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Two best friends separated by conflicting middle-school class schedules vow to keep their closeness alive through the pages of a notebook, and its pages become a lifeline, with the power either to bring them together or tear them apart....

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the pages between us Reviews

  • Siyona N
    2019-07-21 13:34

    I just read Pages Between Us by Lindsey Leavitt and co written by Robin Mellom. I thought this book was really cute. Olivia Weston and Piper Jorgensen have been best friends since kindergarten. When they enter their middle school year many things change. For instance Olivia starts looking at Jackson Whittaker with a whole new eye, and Bethany(popular girl) wants to become Piper's bestie. Piper and Olivia have always been so different that they were alike, like how Piper was the middle child and was constantly getting dragged this class or that class, while Olivia was only one at home with her brother in college. This year Piper gets to have a real birthday party. Olivia and Piper start trying out after school classes for Olivia to have a better chance with Jackson and Piper to find people to invite to her birthday party. Since Piper is mostly known as the sister or brother of her older siblings because they are good at sports and other stuff, so it's really exciting for Piper to get something for herself. Piper decides to have her birthday on one day she sends out the invites and sees that Olivia can't come. Piper even invited Jackson so Olivia could get to know him better! Will Olivia come to her bestest friend ever's birthday party or go to the chess competition she has to do? Read Pages Between Us by Lindsey Leavitt and Robin Mellom to find out. I really liked this book and thought it was really cute. This book made me feel like this shows the "problems of middle school life" really well!

  • Libby May
    2019-07-09 14:40

    #READINGREBELLION standards approved!This was super fun to read! Man, the girls were entertaining. The book super well written in regards to it being a friends journal. The clippings printed in the book that they taped "inside" was so much fun! Colorful characters, a well written plot. Sort of similar to other good friend books, but not so much so that it made the rest of the book boring. Well excicuted to the point where it wasn't really a "climax" there. Clean for girls to read. XD Made me laugh. Reccomend it to girls 10-15 :)

  • Emily
    2019-07-14 15:49

    This book was really awesome. It actually felt like it was a real notebook written in by two best friends who wanted to talk to each other in a private way. And, yes, I do know that this was based off of Robin and Lindsey's emails, but it still made me feel like the whole world just revolved around Olivia and Piper. Olivia and Piper. Olivia and Piper. Only those two. I would like to recommend this book to all of my Goodreads friends.

  • Ms. Yingling
    2019-06-25 11:31

    ARC from Baker and TaylorMiddle school schedules can make or break a friendship, so when Olivia and Piper only have one class together, they decide to share notes in a notebook. Both are concerned about making new friends, so they attend different clubs-- the boring spelling club where they do worksheets, the Lego club that ends rather disastrously even though that's the club Olivia's crush is in, and chess club, where Olivia finds her people. This upsets Piper, who is still struggling to find friends, and when Olivia can't make a big event at Piper's church, and later has a chess tournament on the very same day as Piper's birthday party, the two have a falling out. Luckily, the girls have a friendship with a well-established base, and they are able to figure out a way forward.Strengths: Middle school friend drama is such a huge issue that there can never be enough books covering the various ways that friends can fall out. Both Piper and Olivia were sympathetic, likable characters despite their flaws, and their voices, as well as the situations are very realistic. (Especially the obsession with Jackson!) The cover is fantastic, and this book will circulate very well among 5th-7th graders. Weaknesses: The beginning of this, with the weird nicknames and artifice of having a notebook that wouldn't be discovered was not the best way to suck readers in. I very nearly put this down. What I really think: Definitely buying. The target demographic might like the note format more than I did.

  • Brooke
    2019-06-26 16:53

    I liked it. I just thought that every time Piper talked about Love & Deception it got pretty annoying. It just got super annoying when she talked about it every single entry! Other than that, it was pretty good. :)

  • Lynda Dickson
    2019-07-09 18:41

    Having just recently started middle school, best friends Piper and Olivia now find that they only have one class together. They don't even get to share lunch! The sparkly blue notebook becomes their lifeline - practically the only way they can communicate with each other. Unfortunately, the notebook ends up documenting the bittersweet breakdown of their best-friendship; we can literally see it imploding before our very eyes. It started out as something that would bring them closer together, but will the notebook end up tearing them apart?This is an interesting concept for a book, with Lindsey Leavitt writing as Piper and Robin Mellom writing as Olivia. The authors channel their inner 11-year-olds and manage to give each girl a distinctive character and voice. Full of humor, cute notes, photos, school newsletters, blog entries, flyers, drawings, and even pelican poop, this book is absolutely charming. A must-read for all middle school BFFs.I received this book in return for an honest review.Full blog post:

