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Will Pardini is a temptation Natalie does NOT need right now.Months after calling off her engagement, Natalie is trying to rebuild her failing career and impress her eternally disappointed parents. She has too much on her plate already, but the offer Will gives her - to travel the world working as a graphic designer for his luxury hotels - is much too tempting to refuse. RWill Pardini is a temptation Natalie does NOT need right now.Months after calling off her engagement, Natalie is trying to rebuild her failing career and impress her eternally disappointed parents. She has too much on her plate already, but the offer Will gives her - to travel the world working as a graphic designer for his luxury hotels - is much too tempting to refuse. Reformed bad boy billionaire Will Pardini has had his fill of ditzy golddiggers. Natalie is everything he'd ever hoped for but never dreamed could be real. Around her, he's just a normal guy. Around her, he doesn't feel like such a monster. Will has been hiding a dark secret... one that shows up just when he thought he would be able to move on with his life. One that threatens to tear apart the fragile connection he's been building with Natalie and turn his world upside down. Is it right to let someone love you more than you deserve to be loved? This new adult contemporary romance is a standalone novel over 60,000 words and is the sequel to Break. HEA ending with no cliffhangers....

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crash Reviews

  • Deborah
    2019-06-06 23:49

    Not sure about this on 2.5 stars.I'd downloaded Break by this author in February while it was free I just never got round to reading it but there's was something about Crash which appealed to me more. When I started this book there were no reviews so I'd no idea what to expect, yes I know reviews can be subjective but still...anyway from the beginning I struggled with Natalie, I just couldn't seem to warm to her I'm not sure why, then as as read more of the book and more of her personality came out I liked her less, she was for a large part of the book, a doormat wallowing in self pity, ok maybe that's a bit much, but then at times she had a sudden personality change and became anger woman, I understand that people have moods and change but as a character she didn't really work for me, maybe if I'd read Break I'd like her more, it was a pity I didn't like her because I thought Will interesting, more interesting than a lot of romantic millionaires.So in my opinion this book had potential but due mainly to Natalie's character it never reached it.

  • Texas
    2019-06-18 22:49

    Will and Luke are cousins, so you will want to read book 1.Natalie and Jessica are 1 material.Jumping right in here..romance novel with emotional abuse, verbal abuse,some sadness and darkness in this one..not ALL light and fluffy..great issuesbrought children try and try to please their parents..why do we want and orneed their approval? drinking and driving, how having money hinders or helps?Ben from book 1 becomes a major creepo..Did Will get Natalie fired from the Aquarium so he could hire her?book has a HEA..just a winding road to get there..some self growth for all characters.Will and Natalie take a working trip to Europe to gather info on Bed and Breakfastsfor the hotel campaign Pardini. Here in Europe, they get to know each other a little betteronce they hit stateside the stuffing hits the fan, and I am not loving Will as much as I once did.Will he redeem himself in Natalie's eyes?this is well written, be prepared for some dark, sad moments, with a HEA.

  • Christine
    2019-06-17 22:58

    *enter excited girly scream here*Ahhhhh!!!!First off, I want to show my appreciation, gratitude, thankfulness and complete awesomeness to the author for blessing myself with an ARC!I LOVED this book!!!! I read it in less than 2 hours just like I did the first one! I loved that there was drama and self-loathing and then self-appreciation. I just hated that this chick was so.... Weak? Like, I wanted her to be stronger and less annoying. Will redeemed this story because he made this book turn into a huge life lesson! I loved every second! And did I mention the steamy parts too? ;)

  • Taya
    2019-06-01 00:56

    At this point, I'm only about 50 pages into the book and I hate it. Natalie is a terrible character. She actually complains that she HASN'T been raped or abused and that her life is so good. I'm totally down with everyone having things in their life that make them unhappy, I'm not one of those "people are starving in Africa, you can't feel sadness" types, but to complain because her life isn't bad enough? That's ridiculous. I'd understand if she just didn't like her parents and her douche of an ex, I probably wouldn't hate her as much if she actually did, but then she just lets them roll over her. She's also jealous of her best friend who FINALLY gets to have a good life because the poor girl isn't sad anymore. She doesn't have the ability to be happy for her friend and she makes remarks like "now it's her turn to be jealous," but I don't think Jessica will be jealous because she's probably not a god awful bitch like Natalie. I guess I'll finish the book because maybe it gets better, but based on some of the other reviews I think I'm setting myself up for more disappointment.

