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Enquanto relações públicas de uma empresa de organização de casamentos, Parker Brown tem um talento excecional para realizar os sonhos das noivas mais exigentes. Mas é incapaz de sonhar sobre o seu próprio futuro. O mecânico Malcolm Kavanaugh adora descobrir como funcionam as coisas. E perceber os segredos de uma mulher complexa e deslumbrante como Parker é um desafio. ParEnquanto relações públicas de uma empresa de organização de casamentos, Parker Brown tem um talento excecional para realizar os sonhos das noivas mais exigentes. Mas é incapaz de sonhar sobre o seu próprio futuro. O mecânico Malcolm Kavanaugh adora descobrir como funcionam as coisas. E perceber os segredos de uma mulher complexa e deslumbrante como Parker é um desafio. Parker e Malcom, quando estão juntos, fazem faísca. Mas ambos sabem que passar de um pequeno flirt a uma relação séria é um passo muito importante. Os riscos que Parker correu nos negócios sempre valeram a pena, mas arriscar o seu coração é algo que a jovem não sabe se pode fazer... Felizmente, Malcom irá mostrar-lhe que a vida é demasiado curta para não ser vivida ao máximo....

Title : Felizes para Sempre
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Felizes para Sempre Reviews

  • Vicki
    2019-07-13 13:53

    BOO. And also hiss. What a load of crap this book was. The series started out mediocre and just went downhill from there. Allow me to summarize this book for you:Parker is great at many things. No, Parker is great at all things. She works out seven days a week. She never hits the snooze button. She has three best friends. They have been best friends for thirty years and run a business together. Their conversations with each other consist of talking about men and agreeing about every single thing that comes out of each other's mouths (often repeating back each other's thoughts to affirm them - ACTIVE LISTENING!) and also describing pastries and clothes to each other, out loud, ad nauseum. This is apparently the sign of a lifelong friendship: standing in the same room as a woman and a sweater and describing the sweater to her as though she cannot see it for herself. Then there will be a wedding. At this wedding, everything looks perfect. Everyone behaves perfectly. Mac captures all of the meaningful moments perfectly. No one has ever been more impressed by a cake than they are by this one. (Until the next wedding in 35 pages.) BUT! One guest at each wedding will behave badly. And not just badly, but cartoon super-villain badly, with no justification or explanation for their bad behavior. This guest will always be a woman, and every character will take turns calling her a variation on bitch (super bitch, stone-cold bitch, &c.). Parker will speak to this horrible woman for less than 90 seconds and she will repent or disappear. PARKER IS AMAZING AT EVERYTHING.Malcolm is very attractive, in the way you envisioned a man being attractive when you were 14 years old. He rides a motorcycle and wears leather and jeans. He is attracted to Parker. She is attracted to him. All of her friends agree that he is attractive and she is right to be attracted to him and lucky to have him attracted to her. For no discernible reason at all she fights her attraction to him. For 10 pages or so. But he is a good kisser. She talks to Malcolm. To her brother. To her best friend's fiance. To Malcolm's mother. They all agree that this is a wonderful relationship. Malcolm doesn't tell her all his feelings on demand, but apologizes by buying her shoes. Everyone twitters. At this point the ghost writer realizes he forgot to make this book have any conflict or even a point. We find out that Malcolm was abused by his uncle when he was growing up. There's no real effect on the story or the characters. Malcolm proposes. The reader doesn't care.The reasons I think this book was ghost-written: The characters all speak in the exact same voice. Sometimes to make it clear that it is a man speaking, very clunky cursing will be thrown in (e.g., "You're drinking pussy tea?" asked during a sentimental moment). The male dialogue is complete crap, and this from the writer of the Chesapeake Bay saga? I think not. The four main women have been best friends for 30 years, and I swear to dog if it weren't for describing clothes and pastries to each other the book wouldn't pass the Bechdel test. NR is normally better at writing women's friendships. The only reason I can come up with for this book not being ghost-written is, why would she bother? She doesn't need the money and it's only tarnishing her writerly rep, so why agree to it? But I assume that even if you don't *need* money, more of it is always nice to have.TL;dr: This series was boring, and this finale was completely awful. In order to maintain my warm feelings toward Nora Roberts, I'm assuming someone else wrote these books.

  • Mojca
    2019-07-02 10:59

    Happy Ever After (Nora Roberts' Bride Quartet Series #4) And another great Bride Quartet book to close the series. Despite it didn't quite meet my high expectations (the sparkage between Mal and Parker in the previous books somehow mellowed down), I still loved it from beginning to end. I think this was the book with the most perfect blend of romance and friendship of the series. While there was a bigger emphasis on friendship in Vision in White and Bed of Roses and with Savor the Moment more romance-oriented, this one struck just the right "bargain" between the two. Parker wasn't as mushy as Mac and Emma, and not as tough as Laurel, so the balance was rather perfect. What bothered me the most was Mal. Where did the rather sensible guy from the end of Savor the Moment go? Sure, I loved his take-charge attitude, his scorching passion for Parker, his bad-boy-biker persona, but I expected more "opennes" from the aforementioned rather-sensible-guy. Instead, in typical male fashion, he kept it all inside, refusing to discuss anything remotely close to home, and in doing so pushed all the wrong buttons with Parker and then sulked when she told him to take a hike. Men! Also, the big "climax" had much to be desired. Sure, it was completely in character with both Mal and Parker, but I truly expected more oomph. Oh, well. I told you my expectations were pretty high with this book. Sill, I'm not disappointed. I hoped to say that this was my favorite book of the series, that Mal was my favorite hero of the series, but Del definitely stole the show. Still, this was an amazing book with great mixture of romance and friendship, I loved the familial feel of the entire series, but this was truly topped it off with everyone nicely paired up. And the ending...the girls have really come full circle. Beautiful, funny, sexy, romantic, friendly...A wonderful ending to a wonderful series.