  • Kelly Hager
    2019-07-08 18:40

    This book is absolutely adorable and also does a really great job of showing exactly how easy it is for friends---even best ones---to start drifting apart.Piper and Olivia have been best friends for years and they each definitely rely on the other to get through their days. This is made complicated when one year, they only have one class together. But they have a brilliant idea: they can write notes to each other in a notebook and that will keep them as close as they've always been.And for a long time it works. Until they have another idea: start joining clubs. And it starts out being really good until all of a sudden, they start being interested in different things. And what odes it mean for their friendship when they have a chance to spend time together but they start opting to do different things instead?I know it seems like a really minor thing, right? Except you remember how important everything feels in middle school---everything seems like an actual life or death situation.This would be really good for middle school kids, especially kids in sixth grade (that's when middle school starts now, right?) to kind of reassure them that life is hard for everyone.

  • Jeff Raymond
    2019-06-28 12:31

    I read a YA book a while back called Finding Ruby Starling, which was a story about identity told through emails and blog posts. This idea is moved downward toward the middle grade set with The Pages Between Us, which is a story about friends mostly told between their letters in a notebook. Not the most unique way to tell the story, but still an engaging one nonetheless. The two girls, Piper and Olivia, are using the notebook to keep their friendship strong even though middle school is making it harder to be together, and does a realistic job of describing and dealing with the challenges of friendship as life changes around us.Overall, a book that a lot of young girls will find extremely appealing. It's good, clean fun, and hits all the right notes along the way in what ends up being a solid read overall. Definitely closer to a 4.5, and I'd love to see more from this in a series.

  • Betsy
    2019-07-10 11:42

    I received a copy of this e-book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. This book was way more than I expected it to be. Olivia and Piper are just starting off at middle school. They don't have many classes together so they decide to use a notebook to write notes back and forth. This book is that notebook. From page one I loved this! It was something I did in middle and high school with my friends, pass back and forth the notebook with letters for each other. Reminded me of when I was younger. Not to mention all the emotions that came through. Starting new is hard and this book shows how young girls really act, react and feel about those changes. I found it to be a fun book to read and would recommend it to any tween or young teen girl.

  • Erin
    2019-07-06 12:36

    The Pages Between Us is about these two adorable best friends that have different middle school schedules so they share this notebook and write back and forth to each other. It's the loveliest middle grade book. It's so heart-warming and such a quick, enthralling read. I would recommend this to anyone who loves middle grade, any fan of Ally Carter, or anyone who has had a best friend in middle grade. A must read for all middle grade girls!

  • Rachel
    2019-07-06 16:49

    I liked this book a lot, but I think the target audience will LOVE it.

  • Bethany
    2019-07-09 16:48

    THE PAGES BETWEEN US is a cute story about two girls in middle school who are experiencing innocent crushes, true friendship, and the heat fitting in. Typical Middle School problems.The story follows Olivia and Piper who are best friends until the end of time. They're already planning their double wedding. In elementary school, they had many classes together, but now that they're in middle school, they only have one. French class. So, Piper came up with the perfect idea that they could converse through a notebook. They write a note in the book and then pass back and forth whenever they can.Even though they're best friends, they're both different and enjoy different things. Olivia loves chess, always talks about her crush Jackson, and is nervous around anyone that's not Piper. Piper isn't scared to talk to anyone, has no interest in boys, and loves soap operas. When they start going to clubs to get Olivia to open up and to find people to invite to Piper's party, they start to see how different there interests truly are.Final Verdict: I really enjoyed this read and finished it in a day. This story is perfect for those children aged 9-13. It'll teach them what true friendship is and to embrace that friendship along with family.

  • Maria Antonia
    2019-07-22 13:47

    Basic Plot: When two best friends find out that they don’t have any classes together, they decide to share a notebook to communicate with one another. However, their friendship is tested when suddenly when different priorities crop up.My Thoughts: I loved the dynamic duo of this book… Olivia and Piper are both likeable girls and their devotion to each other is beautiful. I like how they navigate through the different school clubs! From LARPing to Lego Club and Chess Club. It’s fun to go back and forth between their separate viewpoints. (Although, at times I did find it a tiny bit confusing about which girl I was reading at any given point. Since, I’m assuming each author took a particular character as “her” character, it’s not like I can blame this on the author not being able to distinguish between two voices. I’m not sure what would have fixed this.) The lead up to the big “breakup” between the friends worked well, I thought. As did the resolution.This review was originally published at my blog.