  • a. joe
    2019-05-24 00:05

    The Plot Had Potential But ...The Plot Had Potential But ...Weak character development, a less than compelling heroine and erratic spurts and lulls in the story line spoilt it for me. Add the unforced typo errors and I could only give this story three stars.

  • kimm ☾
    2019-06-12 23:04

    hah... hah... this book is just... hah.okay, let's dive right in. why the two stars? first of all, you can't give 0 star ratings. what a bummer. second of all, i gave myself a star for actually finishing the book and getting to the end.first horrible thing about this book is how HORRIBLE natalie's character is. G O S H. i'm going to try and list basically all the problematic and horrible things about her b/c she actually is just... A R G H:(-) she raves on about how "privileged" she is and how the abuse and rape that jessica went through means that she can't ever feel bad for herself. and she says how her life isn't sucky or bad enough, that she's jealous that jessica's gone through some tough shit. what. the. fuck. oh, and not to mention, she's jealous that jessica's life is so good now after meeting luke after going through a horribly traumatic experience. how shitty of a person do you have to be to not be happy for your friend who has been given something good after having such a shitty horrible life and going through horrible horrible experiences??? VERY SHITTY.(-) lets get onto her relationship with will. very very toxic. will's gone through some pretty horrible stuff. he was in the passenger seat when his friend, who was driving, hit and killed a bunch of people. it's totally 100% understandable for someone who has been through that to NOT want to talk about their experiences. but nOOOoOooOoOOoo natalie must know EVERYTHING. at first, she's okay with not knowing, like he can decide when he wants to tell her (good stuff). but then you get to a point in the book where she basically threatens him with leaving IF HE DOESN'T TELL HER WHATHAPPENED. what. forcing your partner to tell you about such a horrible chapter in their life isn't okay. she basically disregards the effect it has on him, something she has seen first-hand. god, i can't even with this girl.(-) she cries all tTHE FREAKING TIME. like all the time okay. on the plane, when he says something about her job, she runs off to the stall to cry. i'm pretty sure she cries in the rain after their first "date." probably sometime while they were in europe. idk. man. like all the that's all i can think of off the top of my head for now. but i'll address some other stuff i didn't like as well.(-) jessica is a horrible friend lmao. remember that scene where natalie is in their apartment and she's crying and bawling her eyes out, then jessica comes home after spending a couple of nights at luke's. she comforts her friend for like, TWO SECONDS then is like "bye gtg hang with will's father cya have fun crying by yourself." what. your friend is literally on the ground crying and trying to mend her broken heart. idk, that just really pissed me off.(-) everything when will and natalie run off to her ex's apartment to beat the living shit out of him, even though they said they wouldn't. okay first of all, what makes it sound like a good idea to run to his apartment. call the police. and aren't those photos on her profile because her ex logged in and uploaded them? couldn't she just have deleted them herself. or like, blocked his account if he posted it onto his own feed? cut him out of her linkedin network and she'd have no ties to him. take screenshots and sue him for distribution of pornography. IDK THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS THEY COULD'VE DONE, other than beat the living shit out of him. how have these people survived for so long.okay, even though i basically didn't like this book at all, there was one thing i DID LIKE. the sex scenes were well-written lmao.

  • Linda
    2019-06-07 22:46

    Read this as part of the Cinderella Arrangement - Natalie´s longterm relationship ended when her fiancée betrayed her best friend, and now months after the break up Natalie´s still grieving. When she´s layed off from work it all becomes too much, but rescue isn´t far away. When an offer too good to refuse comes along, she just has to accept. That it will take her on a trip through Europe with a gorgeous billionaire is just icing on the cake. Now not to give in to temptation, though.. Will knew that offering the project to Natalie would have them up close and personal for a good while, and he wanted it, but he never expected Natalie to get under his skin as well. Can he let her see what he´s been hiding for all to see?Contemporary romance, feelings and smutty fluff in a great combo.

  • Kristen Holt
    2019-05-29 21:11

    Here's my summary of Crash:Boo hoo! Poor, pitiful me! I'm ordinary and nobody loves me, not even my parents! I'm jealous of and mean to my best/only friend and roommate because she's had real problems like extreme poverty and rape, but boo hoo hoo! Poor me!Even though it's been a year since I broke up with my fiancé for betraying me, I'm still not over him, and I just got laid off from my job where I turned in lackluster work, because, boo hoo - nobody loves me and I'm sad! Me! Everything is me!Then I meet and try to fix broken guy, but he doesn't love me either, wah wah wah! I can't do anything but feel sad and lash out at my best/only friend. Me, me me!Reconciliation happens with suddenly no-longer-broken guy, and everything is sunshine and puppies and glitter-farting unicorns. Yay!