  • Mafi
    2019-07-01 14:08

    Este custou a ler. Mas ler uma série de seguida tem destas coisas, há muita repetição. ---(...)Nunca tinha gostado muito da Parker e já se sabia que o par dela ia ser o Malcom, aliás a historia deles começa logo no terceiro livro.Ainda pensei parar na série e depois pegar neste livro quando sentisse mais vontade mas sabia que se não o lesse agora já não o ia ler tão cedo e eu queria mesmo acabar com a série. Foi com algum esforço que li este livro mas na verdade nunca gostei muito da Parker e embora adore personagens totalmente diferentes, não consegui gostar deste casal por culpa de como a Parker sempre se mostrou nos outros livros: muito fria e sempre com tudo no controlo. O Mal revelou-se uma boa surpresa e realmente não podia ser mais diferente do que a Parker, par além de mecânico é duplo de actores em filmes de acção!O que mais gostei foi de o Malcom não hesitar em deixar a Parker pouco à vontade tanto com os seus elogios como com os beijos que roubava-lhe,É aqui neste livro que também temos a preparação de um dos casamentos das amigas e foi um momento que foi bonito de se acompanhar especialmente por ser a empresa a tratar do casamento. Como sempre no mundo fictício da Nora, acaba tudo bem e todas personagens com o seu "Felizes para Sempre"!http://algodaodoceparaocerebro.blogsp...

  • Lexy
    2019-07-09 12:16

    this book was so good

  • BooksTwins
    2019-06-29 10:59

    Me encantó como Nora Roberts logró concluir la historia de las cuatro amigas. La historia de amor es perfecta, y me encantaría un Malcom.5/5 ahre

  • Ns
    2019-06-23 15:15

    Happy Ever After/ The Bride Quartet is a toast to lifelong friends, to making memories, to celebrating moments, and to first and final loves.Happy Ever After is likely my favorite novel of the series. Like the other novels in the series, the friendships, the camaraderie, the trials and triumphs of falling in love are all very inviting and appealing. You are there among friends as you journey alongside each women towards their happy ever afters. Reading Happy Ever After was bittersweet; I was eager to learn Parker's story and yet I wanted to savor and prolong the story, knowing it would end soon.The story was a fast read for a positive reason. I didn't expect an out-there-utterly-amazing plot but a feel good romance. A novel that would be the equivalent of comfort food for a night in. Perhaps a predictable plot, but nonetheless a great story. I'm going to miss the women of Vows and hope it won't be the last I read of them. The story centers around the infallible Parker Brown and the likes-to-get-under-your-skin-because-he-can Malcolm Kavanaugh. Mal likes to fix things, whereas Parker gets things done, which when you think about it is almost the same thing. What Mal and Parker have yet to realize is that beyond mutual attraction and non-serious flirtation is the love they have for each other. Their love is growing day by day. Their nature to solve problems ironically creates conflicts in their relationship. Parker senses a troubled past is what keeps Mal distant and the more she tries to help, the more withdrawn he becomes. In Parker, Mal sees beyond the perfectionist and order to the vulnerability and need for stability and security in Parker's life. He can give her all this, as he is exactly what she needs, and vice versa, if he can trust and open up.Their journey is not a lonely one; the women of Vows, Parker's closest and bestest friends, and their men are right there supporting them. They provide solutions and insights but also share the progress of their relationships. The beginning and ending left a feel good feeling, like the end of a good night with friends. The series is a testament to friendships, and not far behind, to finding love.

  • willaful
    2019-07-09 12:14

    The level of fantasy in this story reminds me of one of Baum’s 
“Oz” books, where filled lunchboxes grow on bushes. Parker’s home is always perfectly neat and there’s invariably a well-stocked little refrigerator wherever you go, even in her closet -- with no sign of a house staff other than the always available cook. This isn’t wedding porn, it’s organization porn.Annoyingly, I was noticing this stuff more than connecting with the story. I can’t exactly call it boring, yet I had to keep rereading passages because my eyes had glazed over. The romantic relationship didn’t interest me. The perfection of Parker’s life didn’t interest me.It picked up when some actual conflict arose between the couple, and I actually got a little teary at the end. But overall, I was underwhelmed.