  • Michelle
    2019-07-21 12:43

    My eleven-year-old daughter and her friends keep a notebook with notes back and forth, original screenplays, and ambitious plans for secret projects. If I were allowed to read it (which I am NOT), I imagine it would be much like the notebook that Piper and Olivia share. This book is charming and funny and wholesome in a realistic way. I'm excited to pass this one on to my daughter. I know she's going to love it with references to all of her favorite things: Gilmore Girls, the Justice store, Target, and pelican poop.

  • Maya
    2019-06-28 14:31

    I really loved this book!!! Piper and Olivia are really likable characters. The story is so funny, entertaining, and sad at times. I also really like the way it's set up to be a notebook between 6th grade friends. I just really enjoyed reading this book, and I would recommend it for kids ages 9-12.

  • Alicia
    2019-07-24 11:37

    This was such a fun, quick read. Loved it! Minus a star because it wasn't super meaty, which is just a personal preference, and aside from traits like one likes chess and the other doesn't, both narrators had the exact same voice in my head.

  • Ursula Gaines
    2019-07-23 14:51

    This book is a good book, recommended by me. It was an interesting book about true friendship. You must read this book!

  • Britt, Book Habitue
    2019-07-10 17:41

    4.5 starsreceived for review

  • Bre
    2019-07-11 16:28

    Definitely a lighthearted book compared to all the other teen books out in the world. Was a very easy read and a good book to read in between other books.

  • Lindsey
    2019-07-14 16:45

    A cute story about friendship. Perfect for a middle school read (especially for summertime)

  • Katie Fitzgerald
    2019-07-21 12:44

    This is a review of both The BFF Bucket List and The Pages Between Us.There are many middle grade novels about the changes lifelong friendships can undergo during the turbulent middle school years. Today's review focuses on two that take a slightly different approach. The girls in The BFF Bucket List and The Pages Between Us know their friendships may be endangered, so they take steps to strengthen their bonds and hopefully save their friendships from destruction. In The BFF Bucket List, Ella and Skyler are preparing to enter high school in the Fall. When Skyler starts making new friends, Ella worries that they will drift apart, so she makes a bucket list of fun things she wants the two of them to do together over the summer break. As they begin checking off items, however, both girls begin keeping secrets from each other which threaten the depth of their friendship more than any outside force. In The Pages Between Us, Olivia and Piper find themselves with only one class in common, so they start to keep a notebook, in which they can write notes to be passed back and forth in the halls between classes. When their quest to find the perfect after school activity to do together doesn't end as planned, however, their messages grow tense.I appreciate the way both of these books shy away from the notion that friends must have an ugly fight and part ways when a major life change occurs. It's nice to have stories that show the power of friendship, and highlight ways that girls can proactively save their friendships from pettiness and cattiness. I am equally pleased that neither book portrays this as an easy thing to do, or even as something that is guaranteed to work. Not everything that happens in these books is 100 percent plausible, but their premises are firmly grounded in reality.As a storytelling vehicle, the bucket list works slightly better than the notebook. While notebook novels are popular, The Pages Between Us gets off to an awkward start, with code names and a series of notes trying to fool potential prying eyes into thinking they have stumbled upon a French notebook. Kids are familiar enough with the notebook format that all of this seemed unnecessary, and the characters' personalities in those beginning notes seem completely different from what they are in the rest of the book. The other thing that felt inauthentic was the occasional inclusion of text messages and other digital correspondence in the notebook. Are we to assume these were printed out and pasted in? Would real kids do this? I had a notebook like this with a friend in eighth grade, before cell phones were a thing, let alone Smart phones, but I can't imagine that we would have printed out our emails and saved them. It just seemed odd.The bucket list, on the other hand, includes some great feats, all of which are carried out in funny and touching scenes that are slightly unlikely but not entirely impossible to occur in real life. After a while, the story deviates a bit from simply crossing items off the list, so it doesn't necessarily serve as the framework for the story, but the idea of it will appeal to girls to the point that I could see some trying to make and complete their own lists.Both books handle the introduction of new friends very well. Because the girls in both stories are indulging in new interests, they meet lots of new people all at once, but the authors of both books do a nice job of introducing these people using specific details that instantly connect the characters to their names and personalities in the mind of the reader. The secondary characters are a bit better developed in The BFF Bucket List, possibly because all of the characters begin spending time together so they all get more time in the spotlight. Both stories make great use of the secondary characters, however, when it comes to highlighting how each girl is changing. There is for the most part no meanness coming from the new friends toward the old ones. Rather, each girl drifts away from the friendship only in pursuit of her own dreams and interests and not because there is pressure from outside forces to ditch her best friend.The BFF Bucket List is a definite middle school read, including all the concerns of teenage life, from choosing where to attend high school, to having a crush. There is no sexual content or anything like that, so there are no concerns about having a younger child read it, but the readers who will relate to it most are likely to be in seventh or eighth grade. The Pages Between Us is more likely to appeal to girls as young as third or fourth grade, and as old as sixth or seventh grade. Olivia and Piper's social awkwardness and dorkiness will appeal especially to fans of the Popularity Papers series.