  • Lierin
    2019-05-26 02:42

    I feel like this book could have been titled, "Pity party of an emotional unreliable narrator" and it would have been the best title. It would have summed up the story in so better a way than the blurb ever could.

  • Aarie
    2019-06-05 20:56

    Really sweetReally sweet story. It was steamy in all the right places and romantic everywhere else. It was also real. Real people have problems that don't go away easily. That was woven into the story nicely.

  • Heather Anastasiu
    2019-05-30 04:56

    I've read three Vanessa Waltz books in three days and they have been three A pluses in a row. The ending might have been a little rushed, but I thought it was so much better written than a lot that's written and I loved the first in the series big time.

  • JamieLeigh
    2019-06-12 03:53

    a good read. love the characters!

  • Michelle °O°
    2019-05-21 20:44

    Natalie Portman has to be one of the weakest heroines I have ever read.And Will... not sure how I felt about him. His mood swings were just too much for me. I could never feel a connection between the two of them.This story was just too blah with all the wining going on. Glad I didn't read the first book because I couldn't stand those characters either.

  • Crystal
    2019-06-20 00:07

    Copy book 1, Paste, edit Ta Da - book 2. It even ends at a beach like the first one. I can only roll my eyes. She goes from hating him and thinking he's an ass to sleeping with him, huh.

  • Diane Garner
    2019-05-25 04:02

    The book made you feel from start to finish.

  • Kate
    2019-06-14 23:03

    Natalie is just trying to rebuild her life after being burned by a relationship, she gets offered the job opportunity of a life time, to travel and help market new hotels for her friends fiance’s company. The only catch, is his notorious playboy cousin who keeps showing up on her doorstep will accompany her on a three week adventure.Natalie discovers that underneath it all Will is just as “normal” as the rest of us, they become close and she learns of the skeletons in his closet that eventually come back to haunt him. With Natalie’s help Will finally gets to put those skeletons to rest. In turn her shows her that she doesn’t need to prove herself to anyone, that she’s her best self already, doing what she loves to do and that’s all that matters.I really did like this novel, although I wished it was a bit better and longer. I really felt for Will, none as the notorious playboy, he really had a bad rep in the story and I felt it was a bit unjustified. He wasn’t really understood and it sucked and was really sad, the way his parents acted and treated him over the years. No one really knew he was being eaten alive with guilt because eveyone was pretending that it never happened and Will never got to deal with his feelings properly.I felt Natalie’s ex-boyfriends personality was a little all over the place, and his meanness came out of nowhere, his vindictiveness was like a slap in the face. His actions were a tad out of place, for the personality that we did see.Natalie was…well there was something off here. The way she let her parents treat her. She’s an adult for one and yes I know we all have that pull to please our parents so we don’t feel their disappointment with the direction are lives are taking, but in the story it crossed the line, it was too in your face. I mean it added and helped her personality but I think it was a tad over done and could have been toned back.The places Will and Natalie visited on their adventure were described so vividly, I felt as if I had really gone there myself and seen the same things. My favourite part was when Will and Natalie when to Cinque Terre while in Italy and Will expressed his love for cats. It was adorable. Lots of detail but it was good.The novel was a good little love story, I read it as a stand a lone novel as opposed to have read some of the series. I imagine the first novel would have given me more insight on the characters but you don’t need to read the rest of the series to know what’s going on. I may or may not read the rest of the series. As good as it was it does not make me want to drop everything and go out and buy the other book/s.

