intriguing story is a masterpiece written by outstanding author, Fiona McIntosh which I highly recommend.It's about dreaming and reminiscing of faraway places which stay true in your heart in times of hardship and imagining yourself there where a meeting which is to take place at the end of the war at a set place and time.'Tea' does play an important but very small part in this story as tea soothes in times of stress and brings people together in times of hardship and tea is also used in everyday life for pleasure.

  • Marina Maidou
    2019-06-30 19:31

    This could be another World War Romance (for change we have here the First, maybe because they have been written SO many novels about the Second one...) but the difference is in writer's way. She's a real storyteller, like old times where you hear the story and you are waiting what's next, even if you know what's going to happen or your suppose so. There isn't the feeling I have in other books where I can see the character to go to his/her disaster and I want to scream like a kid: Go away! There is a trap! There's a fresh view, which begins from the little game with the bird names, going through interesting characters (not perfect except their love which keep them in life), lists of things that give in a bright way the despair and the agony of waiting Claire like the menu in the hotel she reads while she waits for Jamie. War is given with pure reality but just to make the men which fight there real heroes, because you can see them as innocent victims of a war mincer. The beginning is nice, the cover is lovely, the title is the wink of the writer and the end is all right. Only one thing I found too much: the excessive intuition of some characters, that as I understand were an indirect way of the writer to continue the story, but everything else it was enjoyful. I wish to read more of her books.

  • Jenny
    2019-07-01 17:20

    Nightingale was a romantic, engaging and warm novel that was set during one of the worst times in our history. The characters conveyed strength, stoicism and optimism. Loved the scenes in Instabul which were intriguing and sensitively written. Nicely paced, well researched and evenly balanced between the overwhelming dispair of war, the heartache and the senseless nature of it and the tough, brave women and men who amongst it all found love and a way forward. Would like to give it an extra half a star..NightingaleFiona McIntosh

  • Katie Kinross
    2019-07-17 19:24

    Not great. Not bad. Not boring but not exciting either. I kind of wanted her to take up with the Turkish character just to make the story more interesting! Havving said that, it is a well written book and Fiona Macintosh creates beautiful images with her words.

  • Shelley
    2019-06-28 12:24

    I haven't read any of Fiona McIntosh before, and probably won't read any more.I found the book quite boring and just wanted it to finish.

  • Jenny
    2019-06-24 20:35

    I just cannot be bothered. The story was ok but I definitely wasnt invested in the characters.

  • Robyn Gibson
    2019-07-08 13:34

    Claire Nightingale trained as a nurse in England and because she had no family left to worry about her, she left England to nurse soldiers in WWII. Claire watched as our ANZAC's were mown down by the Turks at the landing in Gallipolli. The casualties were overwhelming. Claire met Jamie just as he'd carried his badly injured mate down the cliff onto the beach. During a ceasefire Jamie meets a young Turkish soldier, Acar Shahin, who gives Jamie his prayer book. The book is left with a hole and part of a bullet in it and it's this book that saves Jamie's life. Before he dies Acar Shahin, asks that the book be given to his father. Jaimie thinks Claire has a better chance of survival through this dreadful war so he asks her to take the book and deliver it to Acar's father. When she meets the father she was struck by the feelings that came over her for this handsome man. She meets his family and goes into the Turkish baths with the women and is tempted to stay. Jamie and Claire go in different directions during and after the war and it is this prayer book that brings them together again. Lovely story.

  • Shaelah Ariotti
    2019-06-29 20:34

    Easy to read. The scenario is faintly ridiculous and childlike - no attempt by the author to imbue the situation with adult emotion can actually make it so. That's not to diminish the very real situation many men and women found themselves in during the world wars - rather that the author didn't really do them justice. I didn't feel connected to the characters. Claire, even though we spend most of the book in her head, feels very much like a cardboard cutout. She finds everything delightful or upsetting. I very much felt the author's personal agenda through the text, which is a pet peeve of mine. I am no fan of war, but the simplistic view of the world illustrated in this book is... unhelpful, and poorly articulated. I also felt disgust deep in the pit of my stomach at the apologetic accepting tone used to write about the pairing up and marrying off of children, particularly women, to bear children of their own (because that is all we are useful for, right?). I could barely get past that chapter.

  • Stephanie
    2019-07-10 19:23

    Amidst that carnage of Gallipoli, British nurse Claire Nightingale meets Australian Light Horseman Jamie Wren. Despite all odds, they fall deeply in love. Their flame burns bright and carries them through their darkest hours, even when war tears them apart.When Jamie encounters Turkish soldier Acar Shahin on the bloodstained battlefield, the men forge an unforgettable bond. Their meeting also leaves a precious clue to Jamies's whereabouts for Claire to follow.Come peacetime, Claire's desperate search to find Jamie takes her all the way to Istanbul, and deep into the heart of Acar's family, where she attracts unexpected attention of a charismatic and brooding scholar.In the name of forgiveness, cultures come together, enemies embrace and forbidden passions ignite - but by the nail-biting conclusion, who will be left standing to capture Nurse Nightingale's heart?Love comes out of nowhere for most of us, when we least expect it........