  • Christina (A Reader of Fictions)
    2019-07-07 18:46

    The Pages Between Us is super cute, but I’m again sitting here and thinking I should probably stop requesting so much middle grade. Since I’ve enjoyed YA contemporaries by both Leavitt and Mellom, I wanted to read their combined middle grade effort. It’s super cute, and I think if I were in elementary or middle school I probably would have had a lot of feels about it.Man do I feel old reading books like this. I spent most of the book trying to decide if it was reasonable for a sixth grader (Olivia) to have had a crush on the same guy for years. I mean, it must have started in like second or third grade, which tbh is a lot of focus at that age. I think I had my first vague crush-ish thing in second grade but it didn’t exactly take a lot of my thoughts. I got my first lingering crush in fifth grade. And I know the popular kids started “dating” in fourth or so. Idk whatever I AM SO OLD NOW.As a lover of middle grade ships, I was hoping there would be a cute one, and there’s some potential, but nothing happens really. It’s a lot of friends discussing boys but not any real romance. That’s probably more fitting for the intended audience but a bit disappointing for me.The friendship dynamics are pretty well done. Piper and Olivia are best friends split apart by the cruelty of fate (aka class schedules) and they communicate in a notebook passed between classes. That conceit is a good one but does sometimes lead to some believability issues, like when they have conversations by writing in the notebook even thought they’re somewhere together and could talk OUT LOUD. But whatever. The conflict that arises when two friends go from being attached at the hip to having other interests and friends is good subject matter for kids (or lbr humans of all ages). I couldn’t really tell Olivia and Piper’s voices apart, but the writing is pleasant and humorous and what kept me going.One thing did annoy me, though. Olivia’s mother is from Atlanta (Atlaaaaaanta), and the book references multiple times how southern she is and how her accent comes out. As someone who’s actually from Atlanta, that’s not someone from Atlanta. Anywhere else in Georgia, sure, but not Atlanta.The Pages Between Us wasn’t what I wanted (aka more YA romance from these guys), but it was cute and fun. It’s sort of like the Jessica Darling middle grades but for a younger set.

  • Theresa
    2019-07-19 15:37

    Besties Olivia and Piper no longer have all the same classes. Still wanting to remain close, they make a journal to record events and communicate with one another. When Piper's parents promise to throw her a b.d. party for 12, she has to starting spreading her wings and make some new friends. Olivia likes a boy in her classes, but is too shy to communicate with him. Maybe by joining some clubs they can both get what they need. Can they pursue their interests, make new friends, and still remain besties?

  • Rebecca
    2019-07-19 14:34

    Olivia and Piper have been besties since third grade, and are now in sixth; neither has ever needed anyone else. Now, though, they find themselves apart for most of the school day, so Piper comes up with the idea of writing to each other in a notebook, the contents of which (with some added texts) is this epistolary novel. One of the main issues they have is Piper's upcoming twelfth birthday, to which her mother said she could invite twelve friends. Problem is, she only has one! She and Olivia make a plan to try as many after school clubs as they can, to make some friends to come to the party. Problem is, they don't make the same friends. Piper finds herself making lots of friends easily, even those who emphatically weren't friends earlier, and Olivia finds her nirvana in the chess club--which Piper hated. Can they still stay friends as their interests take them further apart?I've always liked epistolary novels, even though they often suffer from awkwardness trying to include incidents that people wouldn't normally write about (like conversations at parties), and they suffer from telling-not-showing distancing from the subjects. While I enjoyed the book, I thought it did have both of these problems, and was rather predictable on top of that (though kids probably won't realize that, not having read as much as me). I liked the two characters even though I had trouble telling them apart at first, and this is a classic middle school dilemma--do you keep old friends as you grow apart? Lots of kids will face this issue, and they'll probably appreciate Olivia and Piper's story as it helps them understand and navigate this complex change. I will happily recommend it to kids who enjoy realistic friendship stories.