  • Lynsey A
    2019-07-17 17:52

    The last book is the best in the series, IMO. I laughed out loud several times and I don't recall doing that with any of the other books. Unlike the previous book, Savor the Moment, this one wasn't bogged down with exercise and friend time. We got to see quite a bit of Malcolm and Parker together. They are a cute couple and because they were so different they fit together perfectly. This was definitely an improvement over the other books and absolutely a great way to end the series. Who couldn't love a man who buys a woman a pair of shoes as an apology? The man of my dreams. =)

  • Nadia
    2019-07-05 15:20

    This was the book I was waiting the entire series for! And for the most part, I'm really happy with how everything progressed between Parker and Malcolm (and yeah I'm aware I misspelled his name in my status update, tho I'm not sure why there isn't an edit update option on GR, it's 2018 ffs, we should have one by now), but I'm not happy with the final part, where Malcolm realizes the depth of his feelings for Parker and he proclaims his undying love and devotion using Carter's, Del's and Jack's words. Seems to me that Parker would've been happy with something simple, as long as it's genuine. But yeah, otherwise totally worth the wait.

  • ♥ℳelody
    2019-07-10 11:12

    2.5 starsI'm glad just to be done with this series, and done with Nora Roberts. Sorry but I've come to realize her writing style just isn't for me. Her stories and characters touch the surface but nothing else. There is nothing unique or intriguing about her work, just a bunch of unoriginal characters thrown into repetitive recycled stories. This is supposed to be one of her strongest series if I'm not mistaken and the only hit for me was Mac and Carter's book.I thought Parker would really irritate me like she did in the last 2 books but surprisingly not as much in here. She still gave me a work-out in the eyeball department but I guess I got used to her OCD uptight neurotic ways by now. lol I just didn't think much of her story or believe her and Mal falling in love. There was nothing exciting or new for me. The romance & steam factor was very tame, too tame. Everything was so incredibly stale and dull. And Mal is supposed to be the 'bad boy' out of all the 4 guys. Go figure. A whole bunch of telling but very little showing, which seems to be Nora's general style and something I have no interest in. It's a BIG pet peeve of mine when authors do this. I like descriptive love scenes not flowery analogies that lead to fade-to-blacks. No thank you.Mal I struggled to even connect with. Other than his back story there was nothing interesting about this 'bad boy' mechanic. My biggest problem was his voice and demeanor sounds EXACTLY the same as Del and Jack. There is no distinction between these 3 guys except for their looks. They have the same mannerisms, attitude and dialogue which makes no sense. Carter is the only one out of the four guys who has a different personality and distinct voice. Nora doesn't even try to give her characters individual separate identities outside the freaking Vows business which seems to be the primary focus of the series. And sorry but the idea of 4 grown men moving into this ginormous mansion with the 4 ladies like some compound or sorority/fraternity (for rich adults) is strange and suspending belief. I would go crazy. And Del getting all excited about turning the large basement into a 'man cave' for all the guys was just cringe-worthy. <_< Everything is just too perfect and exactly right at the Brown's mansion which just translates for a stale boring unrealistic story unfortunately. I'm sorry to say this but this book is what gives CR books a bad rep with all the stereotypes and frou-frou dialogue. Ack.

  • Mollie *scoutrmom*
    2019-07-16 13:18

    Having read the first three books in the quartet, I thought I knew what I was in for. Roberts managed to surprise me again. As I own more than 100 books by her (everything except her J.D. Robb work), it often amazes me that she can come up with something new and fresh.One need not read The Bride Quartet in order, though it doesn't hurt. This makes a good stand-alone as well as the crown jewel of an already excellent series.I've still got tears in my eyes and a little sniffle from the final scene, which touched my heart but didn't feel like a manipulative tearjerker. Thank goodness there are still authors out there with this much skill.Parker finds herself unwittingly attracted to a fella who is nothing like the ideal man she'd dreamed of. The fact that she can control so much in her life (the hyper-organized closet and the crackberry are symbolic) means that these emotions blindside her in many ways. Roberts doesn't have any of her characters come out and say so, but I sense that Parker's loss of her parents when she was barely adult makes her feel like she is safe only when every last nitpicking detail is under her control. Parker is wise in that she turned this obsession into a business. So few people really 'get' her. Mal doesn't at first let her in enough for her to understand where he is coming from, which causes her plenty of pain. It takes some straight talk from Emma, Laurel, Mac, and Mrs. G. before she can find her way through.Malcolm isn't really a tough-guy hero name, but this auto mechanic has crawled his way up from nothing and taken some of the hardest knocks life can throw at a person. His emotional lockdown is a defense against what he has endured. He comes to understand her better than she understands herself in many ways. Parker teaches him about his heart, and his mom, Del, Jack, and Carter provide the examples he learns to follow. I think his character learning to trust and to open up is the major theme of this book.This book is simply wonderful. Thank you, Nora.

  • Love Fool
    2019-07-23 10:53

    #1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts cordially invites you to meet childhood friends Parker, Emma, Laurel, and Mac—the founders of Vows, one of Connecticut's premier wedding planning companies.Parker Brown turned the quartet's childhood game of Wedding Day into their dream jobs. And now she's the face of Vows—the one who meets every bride's demands; she knows how to make dreams come true...Mechanic Malcom Kavanaugh loves figuring out how things work, and Parker Brown—with her mile-long legs—is no exception. No man has rattled Parker in a long time, but the motorcycle-riding, raven-haired Mal seems to have a knack for it. His passionate kisses always catch her of guard, much like her growing feelings for him. Parker's business risks have always paid off, but now she'll have to take the chance of a lifetime with her heart.This was a good ending to a good book series. A little far fetched but enjoyable and quick. Nora Roberts knows how write a fun romantic chick-lit. The women have a life that I would love with my best friends, all living under one roof in a beautiful home while finding true love with gorgeous men who have kind souls, devilishly good-looking, and wealthy. And I will ask again, but how do these women get these men to propose in a matter of a few short months? Not that I'm bitter or anything... just would like to know for future reference.