  • christine danielle (Bibliophilic Madness)
    2019-06-01 00:54

    FOR MORE REVIEWS AND GIVEAWAYS, DO CHECJK OUT MY BLOG:CRASH BY VANESSA WALTZCover: 5Plot: 3Characters: 4Overall Rating: 3.5Crash is the sequel to Break but it can be read on its own, though in my opinion reading the first book would be better to be able to understand the book more. I loved the cover of it's very passionate and has similarities with the cover of the first book. Natalie broke up with his six-year long boyfriend when he broke her trust and divulged information about her best friend to the paparazzi. She then meets Will Pardini cousin of her boyfriend's best friend and she instantly felt something for him. After getting laid off, Will gives her a chance of a life time to travel with him - as her graphic designer. After seeing Natalie, Will Pardini knows that she is not like all the bimbos she has been out with and that attracts her more to him. He offers her to go out on a trip with him and the sexual tension between them was hard to deny. But Will has a dark secret that may ruin the new found relationship he has with Natalie. Will they have their happy ever after or will his secret ruin the relationship he has with Natalie?This book was very emotional and passionate. Will started out as someone who was weird with his sudden change of topic in conversations and his what-you-see-is-what-you-get attitude. To be honest, I didn't like his character at first with his unique personality but as the book progresses, I liked his personality. Natalie was very whiny and depressing in the start of the book and the way she easily cries was very irritating. I was so adamant on hating her but towards the end book she changed and had the balls enough to get what she wants. I also liked that the previous characters was shown in this book. Though this book was good, I feel that the first book was better. ARC given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.

  • Morgan Sanchez
    2019-05-26 02:45

    ~I was given this book for an honest review~ We all stumble, we all fall, but it's how we get up that counts. This is something both Will and Natalie had to figure out in this well written story about love, forgiveness, and strength. But, can you love yourself if you have a secret that tears you apart every day and consumes your every thought and action? Will deals with these crazy emotions of feeling worthless, angry, and sad every day.Natalie is feeling pretty worthless too after breaking up with her fiancé Ben after 6 years because she couldn't trust him, and then as a result, looses her job shortly after. When Natalie is forced to go to Luke and Jessica's party, she meets Will, Luke's cousin. This is when the crazy journey begins. Will and Natalie take a work trip to Europe where they learn there is a thin line between love and hate. On this trip Natalie learns what happened to Will to make him the man he is today. They come back from the trip dating and ready for a new start. The happy bubble is burst when Ben Natalie's x decides to devise a plan to enrage both Natalie and Will, get will sent to jail, and expose the hidden secrets of Wills past. Will is forced to deal with the demons of his past ,while almost loosing Natalie in the process. In the end, they both learn that happiness must come from within. Regardless of what happens in the past, present, or future, everyone lives and learns from their mistakes. And sometimes love does conquer all.Any girl will be able to relate to Natalie's character in this book. She is witty, funny, and smart. The banter between Will and Natalie is very entertaining, and the sexual tension is off the charts. Waltz's also chose a subject matter that continues to affect people around the world on a daily basis. So if you are looking for a book that is emotional, entertaining, and full of surprises....this is the book for you, it has it all!!!

  • Heidi Ryan
    2019-06-13 01:00

    This is the second book in a series, yet the way it is written, it is a stand alone. A lot of the same characters are in it, but it is a whole new story that doesn't come from the first book. I really enjoyed this book, as much as I loved the first one. The characters are not perfect, yet some of them live in a perfect world. I love books like this because it makes you look at how you see the world from your point of view, and makes you rethink what you feel you know.This story is about Jessica's roommate, Nathalie. She was instrumental in helping Jessica when her world was turned upside down, and now she is finding out what that is like. She is a graphic designer working for the aquarium when she broke up with her boyfriend Ben because he leaked information about Jessica to the press. She comes to realize that maybe Ben is not the end all be all in her world. After the breakup, Jessica wants her to get out of their crapartment and stop moping and start dating again. Hell, Ben started dating 2 weeks after they broke up, and now months have past. She goes to a party at Lukes, and their she is awakened by an odd guy who hits on her and then insults her. She finds out it is Luke's cousin, Will. She tries to avoid him, but he crashes a blind date of hers, and slowly turns her world upside down. After losing her job, Will hires her as a contractor to design a marketing plan for the family business, and she decides to jump at it. While they are abroad, strange things occur, and she comes to realize that Will has some major issues, just like her. And Ben has started acting very odd to her as well. What will Ben do to get to Nathalie? And can two damaged people heal each other? The action and drama in this book are enough to keep you turning the page to see what more can happen, and when Ben goes off the rails, is anyone safe? Grab this book, it is a great read!

