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Illustrated by Helen H. Wu and written by authors from around the world! This unique read-to-me book is suitable for early readers and is sure to please both boys and girls who can explore the wonderful dreamy world with Redy and Bluey. The rhymes are happy and fun and the illustrations are stunning. You may visit Helen H. Wu on the web to learn more....

Title : Redy and Bluey: Nursery Rhymes
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ISBN : 9781499644227
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 38 Pages
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Redy and Bluey: Nursery Rhymes Reviews

  • Daniella Delgado
    2019-07-02 17:30

    1. N/A2. Pre-K-K3. This book is filled with a lot of nursery rhymes from authors all over the world.4. This book has lots of colorful pictures and great nursery rhymes. Is is interesting to see the nursery rhymes from all different authors from all over.5. Independent reading

  • Penny Minding Mom
    2019-07-11 12:13

    Imagination…what would childhood be without it? My children love to imagine having picnics on the moon and eating cookies with dinosaurs. I love books that inspire them to dream up things that only a child could dream.Helen Wu has compiled a book of poems that will inspire your child’s imagination. Each poem has it’s own story to tell, but they all are about a brother and sister duo, Redy and Bluey.Each poem in “Redy and Bluey Nursery Rhymes” is beautifully illustrated. Whimsical scenes perfectly accompany each poem. They help whisk your child off to places that only exist in our imaginations.The book is a mix of easily understood poems intertwined with poems that require a little more thought and imagination to grasp. As with any book of poetry you will find you will that there are some poems that you will connect with and want to commit to memory.I found that some of the poems felt forced in their rhyme, while others we feel immediately in love with and flowed beautifully. My favourite poem is “On The Swing” by R. A. Goodyear. The theme of sharing and caring is immediately grasped.The book ends with a wonderful poem called “Good Night” by R. A. Goodyear. It has a beautiful flow and will help send your little one off to dreamland with thoughts of a magical nighttime ride across a moonlit sky.I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my unbiased review.

  • Autumn
    2019-07-16 15:36

    We received this book to give an honest review.I didn't know what to expect with this book even though it said nursery rhymes. I figured that they would be something I have heard before. But they were not. And that to me was unique and enjoyable. K at first wasn't too happy about the book but as I continued to read to him he got into the rhymes. The illustrations reminded me of art and not just pictures. Each rhyme went with the art and you could understand what the rhymes were. Each page was different and had you go on a journey with Redy and Bluey. I didn't have a favorite rhyme out of this book as I thoroughly enjoyed them all. K thought they were good and liked the names Redy and Bluey.This is a great book to not only have at home but also in the classroom, I think this is one book I would like to have in paperback as I think it would be so much better to read that way than on a device. I would say you can read this book anywhere but it may be better to read towards bedtime.

  • Julie Grasso
    2019-07-09 12:30

    Redy and Bluey: Nursery Rhymes is a modern day compilation of inspirational thoughts, hopes and dreams for young children. With titles like, Go Explorin, My Own Space and Secret Garden, the reader is taken on a delightful journey with each poem sharing a new adventure with Redy and Bluey. Contained within this lovely compilation are themes of sharing, caring and listening to all the wonderful sights and sounds that Mother Nature offers us. Young kids will be wrapped in these short tales, with exquisite illustrations.One story that really resonated with me as a parent was The What I Want To Be Tree, encouraging the reader that anything is possible under the What I Want To Be tree. Our second favourite was Goodnight, the story that is depicted on the cover, with Redy and Bluey riding a great big whale, with moons for eyes and a giant tale, dreaming dreams all through the night until they meet the morning sun.My 3.5 year old sat through the whole book, her eyes entranced by the pictures. The rhymes were simple and engaging, and I would highly recommend this for 3-6 year olds.

  • Nancy Silk
    2019-07-15 14:20

    "A Wonderful Children's Book of Rhyming Poems"This children's story uses the special Kindle Text Pop-Up feature. Double tapping the text will expand dialogue for easy reading. These poems are written by several different gifted poets and are beautifully illustrated by Helen H. Wu. The poems emphasize the color of red and blue and children can match the word to the color in the illustration. The delightful poems tell the story of Redy and Bluey, sister and brother, on a wonderful adventure. These poems are very warm and tenderly written for early readers; boys and girls will enjoy them. Adults, also, will be delighted with the creativeness of this wonderful rhyming story. Highly recommend.

  • Uvi Poznansky
    2019-06-30 16:40

    In this collection of nursery rhymes curated by Helen H Wu, she invites children of all ages to come on a delightful journey, a flight over magical landscapes with Redy (the little fairy character in red) and Bluey (the one in blue.) You will find awe and inspiration with each poem, each illustration. Not only are the pages alive with color but also with finely textured, exquisite line drawings, drawings that can stand on their own even in the absence of color, which is the true sign of fine art. Helen H. Wu, took private lessons and studied drawing for more than ten years beginning at age six, and her training truly shines through. Five stars.

  • Karen
    2019-07-22 17:22

    I was very excited to win this as a first read. My 2 year old son loves books, and I thought this would be a great addition to his bookshelf. While he did enjoy pointing things out in the illustrations, the poems did not have rhythms that appealed to him. We do still look through the book on occassion, but if I try to read it he just flips the page (this is not the norm for him when we read). Perhaps we will try again when he is a little older.

  • Helen Wu
    2019-07-17 12:40