  • Natalia815
    2019-07-07 14:21

    De Nora he leído dos sagas: Hotel Boonsboro y 4 Bodas. Aunque las dos son maravillosas, me quedo con 4 Bodas. Adoro a las cuatro protagonistas, mujeres fuertes, independientes, que se apoyan en cualquier situación. ¿Y que decir de los protagonistas?, son maravillosos, si tuviera que elegir, no sé con cual me quedaría.Saga ALTAMENTE recomendada. Quiero leer más cosas de Nora, pero tiene tantas sagas que no se con cuál seguir. ¡Acepto sugerencias! :)

  • Celeste
    2019-06-27 15:21

    This is such a satisfying conclusion to an incredibly sweet series. Parker Brown is the mastermind behind Vows, the wedding business she runs with her three best friends. She’s also the glue, holding everything together through sheer willpower. Organization and punctuality are her superpowers. No one can keep their head under pressure like Parker. She’s cool, calm, and collected at all times. And she has absolutely no idea what to do with Malcolm Kavanaugh. Malcolm is a former Hollywood stuntman turned mechanic. He’s one of her brother’s more recently acquired best friends, and he knocks the cool collectedness right out of Parker. She likes everything and everyone to be in nicely itemized lists, and Mal loves throwing her off by never giving her a change to put him in a box before he obliterates her expectations. He’s as rough and tumble as she is prim and polished, and when he decides that she’s what he wants, hilarity ensues.While Parker might sound snooty, she’s anything but. She has a streak of sweetness in her a mile wide, though she’s capable of donning the mantle of Ice Queen when needed. But no matter what she tries, she can’t shake Malcolm. And she’s not sure that she wants to.I love the relationship between Malcolm and Parker. I love seeing someone so used to being in control ending up confused and slightly mussed. And I love seeing how the romances from the previous three books have strengthened and grown. The book ends with the wedding of one of the series’ couples, which made the entire story feel like it had come full circle. And finally, the friendships in Nora’s novels are always beautiful and vibrant and real, and they’re something I can’t help but envy. Nora is the queen of relationships, be they romantic or friendly or familial, and this series delivers on all three counts.

  • Katya
    2019-07-14 11:09

    You'd think I have better things to do, but I gotta admit - those books kinda drew me in and I wanted to read the last installment, even with the risk of losing a night's sleep over it. However, now that I have, I kinda wish I had slept.For those of you who have heard about this book for the first time, allow me to recap: The Bride Quartet series by Nora Roberts revolves around four best friends who run a wedding business together. After the first three women, Mac, Emma and Laurel, have found love and gotten engaged, all in the span of one year, it is not Parker's turn to rope herself a man. Even if she and Mal are complete opposites, and they both admit it, they will overcome their problems for the sake of sexual gratification, and will decide they will work it after all. The question is, however: would she get him to propose before New Years so that the set would be complete?Yeah, I admit that I'm a lousy mood today. To be fair, the writing is good and there are some pretty nice scenes here and there. Other than that... there is nothing to say. You'll continue to love the characters you love and you'll keep hating the ones you hate. Don't worry - for the span of four books, everyone has undergone little to no character development, so don't worry if you blink.I really don't know what to say. Some of the characters I liked and enjoyed their interaction. Others I didn't understand. And, of course, there were those that just plain annoyed me. Would I say it's worth it? Well, you definitely get your money's worth. The book is everything it announces itself to be - nothing less than a swoony romance, but unfortunately, nothing more either. Would I recommend it? Pick up "Some Girls Bite" instead.I guess that, in the end, I could not get over the fact that the main centre of the series is making weddings. Don't get me wrong - I'm not against marriage. But when a book revolves around tulle and cakes and getting people married, there is only so much girly I can take. The first three books were fine, but "Happy Ever After" just goes overboard. I realize that Parker is the wedding planner and details are her job and all, but when she spends more time solving other people's problems than her own, there is obviously something wrong. I'm not even joking here - she and Mal's relationship seems focused on their interactions with the world, not with each other.So let's summarize - "Happy Ever After" finishes the Bride Quartet, and as far as likes and dislikes go, preference decides where the chips will fall. If you like the genre, you'll love the series. If you're looking for something a little more morally ambiguous, take "The Hunger Games" or "Unwind" or "Lips Touch Three Times" instead. I realize that it's not fair to compare them, as they really have nothing in common, but I just can't get over the fact that the books, no, the whole genre's idea of a happy ending is always marriage. I'm not against it, no, but why? Why should this be the only possible ending? I don't think I have ever read a Nora Roberts book that does not end with the characters married or at least engaged. It just feels like I'm being fed this idea, over and over and over again - that the only way people can be happy is by being married. Can't authors settle on a 'Happy for now'? Or, better yet, allow the characters to define their own completion? Why can't these people find the brand of happiness they want for themselves, instead of always, always, ALWAYS being pushed into the same stereotype. The couples in the Bride Quartet series dated for three months each before the whole proposing thing happened - how is any of that realistic?So, "Happy Ever After" gets a solid three and a half.The Bride Quartet, as a series defined by its genre gets three for having six characters I actually enjoyed.