  • Phrynne
    2019-07-12 16:34

    I always enjoy Historical Fiction but not so much when it is over heavy on the romance so this was not really the best book for me!Having said that the historical stuff was great and well written. The descriptions of the horrors of Anzac Cove were very well done indeed as was the detail on nursing and medicine during the First World War. For me the romance part was predictable and saccharine sweet, especially the final pages. That's just me though. I know many people loved it:)Still I enjoyed the book overall and would recommend it to fans of historical romance.

  • Bree T
    2019-07-12 14:34

    British nurse Claire Nightingale is stationed aboard a hospital ship just off the coast of Gallipoli during the first World War. There she meets Australian Light Horseman Jamie Wren when Jamie carries his dying mate to the beach in an attempt to get him on board the ship and to safety. Despite the violence of their surroundings and the fact they will be separated with no assurance of ever seeing each other again, they fall in love.When they are torn apart, Jamie and Claire make a pact – they will meet at a certain spot on the first April Fools Day after the end of the war. If both of them are still physically able, they will be there. Even when Claire is told that Jamie has been killed after a terrible injury, she refuses to believe it. After the end of the war, she searches for him, her only clue being a prayer book Jamie was given by a Turkish soldier during a ceasefire. Jamie had made a promise to return it to the soldier’s father and Claire decides to honour that promise while she waits for April and to see whether or not Jamie will make it to their meeting place.In Turkey, Claire is surprised with the connection she feels with the father of that Turk soldier. He’s a courteous, cultured man and Claire feels that perhaps, in another lifetime, she could have made the choice to stay with him, despite their age differences and the divides in their culture. But Jamie still holds her heart and she owes it to him and that love to journey back to England for April the 1st, to wait and see if he is able to come to her. Is Jamie still alive? And if so, will he be waiting for her on that afternoon or is she doomed to face heartbreak once again?Not long ago, I made a bit of a resolution to read more about Gallipoli, both in fiction and also with non-fiction as I realised I’d read hardly anything set there. And with the 100th anniversary of the landing coming next year it seems a good time to really get into books that feature Gallipoli in any way. This book opens with Gallipoli – Jamie is with the Light Horseman Brigade, without a horse but instead having been deployed as a ground soldier, taking turns behind the sniper rifle. Claire is a nurse, stationed on a ship just off the coast. They evacuate the seriously injured soldiers to Egypt and the Allied hospitals set up in that area.Claire is frustrated, partially at the futility of her task and the war and also at the system or lack thereof in terms of being able to triage the injured soldiers on the battleground and trying to prioritise those that need their assistance on the ship the most. She begs leave from the Matron to go to the beach and attempt to set up a system and it’s there she meets Jamie, who has carried the body of his dying friend over his shoulder down the cliffs to the beach. They spend a little time together, especially when Jamie makes his way to the ship and namedrops Claire to get ahead of the queue. She is able to fix up his injuries and during those small interactions, the two of them fall deeply in love.I think I could well understand the temptation of an instant love, during such a time and place. Jamie and Claire both see horrible things all day, every day. The desire to see a little beauty, experience a little goodness, would be powerful. They’re alone really – Claire doesn’t have any family left and Jamie has left his on the other side of the world to go and fight in the war. Claire has a tendency towards the melancholy, or negative. She laments before she meets Jamie that if something were to happen to her in the war, there’s no one to inform – no one would care. Jamie has a large family who love him and would grieve him but he was unsatisfied there. He didn’t love his girl at home the way that he falls in love with Claire. For both of them, it’s an immediate and powerful force, something that becomes their driving motivation. Even after Claire is told that Jamie has been lost, there are people that convince her she’s not to give up – in a war of this size, nothing is certain unless you see it yourself. And so she continues to hope, throughout the rest of the war and then in the fragile peace afterwards, before their deadline of April 1st.I did really enjoy this book, I liked both Jamie and Claire. Claire was strong and very capable and Jamie was fun and an easy going laidback kind of country Aussie guy. I loved their scenes together and the strong connection that the two formed in such an unlikely place. I also enjoyed Claire’s trip to Turkey and her learning of the customs, especially the relationship she cultivated with several of the women there. I’m not sure the strange bond between her and the father of the fallen Turk soldier really worked for me, it felt like it was taking too much away from Jamie and the fact that her deadline to meet him was drawing closer. I will say however that the tension was built extremely well toward the end of the novel, where Claire is arriving at their meeting place.Another very engrossing read from Fiona McIntosh, I keep meaning to get to those books by her that I haven’t yet read. She always provides a very solid and entertaining story, something that keeps the reader hooked from beginning until end.

  • Salli
    2019-07-19 12:36

    I usually find this author's books too tidy but this did give me a surprise at the end. An easy enjoyable read.

  • Karen
    2019-07-21 20:21

    2.5 stars. So many possibilities, just not well written enough for me.

  • Kim
    2019-07-06 15:42

    2.5 stars. I finished it but the book never really grabbed me. I most enjoyed the Istanbul story arc.