  • Sue
    2019-06-07 04:57

    ~ I was given this book in exchange for an honest review ~Another solid 4.5 stars for the follow-up to Vanessa Waltz's Break. I was annoyed by Natalie and her BF Ben in the first book and so it was interesting to see that this one took over as Natalie decides to break up with Ben after his betrayal when he tells the press about Jessica and Luke's arrangement. Almost immediately after, Natalie meets Luke's cousin Will at a party and from there it's one hell of a ride. Natalie is attracted to Will but he has some really deep personal issues that cause him to react in at times, inappropriate ways and is suffering from PTSD from a terrible tragedy he feels responsible for when he was younger.Natalie's preoccupation with Jessica's issues as well as her heartbreak over losing her fiance after 6 years, causes her to fall down on the job and she finds herself unemployed...just in time to be swooped down upon by Will Pardini and his high society, richie rich lifestyle.I don't want to ruin all the fun and suspense of what happens when these two take off to Europe for a job related trip of a lifetime...but let's just say that Natalie gets more than a glimpse of the demons troubling Will and upon returning to the US, they go from the frying pan straight into a firestorm of pure hell.This was a book about love, betrayal, forgiveness and learning to walk away from the things in life that are bad for you and accepting those which are nourishing and healthy.**** 4.5 **** "everyone deserves love and respect" stars =)~ Review has been done in conjunction with Platypire Reviews

  • Tonileg
    2019-05-22 04:48

    Contemporary romance with a middle class nice girl finding love with a rich jerk with more baggage then an airplane filled with people.We met Natalie in the first book Break by Vanessa Waltz which I liked better then this book although it was well written in the same style. But Natalie wasn't as compelling as Jessica because life had been too kind to her. Sure, she has jerky parents, but there hasn't been anything awful or terrible to test her mettle in her whole life. She got an all expense paid education as a graphic designer which her parents didn't approve but still paid all the bills as well as a jerky buy vanilla boyfriend for the past six years. When ever she was tested, she turned out to take forever to build up the strength to move on. In fact, perhaps if she never met the jerky Will Pardini (Luke's cousin) then she may have taken back her douchy ex-fiance! WHAT?!So I had a hard time liking this weak pansy girl but atleast she shows some backbone when it comes to Will and his issues which proves that she can be tough. She is also super loyal to her best friend Jessica which makes her a better then average person, so I gave this book a chance.Still liked Break better, even after pondering and writing this review.177 page and kindle freebie2 stars

  • Nickcole
    2019-06-01 02:09

    Stars: 3Overall: Natalie attends a party for her friend and rich boyfriend and she doesn't really want to be there. She broke up with her boyfriend of 6 years about a year ago and it's still hanging heavy on her heart. She meets a weird and eccentric man named Will and automatically she is attracted to him, until he opens his mouth and makes some rude comments. A day or so later, she looses her job as a graphic designer and after running into Will again, he offers her a job that she can't refuse. They travel over to Europe and while there, they both learn a lot about each other and about Will's past. Natalie tries to stand by Will as he is having his emotional break down, but at one point it just becomes to much with him pushing her away. In the end Will deals with his demons and Natalie helps him makes amends with other areas in his life.Pros: I really liked Natalie and her artistic side and the way she was able to deal with Will when he was having one of his panic attacks. I also really liked all the places they got to visit, I was a little green with envy once I googled them. Cons: Will was just out of control and too much on the crazy side for me personally. I get that he had something really tragic happen to him, but his moods were over the top and a little to much for me. Characters: Will & NataliePage Turner: Yes & NoSeries Cont: YesRecommend: Yes

  • Beth
    2019-06-18 03:10

    DifferentThe trouble people get into when they are young and stupid is the underlying problem with William. He's from a rich family and like so many other young men gets into drinking and partying. Unfortunately one night he is a passenger in a car accident which killed several people. His family money was used to hush it up and no charges were brought. He has had nightmares and panic attacks since. He meets a young woman who is a fantastic graphic designer but can't meet her parents unrealistic expectations. She breaks up with her fiance when he sells her roommate out to the tabloids. These two go through some really horrible times but somehow Natalie makes him better. What bothers me is that in both books these two best friends aren't really supporting each other. Jessica knows that Natalie is going through some really bad times and leaves her alone in the apartment for days on end. Doesn't even stop by their apartment to see why Natalie isn't answering her phone until she is on the way to the airport for Thanksgiving away. She sees the evidence of Natalie falling apart but Five minutes of checking in and out the door. I was pissed..... it's a great writer who can make us feel that emotional over made up characters.

  • Palabasalibro
    2019-05-31 02:46

    After reading the first installment, I was wondering who Natalie will end up with since Ben was a nasty piece of work even from the first book. So I thought it will be just a friend of Luke's. It turns out, it will be his cousin! So I was looking forward to it from the start. To say their family is very strange is putting it mildly. I loved a lot of things about this book. The way they met. The way he was chasing the heroine from the start. Their chemistry. The well thought of issues and the way they put those to rest at the end. The way they were trying to avoid a physical relationship at first but failing the way. And the ending, of course.But there are also shortcomings, I think. A lot of things were strange with this book. Will's mother. His job. The heroine's monologues. And the issue with the media and Ben. As much as I hate drunk driving and rich people covering people up, I hate the media even more for twisting and covering some thing's up. I didn't like how they resolved the issue. They settled, sure - but where was the justice? I was looking for that in the book, but again, I was disappointed.