  • Jane
    2019-07-09 14:20

    Finished all four and I think it got better after the flop of book 2.I have to say though, there's such an...incestuous feel to how interwoven all their lives are. No one comes in from the inside. Everyone's someone who's always been there. Even Malcolm and his mom turn out to be connected to Parker's parents.I think what was missing was the presence of a choice for the women. There was none. No rivals for their affection, no doubt really about who they were destined to be with. I guess it's anti-romance to have two soulmates; there can be only one, but still...In a different author's hands, the women might have paired off, something that got alluded to now and then by the characters in a lighthearted way, and no wonder given how close they are. That would've been interesting.I do give the author props for including several gay clients/marriages in the books.One day, when I'm bored, I'm going to count how many bottles of champagne get opened during the books. And estimate how much these weddings cost, good grief.I was disappointed that we never got to see the (unfortunately named) Seaman wedding that ran through all the books or have the plot developed where they're trying to steal the Vows staff. Mac's mom also seemed to cave too easily and we didn't meet her new husband. I wanted to see him.No room for plot because of the endless descriptions of flowers, dresses, cakes, I guess (see how I left out the 'and' there? NR does that all the time. Why?)

  • Miss Kim
    2019-06-26 17:57

    The conclusion to Ms. Robert’s Bride Quartet was eagerly anticipated by many, including me, even though over all the series itself is just MEH. That is just ‘meh’, it is not an acronym for something---as all know that annoying acronyms fill these books! MOB FOG MOH…bah! Although the best man was not labeled BM…to my inner ‘middle school boy’s’ disappointment.So... back to the review. If there are real people in the world like Parker, I’ve yet to meet one. She was so organized and anal to the point of OCD, that I became bored with her. We already knew she was going to cave and fall for Malcolm---that set up was obvious from early on in the series. Not much happens here besides a lot of scenes discussing their work…boring. I would have enjoyed the series more if less focus was on the actual wedding planning business and more on the four couples. In this book, we get to see Mac and Carter’s wedding at the every end and that’s it. Mal’s mom was a pleasant surprise, and I really liked her. However there is back story involving Mal being abused by his aunt and uncle that is supposed to have been an huge point in his life, and it was barely explored. Overall, I am not quite disappointed, but certainly underwhelmed. I’d recommend this series for diehard Noraholics only.

  • Steph
    2019-07-13 12:14

    I really like this book and here's hoping for starting the year with the romance book might insight some real life romance! LOL one can always dream! LOL The characters are really sweet and I love weddings and this one wasn't so sappy really liked it

  • Cherise
    2019-06-29 14:01

    Found myself skimming through all the wedding detail. Pages and Pages dedicated to weddings and characters I cared little about. Definitely not my favorite series by her.

  • Norma
    2019-07-09 15:08

    This was not as good as the others This series has a lot of mixed reviews. Me, personally--I've loved it! I love the friendship, the "bromance" with the men, and especially all the wedding talk! AAR called it wedding porn and I agree! LOVE IT!That being said, there just wasn't enough Parker and Malcolm in this story. I liked Parker and wanted to see her loose her cool facade and fall in love. However, I never saw that. Ms. Roberts told me she fell in love, but I didn't see it happen so I just had to take her word for it.Mal was great. He's gruff, demanding and best of all, he's exactly who he is. He doesn't need to change or be a better man to win Parker. He's a good man already. So he's just himself and he's comfortable that way. It's an admirable thing about a person.Parker, too, is who she is. She's controlled and together always. They balance each other greatly and they each accepted who the other one was. Mal didn't mind that Parker was married to her BlackBerry. He accepted this as part of her, just as she accepted his greasy jeans and "blue collar" job. They make a wonderful couple, I just didn't read enough about how they got there.If you've enjoyed the others in this series, you'll like this one too. I'm not sorry I read it and I'm a little sad to see the series end.

  • Laura V.
    2019-06-27 12:01

    3.5/5Final de una serie. Hace mil años que la comencé y al fin pude terminarla.Parker siempre me ha intrigado por lo curioso que me resultaba imaginarla enamorada. Luego del libro de Lauren, y lo que pasó en la casa de la playa, morí de ganas de tener este libro, fui, me lo compré, y estoy un poquitín arrepentida.Mis libros favoritos siempre serán los de Mac y Lauren <3 Parker quiere controlar la relación, todo el tiempo, exige mucho, es bastante pesada, densa, no entiende cosas e incomoda un poco, no me gustó como se iba a volviendo hacia el final, ya luego me dio igual todo.Malcolm es bastante lindo y mucho sexi <3 No entiendo que quiera a Parker, está loca, pero creo que es eso lo que lo enamora(?El final me pareció forzado, no hay necesidad de propuestas de matrimonio, menos si se inspira en una boda, fuera de lugar, yes, yes U__U

  • Heather
    2019-07-21 15:01

    Mal was PERFECT for Parker. He ruffles the unflappable Ms. Brown, and I couldn't stop reading until I had finished the an afternoon! I loved the continuation of the previous friends' stories in the quartet, and how close knit these friends and SO's are, and that Parker can really TALK to these men as she does with her "sisters." Malcolm is all rough edges: overdue haircut, a stubbly beard, greasy jeans and a worn leather jacket. Parker is pristine: color coded closet, matched underwear and clothing, and Crackberry at the ready. He flusters her, making her feel out of control in a way that's thrilling and terrifying, and as a reader you're giddy with their budding "situation." There's no mystery or problem that must be solved, this is just a wonderful story about that fall into love. It's about how life changes, how friends can be family, and how important being fulfilled personally, not just professionally, is to your happiness.

