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When Stan gets back from the war, he finds a lot has changed in 1940s London. And although he quickly builds up a semblance of normality around himself, his underlying inability to cope with the trauma of battle finally triggers a series of violent events that will become another man’s life-long obsession to reveal....

Title : kiss the girls
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ISBN : 22665960
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kiss the girls Reviews

  • Linda Strong
    2019-07-02 20:09

    Stanley returns from the war with all the problems that go with it. He saw things no one should ever have to see. He did things no one should ever have to do. And when he returned home, he wanted 'normal' .. whatever normal is.From almost the very beginning, the reader knows who the serial killer is. But what turned him into one is the crux of the story. And how did he get away with it for so many years?One man knows who he is and what he is.... Detective Porter. Putting Stanley away becomes a life long obsession. When he fails to deliver him to justice, he resorts to a measure that is ruthless and cruel but effective.Less than 200 pages, it's a quick read. It was an interesting concept, but there wasn't a lot of suspense. Having nothing but circumstantial evidence, the cops didn't see too interested and they certainly didn't want to hear from Detective Porter. I didn't particularly like Stanley, but if he had not gone to war, would he have still turned into a killer?

  • Marianna
    2019-07-10 15:09

    A very enjoyable dark and atmospheric crime thriller about a war veteran who can not cope with the changing world of post-war London that his mother inhabits with terrible consequences for her and others.

  • Deb
    2019-07-10 15:16

    This was a pretty good book. I actually felt kind of sorry for Stan sometimes.

  • Paul
    2019-07-04 20:58

    Good idea behind a good story but seemed like the author was a bit too keen to get to the end. The story is one of serial murder of quite a dramatic nature, but for me the police follow up was unrealistically lacklustre, with the exception of one officer (a key part of the story was that a lone officer was dissatisfied with the investigation whilst all others felt there was nothing to follow up). Having said that, I enjoyed the story, the troubled mind of the main character following his experiences of WW2 and struggles with life on returning home were compelling factors. But too many aspects of the story were dealt with in too brief a manner and I felt the potential for a longer, more fleshed out, hence better quality story was missed. I could understand that the author may have wanted to provide a quick read but I felt too much detail was missing. The most annoying thing was that there was no break between scenes on many occasions so you would move to a new paragraph with no break or space but find yourself reading something completely unrelated to the sentence before and find yourself wondering if you had missed something......a potentially excellent book that remains mediocre through lack of care and polishing up.

  • Teresa Collins
    2019-07-15 20:02

    This is a very unique murder mystery in that it starts out being told from the viewpoint of someone who is only on the periphery of the story. He is introduced to the main character and the story then is told from his perspective. The story is well written and the reasons behind the murders are fully explored and fairly well explained. Some of the descriptions of the body disposals could have been toned down a little, but it wasn't so bad that it stopped me from reading the book. However, the twist of the ending made the entire book for me. I usually have at least an inkling of where an author is going with his story. I don't always figure it out and have been wrong on more than one occasion in regards to who the bad guy was, but this one totally came out of left field. I highly recommend it!

  • Keith Curran
    2019-07-18 15:05

    Quite Unusual, YetDelightful in its own way. SPOILERA serial killer weaned on the horrors of war, glue made with "animal parts". No regret. Instead, just... sadness. Dim recognition. Nightmares mixed with daily life, a life filled with death. I question Sam's rather non-fiction to his crimes. Perhaps he saw every murder as the murder of his mother. VERY odd, but compelling. And, a "novelet". Quite short. Methodical. Quick paced. Well worth the read. Curious about Brassett's other books. Singular. Haunting. Does it all make "sense". I think not. More a character study. NOT a procedural, at least not from geopolitics force's point of view. From the killer's. Recommend, however. Rather fascinating.

  • Ron Chicaferro
    2019-06-28 17:13

    Kiss the Girls is a disturbing book - as a reader, I found myself torn between liking the main character (Stan Wilkins) and finding him deeply disturbed. The story starts out slightly slow (for me) but soon all is revealed and it was hard to put the book down. There is a secondary character "Dan" who the reader is introduced to initially and through Dan we meet the main character who is old and retired. The story switches, then, to Stan's story - his early days which leads the reader up to the current day setting. Its a multiple murder story but its not a mystery - - the tension in the book is about crime - and, if there will be punishment. Its well written and delivers a surprise punch!

  • P.S. Winn
    2019-06-22 18:57

    When Dan moves into a new apartment, the last neighbor he meets, Stan, is going to be one Dan never forgets. The readers learns Stan's disturbing a dark past from when Stan leaves the service after the war and comes home to find things are not the same. This book is a look into PTSD and what shapes who a person becomes, for Stan, that means a demented personality who goes through with with definite a different outlook on things. Good mystery suspense, that readers can sit back and relax as they follow along.

  • Nancy Preston
    2019-07-16 14:06

    What did I miss?Ok. I liked this book, but.....spoiler alert ahead....who the heck is Calvin and what did he have to do with the plot? I thought I missed something and went back and did a re-read and couldn't t find any previous reference. I was expecting a big plot twist, not confusion. It left me unsettled with thoughts of whoa, where did he come from and why. I suppose the author did this for as reason but it was a downer for me.

  • Donna Wilkins
    2019-07-12 13:13

    Well what a surprise. I started reading and checked myself as I dud not see what a story about an old man and a guy looking for somewhere to live related to the story. Bam before I knew it I was finished in a day. I really enjoyed this book it was cleverly written and detailed. I real surprise.

  • Beth Sammons
    2019-06-26 20:13

    English mysteryI generally enjoy English mystery, this one was a bit vague. Story starts in present time, then flashes back to after the war. The "villain" is clearly Stan or not? The ending a bit strange.

  • Vanessa
    2019-06-19 14:10

    GoodI really enjoyed this book I loved the people ,thrilling dark and utterly original yes I would recommend this book give it ago

  • Shell Shearer Swinscoe
    2019-07-17 18:47

    really, really creepy....made me go cold on more than one occasion!!

  • Erik Empson
    2019-06-20 18:50

    An enjoyable thriller about a guy with PTSD who kills his mother, and then others. Quite dark this one, but well written and engaging.

  • Coreen Arioto
    2019-07-03 21:07

    Kiss the girlsThis was a weird storyline and odd characters. Ideal?y didn't enjoy any part of the this book I wouldn't recommend the book.

  • Jjamieson1
    2019-07-07 21:02

    Dark and twisted, an unusual but very enjoyable thriller. Very well written.