  • Janey
    2019-06-09 20:57

    Natalie and Wills story, a lot more angsty than the first book in the series, this has PTSD as the main theme. Will trying to overcome a tragedy that has plagued him for years and Natalie who enters his life and turns it upside down but in a good way, again like the previous book there's a trip to England which made me smile as the places mentioned are quintessentially English even down to the "full English" that Natalie has for breakfast, the story kinda follows the same pattern as the first book, the guy gets the girl to go away with him and a relationship of sorts develops, there's the usual family wrangles, secrets revealed, psycho ex's and loads of soul searching, I liked Will's character, he starts off as an arsehole but you kinda realise why he's like that, I think more could have been said about PTSD as it's a very emotive subject but it was handled well in a gentle way. For a freebie it was a good read. Oh and randomly there's a cat in it called Tom who flies first class...

  • Kristin
    2019-06-16 23:58

    amazing hot readI really enjoyed reading about Natalie and Will... We still got to read about Jessica and Luke who i really adore and love there characters.In this sequel the roles are reversed a little, it's Natalie's time to be single and miserable and Jessica lifting her up and getting her out there.When Natalie runs into Luke's cousin Will she knows she should stay away but doesn't want to not see what their connection is and where it could go. This time Natalie is going on a trip and is going to enjoy herself and take a chance. They both make each other stronger and after everything they both have endured and suffered its really amazing for them to find each other. I was hooked from the beginning and finished in one sitting because I had to know what happened and their chemistry is Hott!!A must Read

  • Deseree
    2019-06-10 02:11

    Even though I read book 1 and wasn't a fan I wanted to at least give this one a shot.....should have stopped and listened to myself.Natalie....ugh! I didn't really like her in the first book, but felt she at least had some potential. Should have known better. In this book we find out she is a jealous brat. Yeah her parents are horrible but she still had a decent upbringing and no one is wished they were abused and raped. Seriously! Jess and Luke are in this one and are just as self centered and childish as before. We meet Will which seems to have potential, until he opens his mouth. I mean the character is written like a psycho or bipolar. Yet its played off as regret and PTSD....nope! You don't have MAJOR mood swings CONSTANTLY with those. The plot had so much potential but once again....her characters kill the story.

  • Tashia Iluvbeinarattler
    2019-06-11 05:06

    So.... Yeah. I felt like I was watching really bad acting on a Soap Opera. There were times I tried reading different quotes with different emotions thinking maybe, just maybe!, it was me.... but no. There were really good tries with the chemistry of the main characters but their thoughts were so contradictory that the story line became a little unbelievable.... and sometimes predictable. The idea of the drama or angst of Will Pardini was really good and somewhat believable... But if I'm being honest he seemed kind of woosie and weak. I just couldn't believe him to be a dominant male figure which, IMO, he should've been. But IDK.... I'm just a reader and a fan of dramatic romance. OK Read.

  • Daphne
    2019-06-07 23:59

    Breaking Down The Walls~~~~~ Author Provided Arc~~~~~I really enjoyed this story line and the cast of characters.It has a fairly deep and relative plot. After Natalie meets William it becomes clear that they both have built up walls as a defense mechanism. Natalie needs to make changes to increase happiness into her life, and William needs to forgive himself for an accident from his past.As a new couple, they fight many obstacles to be exactly what the other needs.....someone to love.4.5 Stars for Crash! I didn't want their story to end, I loved Natalie & William. Hopefully there will be more from them! Vanessa Waltz has done a wonderful job with this story-book couple :)

  • Linda Hall
    2019-05-27 21:54

    ~~~~~ Author Provided an ARC ~~~~~The novel had me on a roller-coaster from the onset and the characters, in particular Will, broke me heart. Two broken souls that got together and tried to fix one another. Natalie, although she tried her best, was unable to provide Will all the help he needed, an therapy was the only thing that worked. I loved the empathy that the characters has for one another and in the end, my HEA when a broken family was fixed.Vanessa, congratulations on a well written novel which I could not put down from the moment I started to read it - the ultimate compliment.Linda Hall, South Africa, xxx