  • Obsidian
    2019-06-27 10:06

    The last book in the Bride Quartet was a dud for me. Probably because this book could be the last book in the Dream Trilogy except in name only. This book focuses on Parker and of course so called bad boy Malcolm otherwise known as "Mal. Just call them Laura and Michael. Seriously. Parker comes from a rich background, Mal does not. Mal and Parker have been circling around each other for four books and it's very obvious they are going to get together. But honestly, the big drama just deals with Mal not thinking he's good enough for Parker. That shit got old after a few chapters. I did die laughing at all of the men (heroes) working a wedding with the women. I maybe laughed a few times (not out of delight).The book ended with a whimper. We get to see Mac get married, but why Roberts did not include the weddings for all of the heroines will forever astound me. I did like how the weddings were spaced apart and not together, and Mac and Carter have been planning their day through three books now. But we could have done an epilogue that jumped forward in time to each of the four heroines wedding day and still caught up with the characters, such as for Emma's wedding to Jack maybe Mac is pregnant, or something new has changed with the business, etc.

  • Cathy
    2019-07-20 11:14

    This was fun and I liked it but as expected it didn't surpass my enjoyment of book 3, which remains my favourite. As a whole, I do get why people recommend these books when it comes to Nora Roberts' work because they are pure wish fulfillment and as such I did like them a lot, but I didn't love them. The banter between the 4 women was always excellent, though, and I liked their dynamic enough that it never bothered me when it took attention away from the main couple of the book. Unfortunately, we never got to see much conflict between them beyond that brief scene in the first book - and, to be fair, their meddling in each other's affairs can be annoying - but overall I just enjoyed them as a foursome. Yes, their friendship and all their romances are far too perfect (which is probably why I didn't love them as I maybe should have) but you can tell that's going to be the case going into these books so I didn't mind.Parker and Mal weren't as awesome as I thought they'd be, however, and I find that I actually liked them more in book 3 than I did in their own book.

  • Vânia Nunes
    2019-06-30 15:04

    PORTUGUESE EDITION/PORTUGUESE REVIEWFinalmente chegou a vez da controlada, organizada e por que não dizer, manda-chuva, Parker Brown.Parker era a dona da mansão onde funciona a famosa Casa de Cerimonial Votos - que herdou com o irmão por ocasião da morte de seus pais.Ela idealizou o projeto da empresa incluindo as três amigas no empreendimento.Vindo de uma família muito rica e importante na cidade, ela teria tudo para ser mais uma Patricinha e viver dos louros recebidos, mas não. Depois que passou o período de luto, ela arregaçou as mangas e propôs que criassem juntas uma casa de festas e cerimonial que faria toda a diferença.Cada uma das amigas tem o seu papel especial no funcionamento da empresa. Inclusive a Sra G, que trabalha para os Brown há anos e já é mais do que considerada da família.Mas além de tudo, cada uma delas já encontrou o amor de sua vida e está de casamento marcado, e Parker quer que cada uma tenha o seu momento inesquecível. E sendo como é, na certa Parker conseguiria isso para todas.Mas havia um problema: quando crianças e as 4 brincavam de casamento, elas revezavam o papel. O noivo poderia ser do irmão de Parker ao cachorro, mas o importante era: TODAS casavam de mentirinha. E agora, Parker é a única que sequer tem namorado.Bom, se dependesse de Malcoln Kavanaugh isso mudaria em breve...Mal tem participação desde o primeiro livro, mas passa tão rápido que nem é percebido. Mas no livro #2 ele já mostra sua potência. E neste aqui...Uau!!! Delicinha!!!Ele trabalha como o mecânico do irmão de Parker, Del, e faz parte da turma de amigos que joga pôker às terças. Até então todos solteiros. Mas desde que entrou na vida - mais propriamente dizendo, nos carros - das meninas da Votos, ele passou a ser um habitué na casa. E uma coisa Parker precisava admitir: ele mexia com ela.Isso porque ele era totalmente imprevisível.Todos os homens com quem Parker já havia saído eram quase que da mesma fôrma e, muito provavelmente, do mesmo circulo de amizades.Malcolm agora estava bem de vida. Sua oficina era bem conceituada na região e ele ainda trabalhava com restauração de carros antigos, o que lhe dava uma boa grana. Mas ele não havia nascido em berço de ouro. Na verdade, sua vida havia sido bem difícl desde a morte de seu pai na guerra, ficando ele e sua mãe à mercê da ajuda do irmão crápula dela, o tio Artie.Porém, Malcolm com toda a fase de rebeldia, galgou o seu espaço, trabalhou como dublê em Hollywood e acabou ganhando dinheiro suficiente para montar seu atual negócio.De uma maneira boa, Mal consegue quebrar as barreiras que Parker impõe quando quer mostrar não estar interessada, mas quem resistiria a um homem com as definições acima, que já era amigo de seu irmão e, ainda por cima, lindo?Parker não tinha problemas em relação a envolver-se romanticamente. O casamento de seus pais havia sido mais do que feliz e, por (in)felicidade do destino, até morreram juntos. Na cidade todos falavam do casal Brown sempre mostrando a áurea de amor e encantamento entre eles. O caso de Parker era que os caras pareciam iguais!! A única vez em que achou estar mesmo apaixonada foi na ocasião do acidente de seus pais e o carinha em questão sequer apareceu para dar apoio.Trabalhar realizando felicidade alheia - e agora mais ainda com 3 amigas apaixonadíssimas e com o dia do "sim" marcado, lembrava a Parker a todo momento o que ela ainda não tinha. E definitivamente Malcolm não entrava no estilo de homem que ela começaria a procurar para si. Mas foi exatamente por isso que ele pôde se aproximar, e encurralá-la e trazer à tona tudo que ela precisava.Foi instantâneo e mágico? Nem pensar! Em alguns momentos a gente quase a consegue ver como a Dama de Gelo, mas nunca foi por soberba. Tinha que ser a pessoa certa para esse trabalho e Mal... Bom, é o bad boy que fascina qualquer uma.Quarteto de Noivas é uma série recente da diva. Apesar de ter amadorado cada um dos livros, não digo que é a melhor série dela. Entretanto, ela dá à leitora exatamente o que é esperado: muito romance e uma esperança de que tudo se ajeita no final, ou, dias melhores virão. Além do que a amizade entre Parker, Mac, Laurel e Emma é linda de se ver.A leitura de cada um deles proporcionou momentos únicos e na certa vou reler todos num futuro.5 estrelas