  • Callie
    2019-06-26 11:40

    Two best friends with conflicting middle school class schedules vow to keep their closeness alive through the pages of a shared notebook. Its pages become a lifeline with the power to bring them together or tear them apart.I was thrilled to receive an arc of this book! Lindsey Leavitt & Robin Mellom have given us an inside look at what life for girls this age is really like - the joys, the pains, the insecurities, the roller coaster ride of emotions, and the deep need for friendships. Without close friends, girls this age would be lost. As parents, grandparents, and teachers we often feel we lose contact with our kids at this age. Reading this book helped me realize why. Tweeners especially need friends during this time to help them sort through where they are in this world. Something only a friend can provide; much more than another adult. Thank you Lindsey & Robin, for a gift to all of us no matter what age. A gift that will make you laugh, make you giggle, make you smile, make you cry, and most of all make you think! A must read for tweeners and everybody that has this age child in their lives.

  • Kami
    2019-07-07 19:27

    - This is a really fun and cute book. It was a bit young for me, but I still enjoyed it.- I loved the opening. It made me laugh.- I really liked Piper and Olivia's voices and personalities. They were very believable tween girls. Robin and Lindsey did a great job capturing their younger selves.- The story is fun, but there really isn't any plot or conflict til the very end. The middle is a little slow.- The ending is really good. It is full of warm fuzzies and is all about compromising and being a true friend.- I loved how visual certain parts of the book are. The girls tape things into their "notebook" and it is fun to see that. It is like the reader is actually reading the notebook of these two girls. - This will be a fun story for my daughter to read when she gets a little older.

  • Brittany
    2019-07-11 13:38

    I know this book is targeted towards a middle grade audience so that is kept in mind while reading this book and writing this review. I thought the story being told through notes, homework, etc. was a fun and creative way to capture the readers interest in the book. But unfortunately, I didn't really like it. Honestly, I don't know exactly why, but I just didn't care for this style of writing in the book. I liked that it was a way for our characters to communicate because that's how a lot of communication is done throughout school years between your peers. It also shows us their unique relationship throughout the story and who the characters truly are between these pages. It just wasn't a style I was into. And the characters were a little annoying at times. But they are maturing and growing so I guess that can't be helped.

  • Brandy Painter
    2019-07-11 14:37

    I was so excited when I stumbled upon this in the new arrivals section of the library. I typically love Lindsey Leavitt's books. I also typically love epistolary novels. This is should have been right up my alley. It is a wonderful concept. Two best friends find themselves only sharing one class in their first year of middle school so they exchange a notebook every day, writing back and forth about what their thinking and feeling. As they begin to try new things and make new friends, their friendship faces challenges. It is an age old story, but there is always room for a new one as new middle schoolers face this problem every year. The issue with this book is about 150 page too long. Many of the journal entries are rambling and could have used more editing. There will still be an audience for this book, but I was hoping to like it more myself.

  • Abstractelf
    2019-07-03 11:35

    I adored this book! The characters were lovely, and I loved everyone (especially Olivia and Piper - they are just the best bffs with an awesome wedding plan!)The book gave me all the feels. I laughed so many times but there were occasions when my heart broke (once I almost started crying). I loved how the book dealt with Olivia's and Piper's friendship - I could find similarities between their and some of my friendships. I think this is a cute and amazing reading for anyone who wants to read a book on friendship (and drama... because according to Piper drama is important).Oh! And this book has the best acknowledgments ever! I LOVED IT! :))

  • Hellen
    2019-07-01 19:27

    Sixth grade is a challenge for long time best friends Olivia and Piper (they end up having only one class together), but they find a creative way to make it work with the help of a simple notebook. This is a diary/chronicle-style novel, with the two friends writing back and forth to each other. The novel does give some accurate descriptions of the trials and tribulations of middle school life (cafeteria drama, making new friends, fitting in, best friend drama, and –of course- boys!). I thought it was just okay, but I think middle school girls may find this to be an easy read. I also think they may enjoy the interesting “multi-media” format.