  • Julie
    2019-07-13 10:07

    “Happy Ever After” is the fourth and final installment in Nora Roberts’ Bride Quartet series. Mac is the photographer, Emma is the florist/decorator, Laurel is the baker and Parker is the details girl and the brains behind Vows. We’ve followed Mac, Emma and Laurel as they met and fell for the loves of their lives, and now it’s Parker’s turn.I love Parker. She’s anal and organized and I wish I was more like her. She’s just so with it and on top of everything. Even when falling in love, she’s not all brain-mush. And her closet!!! I want her closet! *drools while daydreaming about closet* Parker is in charge. She’s ambitious, but she’s not ruthless about getting what she wants. She comes from a wealthy background but she’s not willing to simply use her name to reach her goals. Parker works hard. She has a huge heart and wants to give the world to those she loves. She needs to have more fun and see that life is more than being on the computer or the Blackberry 24/7. Her perfect mate needs to be someone who could help her with that. She needs someone like Malcolm.Malcolm was once a big movie stunt-man until he was severely injured while working. He received a settlement and has moved away from L.A. and opened up a Garage. He and his mother are each other’s only family and Malcolm is willing to do anything to make his mama happy. Parker has been flirting with Malcolm throughout the series, but mostly to annoy her older and very protective brother Del. But things heat up in this book once Malcolm tells Parker that he is interested in her and is planning on pursuing her. Parker is at a bit of a loss. She doesn’t think she really has time for a relationship. But Malcolm is persistent. He is so good for Parker! She can be free and let loose around him. Simple lines like Parker saying “I like sex” just shows how perfect he is for her.As in the other books, my most favorite part of Happy Ever After is the interaction between the characters and their friendship. The dialogue is fun and sweet. There are no villains. No horrible obstacles to overcome. No guns or bombs. It’s a simple love story with characters that capture you from book one and that you really want to see happy. It’s a happy, sugar-sweet read, and sometimes that’s just what you need.I actually cried when I was finished this book. The idea that I would never visit these characters again in a new book made me sad. Then I remembered that this was a story in a book and that the beauty of books is that you can pick them up over and over again and re-visit those who stole your heart as many times as you want. And I will definitely re-read these books for years to come.5+ stars

  • İlkim
    2019-07-01 18:08

    Bu yorumu Kitap Esintisi sayfasında bulabilirsiniz.Düğün serisinin de sonuna gelmiş olduk bu kitapla. Serinin bitişi beni biraz hüzne soksa da final gerçekten güzel oldu. Bu kitap Parker’ın aşkı bulmasını anlatıyor, zaten kızlar arasından da tek o kalmıştı. Ve de şanslı erkeğimiz ise kitaptaki erkek grubun yakın bir arkadaşları olan seksi tamircimiz Malcolm. Parker ile aralarında bir önceki kitaptan da bir şeyler başlamış olsa da, ilişkinin alevlenmesi bu kitabın başlarında gerçekleşiyor. Parker önceki kitaplardan hatırladığımız üzere Vows şirketinin beynini oluşturuyor. Aşırı düzenli, dakik ve planlı bir kadın olan Parker, Malcolm’un arkasında yaptığı bir motor turu ile (arabası hasar aldığından) kendinden geçiyor ve zaman içinde Malcolm ile beraberken bütün sorunlarını unutup hayatı gidişatına bıraktığını fark ediyor. Tabi Malcolm da Parker’ın her halinden yararlanmasını biliyor. Birçok kez Parker’ı öpücüklerinden dolayı şaşkın bir halde bırakıyor. Ayrıca Malcolm’un annesi de çok tatlı bir kadın, oğlundan önce Parker’ı aileye alıyor denebilir.Kitaptaki bir diğer büyük olay da Mac ve Carter’ın düğünü. Sonlara doğru gerçekleşen bu düğün kızların hepsini ve Bayan Grady’i bol bol gözyaşlarına boğuyor. Malcolm’un ise kafasına düşmesi gereken taş düğün esnasında oluyor. Evlenen çifti izlerken ve de Del ile Jack’in evlilik planlarını, neden evlendiklerini, hayatlarındaki kadınların önemini dinlerken Malcolm da Parker’a ne büyük eşeklik ettiğinin farkına varıyor. Çünkü bir süredir kızı kalkanından içeri sokmamaya kararlı bir halde davranıyordu ve Parker ona aşık olduğunu söylemiş olsa da karşılığı nasıl vermesi gerektiğini bilemiyordu. Düğün bu vesileyle iyi bir sonuca bağlamasını sağlıyor. Kitap yavaş yavaş biterken, bütün kızlarımıza gelinlik bulan Parker’a gelinlik bulma sırası geliyor. Parker en başta heyecan yapıyor ve gelinliği, daha doğrusu annesinin gelinliğini gördüğünde gözyaşlarını tutamıyor. Mutlu bir sahneyle kapanışı yapan kitap da biz okuyucuların yüzünde mutlu bir tebessüm bırakıyor.Serideki her kitap gibi bu da çok güzeldi, hatta Mac’in düğününü okumak çok daha güzeldi. Kitabı okurken sanki uzun zamandır tanıdığım kişilerin büyümelerini izlemişim gibi hissettim. Noracığım tabi ki güzel bağlamış ama keşke diyorum ki, hani diğer kızlarımızı da içeren bir epilog gibi bir şey yazsa? Hepsinin düğününü görsek de öyle final yapsak? İçimdeki romantik böyle bir şeye bayılırdı cidden =)

  • Sandra
    2019-07-08 18:20

    La historia de Laurel y Malcolm me ha enamorado de una manera que hacía tiempo que no me pasaba. Los dos son adorables juntos y creo que se complementan el uno al otro perfectamente. Me da pena acabar la vida de estas cuatro chicas, porque exceptuando la de Emma (que me pareció y siempre me parecerá una petarda), todas me encantaron. Eso sí, he echado en falta las bodas de las demás, porque ver la boda de Mac y Carter ha sido adorable. Pero no sé, me falta algo. Y ese algo es que desde el final del primer libro se me metió en la cabeza que las cuatro se casarían a la vez y me he decepcionado un poco cuando eso no ha ocurrido jaja. Además, tenía la esperanza de que se vieran un trozo de sus vidas después de las bodas, unos cuantos años después: para mí hubiese sido perfecto. También me ha gustado mucho que en este libro todos los personajes de los tres libros anteriores están muy presentes y eso es algo que siempre echo en falta en las sagas de este tipo. Solo me queda recomendar estos cuatro libro porque son fantásticos (Emma a ti te excluyo), tienen un amor bonito y adorable que hace suspirar y ¡hay bodas! Por cierto, en este libro en concreto me ha parecido que había unas cuantas situaciones un poco machistas que no sé si iban en serio o eran en plan coña, como en el día de Acción de Gracias cuando todas las chicas están en la cocina cocinando y cuando llega Malcolm y le pregunta a Del dónde están todas, Del le responde "en la cocina, donde pertenecen" seguido de un guiño. No sé si el personaje lo decía de verdad (me decepcionaría mucho que Del dijera eso, ¡¡Del!! no digas esas cosas hombreeee) o en plan sarcasmo o algo así. No le he querido dar mucha importancia porque si el personaje iba en serio me iba a arruinar el libro entero...

  • May
    2019-07-15 13:19

    Truly a disappointment. I'm so bummed! I've loved this series and all of the love stories, except this one. I never got the emotional connection like I did in the others. It just didn't feel quite right, didn't have the great sparkle of a great N.R. novel. Parker was utterly boring as a heroine- she really had nothing remarkable or interesting about her. I had been looking forward to finally getting inside her head and j felt like nothing was there. Sure she's a great person and friend... So what?! I felt like the plot was entirely driven by time and passing events and had zero to do with the relationship with Mal. All drama, romance, and anything I wanted to hear more about was skimmed over. Far more detail and time was put into describing random weddings. Ah well, they can't all be winners I guess.

  • María Corbalán
    2019-06-30 10:52

    Me gustó más el principio que otra cosa pero en general me pareció aburrido. Lo terminé a duras penas y eso que pensaba que me iba a re enganchar porque Malcom y Parker son dos personajes que me simpatizaron mucho en los otros libros. El final me pareció abrupto, a pesar de que sabíamos que eso iba a pasar. Fue una decepción.Sin ir más lejos, esperaba que la saga me gustara pero sin lugar a dudas me quedo con el primero el de Mac y Carter.